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December 2010 TBS Newsletter


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									                      Temple Beth Shalom 
 Brigantine Jewish Community Center
December 2010 Vol. 18, No. 11                 Rabbi Gerald R. Fox                                  Kislev/Tevet 5771

           SERVICES              RABBI’S COLUMN
       Every Friday Evening      Babies and Blessings
       Throughout the Year,         Like many of you, I have suffered many indignities and I have
             8-9 p.m.            been lucky enough to have been granted even more blessings. Put
        Light Refreshments       simply: I have known much of Life in my time. So, when the
                                 moment came for me to hold my two sons for the first time (the
    Saturday Services            “masked photo” you may have seen online), I was struck by the
    Dec. 11, 2010 • 10 a.m.      obvious mix of emotions, but my jaded self was most surprised
     (Followed by Kiddush)       by the incredibly odd feeling that it was always so . . . that being a father was such a
                                 natural and obvious thing for me to be.
      Board Meeting                 Don’t get me wrong; I was not yawning through my wife’s pregnancy or through
  Sunday, Dec. 12 • 10 a.m.      the rather intense birth of my sons, but I kept being struck with the words floating
    All are welcome to attend.   through my head – “of course, you are” – when thinking about what was supposed
                                 to be a huge shift in my status from husband to husband and father.
                                    As I watched my little ones being warmed on a medical scale that was doubling
     SPECIAL                     (quite literally) as a spot for baby triage, I was able to stand back and see the
                                 moment for what it was – a moment filled with that which is greater than what me
    SATURDAY                     and my wife had created. What more can I say, but that since that moment, I am
                                 awash with amazement for the miracle of Life.
     SERVICE                                                                               (RABBI continued on page 2)

December 11, 2010
     10 AM                                             Let’s celebrate together
Make plans to attend the                                   Temple Beth Shalom
  December Shabbat
   Service at 10 a.m.
Rabbi Fox, Sarah and the
                                              Chanukah Party
 babies will be here for
                                           Sunday, December 5 • 2-4 p.m.
   the baby naming
               ceremony                             Admission of $10 per person includes:
               officiated                    Games with Prizes • White Elephant Auction
               by Rabbi                          Latkes and Fixings • Jelly Donuts
                                                    We need items for the auction. Find something in your
               Join us at                           home that is new or gently used, that you no longer have
                services                                   any desire to retain. Wrap that item in newspaper
                 and to                                         or shove it into a paper bag to disguise its
                                                                   identity and bring it to the party.
               partake in
                                                                             Pre-paid reservations are required
                a special                                                    by December 1.
                 Oneg.                                                  Please call the Temple at 609-266-0403.
                        OOPS!!                                      Persons of the Month
    The link for the Rabbi’s and Sarah’s photos and
  videos of their new sons was incorrect in last month’s            Rabbi Fox & Family
  newsletter. The correct link is:                                     It is not hard to believe that time flies when you
           www.gallery.me.com/moxiefoxes.                           consider that Rabbi Fox and his wife, Sarah, are now in
             (Please check now and then to see                      their fifth year as our Rabbi and Rebbetzin. From his first
                the new photos and videos!)                         days with us, it became clear that he and his wife view
                                                                    Temple Beth Shalom as their spiritual home (remember
Rabbi (continued from page 1)                                       that anniversary cake he snuck into the oneg under her
                                                                    nose?!) as much as a congregation he serves. For this
   As many of you know, our two bundles of sinew and                loving couple, two voices were not enough to add to our
synapse and skin, were the culminations of many dreams,
                                                                    religious services!
much talk, and immense spiritual challenges. The very fact
                                                                       In case you hadn’t felt the buzz in the air or seen the
of their lives is a testament to something greater than simple
                                                                    Rabbi’s beaming smile (or the photos of his little “Rabbis
human desire and effort.
   I cannot help but find even greater meaning than I had           in training”), Rabbi and Sarah were blessed with TWO
before in the words we recite upon awakening in the morning         boys in October. Their arrival was met with great joy from
and that we share together during Shabbat morning services          their family and friends and from our entire congregation.
at Temple Beth Shalom. In the following prayer, we                     In fact, the feeling was mutual: Though Rabbi Fox’s and
acknowledge our deep appreciation of the fantastic state that       Sarah’s new sons were welcomed into the Covenant of
is human life and we recognize the fragility and the source of      Abraham at a double Bris at their modest home with
that life. If you don’t do so already, perhaps you would like       family attending, both Rabbi and Sarah wanted to share
to try reciting it each morning (or certain designated              their joy with us here in Brigantine. And so, with the help
mornings) to “try on” a new spiritual practice through which        of Rabbi Alan LaPayover (our High Holiday Hazzan), their
you might find your own “radical amazement:”                        two sons will receive special blessings and a formal
   “Blessed are You, Lord Our God, Sovereign of the Universe,       communal declaration of their names before the Torah at a
who formed the human being with wisdom and created within           service here at Temple Beth Shalom on December 11th. A
each one many “openings that open” and many “closings that          Kiddush lunch will follow (please let the office know by
close.” It is obvious and known before Your Throne of Glory         mid-week if you plan to come so we can plan the food).
that if one of them were to close when it should be open or to         A lifetime dream for both Rabbi and Sarah, we know
open when it should be closed then it would be impossible to
                                                                    that these boys will soon be joining them in singing – from
exist and to stand before You. Blessed are You, God, who heals
                                                                    the Bima and from the congregation – and in being helpful
all flesh and acts in wondrous ways.”
   Each time that I say this blessing, it now carries with it a     and cheerful, just like their parents.
different significance. Each time that I say this blessing, I
know that these words mean more than personal surprise at
the workings of my own body. Each time that I say this
blessing, it is a reminder that God’s presence has infused
my and my wife’s lives to join us in the act of creation.                            Thank You
   I have always believed and often experienced that we come        Rabbi Gerald and Sarah Fox wish to thank all
to know the truths of Life, not simply through our mundane
achievements, but from our reflection upon our existence,
                                                                      those whose support sustained them through
which we often refer to as prayer. Prayer has unlocked the           Sarah’s pregnancy and into the early weeks of
unknown chambers of my life, letting free the pain and letting      their new babies’ lives. Your generosity will not
in the comforts of everyday living. At our core, we may be          be forgotten and continues to warm our hearts.
base creatures, just human beings, but such prayers as the one
above remind us that it is a great blessing to act in partnership
with God. In doing so, we return breath for breath as we were
granted by our own parents in God’s image.
   May each of us be granted the gift of being able to see the
world as greater and not lesser, of being able to share in the
wonder around us, and of remaining so even when Life
hands us diminishment more easily than the honor and
dignity we are all due.

                           Rabbi Gerald R. Fox
            MAILBAG                                                                     The Time Is Now
                                        October 11, 2010                                Ifyouareevergoingtoloveme,
                                        Dear Temple Beth Shalom,                        Lovemenow,whileIcanknow
                                           On behalf of the directors, staff, and the   Thesweetandtenderfeelings
                                        men, women and children residing at the         Whichfromtrueaffectionflow.
                                        Atlantic City Rescue Mission, I thank you       Lovemenow
                                        for supporting the Mission with your            WhileIamliving.
                                        donation of furniture.                          DonotwaituntilI’mgone
                                           It is only through the generosity of         And then have it chiseled in marble,
                                        people like you that the everyday needs of      SweetWordsonice-coldstone.
October 26, 2010                        some of the community’s poorest residents       If you have tender thoughts of me,
                                        are met. The Mission’s goal continues to be     Pleasetellmenow.
Dear Temple Beth Shalom,
                                        the physical, emotional, and spiritual repair   IfyouwaituntilIamsleeping,
   On behalf of Jewish Family
                                        of every individual seeking our help.           Nevertoawaken,
Service, and our clients, I would
                                           That’s where your kind donation counts!
like to thank Temple Beth Shalom                                                        Therewillbedeathbetweenus
                                        New and gently used items are always a
for generously donating much                                                            AndIwon’thearyouthen.
                                        blessing to the less fortunate and the
needed food during this year’s High                                                     So, if you love me, even a little bit,
                                        support of others gives those who struggle
Holiday food drive.                                                                     LetmeknowitwhileIamliving
                                        a renewed confidence to face the world.
   Thanks to your generous                                                              SoIcantreasureit.
contributions, the shelves in our                                                                           Author Unknown
                                           William R. Southrey
pantry are filled to the top. This is
                                           President and CEO
especially comforting to know with
the long winter months so near.
Beth Shalom’s spirit of tzedekah                                       Honey is the only product that
helps us to meet the needs of so
many in our community.                                                comes from an unkosher creature
   A gift from the heart touches the                                 (a bee) that is nonetheless Kosher.
heart. Our community is fortunate
to have synagogues, such as Beth
Shalom, that are eager to reach out
and help those who are sometimes
   With much appreciation,
   Leigh Turner
   Community Initiatives

    Mah Jongg Players
         are wanted.
     If interested, call
       Edie, 266-2018
             Simply Shirley . . .                                     Simchas
   Well, the summer is over and I am truly sorry to see it
                                                                             .                             Birthdays &
go. To some it was just too hot but to me it was just
perfect. The beach, the pool, seeing all of our summer
                                                                       Dec                                 Anniversaries
Brigantiners here and seeing so many of our members at
Shul on Friday nights. To my friends who have flown
away for the winter I say stay well, be happy, healthy and    3 .................Michael Guterman           14...........................Fran Dratch
return like the Piping Plovers do in the spring (although I   5....................Shelley Iris Miller      24 ........................Susan Panitch
have never seen any).                                         7 ..........................Susan T. Tuerk    26 ....................Janis C. Murphy
                                                              8 ...................Lillian H. Shender       28............................David Kahn
   Good news, as we all know, is the birth of Rabbi and
                                                              11 ....................Marcia Kurland,        31 ..............Rosalie Lieberman,
Sarah’s twin sons. Mazel Tov. Now we can look forward to
                                                                                           Sheryl Mazur                            Rose M. Zeltser
children running around – how very wonderful. And
                                                              12.......................Lena J. Elzufon
perhaps we can even get to spoil them a little.
   Well, last night we saw the picture of the twins. How                                  ANNIVERSARIES
precious and how very happy our Rabbi is. Personally
speaking it is a joy to be able to share these special        10........................................................Gerald & Barbara Pepper
moments with our spiritual leader. As was said in Fiddler     11 .....................................................Mark D. & Pearl B. Erdman
On The Roof, “A Blessing on your head Mazel Tov, Mazel        18 .....................................................Stanton L. & Aimee J. Levin
Tov.” Two Mazel Tov’s for the twins.                                          Judge Sandra Mazer Moss & William Boyd Deane
   Well, it is now November and all I can say is that it is   20............................................Dr. Barry L. & Barbara L. Glaser
                                                              26.........................................................Edward & Judith S. Rubin
cold, but very pretty. Remember to look at the many
                                                              27 ..................................................Donald & Phyllis Hoffrichter
beautiful colors of the changing trees and appreciate the
                                                                                                                          David W. & Estelle Silver
wonders of nature.                                            28 .............................................Leonard & Marsha Goldenberg
   Congratulations to Tony Pullella and Dr. Frank Kern,
new Council-at-Large Brigantine councilmen.
                                   Until I write again,
                                Simply Shirley                                     BOOK CLUB
                                                                      At the November 15th book club meeting we
                                                                  reviewed the book “The Help,” by Kathryn Stockett.
                                                                    Once again it was a most memorable afternoon
                                                                 and the discussion was wonderful. Our hostess,
                                                                 Arlene Waronker, is to be thanked for opening her
                                                                 lovely home and sharing delicious goodies with us.
                                                                                                                  The Glass
                                                                                                                 January 10,
                                                                                                                  1:30 p.m.
                                                                                                                    at Lill

                                                                                            For more
                                                                         contact Shirley at 266-8599
Thank You                  To the Oneg Shabbat &
                           Kiddush Sponsors
                                                                          Yahrzeit Donations
                                                                        Michael & Cheryl Guterman in memory of
For November                                                       Michael’s father, Hyman Guterman, and Cheryl’s aunt,
Friday, November 12 Bella & Gregory Royzman                                           Rose Gilden Talbin.
    in memory of Bella’s brother, Khaim Sapozhnikov               Ida Levin in memory of her husband, Leonard E. Levin,
Saturday, November 13 Ronald & Jo-Ann Massanova                                 and her mother, Sima Lotstein.
    in memory of their mothers, Pam Massanova and Rose              Stanton & Aimee Levin in memory of Stan’s father,
    Aufiero.                                                                           Leonard E. Levin.
Friday, November 19 Betty Chaikin in memory of her                      Dr. Barry & Barbara Glaser in memory of
    husband, Dr. Joseph Chaikin.                                                Barry’s father, Samuel Glaser.
    Drs. Frank & Sarah Kern in memory of Frank’s                       Seymour & Norma Trachtman in memory of
    father, Harry Kern.                                                      Seymour’s mother, Yetta Trachtman.
Friday, November 26 Harvey & Diane Steiner in memory                        Jerald & Sheila Cohen in memory of
    of Harvey’s father, Benjamin Steiner.                                 Jerald’s grandmother, Helen Greenberger.
                                                                         Dr. Harry & Sarah Chaikin in memory of
                                                                              Harry’s father, Dr. Joseph Chaikin.
                                                                    Lory & Arnie Schuster in memory of Lory’s father,
              Congratulations                                                            Harry Zeidel.
                       Mazel Tov . . .                              Dr. Eli & Nancy Zucker in memory of Eli’s father,
   to TBS board member, Dr. Frank Kern, on his recent                Irving Zucker, and Nancy’s mother, Helen Kotzin.
  appointment to Council-at-Large. We are thrilled for his        Eugene Blum & Judith Blum-Crawford in memory of
                victory and wish him well!                               Gene’s wife & Judy’s mother, Sheila Blum.
to Leslie & Susan Tuerk on the recent engagement of their                  Jacqueline & Fred Fabel in memory of
           daughter, Freay, to Matt Horowitz.                                 their daughter-in-law, Maria Fabel.
                                                                 Ira & Toby Waller in memory of Ira’s brother, Shep Waller.
                  Condolences                                            Debbie Coplein in memory of her mother,
 Deepest sympathy to Ida Levin on the loss of her brother,                            Constance Coplein.
  Leon Lotstein, who passed away November 13, 2010.                   Jamie Chaikin & William Boutin in memory of
Deepest sympathy to Stanton & Aimee Levin on the loss of                      Jamie’s father, Dr. Joseph Chaikin.
       their uncle, Leon Lotstein, who passed away                 Stanton & Aimee Levin in memory of Aimee’s father,
                    November 13, 2010.                                                Daniel Schmerling.
                                                                    Albert & Barbara Dragon in memory of their aunt,
           General Donations                                                           Ethel Moskowitz.
      Idie Benjamin to welcome Sarah and Rabbi’s
                   children to our world.                                           Get Well
  Jody & Jonathan Caplan and family in honor of the                      Ida Levin, Marvin Siegel, Ira Waller,
              healthy arrival of the Fox twins.                              Toby Waller, Norma Wexler,
            Jackie & Ron Caplan in honor of                               Sandra Wray (sister of Lill Shender)
               Betty Chaikin’s 85th birthday.
 Bruce & Dee Bortner in memory of Florence Eisenberg,
mother of Arlene Sager and grandmother of Marilynn Sager.

              Message Cards                                              Len Coplein Library
Sidney & Shirley Morgan – Mazel Tov to Rabbi and Sarah             We have several new additions in our library. You are
               on the birth of their twin boys;                  invited to browse through the library in the office during
        Condolences to Eileen Engber and family;                 the week between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. Anything you want
Congratulations to Frank Kern on his election to City Council.    to know about Jewish religion, customs, humor, travel,
Mitchell & Mina Kramer – Congratulations to Rabbi and              etc. is available. Take advantage of our FREE library!
              Sarah on the birth of their twins.
 Drs. Robert & Roberta Ball – Congratulations to Rabbi            We are looking for a congregant or two to bring
            and Sarah on the birth of their twins.                 a couple of our fellow congregants who don’t
 Ron & Lill Shender – Deepest sympathy to Ida Levin on              drive to the shul for services every now and
           the loss of her brother, Leon Lotstein.                   then. Please call the office if you are able!
  Deepest sympathy to Stan & Aimee Levin on the loss of                              Thank you!
                 their uncle, Leon Lotstein
                                           December Yahrzeits
12/2 Davalene Hirsch in memory of her Daughter, Carol Lucile       12/19 David & Davalene Hirsch in memory of David’s father,
        Hirsch                                                              Charles Hirsch
      Helen Spinrad in memory of her father, Bernard Moskowitz           Nathan Lindenbaum
      Rose Zeltser in memory of her sister, Adelaide Pullis              Lilyan Cralle in memory of her cousin, Lenore Levin London
      Howard & Carol Serotta in memory of Howard’s mother,         12/20 Michael & Cheryl Guterman in memory of Michael’s
        Jeanne Serotta                                                      mother, Esther Bella Guterman
      Harvey & Diane Steiner in memory of Harvey’s father,               Dr. Stephen & Rosalyn Weinstein in memory of Rosalyn’s
        Benjamin Steiner                                                    father, Irving Lowe
      Seymour & Norma Trachtman in memory of Seymour’s             12/22 Bruce & Barbara Nussbaum in memory of Barbara’s father,
        brother, Marvin Trachtman                                           Edward Coopersmith
12/3 Dr. Martin & Linda Millison in memory of Linda’s father,            Dr. Henry & Gloria Jacoby in memory of Henry’s father,
        Samuel Raichlen                                                     Milton Jacoby
      Dora Asher Schweitzer                                              Bernie Cohen in memory of his sister-in-law, Barbara Oei
12/5 Dr. Martin & Tina Freedman in memory of Martin’s father,              Gilbert Richmond
        Philip Freedman                                                  Edward Segal
      Eva Richmond                                                 12/24 Mitchell & Mina Kramer in memory of Mina’s father, Barney
12/6 Aaron & Joan Grossman in memory of Joan’s father, Harry                Braverman
        Broder                                                           Bernard & Norma Gittelman in memory of Bernie’s
      Gerald & Barbara Pepper in memory of Barbara’s father,                grandmother, Anna Galblum
        Edward Rosman                                                    Aaron & Joan Grossman in memory of Aaron’s father,
12/8 Edith Krimstock in memory of her mother-in-law, Anna                   Reuben Grossman
        Krimstock                                                        Susan Orloff in memory of her mother, Bernice Orloff
      Albert & Barbara Dragon in memory of their aunt, Ethel       12/25 Burton & Lorraine Stolove in memory of Lorraine’s mother,
        Moskowitz                                                           Frances Augenfeld
12/9 Gregory & Bella Royzman in memory of Bella’s mother,                Bernie Cohen & Martha Cohen in memory of Bernie’s
        Sara Perlmuter                                                      brother & Martha’s brother-in-law, Henry Cohen
      Alan Simon in memory of his mother, Adele Simon                    Abraham Horen
12/10 Warren Heymann & Rhonda Schnur in memory of                        Edith Krimstock in memory of her husband, Samuel
        Rhonda’s father, Louis Schnur                                       Krimstock
      Rose Zeltser in memory of her brother-in-law, Gary Zeltser   12/26 Sanford&KarenDareinmemoryofSanford’sfather, SolDare
12/12 John & Lena Elzufon in memory of John’s father, Milton             Stanley & Judith Levick in memory of Judith’s mother,
        Elzufon DPM                                                         Claire Goldman
      Robert & Elizabeth Kramer in memory of Robert’s mother,            Dr. Eli & Nancy Zucker in memory of Nancy’s father, Jacob
        Sadele Kramer                                                       Kotzin
      Ronald & Jo-Ann Massanova in memory of Ron’s mother,         12/27 Lilyan Cralle in memory of her father, Albert Fireman
        Pam Massanova                                                    Philip Goisman & Gale Hoffman in memory of Philip’s
      Marvin & Irene Siegel in memory of Irene’s mother, Rita               father & Gale’s uncle, Louis Goisman
        Perlstein                                                        Shirley Schreiber in memory of her husband, Irving Schreiber
12/14 Harvey & Diane Steiner in memory of Diane’s father,          12/28 Daniel-Paul & Eileen Alva in memory of Daniel-Paul’s
        William Fabrizio                                                    father, Ezequiel Alva
      Eugene Blum & Judith Blum-Crawford in memory of              12/29 Burton & Lorraine Stolove in memory of Burt’s mother,
        Gene’s father-in-law & Judy’s grandfather, Edward Furst             Rose Stolove
      Dr. Evlynne Harmon in memory of her brother-in-law,          12/30 Albert & Barbara Dragon in memory of Barbara’s father,
        Steven Harmon                                                       William Meinster
12/15 Brenda Sacks in memory of her father, Jack Altshuler               John Spinrad in memory of his grandfather, Sidney Spinrad
12/16 Robert & Eileen Linzner in memory of their daughter,               Gregory & Bella Royzman in memory of Gregory’s father,
        Margaret (Meg) Linzner                                              Shlema Zelman-Royzman
      Beverlee Bearman Reiter in memory of her sister, Merna       12/31 Alex Artman
        Marshall Reiter                                                  Laurence & Debra Berger in memory of Laurence’s brother,
12/18 Brenda Sacks in memory of her husband, Alfred Sacks                   Dana Berger
      Warren Heymann & Rhonda Schnur in memory of                        Helen Hanish in memory of her aunt, Claire Poller
        Rhonda’s brother, Marvin Schnur                                  David & Estelle Silver in memory of David’s father, Nathan
12/19 Anita Erman in memory of her father-in-law, David Erman               Silver
                                         Chanukah Blessings
Candles are added to the Chanukiah from right to left but are kindled from left to right. The newest candle is lit first.
(On the Shabbat of Chanukah, kindle the Chanukah lights first and then the Shabbat candles.) Light the Shamash – the
helper candle set higher or lower than all the rest of the candles – first using it to kindle the rest of the Chanukah lights;
say or sing:

       Baruch atah, Adonai, Eloheinu Melech haolam, asher kid’shanu b’mitzvotav v’tsivanu l’hadlik ner shel Chanukah.
 Blessed are You, Adonai our God, Sovereign of all, who hallows us with mitzvot, commanding us to kindle the Chanukah lights.

  Baruch atah, Adonai, Eloheinu Melech haolam, she-asah nisim la’avoteinu v’imoteinu bayamim haheim baz’man hazeh.
Blessed are You, Adonai our God, Sovereign of all, who performed wonderous deeds for our ancestors in days of old, at this season.
On the first night only we add:

              Baruch atah, Adonai, Eloheinu Melech haolam, shehecheyanu v’kiy’manu v’higianu laz’man hazeh.
 Blessed are You, Adonai our God, Sovereign of all, for giving us life, for sustaining us, and for enabling us to reach this season.
We kindle these lights because of the wondrous deliverance You performed for our ancestors. During these eight days of
Chanukah, these lights are sacred; we are not to use them but only to behold them, so that their glow may rouse us to
give thanks for Your wondrous acts of deliverance.

                                      Subject: Jewish Rankings
   The Heritage Institute did a study showing that of all the          Number 1 in the lowest incidents of anti-social
distinct ethnic groups in the United States, including those of     behavior. Jews commit the least amount of violent crime
English heritage, the Jewish community had the highest              of any ethnic group. (The best neighbor to have is a Jew.)
“community” score of any other group.                                 America has always honored Jews and that is why
   Jews ranked ...                                                  Jewish representation in Congress is at an all-time high
  Number 1 in providing medical advancements that                   and vastly exceeds their numbers in the population.
saved American’s lives in the last 100 years.                         As it is said, “Pride is justifiable self-respect.” It is
   Number 1 in authorship of both biographical and                  something that must be earned.
fictional materials.
  Number 1 in per capita income.
  Number 1 in the creative arts.
  Number 1 as educators, (grade school through
                                                                   MAY I HAVE
college level).                                                    YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE!
  Number 1 in the legal profession.                                Are you celebrating a special day, honoring
  Number 1 in the banking /investment banking business.            someone or remembering a loved one?
  Number 1 in providing the most charity/philanthropy              A good way to do this is to sponsor an Oneg Shabbat on
per capita.                                                        a Friday night or a Saturday Kiddush. It will make you
  Number 1 in journalist/media participation.                      feel good and will help your synagogue carry on this
  Number 9 in military service. (they made the top ten,            time-honored tradition.
out of 20 ranked ethnic groups)                                       For only $25 for a Friday night or $100 for a Saturday
   Number 10 in athletics. The Jews squeaked into the last         Kiddush, this has got to be the biggest bargain on the
top spot with their participation in ice skating, tennis,          planet! Call Diane at 266-0403 and make your intentions
track, and baseball. (Rod Carew was allowed)                       known.
                      Atlantic City, N.J. 08401


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                                                                          • Cold Cuts • Salads
                                                                                          Chiropractic Physician
                                                                                                                         Party Trays & Catering
          R               OF SOUTH JERSEY                                 • Cheeses (N.Y. Chiropractic Physician Road
                                                                         3318 Brigantine Ave.
                                                                                          American)  for2106 New
                                                                                                        All Occasions
                                                                                            New Installations • Repairs • Removals
       Andersen Window Repairs
 ATIO LINDS                                                                • Prepared Foods Gates • Ave.)            Linwood
                                                                         (Corner of 34th St. & BrigantineKennels • Early BirdsCommons, Suite F-4
                                                                          • Knishes • Smoked Fish
                                                                                   Wood • Vinyl 1303 West Linwood, NJ 08221
                                                                         Brigantine, NJ 08203   • Metal • Painting • 3:30 Avenue
                                                                                                           Daily from Staining
                                                                                                1303 West Brigantinepm
       Storm Doors • Entry Doors
        Call 609-407-0909                                                                                     Brigantine Avenue
                                                                                                      Baked • Breads • Cakes
                                                                           609-266-1258 Brigantine, New Jersey &08203
  Patio Doors • Replacement Windows                                                     Brigantine, New Jersey 08203
                                                                                                 Cookies • Babkas the like
                                                                                                                                       1308 Ray Ave.
Garden Windows • Bays, Bows, Casements                                    Fax: 609-266-7506
                                                                         Gregg Knight
                                                                                             609-266-0166 609-601-2877
                                                                                                             Brigantine, NJ 08203                         Gregg K
                                                                         EIGHT SOUTH ESSEX AVENUE, MARGATE  • 823-7310

        SURF SUNDRIES      Subscribe to
                      1306 W. Brigantine Ave.
                      1306 W. Brigantine Ave.
                                                                                   MARIE LePERA
                                                                                   MARIE LePERA
                                                                                   Realtor ••Multi-Million Dollar Producer to
                                                                                   Realtor Multi-Million Dollar Producer
                                                                                   NJAR Circle of Excellence 2003 GOLD 2004
                                                                                   NJAR Circle of Excellence 2003 --GOLD 2004
                                                                                   Prudential ‘Top of the Rock’ 2003, 2004
                                                                                   Prudential ‘Top of the Rock’ --2003, 2004
        J“Everything For TIMES
         EWISH The Beach”  where you will find
                           where you will find

                         OF SOUTH JERSEY
  Chairs • Bellyboards • Boats • Umbrellas • Rafts • Carts • Towels
  Chairs • Bellyboards • Boats • Umbrellas • Rafts • Carts • Towels
                                                                                 JEWISH TIMES   DR. JILL MORRISON
                                                                                                Chiropractic Physician
                                                                                                  OF SOUTH JERSEY
  Chairs • Bellyboards • Boats • Umbrellas • Rafts • Carts • Towels
                         • Games • Galls • Swim Suits • Cover-Ups
     Blankets • Shoes • Games • Balls • Swim Suits • Cover-Ups
    Blankets • Shoes • Games • Balls • Swim Suits • Cover-Ups
                                 ~ Plus ~
                                 ~ Plus ~ ~                                        Office 609 264-8444 x7202
                                                                                   Office 609 264-8444 x7202
                  Call 609-407-0909
             • Gifts • T-Shirts • “Beanie Babies” • Hermit Crabs
        Toys • Gifts • T-Shirts • “Beanie Babies” Hermit Crabs
       Toys Toys • Gifts • T-Shirts • Webkinz • • Hermit Crabs
                  You need it, You want it – We’ve Got It!
                       need              it –
                  You need it, You want it – We’ve Got It!
                                                                                          Call 609-407-0909 Avenue
                                                                                   Cell 609 457-60911303 West
                                                                                   Cell 609 457-6091       Brigantine
                                                                                               Brigantine, New Jersey 08203
                                                                                   E-mail: marie.lepera@prufoxroach.com
                                                                                   E-mail: marie.lepera@prufoxroach.com
            “A Brigantine Tradition since 1970”
            “A Brigantine Tradition since 1970”

            SURF SUNDRIES                                                       SURF SUNDRIES
                                                                                   MARIE LePERA
                                                                                   Realtor • Multi-Million Dollar Producer
 From our family to yours, proudly serving
Bernard Cohen, GRI, CRS Cumberland
 Atlantic, Cape May and
Broker Associate / Salesperson
 Counties with dignity and respect.
                                                        MONUMENTS LLC

Sotheby’s International Realty
                            Email: info@rothgoldsteins.com
                                                                                           Essex Avenue Margate NJ 08402
                                                                               Eight South Essex Avenue •Margate NJ 08402
3300 Brigantine Boulevard Brigantine, NJ 08203
                            Pacific & New Hampshire Avenues
t 609.266.8373 VM 18 c 609.350.0883 f 609.266.4988
                            P.O. Box 1908 • Atlantic City, NJ 08404             Restaurant Cold Cuts Party Trays Catering
bernie.cohen@sothebysrealty.com                                                            Bakery Shiva Meals
 Eric S. Goldstein • Manager, NJ Lic. No. 4032
 Jason S. Goldstein • NJ Lic. No. 4633
 Stephen T. Collins             • And Lic. No.
Each Office Is Independently Owned NJ Operated   3355                      (609) 823-7310                      Fax (609) 823-4005


                                                                            FRANK KERN, MD
                                                                            Certified by American Board of Dermatology
                                                                            2201 Bayshore Avenue • Brigantine, NJ 08203

      BRIGANTINE MEDICAL GROUP                                             Eugene M. DiMarco, D.O., M.S.
      PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATION                                             Ophthalmology
                        L. Chaikin, M.D., F.A.C.P.
                  HarryJoseph Chaikin, D.O.
                  James Atkinson, M.D., F.A.C.P.
                      Harry L. Chaikin, M.D.                                Surgery and Diseases
                   Ann M. Cwiklinski, APN. C.
                     Christina McAdams, M.D.                               Of The Eyes and Eyelids
                     Monique Gaines, APN. C.                                                            Brigantine Towne Center
        Office Hours by Appointment, Daily Except Sundays
     Office Hours by Appointment, Daily Except Sundays                                                 4274 Harbour Beach Blvd.
                  353 - 12th Street So. • P.O. Box 129                     1114 Tilton Road                 Brigantine, NJ 08203
                   353 12th Street So. • P.O. Box 129
                         Brigantine, NJ 08203
                          Brigantine, NJ 08203
                                                                           Northfield, NJ 08225                  (609) 266-8000
                            (609) 266-7557                                 (609) 646-1113                         FAX 266-9555
                             (609) 266-7557

                                                                           PHONE - 266-1588  Bloomingsales
                                                                                               BRIAN “Mel” Cortellessa

                                                                                      Ernest & SonGift Shop
                                                                                  15% OFF  Florist &
                                                                                Arrangements              • Beautiful
                         JEFFREY R. DELSON, D.D.S., P.A.                           DISTINCTIVE MEAT MARKET arrangements
                                                                                 with this Ad!
                         1307 West Brigantine Avenue                                   CHOICE FRESH MEATS • Affordable
                         Brigantine, New Jersey 08203-2185
                                                                                                                       • All Occasions
                                                                            Wedding Specialists,                       • Fruit/Gift
                                                                            Funerals and More!                           Baskets
                                                                                                                       • Gifts and
                         (609) 266-5270                                      4214 Harbour Beach Blvd., Brigantine,NJ    Jewelry
                                                                                        (In the Town Center)
                                                                           3305 BRIGANTINE AVE.                          Department
                         FAX (609) 266-4296                                BRIGANTINE, NJ 08203             IN FREEZER ORDERS
                                                                            609-266-6667 • DELIVERY SERVICE
4419 West Brigantine Avenue
Brigantine, NJ 08203

                                                                                                 A Reminder
        MISHPOCHEH NEWS                                                 to all Temple Beth Shalom members
                 Published Monthly by                              Please notify the office of any births, engagements,
                 Temple Beth Shalom                             marriages, illnesses or deaths. This way the Rabbi,
                                                       Board and Temple membership can be notified. The answering
   4419 West Brigantine Avenue, Brigantine, NJ 08203   machine is on 7 days and 24 hours a day.
                    (609) 266-0403
             Administrator: Diane Alexeev              Help Our Temple
         Affiliated with the United Synagogue of       through your donations
                   Conservative Judaism                   Your donations in memory of loved ones, simchas, our
                                                       Rabbi’s Library Fund or Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund not only
                                                       help the Temple, but also are a way to remember various happy
                                                       and sad events in your life. Unsolicited general donations are
                 Newsletter Editor:                    needed to help the Temple meet its annual operating expenses.
                   Betty Chaikin                       Keep in mind, less than 50% of our operating expenses are
                                                       covered by membership dues. Listed below are the various
                Production & Design:                   items to which you can contribute.
                   Jackie Caplan
                                                         Bronze Memorial Plaque ..............................................$300
     TEMPLE BETH SHALOM OFFICERS                         Leaf on the Tree of Life ..................................................$50
 Immediate Past President: Lillian H. Shender            Oneg Shabbat Sponsor....................................................$25
 1st Vice-President: Ronald Shender                      Kiddush Sponsor............................................................$100
 2nd Vice-President: karen Sederholm                     Message Card ............................................................$5 each
                                                         Yizkor Memorial .............................................Minimum $10
 Treasurer: Lillian H. Shender
                                                         Building Fund ......................................Whatever you desire
 Corresponding Secretary: Mina kramer                    Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund.................Whatever you desire
 Recording Secretary: Jack Lieberman                     Library Fund ........................................Whatever you desire
                                                         Kiddush Fund.......................................Whatever you desire

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