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					 A logo in the simplest sense can be termed as a
  medium, a tool which is an identity for your brand
  or a product or service.

    For example Nike has the famous swoosh symbol
    that represents it among its target market and
    has been considered as one of the best logo
1.   A good logo design must be simple and effective
2.   It must be easy to recognize.
3.   A good logo design needs not be created by the best agency.
4.   Irrelevant logos can hamper your brand image.
5.   It must be appropriate to the target audience.
› Logos need not be very expensive.

› A custom logo design must be revised several times
  before finalizing

› The recent Gap Brand’s Logo which was a disaster
  and irrelevant to the target audience which loved
  their old logo which was simple yet effective
   First research in your competitors

 Study what your target market is

 Study the culture, regional likes and dislikes of the

 Establish the best development tools for designing
In short, a logo design process usually consists of
   The Design Brief
   Research & Brainstorming
   Sketching is mandatory
   Prototyping & Conceptualizing to test your logo
   Send To Client For Review before finalizing
   Revise & Add Finishing Touches
   Supply Files To Client and Give Customer Service
   Promote your logos online through custom animation

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