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									                  Basic handball

• Handball is a team sport played by two male
  or female teams. The players are allowed to
  handle and throw the ball using their hands,
  but they must not touch the ball with their
  feet. The objective of the game is to score and
  avoid getting goals. The team that scores
  more goals in a given period of time wins the
  match. The game is played at a very high
  speed and body contact is permitted.
Minihandball: minihandball is a ball game for children.
   Playing this kind of handball, boys and girls 4 - 9
   years can exercise together, improve their basic motor
   skills, coordination and social skills, which are just as
   important as the development of specific game
   concepts such as “team spirit” or “fair play”.
Little league player handball: the idea with little league
   player is to development 9-10 years old children to
   learn handball things.
Puslinge handball: puslinge handball is for boys and girls
   at the age of 11-12.
                The field
 The field for kids
 under 8 years is
  13 x 20 m.

The field for children
over 8 and adults
are 20 x 40 m.

Rules and placing.
Here are the places.
• The game time are 2 X 30 minutes, with a
  brake in between.
• 2 teams with each 6 field player + 1 goal
• Warning: yellow card warning.
• Red card 2 minutes on the bench, display from
  the camp.
• Time out: the coach can take 2 times out pr.
  Team (1 pr. halftime.)
• Children are playing for a shorter time and
  here you don´t have time-outs.
The two teams are playing against each other
and the team with the ball have to get a goal in
the other teams goal. The one team give up the
ball from the centerline and after the half break
the other team gives up the ball.
You have to throw the ball to each other, you
can take three steps, but then you have to
throw to another player. You can also dribble,
and then you have to throw the ball.
The team without the ball have to try to avoid the
other team to score, so they have to put their
arms up and defend their goal. The team who
gets most goals win.

     If you win you get 2 points
lf you are drawn you get 1 point
   lf you loose you get 0 points
             The handball

• The handball for kids under the age of 8.
  The ball size is 46-49 cm. and the weight
  is 225 gr – 300 gr.
  You use rasin to be able to hold on to the
  ball but you may not use resin before
  you`re in the adult group
                 The goal

• The goal for kids
  under 8 are
  160 x 240 cm.

• The goal for adults
  are 3 x 2m.
         The clothes
  They have shorts and T-shirts on.
Each club have their own colours and
  every player on the field have the
same clothes on, the goalkeeper have
           special colours.
 Our national team play in white and

The shoes can have all colours
but the sole must be flat and
not be black. To keep the flour
without marks.

   Here we will tell you about
handball tournaments and rallies
          About the rallies
• Nearly every city have a handball team
  and they play tournaments every week

•   ==
•   ==
•   ==
•   ==

• GOG Handball Team – the best team
  close to us.
               In the fights
• There are 2 judges
  and 6 players and 1
  goal keeper on each
            The tournament
Almost all teams are playing in a tournament. They are
playing a handball match almost every week against
another team all during the season.
In each group there are around 8 teams. They are all
playing against each other twice. The team with most
points win the tournament
• Here they are playing a lot of matches during a certain
  The are a lot of groups and the team that wins the
  group goes to the semifinals
  and the team who wins go to the finale. The winner of
  this match is the rally winner.
European Championship,
World Championship and
the olympics in Handball
      for men and women
Ladie´s A team has won
•   2004 European Championship in
    Hungarian silver                    • Gold in OL
•   2004 the olympics in Athen gold
•   2002 European Championship in
    Denmark gold
•   2000 the olympics in Sydney gold
•   1998 European Championship in
    the Nederland silver
•   1997 world Championship in
    Germany gold
•   1996 European Championship in
    Denmark gold
•   1996 the olympics in Atlanta gold
•   1995 world Championship in
    Austria/Hungary bronze
•   1994 European Championship in
    Germany gold
•   1993 world Championship in
    Norway silver
•   1962 world Championship
    outdoor 7 man in Romania silver
Men´s A team has won
•   2008 European                •   Mens A-team
    Championship in Norway
•   2007 World Championship i
    Germany bronze
•   2006 European
    Championship i Switzerland
•   2004 European
    Championship i Slovakia
•   2002 European
    Championship i Sweden
•   1967 World Championship i
    Sweden silver
The men´s National team
Players on the Danish National handball team
Numbers player age international match goal
Nr. 1 Kasper Hvidt            6 februar 1976     170   Plays in FC Barcelona
Nr. 3 Mikkel Aagaard         26 november 1979     42   Plays in Viborg HK
Nr. 4 Lasse Boesen           18 september 1979    73   Plays in TBV Lemgio
Nr. 6 Lars Jørgensen          3 februar 1978     133   Plays in Portland San Antonio
Nr. 7 Jesper Jensen          30 oktober 1977      62   Plays in Skjern Håndbold
Nr. 8 Lars Rasmussen          9 april 1976        54   Plays in Team Tvis Holstebro
Nr. 9 Lars Christiansen      18 april 1972       252   Plays in SG Flensburg-Handewitt
Nr. 10 Lars Møller Madsen    30 maj 1981          52   Plays in Skjern Håndbold
Nr. 12 Peter Henriksen       20 august 1972       45   Plays in GOG Svendborg TGI
Nr. 13 Bo Spellerberg        24 juli 1979        112   Plays in KIF Kolding
Nr. 14 Michael V. Knudsen     4 september 1978   169   Plays in SG Flensburg-Handewitt
Nr. 19 Jesper Nøddesbo       23 oktober 1980     80    Plays in FC Barcelona
Nr. 21 Lars Krogh Jeppesen    5 marts 1979       125   Plays inBjerringbro-Silkeborg
Nr. 22 Kasper Søndergaard     9 juni 1981        25    plays in KIF Kolding
Nr. 23 Joachim Boldsen       30 april 1978       164   plays in AaB Håndbold
Nr. 24 Hans Lindberg          1 august 1981      57    Plays in HSV Hamburg
Nr. 26 Kasper Nielsen         9 juni 1975        100   Plays in SG Flensburg-Handewitt
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