A Brief Introduction Of Valley Of Flowers by animasharma99


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A Brief Introduction Of Valley Of Flowers
Ne w De lhi : Ind ia | No v 21, 20 12 at 10 :52 PM PST                                                                         1   0
BY    animasharma99                                                                                                          VIEWS: 2
Valley Of Flowers is a picture perfect land of countless flowers that bloom
throughout the year and make a heavenly view. This charming valley remains hidden
for several centuries. During the winter season, the whole valley of flowers lay
frozen, but as soon as the summer season begins, the valley dotted with colors of
different types of alpine flowers.

General Info:

Location:- The "Valley of Flowers" stands at a height of 3,600 m above sea level,
enclosed by mountains covered with shiny snow.                                                                                                                MORE FROM ALLVOICES
Date of Discovery and Establishment: - In the monsoon of 1937, the Valley of                              FDA ignores energy drinks
                                                                                                          danger; teenage girl among
Flowers has been discovered by Frank S. Smythe, a mountaineer, explorer and
                                                                                                          f ive deaths linked to
botanist. He has also written a book called "The Valley of Flowers" which reveals the                     Monster (Video)
splendor of the regional flora. It got the status of National Park in the year 1982 and
as a World Heritage Site in 2004 due to its diverse flora.                                                Hamas must understand
                                                                                                          age of terrorism is over
Floral Species available here:-Valley of Flowers is a beautiful land where some 520
species as Brahmakamal floral, blue poppy and the Cobra Lily can see. This region is
dotted with abundant alpine flowers and home to rare wildlife such as Asiatic black
bear, snow leopard, brown bear, musk deer, blue sheep and colorful butterflies. Let                       Update: Hector "Macho"
                                                                                                          Camacho On Lif e Support;
us discuss see in details of its flora and fauna.                                                         Cocaine Found In Car

                                                                                                          French girl rescued f rom
Valley of Flowers has some of the most captivating and exotic Himalayan flora                             trunk during routine traf f ic
counting the famous Brahma Kamal, who is also the state flower of Uttarakhand.                            stop in Germany
Other famous flowers that are here are blue poppy and lily cobra. According to a
study, there are about 520 species of higher plants and about 498 species of
flowering plants are found in the valley. Beside that here you will also find many rare
medicinal herbs like Picrorhiza kurrooa, Aconitum violaceum, Polygonatum                   CART OONS OF T HE DAY
multiflorum, Podophyllum hexandrum etc.


The valley is home to a large number of rare species of animals, some of which are
particularly available here. These comprise of the Asiatic Black Bear, Snow Leopard,
brown bear, musk deer, Blue Sheep, Red Fox, Common Langur, Bharal, Mouse Hare
(Pika), Serow, Brown Bear Tahr etc. If you are a bird lover than this valley is a heaven
                                                                                           Walm art Black Friday   Christ ie shunne d by
for you for you will find number of birds like snow pigeon, vulture, golden eagle,                                 Re publicans
snowcock Himalayan Snow Partridge, and Sparrow Hawk etc.

Valley of Flowers Trek:

Trek Valley of Flowers(http://gio.in/about-us.html) is accessible only through a long
walk of 17 miles of Gobindghat, a village located close to Joshimath. As you come
close to the valley you will come across a small settlement when you can find
shelter for the night to stay in is in Ghangharia. When you reach here you need to
collect permit to enter in the park from the Forest Check post in Ghangaria. You will       Ho liday be lt no t che s     Se ce ssio n
be charged for it and the permit is valid for 3 days only.                                                                    See Mo re Carto o ns »

Time to visit: The best time to visit this attractive valley of flowers is from July to
August. During this summer, the snow began to melt area and flower colorful
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The author is the expert writer having vast experience about the travel industry.
Currently she is writing on various topics related to Adventure companies like:                Or add related co ntent to this repo rt

weekend trips from delhi, Valley of Flowers(http://gio.in/about-us.html), adventure       News Sto ries | Blo gs | Images | Video s | Co mments
tours in India etc.

animasharma99 is based in New Delhi, Delhi, India, and is a Reporter for Allvoices.
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