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									                           Improve Your .Net Further

Those involved in Microsoft product development preach the use of .NET to develop scalable and
composite products. The .NET Framework is widely used for building and deploying Microsoft
Windows applications and services. It is a Windows component that supports building and running
of desktop applications and web services. Benefits of the framework include secure communication,
business management tools, mobile app creation and multi-platform compatibility. .NET enables
development of applications that cater to all kinds of business needs.

The common language runtime is the most important feature of the .NET Framework. It helps
manage code at execution time, providing important core services like memory management, thread
management and remoting. There are a number of .NET Development Framework technologies that
can help build, scale and manage composite web and mobile apps. Some of these technologies

Entity Framework
Entity Framework (EF) is an object-relational mapper. It enables .NET developers to work with
relational data using domain-specific objects and eliminates the need for most of the data-access
code that developers usually need to write. Developers do not have to with the underlying database
tables and columns where this data is stored. The Entity Framework enables developers to work at a
higher level of abstraction when they have to deal with data. Developers can also create and
maintain data-oriented applications with less code than in other traditional applications.

Silverlight is one of the most powerful development tools that can be used for creating engaging and
interactive user experiences for the Web and mobile applications. Silverlight is offered as a free plug-
in, powered by the .NET framework and has great compatibility with multiple browsers, devices and
operating systems. This helps bring in a new level of interactivity wherever the Web works.

WCF Data Services
WCF Data Services (formerly known as ADO.NET Data Services) is a platform for data re lated
services. The services are exposed through a combination of the runtime and a web service. It also
includes the Data Services Toolkit which lets Astoria Data Services to be created from within ASP.NET

Windows Identity Foundation (WIF)
The Windows Identity Foundation is a technology that helps simplify user access for developers by
externalizing user access from applications. It also reduces development effort to a great extent with
pre-built security logic and integrated .NET tools.

Microsoft Surface
Microsoft Surface is an all new development platform that enables developers to create interactive
applications that are rich to such an extent that users might not even know that a computer is
involved. It involves building of applications that interact with a high-end graphics display that is
built into something similar to a coffee table. The users would interact with the applications by using
only their fingers and other objects.

.NET framework allows users to interact with data at a whole new level and connect databases and
web applications. Its programming model enables application of common skills across a variety of
applications and devices, allowing developers to integrate it with other tools and technologies to
build reliable, scalable and robust business solutions that allow developers to increase productivity.

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