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									                                                 Charlotte County
                                               Electronics Recycling

                                 Only the following items will be accepted:
                   Computers, Components and Accessories
         Computers             Printers        Modems
         Laptops               Cables          Servers
         Keyboards             Plotters        Routers & Hubs
         Mice                  Processors      Drives
         Monitors              Circuit Boards  Power Supplies

                                                                       Home Electronics
         Microwaves                                                      Telephones                                               CD Players
         Kitchen Mixers                                                  Cell Phones                                              Radios & Stereos
         DVD Players                                                     VCR's                                                    Speakers

                       Communication & Office Equipment
            Copiers             Mainframes          Power Supplies
            Fax Machines        Pagers              Telephone Systems
            Barcode Equipment   Security Cameras Alarm Systems

    Charlotte County will not be liable for any information contained on
   electronic equipment. Property owners are responsible for removing
    any confidential information prior to disposing of their equipment.

                  Recyclable Electronics are accepted at all recycling centers
                              during regular hours of operation.

  If you have heavy items or a large quantity of electronics, please bring
   them to the collection trailer at the Charlotte Court House Recycling
         Center at 300 Dixie Youth Drive in Charlotte Court House.

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