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									                       WordPress Developer
The popularity of WordPress has seen an enormous rise in recent times. Its ease of use and
extended functionalities with open source background makes WordPress one of the most sought
after CMS platform in the world of internet. Hiring a WordPress developer is important, if you
want to customize and extend its functionalities according to your requirements.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a CMS platform. It is the back end of your website, which makes content
management much more easier for you, without involving any coding, until you go with the
defaults. In addition, it is free and open source.

Rise of WordPress

WordPress was launched in 2003 and since then has seen a phenomenal rise in popularity.
Today it forms 16 percent of Alexa’s top 100 website. In addition, 22 percent of new websites
launches are based on WordPress. It is the most used blogging platform on the internet and by
Dec 2011, there were 65 million downloads of WordPress 3.0 CMS.

Benefits of using WordPress Platform

      Community: Being free and open source with such amount of massive popularity has
       lead to coming up of a community, which is large, helpful and supportive. You can toss
       any question to them and there will always be somebody to address that. They are really
       helpful and welcoming to newcomers.
      Plug-ins: WordPress has a database of 18000 plug-ins. It ranges from managing SEO to
       adding new widgets. You can easily, search and install plug-ins from WordPress CMS
      Themes: WordPress has a very structured theme development standard. You will find
       themes according to the site you are looking for. From ecommerce, to professionals,
       blogging to portfolio, they cover all. There is a centralized place to search and install
       themes right in WordPress. Apart from that, several other companies and wordpress
       developers offer lots of theme options to choose from. They are free or reasonably priced.
      Widgets: They are small modules, which can be easily added to WordPress site. It offers
       functionality for user interactivity. There is a twitter widget to display your tweets in the
       sidebar or a 'Facebook like' widget; there is also subscription widget and more.
      Easy to Use: WordPress is easy to learn and use. You can easily add and edit pages and
       posts, monitor comments and edit or remove them among others. WordPress also offers
       protection from spam.
      Google likes WordPress: WordPress is very structured and Google likes it. Site is easy
       to index and present in search engines. WordPress automatically generate Title tags
       depending upon the title of the post, description tag and keyword tags. Apart from that,
       there are several SEO plug-ins, which makes lots of SEO related activities including
       generation of sitemaps, submitting them and customization of tags among others.
      WordPress is customizable - WordPress is open source and you can easily customize it
       according to your needs without worrying about licensing restrictions.

Finding WordPress Developer
Though installing and configuring WordPress is easy, you need to hire WordPress developer
when looking to add extra functionalities. He can add, customize and maintain your WordPress
website without breaking the code. Hiring a professional developer is necessary in order to make
your site stand out from the

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