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Table Of Contents

TABLE OF CONTENTS ...................................................................... 3
1. INTRODUCTION ......................................................................... 4
2. „NO“ KEYWORD RESEARCH ....................................................... 6
  2.1 PLACES TO FIND PRODUCTS TO PROMOTE ......................................... 7
  2.2 ANOTHER WAY OF FINDING GOOD PRODUCTS ................................. 10
3. CREATE A PROFESSIONAL WEBSITE .......................................... 11
  3.1   HOW TO PICK THE RIGHT DOMAIN ................................................ 12
  3.2   IMPORTANT FACTOR OF PAGE LOAD SPEED ..................................... 16
  3.3   HOW TO STRUCTURE A GOOD WP REVIEW SITE .............................. 21
  3.4   HOW TO WRITE A COMPREHENSIVE REVIEW ................................... 25
  3.5   HOW TO CREATE A GOOD BONUS OFFER ........................................ 29
4. OPTIMIZING YOUR WEBSITE .................................................... 32
  4.1 EIGHT MOST IMPORTANT SEO RULES ............................................. 32
  4.2 FIVE REASONS GOOGLE HATES YOUR SITE ....................................... 38
5. OFF-SITE SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION ................................ 43
  5.1   WHAT ARE VALUABLE BACKLINKS? ................................................ 43
  5.2   WHAT EXACTLY IS SEO-CONSOLE? ................................................ 49
  5.3   WHY 95% OF YOUR OFF-SITE SEO IS USELESS ................................ 52
  5.4   FIVERR + SOCIAL MEDIA TRAFFIC = GOLDMINE?!.............................. 55
6. CONCLUSION........................................................................... 58

  1.         Introduction

Hello this is Edgar Suppes here and thank you very much for buying
my very first WSO „Clickbank Profits Formula 2011“.

In this course you will learn how I am earning money on the Internet
for the last three years and how you can easily copy this system with
only 4-6 hours of work in total and cash in hundreds of dollars with
only one website.

Yes I know, you heard such promises approximately 1 billion times.
And yes I heard them, too. I bought dozens of expensive Marketing
courses, spent thousands of dollars and lost many many hours of my

But please before you close this course and „throw“ it away:

Read the entire e-Book, and start doing what you will discover in a
few minutes. Please believe me that earning money online really is
not that hard. You just need to focus on one thing and keep working
on it.

This course is designed for everyone who speaks the english

Even if you don’t know anything about Internet marketing, I promise
that at the end of this course you will understand how to build a
website fast, without much expenses and earn hundreds of dollars
with it. Actually you will need only $10 for a domain name and a
hosting account.

However the return will be at least 10x higher than your inital

I promise!
If you doubt I know what I’m telling you, then please take a look at
this little screenshot here:

Notice that for every vendor I created a new website. It took me not
even three hours to create a complete website from buying a domain
to promoting the site.

You should be really excited right now as I am going to give you the
exact step-by-step instructions to enable you to receive such

Knowing the following stuff enables you to gather a small piece of a
really huge cake. Take a look at how huge the cake is:

                                             This is the live counter of
                                             Clickbank’s payments to
their affiliates. You can see this counter growing every second when
you visit the homepage of Clickbank.

They already payed out over 1,3 BILLION dollars to their affiliates!

Considering that amount of money you should imagine how
profitable Affiliate marketing really is nowadays.

So without further ado, let’s get into the „Clickbank Profits Formula

And again, read it from the beginning to the end.

The most important thing though is to DO THE WORK!
  2.       „NO“ Keyword Research

I’m sorry to „disappoint“ you but there is absolutely no keyword
research involved in this course.

„WHAAAAT this is the most important aspect of a successful website“

– you probably think right now because all the other gurus always
lecture that.

Well yes, keyword research really is important for most successful
websites, especially affiliate sites.

The problem is that a lot of people, including myself, hate keyword
research and fail many times because the targeted keywords were no
buyer keywords or had a low search count, etc.

I failed so many times when it came to keyword research and I almost
gave up on that. For me it always seemed like people will never buy
anthying from my sites.

That’s why I started to look for a way to bypass the part of a usual
keyword reseach and I came up with a very easy, yet extremely
powerful way of finding BUYER keywords with a very high search
count – without the usual keyword research!

     2.1 Places To Find Products To Promote

So how do we find keywords which we target to promote, then?

The answer is JV Notify Pro.

JV Notify Pro is a service from internet marketer Mike Merz. All the
Internet Marketing superstars always announce their upcoming
product launches weeks or even months before the launch date.

There are huge product launches happening every day and you can
promote every single one of them.

Please visit that site and scroll down a little bit. In the middle of the
page you will discover the „New Launch Calendar“. This is the place
where you will find the products which you’re going to promote.

Every, and I mean really every big internet marketer announces his
product launch using JV Notify Pro. All the big names like Anik Singal,
Steven Lee Jones, Andrew X, etc. browse that site in order to find
new Joint Ventures or emphasize their own new products.

Weeks before the official launch date of the product, the big affiliates
promote the specific product to their huge email lists. That generates
a huge buzz around the product name.

And THAT will be our targeted keyword – the product name.

There is an awesome advantage when you promote the products
from JV Notify Pro – There is literally NO competition on Google AT

Let me show you an example:

At the time of writing this report, which is the 20th of July 2011,
there is an upcoming product launch on the 5th of September.

The author of the product is Justin Michie and his new product is
called „Viral Monopoly“. (No, I’m not promoting his product launch.
It’s jsut a great example for you to understand the principle of my
own way to find great buyer keywords.)

Let me Google this product name and show you how ridiculously low
the competition for the product name is right now:

So we have 9,5k results for „Viral Monopoly“. If you know only a little
thing about internet marketing you should understand, that this is
absolutely no competition.

Don’t get me wrong, of course the competition will grow a few days
before the official launch as most Affiliates create their websites one
or two weeks before the launch.

BUT you have a huge advantage now. You can easily establish your
website and take over the first places within HOURS.

In fact, you will most probable achieve first page rankings just by
creating your website and optimize a few things on that site. Of
course I’ll go deeper into the subject of search engine optimization
later in this course.

The buzz which the „big players“ create by sending promotional
emails to their immense lists will make the people want to read more
about the product and see if it really is worth the money.

Of course the first thing these people will do then is to Google the
product name.

However after an in-depth research of the traffic to my affiliate sites
in the past years I’ve found out that these people not only look for
the product name itself, but also for several other keywords in
combination with the product name which you definitely need to
consider to target as well.

Here are the most searched keywords combined with the product

„Product Name“ Review

„Product Name“ Bonus

„Product Name“ Scam

„Product Name“ Software

„Product Name“ Download

Is „Product Name“ Legit

Buy „Product Name“

People who search for these terms want to find out more about the
specific product. And you should be the first one they will find!

Don’t worry I’ll show you HOW to be the first one they’ll find. 

     2.2 Another Way Of Finding Good Products

If you would ask me on how many newsletter lists I am signed up, I’d
bet I’m on all lists of the big internet marketers.

These newsletter lists are extremely helpful for every internet
marketer. And if you’re not signed up to them you have to do it now!

Firstly the marketers deliver some great free material. Almost every
day I receive a great video or a really good e-book which helps me a
little more to improve my knowledge and earnings.

Secondly they always send out emails to their JVs weeks or even
months before their upcoming product launch and you will be one of
the first who’s notified about that!

So I strongly recommend you to head over to JV Notify Pro and visit
every past product launch which is listed there. As of writing this
there are all product launches since the 20th of June listed.

Visit every Joint Venture page there and sign up to the Joint Venture
lists. I promise, this will be a very big advantage for you!

  3.        Create A Professional Website

Ok so now you know where to find a good product to promote and
what keywords you need to target in order to get the best

Before I start to explain you how to get to the first page of Google
that every single potential customer can visit your site, you need to
know how to create a professional, good looking and search engine
optimized website.

To be more explicit, we will create a Wordpress blog. You probably
know that Wordpress is just the easiest and the best content
management system available.

Every serious internet marketer uses Wordpress for his websites and
Google loves Wordpress, as blog owners update their blogs very
often which results in fresh content for the Google spiders.

However many affiliates struggle already at this stage. I’ve seen
countless of colorful sites, with dozens of banners trying to attract
the visitor to click on that picture.

But this is not how it works. The people don’t want to be „sold“. I had
really lousy conversion rates when I placed 3 banners on my site
targeting the same product. They just don’t click on them.

Nowadays people compare. Your site won’t be the only one which
they click on. They always compare between other sites. Remember
they want to be informed on a product before they decide to buy or

If your site looks unprofessional with to many banners,a bad written
review, a bad site design, etc. they will leave your site in no time.

This is why it is crucial to create a professional looking website with a
very interesting and informative review on that product together
with a very nice bonus offer. (I will go into detail on evaluating a good
bonus offer later.)

First let’s focus on...

      3.1 How To Pick The Right Domain

Let me tell you one thing upfront: In term of search engine
optimization the domain name is one of the most important things.

In order to determine the value of a website, one of the very first
things Google looks at is the domain name. If the domain name
contains the searched keyword then you have already made a very
big step towards first page rankings.

Fortunately choosing the right domain name is really easy as we only
need to take our keyword as the name.

This is why it’s really important to be one of the very first people to
find out about upcoming product launches.

In the last chapter I told you to get on the newsletter lists of all big
internet marketers and it’s a step you really don’t want to miss.

You can imagine that you’re not the only one who tries to receive the
best rankings for the product.

And that’s why you need to act really fast in order to secure a good
domain name which contains the desired keyword, in our case the
product name.

Unfortunately it happens really often that you will not receive a
domain name with only the product name in it.

However it shouldn’t be a problem. Remember the keywords I listed
in the first chapter? The most searched ones:

„Product Name“ Review

„Product Name“ Bonus

„Product Name“ Scam

„Product Name“ Software

„Product Name“ Download

Is „Product Name“ Legit

Buy „Product Name“

These keywords are also really great to use as a domain name.

Firstly they contain the product name itself and secondly they
comprise another great buyer word, like „Review“ or „Bonus“.

That makes your site a lot easier to rank for the product name itself,
as well as for i.e „Product Name“ Review.

Let’s take the upcoming launch „Viral Monopoly“ as an example. I’ve
tried to register some domains for that keyword at

Here’s a screenshot for available and not available domains:

So as you can see eight weeks before the official launch many of the
domain names with the product name „Viral Monopoly“ itself are
already bought by other marketers.

However there are still many other great domain names available,
like, or

You need to watch out for these domains since they are really easy to
rank high on Google.

In my own experience I always get the best results with the following
Top Level Domains: .com, .org, .net, .biz

Please do not waste your time and money on other Top Level
Domains like .info or .co

To be honest I do not know for sure why, but you never see such a
Top Level Domain in the first rankings, do you?

However a good friend once told me that such domain extensions are
often bought by hackers because these are the cheapest extensions

available. Google finds often malicious software on .info websites
and this is why they generally don’t place sites with such an
extension to high in the rankings.

Again, I can not guarantee that. It’s just the experience of many other
marketers including myself.

 So now you know how to find good domain names but you do not
know where to buy them.

To find some great deals you can go to the Webhostingtalk Forum
directly into the Webhosting Offers Section.

I personally use Stablehost. It is more than enough if you start with
the basic package which costs like 4$ per month.

They deliver the most important things which Webhosting providers
absolutely have to:

   - 99.9% Uptime guarantee
   - Extremely fast servers
   - Use Softaculous for Wordpress installation

However if you decide to use an alternative hosting company you
really need to make sure that they deliver these three benefits.

Nothing is worse than working on your sites just to find out that your
provider took down all servers and ran away with your money. Yes it
really happened to me once – and it was the most horrible week of
my internet marketing career.

So please do an extensive research on the hosting company an read
other people’s reviews on the Webhosting Talk forum.

     3.2 Important Factor Of Page Load Speed

As I already told you in the last chapter, we will use the content
management system „Wordpress“ (short WP) as our website system.

You probably already know how to install Wordpress on your hosting
account. If you don’t please go to your hosting prodiver and go
through the FAQ since every hosting provider delivers great
instructions for Wordpress.

So I won’t go into much detail on the topic of Wordpress installation.

However what really is important for Wordpress and what so many
affiliates do wrong is the design and structure of the website.

Many people use like twenty different plugins they think they really
need and buy expensive so called „Review themes“ which always
look very nice and flashy.

Believe me most of the plugins and themes you probably use is just
crap and unnecessary.

What we want to achieve is a fresh and nice looking „feather-weight“

Recently, like two months ago Google Analytics released a new
feature that lets you track your pages load speed right within the

Many website owner simply ignored that. When you think about
that, you should realize that this is huge news!

Google is now forcing website owners to create fast loading

 It is a new indicator for Google to determine the placement of a
specific website.

For that reason creating a small website, without many plugins and
huge themes is crucial now!

This is why I only use three important Wordpress plugins on all of my
affiliate websites:

   -   Google XML Sitemaps „This plugin will generate a special XML sitemap
       which will help search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and to better
       index your blog“

   - W3 Total Cache „The highest rated and most complete WordPress
       performance plugin. Dramatically improve the speed and user experience of
       your site. Add browser, page, object and database caching as well as minify
       and content delivery network (CDN) to WordPress.“

   - All In One SEO Pack „Optimizes your WordPress blog automatically for
       Search Engines“

These three plugins are available for free on the official Wordpress
plugins page. Just type the name of the plugin into the search bar and
you’ll find them immediately for download.

Believe me, every other plugin will harm your page load speed

Over the past years I’ve tried a lot of different themes for my
Wordpress sites.

I tried them all. The colorful ones, the one with many different
setting options, I even bought several themes because they were so
„optimized“ and had a lot of different functions and setting options.

Guess which themes brought the best conversion rates?

The free ones, without any setting options, without any shiny color!

People are overwhelmed when they visit a website with different
colors and pictures and stuff like that. They just don’t know where to
look at first and feel wrong on that site. Hence they leave

The most converting website is the clean one without many pictures
and a clean structure. You need to make the visitor clear what he
needs to look at and where to click at.

You need to „guide“ him through your website.

It all starts with the choice of your theme.

You received four themes as a bonus when you bought my „Clickbank
Profits Formula 2011“. In the following picture you see my most
favorite one called „Clean Home“. The other three themes look alike
but have some different color shades:

When someone visits a site with that theme he immediately notices
the big headline and knows what he’s going to read now.

There are no flashy banners and no shiny colors. Just a plain white

If your visitor found your site through Google searching for the
product i.e. „Viral Monopoly“ he immediately knows that you are
delivering something he neeeds.

Show him that you are the one who delivers an honest, in-depth
review on that product. You are the one who delivers the most
comprehensive bonus.

If the visitor finds what he’s looking for just by skimming through
your headline, he will stay and read the rest of your blog posts.

     3.3 How To Structure A Good WP Review Site

The very first things I do when I’ve installed Wordpress with the three
plugins and one theme is to create four new pages:

About Me, Contact Me, Privacy Policy, Terms Of Use

These are the very first things you have to do before you write
anything else into your blog.

I’ve found out that 20% - 30% of all my visitors actually visit the
About Me page. It’s important for a visitor to know who you are and
why he should believe you what you are telling him.

I always write some lines about myself. Where I’m coming from,
What I’ve been doing in the last years, my past as a internet
marketer, etc.

When you write a review on a product you have to be an expert on
that field. Make your visitors clear that you know what you’re talking
about and that you really developed the review by an in-depth
research about it.

The contact form is also very important. I often get messages from
people who read my reviews but still want a sort of confirmation that
I’m a real person and that the review is genuine. Sometimes the
people ask if the bonuses which I give away are real. If you reply in
time the people will be more than happy to buy the product you sell.

So make sure you have a contact form with your contact details. Give
them your first emailadress, your Skype ID, your messenger ID. Give
them everything you can in order to make their life easier.

Sometimes it only takes 3 minutes to chat with them and they decide
to buy the product because they are actually supported and you help
them if they have any questions or doubts.

I won’t go much into detail of the necessity of a Privacy Policy and
the Terms of Use.

However what might be useful are the free generators of these two
documents. See writing those documents can be really annoying and
to be honest I never wrote such a document on my own.

Here is a free and easy way to generate your own Privacy Policy.

However please always reread the text and make necessary changes!
Don’t just copy and paste everything into your site.

A good and free way to establish a Terms of Use document is the
following tool by Legal River.

Now after finishing the first four pages you can start to write the first
posts into your blog.

And this is where we come to another important aspect of search
engine optimization: The content.

The content of a website needs to be unique. Furthermore your
website has to be updated regularly.

So usually you start the creation of a review website 7 – 10 weeks
before the official product launch. That’s what I do actually.

Hence there is much time which needs to be used. Google loves
websites which are being updated regularly and that’s why you need
to deliver unique content at least two times a week on your blog.

However the biggest part of the site, the review itself, needs to be
published on the launch day of the product!

This is very important because usually the last post is on the top of
your blog which means that the visitor will see that post first.

For that reason I always start writing about the backgrounds of the
product and the author.

You can always Google the author name and find some important
things about his last products or his marketing career.

Furthermore you can write about the topic which the product covers.
Let’s say you promote a software which automates the process of
article submission to hundreds of article directories.

In that case you can search for related articles about article
marketing. Write how important article marketing is and how it can
drive traffic to your website. At the end of such articles you can
always refer to the promoting product with a hyperlink and tell the
reader that this product is launching in the next days.

When you are only one or two weeks prior the launch date the
author always releases some prelaunch materials like videos or
snippets of the product.

That’s also a very important thing to mention in your blog. When
your reader notices that, he thinks you are working together with the
author and get „exclusive“ material from him.

This makes the reader want to read more and he will visit your site
Another very important aspect of the structure of a review site is the
„Bonus“ page.

Nowadays almost every affiliate offers bonuses for purchasing a
specific product through his affiliate link.

Hence a bonus package essential for a good review website and good
conversion rates.

For my bonus packages I always write a new page on that blog. I do
not simply post the bonus on the blog. I create a new page just for
the purpose of my bonus package.

Don’t worry I’ll tell you how to develop a great bonus package later.
For now let’s just stick to the structure of a good review website.

Of course the headline of the bonus page needs to be something
which makes the reader want to get that bonus.

Considering that many people will visit your site after searching for
the keyword „product name bonus“ you need a headline which blows
the reader away.

I always take the value of my bonus into the headline. If the people
see some $$$ they think they’re about to make a huge save when
they buy the course with your personal bonus package.

Let’s say you have something which has a value of $1500 then your
headline would be something like:

„Exclusive Viral Monopoly Bonus Worth Over $1500“

Remember to ALWAYS put the product name into your headline as
people will always search for the product name.

So what makes the headline so great?

The very first word is „exclusive“. The reader gets the idea that he is
about to receive something really special which all the other buyers
of the product don’t get.

Then in addition of the product itself „Viral Monopoly“ they will get a
„Bonus Worth Over $1500“.

A usual clickbank product costs between $47 - $97.

Here’s what an interest for that product will think:

So I will spend fifty bucks and get the great Viral Monopoly course
PLUS a bonus package from a guy who sold that once for $1500??

An amazing deal, huh?

Ok that’s all you should know about the structure of a review

Let’s start with the main work: The evaluation of a comprehensive
Review and an exclusive bonus package...

     3.4 How To Write A Comprehensive Review

A very important thing to note when it comes to writing a product
review is the attitude.

You always need to remember that you write for the reader, for your
website visitors.

The visitor who comes to your website is most certainly willing to
spend money. However before he takes out his wallet and pays for it
he wants to make sure whether the product is the right thing for him.

And it’s you who needs to make him clear that the marketing course,
marketing software or whatever is THE ONLY thing he needs in his
internet marketing efforts

However, it's a common error—particularly for new reviews—to
think that "the reader" is the same as "me." This process isn't about
your needs. It's about your readers' needs.

That means you have to understand who the reader is, what he cares
about, what problems he struggles with.

In order to evaluate my reviews I always ask these five essential
questions and answer them as good as I can:

     What problems has the customer before he buys the product?
     Is the creator honest? Has he other products?
     What does the product promise?
     How well does it achieve those goals?
     Is it a good value? for whom?

Often you can not answer some of those questions simply because
you write about a product which isn’t available yet.

However there are two good ways to get great and most certain
exclusive content for the review.

Firstly I always browse through the whole JV page of the product

Almost every vendor has a good set of marketing materials.

Many vendors create reviews of their products, show proof of their
incomes and that their system actually works.

Keep in mind that you want something unique. Don’t just copy the
whole content on the JV page, instead just read everything and write
it in your own words.

Secondly I always contact the product creator, too.

On every JV page you will find a support emailadress. The vendors
are more than happy if they can assist you with some exclusive
materials like pictures of the product (when it’s a software) or some
snippets of the course.

Remember the product is not available when you create your review
which means that nobody else has got that kind of information.

So now you have really exclusive material for your website which
makes the other sites look like a poor copy of yours!

Now we have our content for the review.

Before you start to write your first review you need to learn that a
review has got a structure and many people write bad reviews just
because they forgot some important points.

So here’s how a good review has to be layed out:

First, you write an introductory paragraph. It states the problem to
be solved, and introduces the product as a possible solution.

The introductory paragraph (sometimes spilling to a second one) also
provides a one sentence summary: Provide no details, here, just the

In the main body of the review, you describe what the product does,
and how it works. While you can show your appreciation or
disapproval of the features and process here, the intention here is to
describe "what it promises."

Then, go into detail about what you like, and what you dislike.
Though it's common for affiliates to switch back-and-forth between
the likes and dislikes (maybe they think it sounds more fair), readers
usually expect the likes to precede the dislikes.

This is actually a very important point. Don’t be afraid to tell the
people some negative aspects of a product. There is nothing
„perfect“ on earth and people know that.

If you show the reader that even that amazing product has it’s
disadvantages then it is much more serious and honest.

Finally, summarize your opinion, with a strong conclusion. Tell
someone with certainty: is this worth the money?

The reader has made it this far through your article because he wants
to know if this product is worth his money.

Just be honest. If this was your money, would you buy this product?
Tell the reader so, and explain why.

The review may contain your affiliate link. In fact it has to contain
your affiliate link because this is one of the two places where you can
sell the product in order to get a commission. I’ll show you the other
way in just a second.

I always put my affiliate link two times into the review. I always
hyperlink the product name with my affiliate link.

The first link goes into the introductionary part of the review.

The last link should be in your conclusion.

Seriously it’s not necessary to have 5 or more affiliate links in a
review which contains 500 – 600 words.

     3.5 How To Create A Good Bonus Offer

For a successful review site, a bonus offer is absolutely crucial

Many people, especially people in the internet marketing niche,
already know about affiliate links and they will discover really fast
that you’re trying to get affiliate commission with your review site.

However I experienced that these people have absolutely no problem
with that as long as they get something in return. And that’s when a
good bonus offer comes into place.

As I already mentioned in this course, people compare websites. Your
site will most certainly not be the only one they’ll visit.

For that reason you need something outstanding, something really

Let me tell you what I have done in the past in order to deliver the
most outstanding bonus offers:

One thing I had the best success with was delivering different kinds of
SEO services.

I have a very big tool arsenal. I have all that stuff like SENuke,
Scrapebox, Article Marketing Robot and so on..

You probably know these tools, if not: These are really helpful
internet marketing tools, but cost a lot of money.

When I try to sell an internet marketing product, such a service is the
best thing you can offer as a bonus.

Usually I charge people hundreds of dollars when they want me to
work on their websites and promote them using the tools above.

However I also push my services as a bonus for FREE.

I.e. I offer free Article Marketing Robot submission for the purchase
of a product.

That means that I take the desired website of the customer and write
an article on that topic and submit it to hundreds of article
directories using the Article Marketing Robot.

Believe it or not I even got some clients through such bonus offers.
They were so amazed by the results of my bonus offer that they
wanted me to work on other sites!

If you have those marketing tools and know how to use them, make
bonus offers out of them!!

Seriously, you’ll get awesome conversions using such an outstanding
bonus offer.

However if you don’t have these tools it shouldn’t be a problem
because you can compile a big bonus package easily for free.

If you Google „plr“ you will receive millions of websites which offer
such items.

„PLR“ stands for Private Label Rights and that means that the author
of the product gives away most, or even all, of the rights of the
product to you.

You can sell the products easily, you can give them away, you can do
literally everything with these kind of products.

I often compile a huge mass of PLR products into one big Bonus offer.

A good and FREE way to create such a package is PLRWholesaler.

On that site you will receive hundreds of different Wordpress
Themes, ebooks, softwares and even videos on the subject of
Internet marketing just by signing up!

Now you can go and choose the best materials and combine them
into one big bonus offer for your review site at no cost!

  4.       Optimizing Your Website

Alright now you already learned how to build a website from A-Z. You
know how to pick a domain name and where to host the site and
which plugins you need in order to receive a fast loading, search
engine optimized website.

Now here comes the fun part of the course.

Seeing your site ranking on the first place on Google for a product on
the launch day is an awesome feeling.

This is your main target. You want your website on the front page of
Google. Obviously the higher the Google rank, the more sales you’ll

This is only achievable with some very important rules which I am
going to teach you now...

     4.1 Eight Most Important SEO Rules

The very first thing you do before you post anything on your website
is to change the permalinks.


The permalinks structure is the way your Website URLs will be shown
on Google.

So everytime you create a new page, post, category, etc. You will get
a unique URL.

There are many different ways you can structure you permalinks but
we want to optimize our URLs the best way we can for search

Obviously our target is to rank high for the product name which we
promote. For that reason you need to take the postname (which
actually is the title) for your permalink.

Everytime you publish a new post on your blog you will receive a new
URL containing the post title which in turn contains your main
keyword, the product name.

Here’s how you change your permalink structure within your blog:

Go to the Dashboard of your Wordpress blog and click on „Settings“
 Permalinks.

Under „Common Settings“ make sure that the option „Custom
Structure“ is checked. In the box you need to type „/%postname%/“

All in all it should look like that:


I think this is obvious because the first thing search engines do in
order to determine the topic of a website is checking the title tags.

Hence you absolutely HAVE TO write titles containing your targeted
product name.

There are three important tags for the title. The <h1>, <h2> and

When your write your post using the usual Wordpress editor in your
Dashboard you have the option „Format“ on the top left corner.

Just use these different formats as the titles and you won’t have to
worry about the html codes if you’re not familiar with them.

I always write a headline using the product name as my main
keyword. This would be the <h1> tag, or Headline 1 (in your
Wordprress Dashboard).

It is wisely to use the other two tags in combination with some
varations of your main keyword.

I always use the <h2> and <h3> tags in combination with keywords
like „product name review“ or „product name scam“.

In that way you make sure that your article not only targets the main
keyword but also the main keyword with some variations of it.

Hence your site will appear for more search terms in Google rather
than just for the „product name“ itself.

All In One SEO Plugin Settings:

Many of my clients ask me how to set up this plugin properly. It has a
lot of different options and many people just don’t know what to do
with them.

So before you write your first post it’s crucial to install this plugin

Before I write a long story about the proper installation of it, I rather
give you a great video which the creators of this plugin made for
webmasters. You can watch the free video here: All In One SEO

Google XML Sitemap Plugin:

Another crucial step for search engine optimization is a Sitemap of
your website.

A Sitemap is a list of webpages of your site. It makes the search
engine spiders a lot easier to index your webpages when they have
access to a Sitemap.

The Google XML Sitemap plugin has not many setting options.
Actually all you need to do is to make sure you activated the plugin.

Everytime you publish a new post the plugin will generate
automatically an updated version of your Sitemap containing the new

Image alt tag
Your image can’t be read by search engine bots so you need to show
them what this image is all about. You can use alt tags to add some
keywords which describes the image better and can benefit your site
as well. Though alt tags have reduced its weight in google algorithm,
relevant keywords will always help.

When you write your blog post you can easily add an image, i.e. a
product cover, a screenshot of the software, etc. By clicking on the
little icon which I highlited in yellow here:

After uploading the image you will have the option to add a „title“
and „alt tag“ to that image.

And this is the place where you need to place your keyword, like the
product name.

Keyword Density:

A keyword density has to be between 2% - 5%.

So if you write a blog post which contains 500 words you need to
include at least 10 different variations of your search term.

This is another important indicator for the search engines to
determine what your website is about.

However if you exaggerate the keyword density it will look to
spammy and Google might punish you for that.

And remember always to vary your keyword variations as you always
try to target several search terms for one post.

Hence if you write your comprehensive review you can easily place
search like „product name review“, „product name scam“, etc. In that

You also have to highlight your keywords in the text. I always bold a
keyword, make it italic or underline it.

Optimization Of The First 25 Words:

I always place one or two keywords at the beginning of my articles.
Search engines hold the first 25 words of your website in high regard,
as it’s the description of your website in the Google rankings.

So take advantage of it.

Content Frequency
As I already said in the previous chapter you need to add fresh
content regularly. This forces search-crawlers to visit your website
more frequently and index your new pages.

You don’t have to publish new posts daily in order to get more
checkups from search-bots. Write your content for readers and stick
to frequency if possible.

Remember the picture of the Google searches I showed you at the
beginning of this course?

That one with 9,5k competitors for the keyword „Viral Monopoly“?

If you apply those eight simple rules you will most certainley already
hit the first or at least second page of Google without further
promotion of your website!

It happens always to me, sometimes I even land on one of the first
three places!

However a few times I created websites and they never landed in
Google’s index, or at least too far away from the first spots.

It is always painful for someone who put so much work in a website
just to recognize that Google did not index the site or punished it for
some reason.

Therefore I created my personal...

     4.2 Five Reasons Google Hates Your Site

After working hard on your website and creating all the good and
unique stuff it can happen that you won’t find your site in the first
three pages of Google.

In the past I have found a few reasons, which definitely cause such

Avoid these mistakes and Google will love your website!

  1. Pinging Google

The very likely case is that Google not really hates your site but just
does not know that your site does exist!

Luckily there is a great and very simple solution for that problem.

You want your site to notify Google everytime you publish new
content on your site.

In order to do that you need to go to the Settings tab of your
Wordpress Dashboard, following the „Writing“ section.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and make sure that the
following Updating Service is included in the list:

Using this service your website will automatically ping Google
everytime you published new content on your site!

  2. Google Is Blocked

There is a tiny option in the Wordpress interface which can turn into
a huge disaster if you choose the wrong setting.

Go to your Wordpress Dashboard and click on Settings  Privacy.

There you will find only the obove option. The „Site Visibility“:

If the second option is checked then you don’t have a chance to
rank on google because your site has blocked every search engine.

So make sure to check the FIRST option!

Your site needs to be visible to everyone, including search engines, in
order to appear in the Google rankings!

   3. Wrong Title Structure

At the very beginning of my marketing career I made a huge mistake
by creating misleading titles.

Search engines, especially Google, only take the first sixty characters
of a Title to turn out the topic of the given website.

So here’s an example based on our Viral Monopoly product:

„Learn How To Make Money Online And Get Rich Quick With The
Unique Viral Monopoly“

At first glance this title seems to be really good: It targets great
keywords like „How To Make Money Online“ or „Get Rich Quick“.

Well if you’d target such keywords then this title would be great.

However we target the keyword „Viral Monopoly“.

Google will not list our site because the title is way too long. This title
contains 80 characters, the main keyword is placed at the end of the

Google will never take note of that keyword as it thinks that word
isn’t necessary for the topic of our site.

Instead write a title like that:

„Viral Monopoly Is Going To Kill It“

A very short and simple title, yet powerful.

The main keyword is placed directly at first. The reader who reads
such a title will immediately want to know why Viral Monopoly is
going to kill it.

So keep in mind. A title has to be short and simple. Always place your
main keyword in the front of the title!

  4. Bad Content And The Role Of Social Networks

More and more people are reading and writing online. As the amount
of content increases the value of strong search engine filters goes up.

Google is updating their algorithms regularly and more often than
ever before.

According to an annual report by SEOMoz titled “2011 Search Engine
Ranking Factors”, there’s a significant correlation between Facebook
shares and the ranking of that same page on search engines,
particularly within Google’s US rankings.

These days it’s more important than ever before to write high quality
articles for your audience.

If your content is poor, people will leave your site. It’s as simple as

Though if you deliver good content which people like, and give them
the possibility to share that content with their friends on facebook,
twitter, etc. you will be rewared by Google!

Aim to make yourself an authority. Use the huge traffic possibilities
like Facebook or Twitter and market your site with these social

  5. Site Inaccessibility

Essentially, if your website is down often and therefore unreachable,
Google’s search engine bots can’t crawl and index content and
human visitors can’t view your website.

For best results, make sure your site is hosted reliably on a server
that provides plenty of bandwidth in order to prevent downtime and
other accessibility issues.

These are the five biggest problems I faced in the past, especially at
the beginning of my Internet marketing career.

Please take note of these possible mistakes and solve them if you had

If not.. Let’s dive into another great chapter of search engine

  5.       Off-Site Search Engine Optimization
Off-Site SEO refers to search engine optimization techniques that are
not performed on your own website or page, and are therefore called

Unfortunately these days, optimizing the content on your website is
not enough. For good search engine rankings you need help from
other websites in form of incoming links, commonly referred to as

That's basically what off-site SEO is all about – getting quality links
relevant to your topic to assist the search engines in establishing
what your web page focuses on. You can think of each backlink as a
vote for your page.

     5.1 What Are Valuable Backlinks?

In the past it was enough to throw thousands of cheap comments or
forum profiles containg your website as the anchor text to your

Google indexed all the backlinks and saw your website as an
„authority“ website because thousands of other websites were
pointing to your site. Hence you got very good search engine
positions with minimal efforts.

Unfortunately too many people were doing this and Google finally
made huge updates in order to devalue such backlink sources like
forum profiles or blog comments.

Websites started to fall down in their Google rankings because their
only backlink source were those cheap links. People started to
complain not knowing what to do anymore.

Actually the answer is quite simple: You need quality backlinks.

Nowadays Google counts backlinks from trusted sources. There are
several ways of gathering high quality backlinks:

  1. Article Marketing

A lot of my daily work has to do with article marketing. There are a
few big sites which you really don’t want to miss.

Just add one or two articles for every product you want to promote
to these article sites. You will get visitors through these articles, as
well as high valued backlinks.

Here are the main free article directories:

However I know how annoying it can be to write articles. See if you
have several websites it can be a pain to submit dozens of articles to
each site seperately.

This is why I HIGHLY recommend you to buy the Article Marketing
Robot (yes it is my affiliate link. I’d really appreciate if you buy
through my affiliate link).

Currently this tool comes with a list of over 6,000 article directories.
It is amazing how fast it submits to ALL the directories.

You will get 6,000 HIGH Quality backlinks to your website in no time!

  2. Natural Backlinks

I already mentioned social networks in the last chapter.

Believe me these networks are traffic goldmines and you absolutely
have to use them!

You need to give your visitors the chance to share your content with
their friends.

Place a small Facebook „like“ button at the end of every post. If the
visitor likes your content he will share the post with his friends.

Create a twitter profile and put a „Follow Me“ button on the end of
every post. If your content is good enough, people want to hear more
from you and follow you.

Often people even link back to your article or piece of content from
their own websites.

All in all you don’t have to do additional work in order to get
backlinks. Just post content which people really like to read and
they’ll be happy to share it with other!

  3. Voting For Other Bloggers

There are many great platforms where blogger can vote for other
blog posts.

I personally use the five biggest ones below:

I don’t submit all of my posts and I try to vote often for posts I like.
Try to connect with people and vote on their posts. Keep it real and
don’t go “blind voting” for everything on the home page.

These sites can bring very targeted traffic to your blog considering
they are pretty focused.

Not to mention that once you have a great post shared on those sites
(and it makes it to a home page) you will have your blog flooded with
targeted visitors.

  4. Social Bookmarking Sites

Basically, social bookmarking sites are sites that allow users to post
their favorite sites, using tags (keywords) to categorize and organize

Then other users can take these bookmarks and add them to their
own collection or share them with even more users.

Here are the top ten social bookkmarking sites on the Web - the sites
that will bring you the most traffic and the most valuable backlinks to
your site:




Ebaum’s World



A1 Webmarks



So force

Another big advantage of those sites is that they have great Google
Pageranks. That means they are trusted by Google.

For that reason your bookmarks will often gain high Google rankings
without any further promotion!

  5. Contextual High PR Homepage Backlinks

For me personally this is the „ultimative“ way of getting high quality

Google considers this type of backlinks on the highest quality hence
you get a huge boost in your search engine rankings.

The only disadvantage for the most marketers is: You have to buy
those links.

See many people, especially new Internet marketers don’t have
authority websites with a high Pagerank.

This is the reason why many marketers sell backlinks from their
authority websites.

A link on such a website costs anywhere from $1 - $2.

Buying those links will pay out. I guarantee that!

If you buy packages of 20 – 30 links you will gain an IMMENSE instant
authority from Google. Within only days Google will pick up those
backlinks and immediately push your website up to the top rankings!

Remember you will have almost no competition when you start to
create a review site on a product. You have the best opportunities to
build your credibility as soon as possible and secure the first rankings.

Let me show you my personal source for that kind of backlinks.

The best forum for discussion about backlinking I know is the
„Backlinks Forum“.

There is a big Classified Ads section where you can buy those link
packages. Let me show you an example:

45 Most Poweful Backlinks

Here is someone who delivers 45 of such powerful Homepage

He offers even a 90-day Trial which means that you will immediately
receive your money back if you don’t get an improvement of your
search engine rankings.

There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t try those backlinks.
Again I promise, you will not regret that!

Still not confident enough to buy those links?

Ok I have another last great opportunity to get the best backlinks
available: High PR Homepage Backlinks...

The service is called SEO-Console

     5.2 What Exactly Is SEO-Console?

SEO-Console is a new and revolutionary system for marketing and
promotion of websites in search engines.

Publishers are able to sell ad space on their websites, while
advertisers may buy those ad spaces and place a backlink on the high
PR websites.

Take a look at the huge amount of registered websites:

Notice here are only the Websites listed and not the indivdual
webpages of each site!

Now here comes the best part:

You can get a backlink on a PR5 website for 0.01$ ... PER MONTH!!

You don’t believe me?!

I can understand you really well.. I didn’t believe it either.

But people really sell ad spaces for such a ridiculousy amount,

Take a look at that:

Using SEO-Console I always buy packages of 100 Backlinks for lousy
$7 -$9 per month.

It’s amazing what you can get there. Go ahead and register as an
advertiser as soon as possible!

Oh I forgot to tell you that you can cancel the backlinks any time you
want. You don’t need to stay with those links for a full month, a year
or any other timeframe.

You can cancel the backlinks anytime and invest your money in other
projects if you like!

     5.3 Why 95% Of Your Off-Site SEO Is Useless

Yep, that’s most certainly true.

Taking the effort and buying and creating all kinds of backlinks is
most certainly completely USELESS!

If Google does not know your backlinks exist, they won’t count it.

I have found out that in the worst case 95% of my backlinks do not
get indexed.

So which kind of backlinks need help and most important: How do
you help Google to find all your backlinks?!

All in all backlinks on pages with low traffic and low authority are not
as much visited by the Google bots than high authority websites.

If you buy those High PR backlinks from websites with much traffic
you probably won’t have a problem indexing them, as Google bots
visit those sites quite often and find your backlinks in no time.

In most cases your backlinks will even get indexed within a few hours.

Backlinks from social bookmarking sites, article directories, comment
backlinks, forum profiles are not as good as High Pr backlinks.

In most cases Google will not find those backlinks as they haven’t
that kind of authority and have most certainly an extremely low
traffic amount.

Hence you need to help Google to find these backlinks. I already
mentioned in one of the last chapters the importance of „pinging“.

Pinging means that notify Google about new content on a particular

But it would be awful to ping every single link if you’ve created
thousands of them, wouldn’t it?

For that reason I have searched for some „bulk pinging tools“ and
came up with two very impressive and free services:

  1. Pingfarm

Pingfarm is really cool and easy to use. Actually it’s pretty self

Take your list of backlinks, one link per row, and paste it into the
textarea, hit „MASS PING“ and leave it open for a few minutes.

  2. Bulkping

Bulkping is actually pretty the same. However I always use those two
sites. It won’t hurt to notify Google one or two times more about the
new content.

But I also need to be honest with you. Using those two services bring
moderate results. Within four days I always get between 10% - 20%
of the backlinks indexed when I only use those services.

It’s a great increase, sure, but it also gets even better.

I tried many different so called „indexing“ services. Those people
promise that they will get 80%, 90% or even 100% of your backlinks

These claims are huge and I found out that they’re scam as well.

There is only one service which brought some great results for me
and it is the best I know.

Using them I get 40% of all my backlinks indexed within 72 hours of
submission. After 10 days I even notice that 60% - 70% of my links are

How do they do that?

Pinging services literally „notify“ the search engine bots, that there is
new content on the particular URL. You can imagine how many
MILLIONS of links are established every day. The bots simply can not
crawl every single one of them.

The Backlinks Indexer literally FORCES the bots to visit your backlink
and index it.

They syndicate your backlink to thousands of other blogs, RSS
Aggregators, Bookmarking sites, etc.

They build backlinks to your backlinks, so to say.

That means that even every single one of your backlinks has
hundreds of other backlinks and that shows the bots that these links
have to be „important“, as they gain many attention from other sites
within just a short amount of time.

I strongly recommend using Backlinks Indexer for your websites. Just
try it. They offer a free 5 day trial.

I promise you will be amazed by the indexing rates!

     5.4 Fiverr + Social Media Traffic = Goldmine?!

Ok now we have researched extensively on the subject of Off-site

In this last chapter I’ll talk about the traffic source I recently found
accidently. I think I already stressed enough how significant traffic
from sources like Facebook or Twitter are.

In case you’re an absolute beginner in the area of Internet marketing
you probably don’t have a great fanbase on any of those sites.

Recently I found a great way to receive huge traffic from those

Fiverr is a goldmine when it comes to SEO services. People are
offering crazy things for just 5$ and you should not pass the
opportunity to receive outstanding services for such a low price.

You can get users to post to THOUSANDS of people on their Twitter
or Facebook accounts for only five bucks!

You will get serious traffic from those sources and Google will notice
immediately when you receive hordes of visitors from those social

Your message will most probably go viral, if it’s good content you’re
sending them and a lot more people will see your website!

Check out this guy:

He tweets your message to almost ONE HUNDRED Thousand people
for only five bucks!

Imagine how many people will see your site, read it, link back to your
site, and probably buy the product you’re offering!!

This guy has a 96% positive rating. He actually delivers what he

In order to make your life much easier you have received my
personal „Top Ten Fiverr Gigs“.

It’s a list with ten Fiverr users with whom I’ve worked together

The list containts everything from social media traffic, press releases,
website analysis up to .edu backlinking.

However in a few months the list becomes outdated and many of
those Gigs won’t be available anymore (unfortunately).

Before you’ll get completely confused  here’s what I do in order to
receive the best Fiverr Gigs:

  1. Head over to Fiverr
  2. In the search bar I either type Facebook or Twitter
  3. Filter the results by „Popularity“

That way I will receive the best Gigs on that topic.

Trust me, there are a lot!

  6.       Conclusion

Congratulations on completing the „Clickbank Profits Formula 2011“.

You now have the full step-by-step system that I personally use to
generate thousands of dollars in affiliate commissions.

It is crucial that you follow every single step from this course in order
to replicate my exact system.

You won’t make any money just by reading this e-book.

Remember, this is a proven system that I am using to generate a
significant revenue on the internet.

In order to make it EVEN EASIER for you I established a „fast step-by-
step“ action plan.

I included this plan as a bonus to this WSO.

Please open the action plan and print it out. It is a checklis for you to
go through while creating your affiliate websites.

If you go through that checklist using all the strategies I taught you in
this WSO, I PROMISE, you will earn money with your very first

REMEMBER one last thing:

Creating such an affiliate website will take you probably not more
than five hours.

So please take the time and produce at least one or two such sites.

After seeing HOW SUCCESSFUL these little sites are, you will be more
than happy to create dozens of such sites and increase your revenue
every day!


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