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ENC by xuyuzhu


									   Electronic Navigational Charts

Captain Jim Gardner
Chief, Marine Chart Division
Office of Coast Survey
National Ocean Service
    Nautical Charting Products
• Suite of over 1000 paper charts
• Raster Charts
• Print on Demand Charts
• Update Service
• Electronic Navigational Charts
Nautical Charting - Brief History
1994   Rasterized full suite of paper charts

1997   NOAA’s first ENCs Collected (in house)

1999   Contracting out for ENC collection

2000   Raster Update Service became operational

2001   ENCs become available to Public

2003   ENCs Become “Official” (Usable for Navigation)

2004   399 ENCs on Coast Survey Web site for Download
             Raster vs. ENC

A digital picture   vs.   A geo-referenced database
            Why Build ENCs?
• Conformance to International Standards
  – Non-proprietary, publicly available
  – IMO compliant
  – Data used in ECDIS & ECS
• Power of Vector Data
   – Navigation Software can interact with data
   – Provide mariners Look-ahead capabilities & warnings
   – Configurable displays
• Meet Accuracy Demands of Mariners in 21st century
      Report to Congress in September 1999

                     • The volume of domestic and international
                       trade is expected to double over the next
                       20 years.

                     • NOAA and USACE should explore;
                        – Expanding Electronic Navigational
                          Chart (ENC) coverage,
                        – Incorporating the latest hydrographic
                          and shoreline survey information,
                        – Enhancing the ENC with high
                          resolution depth information and very-
                          large-scale source data…
   Approach to Building ENCs
• Phase One
  – Limit coverage to 40 major commercial ports
     • 200 ENCs - 99% Completed

• Phase Two
  – Seamless ENC Coverage Between US Ports
     • 200 ENCs - 60% Complete

• Phase Three
  – All remaining US waters
     • 560 ENCs - 40% Complete
  – 968 ENCs to give 100% coverage
                   ENC Data
• Integrating data from
  different sources
  – Inshore depth areas &
  – New channel information
  – Updated Aids to
ENC Data
      USCG/NOAA Partnership
• MOA signed in 2001
• ENC Co-Production
• NOAA Baseline ATON
• NOAA checks USCG LNM before publication,
  reduction in error rate from 10% to < 1 %
     Working with the USACE
• Build Federal channel
• Expedite controlling
  depth reporting
• Receive channel
                          Federal channel
  conditions surveys in
  compatible format
         High Accuracy Source

• Digital Shoreline
• NOAA Hydrographic
• USACE Dredge
              ENC Maintenance
• Start out with monthly
  critical updates
• Goal is to provide weekly
• Integrate non-critical source
  as received
• Implement incremental
           ENC Maintenance
• Maintaining an ENC is much
  more intensive, requiring
  more human resources than
  the Raster chart

• While developing ENC product line MCD
  must also continue to publish its other chart
Build and maintain an ENC suite

• Contract for…
                    Quality Control
   – Building         of all work
                    performed by a
   – Validation      contractor is
   – Maintenance    done by NOAA
   – IT Support
 Build and maintain an ENC suite

• Single Compiled Source Database
 – ENC database to product all chart products
 – Ensure consistency between products
 – Free up resources
 – Shorter update cycle
             Data Distribution
• NOAA ENCs are “Free on the web”
• Get the ENC data in the most hands, end users and
• Per the HSIA; Developing a certification program for
  private sector, value added products and services,
  using NOAA data
ENC Direct - the GIS Solution
• Marketing - The ENC is a new,
  better, “Next Generation” product.
  We need to improve the awareness
  in the maritime community.

• Training – The ENC is a complex
  new tool, with many new options &
  capabilities. The mariners needs
  guidance on how to use it properly,
  what it provides and what it doesn’t.

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