Sai A Beacon for Humanity by SaibanisaRavada

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									             SAI A BEACON FOR HUMANITY

              This book is dedicated to Lotus feet of Omnipresent Sai
                                       Presented by

                                     O’ my BABA
      I will fix you like an Idol in the temple of my heart and will worship you
                            O, my Baba I will worship you
                            O, my Baba I will worship you
                    I will worship you in the temple of my heart.
               You may look at me or not, I will keep looking at you
           I will have nothing to do with anybody after having seen you
                 I will worship you, O, my Baba I will worship you
                         It is my heart’s desire to worship you.
                                         -   Saibanisa
                     -    ---------------------------------------------------


SAI.BA.NI.SA Gopalarao Ravada
SAI IN DREAMS -Dream Sequences Of Sai Banisa

Dreams -1992
Dreams -1993
Dreams -1994
Dreams -1995
Dreams - 1996





Om Sri Ganeshayanamah
Pranams to the Lotus feet of our beloved Samardha Sadhuguru Lord Sainath. I consider it
my privilege to be drawn into Sai’s fold and serve His devotees through Saidarbar,
Hyderabad, in a way destined by HIM.
Today’s envious position of Saidarbar is solely due to the Grace of Shiridi Sai coupled
with the love affection and support extended by the Sai devotees.
Sustenance of our ambition to spread Sai Philosophy to the far and wide is made possible
only due to the continuous and untiring efforts of Saibanisa GopalaRao Ravada, the main
person behind the task.
Sai “A Beacon For Humanity” is an attempt made to compile and present
Saibanisa’s encounter with his Master in a lucid manner in the form of this-book for
one’s spiritual advancement and to draw a change from the mundane worldly
Volumes have been written and said about this great Saint by His numerous
devotees, having experienced His Leelas at one time or other. Saibanisa’s feel and
experiencing of Sai’s benevolence in every walk of life is perhaps unique.
It is earnestly hoped that the Readership will welcome this venture and encourage the
Saidarbar movement at large and Saidarbar team.
Pray Lord Sainath to shower His blessings on all.
In service of Sai and His devotees,
Raghu Raman Satulury.
Date: 24-04-2004

Can there ever be a foreword for the ‘Creator’? I’m amazed at the task allotted to me..
Does Sai need introduction! Verily HIS ways are beyond comprehension..
Modern Science dismisses matters of Spirit as beyond the realms of rationality and spirit
of enquiry. A part of the grand ‘creation’ himself man, in his attempt to play the ‘creator’,
has desperately & clumsily tried to establish his conquest over nature & it’s eternal laws,
only to be rudely awakened to reality, more often now than before. Nature demands
harmony: it doesn’t tolerate attempts at brutalisation of the spirit; it retaliates ruthlessly
when the avarice in man aimlessly destroys it’s creation.
The Creator has His unique ways of bringing His flock back into the fold. He instilled the
spirit of enquiry and scientific temper in man, differentiating him from the animal. This
gift of the Creator is not for the men of science alone. In fact the seeker of the ‘Self’
astutely walks on the path of free enquiry. He delves into the realms of inner
consciousness driven by the spirit of enquiry. Rationality is not the bastion of science
Creation is witness to innumerable seekers both of science and religion, probing the most
mysterious aspect of the entire creation-Man himself! Science has not been able to reach
the frontiers of human consciousness. It is a toddler; it’s wonderment increasing with
every discovery. . Probing mysteries of the mind requires all the scientific temper at one’s
command. It also requires humility. The Creator does not reveal His secrets to men of
arrogance. The seeker cajoles his creator to reveal the mysteries of His creation.
SaiBanisa is such a one. His passion for the Creator amazes me. He plods on, unmindful
of criticism and praise. Rescued from the drudgeries of mundane existence, the inherent
Sai-consciousness,,nurtured through many lives, has come to fruition in him now. My so
called rational mind initially refused to accept the notion of ‘continuity of Consciousness’
through eternity. But Sainath has His own ways. How and when I was pulled like a
sparrow to His durbar is a mystery to me. I asked Sai Banisa about his tryst with Sai. He
pointed out to the story of Mrs.Khaparde in the 27th chapter of Sri Sai Satcharitha. Sai,
the Guru-preceptor, the eternal Master would never allow us to get lost. He is eternally
keeping a watch over us.
To, Sai Banisa, rationality is the essence of this eternal journey of man-"As you sow so
you reap". Sai is beyond all ‘isms’.Sri Sai Satcharitha is a guide to rational living. Sai
only expects us to be true to ourselves, to recognize the inherent spiritual nature of man.
The catholicity of His teachings and it’s appealing simplicity, cuts across all religious
barriers enveloping the entire cosmos. Verily Sai is Parabrahman –who comes running to
a sincere clarion call..
Sai Banisa is indeed blessed to be in communion with Sai.He humbly submits that he is
only a postman for the people, if they find useful.
That Sai has been communicating to him in his dreams should not surprise anyone. Prior
to and also after His Mahasamadhi in 1918, this pristine jewel of Shirdi has been
appearing in the dreams of His innumerable devotees and has been shaping their
destinies.Sai Banisa, as an instrument of Sai, has penned His messages in an interesting
and delightful manner, for the benefit of each one of us.The messages received by him
from the Supreme Master originally recorded in Telugu, have been translated into
English by Sai bhakta Sri Raghu Raman Satulury for wider reach. Emerging from the
Lotus Feet of Sai this book being the essence of Sai philosophy, would , I ‘m sure, act as
a beacon to rightful living, thought and action. I humbly pray that Sai Maharaj lights the
lamp of spirituality in each one of us and guide us through eternity.
Ms.Renuka Kumar,
New Delhi-110011

Some people are inherently great while others have greatness thrust on them. Truly great
people continue to live even after they leave this world physically. The American poet
Henry Wordsworth Longfellow in his poem quoted below beautifully describes the
quality of great persons:
Lives of great men all remind us
We can make our lives sublime
And, departing, leave behind us
Footprints on the sands of time
Footprints, that perhaps another
Sailing o'er life's solemn main
A forlorn and shipwrecked brother
Seeing, shall take heart again
India with its long list of thinkers and saints and philosophers gave the world yet another
shining star and an intellectual colossus in the form of SAI BABA of Shirdi.A reservoir
of compassion, love, and patience. As a Guru he was awesome repository of knowledge.
Though many books have been written on BABA's life and teachings strangely very little
is known about his early life like his place of birth, his parents etc. He was first seen in
Shiridi as 16 - year old lad during the year1854, sometimes seated in a meditating posture
under a tree or wandering in the surroundings of Shirdi showing no interest in worldly
affairs. He was not seen later for almost three years. He returned to Shirdi in the year
1858 and stayed on in Shirdi for the next 60 years. It was in the year 1918, he
attained'Mahasamadhi.SAI BABA never moved out of Shirdi yet he reached out to
people far out in India and countries abroad. The following of BABA is ever increasing.
He brought succor and happiness to the oppressed, depressed and the needy with his
famous words SHRADHA (Devotion) and SABURI (patience). He emphasized the path
of SPIRITUALISM to attain peace and happiness. No man in this world is totally free of
sorrow and fears. BABA always explained things in terms of anecdotes and parables.
BABA wanted each and every member of humanity to receive the cake of his
Philosophy.BABA's message even today is as relevant (if not more) as it was during the
time he was physically present.
To propagate BABA's philosophy people have written books about him, constructed
BABA's temples, held discourses. However to reach out to maximum number of people
and expose them to BABA's teachings the best option available today is the INTERNET
which became the choice of BABA's desciple"SAIBANISA". It is said that all attempts
made by any one to meet BABA fail until he himself invites. BABA assured, "My tomb
will speak”. One such fortunate person to receive the clarion call from the tomb was
SAIBANISA (Gopala Rao Ravada in real life). BABA appeared in his dreams and
showered his grace on him by choosing Saibanisa to propagate "SAI DHARMA”. In
March 2000, Gopala Rao Ravada took voluntary retirement from his senior position in
Govt.of India Service in Hyderabad and devoted his entire energies for the task assigned.
Starting with meager resources at his disposal, Saibanisa established the Website
" ". Today it has grown and has its presence in USA, UK, Australia
and Africa.
Saibanisa is a blessed devotee of BABA.He does not wear saffron clothes and does not
have an Ashram or disciples yet he is in constant communication with BABA in
Meditation and Dreams.Saibanisa meditates early in the morning at 4.30 am (BRAHMA
MUHURTAM). The communications he received from BABA both during meditations
and dreams have been consolidated in the present book. The book is titled as per the
message of BABA: "SAI A BEACON FOR HUMANITY". I, a devotee of SAI BABA
since the year 1990 have come to know about SAIDARBAR and Saibanisa through my
daughter and son in law, residents of New Zealand, in October 2000.My interaction with
Saibanisa prompted me to offer whatever little help that was possible from my side in his
effort to complete the book. Saibanisa magnanimously agreed to my request. The help
rendered by me in rearranging, formatting and going through the manuscripts may not
amount to much. I however have the tremendous satisfaction of learning more about SAI
BABA, Sai Philosophy and Saidarbar.I am very happy to be associated with the noble
project. I am grateful to Saibanisa for the opportunity given to me.
I am sure; the contents of this book either in the present form or on the Internet would
provide the much-needed guidance to attain peace and happiness to one and all in this
troubled world.
I wish Saibanisa every success in completing the task assigned to him
Om Sri Sairam.
Prof.P.Sadasiva Rao


I am thankful to many people who have helped me and inspired me in various ways, to
start, continue and complete this book.
First and the foremost my gratitude goes to Ms.Madhu Gopala Ravada, my wife, for not
disturbing me nor permitting anybody else to disturb me during the preparation of this
book. But for her co-operation this book could never have been completed.
I am vastly indebted to Sri Raghu Raman Satulury who has been associated with me right
from the inception of this work in taking dictations, correcting the manuscript, editing
and translating them into the English language. But for his untiring effort and keen
interest this book would have not taken the present shape.
I wish to record my special thanks to Ms.Renuka Kumar, the elegant and eloquent
Foreword she has written for my book.
I fail in my duty if I do not acknowledge the help and timely suggestions given by Dr.
P.Sadasiva Rao,Retd. Professor Osmania University, Hyderabad & Sri Madhusudan
Noori for his pains taking efforts in translating “Sai in letters” from Telugu to English.
My blessings to Srinivasa Rao Kasturi and Srinivas Rao Cherukuri who have supported
me in Administrative and Technical matters related to Saidarbar, Hyderabad.
Finally I offer my pranamams to the Lotus Feet of LORD SAINATH OF SHIRDI and
express my profound gratefulness to HIM not only in this but also in all my future births
for using me as an instrument to disseminate Sai Philosophy
'Saibanisa'Gopala Rao Ravada
A.P. India
e-mail address: &

SAI.BA.NI.SA Gopalarao Ravada
Shri Gopala Rao Ravada due to the Grace of SAI, turned SAI devotee during the year
1989. He was born to Shri VenkataRao Ravada and Smt. Venkata Ramannamma Ravada
on 24th April, 1946. On a fine day, Shri GopalaRao while in meditaion has named
SAIBANISA by BABA which means in his mother language Telugu as "Bhadyathalu
Nirvarthinche Sanyasi". In English the person who obeys the instructions of SAI and
implements it.
As per the dictates of BABA, he is actively engaged in the spreading of SAI
PHOLOSOPHY from 25-12-1998 through the medium of Internet and is the founder
member of After serving Government of India in the capacity of
Scientific Officer, he has at the age of 54 years, opted for voluntary retirement and
dedicated himself to serve SAI and SAI devotees. He is bestowed with the Blessings of
BABA and whatever messages are given to him in dreams are classified and presented as
SAI PHILOSOPHY and Message for the Life have received immense popularity in the
circles though his site
On invitation by the organizers, he has attended Sai Utsav -2000 held on 23-25th
November 2000 at Chicago, and Sai Utsav-2003 held during 4-5th of October 2003 at
Orlando,Florida, USA. He is the Mukhya sevak for the fourteen Saidarbar chapters
functioning in five continents with their Head quarters located at Viswasaidarbar,
London, UK.
Saibanisa GopalaRao Ravada has delivered Spiritual discourses on the following topics
in English and Telugu:
1. SAI in dreams - A Scientific approach
2. SAI in Bhagavatham
3. SAI in Ramayan
4. SAI Sampoorna Dattavataram
5. SAI Thathva
6. SAI's views on Life
7. SAI's Advice to married couple
8. SAI in dreams of Saibanisa
9. Experiences of Saibanisa with SAI
10. SAI in the lives of his devotees.
11. SAI 's saying and their inner meanings.
12. SAI and ancient Saints.
13.God is truth-Sai is truth.
14.My bones shall speak from the tomb-Baba.


Prior to 1989 I was not knowing about SRI SHIRIDI SAI BABA. Some body gave me
the photograph of SRI SAI BABA during the month of January,1989. Whenever I looked
to that photograph, I felt SRI SAI BABA was smiling at me. Indeed it was a magnetic
effect and I felt I must visit SHIRIDI. In the month of July1989 my neighbour Sri
Bhonslay invited me to visit SHIRIDI along with him. I visited SHIRIDI and that was the
turning point in my life. From 07-06-1990 onwards daily I started reading "SAI
SATCHARITA" written by SRI NAGESH VASUDEV GUNAJI, and since then my life
style was totally changed. Prior to 1989 I was living like a vagabond. The day I started
reading "SAI SATCHARITA" I felt responsibility in my family life and Official life. It
was on 11-04-1991 I was reading chapter 21, of SRI SAI SATCHARITA and the
following lines in the page 111 attracted me, "You should study this book and if you do
so, your desires will be fulfilled; and when you go to the North in discharge of your
duties in future, you will come across a great Saint by your good luck, and then he will
show you the future path, and give rest to your mind and make you happy". In the month
of March, 1991 there was a talk in the Office that some Officers will be sent on official
duty to Sweden and South Korea.
On 11-04-1991 at 07.30 a.m. I prayed BABA to give me a chance to go abroad. When I
reached my office on 11-04-1991 I was asked to sign the Passport papers. On that day I
came to know that Chief Executive has recommended my name along with another name
to visit South Korea. When I signed the passport papers I felt happy and bowed my head
on the Lotus Feet of Lord SAINATH, and offered my "PRANAMS". I got my official
passport and VISA on 01-05-1991 in my hand. Myself and Co-officer left Hyderabad on
05-05-1991 to South Korea. It was on 06-05-1991 the time was 01.00am and my security
check was over in the Bombay International Airport and I was waiting to board the
I felt I must pray SAI BABA before entering the aircraft. I was going by the side of all
the DUTY FREE SHOPS in the airport and felt happy to see the photo of SAI BABA in
one shop. The time was 01.10 a.m. and the departure time of flight is 01.20 a.m. I stood
and prayed in front of that Photograph for two minutes and entered the aircraft. The time
was 01.20 a.m. the aircraft was moving on the runway. The time was 01.30 a.m. and the
aircraft was airborne. That was my first experience to travel abroad on an international
flight, and my heart was beating fast. I closed my eyes for ten minutes and started
chanting OM SAI-SRI SAI-JAYA JAYA SAI. I felt very happy when the pilot of the
aircraft announced to remove the belts and relax. At that time the aircraft was moving at a
speed of 900 miles per hour at an altitude of 40,000 feet. Just before the takeoff one tall
gentleman with a fair complexion entered the aircraft and sat by my side. when the
airhostess started serving cool drinks, in a friendly way I asked that gentleman as to who
he was and where from he had come. He replied that he is RAJ.I.MIRPURI and is
coming from SHIRIDI and going to Hong Kong. On learning that he came from
SHIRIDI, I was over joyed with love and talked about SAILEELAS with him. We were
talking up to 03.00 a.m. and I set my alarm at 05.00 a.m. to read the KAKADA ARATI
OF SAI BABA and gone to sleep.
When the alarm was ringing I got up and I could see bright Sun light from the aircraft and
the airhostess was serving breakfast. I asked about the time she told it is 08.00 a.m. (local
time) now. I washed my face and started reading KAKADA ARATI, the gentleman
sitting by the side of me (Mr. RAJ.I.MIRPURI) asked me to read the Kakada Arati little
loudly so that he too can listen to it. I completed reading the Kakada Arati and offered the
Morning break-fast as Naivedyam to Sai, and offered the Prasad to that Gentleman. He
questioned what is the guarantee that it is SAI PRASAD. I felt I must answer to his
question and I prayed SAI about my position. When I looked to the break-fast plate cover
I found letters SAI on it. It was actually printed as SWISSAIR on it and I underlined the
letters SAI with my pen and shown to that gentleman the word SAI. I told him ANNAM
congratulated me for the feelings I had about SAI, and he purchased a sweet packet from
the SKY SHOP in the aircraft and presented to me. It was around 09.00 a.m. (local time)
the plane landed in Hong Kong. I asked that gentleman to give his visiting card so that I
can drop a letter to him when I go back to India. With a smile he gave me his Visiting
Card and left the aircraft. After a brief halt at Hong Kong the Plane finally landed in
SEOUL (01.00 p.m. local time). From SEOUL myself and my Co-officer took domestic
flight to PUSAN. In PUSAN our host has received us in the airport and taken us to
CHANG WON City by Road. It was evening 6.30 (local time) I reached the Hotel and
relaxed .It was night 8.00 p.m. and my host came to my room and asked me to join for
the Dinner. I requested him to wait for about half-an-hour so that I can complete the night
prayer. He agreed to wait and I completed SAJE ARATI of SAI BABA. During Arati I
Prayed SAI to give me a feeling that he is in the CHANGWON CITY also.
After the Arati my host has taken me to balcony of my hotel room and started showing
me the CHANG WON City in lights. To my surprise I could see big NEON letters SAI
on a nearby hotel. I asked my host about the NEON letters SAI, he could not explain
about word SAI, but he promised to take me to that place. He took me to that hotel and I
could see NEON letters SAI clearly and other letters not glowing. When I have gone near
the NEON letters I found it as SALOON. I asked my host what it meant by the word
SALOON. He explained me the meaning of SALOON as BAR where you can relax and
drink beer etc. To fulfill my wish SAI appeared in the Form of NEON LIGHTS (SAI)
and proved that he is everywhere on Earth. After completing my official work in South
Korea, I returned to Hyderabad on 21-05-1991 and written two letters to that gentleman
of Hong Kong, and I could not get any reply from him. When I could not get any reply I
felt he is SAI and I checked the Visiting Card and I could see small size emblem of
GLOBE on the card and felt SAI is Everywhere in this Universe.
                      BOW TO SHRI SAI - PEACE BE TO ALL.

During the year 1991 I was trying for a good marriage alliance for my daughter but I
could not succeed. I had been to various places and invited parents of bridegrooms to
visit my house and see my daughter. Inspite of various requests no one has turned up to
see my daughter. It was on 01-01-92 New Year's day morning I prayed Sri SAI BABA of
SHIRIDI and asked for a message regarding the marriage of my daughter. I closed my
eyes and opened a page in the SAI SATCHARITA written by Sri Nagesh Vasudev
Gunaji. To my surprise it was page 241 chapter 47 and the message was "I told him not to
worry about this, as the bridegroom himself would come seeking her". I was very happy
as the message indicates marriage of my daughter will takes place in the year 1992. In the
month of January 1992 One of my friends Sri Sree Ramachandra Murthy asked me the
Bio-data and Horoscope of my daughter so that he will give it to his friend Sri
Somayajulu who is a social worker and match maker. Infact I was not much associated
with Sri Somayajulu.
On 17-02-1992 when I reached my office at 09.00 a.m. Telephone on my table was
ringing and I lifted the phone when I asked who is speaking at the other end, the answer
was, he was the bridegoom who came from Visakhapatnam to see my daughter. He told
me about Sri Somayajulu who has given Bio-data and Horoscope of my daughter. I was
in dilemma and prayed Baba, Sri SAI BABA instantly answered my prayer and advised
me to go ahead. I invited the bridegroom and his parents to my house at 02.30 p.m. and
introduced my daughter to them. They had a talk with my daughter for about one hour
and left my house to Visakhapatnam. On 19-02-1992 I got a telegram from the
bridegroom's father stating that they liked my daughter and invited me and my wife for
betrothal ceremony. With the consent of my daughter we reached Visakhapatnam on 20-
02-1992, and fixed the marriage of my daughter. I felt Sri SAI has given a good
bridegroom to my daughter. The marriage fixed on 10-05-1992 at 06.58 a.m. in
Hyderabad. I prayed Baba to help me in the marriage activities and for the success of the
marriage on 22-03-1992 in the afternoon sleep Sri SAI BABA appeared to me in the
dream in the form of my Father (LATE SRI R.V.RAO) and promised me that he will help
me in my daughters marriage and he will attend the marriage also. I was surprised how a
dead person (my father) can attend the marriage and help me in the marriage.
IN SAI SATCHARITA chapter 40 page 212 SRI SAI BABA says "I always to think
about him for those who remembers me, I require no conveyance, i.e carriage, Tonga,
(Horse drawn Cart) or an Aero plane. I run and manifest myself to him, who lovingly
calls on me". I felt SRI SAI BABA may not attend the marriage of my daughter in the
form of my father. SRI SAI says in the SAI SATCHARITA page 151 chapter 28 "I have
no form nor any extension - I live Everywhere" SRI SAI BABA further told in chapter 40
page 213 "See, to keep my words I would even sacrifice my life, I would never be untrue
to my words". I totally surrendered to SRI SAI BABA and started the marriage
arrangements. In the month of March 1992 wedding cards were printed and as per the
directions of SRI SAI I posted First card to Genesh Temple, Ranathambhor, Second card
to Balaji Temple, Tirupathi, Third card to Sri Sai Baba in Shiridi. Then I posted five
cards abroad and prayed Baba to see that atleast one family from abroad attends the
marriage. I was surprised to see my well wishers Smt. & Sri V.Surya Rao from U.S.A
came to Hyderabad on 09-05-1992 to attend the marriage.
On 09-05-1992 I prayed Baba to help me in the marriage function and see that it is
successful. Finally the marriage day i.e 10-05-1992 has come, I was very busy in the
morning as the MUHURAT was at 06.58 a.m. I could not spare even five minutes time
for the SAI SATCHARITA Parayana. I was having Ahamkar (Pride) that I can spare
daily time for SATCHARITA PARAYANA. Sri Sai made me so much busy that I could
not touch the SAI SATCHARITA on that day, and he removed my Ahamkar. I totally
forgot Sri Sai in the marriage and I was talking to my friends and bridegroom's relatives.
It was around 11.45 a.m. the Pandit of Bridegroom has come to me along with a Brahmin
and asked me to give some Dakshina to the Brahmin. I thought the brahmin must be his
relative, and I gave Rs.21/- as Dakshina. Then the Brahmin was asking about food. The
Pandit has sent him to dining hall to take the food along with other guests. When I
entered dining hall to talk with the guests and relatives, I found the Brahmin who took
Dakshina from me was smiling towards me, I felt he may ask more money and so I left
that place. I was fully busy in attending to the need of the Bridegrooms party. The time
was 04.30 p.m. and the DOLLI started. I could not take food even at 6.30 p.m. I was
having some mis-understandings with some relatives and I was upset. Because of the
mis-understandings I could not take food in the night also. After the MUHARAT in the
morning my well wisher Sri V.Surya Rao who came to the marriage from U.S.A has
offered the Break-fast and told me "you will be very busy today and you will not get time
to take food so have this breakfast". Had I not taken the breakfast it would have become
FASTING day to me. SRI SAI is against fasting and he never allowed his devotees to
observe fasting. (Ref.Chapter 32 page 173). In the night before I was going to bed I
prayed Sri Sai Baba and conveyed my thanks to him for the success of the marriage. I felt
Sri Sai Baba has not attended the marriage and it was Baba's breach of promise.
Sri Sai has promised on 22-03-1992 that he will attend the marriage, if Sri Sai Baba
attended the marriage in which form he attended? It was a question to me and I asked Sri
Sai to kindly clear my doubts. Sri Sai Baba appeared to me in the dream in the form of
Brahmin (who took Rs.21/- from me as Dakshina) and was smiling. I got up from my bed
and stood in front of Sai's Photograph and blamed myself for not recognising Sai who
attended my daughter's marriage without fail. Next day to cross check I asked
Bridegrooms Pandit about the Brahmin who took Rs.21/- as Dakshina from me. He
informed that the Brahmin is a Stranger to him who happened to come to the marriage. I
felt that STRANGER is none other than SAI.
                       BOW TO SHRI SAI - PEACE BE TO ALL.

Happy periods and bad times are common features in every body's life. It is also quite
common to think about god only in the hour of crisis. Lord SAINATH has always been
kind to be with me on all the occasions. This is the third experience of SAI BANISA
under the series. Every devotee rarely forgets the first experience and I am no exception
to the rule. Prior to 1989, I did not know about this great saint. It was during the months
of January, February of 1989. One of my friends presented me with a photograph of SAI
and with due respects I got it positioned in my drawing room. The light smile on the face
of SAI inspired me a lot and was instantly drawn to it and from then onwards forever. It
was regular practice to visit the temples of Lord Anjaneya and Goddess Pochamma on all
Saturdays. Days were passing on and I have decided to go to SHIRDI on advice from my
friend Shri.Bhonsle. As usual I started for my temple ritual with Rs.4/- in my pocket and
offered Rs.2/- to priest in Anjaneya temple. Rs.1/- to an old woman outside the temple
and Rs.1/- to Goddess Pochamma. On that particular Saturday the elderly woman outside
greeted me traditionally and I promised to pay her normal due. On coming out I noticed
another stranger an old aged person in Khaki colored shorts and Shirt, White Headgear
Tin Pot and a Wand, stretching his arm for money. With a pause I parted with the balance
Rs.1/- and offered a plain visit to the other temple. I left the place and could see the old
man rubbing the coin and gazing at me with a smile writ on his face. I was to set out for
my travel to SHIRDI on the same day afternoon.
A passing thought ran through my mind and perhaps it could be that SAI came in the
form of old man to receive dakshina from me. Immediately I rushed to the temple again
and he was not available there. I enquired from the old woman. I was told that an aged
person with a white dhoti, white khafni, a tin pot and a wand was inquiring whether
devotees to this temple offer any alms to people like him. The lady it seems promptly
replied that I would offer her Rs.1/- and he too can ask for it when I come outside. I was
at loss to understand as to how he appeared to me in a different dress than what the old
lady has described. The old lady must have been very fortunate to have his grace though
ignorantly was my feeling then. He immediately disappeared from the scene. To me it
was SAI who took dakshina from me, with a typical smile perhaps at my failure to
recognize him in the first attempt. I ran fanatically through all streets to locate him on my
two wheeler but could not trace him. I reached SHIRDI the next day morning (Sunday)
and gazed the marble statue of SHRI SAINATH with folded hands and tearful eyes.
Needless to say that my imagination ran to the old man in khaki shorts and shirt. From
then on he has always been with me through thick and thin and extending constant and
continued support.

This incident dates back to a warm Saturday's evening during summer month of April
1990 in the same temple site as mentioned in my earlier experience. My mind was pre-
occupied with thoughts about my first experience with SAI. I was thinking whether I can
do something to keep my memories ever fresh. A flash came to my mind that offering of
PADHUKAS (FOOT IMPRESSIONS) made of marble and getting them installed under
the NEEM TREE may be more appropriate. In the meanwhile I saw the temple priest
going round the Neem tree and walking towards me. He stood by my side and came up
with a strange request "sir, coming summer is going to be severe and every day I have to
walk to the temple bare footed, so will you please present me with a pair of slippers made
of leather". I was a totally surprised and over whelmed with joy as my running thoughts
were captured by SAINATH. It is also well known that people rarely accept charities of
this nature. He further requested me if I can be kind enough to give a kerosene fuelled
stove for his daily scores. I readily acceded to both requests with pleasure. The kerosene
stove in this context I consider it to be symbolic of 'DHUNI' maintained by LORD
SAINATH. I fulfilled both the desires of the priest and I was finally left with the
satisfaction that I was blessed to have met the requirements of SAINATH through priest.

When Hemadri Panth (Anna Sahib Dhabolkar) contemplated to write Sai Satcharita, Sri
Sai advised Shyama (Madhava Rao Deshpande), the mediator to see that Hemadri Panth
sheds his Ahankara and take recourse to his feet, then I myself shall complete the writing.
Sai was always instrumental in removing ahankara (ego) from the mind of his devotees
and thereby contribute to the spiritual advancement of his devotees. In this experience,
the 5th under the series, I shall show how Sai tackled with my ahankara.
It was a cool morning of winter during the month of December, 1990; I offered prayers at
the Ganesh Temple near Secunderabad Station and came out. A smiling middle aged
person clad in white South Indian attire wanted me to offer 1/- as dakshina. The typical
smile reminded me of Sai's Photograph in my house. I naturally felt happy that Sai
himself was demanding and I readily obliged to. After parting I walked towards another
temple of Panduranga Vittal in the nearby vicinity. While doing so a thought crept in to
my position conscious mind that I am a class one Officer and why Sai always demands a
dakshina Rs.1/- only when I have capacity to pay more i.e Rs.2/- as Baba normally does.
Certainly this cannot be my fault. As I was passing through a lodging house in busy
traffic area my attention was drawn to a fakir calling for me. Involuntarily I moved
towards him. Without any wait he blasted me with words "you are a big officer and I am
considered a poor Sai Baba. Can you give me as much as I demand? Are you treating me
as a beggar? It appears that your ahankara has grown out of proportion".
Like a statue I listened to these sermons and realized my grave mistake. How did this
fakir on road capture thoughts reeling in my mind? Definitely I consider it was none
other than Sai Baba himself graced in fakir's form to put a check on my growing
ahankara and guide me on to the path of righteousness. Unmindful of the surroundings
and with tremors in my body I touched his feet and requested him to pardon me while
quickly dumping a two rupees note in to his palm. After coming out of Pandu Ranga
Vittal's Temple I looked back nervously to find the fakir nowhere around. I concluded
that Sai is SARVANTARYAAMI and what fitting lesson he gave me to remember and
practice it forever.

Let us recall from Shri Sai Satcharitra as to how Sai blessed two students and granted
them success in their examinations. Babu Tendulkar believed the predictions by
astrologers and got disheartened. He preferred not to write the examinations in Medicine.
Similarly Shevade who was also taking Law examinations were equally graced and
blessed by Baba to come out successfully in their tasks. I would like to humbly submit
my similar experiences.
It dates back to the month of October 1990 when I was set out to go for a departmental
promotion scheduled to be held in Madras (presently the city of Chennai). As a matter of
habit, I was nervous. On the dawn of the day I was sitting on the lawns of the
GuestHouse and going through the ritual of reading the Sai Satcharitra. The day's chapter
turned out to be 45th one where in Kaka Sahib expresses doubt and Baba answers to
Anand Rao in vision "go now, fear not, feel no anxiety, and you will attain your welfare".
I could simultaneously hear a cuckoo singing. I took it as a good omen and blessings
from Sainath. I faced the interview courageously and could come out successfully with
flying colors. Happily I returned back to Hyderabad.
Again during the same month of October 1997 I moved out to Bombay for promotion to
the next higher grade. I was relatively less qualified compared to all others in the fray. Sai
must bless me this time also, otherwise it is simply impossible. After a shower in the
morning, I sat down for the normal parayana of Satcharitra. By strange coincidence I was
to read the same chapter i.e 45th one. Repetition of what is sited in the above lines - Kaka
Sahib's doubt and Anand Rao's vision - Baba's unfailing words of assurance. Ofcourse
this time it was not cuckoo but a pigeon's call. I am once again blessed and I leave it for
any body to guess the outcome.
Repeat of 1990 in 1997 under identical situations and to be blessed on both the occasions
is humanly not possible but for the divine intervention of Sainath. Recapture of these
incidents rejuvenate my faith in Shirdi Sai Baba. I am sure every one can undergo his/her
own experiences in his fold.
                        BOW TO SHRI SAI - PEACE BE TO ALL

Sai responds to the distress calls of his devotees instantaneously is a well known fact to
all of us. Balram Mankar after undergoing his penance at Maschindragarh was on his way
back to home. He reached Pune Railway Station and wanted to board the train bound for
Dadar in Bombay. The serpentine queue at the ticketing counter and mob around made
him more nervous. He has almost decided it as impossible to travel. He thought of Sai
and appealed to him to see that he tides over the crisis. Not long after Sai appeared before
him as a villager and placed a ticket for Dadar in his palm saying that he has a ticket for
Dadar and he is not in a position to undertake journey due to exigencies. The stranger
disappeared into crowd before Mankar could realize as to what has happened. This is as
narrated in Sai Satcharitra - 31st chapter.
I have come across a similar situation and like to humbly share my experience with all
my fellow Sai devotees. It was during the year 1991 I was waiting at Rajahmundry
Railway Station after attending to a mela at the holy river `GODHAVARI'. These
festivals are held once in 12 years in almost all sacred rivers in our country (INDIA). My
relatives wanted me to handover a suitcase to their known persons staying in
Next day morning at 07.00 A.M I arrived at Secunderabad Railway Station with my
personal luggage and the suitcase to be delivered. I took the help of a porter to come out
of station premises. I was stopped at the exit gate by the ticket Inspector. He suspected
the luggage to weigh more than the permissible limit off 30 kgs. The total luggage
weighed 39 kgs including personal baggage. A penalty of Rs.115/- was ordered to be
paid. I was not having more than Rs.20/- in my pocket. All my pleadings and prayers to
the Ticket Inspector have gone unheeded. Apart from this passers by were looking
towards me suspiciously. I underwent the embarrassing ordeal for nearly half an hour
standing aside mute, helplessly. Then I sincerely prayed upon Sai to pull me out of this
mess and stood silently as a spectator, watching things and happenings around.
After a lapse of some time I noticed the Officer in charge above these Ticket Inspectors
walking towards me. He offered me a glass of cool water from the nearby Refrigerator. "I
know this suit case does not belong to you, it is of your relatives". For a moment I was
struck speechless. He called for a porter and ordered to see that the luggage is properly
placed into a private carrier and also help me out. He advised the Inspector near the Exit
gate not to harass me and coolly walked away. Who else could it be other than Sai to
appear in the form of Officer-In-Charge and save me? I whole heartedly saluted Sai with
folded hands.
                          BOW TO SAI - PEACE BE TO ALL

In those days it was an established practice for people going out of Shirdi to seek
permission and blessings from Baba and then only move out. Those of them who
followed the procedure never faced any hurdles and could complete their mission
successfully. Those who did not comply with this practice had to either face some or
other difficulty or terminate the journey halfway through, for unknown reasons. This
aspect is aptly demonstrated in chapter - 9 of Sai Satcharitra. I too have undergone
similar experiences and would like to narrate one of them.
It was during the year 1992 March when I had to go to Nandyal, a town in Andhra
Pradesh to gather more information about my son-in-law to be, upon insistence by my
wife. It was set in my mind that it may not be appropriated to do so when marriage is
already fixed up but my wife wanted it to be done. I prayed upon Sai for advice and
opened up a page at random from Saicharitra (page 51, chapter-9) and the message was
clear enough to caution me not to move out of a station in haste. After lot of deliberations
finally I decided to go to Nandyal.
Exactly on the festive day of 'MAHA SHIVA RATRI' I reached my would be son-in-
law's residence. He was least comfortable and appeared feeling delicate on my sudden
unexpected arrival without any prior notice. I had to bluff him and said that I arrived to
offer my prayers at the temple of Lord Shiva at Mahanandi on this auspicious day. He
was already planning to go along with his friends to Lord Narasimha Swamy Temple at
Ahobilam (a nearby place) and invited me to join them. I readily agreed to the proposal
and we all completed our temple rituals by 12.00 noon at Ahobilam on the same day and
were returning.
The return transport was not available till evening as the Bus had just then left. The
nearest village was 8 km away and we had no other way except to walk in scorching heat.
I was feeling exhausted and restless too. No tree, shade or place to take shelter was in
site. I took to main high way in the fond hope that some private carrier may offer me a lift
seeing my plight. I fully got convinced by then that all the ordeals were due to my
ignoring Sai's advice and fore warning. I closed my eyes and sincerely started praying
upon him to forgive me for my offence and help me out. A lorry with inscriptions
"SHIRDI SAI BABA LORRY SERVICE" with a photograph of Sai in blessing stopped
in front of me and I got fainted. Later on I understood that people around helped me into
the Lorry. Thus we reached the nearest village. The driver offered me a glass of soda and
lemon to recover. I could see and feel my beloved Sai Baba with his protective gaze in
the eyes of the driver. I greeted him traditionally with folded hands and with a sense of
                              BOW TO SAI PEACE TO ALL

The chapter No.46 of 'Sai Satcharitra' highlights one of the many assurances given by
Baba to his devotees. On acceptance of an individual as a devotee Sai constantly follows
him, stands by him, where ever he is, no matter even if he is thousands of miles away or
across the seven seas. As a staunch devotee of Sai I fully endorse the popular belief and I
am placing before you an incident that has taken place in my life.
Kindly recall and refresh your memories with the contents of my First Experience with
Sai where in I mentioned about the details regarding my visit to South Korea. This
particular episode is in continuation to it. As soon as I entered into my Hotel suite in the
city of Changwan a giant sized Honey bee like fly took a round about me and left the
room. As a prelude I must admit that while on a flight from SEOUL in South Korea to
the city of Pusan by a Korean Airliner, a thought ran through my mind. This may appear
unusual and funny to all others but for those in fold of Sai it will be interesting to know
as to how things get organized under Baba's care. A similar incident is depicted in
chapter-46 of saisatcharitra during BABA's conversation with Nana Saheb Chandorkar
and Kaka Saheb Dikshit on the eve of their departure, after seeking Baba's blessings. He
uttered - "Take Shyama with you and I shall join at GAYA, by the time they complete
their pilgrimage to Benaress and Prayag (the holy cities in northern India). If these words
are true then to strike similarities I must find Sai in Changwan before I reach the city - a
self test for my faith.
I completed my official assignment in Changwan and was preparing for return journey to
India on 16-05-91. After reading morning Aarati and I was astonished to find the same
fly like insect going round the table lamp and leaving the room from the window. Sai
proved his words to be an assurance to Shyama by appearing as a big photograph
decoured in the main Hall of the priest of Gaya. By now I got fully convinced that Sai
was with me in the city of Changwan in the form of big fly in the hotel room. My mind
was ringing with words of Sai that he exists in all forms of life. Probably he meant to
convey that he reached before me and was leaving before I leave for India.
                             BOW TO SAI PEACE TO ALL

let me request and focus your attention to 40th chapter of Sai Sat charitra where in Sai
during the year 1917 has promised to Hemadri panth in his dream that he would visit
their house on ' HOLI ' the festival of colors for having lunch . This promise he fulfilled
and arrived in the form a photograph just before their lunch time. Similar experience
which I have undergone is narrated under this experience to show that Sai is continuing
to extend his humble grace even now, as he was doing to his devotees in the past while
It was during the month of March 1996, on a Sunday morning hours, Sai appeared in the
form of my establishment's Chief Executive and conveyed that he would come to my
house for lunch. This message I have duly passed on to my wife as she has to prepare
extra food for the guest to come . My wife although a Sai devotee was doubtful about the
possibility of my chief's visit as we do not have family contacts with him. However from
her side she went ahead with her preparations. My consciousness was firm that some one
uninvited would definitely come by lunch time.
It was past one' o clock and none turned up and my wife unable to withstand hunger
commenced her lunch at two' o clock. By now I was turning a bit shaky, but my belief
was still firm that he would come in some form or other. My mind was oscillating like a
simple pendulum between her nagging on one side and my belief on the other side. In
state of helplessness I too commenced my lunch mechanically without any appetite for
eating. At the fag end of my lunch , our door bell gave a ring and my joy knew no bounds
to find a lower cadre employee of our organization and a good acquaintance of mine
stepped with words that he has come to say a hello to me.
Normally nobody from my office have the habit of visiting me at my house. How come
this could happen? It is only on initiation of Sai this could take place. The words uttered
by him are more significant to the present context as he said that on completion of his
shift duties he was on his way back home and felt strong desire to see me. As the Bus
touched our corner street he got down to see me. Now I was in a fix whether I should
offer him lunch or not, but my wife expressed her opinion that it is not our tradition to
offer left over food items to a guest as it violates the principle of '
ATHIDHIDEVOBHAVA '. However she came forward with a suggestion to offer him
freshly prepared snacks (a fast food item) .He was offered a plate full and without any
hesitation he consumed all of it. Later he had a glass of water and stepped out with a soft
smile. The gentle smile reminded me of Sai's promise that he would go to any extent to
keep up his word. Of course one may have to undergo through trials and testing periods
to be ultimately blessed by him.
                             BOW TO SAI PEACE TO ALL

All of us are aware that there are many examples quoted in Sai Satcharitra which
unfailingly established that Sai appeared in dreams of individuals and uttered distinct
words and cautions . The incidents as predicted have taken place and in most of the cases
were like early warnings and indicators for the coming events. I hereby take the privilege
to place before you all, two such experiences.
It was on the wee hours of Sri Ram Navami festival during the year 1991,Sai appeared in
the form of a saint and addressed me that he would grace my house in the form of Ram
and Lakshman and have the prasadham from my house. As usual I informed my wife
about the dream and his words. My wife by then was not in the fold of Sai and gave a
casual laughter and ignored the whole episode. I have gone through the rituals of all the
four Aaratis and my wife distributed prasadham to all our visitors and guests. Just before
bed time, my wife put me to embarrassment with a question as to whether any of the
visitors who all turned up during the day were Ram and Lakshman. I was in a state of
confusion as to what should be my answer. My memory scanned through all the visitors
of the day and paused at my friend Raghu Raman Satulury who happened to come to my
house along with his two daughters for the evening Aarati and had Baba's prasadham. I
have gone to bed with out answering my wife's question as I myself was not sure. Sri Sai
again appeared in my dream in the form of the same saint and addressed to me that he has
fulfilled his promise. Next day I met my friend and he cleared my wife's doubt. His two
daughters were twins and it is normal practice amongst south Indians to identify twins
with Ram and Lakshman the inseparable divine brothers of the epic Ramayana. Sai has
graced the occasion in the form of twin daughters of my friend. I bowed to Sai with
folded hands and with full devotion.
Let me quickly take you through the second experience. It was on the eve of my
daughter's marriage, I had been to her would be in - law's residing in the township of
Vizag in Andhra Pradesh. I planned to leave on 8th of March 1992 and return back by 9th
March 1992. On the night of 7th March 1992 ( early hours of 8th March 1992 ) Sai
appeared in the form of a middle aged person wearing cooling glasses and a cap dressed
in a pant and shirt and demanded a Dakshina of Rs.5/-. As a devotee of Sai, I knew that it
would happen as indicated and was mentally prepared to face. I have completed the
planned task and was on my way back to home . On reaching Railway station I
understood that the train was behind schedule by two hours. At six ' o clock in the
morning I was waiting for the train to come sitting on a bench on the platform NO 1.
After a while a middle aged person with similar attire and cooling glasses sat on the
bench adjacent to me. My joy knew no bounds and I was in an enlightened state. How am
I to offer the Dakshina of Rs.5/-? If I directly offer him he may not accept and on the
other hand may shout at me for the mistaken identity. I took courage, stood up, walked
towards his bench, dropped the five Rupee currency note and told him that his money has
fallen down, all performed in quick succession. He picked up the note with a typical
smile cast at me and walked away fast. I could see Sai in him and the promise in action.
                              BOW TO SAI - PEACE TO ALL

The importance of ' feeding the hungry ' is well emphasized in the 38th chapter of Sai
Satcharitra. Sai actively participated in preparing and serving food to the needy. He
always stressed upon people to offer food to the starved coming in any form of life during
the lunch hour. It was customary on the part of his devotees to invite Sai for community
lunch / dinners. Sai graced the occasion in some form or other as narrated in the 40th
chapter, where in he visited B.V.Dev's house in the form of a saint along with his two
disciples. Similar incidents have taken place in my life too and I intend to place them
before all devotees.
It dates back to the year 1991.On completion of my house construction, I decided to offer
food to all workers involved in the construction activities with a sense of gratitude and
appreciation for all the good work done. I whole heartedly invited Sainath to grace the
occasion. I was anticipating a minimum of 10 people and vouched to take food only after
I offer it to at least 10 people against the 15 invited. 17 - 10 - 1991 was the date as I recall
and to strange coincidence, it happened to be ' VIJAYA DASIMI DAY ' i.e. Dussera
festival. After they finished taking food I took the headcount and found that only nine of
the fifteen expected turned up. My wife was pestering me also to have my lunch. I stood
firm on my decision and advised my wife to go ahead with her lunch. After waiting up to
3' O clock, she commenced to have her lunch, abusing me for my adamancy. My mind
was pre- occupied with mixed feelings and series of questions - firstly, will Sai ever turn
up? or else has he already come and I failed to recognize him? How should I go about?
It was already 4' O clock and finally I decided abide as Sai advises. Since he cannot come
in a physical form to speak to me, the media I opted was for a book which I happened to
purchase a day before and was a newly arrived edition of a book titled " SAI BABA OF
SHIRIDI - A UIQUE SAINT " BY M.V. KAMATH. This book hither to lying unpacked
should therefore indicate to me whether I should have food or not. So I closed my eyes
after praying and opened the page 134 - 135. I was struck dumb fold when page - 135
gave me a clear message of Sai addressed to his devotees in Dwarakamayi - " You want
me to eat more ! . Go now and have your meal". My mind was still not free from the
thought as to form in which Sai came to my house, when my attention was drawn to a
giant sized ant feasting in, on the sweets kept in front of his photograph. I sincerely
thanked Sai and prostrated before him. I shared the newfound joy with my wife and had
my food at 4 : 45 in the evening.
                             BOW TO SAI - PEACE TO ALL

Sai has in the chapter numbers 22nd and 42nd preached to look for GOD in all the
creatures. He identified himself with the dog whom Lakshmibai Sindhe has fed with a
loaf of bread. He who can see me in all the creatures and feeds the hungry is my true
devotee were his key words. I for that matter experienced the essence of his teachings and
two such experiences are as mentioned below.
My memory goes back to the 'DiWALI'- The festival of lights of the year I991 celebrated
by all. It is also customary to perform 'LAKSHMI POOJA' during the evening hours. I
requisitioned the services of a priest and both - self and my wife participated in the
rituals. The priest was chanting mantras but my mind was pre - occupied with thoughts
about SAI. I had a funny thought in my mind that Sai should grace the ritual and bless me
In some form or other before the pooja concludes. I was anticipating that he would arrive
in the form of some friend or relative to bless us. After lapse of some time I could feel
some velvet like touch near my legs and I bent down to have a glance. I was astonished to
find a giantsized frog and it was quite an unusual site as it was very uncommon to sight it
exept during monsoon season. It never rained in the recent past too. I pointed to my wife
siting by my side and both of us felt happy that Sai made his presence felt in this form.
There after, the frog got down the stairs and slipped in to our garden as pooja was nearly
It was the festival of 'BAKRID' - being a holiday, i came out after having finished my
lunch and found a white goat with a white beard looking towards me with compassion. I
recalled what Sai has said in the 9th chapter and had a feeling as if Sai is waiting in front
of me wanting food. I called for my wife and offered two loaves of bread to the goat. It
gladly accepted the food, had a small bucketful of water and left my place. My heart was
filled with joy and I had the satisfaction as If Sai himself had the food.
                             BOW TO SAI - PEACE TO ALL

SAI used to appear in the dreams of his rich devotees and use them as tools for
accomplishing certain tasks in his mind for the benefit of the poor and society at large.
one such glorious example is that of GOPAL MUKUND BOOTY who with his wealth
got constructed the BOOTY WADA which is so dear to all of us. SAI appeared in the
dreams of Anand pakhde (45th chapter of "Sai Satcharitra") and advised him to offer
clothes to Madhav Rao Deshpande (Shyama). I too have undergone a similar experience
during the year 1993 to be precise it was 02-01-1993 and SAI became instrumental in
allowing me to perform a good deed.
I was travelling by Bus from Hyderabad to Vijayawada another township in Andhra
Pradesh to fulfill the tradition of respecting my newly wedded daughter and son-in law on
the festive occasion of SANKRANTI. Since it was a night journey I was having a light
nap and SAI appeared in the form a lady standing in the place of the Idol in BOOTY
WADA and asking for two saris to be presented to her. My problem started with whom to
be given?. I have completed the due formalities at my daughter's in - law's place and
commenced the return journey.
I completed the parayana of 51 chapters of SAI SATCHARITRA ON 04-01-19993. I
took out the bag containing the rice collected for the past 51 days to be distributed to the
poor i. e. to donate in the ASHRAM - a Home for the aged, Located at Gandipet which is
a suburb to Hyderabed. I could find only two lady inmates and handed over the rice grain
to the Manager. I seeked the blessings from the two ladies and my mind instantaneously
recalled the dream content of 2nd January 1993. I took out Rs. 202/- from my purse and
offered to the two lady inmates for purchasing two saris. Their good wishes, physical
gestures and sparkling eyes blushing with contentment gave me ample satisfaction as if
SAI himself has come down to the Home for the aged to shower his blessings.
                            BOW TO SAI - PEACE TO ALL

Let us recapture the incident that happened to Shri Appa Sahib Kulkarni in the year 1917
as highlighted in the 33rd chapter of Sai Satcharitra. His wife narrates to him as to how
she has donated Re.1/- to a fakir in the name of BABA. Shri. Kulakarni was not happy
with his wife's doings and he desired to part with Rs.10/- if he were to come across the
fakir again. Indeed he could succeed in locating the fakir and unknowingly he parted with
the amount as desired by him This fact establishes well that SAI knows all the thoughts
reeling in our minds and hearts from time to time and accordingly organizes the events to
take place, to build up one's faith gradually.
I wish to submit that I also underwent a similar experience and intend to share with my
fellow devotees. I got married on the day of festival of colours i.e. Holi in the year 1970
in Temple premises of the deity 'SRI KANYAKA PARAMESHWARI ' located in
Socunderabad. lt has become a routine practice for me to visit the temple with all my
family members on the day of our wedding anniversiry every year. It was the year 1991
and as usual we reached the temple. An old man resembling Sai approached me for
dakshina and I gave him a Re.1/- and went inside the temple for the rituals. The priest
was busy in reciting manthras and my mind was pre- occupied with thought that, it being
day of importance in my life I should have offered Rs.10/- as dakshina to the old man.
We completed the prayer and were leisurely sitting on a bench chit chatting about our
past events and milestones. A Sikh sanyasi stood before us and introduced himself as a
servant in a GURUDWARA of Nanded and desired some financial assistance. I recalled
my thooughts a little while ago and happily parted with Rupees ten as desired. I for the
moment felt that Sai himself has accepted the dakshina as was evident from the typical
smile he has thrown on me while leaving. The smile resembled the one I regularly see on
the huge photograph of SAI adorned in my house.
                             BOW TO SAI - PEACE TO ALL

The mode in which Baba relieved son of Shri.Khaparde suffering from plague as depicted
in Sai Satcharitra - 7 th chapter is heart rendering. SAI has taken on to himself the disease
and freed the child from the pain and agony. He was instrumental in saving Dr.Pillai from
the Guinea worms by fore telling and organising timely arrival of Abdul while,
addressing him as a crow - as highlighted in the 34th chapter. Sai used to come to the
rescue of many a people's sufferings. I too have undergone similar experiences and it is
my desire that I should share with my fellow devotees. Even today my eyes go wet when
I think of those incidents of the past and humbly bow down to Sai with full devotion.
12th Jan. 1993 was the date as I recapture. I was suffering from severe pain in my right
ankle and could not even walk. I called for his grace and asked him to save me from the
crisis. It was at 05:00 A.M our cat was crying and on opening the door my wife found
that it has broken it's leg and was limping on three legs and laying hard to balance and
walk. I could not bear the site of it's suffering but at the same time, I myself was in a
helpless state. It then struck to my mind about my prayer to SAI the previous night. By
now I got sure that Sai in the form of our cat has undergone the pain to provide me with
much desired relief By evening of the day my pain started receding but the cat suffered
for 10 days.
It dates back 15th March 1993 when I had a Heart ailment. Doctors advised me to go in
for Stress test and fixed up the appointment for 17th March 1993 at MEDWIN
HOSPITAL. Electrodes were attached at different locations on my body. The patient just
before me has already taken the test on TREADMILL and he faced lot of discomfort. I
was skeptical about my own capability to with stand the pressures of the test. I prayed for
Sai and looked towards him to share my burden as he has assertively said that - cast your
burden on me and I shall bear it. I desired that Sai should be with me so that I can come
out of the test successful. For some reason; I do not know the Doctor left the, place and
another Doctor stepped in. I stopped on to the pedestal and commenced to walk gradually
increasing the speed. The Doctor was bending down to make certain observations and
recordings. As he bent down the, silver dollar attached to his chain came out hanging
with Sai's image cast on it with typical smile writ on the face. I felt happy as if Sai
himself has come down in the form of doctor to serve. The Doctor has told me not to
worry and advised me to go in for evening walks and prescribed ALPREX tablets - 0.2
mg. Saying so he handed over a pack of 30 tablets for my use. The thought still lingers in
my mind that Sai has come down as Doctor, performed the tests and given me the
                             BOW TO SAI - PEACE TO ALL

Sai Sat charitra highlights that all saints are spiritually one. They organize the events to
take place and have extra communication links amongst themselves although they are
physically apart by large distances. Each one has knowledge about the other fellow saints
and their doings. They do every thing under the instructions of the Lord i.e. God for the
benefit of society.
I was watching TV program on great saint of southern India -- Sri.Raghavendra swami on
16th of Sept 1993. lt is said that all saints are born as messengers of the lord. They arrive
on this earth with some specific mission and attain Maha Samadhi after completion of the
assigned task. The saints are instrumental in loading their devotees on the path of
righteousness and spiritually guided them for Atma sakshatkara i.e. self-realization.
While watching TV, a funny idea swept through my mind and I desired that either Sai's
photograph should appear or some connected message should be telecast before this
particular coverage comes to an end. This particular desire may appear to be ridiculous
but in the inner consciousness I was eager to look for Sainath and also simultaneously
test my faith. I took to wait and my eyes glued to the TV screen. The program came to an
end and I was disappointed terribly. Then followed the Regional News item in Telugu. I
blamed myself for the cranky wish and the end result. Half-heartedly I listened to the
News. The first item of the News was the coverage of Lorry strike in the state of Andhra
Pradesh and the resulting inconvenience to the common public.
A row of Lorries was shown and one such in the row was shown in close up with letters
boldly written " SHIRDI SAI BABA LORRY SERVICE" and photograph of SAI in
blessing posture. I shouted with ecstasy and my joy knew no bounds and sai has proven
that nothing is impossible if approached with sincerity and faith. The master can fulfil
every desire and one has to patiently wait for things to happen. I leave it for readers to
gauge my new found happiness.
                             BOW TO SAI - PEACE TO ALL

In the initial days Sai was giving medical aid to people suffering from diseases and
earned a good name as a doctor in Shirdi. Sai in my case was gracious enough to forecast
5 years in advance the disease and also presented me a suitable medicine to be used at a
later date and thus saved me from which otherwise could have been a traumatic
experience of life time.
It was during the month of December 1991 I went t Ajmer on receipt of a telegram that
my friend's mother passed away. The normal religious rituals were performed. On the
next day's morning I set out to visit a very poplar local shrine "The famous DARGA" in
an auto. This place is visited by people drawn from all the faiths. While travelling in the
auto I prayed to Sai to see that my visit to the DARAGA is fruitful. I was forced to
become alert and noticed an old man from a business community stopping the vehicle
and asking the driver to take him also to DARAGA. Auto driver demanded Rs 4/- as fare
for transportation. I was struck when the old man said that he does not offer any body
more than Rs 2/-. Momentarily a through ran through my mind that Sai himself in the
from of this old man is traversing with me. I requested the driver to accommodate the old
man and offered to bear the total fare myself . The old man look to me and said "You
appear to me to be a chaste Hindu Brahmin, Does your consciousness permit you to bow
down and offer salutations in a DARAGA. I replied that I am a devotee of Shirdi Sai and
I salute the great people from all faiths and walks of life. The journey continued. At a
nearby lane to DARAGA the old man requested the vehicle be stopped and advised the
driver to carefully take me over there to DARAGA and got down with the parting words
"You offered me Rs 4/- for the fair and made me indebted to you. " I do not keep any
body's debt on me." "you accept this medicine and preserve it". "In future to come you
will suffer from severe pain and will be bedridden." "Apply locally this medicine and
massage - you will be cured."
I completed my prayer at the DARGA and came back to Hyderabad. Time waits for none
and days were passing on. It was during the year 1996 I was totally confined to bed due
to SCIATICA. The pain was unbearable and I couldn't move my leg. It got combined
with back pain also. As usual I took to refuge in Sai. The thought then struck to me and I
ordered my wife to look for and get me the medicine I got from the old man when I had
been to Ajmer. I fully followed the instructions of the old man and I was greatly relieved
from the pain and could start walking in a matter of two days. This was made possible
only due to Sai Krupa(divine gestures).
                            BOW TO SAI - PEACE TO ALL.

I am sure that all Sai devotees can recall how Bhimaji Patil got cured of his ailment
(Tuberculosis) and escaped from the clutches of death due to the divine grace of SAI. It is
well depicted in the 13th chapter of Sai Satcharitra. I would like to narrate how Sai saved
me from a most feared disease.
It was on 20th April 1996, the Sunday morning hours while engaged in watering of plants
in our Kitchen garden, and I felt terrible pain in my chest with lot of perspiration. I
approached our family Doctor Dr.R.A.Rao who immediately diagnosed it as Heart attack,
administered sorbitral to be kept under my tongue and advised me to be immediately
moved to CDR Hospitals for specialized care. As arrangements wore being made to shift
me to the Hospital, I prayed and opened up a page in Sai Satcharitra. The message given
was from the 15th chapter and read as follows: " He who respectfully reads this chapter
or studies it daily will get all his miseries removed by the grace of Sadhguru Sai Baba". I
gathered courage that Lord Sainath will definetly save me and vowed to continue parayan
of 15th chapter regularly on my returning home after full recovery. I was moved to
Hospital with the help of my friends in an Auto and I was feeling discomfort in breathing
as I was being shifted on to a stretcher. Even in that stage my attention was drawn to the
Medical hall opposite to the main entrance - "SAI SHAKTI MEDICAL HALL" with
photograph of Sai in blessing. My faith and confidence level in positive recovery
increased. A costly injection was given to me after I was made to rest in ICCU. On 28-
04-1996 I was taken for ANJIO GRAM TEST and the test confirmed that three of my
Arteries were blocked to 90% and two more Arteries to the extent of 30%. Decission to
perform bypass surgery was taken by a team of attending experts. As usual I prayed upon
Sai on the night of 01-05-1996 and sought his advice as it involves a considerable
expenditure, time taking and with success not 100% guaranteed. Sai appeared to me in
my dream and uttered -" thieves have joined in your street, you better call the Police in
day time and get them driven out ". This type of message may appear strange to the
readers but I could decode correctly as it meant to me, that three of my Arteries are,
blocked and I must undergo Surgery only during day time and overcome the present
crisis. 1 have talked to the team of Specialists and I was posted to get operated on 16-05-
1996 (Thursday) at 14:00 hrs.
However on 16 May 1996, till 17:00hrs the team of Doctors has not turned up. At
18:00hrs a group of Assistants started making preparations for the Surgery anticipating to
take place. The inner thinking process of mine was cautioning me that surgery performed
in the night Hours may not be 100 % successful. I requested Sai to save from the present
predicament. Before entering the Operation Theatre I wrote the following words. "I am
going to fight with death and if I return alive the success goes to Sai. I was being readied
for the, surgery with all the gadgets and equipment attached properly as per their
procedure. In the heart of hearts I was praying that this night's surgery should not take
place and was resting helplessly lying on the operation table. Mean while the Telephone
in the Operation Theatre gave a ring. One of the assisting Doctors attended the call and
Theatre Nurse announced the information that chief Surgeon Dr.Prasada Rao will not be
available this evening due to unforeseen circumstances. Accordingly the Surgery stands
cancelled and patient is posted to be operated the next day morning i.e. 17-05-1996. My
joy knew no bounds and was sure that Sai alone has performed this miraculous act of
organizing the postponement. operation commenced at 09:00 AM on the next day and
completed by 16:00hrs in the evening. I was shifted to the, critical postoperative care unit
for observation and none was allowed to see me. Later I understood that my wife,
children and well-wishers were eagerly waiting to see me. I regained consciousness the
next day morning by 08:00 AM and the first person I saw was DR.BRAHMAIAH, the
Anesthetist. I could see SAI in him and greeted him traditionally with folded hands. He
bent over me while asking me as to whom I would like to see first. I expressed that 1
wanted to see SAI first and a little later I saw my wife showing me a photograph of Sai in
gentle smile, with tearful eyes. The typical gentle smile of Sai alone has given me the
strength and courage, to be in front of you and granted me an opportunity to serve you all
and read the 15 th chapter regularly.
                            BOW TO SAI - PEACE TO ALL.

I am sure that all devotees have read the 42nd , 43rd and 44th chapter of Sai Satcharitra
where, in SAI attaining his heavenly abode was described and how people of Shiridi felt
orphaned at that time. May be foolish but a thought crept in to my mind that I should be a
party to witness a similar incident involving death of a great saintly person. Probably this
was very unfair on my part to ask for such a thing to happen. Sai gave me an opportunity
and I humbly place it before the readers.
My paternal uncle and aunt, the Somayyajulu couple has brought me up under their care,
and custody, as they were issueless. My parents were away in Northern India by virtue of
my father's job placement. My uncle was a Telugu pundit and was instrumental in
educating many a poor. They were very charitable, offered food and shelter to the
deserving boys in studies. During his 78th year he suffered from an attack of fever on 23-
01-1992.Myself and his adopted son admitted him in a local Nursing Home. On 25-01-
1992 Doctors after assessment of all the pathological reports have come to the conclusion
that his chances of survival are bleak. He stopped all oral intakes from 27-01-1992. Shri
Sai also suffered from fever from 28-09-1918 and stopped taking food orally from 01-10-
Shri. Somayyajulu's adopted son has completed construction of his new house and an
auspicious date for Gruhapravesh was fixed for 29-01-1992. All arrangements were made
way back. He was now worried whether the program would go as planned and whether
his father would. be present or not for the occasion after having spent 4.00 lakhs of
Rupees. The situation was similar in context to Shri. Gopal mukund booty's in those days
when he was doubtful whether Baba will ever live in Booty wada specifically constructed
for him after having spent a lakh of rupees as promised.
I was a moved by this pathetic situation and prayed upon Baba to see that my uncle
recovers and fulfills his son and every body's desire. I am happy to state that Baba has
listened to my prayer and he graced the function having come home in an Ambulance and
things appeared going on well. As saying goes "Man proposes and God disposes", things
took a different turn and his position got deteriorated. On the night of 29-01-1992 itself
he was again shifted to Gandhi Hospital. I reached Hospital in the morning of 30-01-1992
and the Doctors were now less hopeful. I approached my uncle who wanted me to open a
page from Sai Satcharitra and read out its contents. At random I opened a page which
happened to be from 27th chapter and it carried advisory message from Baba to
Khaparde's wife, as follows - " Chant Raja Ram, Raja Ram - If you do this your life's
object will be achieved, your mind will attain peace and will be immensely benefited ". I
read the message, and he started uttering continuously the Mantra and at noon he wanted
me to read Madhyanna Haarati and I read it slowly to him in his ears. After completion
he again commenced chanting of Rama mantra. Doctors declared that he is nearing his
destiny and may live only for a few hours. At 13:20 he was not able to pronounce the
mantra and I put "THULASI THEERTHA' once in to his mouth and trial for second
attempt has gone in vain and it spilled out. Baba had a similar end in the lap of Nana
Sahib Nimonkar at 14:30 Hrs. on 15-10-191 8. Shri. Somayyajulu expired in Ekadasi
thithti and Baba left for heavenly abode Dasisimi- Ekadasi transit. Shri Somayyajulu's
mortal remains were brought to his son's newly constructed house. I bathed his physical
body with Gangajal and on 30-01-1992 (Thursday) by evening hours his adopted son
performed the last rites. In all these events I could see and feel Sai's maha samadhi.

The family of Sai devotees is well aware of how the title of HEMADRI PANTH was
conferred on Shri.ANNA SAHEB DHABOLKAR. It was done by no less than a person -
our SAMARDHA SADUGURU- LORD SAINATH himself. Quite a good number of
visitors to our site were eager to know and questioned me as to how I got addressed to the
word 'SAIBANISA'. This experience is intended for those of such readers.
I am born to smt. Ravada Venkata Ramanamma and Shri.Ravada Vennkata Rao couple
and was named Ravada Gopala Rao. We are Bharadwajasa Ghotriks. Shiridi Sai was
instrumental in drawing me to his lotus feet and gave a new birth and direction to me in
the World of spiritualism in the year 1989.Days progressed and It was later in the year
1995, I decided and fully offered myself to him in 'SARVASSYA SARANA GATHI'. I
cannot exactly recall the date but it happened to be a Thursday. I went to SAI temple
situated near my house and prayed before him to take me as his slave. Half an hour
prayer to him has not yielded any result. I went in to deep meditation and after passage of
some more time, I could feel some body standing near my proximity and whispering to
me in TELUGU Language i.e. my mother tongue, as follows: "' Open your eyes - NA
BADHATHALU NIRVARTHINCHE SANYASI When I opened my eyes I could gaze
the beholding gentle smile of SAI in his idol opposite me.
Mv thinking process started working and I was eager to confirm the contents. The best
way out from the present predicament was to seek advice from Sai himself. I took two
papers, scribbled on them in one paper as - SLAVE and in second paper as -
SAI.BA.NI.SA. . I folded them exactly in identical fashion and placed them at his lotus
feet. Once again I prayed and requested him to name me as he pleases and appropriate.
Saying so I closed my eyes and picked up one of the two papers to be delivered with his
final judgment.
The inscriptions were 'SAIBANISA'- literally meaning a person who obeys Sai's
instructions and implements them. This is the genesis of my being addressed as
SAIBANISA on a Thursday in his very presence. From that day onwards, it has been my
earnest and endless desire to live and serve the family of Sai devotees as SAIBANISA.
For this to happen I need the continued blessings of Sai and his devotees.
                            BOW TO SAI - PEACE TO ALL

In the 51st chapter of Sai Satcharitra, details about PHALA- SRUTI, reward for reading
the Holy Book i.e. SAI SATCHARIRA, with devotion is given. It is said that miseries
disappear for those people who read it with full faith and love towards SAI. It is also said
that completion of PARAYAN in seven days time and worshipping him there after, all
the hurdles disappear and even material desires are fulfilled. It is my routine practice to
read one chapter from SATCHARITRA every day. Every time on completion of reading
51 chapters, I experienced a state of mental bliss and some thing or other happening to
increase my faith further. This is one such typical and memorable experience of mine.
This will be the last episode in the series titled - EXPERIENCES OF SAI BANISA
I was deputed to South Korea on official assignment and the same was mentioned in my
first experience already covered. One of the incidents that happened in SOUTH KOREA
is described here. It was on 15-05-1991, after the day's routine I completed the reading of
the 51st chapter in the city of Changwaan and set out to Mr.Lee's residence as he was
hosting that night's dinner. After Dinner, Mr. Lee has come out to drop us at our Hotel in
his car. It was around half past nine in the night, I was not contented with the day's
routine as nothing specific worth the earlier happenings has taken place after completing
reading of 51st chapter this time. My thinking process was nagging me that, perhaps I
could not read Satcharitra with the expected devotion or SAI is not accepting my prayers
from South Korea. Why has he not heeded and responded to my prayers from a foreign
land was the most pre-occupied question in my mind.
All of a sudden as if to make matters light, Mr. Lee came forward, with a proposal and
offered to take us to LORD BUDDHA'S TEMPLE located on the hilltop and was seeking
our formal permission. I took it as an invitation from LORD SAINATH and readily gave
my consent with out any second thought or hesitation. The temple was to close by 10:00
Hrs. in the night. Seeing in me a sudden change and more enthusiastic, he raced the car at
a speed of 100 km / Hr., uphill towards the temple in an attempt to reach before it's
closure. Approximately it took half an hour for the drive and we were there by 10.15PM
fortunately for us that day, the temple has, not yet closed. I felt as if 'LAMA ' of the
temple was in wait only for us standing at the main entrance to the temple. Mr. Lee
introduced me and other colleague of mine Shri. Sreenivasa Rao to LAMA- the chief
priest. He recognized both of us as Indians and traditionally welcomed us. Later on he
offered us green Tea. LAMA blessed all the three of us in the presence of LORD
BUDDHA and presented us three chains to one each containing a silver dollar. My
imagination stretched beyond and I could see SAI in LAMA who was donned in white
robes. My eyes got wet and with full devotion I prostrated before him. He helped me up,
hugged and embraced me with utmost affection. I felt as if his eyes were questioning me
whether I felt happy or not at that particular moment. The silver Dollar, which I consider
as a gift from BABA in Lama's form and a precious possession is preserved in my prayer
room forever.

These messages are the outcome and essence of the dream sequences of Saibanisa
reflecting Sai Philosophy and high thinking. They carry a sense of deep meaning
and generally are thought provoking, enough to start one’s thinking process.
- Translated and presented by RAGHU RAMAN SATULURY
1)My children are flying the kites (aspirations) and I am the chakri (bobin) in the hands
of my children which will be used to keep the twine (life) in order.
2) You need not go to Haridwar to have the darshan of ‘Hari’as Hari is in shirdi. You
need not go to shiridi to have the ‘darshan’ of hari. Hari is in the temple. You need not
go to the temple to have the darshan of Hari. Hari is in your mind. Open the ‘dwar’
(gates) of your mind and have the darshan of hari.
   3. In the process of earning money, If you deviate from the good path it will be bad
      for your life. In the process of earning blessings from the God, If you deviate
      from the bad path, it will be good for your life.
4) The cool breeze from the divine ocean of ‘sai’ does not discriminate between the
people living in high rise buildings and low level hutments. It effects them similarly.
5) Both rich and poor equally experience the sweet taste of cherry fruit. So also with the
divine love of 'sai'.
6) For a man on the path of divinity, the desire for money is of nuisance value. Earn
money to the extent required to sustain the physical body.
7) I accept the fasting you under take in my devotion, provided you offer the day’s food
to the needy ( hungry person).
8) Peace of mind does not flow from liquor or toddy. Peace comes only after all the
responsibilities of life are fulfilled and continuous ‘nama parayana of Sai’, is under
9) The last rites of an orphan performed are equivalent to thousand dips taken in sacred
rivers. Purity of heart is same as visit to a holly place.
10) The desire for money and materials is transforming saviors of lives into its detractors.
It is then I shall guard and protect my devotees from their clutches.
11) Victory and defeat are the two sides of the same coin. Wrestling was organized
during ‘Sree Ramanavami’ festival only to preach that both are same and inseparable.
12) Man does not mind falling at the feet of any body for the sake of worldly pleasures.
None realize and understand when I say that only ‘Lotus feet of lord’ can grant what you
need and require.
13) Never hate the rich or ill treat the poor. They are the result of karmic deeds of the
previous births. Therefore act now for reaping better fruits in the next birth of life cycle.
14) Speaking to bygone friends is like replay of old memories. They belong to the past
and are unsuitable to be the present.
15) Head of the family can cater equally to the needs of all his dependants. But when they
are full of greed and mutual hatred, They cannot be loyal to earn confidence of the head.
Do not give importance, as it is the way of the World.
16) Trust in god was always my preaching. I propagated that belief makes the building
block in life and now a part of the soil of shiridi. If you believe in this, make your own
building with this block and receive divine blessings.
17) Illness and injury to the body are always painful- limited to physical body only. The
duty of the soul shall be to reduce the body's discomfort and pacify the body just as a
mother consoles a crying child.
18) Clothing and application of fragrances over the body are only superficial, neither
their application nor removal make any difference to the soul. Sorrow and happiness
signify the state of mind and are relative feelings. If you are searching for the ultimate
happiness and wisdom, come to me for my guidance to show you the path.
19) Some people with ‘Yogasiddhi’ can subject their bodies to the extremes like freezing
ice or burning fire with equal ease, where as a ‘gnani’ - the elevated soul dedicates his
body, soul and energies in the services of the almighty to become a ‘yogi’.
20) Come to me with all your ignorance and without any attachment to self. I shall
remove ‘agnana’ (ignorance) and kindle the light of wisdom and a sense of duty.
21) Pain and agony to the heart are caused by thieves stealing your money and property,
where as progress in ‘adhyatma’ (spiritualism) will lead to Lord’s grace and bless you
with real pleasure and happiness.
22) Life with wife is like sweet sugar. Adultry is like diabeties to the body. Why invite
such a situation to spoil your life?
23) If you want to forget the past, keep yourself away from the people in the past. Do not
let their association spoil the present and the future with bitter past.
24) I served my two sons with one glass of the same raw milk. One of them consumed
straight and could feel the presence of ‘Branman’. The other son had the patience to boil,
cool and made curds out of it. He churned the curds, extracted butter out of it and made
‘pure ghee’ (clarified butter). With this ghee, he lit the ‘lights of wisdom’ and could see
25) Materials and money attract friends like ants clinging to Jaggery. Where as
spiritualism in you draws the attention of 'Samardha Sadhguru’ who would put you on
the path of righteousness to attain eternal bliss.
21-11- 1995
26) When you taste the nectar or true bliss, do not confine it to yourself. Pass it on to
others without adulteration and claiming returns.
27) Preaching my Philosophy in high sounding words would confine it to few fish in a
well of sweet water. On the other hand preaching in simple language would be received
in large numbers like fish in an Ocean.
28) ‘Vedas’, ‘Upanishads’, and ‘Shastras’ are all sacred and like pure rivers ultimately
mix up with the Sea. Living a midst the ‘Ocean of Sai’ and searching for them has no
29) There is no point in counting the number of times ‘Satcharitra’ is read, what matters
most is the feel of experience and incidents which help to remove ‘ahankara’ (ego).
30) A kiss to the children of your Master pleases him, whereas a kiss to the children of
God please me the most.
31) Things in the materialistic world tend to induce self- centerdness, while taste of
‘Adhyatma’ inculcates that every thing around us belongs to God and is his creation.
32) Do not sing in praise of rich. Sing your song in praise of "LORD" in front of him.
28th July 1995.
33) Keep away from a wealthy man full of EGO, and a beautiful woman with perverted
30th August 1995.
34) You only know what I told in the court of "DHULIA" but what you do not know is
that I worked as a priest in the "HOUSE OF LORD KRISHNA" (GARGAMUNI).
5th September 1995.
35) "GOD" created "ATMA" the number is fixed which neither increases, nor decreases,
when it leaves the physical body it finds another dwelling and enters in to it i.e., a new
Body or Form. The process of creation is endless.
5th September 1995.
36) In the divine path there are no witnesses and proofs. Only the feelings and
experiences are everlasting.
5th September 1995.
37) Just as you insure property and earnings, in the same way thrive, earn and insure for
the grace of "LORD". I shall help in merging "ATMA with PARAMATMA"
31st October 1995.
38) "WAALI" (Vanara King from the epic Ramayana) with the garland of
"ARISHADVARGAS" (six evils) has ruined himself. Renounce them and be a garland to
2nd November 1995.
39) In difficult times carry "SATCHARITA" with you. It will ward of all the evils, grant
strength and energy, to surmount them. It will keep you serene.
14th December 1995.
40) Do not take help from the rich and women to avenge your enemy. Keeping aloof and
forgetting the enemy is the most ideal punishment.
27th December 1995.
41) You turn richer when you serve a thirsty rich person with much needed water without
any envy and anticipation of returns.
29th December 1995.
42) Possession of "ARISHADVARGAS" is like cancer to the physical body. Remove
them from the roots to live with peace.
30th December 1995.
43) Once born "DEATH" follows you like shadow how long can you run away from it?
Do not be scared of the shadow.
2nd January 1996.
44) When thieves rob your house you complain to the police. Think where do you
complain when affections and attachments totally engulf your mind and heart?
11th January 1996.
45) While in search of the ultimate, depend only on yourself. At the end, the experience
would be that of sweet water drawn from a well. Depending on others will be like
chasing a "MIRAGE" rudderless .
13th January 1996.
46) Let "TIME" be your only binding force. Complete all your responsibilities in time .
Be cautious not to get entangled into personal lives and affections of those benefitted in
that process.
30th January 1996
47) You may display your riches to the society. But never exhibit in public the "GRACE
of LORD". It is unpardonable.
5th February 1996.
48) Do not fall prey to those who claim to gift you with "SADHGATHI" (Attainment of
Lord). It is to be obtained only by self efforts. "GRACE OF LORD" can only grant it.
5th February 1996.
49) Just as a prematurely delivered baby has no option to re-enter the mother's womb,
once born it is imperative to complete all the assigned duties and responsibilities. It is
also impossible to make every one to live for hundred years.
6th January 1993.
50) Man can fly an aircraft safely so long as there is sufficient fuel in it for landing.
Clinging to power and position till the last moment in one’s life is like flying the aircraft
keeping no fuel for landing.
8th April 1996.
51) To think how your last rites will be performed is futile. It will take place according to
your deeds both good and bad accounted for. Discriminate between them and follow the
path of righteousness.
13th April 1996.
52) All of you are meeting today to call yourself as "SAI BANDHUS". I am aware of all
your bonds and attachments as I am above all as I am "VISHWABANDHU" (Universal
18th April 1996.
53) There is absolutely no need to run after religious heads and institutions for the
progress in "ADHYATAMA" (Spiritualism). You can get it even from a person living in
a hut , practicing and preaching about "GOD".
19th April 1996.
MADHA, MASCHARYA) have entered your body and enslaved you. Drive them away
with firmness.
27th April 1996.
55) The flower grown in a flower pot requires sprinkling of water. In the same way to
obtain the sprinkling of divine love, be a SAI devotee and partake in "SAT SANGHS"
     8th May 1996
56) Mutual love is essential for a couple to complete all the mundane responsibilities of
life. Once over , they have to turn it into love towards "GOD" for self realization.
17th June 1996
57) A lot of bad habits are acquired in a hurry. When that phase of life is over people start
to long for good habits. The sooner this stage sets in it is better. Otherwise they die a
premature death.
21st June 1996
58) Your enemy is like a palm tree with thorns. There is no need to embrace him. Just as
palm dates are sweet in taste, there are some good hidden qualities in them. Try to
recognize and emulate them.
     12th July 1996
59) When you are in a fight with an enemy, all your kith and kin will stand by ready to
help you. But none will come to your rescue when you are fighting death.
     12th July 1996
60) A woman about to deliver is in same state as an old man whose count down has
begun. While the woman brings in a new life to the earth, the elderly man chanting the
name of LORD prepares himself for rebirth.
     10th August 1996.
61) Even if you do not worship a person while he is alive at least offer
ATMANAMASKARAS (sincere regards) on his death anniversary. It is equally of great
value as per the tradition passed on to us from generations.
25th August 1996.
62) Cinemas had started casting their evil effects even as early as 1918. They are the
basic reasons for decline of moral and ethical values.
8th September 1996.
63) Prior to 1918 parents did not have to think much for the property and well being of
their children. They fully trusted in "GOD" that they will be taken care of. And it did
happen so.
8th September 1996.
64) To earn your "TRUST" I shall reveal your "PAST". I am sure with this faith
developed, you will always follow the path shown by me in future.
15th September 1996.
65) It is not the amount of time nor the number of times you chant the name of "SAI" that
matters. What matters most is how you lead the life trusting SAI.
28th September 1996.
66) Once the journey through the life is completed, the physical body is given a final
wash. Where as in the beginning of the journey through ADHYATMA (spiritualism) the
dirt in the heart is to be cleansed.
28th September, 1996.
67) Construct a beautiful house on the foundation of past experiences and live in it with
peace and awaiting a good future.
10th Oct, 1996.
68) When you work with full faith in the company of "JEETENDRA" (the person who
conquered the five senses) there is nothing more left to learn about "ADHYATMA"
11th October, 1996.
69) Thieves rob your house. Relatives rob your physical labour. Wife and children rob
you emotionally. Diseases rob you of your physical body. Only thing that remains is
"ATMA" (Soul). Knowing about immortal Atma is knowing thyself.
5th October, 1996
70) On feeling hungry you spend money and satisfy your appetite without a second
thought in the mind. When you are invited for taking food, you start thinking about his
cast and creed. Is it justified?
14th October, 1996
71) While perambulating around the temple, your physical health improves, whereas
constant thinking and chanting of "LORD'S name improves the health of mind.
15th October, 1996
72) "LORD" can appear in any form to help you. When you recognize, you are lucky.
This happens only to a blessed few.
11th November, 1996.
73) Stop abusing the people who harmed you in the past and learn to forget and forgive.
That day onwards, I shall stand by you in some form or other to help you.
12th November, 1996
74) Many friends and relatives turn selfish when it comes to money transactions. So think
twice before entertaining money related matters.
27th November, 1996
75) With all the education and wisdom people fall prey to vices and invite ocean of
troubles into their lives. On the contrary people with no formal education, with lot of
faith in "SADHGURU" make a smooth sailing all through.
13th November, 1996
76) Men engrossed in worldly pleasures appear happy and contented to all others. When
surrounded with difficulties they are the weakest. On the other hand men with spiritual
bent of mind put up a brave front under all odds.
19th November, 1996.
77).Giving birth to children and bringing them up ,looking after them treating them as
your only pre occupation does not automatically entitle you to the divine grace. You are
only discharging your responsibilities like any other creature as it’s natural obligatio
20th November, 1996
78) The journey through life requires money. Earn to the extent required and lead a
disciplined life.
22nd November, 1996
79) For people desirous of travel on the path of spiritualism do not offer any thing more
than advice. Never attempt to travel with them.
27th November, 1996
80) On the occasion of your "BIRTHDAY" read a holy book and seek blessings from
God and elders.
28th November, 1996
81) Man is able to generate electricity from natural resources to enjoy all comforts. The
Same person is unable to utilize the endless resources of SPIRITUAL ENERGIES from
nature for self realization.
1st December, 1996.
82) It is better to fall at the feet of the right thinking people practicing good, rather than
making friendship with people engaged in propagating perverted thoughts.
15th January, 1997.
83) Discard jealousy and hatred. Embrace love and devotion towards "GOD". Peace will
automatically come to you.
7th December, 1996.
84) Keep away from the people ill-treating and humiliating you. Never invite them . If
you come across them exercise restraint.
9th November, 1996.
85) Physique and beauty are a matter of pride in youth. Old age on the contrary is like a
ripe fruit ready to fall down.
15th December.
86) Give up the foolish pride or Ahankara that you know every thing about saints’ lives.
Partake in spiritual gatherings for gaining more knowledge and wide exposure.That is the
best way to earn the good will of GOD.
19th December 1996
87) It is not proper to run away from the bonds of worldly attachments and suffer mental
agony. Conquer EGO and develop a feeling that there is a lot to be learnt. March ahead,
always remembering the Creator and the purpose, is to earn his grace.
30th December 1996.
88) To attach a price to your home is foolishness. The art of living in your home with
peace and happiness is wisdom not evaluating it monitarily.
24th January, 1997
89) Friends and relatives can rob your physical belongings but not the blessings of the
"GOD" with which alone you can live peacefully.
24th January, 1997
90) Practice "CHARITY" early to avoid developing greed for others wealth later.
29th January, 1997
91) Even if you are on the right path, people around you subject you at times to torture.
Interact only to the extent required as it is the order of the day.
31st January, 1997
92) When others are enjoying wealth earned through wrong means, do not entertain even
a passing thought that it is going to be permanent. Do not be attracted towards them if
you want to live in peace.
20th February, 1997
93) All near and dear (wife and children) have a share in your good deeds but not in your
bad deeds. So why be a party to such a situation .
28th February, 1997
94) When "TRUTH" is a saleable commodity today ,why do you expect punishing those
"ERRING". Sooner or later GOD will punish them.
28th February, 1997
95) Low tides and high tides are a common phenomena while on the sea. Still the travel
continues. So is the journey through life.
8th March, 1997
96) There is no need to wear "SAFFRON" robes to show your "RENOUNCEMENT" of
the world. Be detached mentally and work silently for "SELF REALIZATION"
9th March, 1997
97) To desire ruin of others is beastly and to desire good for others is humanity. Love is
divine and born out of this very cause. Extend love towards fellow beings for realization
of "GOD"
12th March, 1997
98) I prefer those who constantly utter my name rather than to those who worship my
"IDOL" mechanically.
20th March, 1997
99) Some people rob others of riches without being noticed. Some people do the same
thing with pretence of love and affection. Both belong to the same class.
27th March, 1997
100) I shall expose, and punish those erring. When in distress think of me. I shall come to
you in some form or other to offer my protection.
29th March, 1997
101) After enjoying all worldly pleasures and comforts, mortal remains of the physical
body gets back to the soil. Whereas "ATMA" (Soul) after tasting of "ADHYATMA"
(Spritualism) enjoys the "SUPREME". Is it not better to know more and more about this
immortal "ATMA"?
1st April,1997
102) A caged bird lives with the food provided by its master. "ATMA" within the body
lives on the food provided by cosmic energies and "NAVAVIDHABHAKTI" (Nine
forms of devotion)
10th April, 1997
103) "GOD" created nature for the benefit of the mankind, whereas man because of his
"AHANKARA" (Ego) assumes that he is the "CREATOR".
28th April, 1997
   1. Mother bird protects younger ones from impending dangers by hiding
them under its wings. "DWARAKAMAI" will offers solace and protection to whosoever
comes into its fold.
4th April 1997
105) When your mind is preoccupied with the wealth locked up in your house, setting out
on pilgrimage has no sanctity..
13th May 1997
106) "SADHGURU" takes the drivers seat and guides you to the destination
"ADHYATMA” (Spiritualism).The journey continues uninterrupted with the few
remaining even if some co- passengers terminate their travel on the way.
13th May 1997
107) People following a wrong path ,do not change even if they are shown the right
direction. Only the people on the path of righteousness, however shall reap the benefits of
peace and happiness.
16th May 1997
108) Man is indiscriminately destroying forests to build his houses. Preservation of
forests is equally important, for, the other animal species have equally natural rights to
29th May 1997
109) I have seen "GOD" and his powers with my own eyes. It will be my bounden duty
to remove the "OPAQUE LAYER OF AGNANANDHAKARA" (ignorance) existing
before my devotee's eyes to enable them to see and experience "GOD".
14th June 1997
110) All the mango trees are apparently the same, although the fruits they bear are
different in tastes. "SAI DEVOTEES" may appear the same but their experiences about
"SAI" are of varied degree.
16th June 1997.
111) When you seek help from a person in powerful position for materialistic needs, you
are left without peace of mind. When you seek help from an spiritually elevated person
you are richly benefited.
31st December, 1997
112) People constantly chanting and thinking of “LORD KRISHNA” may not get
longivity but have the satisfaction of attaining the Lord.
15th July, 1997
113) Your religion is of no consequence. It is the burning desire to seek the "SUPREME"
which should matter most.
16th August, 1997
114) Where ever we reside is our home and with whom ever we interact are our people.
Lead an amicable life with out differences.
4th July, 1993
115) I am the teacher and the taught. I am the donor and also the donee.
11th July, 1993
116) Cling to the feet of your "GURU" with out leaving them. Only then there is a
possibility of enlightenment.
15th July, 1993
117) Discharging of your responsibilities does not entitle you to stop earning money. So
long as the health permits, one has to earn money till he completes his karmic obligations
15th July, 1993
118) Either the envy that your brother is earning more or the ego that you are dining with
a person of lesser status are a part of your thinking process, you cannot earn love,
affection and goodwill of others.
16th July, 1993
119) Water dilutes milk, whereas devotion added to "SAI" makes the bond stronger. The
divine light of "SAI" will manifold wisdom.
17th July, 1993
120) Do not borrow from friends and relatives. The debts may turn out as last nails in
your coffin.
19th July, 1993
121) Offer food to any visitor who comes while you are dining. Do not feel sorry if he
declines. Do not expect any return for the food served.
22nd July, 1993
122) Forget your status while offering prayers to the "ALMIGHTY" .Participate in
community dinners and cultivate the habit of sleeping on the floor.
24th July, 1993
123 All the visitors to "DWARAKAMAI", irrespective of their religions, I shall drive
them to their destination.
27th July, 1993
124) Attainment of "ADHYATMA" is only possible stepwise. Do not attempt to climb
the steps all at once. It is disastrous.
26th July, 1993
125) Think of me and feed the hungry fellow being, I shall be the recipient. Do not envy
any body, it destroys one’s mental balance.
28th July, 1993
126) Do not grieve if you are not having children of your own. Children residing in
orphanages are also mine. Play with them to satisfy your love for children.
27th July, 1993
127) Believe in the principles of "KARMA" ( Sense of Duty) and do not expect any
returns as a karma yogi to live peacefully.
3rd August, 1993
128) You are a pet of "GOD". If his instructions are to live on water alone, do so with full
faith and happiness.
4th August, 1993
129) Even if you offer "WATERMELON", with no medicinal value, I shall readily
accept it with love.
10th August, 1993
130) If you have to eat gram (lentils) to live, use the pumpkin seeds to grow pumpkins,
sell them and buy gram to eat. Do not use the money meant for buying pumpkin seeds to
purchase grams.
11th August, 1993
131) All religions are like rivers which finally join the sea. Follow the path of any
religion and merge with "PARAMATMA" (the Supreme).
21st August, 1993
132) If service to mankind is your aim, practice it with all your available resources. Do
not waste time in futile talk and giving excuses for not doing so.
29th August, 1993
133) The beautiful bird flying in the open sky draws everybody's attention. The same bird
with a broken leg, struggling to sit on a branch does not attract anybody’s attention or
31st August, 1993
134) I am the driving force in warding off all evils and hurdles.
2nd September, 1993
135) The offerings meant for me are consumed by some one, while you are busy praying,
do not abuse him .I shall be the recipient of such abuses
2nd September, 1993
136) People in powerful positions committing good and bad deeds are equally recognized
by the society. Whereas as an ordinary person’s good deeds are seldom noticed.
Therefore discriminate between good and bad, always opting for good.
12th September, 1993
137) For those intending to join the school of "SAI" there are no prerequisites like age
religion, caste etc.
28th September, 1993
138) The food served at the obsequies of a great soul who lead a balanced and
meaningful life is far superior to "PRASADHAM" offered in temples without devotion.
2nd October, 1993
139) My photograph may appear as your favourite incarnation of God or a film star, at
times may also look like Beeshma in Mahabharat. Can you guess what my age is?
8th October, 1993
140) However, costly the vegetables may be, they need to be boiled and cooked before
consumption for better digestion. Irrespective of your religion, the practice of the
teachings is a must to realize the "SUPREME".
25th October, 1993
141) I shall always lend a helping hand to the handicapped people to enable them to reach
their destination.
29th October, 1993
142) Jealousy and hatred should be shelved to avoid the implant of greed and
avarice,multiplying your miseries.
11th November, 1993
143)With all the goodwill and blessings of "SADHGURU" commence the journey
through life and beware of potholes and speed breakers. If you fail to sight them it is not
the fault of "SADHGURU". It is only due to "AHANKARA" (Ego) prevailing in you.
11th November, 1993
144)All your ancestors have been subjected to the "PYRE" on this land. Let it be
forgotten as a matter pertaining to the past.
18th November, 1993
145)Helping a stranger in trouble may some times scare him .It is but natural. Help them
unobtrusively if required and forget about them.
20th November, 1993
146) Do not worship God with the borrowed money to avoid harassment from the people
who lent it.
30th November, 1993
147) A good person should follow the example of an earthworm. The earthworm purifies
the soil and helps the farmer in getting a good crop. Lead a life that is useful to others.
5th December, 1993
148) Shed "AHANKARA" just as a cobra sheds it’s superficial layer of skin periodically
and becomes a garland of LORD "SHIVA".
6th January, 1994.
149) The temples built for God are temporal. Establish a direct link and depend upon the
endless resource of cosmic energy radiating from the "LORD" for spiritual growth.
18th February, 1994
150) Water is the basic necessity for life to survive and traces its origin to the lotus feet of
11th March, 1994
151) Journey through life with kith and kin is like a journey by train. On the other hand
journey through "ADHYATMA" is like an endless and a lonely journey undertaken for
self realization
28h March, 1994
152)Detachment from self, children, mother, wife, and native place in difficult even for
great saints. Confine to "GRUHASTHASRAMA” (worldly obligations) while
discharging your responsibilities seeking Lord’s blessings.
16h April, 1994
153)Gram will germinate only when water in sprinkled whether kept in an old cloth, or
new. In the same way life turns meaningful to both rich and poor only when divine
blessings are showered on them.
22nd April, 1994
154)"TIME" is the most precious gift of "GOD" to mankind. This should be utilized
properly without wastage that too in his service.
23rd April, 1994.
155) The thought that we are paying in this life, for our sins committed in the past is a
first step in the right direction towards the towering "ADHYATMA".
30th April, 1994.
156) You should be aware of the hunger of a person lifting a bag full of rice meant for
you and your family's consumption. Do pay him liberally for the labour so that his family
too can have a square meal.
28th May, 1994.
157) Do not run after for money, instead of granting happiness may ultimately create lot
of restlessness.
11th June, 1994.
158) Do not enter into disputes and fights. Also do not give scope for jealousy. If possible
pardon your enemies or at least keep away from them.
12th June, 1994.
159) If you can afford to forget those who did favour to you, there is no point in
remembering those who fared badly with you.
24th June, 1994.
160) Difficulties are like dirt to our clothes, wash and wear them again. Do not get
disappointed when some thing bad happens and do not get overjoyous when good things
happen to you.
21st July, 1994.
161) Man should desire to live in peace. Peace and happiness come from within.
05th July, 1994
162) I shall happily accept a toddy fruit fallen to ground instead of freshly purchased
11th August, 1994
163) Animal is useful to mankind whether dead or alive. Where as a man is not useful to
any body after death. A man therefore should be useful to his fellow beings atleast
during his life time.
2nd September,1994
164) Look for me in the mirror. I shall show you my real self, and gaze at you without
13th September , 1994
165) An orphanage built in my rememberance on the road side is the temple which gives
me an opportunity to serve the children of 'LORD', and gives you the good will for the
noble gesture.
17th September, 1994
166) When alone concentrate on me and pray and while in a group participate
in community service.
23rd September, 1994
167) In daily life, first serve food to your guest and in 'ADHYATMA' practice the
23rd September 1994
168) Seek the blessings of your "GURU" while in search of the "Lord". The moment you
receive the response ,divine light from SAI enters the body and "GOD" is attracted
automatically to you.
24th September, 1994
169) Committing a sin big or small has the same effect. Why commit and repent later.
24th September, 1994
170) Your thoughts are focussed around your children even if they are far away from you
just like a mother tortoise.
26th September, 1994
171) Why do you still think of your near and dear ones. The journey up the ladder of
ADHYATMA is a lonely climb.
2nd October, 1994
172) Do not have pets in the old age. They can neither bear your impatience nor
separation. Old age should be utilized only for spiritual growth.
2nd October, 1994
173) Working with high ideals while in powerful positions and developing narrow
thinking after retirement is self deceit. Such people are not qualified for "ADHYATMA".
21st October, 1994
174) Serve selflessly without craving for recognition. Service rendered with expectations
will be futile.
22nd October, 1994
175) Desire for wealth and sensual pleasures co-exist like a watermark of "THREE
LIONS" on currency notes. Therefore curb the lure for money .
27th October, 1994
176) Bad thoughts are always associated with anger. Therefore, keep away from anger
for self realization.
31st October, 1994
177) The mind is a bundle of desires capable of transporting the desires like a rocket.
Once the fuel is exhausted, it has to fall to the ground. Realization of this truth is
self control.
5th November, 1994
178) Do not waste your time in discharging social obligations only. Time also should be
spent in constant thinking of "GOD" to lead a peaceful life.
6th November, 1994
179) You talk more when you are not working. Create more work in "ADHYATMA"
paving the way for self-realization.
17th December, 1994
180) Saints around us are the messengers of "GOD" sent by him to take care of humanity
at large.
20th December, 1994
181) Those leading a pure life are the messengers of "GOD" with a firm mission to
remove our ignorance.
22nd August, 1997.
182) It is not only inhuman but is unpardonable to leave one's family in difficulties and
run away.
30th August, 1997.
183) The physical body is meant for service of "GOD". Keep it healthy by eating to the
extent required.
25th August, 1997.
184) Extend helping hand to Orphans and handicapped. When necessity demands,
otherwise we are not human beings
30th August, 1997.
185)You can sense and feel the presence of every God in "SHIRDI as SAI is Universal
and omnipotent.
4th September, 1997.
186)However, bad a person might be, he can still be reformed to lead a happy and
peaceful life as I do with my children (his devotees).
4th September, 1997.
187)"JAL TARANG" produces different sound notes depending upon the quantity of
water in the containers. In the same way the extent of the peace we get in life depends on
the depth of desire.
8th September, 1997.
188) My devotees pray at my holy FEET. I do not use footwear to enable them to
recognize them and express their requirements.
25th September, 1997.
189)A blind person can sing in the praise of "LORD", if you are unable to do the same,
you are a vision less person with normal sight.
9th October, 1997
190) Excess of food invites all sorts of bodily disorders and excess of talk invites
differences of opinion. choose a middle path.
29th October, 1997
192) When women are not respected, the society does not prosper. Goddess "GAYATRI"
has incarnated (as Shakthi Swaroopini) to rectify the malady. Chant regularly her mantra
to ward of evils and seek her blessings.
11th October, 1997
193) Children getting hurt during play, continue to play next day also. Be mentally
prepared to push through life in spite of hurdles.
5th November, 1997
193)All those who talk sweetly cannot be friends. Friendship cannot be a result of a day
or two. Friendship like companionship is a life time experience.
7th NOV 1997
194) As a youth man’s mind is always preoccupied with the thoughts of earning money
and experiencing worldly pleasures. Whereas, old age is spent in sustaining life providing
for children and lack of zeal. Decide the appropriate time to start thinking of "GOD".
7th NOV 1997
195) I am the recipient of all the abuses and punishments given to a person defaming
you. Similarly when your opponent does the same, I am still at the receiving end. Is it
justified ?
11th NOV 1997
196)All classes of people are living in the society. Goddess of JUSTICE surfaces to see
that the truth prevails.
20th NOV 1997
197) Population is ever increasing. People with selfishness, jealousy and hatred are
attacking each other, establishing a path for themselves to be reborn as animals.
20th NOV 1997
198)You have not raised your voice on the day when your hard-earned money was stolen.
What makes you to get excited when some one offers you a small gift?
21st NOV 1997
199)When veils of "AGNANA" (IGNORANCE) are before your eyes, you have to lead a
life you deserve. Come to me I shall remove those veils to have a clear vision.
24th Nov 1997
200) When you are talking about divinity be humble because "EGO" is the first hurdle in
the path of "ADHYATMA". Destroy the ego
27th Nov 1997
201)"GOD" has blessed us with a tongue to relish the food and to talk good. Why eat
prohibited food and talk bad of others?
2nd Dec 1997
202) When your heart is cleansed with the milk of "ADHYATMA" bad thoughts cannot
enter your mind, even if you stand fully exposed.
2nd Dec 1997
203) Estimate and then distribute the excess in requirement of your food before your
consumption, to the hungry and the needy. The food thus consumed by you is equivalent
to "BHUKTHASESHA" (left over of GOD).
2nd Dec 1997
204)"HANUMAAN" is the true slave and servant of the "GOD". He always protects the
devotees of "GOD".
9th Dec 1997
205) Man- woman relationships, the cycle of life and death are natural phenomena. To
feel happy on the arrival of new born and grieving on the death of a family member are
not desirable.
2nd Oct 1993
206) Misuse of power for the sake of kith and kin with arrogance is a sin. Realize that
your power is not permanent.
23rd Sep 1993
207) It is worthwhile to distribute the seeds of good flowers to others. In all probabilities
they may not use for themselves. Even if they throw them any where casually, a good
plantation of flowers may come up in the near future.
10th Sep 1993
208) I say that the blood running through our veins is similar and I am the driving force
behind that flow.
10th Aug 1997


These are the dream contents of Saibanisa in nutshell as delivered to him by beloved
Guru Lord Sainath on his views about life. It is hoped that the messages will be helpful in
moulding one’s Character.
Translated and presented by RAGHU RAMAN SATULURY.

1) Life is a plain paper. Good language written on it is respected and valued by one and
all. When bad words are written on it, the paper is torn and finds it's way to the dustbin.
18 -08-1992
2) After climbing the ladder of ' Adhyatma' (spiritualism) up to a point in life, it is
essential to maintain equilibrium to avoid falling down.
22 -08-1992
3) Life is like a game where children, young and old should all happily participate.
09 -04- 1992
4) Do not refuse food even from the bad persons, provided they are reformed.
02 - 08- 1992
5) Life is a great play. Remember that your role in life is limited only to introduce other
fellow artistes to the World.
30 - 09- 1992
6) Once the journey through spiritual life is commenced, never look back even after the
death of your partner occurs. Complete the remaining part on the chosen path to reach
14 - 09- 1992
7) Life is like an electromagnet. Try attracting only good and repel the bad.
24 - 09- 1992
8) Life is like a running race. God has gifted all of us with a beautiful mind to think and
ponder as well. How many of us can make it to a finish, if asked to do so with good
conduct and character.
18 - 11- 1992
9) It is better to stay cool and calm like a stream flowing through a valley rather than to
be at the top of the mountain surrounded by fire.
10) Life need not be a river. It can as well be a small rivulet. All will finally merge in to
the sea i.e. me.
11) One should grow in life emulating the example of a coconut tree by being useful to
the society. Growth should not be like a wild tree, serving no purpose.
12) Life should follow the example of a green crop that is fully useful to the mankind. It
should never be like a mine abandoned halfway through.
13) Life is a mixture of periods of joy and sorrows. Develop the courage to welcome both
with equal zeal.
13-12- 1992
14) Life is like a river of humanity flowing. In this huge crowd we come across both
friends and foes. We should learn to be comfortable in all companies.
01-06- 1993
15) It is very difficult to be totally rid of all the bonds in life. Fulfill your personal
responsibilities and social obligations to the extent possible.
16) Life is like a wrestling competition. If one makes a foul move or indulges in a wrong
play, the hands are automatically tied up and beaten up badly till the inner ego is killed.
04-01- 1993
17) Life and journey by train are similar with Kith and kin as co – passengers. Later when
a decision to change over to another train (spiritual path) is taken, your own people may
not prefer to accompany you.
06-01- 1993
18) What we do not have in life is not important. What matters most is whether we are
contented with what we have.
19) Life in the last stage is like the travel with one’s wife in a vintage car. The only
obstacles in your journey are any mischief committed by your grand children or your
desire to eat any thing on the wayside.
20) Life is like a forest where all sorts of animals live. Offer Protection to the weaker
ones. Do not permit torturing them or derive pleasure in watching them struggle for life.
In the process if they are killed, you have to run to avenge the bigger killer.
21) You are like a rickshaw puller; wife and children get into it to get down on the way,
paying you in kind (love and affection). Finally when all your energies are drained, I
shall be the one to pull you to your destination.
22) Let the metal of life be subjected to intense heat of trials and testing periods. Once
immersed in the fluid (Sai) and watch it glow with superb color and shine.
23) Pilgrimage in life (search for God) is important but it need not start from the very
first station, it can as well start from some where half way through.
01-02- 1993
24) By perambulating around the deities in the temples, you only gaining the feeling that
you have gone round the God. If you adopt an orphan child God himself will be after you
to look after the orphaned child.
25) You are like a bull pulling a bullock cart and must be tired of doing it continuously.
Rest for a while in between, recapitulate the good events of the past, to get refreshed and
26) Life is a movie projector and you are its operator. As long as the projection is going
on well with out any interruptions, the audiences (wife and children) cheer and praise
you. Any breaks in the film only invite strong criticism and would be considered as
failure on your part. However you have to run the show till the end, as you cannot run
away halfway through.
27) Life is like dwelling in a seven-storied building. Try living in the seventh floor with
seven doors to reach God with lesser efforts.
28) It is not important as to how many kites you have successfully cut in community kite
flying competition. What's important is how many of them you could fly through to great
heights with out entangling the twine.
29) Kith and kin respect you for temporary wealth at your command but not without evil
designs and jealousies in their minds. Try to earn the God's grace, since it cannot be
stolen by anybody. Distribute the resulting fruits to others liberally and become a Sai
30) Do not take a rigid stand on the happenings in life. Accept things as they come with
pleasure, to lead a peaceful and happy life.

31) Life is like game of cricket where you are at the bowling end and your children are
batting. They hit hard to their full capacities and leave the field exhausted. When it is
your turn to bat, they are reluctant to bowl leaving you as mute spectator or forced to
retire with out scoring any runs.
32) Learn to save for the needs of tomorrow while spending for the bare necessities of
today. Do not give the entire responsibility of looking after you in to the hands of your
children, to prevent having a miserable old age.
33) The periods of light and darkness are a matter of natural phenomena in one's life.
Carry on the journey to the destination, with the support of ‘samardha Sadhguru’ on the
path shown by him. You are sure to find a friend in everybody.
34) The day you stop aspiring for position and wealth while practicing non- interference
in to other's activities, you are qualified to enter the World of spiritualism. The day you
can see the mother in your wife, you are on the top of the spiritual World.
35) Money is not the only thing in life. Never loose kith and kin for the sake of money
and make your life valueless.
36) Life is comparable to a machine where parts are worn out. Parts beyond repairs are
generally heated, melted and recast in to new parts. Similarly the physical body cast by
God, goes back in to the soil to take a new form.
37) It is not advisable to run away from wife and children shelving one's responsibilities.
If that is only the goal, it should happen with mutual consent, separating pleasantly.
38) One who realizes that responsibilities are going to be a part of life till the end and
adjust accordingly is a wise person. On the contrary a person who wavers in attachments
till the end is a coward.
39) How many dips we had in the holy Ganges is not important. How much of dirt we
have removed from our hearts should be of importance.
40) Wearing white is synonymous with living in peace and happiness. Getting dirt on
them is as good as inviting problems. Keep them clean to lead a puritan's life both in
principles and practice.
41) Do not forget the hardships you have faced in life and do not create the same to
others to be human. The moment you do, you are as good as a devil.
42) Spiritualism takes its origin from the success, failures and depth of difficulties an
individual has undergone in his lifetime. It cannot be found in books.
43) Foresight, a good character, and above all a kind heart are the assets required for a
peaceful life.
44) Complete the responsibilities and all other obligations while you are young and
energetic. When you grow older, learn to relax and take recourse to the almighty.
45) Do not fall prey to intoxicants to run away from difficulties in life. Similarly do not
fast to please or earn the love of God.
18-11 1996
46) Your past History is chasing you like a cobra with vengeance. The people with a
spiritual bent of mind are a protected lot. Discharging one's responsibilities is an integral
part of spiritualism.
47) Forget about the sins committed in the past and learn to live Virtuously in the present.
Keep faith in ‘Guru’ so that he can take care of your present for a better future.
48) When you fail to win the love of your dear ones, never aspire for sympathies from
others. Pray God to fill the void with his divine grace.
49) Charities given in the form of free education and food may not be to the liking of
your family members. On the day of your demise family members may not shed a tear,
but those benefited will certainly feel the vacuum and perhaps may even cry.
50) People with and with out money are both living happily. Money is not the only thing
in life. The strong will to lead a happy and contented life is more important.
51) When you desire peace and happiness in life, look at the tiny tots playing carefree,
living in the slums. Your path for peace gets paved automatically, the moment your mind
also learns to attain that state.
52) Enmity in life is not desirable knowing pretty well that it's ill effects get carried over
to the next life.
53) When all goes well, mind is at rest and peaceful but if some thing goes wrong, the
peace and tranquility are disturbed. The best way to cross the hurdle is to pray to Lord
and think of him constantly.
54) Old memories from life are like monuments of yester years. They are unfit to live in.
Similarly the thoughts of bygone days do not serve any purpose for the future. It is better
to forget the past and live in the present hoping for a better future.
55) The property we leave behind is passed on as assets to the next generation. How ever
they too fade away with time and are forgotten easily. What remains forever is the eternal
God. So it is better to teach the younger generations to recognize this truth.
56) Friendship should always be between equals. Attempting friendship with people
above your 1evel (rich) gets you only humiliation by them, which is worse than a curse.
57) Every person who is at the helm of affairs, sooner or later come down to his normal
state. Accept this truth with dignity.
58) Once on the path of spiritualism, any retraction would be the first step towards self-
59) Life is like a train journey. All that is required is faith in ‘Sai’ to reach the
60) Ups and down occur periodically in one's life. One should ask for courage to swim
across and not for living in peace under those circumstances. Overcome hurdles with
courage rather than compromising with them.
61) Life is like an empty pot and has no use unless it is filled with water. Similarly a
man's life has no purpose unless God finds a place in his heart.
62) Life is like a story of Bethal and Vikram in which you assume the role of the Vikram.
Your job is to reach the destination (to attain moksha). Bethal symbolizes ups and downs
in life.
63). Desire for material things in life is like a goat standing on a wall with leaves, fruit
and vegetables on either side. Jumping down, unable to resist the temptation to eat leads
only to breaking of it’s legs.
64) Journey through life is like riding a bicycle. Travel with your wife seated behind,
sharing all the highlights of the life together.
65) Life is like a sea - shore. The waves roll on to it leaving certain sea creatures on the
shore. The small crustations survive while the larger creatures and fish struggle in meagre
amount of water that remains after the wave recedes. God's grace alone makes the
crustations return to the sea.
66) To undertake a peaceful and safe journey through life, one should have limited
number of friends and relatives. Travel with the load matching your capacity. Do not
interfere in others affairs.
67) Life is like a train journey in to the infinite but It is back to the place where it started
(mother’s womb i.e. the origin).
68) Life is like performances on a trapeze without the safety net placed below, If you
must swing, do so remembering me. I shall offer protection with my own hands.
69) Life is an endless journey. You are only a traveler acquiring different forms in the
70) Life is like a journey on a sail boat accompanied by your wife (sail). Use the sail only
when the winds are blowing for proper navigation. With out winds, usage of the sail only
obstructs the vision.
71) You have taken the driver's seat in bus travel (journey through life) with co -
passengers of all types and classes. It is for you to see that you steer it cautiously to their
destiny making everybody feel safe and comfortable.
72) Life is a marathon walk and on the way, we mix, talk, sing, compete, dine and dance
with our fellows. In a competition some win and others loose, both have to take it
73) Life is like driving a fully loaded lorry. Load in this context is shouldering of
multifaceted responsibilities. Though some lorries on the way meet with mishaps, we
should continue the travel without interruption till we reach the goal.
74) Justice and injustice always exist side by side. Forget the wrong path and follow the
75) Normally 80% truth is accepted as truth. At times, it may be worth- while to let
others live in the illusion of truth if it leads to their mental satisfaction and contributing to
their peaceful living. We should always attempt to discard the bad.
76) All the bad humiliations and hatreds existing in your mind before entering in to Sai's
protection, can easily be forgotten compared to the manifold success you taste after you
come under Sai's umbrella.
77) Mix freely with people who have helped you in periods of crisis. Never hesitate to
dine with them, irrespective of their social status.
78) We recognize the power behind every success and failures only when we face them.
The process of thought concerning this source of power is the religion. To know more
about almighty, support of religion is required.
79) It is for me to remove the unwanted growth of weeds (Ignorance) from your life
which is like a vast paddy field (knowledge) and it is for you to provide the right
atmosphere for the growth of knowledge.
80) Love and affections can only give us either sorrow or happiness in life. We neither
stand to gain nor loose any thing from either of them. It is therefore foolish to continue
clinging to either of them forever.
81) Once you have realized that you have done something wrong, repetition of the same
is unethical. Be prepared to face the consequences of it if you do so. Do not forget that it
is next to impossible to run away from one's own conscience.
82) You are the only a witness to the past happenings in your life. Never give credence or
value to them. Believe and hope for better future and live peacefully.
83) Cultivate the habit of standing on your own feet in life. Once you realize your own
strength, you need not look for any favours externally.
84) If you worship a person he will treat you like a slave. If you worship God, he will
stand before you always ready to extend a helping hand.
85) Lack of knowledge is the root of all the sexual disorders. Living in darkness is the
cause for one to be in a bad company. Lack of understanding is the main reason for
disharmony in a marriage. Divorce is never a solution for it.
86) Man compromises with the impeding ups and downs, to continue the journey of life.
Do the same when you face chronic Health problems, instead of developing suicidal
tendencies. It is a great sin to commit suicide. Ups and downs in life and health related
problems are all a result of our own karmic deeds. The earlier we realize this ground
reality the better it is.
87) To live, money is essential. Money is also a root cause of our ego. Ego disturbs the
mental balance of an individual. I, as a humble servant of God, assure you that I shall
help to remove your ego so that you can reach God.
88) "The way you live for your children and they live for you, in the same way I live for
my devotees and they live for me".
89) Journey by air commences with placement of our trust in Pilot's hands. If you want to
reach the Goal, take full support of faith and travel along with me in the path shown. I
shall assure you a safe passage to the desired destination.
90) Whether a prince or a pauper, all needs food for survival. The giver is ‘Parabrahmah’.
Though every body knows this truth, yet people waste their energies and time in running
after positions and luxuries. 1 shall show you the path to reach the ultimate
(Parabrahmah) and enjoy the bliss.
91) You can buy a person with the wealth and turn him in to a slave to exhibit your ego.
However remember that you can never buy his self-respect. Otherwise you may be a
victim of his wrath and anger.
92) The parents recognize the appetite of children. They are nourished with due care for a
happy and healthy growth. On similar lines, I know what is good for my devotees.
Accordingly I advise them to be good to themselves and to the society as well.
93) Life is comparable to the planet Earth spinning around it and rotating round the Sun
through the ages. Happiness symbolizes days and sorrow the nights. Journey through life
is a continuous process. The sensitivity to a given situation depends upon how thick
skinned one is. Happiness and sorrow are two faces of the same coin (life) and are purely
a matter of personal experience and concern. Resort to Sai for the desired protection
against all odds to enlighten the individual spiritually where every thing appears on the
same plane.
94) The ordeals you have undergone, the feasts and fasts you have undertaken during the
course of fulfilling your moral /social obligations and responsibilities are well known to
me. I am bound by your devotion and I assure you that I shall stand by your side for a
safe voyage.
95) Mother, youth, bonds of love (wife and children), Social status and position in office-
are all passing phases during one's life. ‘Ram’ the (Master) and his devotee Hanuman
(servant) are the only permanent entities in the universe. Therefore try your best to
emulate the ideal example to be liberated from all the bonds.
96) Extra marital affairs should be totally avoided, for it is like travelling in a car without
brakes and is disastrous to the self and society at large.
97) Retirement from service is usually marked with all pomp and show including photo
sessions to make those memories last for the rest of your life. Do good in personal life
too, so that your near and dear really miss you when you say goodbye to all at the end of
your journey through life.
98) The only tools with which couples can solve their marital disputes are self-
introspection and prayer. Any external interference will only lead to inviting further
problems. Seeking divorce and legal separation multiplies the miseries of the begotten
children amounts to doing grave injustice to them.
99) ‘God’ has created Man and Woman with equal amount of inner strength but with
different amounts of physical strengths. One should never indulge in establishing
superiority over the other.
100) It is always better to keep away from bad habits rather than keeping away from
people with bad habits.
25-02- 1999
101) It is not a sin to make money in life but it will be foolish to run only after money.

Sri Madhusudhan Nori, Hyderabad, India
  " Madhusudan Nori was born on 26 March 1943 at Pune in a deeply religious family.
    After graduating in Mechanical Engineering from Pune University in 1963 he was
       commissioned as a Technical Officer in Indian Air Force. He settled down in
      Secunderabad after his retirement from service.. He has undertaken the task of
    translating, from the original Telugu to English, Sai Ba-Ni-Sa's letters to his son."

SAI IN LETTERS(Saibanisa's letters to his Son)
Dear Sai Bandhus,
Salutations. I went to Shirdi in 1989 and had Darshan of Sri Sainath in the Samadhi
Mandir. The moment my eyes fell on the Divine idol of Sai , I realized that HE is my
MASTER and I am HIS servant. I forgot myself momentarily in the Bliss of that
realization. I accepted Sri Sai Satcharitra ( Life History of Sri Sai Baba) as a daily
devotional reading book on 07 June 1990. I had a desire to make my son take up daily
devotional reading of the book Sri Sai Satcharitra from 06 Jan 1992. From that day I
started writing my experiences with Sri Sai and my thoughts on Sri Sai Satcharitra in
form of letters to my son. My efforts bore fruit and my son Chakrapani developed
immense faith in Sri Sai. I humbly attribute this success of mine to HIS BLESSINGS &
GRACE. Hopefully, reading these letters result in transforming those, who do not know
about Sri Sai , into Sai Devotees, I will consider my efforts have borne fruit through HIS
In service of Sri Sai,
Sai - Ba - Ni - Sa
Hyderabad , 24 September 1995
PS . I request the readers to read first Sri Sai Satcharitra in English by Late Sri Nagesh
Vasudev Gunaji , before reading these letters. .

06 January 1992
Chapter 1
Dear Chakrapani,
07 June 1990 Thursday is an unforgettable day in my life. I commenced daily devotional
reading of Sri Sai Satcharitra from that day. I thought of ways to inspire you to
undertake daily devotional reading of Sri Sai Satcharitra . These letters are the result
from that thought process. I intend to write 48 letters, representing 51 chapters of Sri Sai
Satcharitra. Please read the chapter of Sri Sai Satcharitra corresponding to the letter,
before reading my letter. Then you will understand my experiences with Sri Sai, leading
to growth in you of faith in Sri Sai. You will come across one question, on the
relationship between Sri Sai and you, in the Prologue to Sri Sai Satcharitra. My answer
to that question is in the following 3 sentences:
(a) Your relationship with Sri Sai is that of between father and son.
(b) Your relationship with Sri Sai is that of between GOD and you.
(c) Your relationship with Sri Sai is that of between Master and his Slave.
I opted for the relationship of the third category, i.e. between Master and his Slave.
You may be troubled with an issue of daily devotional reading of Guru Charitra
(Preceptor's Life History) mentioned in the prologue. It is very difficult to implement the
practices mentioned in the Guru Charitra. Sri Hemadri Pant wrote the Sri Sai
Satcharitra in Marathi language for dispelling these difficulties. Sri Pratthi Narayana
Rao translated this book into Telugu language as Life History of Sri Sai Baba and drove
away our difficulties. If we do daily devotional reading of Life History of Sri Sai Baba
it is equivalent to daily devotional reading of Guru Charitra.I must tell you of few
incidents before elaborating on the contents of the first chapter. I think these incidents
will generate enthusiasm in you. I heard of Sri Sathya Sai Baba's name in 1964 when I
was studying in a college at Kakinada. In those days many people spoke either
admiringly or derogatorily of him. I did not show any interest in these discussions. I
wondered whether GOD can exist in human form and whether Sri Sathya Sai is GOD.
Sri Sathya Sai appeared in my dream same night (1964) and touched me on my
shoulder. I felt flow of electric waves in my body and could not withstand the effects
thereof. Sri Sathya Sai said to me - You have not reached the stage to understand Sai
Philosophy, until then you cannot worship Sai -. I did not know anything about Sri
Shirdi Sai in 1964. I completed my education in1965 and embarked on my career. One
of my friends gave me a picture of Sri Shirdi Sai in 1989. I hung that picture on a wall in
our house. As I started looking at the picture, HIS enchanting smile gave rise to lots of
thoughts. I started searching for meanings of those chains of thought inspired by looking
at the picture. Then I recalled what Sri Sathya Sai told me in my dream in 1964. The
course of my life took a new turn in 1989. An unknown person appeared in my dream, on
one night in 1989, and said - Your water tank is empty, fill it up with fresh water-. Sri
Shirdi Sai compares Human mind to water tank, and fresh thoughts to fresh water. I
accepted Sri Shirdi Sai as my Master with these new thoughts.Sri Hemadri Pant tells at
the beginning of the first chapter of Sri Sai Sathcharitra that Sri Sainatha is Sri
Ganesha. That's why before commencing any task think of Sri Sai and offer your prayers
to HIM - it is same as thinking of and offering prayers to Vinayaka ( another name of
Ganesha). Paying respects to elders is in our culture and tradition. Sri Hemadri Pant
followed that tradition and reminded us about our forgotten traditions. If today I am
comfortable and happy, it is as a result of blessings received from my grand father Sri
Ravada Sitaramayya, grand mother Smt Saraswatiamma, father Sri Ravada Venkat Rao,
mother Smt Ramanamma, uncle Sri Upadhyayula Pereswara Somayajulu and aunt Smt
Kameswaramma. I bow and pay my respects to all of them. In the first chapter Sri
Hemadri Pant has also paid his respects to all readers of the book. I pay my respects to all
elders and my blessings all younger than me, who read these letters of mine. Sri Hemadri
Pant described Sri Sai Baba as an incarnation of Sri Dattatreya. When I was once in
meditation Sri Sai said - Tranquility is becoming rare even in forests nowadays.
Therefore my devotees must set up an altar for Sri Dattatreya in each house and
peacefully meditate on HIM -. So I believe that Sri Sai Baba is an incarnation of Sri
Dattatreya. Sri Hemadri Pant described the episode of grinding of wheat by Sri Sai
Baba in the first chapter of the book. I hope that you have understood the inner
significance of wheat grinding. When I was meditating on Sri Sai on this subject , HE
gave me a message, which I am narrating to you , so please listen carefully. - You
become wheat to be ground in a grinding mill called society, become flour to be
converted into Bread for my devotees-. Each Sai Devotee, understanding significance
of this message, must strive for the welfare of fellow human beings and do justice to the
society. You can see the grinding mill, used by Sri Sai Baba for grinding wheat, even
today in Sri Sai Samadhi Temple (Dwarakamayi) in Shirdi. Many devotees visit
Shirdi to see and pay their respects to that Grinding Mill . When I paid my respects to
that Grinding Mill in Dwarakamayi I remembered a question posed by Bhakta Kabir to
his disciples. He asked - What is wrong in worshipping a grinding mill made of stone,
which gives wheat flour to people in society, when we worship idols sculpted from
stone? -. Once Sri Sai Baba , while narrating events of his previous births, said - I was
Kabir in my earlier birth and used to spin yarn-. That means Sri Sai when born as
Kabir used to say - Individuals in a society are like a yarn, to be fed into a loom for
being woven as good cloth.- When he was reborn as Sri Sai Baba he said - All Sai
devotees in society must be ground in a grinding mill to become flour for conversion
into bread for fellow human beings.-
Pani, I have so far narrated events about Sri Sai Baba described in the first chapter by Sri
Hemadri Pant and messages revealed during meditation to me by Sri Sai . Contemplate
once again about contents of this letter and ask yourself about how much of good use
you can be for the society. Ask Sri Sai for an answer to your question, receive HIS
answer and try to implement HIS message.
With this I am closing my experiences on the first chapter. I may get new revelation
tomorrow and I will try to convey them with reference to context to you. Please look
forward to my second letter tomorrow.
In Service of Sai,
Your Father.

Chapter 2
7th January 1992
Dear Chakrapani,
Sri Hemadri Pant wrote about himself, the proposed writing of the book, his real name,
how he acquired the name of Hemad Pant and the necessity of Guru (Master) in the
second chapter of Sri Sai Satcharitra. I need not write about myself in this letter. You
know me since you became aware of the world and have seen the change in me after July
1989. What type of person your father was before July 1989and what change change has
occured in his life after July 1989 need not be elaborated in detail to you by me. You
have seen the change in me but you do not know the compelling reasons responsible for
the change in me. My eagerness to explain all those reasons is finding its place in these
letters. Hemad Pant contemplated many times about his competence or lack of it to
undertake writing of the book, prior to commencement of writing of this book. In my
case I am taking the idea of conveying information about Sri Sai to you through the
medium of letters as my competence and am writing these letters. Many people have
written many books about Sri Sai Baba, please read them. Also read these letters being
written by your father. In my opinion Sri Sai is the relationship between father and son.
As a father there is nothing wrong about my informing you about such Sai. Hemad Pant
had the inspiration from Shyama and Blessings from Sri Sai for writing Sri Sai
Satcharitra. In my case your mother encouraged me to write these letters. Whether
blessings of Sri Sai are there or not can only be known through these 48 letters I intend to
write. Only myself, yourself and the future will be the only witness. Hemad Pant wrote in
the second chapter that he is greatly indebted to Sri Nanasaheb Chandorkar for inspiring
him to visit Shirdi and have Darshan of Sri Sai Baba and that he cannot repay this debt.
There is a similar incident in my case. I am indebted to our neighbour Sri Bhonsale,
Accounts Officer in ECIL. Matters pertaining to EGO were discussed in the second
chapter. I will now narrate how Sri Sai removed my ego, so please read carefully. I used
to boast with pride to everyone that everyday I give Harati to Sri Sai at 5 AM in the
morning and at 9 PM at night. Once the alarm, which was set to go at 5 O' clock, went off
instead at 5.30, which resulted in my giving Harati to Sri Sai at 5.45 in the morning. On
completion of Harati when I looked up at the portrait of Sri Sai, HIS looks conveyed -
What is matter today, you are late in giving Harati - and thus crushed my prideand ego.
Sri Hemad Pant says in the second chapter of Sri Sai Satcharitra, that he was witness to
Divine Leelas of Sri Sai, which filled him with happiness. That happiness itself
prompted to write this book. I have not seen Sri Sai in person. We cannot see HIM in
person now, but I have personally experienced happiness through HIS Divine Leelas and
that happiness has prompted me to write these letters. Then shyama's inspiration and Sri
Sai's permission enabled Sri Hemadri Pant to write Sri Sai Satcharitra. Now your
mother's encouragement is enabling me to write these letters to you.
In service of Sri Sai,
Your Father.

Chapter 3
08 January 1992
Chapter 3
Dear Chakrapani,
I will write to you today about the incidents narrated in the third chapter of Sri Sai
Satcharitra. Sri Sai says -Believe in what I say. Writing of my LEELAs will drive
away ignorance. Those who listen, with DEVOTION and INTEREST, these
LEELAs will have their attachment to worldly things reduced. Unflinching devotion
will rise as waves of LOVE. Those who get fully immersed in MY LEELAs will get
Pearls of Wisdom -. I believe 100% in these utterings of Sri Sai. I will strive till my last
breath to acquire these Pearls of Wisdom. Sri Hemadri Pant writes -GOD assigns
different tasks to different devotees, He assigned the task of writing this Satcharitra
to me-. I think that Sri Sai has assigned me the task of writing these letters to you.
LightHouses are essential for guiding those travelling by sea. Similarly stories of Sri Sai
are lights of beacon for guiding those crossing this ocean of Life. Sri Sai took care of
HIS devotees as HIS OWN Children. Sri Sai took care of all needs of Sri Hemadri Pant
after he retired from Government in 1916. I humbly pray to Sri Sai to grant me the
oppertunity to happily dedicate myself in service of Sri Sai after my retirement from
Government service in the same way as HE has done in the past for Sri Hemadri Pant.
Contemplate on the message of Sri Sai through the Rohilla story. -Each person must
pray to GOD daily, but such prayers should not be like shrill shouts of a shrew.
There should be tranquility in prayers to GOD-. The main aspect of discourse given
by Sri Sai to his devotees is - Remember well that I know whatever you do and
wherever you may be, Everything is known to ME-. This one sentence is enough to
live with faith in Sri Sai. At the end of third chapter Sri Sai showed the right way to live
life. HE instructed his devotees to concentrate fully their sights on HIM, after
shedding laziness, excess sleep, ever-fluctuating mind and excessive attachment to
sensual pleasures of the body. Sri Hemadri Pant's last sentence of this chapter is - Let
Sri Sai be installed in everyone's hearts-. Let us, you and me, install Sri Sai in our
In service of Sri Sai,
Your Father.
09 January 1992
Chapter 4
Dear Chakrapani,
I could write about only about a few things in the letter written to you yesterday. Today
let us recapitulate the fourth chapter. Sri Hemadri Pant had vividly described the duties of
enlightened souls. - GOD incarnates Himself in different ages / periods of time for
protecting the Righteous and punishing the Wicked. This is Kali Yuga (age of Kali), if
GOD undertakes the task of of punishing or eliminating the Wicked, then more than half
of the population on this earth would have to be punished or eliminated. This would
endanger the Human species itself. Hence GOD incarnated as an enlightened soul Sri Sai
for converting the Wicked into the Righteous ones as an ongoing task. As a result lots
of people are being converted to become righteous. Advent of Sri Sai has made a remote
village called Shirdi into a vibrating place of Holy Pilgrimage. My attempt to describe
the countenance of Sri Sai will be like showing a candle to the glowing full moon. Sri
Hemadri Pant very nicely described Sri Sai's looks in the fourth chapter of Sri Sai
Satcharitra, please read the chapter carefully and visualize for yourself. Devotees from
far and wide, from all corners of India, came to Shirdi up to 1918 for seeing Sri Sai
Baba in person. Today devotees from all over the world are coming to Shirdi seeking
blessings of Sri Sai. Gouli Bua, a 95 years old devotee, said in those days -Sri Sai
incarnated to shower HIS Mercy on destitute and poor. This statement is literally
true. While Kakasaheb Dixit was in meditation in those days, Sri Sai appeared as Vithal
of Pandharpur. After a while on the same day a vendor of photographs came along with
a photograph matching exactly with the vision he had in meditation. Kakasaheb Dixit
purchased that photograph, installed it in his altar and started worshipping the same.
While I was meditating in 1991, Sri Sai appeared as SHIVA and told me to worship the
visualized form. When I went to Shirdi in December 1991, I was delighted to see in a
shop a photograph of Sri Sai as SHIVA matching exactly the vision I had earlier that
year. I bought the photograph, installed it in my altar and started worshipping it. When I
read Bhagawantrao Kshirsagar's story I felt that what Sri Sai has said then could amply
be applicable to my life. My father, a devotee of Sri Sai, passed away in 1974. We did
not worship Sri Sai in our house from 1974 to 1989. Sri Sai did not perform HIS
LEELA 's and Miracles to show HIS greatness. These LEELAS and Miracles were
performed as demanded by the situation for lighting the spark of Enlightenment in
the devotees. One such Miracle was flowing of waters from Ganga and Yamuna
from the toes of Sri Sai in response to Das Ganu's wish to bathe at the confluence of
Ganga and Yamuna at Prayag. How lucky is that Das Ganu for having experienced this
miracle. Devotees of Sri Sai tried in-vain to find out about who were Sri Sai's parents,
where was he born and from where he came to Shirdi. Actually who can be parents of
GOD? How can GOD be born? Such questions about birthplace of GOD and HIS
parents are proofs of stupidity and ignorance. Sri Sai told his devotees that HIS
Preceptor / Master meditated and practiced Penance in an underground closed
chamber under a Neem tree in Shirdi. Today that place is called Guru Sthan (Master's
place) by Sai devotees. I went for the first time to Shirdi in 1989 and had Darshan of Sri
Sai in Samadhi Mandir. I commenced daily devotional study of Sri Sai Satcharitra on
07 June 1990. When I was asleep once in 1990, Sri Sai appeared in my dream and
showed me that underground chamber under Neem tree in Shirdi. That vision coincided
exactly with the description of the underground chamber in Sri Sai Satcharitra. This
incident has firmly convinced me that as Sri Sai spoke to HIS devotees in 1858, HE
continues to do so even today although HE attained Samadhi earlier. The place
where Sri Sai Samadhi Mandir stands today in Shirdi was once a beautiful garden
lovingly tended by Sri Sai. This act of tending a garden with love by Sri Sai is a clear
direction given by HIM to mankind that they should lovingly serve not only fellow
human beings and animals but also plants and trees which too have a life. A true
example of Loving and Conserving NATURE. Hoping that you too will tread the path
shown by Sri Sai.
In service of Sri Sai,
Your Father

10 January 1992
Chapter - 5
Dear Chakrapani,
I will elaborate today on the fifth chapter of Sri Sai Satcharitra . Due to similarity in the
incidents narrated in this chapter and the way Sri Sai entered my life, my devotion and
belief in this chapter is great. Hemadri Pant narrated first the episode of Chand Patil
searching for his missing mare and the manner in which Sri Sai helped Chand Patil in
this matter. There is an issue for serious contemplation in this episode. Chand Patil was a
wealthy man and it is a fact that he lost his mare. He could easily have bought, if he
wished, ten mares of the type he lost. Then why did he search for his lost mare only?
One needs to think deeply on this aspect. Probably Sri Sai's view of Chand Patil is that
of an individual who has satiated himself with all worldly pleasures. Sri Sai drew
Chand Patil into HIS fold for igniting spiritual thinking in him, creating aversion to
worldly pleasures and completely freeing him from Arishad Vargas (six types of
behavioral patterns). Dada Kelkar says in the 21st Chapter of Sri Sai Satcharitra that a
Mare can be compared to the Divine Grace of GOD. In Sri Sai's view what Chand Patil
has lost is GOD's Grace. Hence we must understand that Sri Sai took Chand Patil into
HIS fold for making him get back his lost Grace of GOD. Hemadri Pant writes that
when a Fakir ( Sri Sai ) arrives, along with Chand Patil's marriage party , at the
Khandoba Temple in Shirdi. Bhaktha Mhalsapati addresses the Fakir - Welcome Sai -
thus welcoming HIM with reverence. People of Shirdi started calling that Fakir as SAI
BABA from that day. Today the name SAI has found a permanent abode in the hearts
of millions of Devotees. Arthur Osborne came to India in 1957, stayed in Shirdi for a
long time gathering material on Sri Sai and wrote a book in English titled The
Incredible Sai Baba. Hemadri Pant describes Sri Sai's daily routine this way - Sri Sai
visited Rahata, situated 3 miles away from Shirdi , brought saplings of Marigold,
Oleander and Jasmine, prepared beds for them in Shirdi, planted them and watered
them. A beautiful garden took shape at that place as a result of Sri Sai's loving
efforts -.
Now Baba's Samadhi is at the same place. Just pause for a moment and think about the
message conveyed to His Devotees by Sri Sai through this episode. Human lives are like
flowering shrubs. They need protection and loving care for their growth. They should
bloom like flowers, without selfishness for reaching the Lotus Feet of the GOD. As a
beautiful tree which shelters all without selfishness and ultimately merges with the
Mother Nature, so is Sri Sai's life spent in selfless service of HIS Devotees upto HIS
attainment of Maha Samadhi. Hemadri Pant describes the episode of installing Padukas
at the base of the Neem tree. -They decided to install Baba's Padukas at the base of
the Neem tree as a memorial to the fact that Baba meditated under that tree when
He first came to Shirdi. They decided to get Baba's Padukas sculpted from stone -.
There is parallel to this episode in my life. On a saturday in July 1989, the day of
commencement of the first journey to Shirdi in my life, I started as usual to go to
Hanuman Temple and Maisamma Goddess Temple with Rs 4 in my pocket. (It was my
habit to visit every Saturday Hanuman Temple for offering worship with Rs 2, then go to
nearby Maisamma Goddess Temple for lighting a lamp with Rs 1 and give Rs1 as alms to
an old poor lady.) While entering the Hanuman Temple as usual, poor old lady who
always sits under the Neem tree wished me as always. After completing worship and
paying Rs 2 to the priest, I came out with balance Rs 2 and approached the Neem tree for
giving Rs 1 as alms to the poor old lady. When I was about to give Rs 1 coin to the por
old lady I saw an old poor man, dressed in Khaki shirt & Khaki shorts, with grey
beard, a cloth piece tied on his head, a shoulder bag with him, a tin container on
floor near him, a short stick in one of his hands and stretching the palm of his other
hand in front of me asking for alms. I was now in a dilemma as I had two Rs 1 coins
and if I gave them as alms to the poor old lady and the poor old man, what would I then
give for lighting a lamp in Maisamma Goddess Temple? I thought for a moment and then
gave the two coins in my hand as alms to the poor old lady and the poor old man. As I
was coming out I was troubled with many thoughts. Who was the poor old man under the
Neem tree, who was not there when I entered the Temple? I had never seen him before.
With these thoughts I looked back and that poor old man smiled while looking at me.
I was captivated by an unknown power from his face. I reached home with many
thoughts going through my mind. The moment a thought occurred that the poor old man
could be Sri Sai Baba, I went back to the Temple. By then the poor old man had gone
away. I asked the familiar poor old lady about the poor old man, wearing Khaki shirt &
Khaki shorts, and her reply further astonished me. Her description of that poor old man is
this - That poor old man was dressed in White Dhoti , White Vest, cloth piece tied on
his head, a shoulder bag with him, a tin container in his hand, a short stick in his
other hand came and sat next me. He enquired from me whether any of the visitors
to that Temple give alms. I replied that a gentleman entered the Temple a little
while ago and after coming out he will give me Rs 1 and if you ask him you will also
get Rs 1. How lucky is that poor old lady, Sri Sai Baba actually sat next to her. He took
Rs 1 as alms from me without my realising his true identity. Thereafter I searched for that
poor old man on many Saturdays but have not seen him even once till now. I firmly
believe that Sri Sai Baba himself appeared that day to take Rs 1 as alms from me
and smilingly blessed me. Thus Sri Sai blessed me under a Neem tree in DAE Colony
in Hyderabad on the day I commenced my first ever journey to Shirdi and I resolved to
install Padukas of Sri Sai under that tree. The way this wish of mine was fulfilled by Sri
Sai is even more astonishing. I asked friends for assistance for getting Padukas of Sri
Sai sculpted from marble and for installing them under that tree. Not only did I get any
help but also many hurdles came in the way. Not knowing how to proceed further in the
matter, I stood thinking under that Neem tree on a certain Saturday. Sri Sai prompted the
priest in the Hanuman Temple to suggest a way out to me.The priest came out of the
Temple, approached me under the Neem tree and made two requests to me. Firstly he
wanted me to purchase for him a pair of footwear as his feet are becoming sore by
walking bare feet on hot earth. Secondly he wanted me to purchase kerosene stove for
him as he was facing immense difficulties in cooking. I was elated on hearing these two
requests realizing that Sri Sai ordered me to provide new Padukas(Foot wear) to the
temple and arrange for the holy Dhuni (Fire).
I purchased both the items next thursday and when I helped the priest to put on the new
foot wear I got the satisfactory feeling as if I have installed Padukas of Sri Sai and when
I presented the kerosene stove to the priest, I got the feeling of arranging a Dhuni in a
newly built Sai Temple. Now think about the significance of Sri Sai lighting lamps
using water instead of oil. There is nothing wrong in asking for help in performing
Divine Tasks of GOD. Such tasks should not be stopped because help is not
forthcoming. The task should be completed from within whatever means one has instead
of complaining that something or the other is not available and stopping the Divine Task.
Sri Sai asked the merchants for oil needed for the Divine Task of lighting the lamps
in the Mosque. Merchants turned down HIS request. Still HE had unflinching
devotion and belief in GOD and hence could light the lamps using water as fuel. HE
never castigated the merchants for their refusal to give oil. Although a Fakir named
Johar Ali, who was not as enlightened as Sri Sai was, called and treated Baba as his
disciple, HE was never hurt and proved HIS equanimity by not being moved by
either praise or disrespect. Understand that having faith in feet of Sri Sai Baba, who
dedicated HIS life for service of HIS Devotees, means having faith in humanity.
In service of Sri Sai,
Your Father.

11 January 1992
Chapter 6
Dear Chakrapani,
I think I wrote mainly about my experiences with Sri Sai in my letter yesterday. Shall I
tell the purpose of my writing about my experiences to you? Sri Sai performed many
Divine Leelas till 1918 when HE was present in human form amongst people. Today HE
is not amongst us anymore. The thought that HE is not amongst us should not come to
Sai Devotees. Every Sai Devotee must share his experiences with other Sai Devotees for
fostering and sustaining the thought that HE is still amongst us. Following this dictum
has resulted in my letters being filled mostly with my experiences with Sri Sai. Hemadri
Pant says in this chapter - When conversing with anyone only tales of Sri Sai come to
mind for citing as examples. When I intend to write about some matter, without HIS
Grace & Inspiration I can write neither a word nor a sentence.
I understood this statement to be literally true in my life. I consider that Sri Sai's Grace &
Inspiration alone are making me write these letters. Sri Sai's words - Food and Clothing
will always be adequately available in MY Devotee's house -. The absolute truth in this
statement can be understood by comparing the situation in my house prior to 1989 to the
situation prevailing today, and I believe in Sri Sai's statement to be eternally true.
Hemadri Pant described gloriously the Sri Rama Navami celebrations in Shirdi. This
brings to mind how Sri Sai got Sri Rama Navami to be celebrated in our house in 1991. I
will now narrate a small miracle performed by Sri Sai on that day, so pay attention.
Previous night Sri Sai appeared in my dream in the form of an unknown person and told
me - Rama and Lakshmana will will come to your house to accept your offerings -. Next
morning is Sri Rama Navami and I told your mother that Sri Sai would come to our
house in the form of two brothers, like Rama and Lakshmana, to accept our offerings.
After telling her I completely forgot about the issue. That night after completing the Arati
your mother and myself were discussing about the Sri Rama Navami celebrations in our
house on that day when your mother suddenly asked me whether Sri Sai did come to our
house and accepted our offerings or not. I did not remember this issue till then. I started
to recapitulate immediately who all were the guests who came to our house that day from
morning to night. My surprise was limitless when I remembered that my friend Sri
Raghuraman, along with his two daughters, visited our house in the evening and left after
accepting our offerings. My heart was filled with Bliss the moment I recollected that his
daughters were twins, and Sri Sai has visited our house in their form. I prostrated myself
immediately at the Lotus feet of Sri Sainath and expressed my gratitude. In those days Sri
GopalaRao Gund attained Bliss by serving Sri Sai. Whether this Gopala Rao will attain
Bliss or not by serving Sri Sai will depend entirely on Grace and Blessings of Sri Sai.
In service of Sri Sai,
Your Father.


12 January 1992
Dear Chakrapani ,
I wrote only about few incidents in my last letter. But by now you must have realised that
Sri Sai's words , said then and now , to be eternally true. I will have to write many pages
if I have to cover all important episodes in the life of Sri Sai in this letter , hence I cannot
write about them now . Even though HE was actually an incarnation of GOD, HE never
claimed that HE was GOD. HE always used to say that HE was only an obedient
servant of GOD and GOD is above all. Sri Sai, in his initial days, used to examine the
sick and ailing people in the village and give medicines to them. By HIS example HE
had indicated to HIS devotees to consider SERVICE to MANKIND as SERVICE to
GOD. HE could not see HIS devotees suffering from illness and hence took on those
illnesses on HIMSELF for giving relief to HIS devotees. Periodically HE used to
perform Yogic Practices of Dhouti (cleaning of intestines) and Khanda Yoga (separation
and attachment of limbs) for cleaning HIS body of ailments taken on from devotees by
HIM. His immense Love for children can be well understood by the two incidents.
Firstly during Deepavali festival in 1910 the way HE saved the life of a blacksmith's
son, who accidentally fell into the furnace in a village faraway from Shirdi, by
thrusting HIS hand into the Dhuni in the Dwarakamayi in Shirdi. Secondly the
manner in which HE transferred bubonic plague bubos from the body of Khaparde's
son to HIS body for relieving the suffering of the boy. Sri Sai used to play with small
children in Shirdi and HE used to enjoy the pristine love radiated by the children. Now I
will write about something that many people do not know. Prior to 1908 Sri Sai Baba
did not permit anyone to worship HIM. In 1908 a 6 year old boy named Bapu Rao,
recognized Sri Sai Baba as GOD and started worshiping HIM every day by placing one
flower on HIS head and saluting HIM. That act of worship started by small boy Bapu
Rao acted as a beacon for worshiping HIM by millions of Sai devotees today.
In service of Sri Sai,
Your Father.


13 January 1992
Chapter - 8
Dear Chakrapani ,
I cannot write about my experiences in this letter, as Hemadri Pant described about the
daily routine of Sri Sai and about the relationship between HIM and HIS main devotees
in those days. Hemadri Pant, who was closely associated with Sri Sai says about the
human body - Do neither neglect the body, nor pamper the body but take good care
of it adequately just as the horse rider takes good care of his horse till the
destination for the journey is reached -. At this stage I will remind you of some
incidents when you were a child. After you learnt riding a bicycle you used to go to a
cycle shop, rent a bicycle, ride it carefully, then return it to the shop and settle the hire
charges for the duration of your usage.
Similarly for travelling on this highway called LIFE, we rent a cycle called BODY for
100 hours (100 years) from GOD. Unfortunately we ride that cycle (Body) carelessly
thus damaging it and returning it to the shop keeper (GOD) without completing 100 hours
(100 years). Having faith and trust in preceptor called Sri Sai, will guide us to Entire
class good care of the cycle (Body) and we can ride the cycle (Body) smoothly on the
highway (Life) as long as we live. Sri Sai never tolerated idleness. GOD has given us
good intelligence and also time for using it properly. Just imagine the consequences if
you permit a disease called idleness to take root. Idleness causes us to imperfectly
perform our tasks, which leads us to tell lies for survival in the world. Once idleness and
lying (lack of integrity) take firm root in our lives, this will lead to stealing. One's life is
totally ruined once habits of idleness, lying and stealing are acquired. That's why do
not ever permit idleness to enter your life. Just try and imagine what Sri Sai used to do in
the afternoon, when he was alone as devotees had gone to their houses after the morning
programme. At that time He used to take a thread and needle and carry out repairs to
HIS torn Kafni (item of clothing). By chance if any devotees were around at that time
and offered to do the repairs HE never agreed saying - Never let a devil called idleness
to come anywhere near you -.
Hemadri Pant wrote in detail about Baba going around the streets begging for food. Sri
Sai used to place all the food collected in an earthen vessel in Dwarakamayi. Firstly the
woman, who cleans the mosque, took some food from the vessel, and then dogs & cats in
the mosque took some food from the vessel, whatever food left in the vessel was then
mixed by Sri Sai and partook it. HE never cared for taste and never thought about the
taste of what that is being eaten. That's how Sri Sai used to eat his food. Now I will
narrate an incident of my childhood. When I was studying in 7 Th standard, Science
Master was explaining about Balanced diet in the lesson. I was not at all attentive in the
class on that day, and did not listen properly the lesson being taught. At the end of the
class, Science Master wanted to test whether I was attentive or not and asked me - What
is Balanced diet? -. I had not been attentive when the lesson was being taught, I will
have to give some reply otherwise I will have to stand up on the bench as punishment for
not being attentive in the class. I thought for a moment and replied - Balanced diet
means mixing all the items of food in a vessel first and then partaking the same -.
Entire class burst out in loud laughter. If any of those classmates of mine of that day have
become Sai Devotees today and if they go back to that day and recapitulate the incident
now, I wonder what would their reaction be today. Tatya Kote Patil and Mhalsapati used
to sleep in Dwarakamayi every night with Sri Sai. They used to sleep with their heads
eastwards, westwards and northwards respectively and their feet touching each other.
When I contemplated on reasons for this unusual sleeping arrangements the answer I got
is - There is life on the earth in Easterly , Westerly and Northerly directions, but
there is no human life at the South Pole-. Sri Sai knew the secrets not known to us and
hence HE never slept with His head in Southerly direction.
In service of Sri Sai,
Your Father.


14 January 1992
Chapter - 9
Dear Chakrapani ,
Hemadri Pant narrated experiences of Sri Sai Devotees in this chapter. I have not
experienced specifically the aspects covered in the chapter but after reading about the
need for begging I feel like writing to you about one incident. I had a dream while
sleeping at night on 05 October 1991 . I saw Sri Sai , in the form of my mother who gave
birth to me, standing next to a Mosque and looking at me. A lame beggar was near the
Mosque and was pleading pitifully in the name of Sri Sai for alms. I was looking at my
mother. My mother (your grand mother) said looking at me -Why are you standing like
this? Today is Saturday, why dont you give some rice to that poor fellow? Thus she
ordered me -. I woke up with a start. I have started a practice of putting one fist full of
rice grains for Sri Sai in a shoulder bag kept aside for Sri Sai, everyday after daily
devotional reading of Sri Sai Satcharitra. I used the rice so collected in the shoulder bag
for giving as alms to poor , and for preparing offering to Sri Sai on Festival days such as
Sri Rama Navami , Vijaya Dashami etc.. and the consecrated offering was then
distributed to Sri Sai Devotees . I believe that Sri Sai has ordered me this way to do
Annadanam ( feeding the needy and uninvited guests ). I have faith that Sri Sai will give
me the strength for me to abide by HIS order to feed the hungry till the end of my life .
Hemadri Pant writes at the end of ninth chapter - See GOD in all beings -.
I will write about my experiences on this aspect . These events had occurred in my life
during 1991. It was summer time and extremely hot during noon hours. I was going out
of the house. There was a dirty water drain in front of the house and a white bull was
drinking the dirty water from the drain to quench thirst. I felt bad at that sight. Even
though an idea occurred that Sri Sai has come in the form of bull in front of my house, I
ignored the thought, didn't even bring a bucket of good water from inside for the bull to
drink and proceeded on my work. Next day I went to Bhopal on duty and during the
return journey I bought a glass of buttermilk at a railway station to quench my thirst. I
noticed then that stall owner was washing used glasses in a bucket with dirty water and
selling buttermilk in those glasses to the travelers in the train. After drinking that glass of
buttermilk, repentance rose in my heart for not even giving a bucket of good water to Sri
Sai in the form of a bull, which was quenching thirst from dirty water drain in front of
our house and I felt very sad. The sadness felt brought about a change in me. That
incident was the cause for arranging an open good water storage basin in front of our
house for animals to drink clean water. I will now write about an incident that occurred
on Deepavali in 1991. Your mother and myself were worshipping Lakshmi (Goddess of
Wealth) that Deepavali night at 8 PM in the upstairs room of our house. The priest was
reciting holy mantras (verses ) where as my mind was concentrated on Sri Sai Baba's
photograph hanging on the opposite wall . Even though worship of Lakshmi was in
progress my mind was seeking blessings of Sri Sai.
May be for proving the point that Sri Sai never refused wishes of His Devotees, Sri Sai
in the form of a pale orange coloured frog was jumping around close to my feet. My
mind was filled with uncontrolled happiness. Sri Sai's own words - Only those who can
see HIM in all living beings such as Dogs, Cats, Cows, Pigs, Flies etc., realize that
HE is omnipresent and offer food to them before partaking it themselves, are HIS
true and dear devotees. HE exhorted everyone to give up dualism, that you are one
and the remaining living beings are the other, realize the UNITY and serve HIM -. I
understand the significance of this statement on seeing that frog. It was Deepawali day, it
did not rain that day, there was no rain on preceding ten days, the period was past
monsoon time when appearance of frogs is common, worship was taking place in upstairs
room and how can that frog appear from nowhere at that point of time and at that place.
This incident is enough proof for Sri Sainath fulfilling wishes of HIS devotees as only
Sri Sainath could assume the figure of frog and appear in front of me in response to
my desire for HIS blessing on that day. This is my firm belief. I will now relate another
incident, which occurred on 22 November 1991. That day , as per the direction received
from Sri Sai during daily devotional reading of Sri Sai Satcharitra, I went to Sri
Panduranga temple in Secunderabad . When I was approaching the temple a lame dog
followed me and stopped outside the temple. I looked at the lame dog with kindness and
entered the temple. The priest was not present in the temple. I asked the attender to fetch
the priest. That day instead of the priest, his polio afflicted son came limping, entered the
sanctum - sanctorum and performed the worship ritual. At that time I visualized Sri
Sainath simultaneously in Panduranga's idol, in the lame priest's son performing
the worship ritual and in the lame dog waiting outside the temple. This incident had
fortified my faith in Sri Sai and made HIS statement - Serve ME giving up dualism
that you are different from all other living beings - to be literally true.
In service of Sri Sai,
Your Father.


15 January 1992
Chapter - 10
Dear Chakrapani,
I must write about some details of Sri Sai in this letter . The details of Sri Sai's life ,
written by Sri Hemadri Pant in the tenth chapter, are more elaborate than the details I am
going to write . Hence please read carefully tenth chapter of Sri Sai Satcharitra . Sri
Hemadri Pant says - We will safely reach our destination in life if we have full faith in Sri
Sai to steer the journey -. You must understand well this concept. That's why I will give
you one fine example. While undertaking long distance train journey, we reserve a berth
in sleeper coach by paying additional charge for ensuring peaceful sleep during night and
have a comfortable journey. If we do not pay additional additional charge for a berth in
sleeper coach, we would have to travel in an unreserved general coach, which is always
overcrowded with no place to stand even most of the times. We must realize that those
who pay charges called Shraddha ( Devotion ) and Saburi ( Patience) to Sri Sai for
ensuring their journey of LIFE comfortable are all our Sai Bandhus ( Sai relations or Sai
Devotees ).
No one knew in those days when Baba was born or who are Baba's parents. Hence
Hemadri Pant did not give any details on these aspects . Some say that when GOD
incarnates as a Man amongst mankind HE must be born to parents. Others do not agree
with this view. In this matter I cannot discuss which view point is correct, but can give
examples to support both view points. What I am going to say is not from my personal
experience or revelations during meditation , but from epics and scriptures and gleaned
from study of history. Incarnations of Sri Rama and Sri Krishna belong to the first
category i.e.. details of their parents, place and date of birth are known . Cases of Saints
Namdev and Kabir belong to the second category i.e.. historical records of the present
times say that they were not born as normal human beings. Namdev and Kabir were
found as small babies floating in Bhima and Bhagirathi rivers respectively by their foster
parents. In such a situation it is not important to debate on which category Sri Sai
belonged to.
It is enough we believe that Sri Sai is an incarnation of GOD. Hemadri Pant wrote about
Baba's mission and advice in the tenth chapter. I am one of those who believe that the
easiest and best path for attaining liberation is chanting Sri Sai's name and follow HIS
teachings , as in this age of Kali one cannot easily practice Yoga , Sacrifices and chanting
of Mantras (Divine verses) properly.
In service of Sri Sai,
Your father.

16 January 1992
Chapter - 11
Dear Chakrapani,
I want to write few words firstly in this letter about whether Sri Sai has a form or not
when Sri Sai came to Shirdi for the first time, HE never told anyone that HIS name is
Sai. When a Judge asked HIM his name, HE replied - They call me SAI BABA. HE
was given THAT NAME by our Sai Bhagat Mhalsapati. Sri Sai told HIS Devotees that
HE has no form. Our elders call this aspect as Nirguna Swaroopa ( one without form).
Worshipping Sri Sai as Nirguna Swaroopa (a formless one) is actually worshipping
Nirguna Brahma (formless absolute). This method of worship is very difficult and
hence cannot be practiced by most people. That's why we worship GOD with human
form. Worshipping Sri Rama, Sri Krishna and Sri Shirdi Sainath belongs to this
category of worshipping GOD with human form. This type of worship is easy for
practicing by all of us. Sri Sai is Omnipresent and was found everywhere, so wrote
Hemadri Pant in this chapter. I agree with this view of Hemadri Pant. I have experienced
Omniscience of Sri Sai many times in my life. Instead of writing all these experiences
now in one letter, I feel that it will be better to write about them with reference context of
an aspect under consideration. We know that Doctor Pandit applied sandalwood paste on
Sri Sai's forehead, but what is the Sai's Philosophy behind that act? We have to ponder
on this question. Sri Sai gave a vision of Dr. Pandit's Preceptor in HIMSELF to Dr.
Pandit, to prove the point that GOD is always with HIS Devotee and that there is no
difference between GOD and a SELF realized person. Haji Siddique Phalke's
experience with Sri Sai was in contrast with Dr. Pandit's experience .
Sri Sai did not permit Haji Siddique Phalke to enter the Dwarakamayi for full nine
months, as egoism was not fully eliminated in Haji. I worship daily Sri Sai and worship
different Deities unfailingly on Saturdays by visiting temples . I was filled fully with
pride (ego) that I am very pious person. When I recollect the way priests, of every temple
I visited on Datta Jayanti day (a Saturday) in 1991, deflated my ego indicates certainly
that Sri Sai removes egoism from HIS Devotees and opens their eyes to HIS
Omniscience. I started believing from that day that GOD is Omnipresent, HE is
present in Temple, in your house and in your mind etc., and leaving behind my ego
started worshipping HIM at home. Hemadri Pant wrote in eleventh chapter that Baba
has control of five elements. He narrated two examples to support this aspect. I will
narrate an incident experienced by me to you so read on. I went to Shirdi for the first
time on a Saturday during the month of July in 1989 on our way to Shiridi. We
commenced our journey to Bus stand in an autorikshaw that afternoon. It started raining
heavily at that time and I could not fathom what to do in such a situation. I prayed to Sri
Sai to stop the incessant rain, started meditating on Sri Sai's name and commenced our
travel in autorikshaw getting drenched from the rain. By the time the autorikshaw neared
halfway through, the rain stopped completely . I believe that Sri Sai had interceded and
stopped the rain to make the travel to Shirdi comfortable for HIS Devotees , as HE
had actually done in the past at Shirdi when HE came out of Dwarakamayi and
ordered - STOP , STOP , reduce your fury and subside - for saving the residents of
Shirdi from torrential rain. Once we develop faith in Sri Sai, we must nurture the faith
for not only for the journey to Shirdi, but also for our journey of LIFE for realizing
In service of Sri Sai ,
Your Father.

17 January 1992
Chapter - 12
Dear Chakrapani,
Hemadri Pant wrote in detail experiences of Sri Sai Devotees in the 12th chapter. Before
I start writing about a small incident experienced by me, just recall what Hemadri Pant
said about Sri Sai Devotees - Unless HE calls no one can go to Shirdi and unless HE
permits no one can leave Shirdi safely -. This is literally true. Think about my case,
probably I have written about this incident in one of my earlier letters. Yes, that incident
of a dream on a night in 1964 wherein Sri Sathya Sai appeared and gave a message. In
accordance with that message I got good fortune to think of Sri Sai in 1989. Sri Hemadri
Pant described nicely details about one devotee by name Moolay Sastri. Sri Sai blessed
Moolay Sastri by giving him 4 bananas. Sri Sai blessed me in 1991 by sending Moolay
Sastri to my house. Isn't this surprising? I spoke with my friend Sri Moolay in office on a
certain day (I don't remember the exact date) in 1991. He is a Maharashtrian Brahmin and
a very good friend of mine. I was relaxing at home on that day, after returning from
office, when the Postman arrived and delivered a fortnightly magazine of Sri Saibaba.
When I took the magazine out from its wrapper I was delighted to go through the verse,
depicting Sri Sai blessing Moolay Sastri by giving him 4 bananas. I opened the
magazine and was fully engrossed in reading the articles in the magazine when my friend
Sri Moolay (with whom I had a conversation in my office that morning) came to my
house and had tea with me. What did Sri Sai convey through this incident? Think about
this. Moolay Sastri was full of ego in those days and did not believe fully in Sri Sai's
divinity. But Sri Sai did not discriminate between HIS devotees and blessed the
egotistic Moolay Sastri by giving 4 bananas to him. I was reading these details about
Moolay Sastri in the fortnightly magazine of Sri Saibaba, and Sri Sai blessed me by
making my colleague in office Sri Moolay to visit me at the same time, signifying
and warning that if one is full of ego then one should get rid of the inner ego. We
must remember this always. I am writing what I consider my answer to the question -
What must we learn from the stories of Sri Moolay Sastri and a Doctor narrated in this
chapter? You must have unflinching faith in your GURU (Preceptor) and your
chosen form of GOD. Once we develop full faith in our GURU, it will never diminish.
Only HE will appear in the form of your chosen form of GOD and lead you in the
spiritual path that will help in your progress and development.
In service of Sri Sai,
Your Father.

18 January 1992
Chapter - 13
Dear Chakrapani,
Hemadri Pant described incidents of devotees being fully cured of their ailments through
Sri Saibaba's Grace in this chapter. Hemadri Pant quoted Sri Sai as having said to HIS
devotees - I am not interested in the ritual of worship. I do not need eight fold or
sixteen fold methods of Yoga and types of worship. I dwell only where DEVOTION
exists -. Hemadri Pant wrote in detail what Sri Saibaba did for welfare of those who
fully surrendered to HIM in Sri Sai Satcharitra. Though I may not write in such detail, I
must bring to your notice some aspects. Sri Sai did not initially show any interest in
Bhimaji Patil's case because he has to suffer and atone for the sins committed in the
past, that is the natural way of Karmic action and reaction and no one can escape
from it. At that time Bhimaji Patil says that he is helpless from all quarters, only GOD
can help those shunned by all, believing fully that Sri Sai is his GOD he came to Shirdi
and pitifully cried seeking refuge in Sri Sai. That helpless cry of Bhimaji Patil touched
Sri Sai's heart and HE used HIS Divine power to restore Bhimaji Patil's health by
fully curing his ailment simply by ordering the disease to disappear. HE cured malarial
fever of Bala Ganpat Shimpi by telling him to feed rice mixed with curds to a black dog
in front of a temple. Is not this surprising? What must be understood here is that Sri
Saibaba does not accept anything from anybody without reason. HE proved that
SAI is another name for FAITH by making Bala Ganpat Shimpi feed a black dog rice
mixed with curds with his own hands. Let us now consider the case of Bapusaheb Booty.
He was a millionaire in those days. He had no dearth of money. He had many Doctors
attending to him. He was suffering from dysentery, vomiting and cholera, and all
prescribed medicines had no effect on these diseases. Sri Sai pointed a finger at him to
remove his ego, ordered not to purge or vomit and told him to take protein rich food
and thus fully curing his ailments without any medicines. HE cured pain in the ear
of Alandi Swami by mere uttering a word and cured diarrhoea of Kaka Mahajani
by asking him to eat poor man's almonds i.e.. monkeynuts ( groundnuts). Further
HE cured stomach ache of Dattopant , piles of Shyama , stomach aches of
Nanasaheb Chandorkar and Gangadhar Pant, not by administering medicines but
simply by HIS Grace . Even after coming to all these astonishing cases of cure, if we
cannot develop faith in Sri Sai, that is not HIS fault but our stupidity. You will recall that
you suffered from malarial fever in 1990 when you were preparing for EAMCET
(Engineering and Medical Common Entrance Test) examination. Sri Sai took pity on you
and cured you of the ailment before the examination so that you could appear for the
same. Whether you believe this or not I firmly believe this to be true.
With unflinching faith in Sri Sai,
Your Father.

19 January 1992
Chapter -14
Dear Chakrapani,
Hemadri Pant while describing attributes of Yogeeshwara (Supreme Yogi) in this
chapter, says at one place - For achieving liberation in this life one must NEVER be
IDLE and LAZY -. This statement is literally true. Sri Sai was never IDLE at any
time. HE used to sit alone and mend HIS torn Kafni (robe) by using needle and thread
in the afternoons when no devotees were present. If HIS devotees came forward to
undertake this task out of LOVE for HIM, HE never used to agree to it. If we permit
Idleness to enter our lives, that Idleness will bring along Untruthfulness for company.
Once these two traits, Idleness and Untruthfulness, enter our lives, seeds of desire to
Steal will unknowingly get sown in our mind. When these traits get full control of any
person's life, it is well known that that person is set on a path of destruction and only
GOD can reform such person to take the path for liberation. Hemadri Pant writes - If
you hear with devotion Sri Sai Leelas then you will have a divine vision of Sri Sai -.
It is all right if you do not listen to Sai Leelas in other's lives, but it is enough if you do
not forget the Sai Leelas that occurred in your life. I will now narrate some of the Sai
Leelas that occurred in your life so that you can recall them. I believe that after reading
them you will agree. You were sad on that day in 1990 when you came to know that you
did not secure admission in OMEGA (an Institute for coaching EAMSET aspirants) for
studying. Then you were elated when you saw your name in the waiting list.
That evening the postman delivered the fortnightly magazine of Sri Saibaba and that
issue contained a message - You have gained only admission to a college, you need to
study very diligently -. Is not this a Leela (Miracle) shown by Sri Sai in your life! I
suppose that you will remember Sri Sai's message revealed on 24 July 1991 while
devotional reading of Sri Sai Satcharitra, Chapter 29 - He will definitely pass the
examination this year - Your results were declared the next day 25 July 1991 and
you secured 1331 rank, just recall these facts. Think about this. Sri Sai gave you a
message each time in the fortnightly magazine of Sri Saibaba with my life membership
number 1916. Your hall ticket roll number for EAMCET (Engineering and Medical
Common Entrance Test) was 59318. The rank obtained by you in that test was 1331.
When you add up all the digits of each of these three numbers and their sums you will
arrive finally at a single digit number 8 in all the three cases. There is nothing wrong in
assuming that the lucky number chosen by Sri Sai for you is 8. Digit 8 also represents
eight good qualities required in devotees for worshipping mentioned in Sri Sai
Satcharitra by Hemadri Pant. Devotees of Sri Sai mainly constituted from the Hindu
and Muslim faiths but HE had devotees professing faith in other religions also. Ruttonji
Shapurji Wadia belonging to Parsi faith was most important amongst the devotees of
other faiths. You need to know the life story of this Ruttonji. You have said many times
that Wealth is the only important thing in life. Realize that this belief is wrong. Ruttonji
was a big businessman in those days and he was a millionaire. He was liberal,
philanthropic and charitable to those needing material aid. People of Nanded used to call
him Dana Karna (a title implying comparison to Karna, from the epic
Mahabharatha, who was known for his charitable nature and who never refused
anything demanded from him by a supplicant). Even such an individual had an
unfulfilled desire. That desire could not be met by wealth. That unfulfilled desire was
lack of any progeny especially male one. Neither his Good Samaritan nature nor his
wealth could satisfy his wish and longing for a son. When he realized that this wish could
only be fulfilled by Sri Saibaba, he went to Shirdi, prostrated at Sri Sai's feet and
washed them with his tears. Sri Sai's grace finally fulfilled his desire in time and a
son was born. If you think for some time whether he got happiness from his wealth or
from Sri Sai's grace , you will then realize. Sri Sai used to accept money as Dakshina
(offering of money to holy persons ), but HE neither accepted money as alms nor
permitted HIS devotees to accept money as alms. Sri Sai used to accept Dakshina
from morning to evening and money so collected was then distributed to the poor the
same evening without retaining anything for Him.
Next morning HE commenced the day again as a penniless Fakir. Sri Sai used to tell
HIS devotees - There are two obstacles to follow the path of spiritual life. First
obstacle is WOMAN and the second obstacle is WEALTH -. HE used to ask for
Dakshina from HIS devotees for testing their attachment to WEALTH. When a devotee
passed this test, HE used to tell the devotee to visit the house of a female devotee named
Radhakrishna Mayi in Shirdi for testing whether had desire for other women (a
woman other than one's own wife). When a devotee passed these two tests, then Sri Sai
showered HIS grace and aided in his progress in spiritual life. Today Sri Sai is not
amongst us in his human form. Each Sri Sai devotee, installing Sri Sai in one's heart,
must conduct and pass these two tests by themselves, and obtain Sri Sai's grace.
In service of Sri Sai,
Your Father.
20 January 1992
Chapter - 15
My dear Pani,
When I read this 15th chapter for the first time, during my first daily devotional reading
of Sri Sai Satcharitra, and learnt how Sri Sai showered HIS Love and Grace on HIS
devotees, my eyes were filled with tears of joy. Cholkar was one such blessed one who
obtained that Love and Grace. Every Sai Devotee must travel on Sai Path, as
demonstrated by Cholkar, and must finally wither away on Sai Path for merger with Sri
Sai, as was done by Megha Shyama. That is why Cholkar and Megha Shyama are my
favourites amongst Sai Devotees. If my life goes along the path tread by them, it will be
my good fortune. We must recall Cholkar's story daily for ensuring we live our lives with
contentment. Hemadri Pant says in the Post Script to this chapter, probably to emphasize
this aspect - Whoever reads this chapter with utmost devotion everyday, will
overcome difficulties in their lives by Grace of Sri Sai -. Before I comment on other
aspects of this chapter I will tell about an incident. I took a vow like Cholkar did at that
time. After discharging all responsibilities in my life, I will go to Shirdi, offer 15 Kgs of
sugar candy to Sri Sai in Dwarakamayi and distribute the sanctified sugar candy to the
devotees present on that day and also to other Sai Devotees known to us here. This vow
of mine can be fulfilled only by Grace of Sri Sai. Hemadri Pant wrote in this chapter that
Sri Sai says - You may go to anyplace of your choice in this world, I will always be
with you -.
This statement of Sri Sai is literally true. I can say happily and with confidence that Sri
Sai was with me in my travels abroad. I will write details of these experiences as per
reference to context in other letters of mine. Now contemplate on what message did Sri
Sai convey to ordinary folks like us through the episode of two lizards. Even living
beings of lower order than human one love their contemporary living beings. Then why
do brothers, born from the same womb of their mother, fight amongst themselves? So
questions Sri Sai. I was to depart on 05 May 1991 on tour abroad to Korea. I went to Sri
Anjaneya Temple on 04 May 1991 (Saturday), stood before the portrait of Sri Sai and
prayed from the bottom of my heart to make my trip abroad successful. I had an
experience then, I was praying to Sri Sai in concentration with my eyes closed regarding
my trip abroad and I heard repeated noise Tick - Tick - Tick made by a big lizard, which
was at the rear of that portrait. I felt this to be a good omen. With Sri Sai's Grace my trip
abroad was commenced on 05 May 1991 and successfully concluded on 21 May 1991. I
am always reminded of my feeling that Sri Sai blessed me in the form of lizard on that
Saturday in response to my sincere prayers. Now I will write about a thought, which
came to my mind in a lighter vein. A lizard expressed happiness by uttering Tick - Tick -
Tick that day in Dwarakamayi and Sri Sai told those present that the lizard was happy
as its sister is coming from Aurangabad. On this day i.e. Saturday 04 May 1991, a
lizard uttered Tick - Tick - Tick from the rear of Sri Sai's portrait seemed to tell me to
go on my trip abroad via Aurangabad to remember it's sister. Reason for entertaining
such a thought is that the aeroplane I was travelling in took off from Bombay and was on
course for a foreign country Korea, when the Pilot's announcement that the plane was
flying over Aurangabad airport was heard from the speakers and then I understood
the significance of the Lizard saying Tick - Tick - Tick. Sri Sai travelled with me,
sitting next to me in that flight. I will try to narrate those details in my forthcoming
letters. Wait with enthusiasm till then.
In service of Sri Sai,
Your Father.

21 January 1992
Chapters - 16 , 17
Dear Chakrapani,
Nagesh Vasudev Gunaji combined Chapters 16 & 17 of the original Sri Sai Satcharitra
written in Marathi by Hemadri Pant into an integrated one in his English version of
the book . Hence I am writing only one letter to cover the aspects of these two chapters .
Hemadri Pant vividly described Sri Sai's views on Brahma Jnana ( Ultimate Divine
Knowledge ). Everyone cannot easily obtain and imbibe this Brahma Jnana . Earnest
desire to acquire Brahma Jnana will result in bringing contentment in a person's life.
Life spent in such contentment is BLISS SUPREME. That's why everyone must live
their lives with an earnest desire for acquiring Brahma Jnana. I had a terrifying dream
on a night during April 1991. In the dream I was living in a lake surrounded by big
crocodiles. I was terrified and was shivering every moment with fear. After waking up
next morning I tried to find the meaning for that dream in Sri Sai Satcharitra and when I
opened the book it was Chapters 16 - 17 wherein I found the meaning for that dream.
From that day I had started striving for driving out jealousy and ego from myself. It will
be my good fortune if Sri Sai remains with me in these efforts of mine. You must start
your efforts from now to acquire good traits spelled out by Sri Sai for becoming entitled
to receive Brahma Jnana. If you start your efforts at this young age you will get desire
for Brahma Jnana by the time you discharge your responsibilities in this life. I was
doing daily devotional reading of Sri Sai Satcharitra and was reading Chapters 16 - 17
on 01 January 1991 at 06: 00 AM. I was very much drawn by these words spoken by Sri
Sai - My Treasury is full. I can give whatever is desired by you, but DO YOU HAVE
examine whether you deserve or not. If you listen carefully to what I say then you
will definitely be benefited. I will never utter a lie sitting in this Dwarakamayi -. I
was elated and was in a happy frame of mind. I was about to leave home for office at
08:30 AM when Mrs. Raju, a Sri Sai Devotee, came to our house and gave me a greeting
card wishing us a very Happy New Year. That greeting card had a picture of Sri Sai with
a beautiful smile lighting up his face and a Sai Message underneath the picture. The
message on the card was the same as that I read a few hours earlier in daily devotional
reading of Sri Sai Satcharitra i.e. - My treasury is full ... you will definitely be
benefited -. I have taken this incident as Sri Sai Leela (Miracle) and expressed my
sincere gratitude to Sri Sai for HIS Grace on that New Years Day.
In service of Sri Sai,
Your Father.

22 January 1992
( Chapters 18 & 19 )
Dear Chakrapani,
I will write my views on events described in Chapters 18 & 19. Once you understand
these views of mine and when you feel that they will be useful to your friends, you can
ask them to read this letter. Remember what Hemadri Pant said in this context - Sadguru
(Good preceptor) is like a monsoon cloud and HE showers profusely HIS nectarine
teachings over a large and wide area. We must assimilate fully these teachings to
our hearts content and put them into practice in day to day life, and then propagate
without any doubt, these to others for their benefit -.
Last night I completed reading Shirdi Diary of the Honourable G S Khaparde. When I
was about to replace this book in its place in the bookshelf this morning, I suddenly got
an urge to get a Sri Sai Message. I closed my eyes, opened that book randomly at page
69 and read the dialogue that took place between Sri Khaparde and Sri Sai on 30 January
1912 - When I mentioned about my writing letters, HE smiled and said It is better
moving your hands than sitting idle -. This was the Sri Sai Message I got this morning.
I had written in my second letter that I got inspiration to write these letters from your
mother on 06 January 1992, you must be remembering this. I have received permission
from Sri Sai today through Sri Sai message for writing these letters and I have got
confidence this moment that I will be able to write 48 letters to you on Sri Sai
Satcharitra with Grace from Sri Sai.
I believe that Sri Sai will give this confidence to my mind always. Hemadri Pant says in
this chapter - When the period for one's evil actions come to an end, GOD arranges
for his meeting a Yogeeswara (Saint) who gives directions to tread correct path for
ensuring ones welfare -. This statement is literally true. When the time for my evil
actions came to an end in 1989 GOD showed me the Divine Feet of a Yogeeswara (Sri
Sai) to signaling commencement of better times. I am surrendering myself this day by
placing my head at HIS Divine Feet and seek refuge in HIM. It is said in this chapter
that Sri Sai made Hari Vinayak Sathe to undertake devotional reading of Sri Guru
Charitra in one week. Sri Sai made me undertake devotional reading of Sri Guru
Charitra in one week during 1991. Your mother was made to undertake devotional
reading of one chapter per day of the book. I consider this as our good fortune. Quickness
of Baba's response to help a devotee depends on his steadfastness and equanimity of
mind in devotion.
It is written that sometimes Baba subjects devotees to difficult tests before showing the
correct path. I have been undertaking daily devotional reading of Sri Sai Satcharitra
with steadfastness from 07 June 1990. I cannot see the result from this daily devotional
reading of the book, because my wish was of such nature. Shall I tell you what that wish
was, do not feel upset on reading about that wish of mine, I wished that the end to my
life's journey comes peacefully while I am doing daily devotional reading of the
book. Sri Sai will have to make this wish of mine come true and you will have to stand
witness to whether this wish of mine has been fulfilled or not.
We are required to make an offering of two things to our Guru, the first offering is
SHRADDHA (Unflinching Devotion) and the second offering is SABURI (Patience).
If you accept Sri Sai as your Guru, then worship HIM with unflinching devotion and
patience. Try to obtain the Grace of Sri Sai. I will be happy when you pass on this
advice of mine to your children later in your life. You must remember one thing, if you
repose faith in Sri Sai then do not approach anyone else for obtaining directions or divine
name / verse for chanting. Hemadri Pant wrote elaborately his views on this aspect, read
these views and understand them well. I went to many people, from 1989 to 1991, for
finding out about Sri Sai, as I was restless for knowing about HIM. I was not satisfied.
Then I remembered Sri Sai telling HIS Devotee BV Deo to directly ask HIM if wanted
to know anything about HIM, and have started directly asking Sri Sai for answers to
my questions since then. Now I will give you an advice please follow it.
Please read English and Telugu versions of Sri Sai Satcharitra written by Hemadri Pant
in Marathi. Understand well the Philosophy of Sri Sai. Please take the path shown by
Sri Sai's Philosophy, for your life's journey and experience peaceful existence. Same
concept has been said by Hemadri Pant in this chapter in this way - Yes BABA,
waywardness of my mind has departed, I have got real peace, calmness and have
found the path of truth -. You will understand the inner meaning of this sentence. Sri
Sai gives a nice example for the relationship between the Guru ( Preceptor ) & Shishya
( student aspirant for knowledge) and compared it with the relationship between a
mother tortoise and its child . I will give another example similar to this one. A Mother
undertakes various forms of worships / rituals / fasting etc. for the well being and good
future of her children as per our Hindu culture and traditions. Just think the implication of
this. A mother has her offspring always near to her heart, irrespective of the fact that
sometimes the offspring may physically be away and far from their mother (like when
studying in boarding schools, higher education at distant places and practicing their
chosen vocation at far away locations), and hence undertakes different forms of worship /
fasting for their welfare. Sri Sai Devotees have installed HIM in their hearts and
minds, and hence obtained HIS GRACE & LOVE, both in those days as well as
now, in the same way. Remember these words said by Sri Sai, - No one goes to another
person without any reason, so do not harshly and rudely drive away a person or
even an animal coming to you -.
I do not have to elaborate much on this aspect, because you can well remember how a
wild cat entered our house a month ago at 5 AM following the milkman and became a
domesticated pet in our house. Sri Sai also said - Breakdown the wall that separates
you and ME, then there will be a way for our meeting. The feeling that you are
different from ME keeps a Devotee away from his Guru (Preceptor). Unless that
feeling is destroyed we cannot unite -. That is why you must recognize this aspect and
establish a direct relationship with Sri Sai, keeping away intermediaries. Hemadri Pant
made it known that Sri Sai did not like those addicted to alcohol. I suppose that this is
the reason why I gave up drinking alcohol in 1991. This is my good fortune. On the
subject of wages of labour, Sri Sai said - One should not take another's labour
without giving just remuneration -. By this the worker will be happy and the employer
will be contented. How nicely and aptly said for Harmony at all workplaces.
In service of Sri Sai,
Your Father.

23 January 1992
Chapter 20)
Dear Chakrapani,
I will write about Sai Leelas (Miracles) that occurred in our house, in this letter. The way
Sri Sai showed interest and spoke to each devotee, calling them by name, at the time of
noon meals, was described thus in 20th chapter - Anna (brother) go for your noon
meals, Baba go to your dwellings, Bapu have your meals -. I have got a feeling that
this is the truth.
I will narrate an incident at our house for you to recall, to prove this to be true. 29
September 1990 was Vijaya Dasami (10th day of Hindu festival of Dusserah). I invited
all the masons, carpenters, workers and supervisors (who built our house) for the noon
meal on that day. After giving noon Aarati to Sri Sai and consecrating the items
prepared, we started serving food to all invitees. There was an unknown and uninvited
10-year-old boy amongst those who had come for the noon meal. I presumed that the boy
was related to the Supervising Mason and did not make an issue of his presence. I was
serving a sweet dish, when I was about to serve the sweet dish to that boy the Banana leaf
in front of him flew aside giving rise to a situation for me to serve the sweet dish on the
floor. I caught that Banana leaf, replaced it in front of that boy and served the sweet dish
on the leaf. That boy was looking at what was being served to others, as if nothing has
After a while I was serving Vegetable Biryani (a rice preparation) to all the guests and
when I was about to serve that boy, the Banana leaf in front of him flew aside, and the
biryani fell from the serving spoon to the floor, instead of being served on the leaf. Even
after flying aside of the leaf in front of him twice there was no change in feelings on that
boy's face. He seemed to have fixed his sights on whether everyone else was satisfying
fully their appetite for good food or not. Everyone else had eaten to their hearts content
whereas that boy ate very little. I gave each invitee Rs. 2 as a token offering, after they
completed their meals. All of them pocketed the Rs. 2 coin given by me and went away.
Only that boy looked at the Rs. 2 coin given by me and expressed his happiness through
his eyes. Seeing the happiness in that boy's eyes gave me happiness. That boy did not
work on building our house. I did not invite him for the noon meal at our house.
When the items were being served he was observing others eating but he did not eat
properly. When the Banana leaf placed in front of him flew aside twice, due to wind,
situation arose to serve the items on Mother Earth (floor), and there was no reaction from
him. When Rs. 2 coin was given to him as a token offering, as was done to all other
invitees, the bewitching smile on that boy's face reminded me of the smile on Sri Sai's
face, as depicted in HIS portraits.
This gave rise to a thought in me that probably Sri Sai came to our house in the form of
Bala Sai ( Sai as a small boy) and took part in the Annadaanam ( serving food to the
poor ) performed by me, but did not eat properly as I did not invite HIM and
accepted only Rs. 2 coin given as a token offering by me . I spent the remainder of that
day with this thought recurring again and again. Please read carefully and with full
concentration this chapter to imbibe the practical way in which Sri Sai explained
Ishopanishad (Explanatory commentary of last chapter of Yajurveda) to HIS devotee
Das Ganu. Realize that Happiness and Grief are states of mind and depend on the
attitude of mind. We must be content with whatever is given to us by GOD. We
should not covet the wealth of others. We must accept what we have and be
contented. When we are able to implement these tenets in our lives there will be no place
for not being at peace. One can live happily a contended life. I am praying to Sri Sai to
grant you that life.
In service of Sri Sai,
Your Father.

24 January 1992
(Chapter 21)
Dear Chakrapani,
I am writing this letter from my own experiences with Sri Sai, not only being present at
Shirdi but also being present at any nook and corner of this world for appearing before an
aspirant who devotedly seeks HIM. So read on the following narrative carefully as the
contents will generate lot of enthusiasm in you. Hemadri Pant wrote thus at the beginning
of 21st chapter - Institution of Yogeeswaras (Saints) has been and is prevalent from times
Many Yogis (Saints) incarnated at different places and carried on the Tasks assigned to
them. Even though they executed their assigned tasks at different places, all of them acted
at the behest of a single GOD. But each Saint knew what the other Saints are doing; they
never acted at cross-purposes and always complemented each others work. Sometimes
the task commenced by one Saint was carried on further by another Saint -. Remember
these words and complement these with the experiences in my life, then you will say that
what Hemadri Pant has written to be literally true.
I was reading 21st chapter during my daily devotional reading of Sri Sai Satcharitra on
that day 11 April 1991. The message contained in the episode of Sri VH Thakur, B.A.,
touched greatly my heart. That message was what Appa - a Kannada Yogi (a Saint from
the present day Karnataka state) - said to Sri VH Thakur, B.A. I believe that THAT
Message is applicable to me, because there is similarity in the events experienced by me
and by Sri VH Thakur. Let us see the message first - You must read this book. If you do
so, your wishes will be fulfilled. When you travel northwards in future in connection with
your work, you will come across a great Yogi (Saint), because of good luck due to
accumulation of good deeds. He will show you the path to be taken by you in future. He
will bring PEACE to your mind and BLISS in your life -. On that day when I read this
chapter during my daily devotional reading, it was decided in the Organization, in which
I am working, that 4 officers are to be sent to Korea on Official work. Names of 8
officers short listed were being talked about, my name was amongst those 8, but only 4
will be sent abroad and which 4 the Lady Luck is going to favor is not known to anyone.
If the Sri Sai Message, revealed in the daily devotional reading on 11 April 1991, is to
become true in my case then my name must figure amongst the 4 finally selected by the
authorities. Thinking that all events occur by the Grace of Sri Sai, I left the responsibility
on Sri Sai.
I was summoned by my superiors after two days for affixing my signatures on the
application for issue of a Passport. My joy then was endless and I was on cloud Nine. By
Grace of Sri Sai my name was second in the list of 4 Engineers to be sent abroad. First
name was that of Sri Srinivasa Rao, my friend, and the second name was mine. Visa for
the trip arrived from New Delhi on 1 May 1991 and we flew from Hyderabad to Mumbai
on 5 May 1991. We were to fly in an aeroplane from Mumbai to Korea. Korea is situated
in NorthEast direction from India. We took off from Mumbai airport at midnight of 05
May 1991 / early hours of 06 May 1991 in an aeroplane for Korea and reached that
country at 6:30 PM on 06 May 1991. I will write my experiences abroad, with reference
to context, in my forthcoming letters to you. Please wait patiently till then. Hemadri Pant
wrote - Sri VH Thakur prostrated before Sri Sai, placed his head on HIS feet and prayed
to Sri Sai to accept him and bless him-. This is the good providence earned by Sri VH
Thakur then. Now Sri Sai gave me similar good providence.
I completed reading the 51st (last) chapter of Sri Sai Satcharitra, as a part of my daily
devotional reading, on 15 May 1991 in Korea. I did not get any revelation or experience
Grace of Sri Sai on that day, thus with a heavy heart I spent the whole day doing my
assigned work in the office. Mr. Lee, my Korean friend, took me and my colleague Sri
Srinivasa Rao out for Dinner at 8:00 p.m. on that day. On completion of dinner at 9:30
p.m., Mr. Lee took us out for a drive in his car to show us Chang Wan City by night.
Even though I was looking at beautifully lit buildings, streets, shops etc., my mind was
still filled with sorrow as Sri Sai did not give me any revelation or made me experience
HIS Grace on completing the reading of the 51st chapter. Sri Sai was aware of my
feelings and made my friend Mr. Lee to say to me at 9:45 p.m. - Gopal, please look at the
hills at the outskirts of this city, there is a Buddhist Temple on that hill, lights in that
temple are still glowing, should you desire to see that temple shall we go there? -. On
hearing these words I felt that Sri Sai was speaking to me and immediately gave my
consent. Mr. Lee drove his car at a speed of 100 KPH and took us to that hill. It was
10:15 p.m. by then, and the normal closing time of that temple was 10:00 p.m. Mr. Lee
said that Let us try our luck, and we raced up to the Buddhist Temple on top of that hill.
We had a feeling that the temple doors were kept open especially for us. Buddhist Lama
of that temple was dressed in spotless white clothes. His head was fully bald, he had a
round face, was very fair (white complexion) in color, and he welcomed us with a
bewitching smile on his face. At that instant I experienced that Sri Sai is inviting us into
Dwarakamayi. Mr. Lee was greatly surprised at the pleasant invitation from the Lama.
Mr. Lee introduced me and my colleague Sri Srinivasa Rao as having come from India to
the Buddhist Lama. That Lama expressed his pleasure in meeting us and recalled his
visiting Buddha Gaya in India. That Lama took us into the temple and offered us freshly
brewed Green Tea as per the Korean Custom.
I felt as if Sri Sai was personally serving us tea in Dwarakamayi. Now I will write about
another incident. Hemadri Pant writes about Kakaji in chapter 30 thus -Who can see a
Yogi (Saint) unless HE wills it? Even a leaf on a tree will not move unless ordered by
HIM. The greater the anxiety, devotion and faith shown by a devotee for having a vision
of a Yogi (Saint) the quicker and stronger fulfillment of his desire will take place. HE,
who invites to have a vision, will also make arrangements for welcoming -. It so
happened in Kakaji's life in those days. My first visit to Shirdi in 1989 and visit to
Buddhist temple in Chang Wan city in Korea on 15 May 1991 also happened in the same
way. I take all this as Sri Sai blessing me on completion of 51st chapter of daily
devotional reading. I will now write about an incident that occurred in that temple. I had
kept aside two one-Dollar notes separately in my purse before I commenced my journey
from India. I intended to give these two Dollars as an offering to any Saint whom I may
happen to meet in Korea. This was the vow taken by me in India at the commencement of
the journey. Sri Sai appeared in the form of Lama in that Buddhist Temple before me. My
mind was filled with happiness. I paid compliments to the Lama (Sri Sai) by bringing my
palms together, prostrated at HIS feet, placed my head on HIS feet and prayed for HIS
blessings. I requested HIM to accept the two Dollars from me as an offering. He blessed
me and told me to place the two Dollars at the feet of Buddha idol. (Sri Sai never
accepted an offering at night from any devotee - this fact is stated in page 246 of the book
Sai Baba of Shirdi - A Unique Saint written by Sri MV Kamath). That Buddhist Lama
gave a Silver Locket with blessing to each one of us - three. That Silver Locket was
engraved with SWASTIKA figure.
You can see the same SWASTIKA figure on the wall of Shirdi Sai Samadhi Mandir. I
had a feeling of Sri Sai granting a boon to me when that Buddhist Lama gave me that
Silver Locket. That Silver Locket is now in the Altar set up in our house for praying. Sri
Hemadri Pant described the nine ways of worship. I have chosen the path of Smarana
(Remembering) from the nine paths of devotion for my Sadhana (Practice). If we
remember and recall Sri Sai's name each moment of our lives, HE will always save us,
HE will grant us Mukti (Deliverance from birth - death cycle). I like Sri Sai Message in
21st chapter - Do not talk ill of others, do not criticize others unnecessarily -. If we put
into practice in life these two tenets, then all are our friends all are the forms of Sri Sai.
In service of Sri Sai,
Your Father.

25 January 1991
(Chapter 22)
Dear Chakrapani,
The way in which Sri Sai saved HIS devotees from poisonous creatures is described
in this chapter. Are not some human beings too full of poison? Sri Sai had also saved
HIS devotees from such human beings many times. Hemadri Pant wrote at the end of
this chapter that Sri Sai said - Do not waste your energy by participating in
unnecessary quarrels, killings etc., but be patient. GOD will save every one -. This is
a clear message from Sri Sai to the humanity.
My wish is that each Sri Sai Devotee must understand this message and lead a happy
life. I will write about Sri Sai calling Dwarakamayi as Masjid Mother and about my
experiences with Masjid mother. I went to Shirdi during December 1991. At dawn I
recited the morning Aarati in Dwarakamayi during that visit. After completion of reciting
the aarati, I searched for a sugar candy packet (brought for giving as an offering to Sri
Sai) in my pockets but could not find the same. Agony, for my inability to offer sugar
candy to Sri Sai, started increasing leaps and bounds in my heart. I was in a dilemma
what to do? Should I go back to my hotel room and fetch another packet of sugar candy
for offering to Sri Sai or should I seek pardon from Sri Sai for my inability to offer sugar
candy? Thoughts in my mind were swinging like a pendulum between these two options.
At that moment I noticed a 60-year old woman devotee coming in with a box full of
sugar candy and offering some sugar candy from that box to Sri Sai. On seeing that sight,
I was filled with an unexplained happiness. Sri Sai never disappoints HIS devotees in
Dwarakamayi under any circumstance. HE sees devotees problems as HIS own
problem and HE HIMSELF shows the solution to the devotee.
Thinking thus, I approached the old lady and asked for some sugar candy. That old lady
willingly and smilingly took out a spoonful of sugar candy into a piece of paper and gave
it to me. Sri Sai (in the form of old woman i.e. in the form of a mother) appeared
before me in Dwarakamayi and showed the solution to my problem. HE appeared in
the form of a mother. That's why remember always that Sri Sai and Sai Mother are
one and the same. I wrote to you, in the 9th letter about Chapter 9, that Sri Sai used to
ask for offerings and that I had started a practice of putting a fist full of rice in a shoulder
bag everyday after completing my daily devotional reading of Sri Sai Satcharitra. Just
recall that I had mentioned in that letter that Sri Sai appeared in my dream, in the form
of my mother in Dwarakamayi, and thus made me realise the importance of
Dwarakamayi. Hemadri Pant wrote in 22nd chapter that Sri Sai said - GOD is present
in all living beings -.
Each Sri Sai devotee must recognize the truth in this statement and proceed on the
path shown by Sri Sai. I was restless for treading this path and hence I made
arrangements for storing water in front of our house, so that even animals can quench
their thirst during the intolerably hot months of summer season. I want you also to take
this path of compassion towards even animals and try to relieve their thirst and other
needs, and thus follow in my footsteps after me. In this way earn and obtain the Grace
from Sri Sai. You will then become a true Sri Sai devotee.
In service of Sri Sai,
Your Father .

26 January 1992
(Chapter 23)
Dear Chakrapani,
I cannot write much about Sri Sai Leelas (Sri Sai Miracles) in this letter, but I will place
before you the thoughts going on in my mind. Hemadri Pant wrote about Sri Sai in 23rd
chapter thus - HE never said that HE is GOD, but said that HE is an obedient
servant of GOD. HE always meditated on GOD -. Why did Hemadri Pant write like
this, don't you and I say that Sri Sai is an incarnation of GOD? We must recognize
Baba's greatness in this respect. Sri Sai is Brahma Jnani (Supreme Knowledge
personified), is GOD HIMSELF but being incarnated as a human being HE set an
example as to how a human being should behave. HE showed how to lead an EGO
LESS HUMAN LIFE and hence never declared that HE is GOD. HE said that HE is
God's obedient servant to indicate that human beings must obey faithfully God's
word. Remember this always.
Hemadri Pant wrote in 23rd chapter that Sri Sai said - Nana only he, who can digest
onions, should eat onions -. I will write my thoughts on this statement, so read on
carefully. We can compare LIFE to an ONION. When you peel off the layers of an
onion, one by one, you will get in the end the core, which is not pungent but sweet, when
you eat it. LIFE (ONION) is covered with layers of Arishad Vargas (behavior / desire
patterns). When you peel off Arishad Vargas, Lust - Anger - Greed - Infatuation -
Pride (Ego) - Jealousy, from your LIFE then you can live in BLISS. This is Sri Sai's
message. We must recognize that Sri Sai has power to digest an onion, covered with
layers of Arishad Vargas, and thus fully eliminating them. Do you remember the Proverb
said by our elders - The good that can be done by an onion cannot even be done by
mother-. I will modify this proverb as - Mother (Sri Sai) will remove the layers, called
Arishad Vargas from the ONION (LIFE) and that Mother (Sri Sai) will make it
(ONION - LIFE) blissful for HER children -.
Sri Sai opposed blind beliefs of the society in those days. HE removed ignorance from
them and awakened knowledge in them. Hemadri Pant cited two examples, in this
respect, in this chapter of Sri Sai Satcharitra - Village elders decided that firstly
Firewood is not to be brought into the village and secondly no goat is to be killed in
the village as the epidemic of Cholera was rampant at that time. Sri Sai disregarded
these orders, which had no reason or logic, and thus destroyed blind beliefs. I have
told you that Sri Sai disliked blind beliefs and illogical acts. Now coming to blind beliefs
Sri Dayabhai Damodardas Mehta, a resident of Mumbai was suffering from Typhoid
fever during 1947. He wore a charmlet, given by a Mystic, around his neck as advised by
his friends. He felt that evil forces were troubling him, as his temperature shot up further
during nights instead of instead of getting under control after wearing the charmlet. He
then surrendered to Sri Sai and sought HIS protection from the bottom of his heart.
Then he heard the following words emanating from Sri Saibaba's picture frame placed
on the bedside table -Why are you scared when I am standing, holding a stick in my
hand, by your bedside since morning to protect you? Why are you still wearing that
charmlet around your neck? Please take it off immediately and discard it -. Sri
Mehta obeyed Sri Sai's words. He then went to Shirdi and prayed at Sri Sai's Samadhi
and fully recovered his health. What is the lesson to be learnt by Sri Sai Devotees from
these incidents? One must always keep far away from Blind Beliefs and
Unreasonable cum Illogical acts. My advise to you is that when you face any
difficulties and unpleasant occurrences in your life, you surrender yourself to Sri Sai and
apply Udi / Vibhuti ( Sacred Ash ) from HIS Dhuni (Sacred Fire ) with unflinching
faith on your forehead , mix some Udi / Vibhuti in a glass of water and drink it as a
medicine for getting rid of physical and mental hardships / ailments.
In service of Sri Sai,
Your Father.

27 January 1992
(Chapter -24)
Dear Chakrapani,
Life is a combination of happiness and misery. A small part of that happiness is provided
by laughter through sense of humour. Whenever Sri Sai wanted to convey a new
message to HIS devotees, HE used to narrate a parable with reference to an occurrence at
that time. HE used sometimes wit and humour in HIS narratives.
In this chapter Hemadri Pant describes how Sri Sai humorously conveyed a message on
offering food to others before partaking the same oneself. In that episode Sri Sai gave
a very good message to HIS devotees - Do you think of or remember ME before
eating? Am I not with you always? Before eating anything are you offering the same
to ME? -. Think deeply and contemplate on this message, understand it and mentally
offer the food and water to Sri Sai before eating or drinking the same.
Make your life blessed in this way. Similarly when the Devil (Bad behavioral habits
such as Lust, Anger, Greed, Infatuation, Ego /Pride and Jealousy) in you raises its
head hissing like a Cobra, before giving in to it, just meditate on Sri Sai for one minute
and HE will lead you on to the right path. There may be a difference in the way you
worship Sri Sai and the way worship is offered to Sri Sai by another devotee of your
Your way of worship is yours and the other person's way of worship is that person. Both
the methods are correct in their own way, so do not meddle in such issues. It is not
enough to go to Sri Sai Temple on Thursdays and participate in the worship by singing
the aarati. One must see Sri Sai in each and every living being. One must take HIS
name silently every moment. One must diligently follow HIS teachings and try to
follow the path tread by HIM. That does not mean that one must renounce one's family
and become a Sanyasi (Recluse). You must carry out your responsibilities in life with the
aid of Sri Sai through HIS Namasmarana (silent repetitive chanting of Sri Sai's
name) and earn HIS Love and Grace.
In Service of Sri Sai,
Your Father.

23 January 1992
( Chapter - 25)
Dear Chakrapani,
Hemadri Pant elaborated on how Sri Sai, knowing the future, advised HIS devotees in
this chapter. The moment the desire to write, about Baba's Leelas (Divine Plays), arose
in the mind of Sri Hemadri Pant immediately BABA responded and made him write
this invaluable treatise. Baba did not immediately grant HIS permission to me the
moment desire arose in my mind to let you know my experiences with Sri Sai through
these letters. I had started writing these letters to you on 06.01.92 whereas Sri Sai gave
HIS consent on 22.01.92. I had mentioned this aspect in detail in an earlier letter to you.
Once Damu Anna thought of giving a share of profits, from a business venture
contemplated by him, to Sri Sai if HE blessed the proposed venture. Sri Sai, knowing
the thoughts going through Damu Anna's mind, said - I AM NOT ALL
words of Sri Sai, it becomes crystal clear that Sri Sai did not like accepting bribes or
share spoils from a speculative venture. So we must always remember that as HIS
devotees we must never do things that were not liked or approved by Sri Sai.
Recapitulate what Sri Sai said just before attaining Mahasamadhi (act of Spirit
departing at will from the body of a Self Realized Soul) - EVEN THOUGH I DO
WILL REAP MAXIMUM BENEFITS -. These are the promised words of GOD
HIMSELF to HIS Devotees. You are also a devotee of that GOD (Sri Sai). Remember
always these words, they will give you Unlimited strength. Go ahead in Life with
In service of Sri Sai,
Your Father.

29 January 1992
( Chapter - 26)
Dear Chakrapani,
Hemadri Pant described in detail the way one must worship mentally and the procedure
thereof in this chapter. If one truly gets an idea to worship in that way then ones mind
will be filled with happiness. When you are about to touch a person's feet in reverence to
pay your respects, please see Sri Sai in that person, wholeheartedly, recall Sri Sai'a form
and pay your respects to derive feeling of Bliss. Sri Sai, on seeing a disciple of another
saint, says these profound words in this chapter - WHATEVER MAY HAPPEN, DO
faith in Sri Sai because of our good providence. Our Soul is the only witness to our
happiness. Sri Sai always respected HIS contemporary Yogeeswaras (GOD realized
Souls) and honored them. We must respect this tradition of HIS. Sri Sai considered
suicide as a great sin and Hemadri Pant describes the way Sri Sai saved HIS devotee Sri
Gopal Narayan Ambadekar from committing suicide in this chapter. Please read carefully
this episode and understand its significance. Every human being will be subjected to
miseries at some time or other in one's life and committing suicide is not a solution to
such problems in the view of Sri Sai. Towards the end of this episode Hemadri Pant
writes about Sri Ambadekar - Sai Baba wanted him to become a devotee of Sri Akalkot
Maharaj in the footsteps of his father
Now what I aspire for is that you also must become a Sri Sai devotee. Won't you fulfil
my wish?
In service of Sri Sai,
Your Father.

30 January 1992
(Chapter 27)
Dear Chakrapani,
Sri Sai neither wrote any books or read any books at any time. But HE made HIS
disciples read the foremost books of spiritual scriptures in HIS presence. The books
specially selected by HIM for reading by HIS disciples were Gurucharitra, Vishnu
Sahasranaamam, Bhagawata and Bhagavad-Gita. Thus Sri Sai conveyed the importance
of reading spiritual scriptures, for the growth of human beings in the field of spirituality.
Therefore it is my wish that you read these books in the future.
The words uttered by Sri Sai, in the incident in which He took the book Vishnu
Sahasranamam from Ramadasi with an intention to make Shyama read that book, are
unforgettable. Try to understand the inner significance of those words of HIS – One can
get many books if one has money but one cannot get people -. The implication is that
with an ego called wealth anything can be bought except for a human being. While
elaborating on this subject, I would like to mention a few more aspects to you. There is
nothing wrong in spending money for undertaking good and noble tasks nevertheless do
not earn bad reputation through miserliness. There are many incidents in my life to
showcase this point. One of our relatives, my Uncle Sri Upadhyayula Pereswara
Somayajulu garu did not have any children, nevertheless he gathered children, of his
relatives, and educated them. I experienced his love and hospitality by staying in house
for 10 years and was educated by his kindness.
I can never forget this help rendered by him. He never expected or took even one Rupee
from my father in those 10 years. When I recall people like him my mind gets filled with
devotion towards them. I cannot forget one more person in my life; he is my father-in-law
and your maternal grand father. He measures everything in life in terms of money, which
caused mental upset to a great extent in me. I realized that I should distance myself from
such people and hence am living far away from him. Therefore do not live your life
materialistically i.e. with pride for your wealth and material possessions. If you can
financially help any one, please do so with humility. If you cannot render financial help
then politely say so instead of berating or abusing the other person, with pride in your
wealth. Sri Sai was pleased with the devotion of Smt. Khaparde, and HE narrated details
of her previous births. From this incident one can understand how good and noble acts
lead to growth in successive life cycles. Let us then resolve to undertake good and noble
deeds, with blessings of Sri Sai, and progress towards achieving higher level births.
In service of Sri Sai,
Your father.


31 January 1992
(Chapter 28)
Dear Chakrapani,
I will elaborate on Chapter 28 to you in this letter. I will explain how Sri Sai used to call
HIS devotees to Shirdi and make them come there. If one examines the way Sri Lala
Lakhamichand and a female devotee from Burhanpore were made to come to Shirdi, as
narrated by Sri Hemadri Pant in this chapter, one will be greatly astonished. Sri Sai gave
a vision of HIMSELF in a dream to people, who were not aware of HIM, and made them
travel to Shirdi. What lesson must be learned by us from these incidents? Think. Even if
you are not a devotee of Sri Sai, HE will appear in your dream in the present birth, if
there was a relationship with HIM in your previous births, and that HE will make you
come to Shirdi.
One can say that THIS IS HIS SPECIALITY and GREATNESS. Sri Hemadri Pant
reveals in this chapter Sri Sai’s views thus – BABA did not approve of anyone taking a
loan for either celebrating a festival or going on a pilgrimage. This is very important for
ordinary families like ours. One should not perform worship rituals, giving donations and
undertaking noble tasks by taking loans. I kept away some percentage of my earnings for
these tasks, and thus undertook them from such amount specifically kept aside for that
purpose. If you follow this principle then you will not have to face unpleasant situations.
Sri Sai compared HIS ardent devotees with sparrows. HE used to say that HE made HIS
devotees to come to Shirdi as if HE had tied a string to sparrow’s feet and pulled it
towards HIMSELF. Megha was foremost amongst ardent devotees of Sri Sai. Sri
Hemadri Pant writes in detail about Megha in this chapter. I did not have an opportunity
to see Megha, as I was not born in his lifetime, nevertheless reading about Megha gives
rise to a doubt in my mind whether I too can ever become as an ardent devotee of Sri Sai
as Megha was or not? A true devotee of Sri Sai wishes for only one thing and that wish is
to take the last breath of one’s life at the feet of Sri Sai and merge into the five elements
through HIS hands. Megha was lucky to have that wish fulfilled. We must also try to get
THAT WISH fulfilled.
In Service of Sri Sai,
Your father.


01 February 1992
(Chapter - 29)
Dear Chakrapani,
I will elaborate on the experiences of Sri Sai devotees of those days. Sri Hemadri Pant
wrote about the arrival of Madras Bhajana Mandali (Group of devotees from Madras
singing devotional songs) at Shirdi, singing Bhajans in Sri Sai's presence and their
experiences in this chapter.
Names of members of that group were not mentioned in this chapter. Some Sri Sai
devotees at Madras did research and found out the details about that group. Leader of that
Bhajan group was Mr. Govinda Swamy and his wife's name was Mrs. Adi Lakshmi. Sri
Govinda Swamy was an employee in a tram company at Madras. People traveled by
train, at a great expense, strain and effort to Shirdi in those days. Just think about the
significance of those pilgrimages, which should be understood by us. No one could reach
Shirdi without the grace of Sri Sai. Last year I went to Bhopal on personal work and was
returning by train. I was mentally reciting Sri Sai's name and meditating on HIS form
during the journey. The train stopped at a station and started moving again. An old man,
about 65 years in age, with Grey beard & hair, well built and wheatish color in
complexion came running, boarded the compartment in which I was travelling, without
showing any signs of effort made (panting, breathlessness etc.) to board the train and
started to look at me with a beautiful smile on his face.
Clothes worn by him were of the type worn by college students. This incident recalled to
my memory the sequence in Madras Bhajan Mandali episode in which the leader asks
Baba - You look old, what is your age? - And Baba's response - Do I appear old, try
running with me-and starts running, and I experienced that sequence in this way. Sri
Hemadri Pant narrated the divine Leelas of Sri Sai about Tendulkar's education in this
chapter. When I recall the help received by you during your EAMCET (Engineering And
Medical Common Entrance Test) examination, I believe that Sri Sai did help Tendulkar
in his medical examination in those days and this to be true. The way Sri Sai helped
Tendulkar's father Sri Raghunatha Rao regarding fixation of pension after his retirement
is unforgettable. I trust Sri Sai to ensure that I lead my life, after my retirement* from
service, comfortably by ensuring that I receive adequate pension so that I need not seek
any financial assistance from any other source. Only time will bear witness to wish of
mine. The way Sri Sai saved Captain Jehangir, as narrated in the book Sai Baba the
Master written by Sri Ekkirala Bharadwaja, reminds me of the way Sri Hari (Narayana)
saves Gajendra (King of Elephants) as narrated in Sri Bhagawatham (one of the Hindu
epics). Captain Jehangir was a senior officer in a ship in those days of the First World
War. Captain Jehangir prayed earnestly for Sri Sai's help when that ship was sinking in
mid ocean. Sri Sai used HIS power from Dwarakamayi and rescued that ship from
sinking and thus saved Captain Jehangir. This incident was narrated personally by
Captain Jehangir, in Sri Sai's presence, to Sai Bandhus in Dwarakamayi. From this
incident we can call Sri Sai as SUPERMAN and no one need be surprised at this
description. Sri Sai says in the concluding episode of this chapter -This coin is worth
more than 25 Rupees, Shyama take this one Rupee coin and keep it in the safe. These
lines bring to my memory the two One Paisa coins (one paisa of those days is equivalent
to 2 paise of present days) in our Puja Mandir (Prayer altar). One coin was minted during
1862 and the other coin was minted during 1919. I found these two coins in a container of
old coins in our house. Probably Sri Sai's grace and HIS prompting made me keep
them in our Prayer Altar; this is my firm belief. I cannot tell anything further on
this issue. Remember that Faith is important for anything.
With faith in Sri Sai,
Your father.

02 February 1992
(Chapter 30)
Dear Chakrapani,
I have never performed the daily recitation of Gayatri Mantra in my life and have not
studied Vedas and other Spiritual scriptures. But I am enjoying the good benefits, derived
from daily recitation cum meditation of Gayatri Mantra and study of Vedas / scriptures,
by daily devotional reading of Sri Sai Satcharitra (Life History of Sri Sai). Some may
ridicule this belief of mine but I do not care for such scorn. Many individuals enter our
lives and depart leaving us. Once Sri Sai enters our lives, neither we can be separated
from Sri Sai nor Sri Sai will leave us. Even if any of us forsakes Sri Sai, HE will not
forsake us, as another name (word) for Faith is Sri Sai. One need to light the lamp of
knowledge called Sri Sai in our minds for driving away ignorance from one’s life.
Whoever lights THIS lamp of knowledge will have blissful life. Those who live in the
brightness of THAT lamp of knowledge are the lucky ones. Sri Sai fulfills the wishes of
aspirants, if their wish is just and they sincerely pray to HIM. Sri Hemadri Pant says in
30th chapter -Those who debate and criticize need not read these tales -. I will not say
like that.
My request is that please read carefully and diligently all the letters being written by me.
Ponder over what you have read and seek answers in your mind to these two questions.
Who is this Sri Sai? Will HE answer if called? Resolving to just try once, read Sri Sai
Satcharitra with full concentration and devotion, understand HIS philosophy and then call
HIM. Berate me if HE does not answer your call. I will write about a few Leelas of HIS,
revealed to me, in this letter. I did not have peace of mind during December 1991, was
suffering and hence reserved my tickets 10 days in advance for my journey to Shirdi on
16 December 1991.
I was doing my daily devotional reading of Sri Sai Satcharitra on 16 December 1991
morning. I was reading this chapter 30 on that day and Baba's message in that chapter
made me immensely happy. The message was - Go to BABA, your mind will find peace-.
With that message ringing in my ears I commenced my journey and returned home after
successfully completing the pilgrimage by Sri Sai's grace. Sri Hemadri Pant wrote thus in
the Kakaji episode of this chapter - HE who invites for Darshan will make arrangements
for welcome reception to the invitee-. Similar incident happened in my case. On the day
of my first ever trip to Shirdi during July 1989,Sri Sai appeared in front of me in the
premises of Sri Anjaneya Swami temple and accepted one Rupee coin as Dakshina.
I have mentioned about this in one of my earlier letters to you, try and recollect. There is
an inescapable need, in present times, for people like me to share their experiences, with
Sri Sai, with fellow Sri Sai devotees and others for explaining that the experiences had by
devotees with Sri Sai before he attained Mahasamadhi are all true. If one thinks seriously
for a moment about the way Sri Sai simultaneously fulfilled wishes of Kakaji to visit
Shirdi and of Shyama to honour the vows taken by his mother to the Sapthashringi
Goddess at a village called Vani, we can get immense faith that Sri Sai is present in all
forms of Gods and Goddesses. I have personally experienced this faith. After the year
1990, when I visited Tirupati for darshan of Sri Venkateswara or when I visited Sri
Ganesh temple at Ranthambhore in Rajasthan or when I visited the Buddhist shrine in the
city of Chang Wan in Korea, I had vision of Sri Sainath in all these divergent places. That
is why I can assert with great confidence that Sri Sainath is a form of all Gods and
Goddesses. Recollect the conversation between Kakaji and Shyama narrated in this
chapter. If you are unable to recollect I am quoting that conversation now -Kakaji asks
Shyama who are you and wherefrom have you come? Shyama replies I am from Shirdi
and I have come here to fulfill vow to Goddess Sapthashringi. The moment this sentence
was uttered, Kakaji realized that the visitor was from Shirdi and warmly hugged him.
There was a similar incident in my life. I had commenced my journey by air from
Bombay on 06 May 1991 at 0130 hrs. For Korea. I was afraid of flying, as it was my first
experience. After we boarded the aircraft the engines were started and my mind was
filled with fear and anxiety. The aircraft lined up at the runway end and commenced its
take off run. As the aircraft started gaining in speed my heart beat also started racing. The
aircraft took off, commenced its climb which seemed to me as if it was piercing through
the sky and I felt like that my life force was leaving for heavenly regions of space. I
closed my eyes and started meditating on Sri Sai's name, I drove away all thoughts and
my mind was filled with nothing else but Sri Sai. Captain of the aircraft addressed the
passengers, after about 10 minutes, through the speakers in the passenger cabin -The
aircraft is flying at an altitude of 40000 feet, maintaining a speed of 900 miles per hour
and the outside air temperature is -40 degrees C (i.e. 40 degrees below the freezing point
of water), you may unfasten your seat belts and relax-. My mind became calm on hearing
those words and I opened my eyes. I noticed a tall, must be 6' or more, well built, fair
complexioned person with big Kumkum mark on his forehead, was seated in the
adjoining seat. He looked like European and the beautiful smile on his face drove away
all the fear from my mind. I felt like conversing with him. I asked him - Who are you and
where from have you come? The same question put by Kakaji to Shyama in those days.
Can you hazard a guess as to what was his reply! I was astonished at that person's reply.
At the time of passengers boarding the aircraft he sat next to me. The aircraft started
moving, my mind was filled with anxiety and fear and I did not speak to him then. I
closed my eyes and started to meditate on Sri Sai to drive away the fear. After opening
my eyes I asked him the questions who are you and wherefrom are you coming? I
suppose that by now you have guessed correctly his response. I am quoting his response
so read on carefully.
He said I am a Hindu and I came directly to Bombay airport, after having darshan of Sri
Sai Baba at Shirdi, to take this flight to Hong Kong. When I heard this sentence I was
thrilled with joy and hair on my body stood on its end. Words fail to express my
condition at that time, as this was the response to my meditation for 10 minutes on Sri Sai
for driving away my fear. I felt that Sri Sai himself in the form of that gentleman was
sitting next to me. I held his hands and mentally thanked and prayed to Sri Sai. Thereafter
I had a very pleasing conversation with him. I started reciting mentally the morning
Harati of Sri Sai at dawn and he expressed a desire to hear the Harati. Hence I recited the
Harati at low volume so that only he could hear it. It was 0530 hrs. early morning as per
Indian Standard Time, when I finished reciting the Harati, but it was 0830 hrs (local time)
in the morning as per the Air Hostess. We were served breakfast, I offered the items to
Sri Sainath and both of us partook the consecrated breakfast. While eating I said that this
is Sri Sainath's prasadam (consecrated food). He laughed and said that can you prove that
this breakfast is Sri Sainath's prasadam? I started thinking on what to say and how to
convince him, when I noticed the inscription SWISSAIR on the tray. I took a pen from
my pocket, underlined SAI in the word SWISSAIR and showed it to him. He was very
pleased and bought a packet of chocolates from the in-flight shop and presented them to
me. At that time I experienced a feeling that Sri Sainath himself is blessing a devotee by
giving him a sweet. The aircraft landed at Hong Kong airport, he got up from his seat to
disembark at his destination and I asked him his name and address. He gave me his
visiting card, asked me to be in touch on my return to India and moved on.
I returned to India on 21 May 1991, and I wrote 2 letters expressing my gratitude to him
but there was no reply from him. Thereafter I examined closely the visiting card given by
him. The image of the world printed on that visiting card astonished me. I will now write
about the feelings generated in me on studying that visiting card, try to understand me. I
was a fool not to recognize Sri Sai when HE sat next to me in that flight. I did not pay
attention to that visiting card when he said to keep in touch after my return to India.
When I did not receive a reply to my first letter, still I did not realize that HE was Sri
Sainath himself. When there was no reply to my second letter also, then I examined
closely the visiting card, noticed the image of the world on that card and then I realized
that HE was Sri Sainath himself. How can anyone limit one name and one address when
Sri Sainath is omnipresent and everywhere? This fact I realized very late. I have placed
before you all my thoughts; I want you to think deeply on my experiences and realize that
Sri Sai is all-pervasive, omnipresent and everywhere in this world. The day you realize
this, I will feel vindicated that the purpose in my writing these letters to you has been
In service of Sri Sai,
Your father.

03 February 1992
(Chapter 31)
Dear Chakrapani,
Incidents of attaining salvation by some devotees at Shirdi, through the grace of Sri Sai,
are narrated in this chapter. They are indeed are very fortunate. Even a wild animal (tiger)
achieved salvation in the presence of Sri Sai. These are the incidents that occurred at
Shirdi in those days. I was witness to Sri Sai granting salvation to HIS devotee and for
me an embodiment of Sri Sai himself my maternal aunt's husband Sri Upadhyayula
I will narrate details of this incident in forthcoming letters of mine. I will write about
those aspects of this chapter that has impressed me. At the very beginning of this chapter
words said by Bhagawan (Lord) Krishna have been quoted. These words are - Those,
who remember me at the last moments of their lives, will attain me (merge in me). Those,
who desire or aspire for something else at the last moments of their lives, will only get
those desires / aspirations fulfilled in their next life-. How can GOD grant salvation to
those who spend their entire lifetime pursuing Arishad Vargas (worldly, material and
sensual objects) and end their lives in ignorance of spiritual matters? Just ponder deeply
on this question. Therefore desire for knowing GOD has got nothing to do with one's age.
An irresistible desire and constant craving for seeking God is needed. From the day an
individual gets these two aforesaid qualities, GOD will appear in some form or other in
front of him and lives with him from that day onwards. Sri Sai says in the episode of
recluse Vijayanand - Those who wear orange coloured robes should not have any
attachment for any animate or inanimate thing-. Hence every individual who wears
orange coloured robes is not really a recluse. Sri Sai never wore orange coloured robes
but still HE was a great Yogeeswara (God realized soul). We can see the real
characteristics of a recluse only in Sri Sai.
Sri Sai never asked anything from his devotees but sought only their Love. He accepted
their Love and used his power for their welfare. We cannot see another Yogeeswara like
Sri Sai in this era of Kali. All the recluses / swamis living in our midst these days seek
and get offerings in cash or kind from us. In return they give a well-delivered discourse
on knowledge that is easily available in books. My personal feeling is that those, who
have gained spiritual knowledge by diligent study of books and scriptures, need not wear
orange coloured robes for imparting that knowledge to others. It is possible that these
views of mine may be shared by great many. It is not prudent to write in greater detail on
this subject. Sri Sai made the recluse Vijayanand read Rama Vijayam, during the last
days of his life and granted salvation to him after his death. When I prayed to Sri Sai for
granting salvation to my maternal aunt's husband Sri Upadhyayula Pereswara
Somayajulu, who was Sri Sai and who bore the expenditure on my education and
boarding, at the time of his death Sri Sai made me recite the mantra Raja Ram in his ear.
Sri Somayajulu uncle breathed his last uttering that mantra along with me. Sri Sai
showered his special Love on Sri Balaram Mankar. Sri Sai, whilst physically being
present at Shirdi, gave HIS divine vision to Sri Mankar at Machindragad and proved that
HE is omnipresent. Sri Mankar was to travel by train to Bandra, and was unable to
procure a ticket for his journey (as the booking window / counter was overcrowded with
passengers). At that time Sri Sai appeared in the form of a villager in front of Sri Mankar
gave him a ticket for the journey to Bandra and disappeared in the crowd. Sri Balaram
Mankar was indeed very fortunate as he breathed his last breath in the presence of Sri
Sai. When we inculcate unflinching faith, devotion and love for Sri Sai, HE will appear in
front of us in some form or other and save us. I will write more on this aspect in my
forthcoming letters with reference to context.
Now let us consider Tatyasaheb Noolkar episode in this chapter. He was a great devotee
who tested Baba. Normally we come across many incidents in which GOD tests his
devotees. But Noolkar took a stand that unless his two wishes are fulfilled he will not
accept Sri Sai as GOD realized soul and go to Shirdi for HIS darshan (vision). Sri Sai
fulfilled both the wishes of Noolkar and made HIS devotee come to Shirdi. After passing
away of Sri Noolkar Sri Sai says -Alas Tatya has departed before us and he has no
rebirth. Tatyasaheb Noolkar was thus fortunate to receive salvation. Coming to Megha,
he is an unforgettable character from Sri Sai Sathcharitra. Megha, eventhough unlettered
and uneducated, developed unflinching devotion, faith and love for Sri Sai and passed
away in that state. A very rare occasion it was for people to see Sri Sai, who had never
shed tears, shedding tears and weeping at Megha's death and personally supervising the
last rites for Megha's body. Sri Hemadri Pant says - Those who prostrate at any saint's
feet and breathe their last breath will be liberated and saved. I do not know what Sri Sai
has in store for me. You will come to know my fortune when the time comes.
In service of Sri Sai,
Your father.

04 February 1992
(Chapter - 32)
Dear Chakrapani,
Sri Hemadri Pant described very well the relationship and dependency between Guru
(Preceptor) and Shishya (student / seeker) in this chapter. Sri Sai narrated in detail the
relationship between him and his preceptor. I will not write elaborately on this aspect but
will narrate couple of incidents from my life, so please read on carefully. Your mother
taught you to play, speak and sing during your childhood. During your adolescence your
teacher educated and taught you to think for your self in the school. Nature taught you the
skills for survival. You obtained all these skills from others. You must make this human
existence of yours meaningful. A qualified Sadguru (Good preceptor) is essential for
showing the way to make the human existence meaningful. Our Sai Baba is that
Samartha Sadguru (Able and qualified preceptor). We must read very carefully the
episode in this chapter in which the way Sri Sai, while moving around aimlessly along
with 3 of his friends in a forest called ignorance, behaved and followed his Guru
(Preceptor) for seeing the light of knowledge. We can realize the inescapable need for a
Preceptor for driving away the darkness of ignorance by contemplating deeply on this
episode. Remember forever what Sri Sai said in this episode. His words are
- The search for anything on an empty stomach will not succeed. No one will appear in
front of us on the way unless GOD wills it. Never refuse the food offered. Plate on which
food is served should not be pushed away. Being offered food by someone is a good
omen. You must be remembering the way you used to behave while eating at the dining
table in our house. You used to be bad tempered saying that the dishes cooked by your
mother were not delicious. I used to remind, at those times; you that Sri Sai had said that
FOOD are a form of ETERNAL GOD. You have grown up now and can understand
things without my telling you. Think of Sri Sai before commencing eating your meal. HE
will take care of you and show you the correct path to follow. Well we are anyway
discussing about food, so there is a need to know the views of Sri Sai on this subject. Sri
Hemadri Pant wrote thus in
This chapter - Sri Sai never observed fasting. HE never permitted others to fast. Mind of
a fasting person will not be steadfast. How can such a person realize the inner
significance of being born as a human being? One cannot realize or visualize GOD on an
empty stomach-. This does not mean that one should overeat and become obese like an
overfed fat horse, which cannot easily move. Sri Hemadri Pant describes these aspects in
Sri Sai's words in this chapter thus - Neither fasting nor overeating is good. Limited and
moderate eating habit is good for both the body and the mind-.
There is another episode in this chapter describing Sri Sai's childhood as narrated by
HIM. He says that Sri Sai was employed to do embroidery on cloth. His employer (GOD)
paid him a salary of Rs. 600.00. 600 rupees can be Interpreted as 600 years and the work
embroidery on cloth can be interpreted as bringing our lives on to the path of
righteousness. GOD has created us all as an ordinary cloth and sent us on to this earth.
HE sent good artisans such as Sri Sai to this earth for doing fine embroidery on ordinary
cloth, implying that to bring human beings on to the path of righteousness. Sri Sai is
Yogiraj (King of GOD realized souls) amongst Yogeeswaras (GOD realized soul). It is
indeed our good fortune, that We have taken recourse at the feet of such a Supreme GOD
realized soul. HE Will do fine embroidery on the ordinary cloth of our life and will set
them on the right path. GOD must have sent HIM on to this earth for carrying out this
task for 600 years. I have heard someone saying that GOD has also sent Sri Raghavendra
Swami (a venerated Saint of South India) to this earth for teaching the path of devotion
for 600 years to people. That is why, even though Sri Raghavendra Swami is not alive
anymore, HIS faithful devotees believe that HIS Pavitra Athma (Holy spirit) is still
around guiding them. Sri Hemadri Pant had stated that Sri Sai was probably born during
1838 AD. So HIS Pavitra Athma (Holy Spirit) will be around this earth up to 2438 AD
and forever save HIS devotees from calamities. What I have written now, I have not read
from any book, no one has told me so and it is purely my imagination and interpretation.
I will narrate a small incident for giving validity to my imagination. Sri Sai never
permitted anyone to mend his torn robes. HE mended his torn robes himself using a
needle and thread when he was alone during afternoons in Dwarakamayi. What is the
significance of this? Just contemplate on this question. Sri Sai's mending torn robes
implies that somewhere HIS devotee's life is in turmoil and HE is setting that devotee's
life in order. Let us believe this to be true.
In service of Sri Sai,
Your father.


05 February 1992
(Chapter - 33)
Dear Chakrapani,
Sri Hemadri Pant described in this chapter the Mahima (supernatural power) of Udi
(sacred ash) from Dhuni (eternal fireplace) at Dwarakamayi (Sri Sai's residence). You
can understand the supernatural power of Udi when you read with devotion Sri Sai
Satcharitra. I have adopted the ritual of applying regularly Udi on my forehead in my
daily life. During my visit to Korea in May 1991, General Manager of a Korean company
called SAMMI asked me a question. That question was - What is the significance of the
two marks, one vermilion and the other white, on your forehead? I have met many
Indians, some with a vermilion mark, some with a white mark and some with no mark on
their foreheads. But I have not come across anyone with both vermilion and white marks
before meeting you and hence my curiosity and the question. Why should anyone wear
both the marks on the forehead and can you please enlighten me on this? I was lost in
thought for a while on what should be my response to these questions. Then I recollected
Sri Sai's words from this chapter - All the things we see in this world are not permanent,
similar to Ash. Our body made out of five elements, after enjoying material comforts will
ultimately disintegrate into Ash (concept similar to From Dust to Dust)-. I replied
immediately - the vermilion mark on my forehead represents the spirit or life force that is
within my body. Soon after the spirit or the life force leaves my body i.e. when I die, the
body will be cremated and inevitably turn into ash. The white mark of ash on my
forehead is for reminding me this eternal truth. Thus the vermilion and white marks on
my forehead represent the cycle of life (birth) and death which are certain-. The
Korean gentleman was greatly astonished at my reply, and he immediately made a note
of the same in his diary. I derived immense happiness at being able to tell the significance
of Udi, as narrated by Sri Sai to Sri Hemadri Pant in those days, to foreigners in Korea
during 1991.
There is an episode in this chapter about the way Sri Sai sent Udi from Shirdi through a
recluse Ramagiri Bua to Nanasaheb Chandorkar at Jamner during 1904 - 05 when his
daughter Maina Tai was immensely suffering from labour pain and saved her. The events
described in this episode cannot easily be believed to be true by people in general, but for
Sri Sai devotees the episode represents Sri Sai Leela (a miracle or supernatural power
exhibited by Sri Sai). I will now narrate an incident witnessed personally by me for
bringing out Udi's mahima (supernatural power of sacred ash). My friend Sri Hotha
Kameswara Rao visited our house on an evening during October 1991 and requested me
to donate blood as his younger brother was to undergo heart surgery (Coronary Artery
Bypass Grafting) next day in Nizam's hospital. I agreed by promising him that I will
come to the hospital next morning and donate blood. Next morning after bathing I took a
packet of Sri Sai Vibhuti (another word for Udi - sacred ash) and prayed to Sri Sai for a
message. I closed my eyes, meditated on Sri Sai and opened randomly a page in Sri Sai
Satcharitra. That page was from 33rd (this) chapter and I carefully read that page. I
derived clearly Sri Sai's message from that page, the message was - Danger has passed-. I
went to the hospital, keeping Sri Sai's message in my mind, donated blood, opened the
packet of Vibhuti, took out a
pinch of the same, applied it as a mark on the patient's forehead and returned home. My
friend Sri Kameswara Rao came to our house that evening and said - Doctors examined
my younger brother once again this morning. They opined that there was no need for a
major heart surgery, but they will perform a minor surgery two days later during which
an air bubble will be sent in the blocked artery for clearing the blockage-. I remembered
Sri Sai's message - Danger has passed - given to me by Sri Sai in the morning, as soon as
I heard Sri Kameswara Rao's words. I told him Sri Sai's message by narrating my
meditation on Sri Sai that morning. I opened the page of Sri Sai Satcharitra and showed
the message to him. Sri Kameswara Rao bowed before Sri Sai's image and offered his
gratitude to HIM in my presence. I believe this is an example for demonstrating
supernatural power of Udi from Dhuni
at Dwarakamayi in Shirdi. Think about this incident and realize the power of Sri Sai's
Vibhuti. Sri Hemadri Pant writes thus in this chapter - Baba will, forever protect
whomever, whole-heartedly loves and worships HIM. Baba will answer his prayer at any
place and at any time by appearing in some form or other to fulfill his wish. Baba will
always be by his side-. I believe these to be literally true and I will narrate a few incidents
from my life.
I went for Godavari (a river in South India) Pushakaram (a religious event similar to
Kumbh held on the banks of river Ganges) in 1991 and commenced my return journey.
My maternal uncle met me at Rajahmundry railway station and gave me a small metal
trunk with a request to deliver the same to our relative in Hyderabad. I was carrying only
a small handbag. I readily agreed to my uncle's request for delivering that trunk, as I did
not have many luggages with me. On arrival at Secunderabad railway station the ticket
collector, at the exit gate, said that the trunk needs to be weighed. I agreed and proceeded
towards the weighing balance. I placed the trunk and my handbag on the balance. My
baggage was overweight by 10 Kg. and the ticket collector told me that I have to pay a
penalty for excess baggage. On hearing this I requested for the baggage to be re-weighed
without my handbag and my request was turned down. I was told to pay a penalty of
Rs.102 for the excess baggage. I had only Rs.20 on me at that time. I was told by the
ticket collector to leave my baggage, go home, get
The required amount and collect the baggage after payment of the penalty. I pleaded that
the trunk did not belong to me, I was carrying it on behalf of a friend and hence I may
please be let off without paying the penalty. The ticket collector did not accede to my
repeated pleas. I was in a hopeless situation and prayed, with tears in my eyes, to Sri
Sainath. People on the platform took me to be a thief, gathered around me and were
watching the scene with curiosity. I was ashamed at my predicament and could not lift
my head up. At that time a railway officer, dressed in white uniform, came there, placed
his hand on my shoulder and consoled me saying that he knew that the trunk did not
belong to me. He ordered for a glass of cool water to be brought and offered the same to
me. A lady arrived from somewhere and started talking in a familiar manner with the
ticket collector, who cornered me. The railway officer, who gave cool water to me for
drinking, ordered a railway porter to pick up my baggage and accompany me up to an
auto-rickshaw. I could not believe my ears at the turn of events.
I could visualize my Sai in that railway officer. I paid my respects by raising and joining
my palms together to HIM, came out of the station and reached our home in an auto. I
sought Sri Sai's assistance when I was undergoing mental agony in Secunderabad station.
Did Sri Sai appear in front of me in the form of a senior railway officer, understood the
problem faced by me, consoled me, offered me a cool glass of water and saved me from
my predicament? This is a question that arose in my heart at that time. My answer to that
question is that I can say with full confidence and faith that Sri Sai himself appeared in
the form of a human being and saved me. I suppose that you will not negate this belief of
mine. Mother of my childhood friend Ravindranath passed away in Ajmer town during
1991. I went immediately on hearing the sad news to Ajmer and offered condolences to
my friend. He told me that a Dargah (Mausoleum) of a great Aulia (Muslim saint) exists
in the town and advised me to visit the monument. He deputed his servant to accompany
me on my visit to the holy place. All visitors to Ajmer town, irrespective of the religion
followed by them, visit this holy shrine. I felt that Sri Sainath himself is instructing me to
visit the shrine when my friend suggested the same. I came out, accompanied by my
friend's servant, of his house and took an auto for going to that shrine in Ajmer. One old
man stopped our auto, after we traveled for a kilometer, and requested the driver for lift
to a place close to the shrine. Auto driver asked the old man for Rs.4 as fare but the old
man said that he gives only Rs.2 to any one. At this stage I intervened on behalf of the
old man and asked him to get into the auto. The auto was approaching the shrine; the old
man asked the driver to stop the vehicle, got off and was about to pay Rs.2 to the driver. I
intervened once again saying that I will pay Rs.2 on his behalf to the driver. Saying these
words I joined both my palms and paid my respects to the old man. I could visualize Sri
Sainath in the benign smile of the old man. That old man took out a small bottle,
containing some medicine, from his pocket and gave it to me saying that I should apply it
on any part of my body where there is severe pain. I accepted the bottle with medicine
and gratefully thanked him with folded hands. As the auto proceeded towards the shrine,
I felt that Sri Sai was sitting next tome a small while earlier. With these thoughts in my
mind I looked back on the road and could not see the old man anywhere on the road.
What an idiot I was that I did not recognize Sri Sainath when HE sat next tome and
addressed him as old man. This incident is a proof for the fact that Sri Sai appears in
some form or other near HIS devotee grants his wish and then disappears. I have been
surrendering myself to Sri Sai since 1989. I called whole-heartedly Sri Sai for assistance;
HE appeared in some form or other in front of me, provided the sought help and then
I have so far written 3 incidents from my life in support of this claim of mine. Firstly
during my flight to Korea the person who sat in the seat next to mine and presented a box
of chocolates to me while disembarking at Hong Kong was Sri Sai. Secondly when I was
in a distress at Secunderabad railway station, as I did not have enough money to pay the
demanded penalty for excess baggage, the person who offered a cool glass of water to
drink and came to my rescue was Sri Sai. Thirdly while proceeding in an auto towards
the shrine in Ajmer, the person who shared the auto with me and who gave me a bottle of
medicine to relieve body pain after getting off at his destination was Sri Sai. I can tell
with full confidence after citing these 3 examples that when we call Sri Sai with love &
devotion HE will appear in some form or other and fulfill our desires. It is for us to
recognize when that happens and the fault is ours alone if we are unable to see HIM when
HE appears in some other form. Sri Hemadri Pant narrated an episode concerning Sri
Appasaheb Kulkarni in this chapter. After reading this episode I am reminded of an
incident that occurred on 22nd March 1991 evening. I will write about this incident. 22nd
March is your mother's and my wedding anniversary day. Your mother and me went to
Sri Kanyaka Parameswari temple that evening. When we reached the temple, the priest
had not as yet opened the doors of the sanctum sanctorum. I was meditating on
Sri Sai's name and at that time one recluse appeared at the entrance to the temple. He
announced that he had come from Sri Kanaka Durga temple at Vijayawada and asked for
Dakshina (offering). I gave him one Rupee coin, which he accepted and went away. A
thought occurred, after his departure, in my mind that I should have given at least Rs.10
as an offering as it was our anniversary that day. I then resolved that if he came back I
would give him Rs.10 as an offering. By that time the temple priest opened the sanctum
sanctorum doors. Your mother and me performed Kumkuma Archana (ritual worship of
the deity using vermilion coloured powder), came out of the temple and sat on the steps
outside. A Sikh recluse, wearing white clothes, went around the temple once and sat next
to us. He had a cloth bag slung on his shoulder. He held a tin in one hand and a short
stick in his other hand. The moment I looked at him I could visualize Sri Sainath in him. I
asked the Sikh recluse wherefrom had he come. He replied stating that he came from an
Ashram (hermitage) in Nasik City on the banks of Godavari River. I imagined him to be
Sri Sai in that form, gave Rs.10 as an offering, which I had resolved to give the earlier
recluse if he came back. The Sikh recluse accepted Rs.10 offering, blessed your mother
and me and then left. When he was accepting Rs.10 from me the Sikh recluse appeared
tome as Sri Sai himself. Sri Hemadri Pant wrote about Sri Haribhau Karnik at the end of
this chapter. After reading that episode I resolved in 1991 that I would offer clothes, in
the name of Sri Sai, on every Guru Purnima day (a Hindu holy festival). It is for Sri
Sainath to accept my resolution of offering clothes in HIS name on every Guru Purnima
day. How Guru Purnima will be celebrated by me in future depends on Sri Sainath's
grace and not in my hands*.
In service of Sri Sai,
Your father
* Sai Ba - Ni - Sa told the translator that by Baba's grace he has been fulfilling his
resolution by performing Vastra Danam (offering of clothes) on every Guru Purnima day
since then.
Translated from the Telugu original into English by Sri Sai devotee Madhusudan Nori.
06 February 1992
(Chapter - 34)
Dear Chakrapani,
Sri Hemadri Pant continued to describe the Mahima (supernatural power) of Udi (sacred
ash) in this chapter also. Sri Sai Satcharitra is a treasure house for Leelas (divine
occurrences) of Sri Sai before HE attained Maha Samadhi (an act of merging the spirit
with the eternal spirit GOD). Sai devotees are witness to Sri Sai Leelas performed after
the year 1918 i.e. from the time Sri Sai ceased to exist in HIS human form. Cultivate faith
in words of Sri Sai quoted in this chapter. His words are - Those who step into
Dwarakamayi in full faith, will never suffer from any disease or ailment in this life-. Prior
to 1989 I suffered many a time with severe pain in my joints. I did not suffer any more
from these joint pains after 1990 to this date. I attribute this improvement in my health to
my visit to Shirdi, stepping into Dwarakamayi and surrendering myself at Sri Sai's feet in
1990. Note Sri Sai's words quoted in the episode of Dr. Pillai in this chapter. His words
are - Tell him to be fearless. Why should he suffer for 10 births? I can mitigate all sins of
his past lives in 10 days-. In my opinion an ordinary human being can never utter such
words to generate courage in a hopeless situation. The supreme GOD incarnated as Sri
Sai in a human form and only HE could forgive sins of devotees, mitigate consequences
of such sins and bring relief. This way HE ensured that devotees developed unflinching
faith in the supreme GOD. Sri Sai's words uttered in HIS human form showcase HIS
divinity and humility. Note these words - I am not God, I am not Lord, I am only HIS
obedient servant-.
Many Mahatmas (great souls), Yogis (God realized souls) and God's incarnations have
taken birth on this earth in this Kali Yuga (age of Kali). But none of them spoke as Sri
Sai had spoken. None of them can be compared to Sri Sai. Sri Sai had cured many
people, suffering from various diseases and given up as hopeless cases by the Doctors of
the day. In some cases Sri Sai transferred the ailments from the patients to himself and
liberated them from their suffering. HE always uttered, while curing the ailments of
patients - Allah Malik Hai, Allah achcha karega (God is the Master, HE will cure)-. Has
any recluse, mendicant or Yogi of the present day uttered such words. Just think about it.
Fill your thoughts fully with Sri Sai; HE will take good care of you.
In service of Sri Sai,
Your father.
(Chapter - 35)
Dear Chakrapani,
Sri Hemadri Pant described a few miracles performed by Sri Sai and also the supernatural
power of Udi (sacred ash) in this chapter. The persons, mentioned in the chapter only
experienced these miracles. These incidents removed negative feelings held in mind by
those individuals and filled their hearts with happiness. When Kaka Mahajani's friend
was climbing the steps of Dwarakamayi, Sri Sai lovingly invited him to enter. The tone
and the voice of Sri Sai resembled greatly with those of the friend's departed father. Thus
the endearing invitation extended by Sri Sai filled the friend's heart with immense
happiness; he forgot himself and prostrated at the feet of Sri Sai. I had a similar
experience in my life and I will narrate the same now. My father passed away during
1974 when you were just about 8 months old baby. He never appeared in my dreams
since then. I surrendered myself at Sri Sai's feet in 1989. I can never forget the words I
heard from Sri Sai's picture at 5 AM early morning on a day in October 1991 (I do not
remember the exact date when this happened).
The words I heard that early morning were - Have you completely forgotten me? See me
in your son Chakrapani. - and the voice was that of my departed father. I was both
astonished as well as pleased at that time. Thinking deeply on this occurrence, I have
realized that Sri Sai is present both in those who are older than I am as well as in those
who are younger than I am. Sri Sai says the same thing in the 15th chapter. HIS words are
- Worship me always in your heart and in the hearts every individual-. I will bring to your
notice an incident to prove this view. Please read the book titled Sri Sai Baba of Shirdi
written by late Rao Bahadur M.W. Pradhan, J.P., in which the last days in the life of Sri
Nanasaheb Nimonkar are described. He was blessed and fortunate to see Sri Sai Baba in
even his wife during the last days of his life. I am writing a very important message for
you in this letter. Incase you yearn and aspire for the divine grace of Sri Sai Baba, you
make a personal effort to learn about HIM instead of seeking HIM through middlemen. If
you feel so, you may listen to words uttered by middlemen, but please do not address
them as Sadgurus (Good Preceptors).
Now-a-days one comes across many devotees of Sri Sai claiming them to be Sadgurus,
by prefixing that title before their names. They claim that they are the only ones who
have truly surrendered to Sri Sai and are getting accepted as such in the society. These
may be Acharyas (Professors) in Sai University, but there is only one Chancellor who is
Sri Sai Baba himself. Similarly there may be great many ardent devotees of Sri Sai, but
these devotees cannot be called as Sadgurus. Listen to anyone speaking about Sri Sai;
understand the good values from such speeches and Seeing Sri Sai in them pay your
respects by touching their feet. Your salutations will reach Sri Sainath. Episode of Kaka
Mahajani's friend, narrated in this chapter, contains the following words of Sri Sai - You
take that away. Remove the wall of dualism separating us. Then we can meet face to face
and see eye to eye-. Sri Sai devotees going to middlemen for finding out about Sri Sai,
even after coming to know these words of Sri Sai, is utterly ridiculous. Now you may ask
me to explain my conduct on this issue. I do admit that during the period: 1989 - 90 I did
go to middlemen and the so-called Sadgurus for finding out about Sri Sai. Sri Sainath
himself corrected this aberration of mine. Once we realize our mistakes and make
amends, we will not normally repeat the mistake. Now recollect the incident of raisins
described in the episode of Kaka Mahajani's master from this chapter. Similar incident
occurred in my life also. I was doing my daily devotional reading of Sri Sai Satcharitra
on a Thursday 06 February 1992, i.e. yesterday. I was thinking about what should be
offered to Sri Sai that night. At that time a woman, selling vegetables on the street, was
asking your mother whether she would buy Bottle Gourd. Your mother irritably replied in
the negative. Even though I was doing devotional reading, I could hear the conversation,
but was in no position to interrupt my daily ritual worship to get up and go to the door.
That woman was not accepting refusal to buy and was telling your mother to check up
with the master of the house. Your mother got annoyed and chased away that vegetable
seller from our door. I was getting a desire for offering Bottle Gourd preparation to Sri
Sai that night. I resolved that if the vegetable seller comes to our door again, I would buy
Bottle Gourd and make its preparation in the night. In the meanwhile I completed my
daily ritual of reading Sri Sai Satcharitra and came to the front door. At that moment
another woman, with a basket full of Bottle Gourds, came in front of our house door and
asked -Sir, do you want Bottle Gourds? -. I was elated at this, bought a Bottle Gourd,
prepared a dish using it and made an offering of the same along with Roti (roasted wheat
pan cake) to Sri Sai at night.
I believe that Sri Sai devotees, who have read Sri Sai Satcharitra, will consider this
incident as a happy event. Sri Sai's words on contributions to good & righteous causes,
contained in this chapter are - If I take one Rupee as Dakshina (offering) from anyone I
will have to return 10 times that amount to that person. I will never take anything gratis-.
Would you like me to write my views on this statement? OK, then read on. I get
unknown happiness in my mind when I give one Rupee as an offering in Sri Sai's name to
any aspirant on any day. I have never experienced shortage of food and clothing. Prior to
1989, I faced financial hardships, could not even afford to get my clothes pressed by
washer man and suffered mental agony for selling the gold ring, worn by me, to make
both ends meet. I did not face such a miserable situation after 1990. I settled all the loans
taken for construction of our house. I did not have to borrow money or take loan in my
life after 1990. I did not have any big bank balance. What I had was a huge balance called
contentedness and deep satisfaction in my mind. Probably this state is the result of my
offering one Rupee as an offering in Sri Sai's name to poor and needy whenever I came
across them. The inner meaning of Sri Sai's words - I will give ten folds of what I receive
- is that HE will give ten folds Happiness and Peace.
I will now write one more thing. For getting a good night's sleep do as I now suggest.
Contemplate on Sri Sai, wear a white mark of Vibhuti (sacred ash) from Dhuni (sacred
fire place) at Dwarakamayi (Sri Sai's residence), lie down with your head towards west
and place all problems faced by you in front of Sri Sai seeking HIS advise. Sri Sai will
appear in one form or other in your dream and advise you on the course of action to be
taken by you.
I am writing this from my personal experience. Similar opinion is expressed very lucidly
by Late Sri Rao Bahadur M.W. Pradhan in his book titled Sri Sai Baba of Shirdi, written
in English. Please read this book at least once and note what is written in page 49 of the
book. Strengthen your faith in Sri Sai by doing so. Sri Hemadri Pant wrote beautifully on
Annadaanam (offering of food) in this chapter of Sri Sai Satcharitra. Whenever a feeling,
for offering food to the needy in the name of Sri Sai, arises in your heart please go ahead
and do it without any inhibition. You will realize that after everyone has finished eating
all the food served by you, there will still be some items of food left over. An incident of
Sri Sai appearing in the form of a snake in Sri Balaji Patil's house is narrated in this
chapter. I had also experienced a similar incident in my life. I dreamt, on a night during
January 1992, that I was heating water during pre-dawn hours for my early morning bath.
When I was getting ready to commence my bath I noticed that a snake entered the
bathroom apparently with a desire to bathe. I woke up with a start and started thinking
about the significance of this dream. I closed my eyes in contemplation and visualized
that priests were pouring warm water on Sri Sainath's Samadhi and thus bathing Sri Sai. I
realized that the dream implied that Sri Sai is indicating to me that I must perform daily
abhishekham (ritual bathing of an idol by pouring water over it while chanting specified
Mantras - holy hymns) to HIM. I have started a daily practice, after finishing my early
morning bath, of taking water in my cupped hands, meditating on Sri Sai and then
releasing the held water from my cupped palms. I am getting a feeling of daily bathing
Sri Sai in this manner. I cannot put in words the amount of joy experienced by me in
those moments. I trust that you will also start this daily practice of my bathing Sri Sai and
earn HIS divine grace. On the day Sri Sai appeared in the form of a snake in the
bathroom in my dream, HE once again appeared in the form of my Muslim friend Sri
Samad in my dream. In the dream my friend was writing, about his experiences, joys &
sorrows in his life, in a letter to me. I thought about the significance of this dream. I
interpreted the dream as Sri Sai ordering me to compare the experiences and joys &
sorrows in my life with Sri Sai Satcharitra and accordingly write letters to you. I am
writing these letters to you in this firm belief of HIS orders tome.
In service of Sri Sai,
Your father.

08 February 1992
(Chapter - 36)
Dear Chakrapani,
This chapter contains description of mysterious ways of Sri Sai asking Dakshina
(offering) and the means used by HIM for fulfilling wishes of HIS devotees. It becomes
crystal clear that one needs experience in spiritual matters for understanding these
phenomena. Contemplate on the reasons for Sri Sai accepting Dakshina (offering) from
one gentleman and refusal to accept the same from another gentleman, narrated in the
episode of two gentlemen from Goa in this chapter. There was also a similar event in my
life. I went to Sri Ganesh temple, located near Secunderabad railway station, on a
morning during 1990 and worshipped the Lord in the temple. When I came out of the
temple, Sri Sai, in the form of an elderly gentleman, confronted me and asked me for an
offering by stretching his arm in front of me. My spontaneous response was to give him
one Rupee coin. I started to proceed towards Sri Panduranga temple, which was located
close by, while mentally meditating on Sri Sai's name. I was thinking that I am always
giving one Rupee coin as an offering to Sri Sai and why is Sri Sai not asking a bigger
amount as an offering from me? I was inflated with ego and was walking with a thought
in my mind that had Sri Sai asked me I would have given one more one Rupee coin as an
offering. As I approached Gokul Lodge en-route, a 30year old young FAQIR glared
towards me, called me with anger in his tone and uttered these words in Hindi -Do I
appear like a beggar to your eyes? Am I starving and asking for an offering? What are
you thinking? Give me an offering in the name of Sri Shirdi Sai -. I was greatly
frightened when I heard those loud and angry words from a FAQIR in a public place. I
asked mentally pardon for my arrogant thoughts, took out a two Rupees currency note
from my pocket and gave it to the young FAQIR. I started walking briskly, with an
agitated mind and praying to Sri Sai, and reached Sri Panduranga Vithal temple.
This incident generated a chain of thoughts in my mind. Sri Sai comes to know, very
easily, our innermost thoughts. HE is Omnipresent and Omniscient. I came to a firm
conclusion that HE is the ruler of every individual's heart. I believe that this incident in
my life will make you happy and start thinking about spiritual matters. Sri Sai never
accepted any money as alms from any one. HE accepted money only as Dakshina
(offering) and that too for freeing the giver from his / her past debt. Even if you offer a
large amount of money as Dakshina (offering) to Sri Sai, HE will not accept it. HE will
accept only the exact amount owed by you and this is my firm belief. I also want to live
my life, through Sri Sai's grace & blessings, without aspiring for money / wealth from
any one else. Only Sri Sainath can fulfill this wish of mine. Now Sri Sai Satcharitra is
witness to this fact that wife of Sri Aurangabadkar, who did not conceive even once
during her 27 years of married life, conceived and gave birth to a son only after receiving
blessings of Sri Sai. I am witness to two similar incidents of recent origin. Firstly brother-
in-law, of my sister, was married for 10 years and the couple was issue less. The couple
then went on a pilgrimage to Shirdi, prayed to Sri Sai for progeny and on their return the
lady conceived. A healthy male child was born in due course of time.
Secondly my friend's daughter was married for 8 years but without an issue. At that stage
she undertook Parayana (devotional reading) of Sri Sai Satcharitra for earning the grace
of Lord Sainath. She conceived by HIS grace, on completion of the Parayana, and gave
birth to a healthy male child in due course of time. I am writing about these incidents
from my life so that you can realize that Sri Sai, even though not present in HIS physical
form in these days, is present as a Holy Spirit amongst us. There will be no dearth of
happiness and peace in the lives of those, who wholeheartedly surrender themselves at
the Divine feet of Sri Sai. There will not be any shortage of food and clothing in their
houses. Devotees of Sri Sai do not hanker for unlimited wealth but are satisfied with
whatever they possess through HIS grace. This is a true fact observed by me in life. If
you aspire for both happiness and peace in your life as well as adequate food and clothing
in your house, then please pray to Sri Sai and fully surrender yourself at HIS divine feet.
HE will take care of you.
In service of Sri Sai,
Your father.

09 February 1992
(Chapter - 37)
Dear Chakrapani,
Sri Hemadri Pant described Sri Sai's attributes and details of the procession to Chavadi
(one of the 2 places in Shirdi where Sri Sai used to sleep) in this chapter. Sri Hemadri
Pant writes - HE was never lazy, never dozed but was ever alert and was always present
to the Aathma (Inner spirit)-. HE himself mended his worn out Kafnis (a type of robe
worn by him) during afternoon hours when HE had free time from his devotees. HE
never permitted his devotees, who volunteered to take on this task, to mend his old robes.
In doing so HE has set an example to his devotees to give up laziness. We must
understand, from this, that HE did not mend old torn robes but mended the broken lives
of HIS devotees. Sri Hemadri Pant writes further - Let the knowledge, gained from
association with HIM; be with us till our last breath! Let us forever serve HIS feet with
devotion from bottom of our hearts! Let us see HIM in all living beings! Let us LOVE
HIS name forever-! How fortunate was Sri Hemadri Pant, who put into practice each
word said by HIM in his life and became an ideal to be followed by fellow Sai Bandhus
(Sai devotees). If you can truly follow the path shown by him you will become a true Sri
Sai devotee. We are
all born after 1918 and hence were not fortunate enough to witness the procession to
Chavadi of Sri Sai. Hence please read this chapter with full devotion and concentration
fill your heart with Sri Sai and get a feel of the procession to Chavadi by visualizing the
same. Sri Hemadri Pant describes the blessedness of Sri Sai's chillum (earthen smoking
pipe) thus - Even the inanimate Chillum becomes blessed by coming into contact with
HIM. Initially it had to undergo much turmoil's and travails. The earth was subjected to
trampling by the pot maker, was dried in hot sun, was baked in kiln to finally become a
Chillum and then became blessed by the divine touch and kiss of Sri Sai Baba-. I was
meditating on Sri Sai and HIS devotees of those days, thinking about HIM. I then heard
these words uttered by an unfamiliar voice - Your life is like a molten lump of iron, let it
be beaten by sledgehammer on an anvil and then quenched by dipping in a liquid called
Sai. See the form and color taken by that lump of iron-. That unfamiliar voice belonged to
my ardent GOD Sri Sainath, the lump of iron is my life, sledgehammer blows are
experiences of my life and I am eagerly waiting for that day for me to be immersed in a
liquid called Sri Sai and thus become blessed. After completion of ritual worship of Sri
Sai at the end of the procession to Chavadi, all devotees retired to their respective homes.
At that time Sri Sai used to call Tatya and tell him - Take good care of ME. If you feel
like you may go home but come once in the night to attend to my needs-. It is hard to
hear these words of Sri Sai and comprehend them. Aren't you wondering that Sri Sai,
who takes care of millions of people, is asking Tatya to take care of HIM? Now I will
reveal a small secret. Sri Sai never slept at any time, even during night. He left HIS gross
body at Dwarakamayi or Chavadi during nights (seemingly to be sleeping), and traveled
millions of miles in HIS ethereal body to save and take care of those devotees of HIS
earnestly requesting for HIS succour. At that time HIS gross body was in deep
meditation. One should never speak to Sri Sai, when HE is in deep meditation.
Erroneously if someone speaks to HIM at such times, Sri Sai's meditation gets disturbed
and may result in harm to Sri Sai's devotees. Sri Sai sought help of Tatya and Mhalsapati
to ensure that no one touches the gross body of Sri Sai or speak to HIM at such times
when HE is in deep meditation. This aspect has amply been described in an English book
titled The Incredible Sai Baba written by Mr. Arthur Osborne. I will write such details in
my forthcoming letters. Shall I take leave then?
In service of Sri Sai,
Your father.

10 February 1992
(Chapter 38)
Dear Chakrapani,
Sri Hemadri Pant elaborated, in this chapter, on Annadanam (offering of food to hungry)
performed by Sri Sai at Shirdi, details of utensils used by HIM for preparing the food, the
way HE cooked the Naivedyam (items of food offered to GOD) and the abundant LOVE
Sri Sai had for Sri Hemadri Pant. All aspects of performing Annadanam have clearly
been explained in this chapter. It is said - Feeding the hungry & poor (Annadanam) is the
best amongst all varieties of charity-. I will now
mention as an example two individuals, known to me, whose name comes to my mind
while discussing this matter. First name is that of Mrs. Docca Seethamma, resident of
Vakkalanka (a village near my native place in Konaseema area of coastal Andhra
Pradesh), who had spent all her wealth on performing Annadanam (feeding the hungry
and poor) and thus earned the name of Annapoorna (name of a Goddess of Benares /
Varanasi / Kasi who is provider of food to all) in Konaseema area. She herself used to
cook the items of food and feed all persons visiting the village, without differentiating
whether they are relatives, strangers and are of any caste. This fact was even noticed by
the then British Government ruling India. She never cared for her own health and
continued to cook, even when she was unwell, and performed Annadanam. Her generous
nature and blessedness are thus evident. The second name is that of Sri Upadhyayula
Pereswara Somayajulu, husband of my maternal aunt. He did not have any children of his
own, but he gathered many children of his relatives, under his roof providing them with
shelter and bore the entire expenditure on account of their education and food. Thus he
was a great soul who did Vidyadanam (charity towards education) and Annadanam
(charity towards providing food).
I humbly state that I was one amongst those children who grew up under his roof. Sri
Somayajulu uncle was fighting for his life and was on the deathbed on 29 January1991.
That day was Grihapravesam (house warming ceremony or ritual of entering a new house
for the first time) and he inquired, from his sick bed, whether each and every 200 invitees
for the Annadanam had properly been fed. You can see that even at the last moments of
his life he was concerned that Annadanam be performed without any fault.
He merged in Sri Sai on 30 January 1992 Thursday at 1:20 PM Ekadasi (an auspicious
day of Hindu lunar month) after hearing the afternoon Harati. Isn't this the result of his
performing Annadanam? Now I will write about an incident that occurred in my life
while performing Annadanam, so read on carefully. That day 17 October 1991 was
Vijaya Dashami (last day of Hindu festival Dussera) and I prayed to Sri Sai, after the
morning Harati, from the bottom of my heart saying - Baba grant me an opportunity to
feed at least 10 people in my house today. I will eat only after feeding 10 people-. This
was the vow taken by me that morning. I performed the afternoon Harati. Invited guests
and visitors started arriving at our house for lunch. By 3 PM 9 guests have been fed and I
did not have my meal as yet. I had vowed before Sri Sai that I will eat only after feeding
10 individuals and I was determined to keep my word. 10th guest did not arrive and it
was 4 PM in the evening. Even your mother finished her meal and my determination to
fulfill my vow increased. A fleeting thought crossed my mind that couldn't Sri Sai send
10 individuals to my house for a meal? I had been fasting since morning, was suffering
from hunger pains in my stomach and was in mental agony, as the 10th guest did not
arrive. Not knowing what to do, I looked at Sri Sainath's portrait with sad eyes. HIS
bewitching smile was testing my patience. If the saying that Sri Sai never permitted
anyone to fast was true, then why am I in this situation with hunger on this day? What is
the significance of the bewitching smile on Sri Sai's face when I am suffering from
hunger pains? I needed answers to these 2 questions and was wondering on whom to
approach for the answers. At that moment my eyes fell on the book titled Sai Baba of
Shirdi - a Unique Saint written by MV Kamath & VB Kher, bought by me on 16 October
1991, in the bookshelf in front of me. I opened the bookshelf, took that book in my hand,
praying wholeheartedly to Sri Sai - You came to my house yesterday in the form of this
new book and I can visualize you in this book. You must give answers to my agonizing
questions. This is not a test for me but a test for YOU. If you like your devotee to suffer
by fasting, I can remain without food for a full one day. 10th guest has not yet arrived at
my house for a meal. I will have my meal only after the 10th guest finishes his meal. It is
for YOU to tell me what to do now-. Praying to Sri Sai thus, I held the new book in my
hands closed my eyes and opened the book randomly.
When I opened my eyes, the book was open at page No. 135 and I started searching for
answers to my questions on that page. Sri Sai visualized in the form of last sentence on
that page and gave answers sought by me thus - Do you want me to eat more? Go now
and have your meal-. I was filled with unexplained happiness. Did Sri Sai himself arrive
as the 10th guest in my house and had HIS meal? I could not believe it, as I have not seen
any individual arriving as the 10th guest. I did not even see any animal coming to our
house so HE could not have come in the form an animal. I was wondering about in which
form had Sri Sai come and took HIS meal. It was then that my eyes fell on an ant, which
was circumambulating round the plate, with food offerings, placed in front of Sri Sai's
portrait. Sri Sai's words, contained in the 9th chapter of Sri Sai Satcharitra, came to my
mind. These words were - Similarly cats, pigs, flies, cows etc. are all my forms. I am
going around in these forms. I am present in all living beings-. I mentally paid my
respects and thanked Sri Sai, realized that Sri Sai never made HIS devotees to undertake
fasting and had my meal as 11th person at 4:45 PM on that day. You must understand one
aspect from this incident; Sri Sai immensely liked Annadanam (feeding the hungry).
Whenever and wherever Annadanam is being performed, HE will be present there in
some form or other and blesses HIS devotees. Just observe the way Sri Sai used to offer
Naivedyam (offering food) to GOD. Devotees used to bring various dishes & delicacies
to Dwarakamayi and place them before Sri Sai. HE used to take out a small amount from
each dish & delicacy into a vessel and offer the contents of the vessel to GOD. What
should we learn from this? GOD does not look for the taste in dishes & delicacies offered
to HIM by devotees, but looks for the extent of devotion with which these have been
offered. That's why Sri Sai never bothered much about the taste of food offered to HIM.
HE sought only LOVE from his devotees. Before consuming any edible item you offer
the same with devotion to Sri Sai and HE will happily accept the same. When I was
meditating on a particular day Sri Sai said - I prefer the plain and sweet Sapota (an Indian
fruit - Chikoo in Hindi - Scientific name Achras Sapota) fruit to beautiful and tempting
Pampara Panasa (an Indian fruit of citrus genre - Scientific name Pomelmoos) fruit. Sri
Sai is GOD to all of us. What that GOD likes is a sweet Sapota called LOVE. If we
LOVE SAI, without realizing we will start loving our contemporaries by seeing Sri Sai in
them. Remember that synonym for LOVE is SAI.
In service of Sri Sai,
Your father.

11 February 1992
(Chapter - 39)
Dear Chakrapani,
Sri Hemadri Pant described in detail Sri Sai's knowledge of Sanskrit and construction
Of Booty Wada (Stone Masonry mansion built by Sri Booty with blessings of Sri Sai)
in this chapter. Love and adoration of Sri Sai, by the residents of Shirdi village, has been
narrated in this chapter. Particular time and place have not been specified for taking Sri
Sai's name but anyone can meditate on HIS name at any place and time. Sri Sai
interpreted well a sloka (poem) in Sanskrit language from Srimad Bhagawad Gita (A
Hindu classic in which Lord Krishna enlightens Arjuna before the commencement
of the battle at Kurukshetra in Mahabharata). Note the subtle way in which Sri Sai
pricked the inflated balloon called ego of Sri Nanasaheb Chandorkar, who prided himself
to be an expert Scholar of Sanskrit language. The purpose of education is acquisition of
knowledge by each and every individual and dispelling the darkness of ignorance from
others. But Nanasaheb's knowledge of Sanskrit made his ego bloat up. Sri Sai, during
his conversation with Nanasaheb, explained the meaning of the Sanskrit sloka
(poem) and its nuances in a simple language and subdued Nanasaheb’s ego. Imagine
what could be the message being conveyed to us by Sri Sai through such incidents. I will
now write the aspects, of that Sanskrit Sloka, liked by me, so read on. Driving away
ignorance is acquiring knowledge and wisdom. Expelling darkness is obtaining light.
Eradication of the principle of duality is being aware of non-dualism. When we think in
terms of these strains, we remember the wise words of our elders. If you do no harm to
your contemporaries it is as good as doing a favor to them. If you desist from deriding
GOD and YOGI (GOD realized soul) it is as good as worshipping them. Aren’t these
words full of wisdom? We must always remember these words in our minds. Now let us
consider the Samadhi Mandir (a place of permanent rest and temple) built by Sri
Gopal Mukund Booty in Shirdi. Are you astonished by Sri Sai simultaneously
appearing in a dream on a night to Shyama and Booty and telling them to build a
wada (mansion) along with a temple for him? We can understand from this occurrence
that Sri Sai is GOD himself and hence HE can simultaneously appear, either in his
physical form or as a vision in a dream, to HIS devotees at different places. Sri Sai,
when HE was alive in HIS physical form in Shirdi in those days, simultaneously
appeared in a dream as a vision to two devotees and told them what HE wanted
them to do. In the present times, when Sri Sai is no longer physically present in
Shirdi, HE still appears as a vision in dreams of HIS devotees. We can infer from the
foregoing that there is no Death for Sri Sai in those days, at present times and in
future yet to come and that HE is Omnipresent at all times. I realized and accepted
the statement, Baba and Muralidhara (one who holds flute – another name of Lord
Krishna) are one and the same, made in this chapter as true. This realization happened
on a Thursday 14 December 1989, the day your elder sister bought Panchaloha (an alloy
of 5 metals) idols of Sri Sainath and Muralidhara at Bangalore and presented them to
me. Your sister did not know much about Sri Sai on that day i.e. 14 Dec 89 and it is my
firm belief that Sri Sainath himself inspired her to purchase those two idols and
made her present them to me.
In service of Sri Sai,
Your father.


12 February 1992
(Chapter – 40)
Dear Chakrapani,
Hemadri Pant beautifully described the Sai Leelas (Divine actions of Sri Sai) in this
chapter. Reading these Leelas gives rise to a powerful desire in us for experiencing them.
If Sri Sai makes similar incidents occur in our lives we can then soak in the
happiness generated by them. Sri Sai fulfills such wishes of HIS devotees and brings
happiness to them. I am but one of HIS numerous devotees who has experienced such
happiness through HIS Leelas. I will narrate my experience with Sri Sai in this letter.
Hemadri Pant says in this chapter " Sri Sai placed HIS hand on the devotee’s head,
transferred HIS energy to them for destruction, of all discrimination (religious /
caste / language) which differentiates, and imparts integration – unity with the real
self – Godhead." I have gone through such an experience. My uncle, husband of my
mother’s younger sister, Sri Upadhyayula Pereswara Somayazulu garu – a Sri Sai
Devotee, was on his deathbed. On 29 January 1992 after completion of noon harati to Sri
Sai, even though my uncle was suffering from unbearable pain, he called me to his
bedside, lovingly looked at me and placed his hand on my head. He stroked gently on my
head and at that time I experienced a feeling that Sri Sai was blessing me by placing
HIS hand on my head. Sri Hemadri Pant narrated in this chapter an incident through
which he experienced a Sri Sai Leela. The incident was Sri Sai’s arrival in the form of
a photograph at the residence of Sri Hemadri Pant. I quote from the chapter "Sri
Hemadri Pant unwrapped the newspaper, used to wrap the package, and found
with delight a big framed beautiful picture of Sri Sai inside. He was immensely
wonder struck; his heart melt and tears of joy flowed from his eyes. He had goose
pimples, he bent forwards and touched with reverence Baba’s feet in the picture."
I have experienced a similar incident in my life. It was during the year 1990 I had decided
to install a new-framed picture of Sri Sai on Vijaya Dasami day (10th day of the Dasara
festival) in our house and do Anna Santarpana (feeding of the poor). I had bought a nice
photo of Sri Sai and gave it for framing well in time, in fact 7 days before Vijaya Dasami,
in a photo framing shop near our house and had even paid an advance amount of Rs. 50
to the shop owner. He promised to deliver the framed photo in 2 days time. He did not
keep his word and the framed photo was not even ready on the penultimate day. I
confronted the shop owner on his breach of promise and his response was " Why are you
getting agitated? I will work in the night to complete the framing job and deliver the
finished product at your doorstep tomorrow well in time for your Puja (ritual worship).
This is my promise." I believed in his promise.
The next day dawned, it was Vijaya Dasami, the hour of worship was approaching and
our house did not have a framed picture of Sri Sai Samadhi Mandir along with HIS idol.
One had to go a long distance to a market for purchasing a ready made framed picture of
Sri Sai for which there was not enough time. The time for the noon Harati was fast
approaching and I did not know what to do. In that helpless situation I could not do
anything but pray to Sri Sai from the bottom of my heart and asked for a solution to the
problem faced by me. At that time I did not even possess the book Sri Sai Satcharitra,
on the life of Sri Sai, and did not read that book. My thoughts were going haywire as I
did not possess the desired framed photo of Sri Sai, did not know how to perform the
noon Harati and unconsciously I picked up a book of pictures, purchased by me in 1989
during my first visit to Shirdi. The picture of Sri Sai on the cover of the book did not
catch my fancy. I opened the book and saw the picture of Sri Sai, visualized by me, on
the 1st page. At that moment I experienced the same feeling experienced by Sri Hemadri
Pant in those days. Immediately I placed that picture on a table and gave the noon Harati.
I did not know that that book contained a picture of Sri Sai as visualized and desired by
me. I trusted that Photo frame dealer before Vijaya Dasami, but he let me down. I put all
my trust and faith in Sri Sai as a last resort, at the time of noon Harati on that
Vijaya Dasami day, and HE alleviated my mental anguish by HIS coming to my
home in the form of a picture in that book. So you place your full faith and trust,
from the depths of your mind, in GOD i.e. Sri Sai when you are cornered in a
difficult situation and HE will come forward in some form or other to help you. You
must believe in this principle.
In service of Sri Sai,
Your father.


(Chapter 41)
Dear Chakrapani,
Sri Hemadri Pant dealt mainly about the Importance of Sri Sai’s picture, the method of
serving Sri Sai without any intermediaries and books / treatises, which can be used for
daily Devotional reading, in this chapter and nicely elaborated on these aspects. “ Framed
pictures of many yogis (God realized souls) hung in the house of Sri Ali Mohammed
were worn out due to wear and tear of time, but the framed picture of Sri Sai survived the
effect of time wheel. This incident shows that Sai Baba is omniscient and omnipotent.”
Similar incident occurred in my life. My father bought a small picture of Sri Sai and got it
framed about 40 years ago. Today that frame is disintegrating after being attacked by
termites but Sri Sai’s picture still looks new and with life. SriHemadri Pant says in this
chapter “ Baba knows the past, present and future of everything. He adroitly manipulates
the strings and fulfills the desires of His devotees.” There is absolutely no doubt
regarding this aspect. Sri Sai knows every incident that occurred in my life. HE knows
that I am writing these letters to you in these days.
Once you complete reading all these letters, give a pause and think for a while about the
inseparable relationship between Sri Sai Satcharitra and my life. Once when I was in
meditation, Sri Sai said, “ What are your feelings after reading My Life Story? Don’t you
feel and see MY INFLUENCE on your life?” In this chapter you can see the analogy
between the questioning Balak Ram and stealing of rags that Baba did not like this
attitude of asking others. “HE himself is ever willing to answer any question and hence
did not like anyone asking others about Baba.” Even after being so written, so explicitly
in Sri Sai Satcharitra, it is nothing but our ignorance if we approach others to learn about
Sri Sai, HIS biography and HIS philosophy. Therefore every literate individual must read
the version of Sri Sai Satcharitra in one’s own mother tongue and it is better to seek
clarifications on one’s doubts directly from Sri Sai during meditation. Such Sadhana
(practice) is very much essential to every seeker, as it is not possible to get answers
through intermediaries. The fact that I did go to a couple of intermediaries, during 1989 –
90, for finding out more about Sri Sai is true. But I have discontinued such a practice
there after. Now I meditate on Sri Sai, before retiring to bed at night, and pray to HIM to
enlighten me on things baffling me. I place the problems faced by me before HIM and
convey my doubts about spiritual matters to HIM and seek answers from HIM. Sri Sai
with HIS abundant love for me, appears in my dreams and through such visions provides
answers to my doubts. I pray that all Sai devotees adopt such a procedure and obtain
peace and happiness in their lives.
In Sri Sai seva,
Your father.

(Chapter – 42)
Dear Chakrapani,
I cannot express in words the relationship that exists between this chapter and my life. I
have read with
reverence Sri Sai Satcharitra many times. Whenever I did devotional reading of chapters
42, 43 and 44, I was transported to 1918 and used to contemplate on Baba’s attaining
Mahasamadhi (soul departing from the physical body). Once when I was in such state on
contemplation, a thought occurred in my mind – whether it would be possible for me to
see, now at this present time, the scene of Baba’s attainment of Mahasamadhi in 1918? I
prayed to Sri Sai thus – “Sainath you have attained Mahasamadhi in the
year 1918. Even now your soul is moving amongst your devotees (Sai Bandhus) and is
filling the void created by your not being physically present Among’st us. Can you please
make it possible for me to experience at this present time that feelingexperienced by your
devotees in 1918 when you attained Mahasamadhi?” thus I pleaded to my father Sri Sai.
A conviction, that Sri Sai definitely satisfies the wishes of HIS devotees, took roots in
me. That conviction of mine attained a form to become apparent in the month of January
1992. I am about to write the details of that experience, so please read on with devotion.
My recourse to Sai, who fed me, educated me and who was husband of my aunt
(mother’s younger sister) was Sri Upadhyayula Pereswara Somayajulu garu. He became a
believer of Sri Sainath in 1991 and undertook devotional reading of Sri Sai Satcharitra.
He expressed a desire to go on a pilgrimage to Shirdi. He could not accompany me on the
pilgrimage to Shirdi during December 1991 due to unavoidable circumstances. He
became a grand father on 12 January 1992, and the newborn male baby was christened
Sai Shankar. Days passed by peacefully. The sea is also calm and serene just before
arrival of a storm. He became unwell, was suffering and expressed a desire on 23 January
1992 – Thursday – to see me. I went to see him at 10 AM on next day 24 January 1992.
He embraced me with tears in his eyes and conveyed that he cannot explain and express
the pain he was suffering from. We took him to a doctor in the evening. The doctor
advised that he be admitted in a big hospital. We immediately took him to a reputed
nursing home and admitted him there. A team of specialists examined him, and we were
told that his condition is critical and sinking.
We were advised to intimate by telegram all relatives about the critical status of his
health. A week earlier than this day an auspicious date, for Gruhapravesham (a religious
house warming ceremony) of his newly constructed house, was fixed for 12 February
1992. He was suffering like the legendary Bhishmacharya (of the epic Mahabharatha), on
the deathbed in the nursing home. Would it be possible for him to take part in the
religious ceremony of Gruhapravesham of the newly built house, at an expense of Rs. 3
lakhs? Such a thought occurred in my mind. In the past when Sri Sai was unwell, Sri
Gopal Mukund Booty and other devotees also harbored similar thoughts on whether or
not Sri Sai will enter and sanctify the newly built Wada (stone masonry building) at an
expense of Rs. 1 lakh by Sri Booty. Not knowing what I should do in such a situation I
did Namasmarana
(devotional chanting of Lord’s name). Thinking that it would be better if there was
another auspicious day before 12 February 1992, I discussed the issue with his brothers
and went to a priest’s house, which is situated close by to the nursing home. The priest
called me to enter his Puja room (a room with altar where prayers are offered). I felt the
feeling of being invited by the benign smile on the face of Sri Sainath’s portrait placed in
the altar, and I considered that as a good omen. An oil lamp was lit in front of the idol of
Sri Sainath in the altar; the light from that lamp lit a ray of hope in my heart. That priest
fixed an
auspicious time as 9:49 AM on 29 Jan 92 Dasami (10th day of moon in a 15 day waxing /
waning period) for Gruhapravesam. I did shashtanga namaskar (An act of obeisance to
the almighty by stretching oneself fully in prone position on the floor, to Sri Sai in the
altar and walked out courageously.
I told all relatives that the auspicious moment for Gruhapravesham of the newly
constructed house will now take place at 9:49 AM on 29 January 1992. I have also
conveyed this piece of news to my ailing uncle. He expressed a doubt whether he would
stay alive till that date. He was 73 years old, had no children of his own but had borne the
expenses for feeding and educating many children of his relatives and extended family. I
am one amongst those children who benefited from his generosity. These virtuous acts of
his will make him go through the Gruhapravesham ritual of his newly built house on 29
Jan 92, as the revised
auspicious moment for the occasion was fixed in Sri Sai’s presence. The Doctor was
expressing no hope for the patient to take part in the ritual on this revised auspicious
moment. We left the responsibility, for what and how the event is going to take place on
Sri Sainath. 9th principle, out of 11 principles pronounced by Sri Sainath, is “ You
transfer your burdens on to me and I will bear them.” The present situation is a test for
Sri Sai, and also is a test for the faith held by Sai devotees. He, my uncle, stopped eating
food from 23 Jan 92, was not in a position to eat anything. By the grace of Sri Sai he
drank a glass of buttermilk on
27 Jan19 92. He was meditating on Sri Sai’s name and was eagerly waiting for the
auspicious moment of 29 Jan19 92 to arrive. 27th Jan19 92 night went off peacefully. He
commenced his fight with death with new vigor on 28 Jan 1992. All the relatives were
apprehensive about the Gruhapravesham taking place due to his physical condition, hence
were visiting him in the nursing home and going back. The doctors gave him a sedative
to relieve him of the unbearable pain being suffered by him. He woke up with a charming
smile on his face on 29 Jan19 92. Although there was a smile on his face, the expressions
on the faces of doctors present there reflected anxiety indicating hopeless situation. There
was still a period of 2 hours for the auspicious moment of Gruhapravesham. I was getting
a feeling that the ray of hope in me was flickering and was about to be extinguished by
wind. Patient’s eyes were reflecting his desire to be present at the Gruhapravesham of his
newly built house.
I went to the priest’s house and saw the peaceful cum gentle smile on the face of Sri
Sainath in the picture. HIS devotees are being thrown about here and there in a storm.
What is the significance of the gentle smile on Sri Sai’s face? An unexpected courage
surged within me. I narrated the situation to the priest. He referred to the almanac and
said that Dasami (10th day of
15 days moon phase) commences from 9 AM and hence the Gruhapravesham ceremony
can be performed soon after that. I returned immediately to the Nursing home, sanctified
the patient by giving him a vibhuthi bath (an act of rubbing / smearing the body with
sacred ash), made the patient to wear new clothes, brought an ambulance at 8:30 AM to
take him to his newly constructed house. The doctors were not agreeing to the patient
being moved in such a manner. I prayed to Sri Sai. This is a test put by Sri Sai. I gathered
courage and took the patient to the newly constructed house. All relatives were eagerly
waiting for the arrival of Sri Somayajulu garu. All eyes were focused on the patient being
brought out lying on a stretcher from the ambulance, but the eyes of the patient were
focused on his new house. I was silently chanting Sri Sai’s name every moment, the
clock struck 9 in the morning, musicians started playing Sannayi / Shehnai (a wind
instrument), the patient cannot walk, he is lying on a stretcher, his wife and my aunt was
standing by his side with a pumpkin in her hands, the priest was standing next to her. All
of us entered the new house together accompanied by priest chanting mantras and
musicians playing Sannayi. I understood then the significance of the benign smile
radiating from Sri Sainath’s portrait. We were all mentally disturbed and anxious to a
great extent about what was going to happen but Sri Sainath smilingly accepted as well as
took over the burden of Gruhapravesham and made HIS 9th principle come true. In other
words Sri Sainath kept HIS word and ensured that the Gruhapravesham ceremony took
place smoothly. Is not this a Sri Sai Leela (miracle)? Is not this a proof and witness to the
11 principles enunciated by HIM? Pause and think about what you have read so far.
Develop faith and trust only in HIM. I will continue writing about the subsequent events
in my next letter.
In service of Sri Sai,
Your father.

(Chapters – 43 and 44)
Dear Chakrapani,
Sri Hemadri Pant wrote about Sri Sai attaining Mahasamadhi (soul leaving his mortal coil
or body) in detail in
Chapters 42, 43 and 44. That’s why I am also writing about these 3 chapters in 2 letters.
In my last letter I had written about the incident wherein by Sri Sai’s grace my uncle Sri
Upadhyayula Pereswara Somayajulu garu, who inspite of being on his death bed, was
able to be present during Gruhapravesham of his new house and was taken into that
house. Sri Sai temporarily took away the death warrant (issued by fate) so that the
auspicious Gruhapravesham ceremony could be held without any hindrance.
If Sri Sai had not temporarily put away my uncle’s moment of death, my uncle would
have passed away with a longing for entering the house built by him. He would then have
to be born again for fulfillment of his wish to enter that house. Sri Sai knew the situation
and hence ensured that my uncle’s ardent wish was fulfilled, thus paved the way for his
passing away peacefully. Now I will write about these aspects. My uncle Sri Somayujulu
garu, while lying on a stretcher, was full of enthusiasm on
that day 29 Jan 92, he called by name each relative present on that occasion, talked to
them and requested them to have lunch before they return to their homes. He called his
sister and asked her to sing a devotional song very dear to him “Neevindedi Konda paina
Nenundedi Nela paina (You reside on a hill I reside on earth)” and bowed to Sri
Venkateswara Swami (Lord Venkateswara who resides on 7 hills). All relatives and
guests finished having their lunch that afternoon and my uncle bade
goodbye to them by asking them to return to their homes. He called me to his side and
asked me to recite the afternoon Harathi of Sri Sai.
I was feeling sad at my uncle’s condition, still as told I recited and performed the
afternoon Harathi to Sri Sai. He called me with love, took off his spectacles and put them
on my face as a memento. He called his wife and my aunt and told her that after he
passed away she should remove the ring from his finger and give the same to me. I was
not able to see his suffering and prayed to God to relieve my uncle from his misery. I
asked God for a sign to indicate whether HE has heard my plea or not, closed
my eyes and opened Sri Sai Satcharithra randomly. It opened on a page in Chapter 26
with Sri Sai’s message – “You cannot escape the consequences of good and bad actions
in your last birth. If you have not fully washed away your past sins by undergoing
suffering and commit suicide for escaping such suffering, it is not going to help you. You
will have to be born again to undergo the balance of the suffering. Why do you not accept
the suffering as long as it lasts, caused by past sins of yours,
before dying? Why not wipe away the sins of past lives? Let the consequences of past
sins are wiped away permanently.” I understood this message, but I was not able to
witness my uncle’s suffering and I returned to my home bathed and gave the night
Harathi to Sri Sai.
At that time I saw a very grotesque black insect, with wings having an impression of
human skull. This indicated that Sri Sai is going to grant liberation to Sri Somayajulu
garu on Ekadashi day (an auspicious 11th day of moon in a 15 day cycle), such a
conviction occurred in my mind. I could not sleep well that night. I woke up on 30 Jan 92
Thursday, bathed, did the daily devotional reading and prayed for a message from Sri Sai.
He gave the message from Chapter 27 “ Chant the name Raja Ram, if you do so you will
attain your life’s aim and your mind will be at peace.” Immediately thereafter I went to
my uncle Sri Somayajulu garu’s place, I was told that his condition deteriorated during
the night and he was admitted in Gandhi hospital. I hastened to Gandhi hospital. He was
fighting a war with his death. He was devoid of any energy and was speaking very
faintly. I understood the situation, I asked for a few Tulasi (Basil) leaves and a glass of
water. I sat near his head and recited the noon Harathi of Sri Sai.
I offered sugar to Sri Sai and put that consecrated sugar in my uncle’s mouth. He sucked
the dissolved sugar in his mouth. Last
moments of his life commenced from that time. I was uttering Raja Ram and Sai Ram in
his ears and he was slowly repeating these names. Doctors put him on oxygen by 1 PM.
The monitor near his head was indicating that his pulse rate at that time was180 per
minute. Doctors were making all efforts to save his life. Then giving up hope they
stepped aside. I continued to chant Raja Ram and Sai ram in his ears and he was
repeating Ram with extreme difficulty. I poured Tulasi water in his mouth at 1:15
PM, he took one gulp, and I poured again Tulasi water in his mouth for the second time
but this time the water flowed out of his mouth. He breathed his last breath at 1:20 PM
and I could hear ah! sound loudly at that time. I understood that he passed away and is no
longer amongst us. I could not with hold my sorrow and cried loudly. Doctors came and
told me that I should not cry loudly in the ward. What do they know the agony and
suffering in my mind? My Sai has left me and gone away. All relatives came and asked
me about the time of my uncle’s passing away. I told them that he passed away at 1:20
PM on 30 Jan 92 Thursday. One of the relatives commented “ Somayajulu passed away
on Ekadashi day just as Bhismacharya, how lucky was he?” Yes he started his fight with
death on Dasami day, left the physical body on Ekadashi and merged with Sri Sai.
I consider this as his spiritual victory. In those days, Sri Sai attained Mahasamadhi on 15
October 1918 at 2:30 PM after completion of noon Harathi.
Sri Sai took his last sip of Tulasi water from Nanasaheb Nimonkar on a Dasami /
Ekadashi day. Sai in my life, my uncle Sri Somayajulu garu took his last sip of Tulasi
water from my hands on Ekadashi day. Sri Sai answered my prayers, kept his word and
fulfilled my wish for experiencing the emotions felt by HIS devotees at the time of HIS
Mahasamadhi in this way at the time of passing away of my Sai Sri Somayujulu garu.
One more incident narrated in this chapter has a parallel in my life. Baba appears in
Lakshman mama Joshi’s dream, pulls him by hand and tells him “Wake up fast, Bapu
saheb thinks that I am dead, so he will
not come, you perform my puja and give Kakada Harathi (given at pre-dawn time)”. That
day 11 Feb 92, it was 12th day after passing away of my uncle Sri Somayajulu garu, time
for giving early morning Harathi to Sri Sai was fast approaching, the alarm did not ring, I
did not get up from my sleep feeling still lazy, Sri Sai appeared, in the form of my uncle
Sri Somayajulu garu, in my dream and asked me to recite his favourite Kakada Harathi. I
got up with a start and looked at the clock on the wall, it was showing 6 AM in the
morning, my alarm clock was not working, and I brushed my teeth and gave Kakada
Harathi to Sri Sai.
When mortal remains of my uncle Sri Somayajulu garu were placed on the funeral pyre
at sunset time on 30 Jan 92, I remembered what Sri Hemadri Pant said in this chapter
“The body made out of 5 elements will decay, the soul which is inside the body is the
TRUTH, that soul is SAI”. The day when all of us realize that Sri Sai is in you, in me and
in everyone else, there
will be no dearth of happiness and peace in this world.
In service of Sri Sai,
Your father.


(Chapter 45)
Dear Chakrapani,
Hemadri Pant revealed a few details and aspects of Sri Sai in this chapter. Each Sai
Bandhu (Devotee) must
Remember words from this chapter – “ We must have complete faith in our own strength
or power instead of depending on others”. I have taken these words as the words said by
Sri Sai and I am living placing complete faith in Sri Sai. When we say that we have faith
in Sri Sai, it implies that we have faith in ourselves. I will consider myself as lucky if this
life continues on these lines. Sri Sai’s blessings mentioned in this chapter are applicable
to my life and are unforgettable. The blessing is – “
Go now, you will be safe, there is no reason for being afraid or anxious”. This blessing
literally applies to my life. I went on work related, to my office, to Madras in 1990 in
connection with my promotion. The interview for the promotion was scheduled for early
morning next day. I meditated on Sri Sai previous night and slept. I woke up early that
morning and did my daily devotional reading of Sri Sai Satcharitra. It was chapter 45 on
that day. My mind was restless, while I was doing the daily devotional reading. A new
enthusiasm crept into me the moment I read Sri Sai’s blessing in this chapter. I went for
the interview with that
enthusiasm and achieved success. I chanted Sri Sai’s name and meditated on it while
sitting in the garden for a short while before proceeding inside for the interview. At that
time I noticed a white coloured Koel (bird) perched on a tree, located across the place
where I was sitting, and chirping / singing it’s typical sound Coo. This sight greatly
astonished me, as the Koel’s body was white in colour whereas the head was black in
colour. I had never seen such a strange bird in my life till then. A thought occurred to me
that Sri Sai has appeared in the form of white Koel for giving confidence to me.
This aspect is beautifully amplified by Sri Hemadri Pant thus – Meditation on Guru’s
name, while keeping only HIS form in mind, and chanting the name will make it possible
to see HIM in all animate things such as animals, insects etc. This will give us everlasting
happiness”. At the time when I was struggling with under-confidence, Sri Sai appeared in
the form of a bird in front of me and bestowed confidence to me. Hemadri Pant says in
this chapter –“ There are many realized souls in this world, but our Guru is the real
father. Others may impart many good discourses but we must never forget our Guru’s
words”. One must never forget these words. We cannot reach our destination in life when
we forget these words and stray from our path. Whenever you have a difference of
opinion with your peers try and recall Sri Sai’s words from this chapter –“ Whatever,
good or bad, belongs
to us it stays with us. Whatever belongs to others that will remain with them”. What a
profound statement is this! Remember this statement and keep contemplating on it.
In Sri Sai seva,
Your father.


(Chapter 46)
Dear Chakrapani,
Hemadri Pant narrated interesting Sri Sai Leelas (Miracles) in this chapter. Shyama, who
witnessed and experienced those Leelas, was indeed very fortunate. I am not anywhere
near in devotion compared to Shyama, but Sri Sai has also made me experience what HE
made Shyama experience in those days. I will write about these experiences of mine in
this letter. Before I start writing about my Experiences recollect what Hemadri Pant wrote
in this chapter – “You will satisfy the wishes of your devotees” so said Hemadri Pant to
Sri Sai. I am waiting for the day when Sri Sai accepts me as HIS own immediately after
HE fulfills my wishes of meeting all responsibilities in my life. I am going to narrate the
experience given to me by Sri Sai. Hemadri Pant writes in this chapter thus – “Once Baba
accepts anyone as HIS devotee, then HE will be with the devotee by day and night. HE
will follow the devotee at his home or abroad. Let the devotee go to any place of his
choice, Baba will reach that place before the devotee reaches and remains present there in
some unimaginable form”. This aspect was proven in those days in the episode of
Shyama’s pilgrimage to Gaya.
I prayed to Sri Sai in 1990 for a similar experience. My prayers did not go in vain. I was
told in 1991 that the authorities, in the organization where I work, have decided to send
me to Korea. Sri Sai entered my mind on that day and told me “ I will reach Korea before
you and await your arrival there”. What a nice imagination! I spent the day with a
thought that how nice it would be if such a thing actually takes place and then forgot
about the matter. I reached a big hotel, in the city of Chang Wan in Korea, at 6 PM on 6
May 91 and a room was allotted to me. I unlocked the room, entered it and switched on a
table lamp. I noticed a flying insect, which went around the table lamp three times and
flew out through the open door used by me to enter the room. My mind was filled with
joy at the thought that Sri Sai, in the form of flying insect, reached Korea before me and
blessed me on my arrival there. I bowed and prayed to Sri Sai.
Some people may say that this incident is coincidental. I will now narrate another
incident that took place in the same room, for
asserting that the earlier incident was not coincidental. My return journey to India was
scheduled for 18 May 91. I woke up early on that day at 5 AM and switched on the table
lamp for reading early morning Harati of Sri Sai. Surprise of surprises, the very same
flying insect, seen by me on 6 May 91 evening, was there, it went round the table lamp
three times and flew out of the open window. This gave me an impression that Sri Sai is
returning to India before me. In those days Sri Sai told Shyama and others with him at
that time – “As the pilgrimage to Kasi and Prayag gets over, I will be at Gaya before
Shyama reaches there”. In my case Sri Sai reached the city of Chang Wan in Korea
before my arrival and also returned to India before me. I can never forget this experience
of mine in my life. This one incident is enough for me to explain Omnipresence of Sri
Sai. In the episode of two goats in this chapter, Sri Sai tells about two friends of HIS from
their earlier births. I sought clarification on the theory of birth cycles and rebirth from Sri
Sai while meditating on HIM. Sri Sai gave me a very nice answer. It is not appropriate
for me to write those revelations here. I will tell you, about those revelations, in person at
an appropriate time. Sri Sai immensely loved animals. There are incidents of HIS
assuming a form of a cat or dog and saving his devotees. Sri Sai used to first give pieces
of bread to cats and dogs in Dwarakamayi before HE ate the balance food. Sri Sai told us
to see divinity in all living beings and showed us the way. I have mentioned in one of my
earlier letters how Sri Sai made me build a low water storage structure in front of our
house for animals to quench their thirst. Make an attempt to visualize Sri Sai in all living
In Sri Sai Seva,
Your father.

(Chapter – 47)
Dear Chakrapani,
This chapter contains details on how Sri Sai amplified on earlier birth relationships to
HIS devotees. A lot of
changes have occurred in me after I read this chapter. I may not be able to write in detail
about these changes but I will briefly write. Please read carefully and with concentration
Chapter 47 before reading this letter. After reading the episode of Veerabhadrappa and
Chennabasappa (Serpent and frog in their next lives), if I say that it is my story then don’t
you feel it is your father’s story? Try and understand the moral from this chapter –“ If
one has hostility with anyone then one should become free from that hostility. If one
owes anything to anyone then one should settle that account. If any balance remains
either in Indebtedness or enmity then it will result in corresponding sorrow”. Haven’t I
said earlier that I will briefly write my story? Listen, I married your mother in 1970, it
was a Love Marriage as against the norm of an arranged marriage. This love marriage
turned into a curse for me.
Your mother’s father was afraid that I will ask for his wealth and was indifferent towards
me. He often used to insult me and always kept me at a distance. His behavioral pattern
towards me became a cause for nurturing hostile feelings in me towards him. Our mutual
relationship vastly deteriorated by 1990 to a level that if dry grass were put in between us
it would catch fire instantly. After I started the practice of daily devotional reading of Sri
Sai Satcharitra for the first time in my life in June 1990, I started thinking on ways by
which I can become free from the agony caused by this hostile relationship. Up to the
time I am writing this letter I do not think that I had meals in your maternal grandfather’s
house on more than 3 days. How will I settle my indebtedness to your mother’s father
and when will I become free from the long established hostility between us? Only Sainath
has an answer to this question.
In Sri Sai Seva,
Your father.


19.02.92 (Chapter 48)
Dear Chakrapani,
Sri Hemadri Pant described in this chapter Sri Sai’s philosophy and HIS love for HIS
devotees. By virtue of our good deeds in previous births we get such a Sadguru (good
preceptor). Importance of Love has been very beautifully explained in this chapter. Once
in a while I get a feeling how can one claim to be Sri Sai devotee if you cannot love your
neighbour? This question is not addressed to any one in particular. It is enough if each
individual puts this question to self and contemplate on it. If your conscience gives an
answer to this question that “Yes I do love my neighbour.” then you earn Sri Sai’s grace.
There is no dispute on this score. The confident words uttered by Sri Shevade to his
fellow students – “I have complete
faith in HIM. His utterances will never become untruth. I will undoubtedly pass the
examination”, as stated in this chapter are also inspiring confidence in me. Each Sai
Bandhu (devotee), when faced with a difficult situation in his / her life, would pray with
pure mind to Sri Sai and would rise up victoriously from that situation. There is only one
prayer that I have submitted to Sri Sai with pure mind – “I wish to breathe my last breath
on a Thursday at the feet of Sri Sai”. You may feel bad about this wish of mine. This is a
test for Sri Sai and me. I believe that I will succeed with Sri Sai’s grace. You will have to
stand as a witness to this belief of mine and it is for Sri Sai to grant victory (fulfillment of
While doing daily devotional reading, I came across the following message of Sri Sai in
this chapter – “These feet are old, they are divine. Your tribulations are over. Have full
faith only in ME. Your wish will be fulfilled”. I got ready to leave for my office.
At that time a person arrived shouting telegram. A thought occurred in me that the
contents of that telegram are blessings of Sri Sai, as I have read the message –“Your wish
will be fulfilled” this morning during daily devotional reading of Sri Sai Satcharitra. The
telegram contained the message that an alliance for your elder sister Hemalatha has been
fixed. The meeting between the prospective groom, his family members, your elder sister
and us took place couple of days ago. I wished that this match be finalized for the
wedding to be solemnized. I read Sri Sai’s message this morning and then the telegram
arrived announcing approval of the match by the groom’s side. Is not all this a Sri Sai
Leela (divine happening)? Pause and think once about the sequence of events. Both your
elder sister and myself have earnestly prayed to Sri Sai seeking HIS help in this alliance.
Sri Sai has heard our prayers and has fulfilled our wish. At this happy moment I bow
once more to Sri Sai.
In service of Sri Sai,
Your father.
Rajamundry railway station
(Chapter – 49)
Dear Chakrapani,
Sri Hemadri Pant narrates stories of two individuals who became Sai devotees and of a
Sai devotee, who was in a mental agony, as he could not control his senses, in this
chapter. You will be very much surprised when you read these three episodes before
reading this letter. You will generate an intense faith in Sri Sai. By the way, I have not
explained why I am writing this letter from Rajamundry railway station isn’t it? I have
done today’s daily devotional reading of chapter 49 in Sri Sai Satcharitra while traveling
in a train. You can see a close relationship between this train journey of mine, my life’s
journey analogous to a train journey and Sri Hemadri Pant’s words in this chapter – “If
we perform our duties Sri Sai will unfailingly
help us.” I commenced this train journey from Secunderabad railway station last night for
Visakhapatnam for fulfilling my duties in life, placing faith in these words. I am writing
this letter en-route from Rajamundry railway station. It is my duty to perform wedding of
your elder sister. There is a need for formally accepting the alliance this evening at
Visakhapatnam and finalize the details for the ceremony. I am going ahead seeking Sri
Sai’s help in the matter. The advice given by Guru to Sri Somadeva Swami is narrated in
this chapter thus – “The place, where the mind is at peace, happy and is attracted to, is the
place where we
must take rest”. Listen now, I am telling you the wish I am aspiring for in my life.
I want to build Sai Darbar in my house, built by me at Kamala nagar in Hyderabad, and
want to spend the rest of my life in service of Sri Sai. I need Sri Sai’s grace and your co-
operation for fulfillment of this wish of mine. There is a need for everyone to know Sri
Sai’s advice to Nanasaheb Chandorkar, when he was in a mental turmoil due to his
inability to control his senses on seeing a beautiful woman, as narrated in this chapter –
“Nana! Why are you unnecessarily restless? Let the sensory organs do their work. We
should not interfere with them. GOD has created this beautiful world, so everyone has a
right to view this beauty and be happy”. Nana realized his mistake and drove away the
evil thoughts from his mind. In my case, when I was in meditation once, Sri Sai said – “
Desire for other woman (not one’s wife) and relationship with such a woman is
analogous to traveling without a ticket in a train”. There will not be peace and happiness
in such a journey in life and we will not reach our life’s destination. I cannot write to you
more explicitly than this regarding this matter. Please go ahead in your life keeping in
view what is good and what is bad.
In service of Sri Sai,
Your father.

(Chapter – 50)
Dear Chakrapani,
Sri Hemadri Pant narrated stories of prominent Sai devotees in this chapter. Recognize
the Divine Love showered by Sri Sai on HIS devotees. You must also make efforts to
earn that Divine Love from Sri Sai. You will recall, from my yesterday’s letter, the
reason why I am writing this letter from Visakhapatnam. Yesterday I went to Sri Sanyasi
Rao’s house at 5 PM and finalized the alliance of your elder sister with their elder son
Chiranjeevi (prefix, meaning with long life, used for a young person) Ramakrishna. They
did not ask for any dowry. They gave a list of traditional wedding gifts to groom and
relatives, the list had Sri Sai written on top of the page and I happily agreed for all. Sri
Sanyasi Rao said that he will get the auspicious time and day, for the event, fixed today
and intimate me the same. I believe that by Sri Sai’s grace I will be able to successfully
perform the wedding in Hyderabad. Let us wait and see. I used to hold grudge against
some of our relatives till yesterday and before my arrival in Visakhapatnam. This day
early in the morning Sri Sai, in the form of an unknown person, appeared in my dream
and introduced himself as Prema Das (a name literally meaning servant of love) and
woke me up from my sleep. I then
read the early morning harati of Sri Sai. I resolved that from that moment that I will not
become angry with any person. Sri Sainath only can assist me in keeping the resolution.
My sister and your aunt gave me this morning, as I was to commence daily devotional
reading of Sri Sai Satcharitra, a framed picture of Sri Sai, which was worshipped by my
father 40 years ago. That framed picture was wrapped in a green cloth. Probably Sri
Sainath was very fond of that green colour. Sri Sai, in the
form of that framed picture, wore that green coloured cloth for about 35 years. I could
visualize my late father in that frame on seeing that framed picture of Sri Sai.
I kept that picture on a table and commenced daily devotional reading of chapter 50. I
was wonder struck reading about an incident in that chapter – “The person, who decided
to go to Shirdi and have darshan of Sri Sai, was greatly astonished on realizing that the
same person, in the form of a framed picture, is ready to bless him there itself.” I am in
Visakhapatnam and believe that Sri Sai has come, in the form of that framed picture,
there and blessed me. Sri Sai gave a beautiful message in this chapter – “You must not
think that you are the doer of any good or bad action. Be free from ego and pride. Only
then there will be growth in your consideration for others.” Balaram Dhurandhar wrote
Sant Thukaram’s biography in Marathi language. I have
written the effect of Sri Sai Satcharitra on my life in the form of letters to you. Your help
is needed in publishing these letters in Telugu and English for the benefit of younger
generation and for propagating Sri Sai’s philosophy.
In service of Sri Sai,
Your father.


(Chapter – 51)
Dear Chakrapani,
This is my last letter, in the series of letters on significant aspects in Sri Sai Baba’s
biography and influence
of Sri Sai Satcharitra on my life, to you. Please read carefully Chapter 51 and thoroughly
understand Sri Sai before reading this letter. I have reaped harvest of fruits from the daily
devotional reading of Sri Sai Satcharitra. These harvests of fruits have immensely
benefited me. I am sincerely wishing that you and your contemporaries also must benefit
from the magnificience of those fruits. I am wishing to spend this life entirely as a servant
of Sri Sai. This chapter describes in detail the benefits that accrue from reading this holy
book. I am listing the fruitful results bestowed by Sri Sai on the days of my completing
daily devotional reading of chapter 51:
(1) On the day I completed reading chapter 51 in Guntur, my benefactor Sri Varanasi
Surya Rao called from America and telephonically blessed me.
(2) On 23.03.91 after I completed reading chapter 51 authorities have put their signatures
on papers authorizing my trip to Korea.
(3) On the day I completed reading chapter 51 in Korea Sri Sai appeared in the night in
form of a Buddhist Monk and presented me a silver dollar.
(4) On 27.06.91 after I completed reading chapter 51 we received the news that you
secured 1331 rank in EAMCET (Common Entrance Test for admission to Engineering
and Medical Colleges in Andhra Pradesh in which tens of thousands of students
(5) On 14.08.91 after I completed reading chapter 51 you got admitted in Vasavi
Engineering College.
(6) Today 22.02.92 after I completed reading chapter 51 Sri Sai decided that wedding of
my daughter would take place at an auspicious time 6:58 AM on Sunday 23.03.92.
I have experienced and benefited from the fruits reaped by daily devotional reading of Sri
Sai Satcharitra. Each person who reads these letters with Sradha (devotion) and Sahana /
Saburi (patience) will receive blessings and grace from Sri Sai.
In service of Sri Sai,
Your father.

                                     SAI IN DREAMS
                              Dream Sequences Of Sai Banisa
Personally given spiritual instructions by GURU or that given in a dream, should be
             conveyed to all, as it is good, beneficial knowledge – BABA
                         (Shri Sai Satcharita – Chapter 18 – Ove12).
My Dear Sai Bandhus,
Today Sai has given me the responsibility to talk to you on the subject of His
involvement in dreams with his devotees. Shiridi Sai was in flesh and blood like you and
me till he attained MAHASAMADHI in the year 1 9 1 8. Prior to and also after 19 1 8, he
was appearing in the dreams of His devotees and has always been the guiding force from
time to time to those who sought after him. Volumes have been said about this great Saint
by eminent scholars about his ways and I for myself would like to dwell and limit only to
After delivering my talk, I welcome a question - answer session on the topic, if time
permits. Let me start with the basics. Can any one tell me what is a Dream? It is the
reflection of our life or a train of thoughts in action pictured. You can as well
participatively view the dream contents while sleeping. The state of the mind is elevated
while one is dreaming.
What is Telepathy?
It is a communication channel from one mind to another some times through dream
So Telepathy can also be a part of the dream. In a dream you can predict and see the
future events to take place where as in Telepathy you can communicate with your own
people. In dream you can look in to the future as well as the past with out your conscious
knowledge. The classic examples of the future events as per our Mythology and Epics
1.King Dasarath gets a pre-notion of Lord Sree Rama being sent to the forests in exile.
2.Queen Mandodhari able to see the downfall of her husband king Raven.
3.Mayadevi had a dream in which she sees a white elephant entering her womb leading to
the birth of Buddha.
Examples of the past events: Bharath could foresee the passing away of his father King
2.Dasguna MahaRaj could see in his dream Baba attaining Mahasamadhi.
Telepathy is a channel of communication between two individuals and a group of
persons. It can be said to be similar to the carbon copy facility in our modem e-mail
systems. Relevant to the context is the comparison to the incident where in
1.Booty and Shyama simultaneously had a dream in which Baba advises them to
construct BOOTY WADA.
2.Draupadhi in utter despair prayed Lord Krishna to save her honour when all other
means and requests have failed in the court of Kauravas while being disrobed. Draupadhi
receives an endless flow of clothing to cover herself is an excellent example of Tele-
3.Lord Sainath saved the child of blacksmith from falling down in to the fire by putting
across his hand in the fire at a remote location. It is a combination of Telepathy and Tele
- Transportation in action. Best demonstrated.
4. Lord Sainath sent two mangos fruits through Tele -transportation technique as gifts to
the great AULIA Shamshuddin in Aurangabad and requested him to send Abdul for his
5.Baba appeared in the dream of Megha and direct him to draw an image of Trishul and
worship Lord Shiva.He blessed Megha by dropping AKSHIOTHAS (HOLY RICE) on
his bed. This will fall under the category of Tele-transportation.
6.'I'he battle of MAHA B'HARAT was viewed, by SANJAY, the minister and a live
coverage was given to KING DRUTHA RASTRA. Similarly sitting in Dwarakamai Baba
announced the arrival of the Dhurandhara Brothers.
If we scientifically attempt to analyze the dreams, the mind in practice merges with the
universal mind. And a try to find out what it is able to visualize. This is the state of
meditation or Mind projection. Try to project or elevate your mind before going to
bed and you will certainly be answered for the projection you have made. The person
practicing Telepathy need not necessarily be a celebrated YOGI. It can be any body,
either you or me too.
Sai has very rightly assured that -. "Think about me, ask me with faith and 1 am here to
answer all the calls". I would rather recommend you to Practice to open a page from
SATCHARITRA with closed eyes, after offering prayer to Baba. You are then sure to
find an answer for the problem placed before him. This exercise is analogous to the
selective tuning of the TV - CHANNELS to the one you desire to watch. It can
therefore imply that there exists a solution for every problem in the World.
In modern times Scientists from UK&USA were engaged in conducting research on
dreams and Parapsychology. They all came to a common platform of understanding
that there exists a kind of super natural power behind the process of dream and Telepathy.
The graphical representation of the state of mind monitored in both the processes
resembled with that of the ones obtained with ECG (ELECTRO CARDIO GRAM). They
tried to co-relate the state of mind with; the signals receive versus the nature of the dream
with which a person is encountered. Interestingly the findings are that those, who had
peaceful dreams had smoother graphs and vice-versa those who underwent wild dreams
have recorded higher blood pressures, Heart beats, quick respirative actions and
resultantly more, blood circulation to the brain. They found all to have exhibited similar
conditions as a person does when he is fully awake except that they are with out senses. It
is in this state, the sixth sense commences to work.
It is understood that it scientists working in the related fields - are still not successful in
recording dreams on VCR or receive the Telepathy signals on RADIO. It is reported that
Scientists from UK have successfully Tele - transported the shadows of objects from one
Room to another Room in an atmosphere charged fully With Electrons.
In ancient times, The great Sages and Saints performed THAPAS' for years together and
were ordained with super-natural powers. They were quite successful in charging their
surroundings and establish connectivity with the almighty. The modern Scientist on the
same lines developed the Electron Beam Melting Furnaces which could produce higher
thermal energies by Production and focussing of strong beam of Electrons which would
subsequently raise the temperatures of metals to very high temperatures meant for their
refinement and ultra purification.
In normal life, dream is like recording of your life events on a VCR and replaying them
during sleep. Telepathy is a part of the dream and is similar to the passing of the signals
to Sai before we go to sleep. Sai will receive the signals and transmit the reply signals to
his devotees mostly during the 'BRAMAHI MUHORTHAM' spanned from '04:00 to
06:00 AM. He at times sends the messages to more than one person as it happened in the
case of Shyama and Gopalmukund Booty to undertake the construction of temple for him
which eventually became the 'SAMADHI MANDHIR' to house the mortal remains of
Baba. It is from this Samadhi Mandir, he is guiding thousands and thousands of his
devotees, and assures to take care of them spiritually as well as materially.
I at times used, to wonder whether Sai knew different languages. Some of the dream
sequences as mentioned below have totally dispelled my doubts and have exposed my
ignorance will be more than pleased to narrate a few of them for the benefit of my fellow
Sai devotees
1.It dates back to my initial days of entering in to Sai's fold. Prior to that 1 have gone
through very tough period in giving up all my old habits including consumption of
liquors. It is a dream sequence .A chief Executive of a Multi-National company dressed
in full spotless white Suit invited me and my wife for dinner in a star restaurant. He
orders soft drinks for my wife and he wanted my choice before placement of order for hot
drinks. I apologetically asks him to pardon me as I has left the habit of taking liquors
being a Sai devotee. He then ordered the waiter " Saab
ke liye BROSE leke aao". (Get BROSE for the Sir). As I was wondering what this drink
could be, my wife was busy in taking her choicest soft drinks. The drink was
served; I took it near to my mouth and burnt my tongue, as it was very hot. I immediately
got back to my senses. Next day morning at leisure I referred to the Dictionary and the
meaning is given as -"A dish made by stirring boiling water or milk in to oat meal
2. It was way back during the year 1996.I heard more about a Lady Doctor who was a
staunch devotee of SAI. I was very much keen to go over to her and understand more
about Sai .As usual I seeked His permission in the dream to go to her and pat came the
reply like a ball re bouncing - "don't go to her she will 'perform - operation
LAPIDATION on you. Next morning have gone through the Dictionary and surprisingly
the meaning is -'To stone to death'. I have abided by Baba's advice and till today; I have
not seen the Doctor.
3.The third illustration is much more interesting. The person concerned here is amidst all
of us and is none other than 'Shri.RAVINJI'. He has approached me in the
year 1999 and has once asked me if at-all the audio recordings of Baba's voice are
anywhere available and if so the probable source from which it could be obtained. I do
not know the answer to the question and I put, back this question to my master as that is
the only reliable source for me He in my dream replied - "Recording of my voice way in
"FRONTIERS". I then referred to the Dictionary and the meaning went like this-Any part
of the field that is still incompletely investigated. By this I felt Baba informed me the
state of Technology prevailing in those years have like a dutiful Post man transferred the
message contents to Sri RAVIN GNANA SAMBHANDHAM from Baba.
All these things go beyond doubt that Baba has no barriers of what so ever either
geographical, language or religious. He is universal and omniscient. He is
sarvantharyaami-all pervasive.
So my dear friends his ELEVEN ASSURANCES are the basic guidelines, which every
one of us must pledge to honor, preach and practice so that life given by God
becomes more meaningful and useful to our fellow men.


Baba has HIS unique ways and means of establishing HIS Omniscience and
Omnipresence to the World even now.
Saibanisa’s communion with Baba during the Brahmi muhooratham, considered as the
most auspicious period of the day (04:00-06:00 hrs), in meditation, transcript them as
received either in visual form or through spoken words, pen down in darkness and decode
the contents to draw the essence is something beyond the reach of common man’s
It is in this process of trying to understand, I have gone through the Dream Diary of
Saibanisa for the years 1992-1996 and selected a little over Three hundred of them,
translated into English language for presentation to Sai devotees in the form of a book.
The underlying purpose is to create spiritual awareness in the minds of the reader, spread
Sai Philosophy and enlighten Shiridi Sai devotees with HIS Leelas.
I wish to leave it to the reader’s to draw their own conclusions as they happen to go
through each dream and feel Baba’s presence in action. To site a few-
04-02-1993/ Mother as other form of God – God cannot be present everywhere, so he
created mothers.
28-05-1994/ Reward the labor suitably.
23-09-1994/ Spiritualism should be tasted and experienced before speaking on the subject
to others.
28-10-1993/ The usage of English words like BROSE confirm that Baba knew all the
14-10-1995/ Forecasting and presentation of appropriate medicine to be used at a much
later date.
01to18-05-1996: Guiding step by step through the events during Saibanisa’s Bypass
surgery and presenting him with a refined Heart and zeal, with a clear instruction to serve
the Sai community.
Conclusively, I would like to impress upon everybody that Baba has time and again said
that everybody can approach HIM directly. Those who do it with faith and patience will
certainly be rewarded.
Sai in dreams truly establishes what Baba has said while in flesh and blood that “ My
bones shall speak from the tomb and guide my devotees”.
I appeal to the readers to go through the dream sequences and enjoy the nectar for
Raghu Raman Satulury / Hyderabad-India.

                                      Dreams -1992
Dated: 09-03-1992 (While on camp at Vishakapatnam)
On the night of this day Sai appeared in the form of a well-dressed person clad in a suit,
shoes and a hat, wearing dark colored sunglasses. The words uttered were direct to the
point in connection with my daughter’s marriage and go like this - “ You have offered
Thousands of Rupees to the Groom’s party and do not forget to give me Rs.5/- as
I got up in the morning and my thoughts were reeling around the words I heard in my
dream. I reached the Railway Station by 06:00 AM to travel to Hyderabad by Train. The
specific Train on that day was running late by about two hours. I have chosen the last
bench on the Platform and seated myself as considerable time was there at my disposal.
After a lapse of some time, I noticed a man attired in similar dress to what I have seen in
my dream and sat by my side. I recalled the demand for a Dakshina of Rs 5/-. In the heart
of hearts I wanted to offer, but was quite apprehensive about his acceptance and possible
reactions, as he was totally a stranger to me. How to go about the task in those prevailing
circumstances to carry out Baba’s instructions?
I gently took out a Five Rupees note from my purse and casually dropped it down with
out being noticed by him .I hesitantly took courage to draw his attention towards that
currency note lying on the floor and at the same time telling him that it has fallen from
his pocket. He bent down to pick it up, quickly put in to his pocket, and got away with a
typical smile. Later I saw him disappearing from the platform end. Who else could this be
other than Sai?

Master is the player and we are all his pawns in the game.
   Dated: 02-04-1992.
Yesterday, I got my daughter’s wedding invitations printed. Sai appeared in the form of
an unknown individual and instructed me to post the first invitation to the short deity,
second one to the tall one and the third to my GURU respectively. Accordingly, I posted
the first one to Lord Shri Ganesh MahaRaj of Ranathambore in the State of Rajasthan,
second one to Lord. Shri.Balaji of Tirupathi and the third one to my beloved Guru -
Shiridi Sai. I concluded that SAI intended to convey the message that every one should
follow his set family traditions and pray God in his own way.

It does not matter whom you pray, but how you pray are important.
Dated: 20-05-1992.
I was travelling in a Bus along with my wife and children. The Bus stopped on the way in
a small village .I got down to drink some water and in the mean while the Bus started off.
I was stranded and eagerly looking for an alternative mode of transport to reach them. I
saw a cab approaching from the road end. SAI himself was at the driving wheel. He
stopped near me and addressed – “I shall take you to your destiny and what DAKSHINA
can you give me “. Immediately I took out a coconut from my bag and put it in to his
hands. In his hands it got changed in to a ‘Shiva linga’. I occupied the front seat next to
him and the cab speeded away.

Living together is only to part one day or other.
Dated: 21-05-1992.
SAI appeared in the form of Shri.N.T.R, Ex - Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh and took
me to our old rented house (during the year 1964) situated in Kakinada a small town in
our State. There he choose to remind of my past with the words - ”It is in this house you
have first taken to my name and I know you since 1964”. I got up from my sleep and
recaptured the similar event from 33rd chapter of Sai Satcharitra where in Baba says to
Bala Buva Sattar-“I know you since four years”, even though it was his first visit to
Shiridi. Bala Buva Sattar happened to bow down to Sai’s photograph in his friend’s
house exactly four years ago.

He is sarvaataryaami.
Dated: 10-06-1992.
Sai came in the form of Chief Executive of our Establishment and said –“I was out of
station for the past one month. Now that I am back, start all the works which you have
stopped”. I recalled that I have stopped reading Satcharitra parayana for the past 30 days.
I was glad that Sai reminded me of my duties in the form of Head of our Organization. I
concluded that Sai not only keeps a watch but also always thrives for the spiritual
development of his devotes.

The path of Sai destined duty keeps track of itself.
Dated: 17-06-1992.
My mind was upset as I have not received any communication from my daughter and
son-in-law and prayed Sai to take care of them. That night I had the vision of a couple
landing on a beautiful Rock with the help of a Parachute. They spent the time merrily
over there and finally landed on a green stretch of Land. I was thinking about and
recalling the scene when my neighbor Shri.G.Sudharshan Rao informed me of the
Telephonic message received for me and conveyed that the Couple after their honeymoon
stint has well settled in their place of work. Sai in order to remove the worries from my
mind has shown this appropriate scene.

Sincere prayer calls are always answered.
Dated: 23-06-1992.
I was not doing well both physically and mentally. Sai appeared in the form of LAMA
whom I happened to visit during my trip to Korea .He advised me to take medicines so
that I do not fall sick. Next day morning I consulted our family Doctor and got the
medicines prescribed. I could not but recollect the contents of the 28 The chapter of Sai
Satcharitra where Sai told Lala Lakshmichand to take medicines for his back pain. This
has proved the fact that though Sai is not available in his physical form, takes care of his
devotees by offering suitable guidance and issuing instructions.

Trust me to take care of you no matter how far we are.
   Dated: 18-08-1992.
Sai appeared in the form of an unknown person and advised to look for victory even in
defeat. Winning and loosing are the two facets of the same coin. Mr.Robert Swell who
contested for the post of the President after having lost the elections is happily settled in
his life. Even Sai also took part in a Wrestling competition with Moin-ud-in. He lost and
later realized the importance of the underlying winning in a defeat and subsequently
changed his style of living by opting for a carefree life and resorted to wearing simple

It is the state of mind that determines the outcome and learn to take the result on an
equal platform.
Dated: 13-09-1992.
Yesterday Sai appeared in the form of a Madhari (One who performs certain fetes and
earns his livelihood) – Roadside magician. Typical is the one in which he walks over a
rope balancing him with a long bamboo. Sai has shown to tread the path of life on a rope
(life) and bamboo is symbolic to the quality of having faith. He assures to offer protection
any time the control is lost. “I shall spread the spider like net and save you”. I shall not
only convince but also thrive to put you again on the rope for continued performance. As
puts a check on his devotees by appearing in some form or other.

He offers guidance and protects in the events of crisis.
   Dated: 24-09-1992.
I have gone through a peculiar video sequence. It was in the early morning hours, I set
out for my Office, instead of getting in to my Office Bus I wrongly boarded in to an old
Bus (old Bus here is symbolic with love, affections and related Worldly affairs). The
occupants were mostly my friends and relatives. I requested the driver to turn back and he
in turn has advised me to get down in the midway, which I did. The bus continued it’s
onward journey and soon was out of site.
I could sight a big building with a saffron coloured flag flying atop. From there I could
see the last journey of my beloved parents. I shrieked fear-gripped and got up from my
bed. I prayed to Sai and again went to sleep. I now entered the interiors of the building. It
was a big School. All the students were dressed in white robes and were almost of my
age. I saw the Guru coming out. He was aged around sixty years. He was stunningly
attractive, also dressed in a white Kafni and white headgear. He gave me food, shelter
and rest. I got up from my sleep and reminded myself of the words by SAI from the 32nd
Chapter of Sai Satcharitra – “ My Guru has looked towards me with love and affection
and took me in to his School”.

In every body’s life there is a turning point. Closely monitor and wait for the
opportunity to continue.
             Dated: 25-09-1992
Last night I passed through a dream sequence which has glown the caution lamps. I was
traversing by a *Train and got down in a way side station. I approached the cool drink
shop to in order to quench my thirst. A beautiful woman standing at the counter offered
me a dubious drink for a higher price. Later I could only advice her that she ought not to
have done that and earn money by unfair means. She got wild and ordered her henchmen
to drive me out. I was literally thrown out of the premises. I got up and walked down the
platform. At a far off place a hut was sighted and an old man was calling the passers by
and offering butter- milk. He offered me too with love and care .I felt no longer thirsty. I
could see my beloved SAI in him. I could recall what SAI said in the 14th chapter- only
two things are coming in the way of our spiritual progress i.e. the desire for woman and
wealth. This goes in line with what is described in the 38th chapter where in SAI offers
the grace of God to Hemadripanth in the form of butter milk which has contributed for
his spiritual development.
*Train travel- Journey through life.

All the materialistic attractions are short – lived. Only God is permanent.
         Dated: 07-10-1992
I was not well for the past two days and unable to sing the Kakad aarathi for Baba. Sai
appeared as an elderly woman with a big Bindi on her forehead adorned in a silk saree.
Many followers surrounded her. I could push myself in to her close proximity. She
addressed the crowd and passed comments about me that I was running after offering
poojas to all deities and observing fasts and in return spoiling my health. He is not only
harming himself but also his kith and kin. I then missed my sleep and memory was drawn
to Baba’s advice to Mrs.Ghokle in 32nd chapter where in he advocates not to observe

When stomach is empty, mind and body cannot synchronize and concentrate.
Dated: 08-10-1992.
My childhood friends and myself were watching a movie in an old theatre. During
intermission, we came out to have drinks in a nearby bar. I came out with the intention to
continue to watch the second half of the movie. On the way I crossed the Railway line. I
eased myself and happily got into a train that happened to stop there. After some time I
realized that I came half way through watching the movie. I walked through the interiors
of the coaches and approached the Engine Driver and requested him to stop the train. He
was clad in a white headgear similar to the one Baba wears. He looked to me
compassionately and said ”You got in to this train because of the good deeds committed
in your past life. Do not alight from this until you reach the destiny, lest you ruin your
life. Listen to my words and I shall tell you where to get down”. I got up and analyzed the
content of the dream. Life is like a cinema. Watch the first half and friends symbolized
the ‘Arishadvargas’. Easing indicated their rejection .The train journey is an indication
for the new path chosen and the role of the driver is that of Sai stressing not to look back
or re enter in the old thrash and advising to prepare myself for the next life to come.

All worldly attachments are passing transients.
   Dated: 21-11-1992.
In contrast to the normal habit of having a note- book by my pillow side, I thought the
other way to remember the message contents and to pen them down after I wake up from
my bed in the early morning. So thinking I retired to bed. I have gone through a series of
video clippings and I could not remember even a single one. I was disappointed very
much and cursed myself for the negligent behaviour. I took recourse to Sai Satcharitra. It
was the forth chapter and my attention was drawn to the advice given by Sai to Kaka
Sahib Dikshit which go like this-“Has Vittal Patil come? Little casual approach will make
him to slip”. In my understanding Sai himself was Vittal and it was only due to my over
confidence, I could not note down the indications. I realized the mistake and could get the
gist of the message and henceforth taken a vow not to repeat again.

There is no end to the road of perfectionism.
Dated: 24-11-1992.
The dream contents of the day have put me on a new platform of confused thoughts. My
son and daughter have isolated me from their company in my old age. I was loitering on
the roads with hunger. I could at last site a person similar to Sai. He was deep- frying
some fast food in oil. He took out four pieces of them with bare hands from the hot oil
and gave them to satisfy my hunger. His hands were not at all effected in spite of the fact
of putting them in to hot oil. Thus my mental agony was overcome and has decided to
gradually detach from the family bonds.

All relations are temporary in nature and only God is eternal.
   Dated: 27-12-1992.
I was camping at Shirdi.
I attended to the Sej aarati of Baba in the Booty Wada and returned to my Lodging. Sai
appeared in the form of an unknown person. He patted me on my shoulder and addressed
-“ Some people view a cinema with borrowed money and some people prefer to view it at
other’s cost. “I came to my normal senses and analyzed the underlying meaning of his
words. Sai never encouraged people to visit Shiridi with the money borrowed. On the
contrary he took objection to it and advised suitably. I have not taken loan for the purpose
but extended official favour to a businessman and sought financial help (bribe) in return.
It is with that money, I came to Shiridi. And was wonder struck as to how Sai has come
to know of this nasty affair. I opened up a page at random from Satcharitra and the words
are powerful enough to put me away from undertaking such ventures in future- “
Remember, no matter where you are and what you do is fully known to me. I am the
Ruler to control your thoughts and actions and resident in your hearts”. It is only because
of this never failing assurance; he could grasp what has transpired between me and my
friend. That was the last occasion in my life to have succumbed to such willful desires. A
positive decision was taken which helped in changing my life style.

                                       Dreams -1993
Dated: 06-01-1993
Shri.Sai has many times compared life with that of journey by Train and this is one of
such sequences that created lot of impact on my personality as a whole.
I boarded a Train at an unknown station along with my wife and son just about to move.
Ticket collector examined the Tickets and asked me to get down at the next station as we
have boarded a wrong train. I sought his guidance with respect to the future course of
action to be followed. I readily offered him a Dakshina of Rupees Two as demanded by
him. In reciprocity he gave me all the particulars. I wanted to inform my wife and son
about details of the conversation. To my utter despair, they have already got down from
the running train, probably on overhearing our talk. My mind was confused and in the
process, I got down at the next station.
I approached the Station Master and requested him to contact the previous Station
telephonically and inform my wife and son about my presence here. He refused to oblige.
I started walking backwards on the same track to reach them anticipating their wait and
worry for me. My love and attachment towards them was drawing me towards them. In
the mean while, I saw a lone Rail – engine coming slowly from behind. Unmindful and
undeterred, I continued the walk. Soon the engine has hit a wall in my front and I was
trapped between the wall and the bumpers, how- ever I was not at all hurt. The wall
collapsed due to the impact. The engine then reversed it’s direction and for me there was
neither a track, nor a wall. All that visible were an open ground and the Horizon. I felt as
if some unknown force was calling me in that direction. From there on, I commenced the
marathon walk with out looking back
The contents once again reminded me the words by Baba on ‘Udhi’, quoted from the 33rd
chapter of Sai Satcharitra – “ Brahmah is the only reality and the universe is ephemeral,
and that no one in this world, be he a son, father or wife, is really ours. We come here
alone and we go alone from here”. It appeared to me that this dream has demonstrated the
ultimate truth and given me a new meaning for my existence.

Work towards Self – realization and come out of ‘Maya’ i.e. illusion.
Dated: 04-02-1993.
I have gone to bed thinking about the Baba’s times and imagining him in bodily form
when he was alive. In my sleep, I have initially seen a clear blue sky with out any stars,
clouds, sun or moon. It was all like universe full of glow. I was unable to face sight of the
glare of the light that subsequently followed. I got awake frightened. I was dumb folded
and not in a position to see the actual frame of SAI. I was terribly disappointed. Again I
stood before SAI’s photograph and requested him to show his presence in a form that I
can understand. So saying, I once again retired to bed. I was astonished to see SAI in my
mother’s form and I prostrated before him with reverence. I woke up and started
recollecting the dream contents .My attention paused for a while at the addressing of
Baba to his beloved ‘Meghashyam’ in 28th chapter – “ I neither need a frontage nor a
door to enter. I have no form nor have any extension. I live everywhere and the entire
universe is filled with me”.
I concluded that SAI is omniscient and the entire universe is filled with SAI in different

I have no form nor an extension. I live every where.
Dated: 20-02-1993.
Yesterday, women involved with me in my earlier part of the life wanted me to continue
my friendship with them. Sai was totally against involvement with other women. I, with
folded hands prayed to Sai to remove such shaking thoughts from my mind and to
forgive me for the past mistakes. The ever kind Sai has shown me how my life was
ruined for this particular weakness and saved me from a retract.
The details run like this. I was working near a furnace in our place of work and it was
operating at a temperature around Eleven Hundred degrees Celsius. Big flames were seen
inside the Furnace chamber, it being an open- Hearth furnace. The fire was bluish tinge in
colour and instantaneously attracted my attention. I put my hand in to it. Later, I moaned
with fear and pain. In that process, I couldn’t control and eased myself. Shri.Samba Siva
Rao, a senior worker, came running to me and commented as to how a senior officer of
my status could behave so foolish. He helped me with a broomstick to clean the whole
area, wash it off and to be discarded at a far off place. I then realized how disastrous it
could be to flirt with other women. Sai has given me a chance to refine myself and never
to fall prey to the evil desires again. I made a firm decision not to look back
Sai in the 14th chapter has stressed that only two things come in the way of one’s progress
in the field of spiritualism. One is desire for women and second one is the craze for
money. He often sent people to be tested for these two qualities by asking them to visit
Radhakrishna mai and two by acceptance of Dakshina i.e. One’s ability to part with
money. The message was more than clear by the dream contents.

Past mistakes are eye-openers, never to be repeated.
Dated: 02-03-1993.
I was in a Church nearby to my house. All those gathered were singing in praise of the
Lord-Jesus and were inviting others to join them in the on going prayer. I was in my
inner hearts praying Lord-Sainath. Community lunch followed the prayer session. People
of all classes participated. Rotis and Brinjal curry was served. An orphan child was seated
by my side. I offered her a piece with curry and I could imagine Sai sitting in her
position. Suddenly the whole of the church got converted in to Dwarakamayi. In the
morning I woke up with good reminiscences. What a wonderful dream it was? I had my
bath and commenced the reading of regular Satcharitra parayana.9th chapter happened
to be the one for that day. Mrs.Tharkad entrusted Mrs.Purandhre with the task of
preparing and serving Brinjal curry and Brinjal- bharit to Baba. Baba distributed bharit to
all and wanted Brinjal fry curry for him self immediately. While going through these
words, I could understand the omniscience of Baba as same curry was served in the
church which suddenly transformed in to Dwarakamayi.

“Yath bhavam thath bhavathi”-We gain to see what we think with our
Inner vision.
Dated: 05-03-1993.
I saw an old man grinding wheat flour in a grinding mill more than what he requires for
himself. He addressed me as follows – “you also get ground in the so called mill (society)
and feed my devotees with the Rotis thus made”. The words were still ringing in my ears
as I got up. The under lying philosophy in grinding of wheat flour is well described in the
1st chapter. I felt as if Sai himself has practically demonstrated the contents as to how I
can be useful to the society.

Living in isolation is impossible. Do some thing for the society that gives us so much.
Dated: 06-03-1993.
Sai has very well depicted my present status of life. I was riding a cycle Rickshaw. My
wife and children were seated in the Rickshaw. It was raining heavily. The uneven road
was fully submersed in water. My Children grew impatient, got down and preferred their
own way. My wife seated from behind was advising me to peddle cautiously. I was tired
both physically and mentally. As time passed, I could sight a fakir catching up to help
me. Later I saw him pushing and guiding me for a smoother path free from ups and
downs. I recollected the contents from the chapter sixth where in it is said that with the
help from ‘Sadhguru’, one can reach the destination with ease – no matter how ever
tough it may be. I believed that Sai has demonstrated his assurance in participation to me.

Rickshaw: A manual driven Tricycle meant for transporting people.
Unfailing faith is the only useful tool in the hour of crisis.
Dated: 09-03-1993.
Sri.Sai has shown me a nice visual. I saw some Saibandhus were leaving Hyderabad and
migrating to far off places. I was indecisive and could not decide for either way. As a
result I was growing restless and impatient. An unknown person approached me and
advised me – “Do not attach any importance to my and mine (Self). The place and men
amongst whom you choose to live will be yours “. “ Look at me I do not know where
from I came. All places are mine and I belong to all”. I realized that Sai in the form of an
unknown person has passed on a valuable reality to be practiced by one and all. Sri Sai
Baba in the fifth chapter accompanied Jauhar-Ali to Rahtha with out experiencing any
attachment (push and pulls) towards Shiridi. He mingled freely with his accomplice as
well as with the people of Rahtha. Sai’s love for all was on equal platform.

Practice selflessness with out any attachments.
Yesterday night Sai was very angry with me and at the end gave a very powerful message
that I learnt to practice as a matter of routine. It was reasonably a big Hotel. I along with
a friend of mine have entered the Hotel to have our dinner there. The owner resembled
Sai in features. We could not eat properly and wasted more than what we ate. At that
point of time, the owner has lost his cool and said to us with anger – “you have taken
very little food, I won’t ask you to pay the bill for the eatery, but, I will certainly ask you
to pay the bill towards the wasted food”. He shouted on us with anger and asked to shell
down RS 1000/-. My good friend and myself were both dumb folded and were standing
as mere spectators in the whole drama going on before our eyes. His tempers then cooled
down and told us in low voice that “Annam Para - Brahmah Swaroopam “. Food is God
given and it should not be wasted. Learn to offer the first morsel to God as a measure of
gratitude and thanks giving. I considered myself fortunate enough to have seen both the
qualities of anger and compassion in Sai. My attention was then drawn to the contents
from 24th and 38th Chapter where in Baba advocated to treat Food - the main energy
resource as equivalent to God and always to take it after offering to the giver i.e. God.

Food is divine and all our energies are drawn from it.
Dated: 29-05-1993.
I completed reading of all the 51 chapters from Sat Charitra. Every time I completed
reading in the past, I was blessed with a unique experience. However, this time I was
deprived of the same. So before going to bed, I prayed Lord Sainath to at least grant me
with a message or an experience in the dream. I reached Kakinada an important Railway
Station in coastal Andhra Pradesh in India. The waiting Room there was over crowded
and people were in lined up in a queue waiting their turn to touch the holy feet of
Sri.Satya sai. I entrusted my luggage to a friend of mine to be taken care of. I joined the
‘Q’ formed for the purpose with half mind, as I was a Shiridi Sai devotee. I approached
him, bent down to touch his holy feet. I lifted my head to have a look at his face in search
of the magnetism that attracts numerous masses. I was shocked to see Shiridi Sai gazing
at me with his compassionate looks. My joy knew no bounds. His message was very clear
to identify all saints as one and their working in a closely-knit network towards a
common cause i.e. Service to Humanity. I recollected the contents from the 12th chapter
where in Sai gave darshan to Moole Shastri in the form of his Guru Golav Swami. Sai
has always read the minds of his devotees and gave darshan to them in a fitting manner to
see that their faith in the Guru Prampara is not only strengthened but also enhanced.

Paths are different but goal is one.
Dated: 01-06-1993.
I was fed up with my on going family problems. I prayed Sai and seeked his permission
to commit suicide. Sai appeared in the form of an unknown person and asked me- “Are
your difficulties much more than your friend Kameswara Rao’s, who is leading life of
torture with a mentally unsound wife?
-“Think it over”.
Secondly, “Remember that I have saved you from a certain death on 30th October 1970 –
you came out scratch - less, when the Auto over tuned”.
“You claim to have read my Satcharitra so many times, don’t you realize that taking
one’s life is sin and how do you think that I will grant you permission to commit suicide”.
I got up from my bed and by that time I have already concluded that these are the hard
realities that cannot be challenged. My conditions are far more better compared to that of
my friend .I was almost saved from a certain death on the day of accident way back in
1970. At that time I did not even know Sai, still he was instrumental in saving me from
the jaws of death probably for a better life mission - I am with you.

Life and death are not in our hands.
Dated: 26-06-1993.
The dream contents of the day have increased my sense of detachment. While I was
young, I was strongly in love with a lady. She got married to some one else and I could
not forget her even with passage of time. Today after lapse of many years, Sai has shown
her to me in a different form. She became old with wrinkles writ on her face, fallen teeth
and that beautiful long hair was totally lost. She looked no longer charming. Sai then
uttered the words that; physical body will gradually weaken and perish one day or other. I
got up in the morning but my mind was fresh with what I have seen in the dream. It was
very difficult proposition to imagine her in that position but a hard fact of life. I have then
gone through the reading of Satcharitra and it happened to be the thirty-first chapter. Sai
tells to Vijay Anand that wealth and youth are only a passing phase in one’s life and are
temporary in nature. The physical body will decay one day or other and shall fall to
ground. Know this truth and fulfil all your commitments. This made me to think as to
what is my responsibility? And the immediate need of the hour.

Work for some thing that is permanent in nature.
Dated: 06-08-1993.
Sai appeared in the form of a fakir on the seashore. I bowed down in front of him with all
devotion and respect. He addressed me thus in the words- Life is like a shore. Tidal
waves are the happy moments coming once in away. When high tides are encountered,
the water as the carrier, sometimes bring happy moments to the shore. Along with water,
some other elements like ego (snakes), difficulties (fish) and corals with pearls
(spiritualism) also manage to reach the shore. They present a beautiful scene to the eye.
When the water recedes, the snakes and fish struggle to survive and finally die down.
How- ever, the corals no matter where they are, they live shining and appealing. So I
suggest you to follow the path set by the corals and develop a spiritual bent of mind. I got
disturbed and woke up. I started searching for the meaning of the dream. The 16th and
17th chapter where in Sai says that life is full of jealousy and ego. In 51st chapter,
Hemadri panth says that anger and jealousy are in built qualities of a person. We can
overcome them and their damaging effects under the influence of our Samrdha
Sadhguru Sainath.

Spiritualism is the only fallback tool in difficult times.
Dated: 13-08-1993.
Before retiring to bed, I prayed Baba and asked him whether I would breathe my last at
his lotus feet and also whether I can complete all my responsibilities towards my wife
and children. The dream visuals have totally made me happy. I was present in a large
gathering. Sai appeared in the form of Governor of a State. Many VIP’s were circled
round him to have a glimpse of him and also to get noticed by him. He then called me by
name. I walked towards him and expressed my desire. He readily agreed to it and I
bowed down to touch his feet traditionally. Slowly, I was loosing my sight and senses. I
got up from my sleep. I was grateful to him and again I went in to another spell of sleep.
Next, my grocer called me up from where I purchase all our monthly requirements for the
house. He said to me “ with the money given, I have just now dispatched life time
requirement of provisions for your wife and children to your house. I got up from my
sleep contended with the firm hope that Sai will certainly take care of my family and I
have nothing to worry or look back.

Sincere prayers are always attended.
Dated: 19-08-1993.
I was in TIRUMALA-HILLS to have the darshan of Lord Venkateswara. Annual
Brahmothsavams were being conducted. Entire surroundings of the temple were
decorated with lights and the whole area wore a festive look. I was dressed in full white
and entered the Simhadwara to have a glimpse of the main deity. Inside it was pitch dark
and I was moving ahead cautiously. A fellow devotee asked me to move forward careful,
as one has to struggle a lot to find God in darkness. If you take the guidance from a
Samardha Sadhguru, you can reach him relatively with ease. I got up and with folded
hands and prayed Lord Sainath to stand by my side always and at all times.

Guided direction is necessary to seek the almighty.
Dated: 21-08-1993.
Before going to bed I prayed Sainath to tell me some thing more about the spiritualism.
The visuals were more than interesting to me. I saw a person; perhaps Sai himself was
switching a remote controlled device. Lights started glowing in a serial order beginning
with a Temple, Mosque and finally in a Church. Through out the night, I was watching
the glow of those lights and by the dawn I reached the bank of a river. I go for a swim in
the river with all the happiness in me. I proceeded further in the same direction. Finally, I
enter the sea. There were no tides and the water was more or less still and calm. Peaceful
environment prevailed over there. A stage has then come when I was not swimming but I
found myself floating on the water surface. I got up from my sleep and felt extremely
happy. I got the essence of the message that all Religions are like rivers .You may swim
or sail in any one of them to ultimately reach the Sea i.e. God.

All prayers lead to the same almighty.
Dated: 24-08-1993.
Tonight I asked Baba to define the qualities needed to qualify as a true devotee of Sai.
His replies were as follows:
1.The person should move freely and mix up with people drawn from all walks of life,
with out any inhibitions. He should have the magnanimity to respect all Religions, food
habits and traditions.
2.Never to hurt the feelings of others
3.He should show no hesitation to sit even by the side of a Leper and have food in his
company. Comfortably.

The qualities of a true Sai devotee.
Dated: 26-08-1993.
Sai in the form of a stranger appeared in the dream and told:
1.You may be rich but lead a simple life.
2. All family members must unite at least once in a day for a collective prayer session.
3. Have limited food. Have no desire for other women and have wealth just enough for a
comfortable living.
4.Learn to sleep on the floor.
5.Do not aspire for other’s wealth.
6.Stay away from vengeance and anger and have a limited circle with like-minded
7.Do not consume liquors.
8.Have unfailing faith in your Guru and follow guide lines set by him.
9.Never waste money.
10 Live as a model to others.

Sai’s ’s advice on how to be happy:
Dated: 04-09-1993.
It was an occasion to perform Pooja in my house. I approached a friend of mine to get me
all the material required for the associated rituals. He has not turned up by the expected
hour and I was tense as muhurtham (set auspicious time) was fast approaching. Sai
advised me to perform Pooja with a purified heart instead of worrying for some thing that
has not arrived. Trust and belief should be placed only in God.
Man’s life is like that of a Cobra’s one. If you want to reach me, then you have to shed all
the sins like a snake sheds it’s skin periodically. Get rid of the entire underlying ego and
then only a channel can be established between you and me.

Place your trust in God and remove ‘Aham’.
Dated: 08-09-1993.
It was the festive day of Maha Shiva Ratri. Lot of crowd was there and I was finding it
difficult to gain entrance in to the Temple. I was restless in my mind. Near by there was a
temple of Sri Maha Vishnu. The concerned priest was sleeping in the last floor of the
temple. As I was determined to perform Pooja, I took the courage to wake him up. For
the sake of money, he got up and performed Pooja in a very casual way. I was not at all
happy but still gave him some money that did not satisfy him at all. I had no more money
left with me. He then snatched away my clothing and there I stood on the Road not
knowing what to do. After some time, a stranger came near to me and offered a white
cloth to cover myself. He then spontaneously advised me-“ why are you wasting time in
running after Temples? You, better stay home and perform Pooja with the available
resources. God is living in your house as well”.

God is universal.
Dated: 19-09-1993.
Next day morning was Sri Vinayaka Chathurthi. As usual I asked Baba for a message.
In the night’s dream, I was traversing by a Train alone and reached the last station in the
journey of life. Incidentally it happened to be the first station from where I started the
journey. Lot of changes appeared to have taken place in its surroundings. I got down but I
could not unload my luggage and other belongings. The Train was ready to move again
as many people got in with out any luggage. They were all happy and cheerful. The train
left the station and I was standing alone on the platform as a spectator. A saint clothed in
white stood before me and addressed me thus-“ I hope by now you have already noticed
that those who get in to or get down this train cannot do with any belongings”. He has
shown me my destination and directed me accordingly. I reached the end in that direction
and there came a river. I swim through the river, entered the sea and never returned back.
I got up frightened. I stood before the portrait of Sai and was praying him. I heard the
voice coming out from there- Vinayaka Chathurthi is exactly the mirror image of our
life. We prepare the Ganesh idol with the mud, perform the rituals and Pooja for nine
days and at the end of Navrathris (after nine days), we submit it to the waters i.e. back to
mud again”. The process repeats itself again and again. I thought for a moment that life
cycle is well told by Baba.
We come alone to go alone - an endless process.
Dated: 25-09-1993.
What are the things to be learnt in life? was my prayer to Baba before going to bed.
Your life is like a boat. You may take the help from all your friends and relatives to make
it. For it to be used, you need to put it into flowing waters. That has to be a river and in
this case it takes the role of Time. Before beginning the journey, do not forget to take the
blessings from a Guru.
A dog gives birth to many puppies and showers it’s motherly love equally on all. It does
not think of their future or their luck in store. Some get placed in elite houses and enjoy
all the comforts while others may end up as street dogs deprived of minimum
requirements. When it comes to human beings, all children are denied equal love and
sense of partiality does exist. However, I shall love all my devotees equally and look
after their spiritual needs according to their merits.

Life is direction less with out a Guru.Love all
Dated: 27-09-1993.
I gave a deep thinking towards my life and prayed Sai to give me a direction for a
peaceful life. He has shown me a beautiful scene and opened my eyes.
There was an advertisement on Babool Tooth Paste appearing in a local TV channel. A
happy family was shown with all smiles writ on their faces and speaking for the usage of
the branded paste and to be a happy family like theirs. In reality, they all do not belong to
the same family as each one is a paid actor and lives in that role for that moment. On the
similar lines, the members of your family (wife and children) are all drawn together by
‘Runanabandham’ .We also act and try to live those roles as assigned to us.

Each one of us in a family owes something or other towards each other.
Dated: 28-09-1993.
Tonight I had a content full dream. It was a School spread over a vast area. The building
did not have any doors or windows. Every thing was kept open to all. The school
remained opened through out the day. There were no restrictions on age of the pupil. It
was meant for imparting spiritual education to all. The Guru was not visible to the eye. I
could infer from the dream that there were no barriers with respect to age, sex or religion,
set to join the spiritual stream.
Towards the end Sai gave beautiful advice Money earned in excess is a source of mental
agony and tensions. Money begotten by illegal means weakens the sensitive fabric and
health of the society. Wealth earned by fair means and sufficient to meet the requirements
is only the recommended practice to be followed.
Think constantly as to how to amass spiritual wealth for that is the real wealth.
Dated: 06-10-1993.
My prayer to Sai before bed was as to how one should stay away from the thoughts of
making easy and quick buck in life. It was the sight of a well-crowded vegetable market.
Al sorts of vegetables and fruit were seen placed in their respective allocated containers
in an orderly manner. There was a wall by the side. A goat was seen on the wall and was
in a fix whether to jump down or not, so that it can eat the fresh greens and tasty
vegetables. If it decides to jump down it is sure to break its legs. So it chooses to get
down the stairs on the other side and preferred to walk away. At the end a message was
given which went to say that desire for ill - gotten wealth is like cancer, which will
ultimately ruin us.

Do not fall prey to easy money.
Dated: 25-10-1993.
The dream message for the day was - Vegetables however costly they might be, need to
be boiled before consumption for easy digestion. In the same way irrespective of the
religion, one must practice (Sadhana) to understand and attain God.

Spiritualism is the only path to reach God.
Dated: 28-10-1993.
I was finding it difficult in translating Arthur Osborne’s Book on Sai and I prayed on him
to see that I commit no mistakes and bless me in fulfilling that task. Sai visited my house
in the form an Executive of a big Establishment. He was dressed in full white and came
in a white car. He took my wife and me for a dinner in a star Hotel that we readily agreed
to. I refused hot drinks on the ground that I left the habit long ago. My wife was ordered
with some soft drinks and food to eat. For me he ordered a drink titled Brose. The waiter
got me the drink that was very hot. In haste I burnt my lips and I got up from my sleep.
My wife was comfortably sleeping by my side and no body around. I consulted my
friends and no body could throw any light on what Brose is. I put a test and said to
myself that if Sai’s arrival in the form of the executive is correct, I should get the
meaning of the word too. I opened up the Dictionary and found the meaning as “A simple
and nutritious food made by pouring hot water or milk on Oatmeal”. In my mother
tongue it meant Ganji – a poor man’s food. I was happy for the blessings given. I went
ahead the task with renewed vigour.

Tasks undertaken for the betterment of the society are always encouraged.
Dated: 11-11-1993.
The day passed off peacefully and I prayed Sainath to show me the way to get rid of the
habit of hatred. As usual the call was answered and I felt very happy. I was brushing my
teeth in the morning. I was not spitting out the foam but was gulping it down. Teeth were
cleaned but the wash to be discarded went in to my body. An unknown person cautions
me on that and it’s ill effects. I got up from sleep and realized that Hatred is to be
removed from our mind and body, otherwise it will percolate down and ruin us. The
person further warned me adopt an easy path and not to fall prey to the unethical
practices. Ego should be totally shed.

No use in washing dirty linen unless the heart is pure.
Dared: 19-11-1993.
Yesterday was Thursday and I wanted to know why it is important to Sai. The visual ran
like this. Those were the days of First World War. Indian soldiers were fighting in the
foreign countries. They were all moving in a group and the leader was a Sai devotee. The
enemy camps that were large in numbers spotted them all. They opened fire on the
leader. He ordered his fellow men not to retaliate. He advances and takes the name of Sai
and fights all alone. In the process he lays down his life. The Atma later merges with Sai
and that happened to be a Thursday. That is perhaps the reason as to why Sai likes

Call the name of Sai and rest assured you are taken care of.
Dated: 26-11-1993.
By the end of the day I was fully engrossed in the thought that I have done a lot towards
the well being of my wife and children, and that they are not grateful to the extent
required. These thoughts made me restless and I went to sleep. He has shown me all that
was happening in my family and gave me a piece advice-Fall back on wife for advice
only when it is really required. Gratitude is more to be shown in action rather than
_expression in words.

Fulfill your commitments with out anticipating any returns.
Dated: 05-12-1993.
How to help others and what should be anticipated in return was the question in my mind.
As usual I prayed Sai and retired to bed. I was astonished for the crisp answer I got. It
was a green belt of healthy land with abundant crop. No farmer was seen ploughing the
field but still the crop was looking very healthy. I was thinking about the possible reasons
and stepped in to the field. I have spotted huge number of earthworms stationed there and
were extending help to the farmer. I deciphered the message that one should emulate the
earth –worms and be of help to the society for a better living.

Be useful to the society.
Dated: 20-12-1993.
I desired for a spiritual message from Sai before going to bed. He gave three guidelines
to be followed.
1. Extend medical assistance to a suffering person.
2. Fed the Hungry.
3. be courteous even to an enemy.
4. Annadhaanam is the supreme charity and there is no substitute for it.

Think as to how you can be a useful part.
Dared: 21-12-1993.
Yesterday I was thinking about my enemies before going to bed. I saw Sai dressed in
white, coming out of a temple after having his food. He turned towards me and spoke to
me – “I do not want you to blame any body. If you do not like some body, at the best
avoid him. Every one is bound to reap the rewards for his doings either good or bad and
no one else can make others responsible for their deeds”. I was suitably advised not to
blame any one from their back

Think for doing something better rather than wasting time on thinking about
Dated: 31-12-1993.
I pleaded Sai to tell me few good words for the coming year. He has given the following
Eat limited food in parties and take care of your health.
Tell about my Philosophy too only those who are interested to know and there should not
be any discrimination.
Sai devotees should visit Shiridi and enhance their faith.
Extend love towards humanity with out any barriers.
Perform Vastradhaan on the day of Gurupoornima.

Do your duty well.

                                                Dreams -1994
Baba appeared as an unknown person and said-
“In the eyes of God there is no discrimination between caste, creed or class of the people.
Therefore the need of the hour is to move forward while chanting the Lord’s name”.
Before the eyes of God, all human beings are equal.
In a fit of rage and over an argument, I come to loggerheads with a friend of mine. We
crossed each other with swords. For self-defense I fight back and the friend is killed. I ran
away from the site. I was branded a murderer and policeman was after me. I was elusive
for some time. Later I surrendered to the police with the fond hope that God is above all
and justice shall be done. I was presented in the Court Room and I woke up with a knee
jerk and saw Sai’s photograph before me.
It appeared to me as if Sai was assuring me that “Those who have the divine strength
shall never fail and can boldly face any situation with courage”.

Spiritual power is mightier than muscle power.
Sai has rolled back the time and drawn me to the adventures during my youth. The period
dates back to 1962-1965,when we were living in Kakinada (A coastal town in Andhra
Pradesh). Good, bad or moral values were of least importance to me and I was leading a
carefree life. The house was a thatched one with mud tiles. I saw a Cobra in one of the
wooden beams, shedding off its skin while undergoing lot of pain. Finally the reptile left
place. Time passed and later I took up a job assignment during the year 1965 and had to
leave the town.
“Sai conveyed that life is like that of a cobra. Shed the inner ego to adorn the Lord”.
Transition from one stage to another is a natural phenomenon.
Before going to bed I prayed Lord Baba and sought HIS help to overcome the attachment
towards wife, wealth and children. I was shown with the following visuals.
Children are the effected lot when both the partners adopt wrong ways and means in
leading their lives. Bonds of love are broken. Society isolates them.
In another scene, the wife is totally not under the control of the husband and ultimately
the family life is shattered.
In another case, the head of the family with all the hardships support the family and fulfill
moral as well as social obligations well in time. After retirement, he fell sick, turned
immobile and confined to bed. Wife and children do not get him the necessary medical
aid fearing the expenses. Even the request for serving him with poison goes unheeded as
wife and children were not mentally prepared to loose the regular monthly income
coming from him as pensioners benefit.
“What attachments one does expect to develop after going through such situations”?
Money is the only binding factor in all the relationships.
Before going to bed, I prayed Lord SAI to grant me with spiritual power.
HE presented me with the following advice.
Let your mind be free from evil thoughts while serving destitute women and children.
Practice celibacy and share their difficulties with compassion and extend selfless service.
Look for God in all creatures and fellow human beings.
Learn to face even an enemy with a smile.
Have a crystal clear mind and look for the divine in all creatures.
Today, I prayed Sai to show me the road to spiritualism.
Sai appeared in the form of an unknown person and said-“You need not have to renounce
the World and go to forests for Tapasya (meditation). You can as well continue leading
normal family life and abstain from criticizing anybody”.
“All faiths lead us to the ultimate i.e. God, even though the paths chosen are different. Of
all the festivities I like first feeding of the child the most”.
A stable mind no matter where it is can practice spiritualism.
I prayed Sai to tell me more on Sai power.
An unknown person says-
“Sai power - Is the one that can take you to the peak.
- Grant power to talk bold.
- Can eradicate poverty,
- Shape one’s character.
- Save a life.
- Protect from all the odds”.
Sai is the supreme commander.
I offered salutations to SAI and slept. I was traveling along with two of my close friends
‘Good and bad’. Obviously the former one was stronger and the later one was weaker. On
the way, the bad one starts troubling the good one. I was unable to tolerate and overpower
the bad one, and kill him. People around summon the police. I was thinking of surrender,
but the good one in me advises me to run away to a far away sacred place in order to
avoid the ensuing troubles. I run to a nearby Bus stop and there I find an elderly couple in
waiting. My wife dropped out. An unknown person comes to me and presents me with a
set of four torchlights. Suddenly, I got up from my sleep and started analyzing the dream
The good and bad are symbolic of the inner conflicting thoughts. Killing a bad friend is
analogous to enhancing the good thoughts. Police are the chained bonds of life. Elderly
couple was Sai devotees. My wife not coming with me infers that I should travel alone in
the spiritual path. Unknown person was none other than SAI and the four torchlights
were meant to ward off the darkness engulfed from the four sides.
“Spiritual journey should be a lone one and a determined effort”.

Removal of the darkness from the mind and looking inwards is the key to
Today’s dream acted as an eye opener for me. I was encountered with a staunch opponent
in my official life. Sai appeared in his form and invited me to his house. My inner
consciousness was not allowing me to accept the invitation. Sai appeared in his stature
and I could not say no and I decided to go. I follow him and had to pass through a large
mango orchard full of green mangoes to reach his house. The height of the trees was low
and it was difficult exercise to go through, without getting hit by the mangoes on the face
and head. My endurance was fully put to test. I had no option but to reach the main door
by crawling all along, which I did. The officer said “ You have come to this stage without
aspiring the fruit, now shun the hatred once for all and enter the house”. My face turned
unpleasant. I got up from the sleep.
“ I decided to shun the hatred for my fellow beings”.
Love for the fellow beings is the prime requirement as love begets love.
Yesterday I was sick. I prayed Lord Sainath to keep me away from the sickness. Sai said
“it is common to fall sick for the physical body and equally true is to undergo mental
agony at times. Keep cool; eat simple food and some times even the sour fruit from
Jambolona tree. Never hurt anybody’s feelings and injure them.
“ What so ever you do to others will happen to you invariably”.

You will be repaid in the same coin.
Today I prayed Sai to advice me as to how I should increase spiritual power”?
Your spiritual awakening will be on rise when you come across –
- And differentiate between an ideal person committed to one woman and a womanizer.
- Overcome the hatred developed on coming across an old man on the verge of dying but
still unable to overcome the weakness for woman except pitying.
- On learning to appreciate the greatness of individuals based on
- On realizing that life is not just eating, sleeping, having sex and realizing that it is
something beyond that.

Search for something special and the inner urge to know the purpose is a step
towards spiritualism.
Yesterday I completed Sai Satcharita Parayana in English. I got back Rupees Three
Thousand due to me, but left me with an internal conflict whether I should continue with
the Parayana with the English version or my earlier practice of Telugu version. As usual I
was at HIS feet seeking
Advice. Sri.Sai appeared in the form of our Ex. President of India loudly reading the
Telugu Sai Satchaita book.
“I inferred that I should continue my earlier habit”.
The language well understood is the right medium to bridge the gap.
I commenced the reading of Telugu version of Sai Satcharita and sought HIS blessings.
Sai was advising me in the form of an unknown person-
-Your daughter will leave to her in-law’s place. Likewise your daughter-in-law is also an
outsider. Never subject them to tears. There is nothing to celebrate the arrival of a son in
the family, as there is no guarantee that life will end on a happy note.
“ Son or daughter does not make any difference. Sow seeds for spiritual fruit which alone
can take you to the destiny”.
You came alone to go alone .God only could take you to the destiny.
The day was spent very happily. I prayed Baba to tell me something about the times
when HE was in flesh and blood. Sai has shown the following visuals:
Devotees during those days used to celebrate the newborn’s arrival by offering food to all
and it was observed as a community function. Now a days that is not in practice.
People were mutually helping each other in the hour of need. Whereas in the present day
World, nobody bothers for anybody, does not even try to know about his immediate
neighbor. There is no value for word now whereas people lived by word as word meant
everything to them in the past.

There is a gradual deterioration in the human values of the past as self-interest is
increasingly becoming important.
Yesterday, my mind was disturbed with the office happenings. I watched like a mute
spectator to the truth being throttled. Before retiring to bed, I asked Sai if there was any
way out of the present situation. But I got the greatest relief when Baba said-
“ Do not mind about goings around. I shall protect my devotees in the same way a mother
does to her children”. Incidentally regular Parayana also indicated the same direction
further increased my faith in Baba.

Complete surrender ensures protection.
I came across persons harmed me the maximum. I prayed Sai to indicate ways and means
to forget them. Baba said-
Even Sun could not escape from the being eclipsed, but he never stopped every day’s
ritual of Sunrise to deliver the universal light.
“When we can afford to conveniently forget those who helped us, why not those who
harmed us?
Learn to treat some incidents as pass through events.
I spent the day offering prayer to Baba and before going to bed, I requested HIM to bless
me with an opportunity to serve HIM and the cause. Baba has shown me with a visual-
A dog takes good care of the master till he attains old age. On a fine day, the destined end
came to the dog. The master duly performed the last rites with all the devotion and
Since then I developed an inner feeling that I should emulate the role of the dog in
service of my master.
Selfless service is the only gateway to the master.
Today I asked Sai to tell me the good deeds I should undertake. Sai said-
Take care of your mother in her last days as a true son. That will be the only way to clear
off the indebtedness.
Clear off all the dues towards friends and relatives.
Avoid excessive attachment towards women.
A determination not to repeat a bad deed is as good as doing the right.
Practice good moral and social values for the growth of a healthy society.
Yesterday’s visuals have given me immense satisfaction.
I was piloting a Railway engine all alone. Towards the end of the line, there was a wall
across. I reduced the speed as I was nearing the wall. I heard someone telling me to stop
the engine, as that was the end of the track. Also there was no other option available
except to retrace the path.
I felt Sai was hinting at me that, soon I shall be nearing a stage when I have to travel all
alone by foot on the spiritual path as the wall was indicative of the end of all the
materialistic obstacles in the world”.
Spiritual journey begins when the worldly affairs take the backseat.
I spent the whole day in Sai smaran (chanting HIS name). An unknown person says-
Sai’s power can turn even an enemy into a friend.
Sai shoulders responsibility for the well being of HIS devotees.
The life content is same in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.
Who takes what is a matter of choice and question of availabilities.
The first step on the spiritual path enthuses an individual to renounce the World, but that
should not lead to stand in front of his house with a begging bowl. It would be better to
traverse the spiritual path while fulfilling the Gruhasthasrama dharma”.
Renunciation is not a pre-requisite for spiritual progress.
Sai spoke-
“Why are you running after to punish the children plucking the guava fruit from the tree
when you, cannot practice truthfulness in maintaining your own accounts”.
Ideals are to be practiced before preaching others.
An unknown person spoke-
“What to say when a couple opts for divorce after twenty five years of married life over
an argument and a newly married couple opting for separation in the prime of their
wedded life. Remember such things happen only due to the lack of the divine grace and
not because of mismatch in the Horoscopes”.
Ultimately it is the God’s wish that prevails.
Today I completed Translation of “The Incredible Sai” authored by Arthur Osborne from
English in to Telugu language and submitted to the Lotus feet of Sainath to seek HIS
Sai appeared in the form of an unknown person and gave me a glass full of sweet
buttermilk. I happily consumed it.
He said “ No need to go to Pandarpur, install the Lord in your heart and worship from
here itself”.

God is universal and omni present.
I prayed Lord Sainath to grant permission to write new articles on SAI.
HE advised me to concentrate and solve the problems being faced in the Tube
manufacturing process before venturing to write books. Indirectly HE forewarned me
about the future -heart problems. Subsequently I had to undergo Bypass surgery during
the year 1996.

The master knows what is best for HIS devotee.
I prayed Lord Sainath to talk to me on some good things.
Sai appeared in the form of cine actor Kanta Rao of yester years and said-
I entered the cine field faced difficult times and earned well, but lost all the money due to
carelessness and negligence. Today I am rendered immobile and some one’s help is
needed even to go out. Life as it appeared to me is incomplete with out facing ups and
Discipline and character building are essentially required besides maintaining mental
balance under all odds.

Ups and downs are the ways of life. Learn to stay balanced
Ongoing events in the family caused me lot of disturbance. I prayed Lord Sainath to show
me a way out so that I can practice mental detachment while living in their midst. Baba
shown me a visual-
I was traveling by a train. It halted at a wayside station. I got down and was having a
stroll as a breather. In the meanwhile the train picked up motion and gaining momentum.
I was in a dilemma whether I should get into or not. Finally I decided to board and
entered in to the Guard’s cabin. As normal he was fully clad in white dress. He thus
advised me-
“Do not resort to anger on your co-travelers and get down in the middle of the journey.
On reaching destination, you will be received by four porters who will rid you off from
the worldly bonds. Exercise patience and be prepared”. It was an eye-opener for me to
choose a way out.

Do not let minor hurdles detract you from the main objective.
I suffered from chest pain. I asked Sai to advise me on the ways to keep good health. SAI
-Peace will come only when distance is maintained and thoughts are set free from the trio
causing mental agony.
-Do not pay much attention to happenings beyond the control.
-Be a vegetarian.
-Duty is to earn money for the family and not to monitor the expenditure.
-Stop getting into arguments with relatives and think of God always.
Good health or bad health is our own creation.
Yesterday, I was mentally upset with my son’s aptitude and was literally in tears. I
simply prayed Lord Sainath and retired to bed. I could later develop courage to face all
odds with the visual presented to me by Baba.
A head of a family expired and his children were staying quite far off. All his relatives
were mourning over the body. His wife’s eyes have gone dry and was mechanically
preparing for performing the last rights. Nobody could notice an unknown person
guarding the area with a gun in his hand. That was SAI.
In the eyes of God nobody is an orphan.
God extends his benevolence to all equally.
Yesterday, I invited some of my colleagues for dinner. I criticized and talked loose on
one of our senior and retired officer. Having enjoyed the dinner and the company of my
friends, I went to bed with good recollections of the day. I got up in the morning and
started off for the morning walk. I came across an old acquaintance after a long gap of
time. I received shock of the day when he said- “ Yesterday, I was thinking about you
and the senior officer of yours. Bye the bye how is your relationship with him now”?
I felt as if SAI himself was talking to me. I was deeply engrossed in thoughts as my
attention was drawn to the chapter wherein SAI said –
“Never speak ill of others and indulge in projecting anybody in bad taste. Everything is
known to me and distance is no barrier to ME”.
Sai is Omniscient as nothing is hidden from HIM.
Yesterday was ‘Sivaratri’. As usual I sought Baba’s blessings and slept. Sai gave me a
I set out with a pen and book in my hands dressed up in pure white under garments. I
came across a hoarding with inscription, directing for a place called ‘ATMAKUR’. As I
was walking, a bus moved past me. The book and pen fell down my hands leaving papers
fluttered all around and pen crushed under the wheels. I leave the book on the road and
moved in the direction towards Atmakur.
I concluded to know about ‘ATMA’, (Soul); one need not go with a pen and book. One
has to go all alone leaving attachments behind.

The search for the God begins where the materialistic ends.
I prayed Lord Sainath to detail me more on spiritual power.
SAI said the art of forgetting the past difficulties is spiritual power.

Future is born out of the past.
I was shown with important happenings in my life concerning our relatives.
“ We subject ourselves to solace by thinking that we can give birth to our children but not
their destiny, but Samardha Sadhguru takes the responsibility to shape the future of HIS
devotees and their children”.
Samardha Sadhguru can only change the destiny.
Today I prayed Lord Sainath to help me in visiting Ajmer Darga and Lord Ganesh in
“The quest and search for a proper Guru and a deserving disciple is equal and opposite.
Go ahead and prepare for the journey”.
Ultimate place of rest is where you find peace.
(On camp at Kota)
Yesterday, I fulfilled the desire of my visit to Ajmer and Ranathambore and was on way
back. I offered my thanks to HIM. I had a dream in the night that terrified me a lot-
The tragic end of mine comes to me. A senior colleague of ours was about to light the
pyre. A saint resembling Sai dropped two copper coins on the pyre and I got up from the
pyre and gathering around was whispering about the event. I reached Hyderabad and
attended office. I felt as if everyone was a friend of mine.
I welcomed the change and could see Sai’s corrective actions glaringly.
Shraddha (faith) and Saburi (patience) will solve most of our problems.
Today my thoughts centered round SAI devotees and people engaged in the spread of Sai
philosophy. I prayed on Baba to render proper guidance to all. Sai advised
-Not to run after everyone boasting to be a Sai devotee and adhere only to Sai Satcharita
by Hemadpanth.
-Not to discuss Sai philosophy in friends circle as it is to be talked only in the company of
like-minded people.
-Utilize God’s grace only for the benefit of society without any interior selfish motives.
Sense the mindset of the people before you speak.
Yesterday, I was thinking about the life cycle and importance attached to GURU in the
whole process before going to bed. I had a dream that went like this-
I board a bus with two manuscripts Sri Bhagavad-Gita and Sri Bhagavtham kept inside a
small handbag. On the way, I get down the bus to have a cup of tea. The bus starts off at
the specified time, leaving me in the middle. How should I catch the bus was the need of
the hour as I was standing helpless. I spotted a person clad in full white dress and with
white beard, approaching on a motor bicycle. He offers me lift with an assurance to leave
me at the destined place, safe at the right time. I hesitantly took the pillion seat. He
carried me to the place without my getting tired even though the road was quite rough.

Samardha Sadhguru Sai alone can ensure such safe passage to the
Yesterday was Thursday. I asked Baba to enlighten me on how the life was in Shiridi,
when HE was alive. Sai said –
During those, days people came with lot of faith and devotion. In the return trip, they left
Shiridi with good results to their homes. People now are visiting Shiridi without any faith
and more often to probe and test whether anything good happens to them or not besides
looking for a change from the monotonous daily scores of life. Often their inner
intentions are to verify the veracity of the statements made by others. That’s precisely the
reason why everybody coming to Shiridi is not able to reap the fruits of the visit
Do not undertake any pilgrimage for the sake of pleasure seeking.
Sai in the form of an unknown person said-
When elders commit mistakes, naturally children have to bear the results of the
misadventures. It is left for elders to ponder over and decide as to why indulge in such
activities when the results are certainly known to be bad.
A good deed begets good results sooner or later.
Yesterday, I incurred lot of displeasure due to my family members. I
Prayed Baba to grant me peace. Baba said-
Life is like a marathon walk. We come across many and engage in playing games with
few of them. Obviously one has to win or loose. There is no use in grieving over the end
result. One should cultivate the habit of not paying much attention either to praises or
Life has to be lived with a sportive spirit.
My thoughts were totally pre-occupied with family affairs. I asked Baba to throw some
light on my responsibility in the process of upbringing children. Baba in the form of an
unknown person said
-Take full responsibility of the girl child till she is married off and that of son till he is in
a position to live by himself. This is the only way to set one’s self-free from the family

As a head, family obligations are commitments to be honored.
Yesterday, I had been to a friend’s house. A Swamiji was invited, being honored, and
worshiped. Having seen the function, I got tempted to opt for ‘Sanyasasrama’. Baba
quipped and said-
It is highly difficult even for great saints to overcome their attachments towards mother,
place of birth and surrounding society where one has spent major portion of his life.
Therefore practice Gruhasta dharma and complete all the responsibilities to the last one.

Sainthood is not a child’s play.
I repented the whole day as I felt that precious time is getting wasted living entangled in
the worldly affairs alone. When is it time proper to start thinking about God?
Baba in the form of an unknown person said-
Gram will sprout only when water is sprinkled on them irrespective of whether kept in an
old cloth or a new cloth. Cover the thought of reaping the benevolence of the almighty
with devotion like sprinkling of water. God cannot be pleased with rituals alone
performed mechanically without an aura of devotion added to them.

The path of renunciation is a tougher one.
Sai appeared in the form of an unknown person and said-
Time is the precious gift from God to mankind. Do not waste it and spend every available
moment in his service and for a good cause.
Make a meaning for the life and thus try attaining the grace of the almighty.
Every moment is ripe one for thinking about God.
Before retiring to bed, I offered salutations to Baba and said “ Tomorrow will be my
birthday, please give me a message”.
Sai shown me the following visuals-
I saw a dead person and all his relatives were busy preparing for the last journey. The
whole situation was looking like a birthday celebration. From the crowd a person
resembling Sai was addressing at me- “ The real point of birth starts off from the moment
you are dead, as this body enters into the womb of another woman. So this in fact is the
Birthday for anyone. The rest are all man made for the sake of celebrations.

Birth and death are the two fixed entities of life.
Sai appeared in the dream drawing my attention towards a group of people-
Look to them, how they are engaged in wasting food with utter disregard and indulging in
fun making. It is sheer pity that they do not realize ‘ Annam as parabrahmah swaroopam’
(source of energy and supreme). Food is very essential for survival.
Food is the fruit of hard labor that every able person should earn for and enjoy it by him
rather than to accept as charity.

Food is one of the basic driving forces.
The essence of the visuals shown by SAI is –
It is unpardonable to forget the giver when all the long wish list is fulfilled. Give a
thought as to what is now expected from you.

Always think of the supreme power behind the universe.
Sai appeared in the form of an unknown person and narrated a story-
A Brahmin is walking past aimless in a desert on a mid summer day. He comes across
two bags kept on a small rock: one containing food and the other one having footwear. A
note is kept nearby with inscription-
I know for you, being a wonderer is in dire need of both the bags, but do restrict to
choosing any one of them. The one containing food will satiate your physical body
whereas the one with slippers will take you along to the destination untiring. The
Brahmin was quite undecided and Baba questioned me – ‘which one will you opt for,
Gopala Rao?’ My sleep was interrupted without my having come to any conclusion.

Certain choices are difficult ones to make.
I was mentally disturbed, as my presence has gone unnoticed in an official meeting. The
craze for recognition has not ceased even after my turning Saibanisa. I prayed Lord
Sainath to help me in getting rid of this longing.
Sai appeared in the form of an unknown person and said –
A Tribal to earn his livelihood will start foretelling future events of others. As witnesses
and with an eye for future, he takes few photographs with VIPS and uses them in
exhibiting his marketing talents to others. This he does with a fond hope of earning more
recognition and publicity in his profession. Always remember that only those who feel
their security is at stake seek recognition. There is no dearth or want in the house of MY
devotees. Where does the need arise for recognition?

Recognition will come searching when something good is done for the benefit of
society at large.
Sainath, please throw some light on Sai Thathva. Sai presented me with the following
visuals –
The grace of Sai ultimately reaches the devotee in spite of innumerable number of
obstacles on the way.
Sai is present in all the living beings. Look for SAI Ganesh in a mighty elephant and
mother Sai in a cow giving us the milk.

Sai is beyond the barriers of space and time.
I was mentally upset, as I was not able to overcome the urge for other women in life. I
prayed Sai to offer me with a way out. Sai appeared in the form of a friend of mine and
said –
You are not compromising even to look at the woman intending to marry you just
because she is not beautiful as the inner Jnana shakti (intelligence) is unable to
differentiate between the relative beauties. Why does the same Shakti fail in realizing that
seeking other women is like putting one’s hand in to a burning kiln.
None can help a knowingly ignorant one.
My mind was engrossed in thoughts on Sai philosophy.
Sai said –
When your mind stays disturbed as your children are hospitalized, how can I live in peace
idling and remain without reacting, when MY children are in troubles?
SAI never fails in offering protection to his devotees.
I prayed Lord Sinath to show me my true position.
The scene was that of a marriage stage. Bridegroom’s party reaches the venue with full
vigor demanding for the dowry. Bride’s father having entrusted me with task of guarding
the brief case stored with money asked me to do the needful. I opened the Brief and to
my surprise, the money was not in place. All the elders assembled there branded me as a
thief. Bride’s father tries to commit suicide by immolating himself. I considered myself
responsible for the incident and I too try to jump into the fire. In the meanwhile, the
person who stole the money arrives at the scene laughing. Bride’s father and myself then
embraced the thief .He too is perished in the whole process along with both of us. I got
scared with such a dream and got up from the bed. What could this mean? I am not clear.

Never offer services that can cost life.
I came across swamijis engaged in collecting money in the name of SAI to make personal
gains. I prayed Baba to tell me more about them.
Sai appeared in the form of an unknown person and casually said –
There is no wonder in this. Still bigger wonder is that people can indulge in swindling
money from their hapless kith and kin, with utter disregard for love and affections.
It is your mistake to waste valuable time and energies on such futile matters.

Where money rules, love and affections take the back seat.
Yesterday, some Sai devotees visited my house. They questioned me a lot on SAI. I told
them what all I knew. Before going to bed, I asked Baba to tell me as to how I should
conduct myself while talking on Sai philosophy.
Sai appeared in the form of an unknown person and said –
Before embarking on to open others door of knowledge, first you open your own door.
It was a shop engaged in manufacturing aluminum glasses. I was employed in the
manufacturing of Aluminum tumblers. Because I was not making the right type of joints,
water was leaking. They were of no use, as water could not be served in them to the
thirsty passersby. The shop owner (SAI) called me and said -“Although you are in the
line for so many past lives, still you have not mastered the art of making the tumblers and
hence unable to quench the thirst of the people. At least in this life succeed in making the
proper ones and serve the cause”.
I realized that I should first absorb SAI Thathva thoroughly before preaching to others.
Practice leads to perfection in any field.
I was thinking about Sai and a thought ran through my mind whether Sai knows so may
languages as people from all regions and walks of life visit HIM in Shiridi.
I could hear a melodious voice telling me as-
One may speak in any language, I can understand from the depth of their
feelings and reach them.

Language is no barrier for devotion to Sai.
I prayed SAI to give me a message for the Saibandhus.
SAI said –
Did you ever think of the porter lifting the full bag containing the rice grain meant for the
family? Ensure that he is rewarded minimum enough to enable him to have one square
meal of the day for his family.
Be liberal in giving money for the physical help rendered.

Reward the labor suitably.
I asked Baba to tell me more on Sai philosophy.
SAI said –
I cannot isolate myself from the place where poor and hungry are being fed in my name.
I recollected the words of Baba from the 38th chapter of Sai Satcharita where in Baba
used to prepare food by himself and served HIS devotees.
Of all the charities, feeding the poor is supreme.
Yesterday, there was difference of opinion amongst our friends. I prayed Baba to tell me
from whom should I distance myself. As usual Baba appeared in the form of an unknown
person and advised –
To keep aloof from a person who believes in slaughtering neighbor’s goat secretly in the
middle of night and also from a person who is tilling soil with three donkeys.
Later I tried to analyze the content of the words. Baba meant not to befriend those who
indulge in stealing, telling lies and lazy ones.

Friendship is to be reciprocated selectively.
Yesterday, I wanted to collect money for the cause of SAI from the friend circle. I was
disappointed as none responded. I prayed SAI and said “ As Saibanisa, I cannot engage in
mobilizing money, at least grant me the power to sustain myself in your service”.
Baba had shown me with a vision – An invisible person was pushing a vegetable cart,
engaged in selling them to the passers by. The interesting part of it was that I could see
only the hands in action and not the person behind it.
Later I was shown a person cycling in darkness with a dynamo driven light. He was
continuously adjusting the beam in darkness for better visibility.
Thus a way will be formed, provided a beginning is made, taking the first step in the right
direction. Advance further with the knowledge gained.
I concluded not to seek money favors from others and extend service to Sai to the extent
Money centric activities will lead to unnecessary headaches.
I offered salutations to Baba and prayed- “ I want to take a major leap in to spiritualism.
Let me know my drawbacks so that I can correct them”. Baba has shown a visual-
I approached a sculptor and requested him to teach me the art, as I wanted to carve the
idol of Ganesha and Shiridi Sai. But the sculptor began teaching me the art of carving the
image of a beautiful woman. During the process, I was not able to concentrate, as my
mind was getting pre-occupied with evil thoughts. But still I continued, leading to the
breakage of the idol. The sculptor then addressed me- “your thoughts are not free from
the lust for women and lacking the objective. Firstly learn to control and correct, before
treading the spiritual path”.
Disciplining of the senses is a pre-requisite for spiritualism.
My daughter’s health caused me lot of concern. I prayed Baba to bestow me the courage
to face the situation.
Baba said- Life is like driving a loaded truck on a Highway. Most likely that, we might
come across lorries having met with accidents, but that should not deter us from our
ongoing journey.
Affections are the stumbling blocks in the field of spiritualism.
With a desire to know more about spiritualism, I talked to many friends. But that did not
yield any satisfactory results towards which I was looking for. I asked Baba to help me in
this regard.
Baba has shown me the following visuals –
Friends of mine were engaged in sweetmeat business by purchasing from the nearest
Township and selling them in the village to make money. I was also one of their
I knew that it was it was not quality stuff but I could not point out, as my entire friend
circle was involved. In the meanwhile a sweet meet grocer from Shiridi came with
readiness to offer good quality sweets as and when I needed them. I could see Sai in the
grocer’s from Shiridi.
Baba thus advocated taking direct refuge in HIM rather than falling prey to middlemen.
Why go to middlemen when Baba advocated direct contact to HIS devotees.
I asked SAI to tell me more about spiritualism.
SAI said in the fifteenth chapter “ I know what you do even though you are located seven
seas apart. You may go any where, but still I keep a track of yours”. I happened to visit
Brazil on official tour. I did not know the local language, but I was lucky enough in
getting a guide who knew Telugu also. He was dressed in white. He kept my company
through out my stay in Brazil. Time passed quickly and on the day of return, he said in
chaste Telugu that we could meet again In India. How was this dream related to my life?
Later I recollected that during (6-20, May) 1991, I had been to South Korea And Mr. Lee
from SAAMI Steels has taken full care of me.
Sai to help HIS devotees traverses past the seven seas, on seeking earnestly.
Thoughts were reeling round what is right and what is wrong. What kind of life should
we lead? Baba has shown the following visuals-
Nobody talks of a person toiled and establishing world record after cycling continuously
for ten days, whereas a man clad in handlooms with hardly any political base is more
respected and sought after.
An Industrialist with no formal education set up a Blades manufacturing unit and makes
money in Lakhs, while an educated youth is loitering on streets in search of a job.
In marriage parties, it is customary for the bride’s side to eat food after fully serving the
groom’s party, even though all feel hunger equally.
Guest is God’s form and it is our age -old tradition to feed the guest first. The path of
righteousness and established norms should not be observed.
The overseeing God ensures that right always happens.
Sai, how can I learn to live in peace?
Sai appeared in the form of an unknown person and said- Peace is not a commodity that
is readily available for purchase from outside. Peace to the mind comes from within and
for that desire should be there followed by the required efforts to be put in. Baba quoted
with examples to learn from:
- The Lady Doctor with two kids and husband is able to serve the society in spite of so
many problems surrounding her.
- The rich lady managing to push through the life even though she lost her two kids in a
tragic road accident.
- The woman engaged in selling vegetables, while taking care of her two little kids,
Strong Will power can make the impossible happen.
I prayed Baba to indicate HIS mind on Satsanghs.
Sai appeared in the form of an unknown person and said
-Satsanghs are meaningful only when the contents are put into practice. There should be
no room for personal likes and dislikes. Treat all participants as Saibandhus and God in
different forms.

Mere words without actions are futile.
I was offering Aarti to Baba regularly, still I was discontented that Baba was not taking
due care of me. I requested HIM to show me a way out. He has shown me the following
I was freely mingling and moving with my childhood friend Mr. without any
reservations. Same amount of reciprocation was however not forthcoming from the other
side as he treated me like any of his other normal friends. My friend’s parents had a
special liking towards me and extended maximum help to me.
Thus I concluded that I should continue worshiping Baba with the same love and
devotion to be taken care of.
- In another visual Sai appeared as an Eye –Specialist. He was talking with all the wit and
humor to the patients. Some of the patients were not very comfortable with the Doctor’s
aptitude and were leaving the clinic. Baba said -There is very little that I can do to open
their Jnana (wisdom) netras (eyes) as they are all lacking ‘Shraddha and Saburi’ (faith
and patience).
Faith and patience are the two essentials required for all and forever.
I was thinking more about the physical body given by God and it’s protection. I could
hear only the words emanating from a beacon of light as below:
I am formless, but to offer protection to my devotees, I may have to appear in different
forms to shoulder their difficulties. Remember that your physical body requires all the
care for its well being, till all the responsibilities in life are executed.
One should be physically healthy to tide over the periods of mental stress and to face
crisis events. Mental ailments should be put under check so that they do not become
stumbling blocks even for leading a normal life.

Take care of the physical body to the extent required.
Yesterday I prayed Baba to grant me permission to correct the Vaastu deficiencies in my
house. Baba had taken my memory lane way back to the year 1967 when I was working
in Kota, Rajasthan. I happened to enter into a sweetmeat shop with photographs of all
faiths hung to the sidewalls. Baba offered me a piece of sweet and thus I got an indication
that I should go ahead.

Sincere calls are always answered.
Yesterday, One of my close relatives caused me lot of humiliation. I was disturbed
mentally and prayed my master to help me in overcoming the mental agony. The visual
was an eye-opener for me-
A housewife has got news that her in-laws are arriving the next day morning. She
prepares to welcome them with a broomstick in hand, readily waiting to pounce on them.
The Auto rickshaw stopped just in front of their house. To her surprise the guests getting
down turned out to be her own parents. She repented for the guilt in her, and took it as
directive from God as threw away the broomstick. She realized the mistake committed
and took a vow not to repeat such mistakes again. Thus my thinking got changed and
faith in the almighty increased.
Once the mental blocks are overcome, the vision changes for the better.
Yesterday, the domestic front was in disturbed condition with ill health of a member
causing concern and with difference of opinions on all fronts. I was literally helpless and
fed up with life. Sai appeared as an unknown person and said-
Difficult times are like dirt to the linen. However it never means that we will throw away
the clothes. Instead, we try washing them up with a good detergent for them to be used
again. In the same way, difficulties are to be surmounted praying for the divine grace.
Pray for the divine grace rather than running away from them.
It was the auspicious occasion of Gurupurnima. I prayed Lord Sainath and asked HIM-
‘What Gurudakshina should I give HIM’.
Sri SAI appeared in the form of an unknown person and said- “ Give all the weaknesses
of yours as Gurudakshina to me- love for relatives, wife, mother, love for other women
and lastly the greed for money”. I got up from sleep and decided to do as directed.
Minimize the attachments, while slowly working for the state of selflessness.
Yesterday was Gurupurnima. I could not participate in the Satsangh nor visit Sai temple.
On the way back while escorting my grandson from the Hospital, I happened to hit an old
man with my scooter. At that time my mind was pre-occupied with the on goings in the
family. Required concentration to drive on the road thus got disturbed. He was fully
dressed in white with a white beard. I took him to the Hospital, got him treated by
spending Rupees Three Hundred. Before going to bed, I prayed SAI for pardoning me.
The visual shown is as follows:
I happened to go to a Laboratory, for getting my nature /character tested. I paid the
charges of Rupees Three Hundred as demanded and finally a report is given. I correlated
it to yesterday’s dream event where in Baba has asked me to shed the weaknesses of
mine. I also happened to spend Rupees three hundred only towards the treatment of the
old man whom I caused the accident. Strangely enough, the amount spent in the accident
and the amount demanded by the Laboratory for the test happened to be the same.
Sainath unfailingly collects Gurudakshina from HIS devotees.
Yesterday, before retiring to bed, I asked Baba to tell me the code of conduct to be
maintained for advancement in the spiritual field. Sai appeared in the form of an
unknown person and said –
1. Never blame others.
2. Stop listening to bad words.
3. Do not side step for the sake of money.
4. A good work begun should end in its achievement.
5. Never discuss other women.
6. Always think of God.
Then only you have the moral right to progress in the spiritual field.
Good morals and character are the pre-requisites for the spiritual advancement.
Yesterday, I recollected the incident of my father’s death. He died in Idiki, State of
Kerala in India. I was located far away in Hyderabad at that time. I rushed to idiki,
performed the last rights and returned back. Later, the dissatisfaction that I could not talk
to him before death haunted me. I prayed Baba to show me a way out of this
predicament. Sai has shown me a running visual. A film shooting was taking place in a
village. The story centered on a Village clerk whose ambition was to become an officer
one day or other. He worked very hard. One day the District collector visited the village.
He advised the employees to repair the roads and keep them neat and clean when the
Minister arrives for inspection. He also said that he would recommend to the Minister to
promote the clerk to the rank of officer. The clerk worked overtime in maintaining the
roads. He happened to take a nap during the Minister’s visit. The Minister gave a speech
and later started off. The clerk got up with a knee jerk and ran after the motorcar only to
fall down, behind in the dust on the very roads that he got repaired with untiring efforts
putting in. None other than Girish Karnad, the famous actor from Karnataka State,
portrayed the role of the clerk. In true life too, there exists lot of resemblance in the lives
of my father and Girish Karnad. My father was an accounts clerk in a company by name
H.C.C. He dreamt of becoming an Accounts officer one day or other, after having served
for thirty long years. He could not withstand the strain of the job and died on 30-07-
1974. SAI finally fulfilled my desire to talk to my father by taking the role of Girish
Karnad in the dream.
It is once again established that Sai does know about the past and future of HIS devotees.

There is no secrecy before the eyes of Sai.
Yesterday, I was thinking about the difference in talking the facts and
Lie telling. I could not conclude. As usual I turned towards my mentor. I was shown with
a visual-
It’s all like the difference in telling a wife about the booze habit of her husband or
speaking of good qualities in him. In a heap of mangoes 90% are sweet, but still it cannot
be concluded that all mangoes are either sweet or tasteless. Therefore ‘True’ and ‘False’
are two relative terms, sometimes depending upon situations could be either way. We
therefore should have the proper understanding and follow the right always.

More often truth is bitter and hard to digest.
I asked Baba to tell me how to progress spiritually.
The essence of the visuals was to conquer the desire for lust, wealth and fame. Always
think of the almighty and light the twin lamps of shraddha (faith) and saburi (patience).

Quest for spiritualism originates from within, is mind conditioned.
Yesterday, I was thinking about the negative aptitude of my family members towards me.
I requested Baba to show me a way out of this situation. Sai presented with a visual run
like this-
I was engaged in worshiping Sai and a group of crows were seen hitting on my head with
their beaks and I was suffering in pain. In the mean while, some more crows were trying
entering my house. The crows inside my house collectively have driven away the
intruders. I realized that Gruhasthasrama is associated with minor problems and irritants,
but still the real strength and protection comes from living together.
Healthy society sustains on the concept of family living.
I was deeply frustrated with the current events in the family. I prayed SAI to give me the
courage to face the odds. Sai presented with a message saying that-
There is no point in always remembering the past events that took place during the
marriage of my daughter, that too after a lapse of two years. Sai advised me to maintain
cool and calm, as things would settle down by themselves.

Time is the only heal for all wounds.
Yesterday, Baba has advised me to live in the present while forgetting the past. This
appeared to be a difficult proposition for a normal person like me. So I prayed Baba and
asked HIM to demonstrate the art of forgetting the past in real life. I was shown with a
prince of yester years coming out of his dilapidated fortress with the same dignity,
confidence and costumes. He undertook a stroll in the lawns opposite with all the
composure and pomp .I could get the answer.
Sooner or later, past events will be referred to as-‘once upon a time’.
I was mentally very much upset; feeling depressed and lacked the desire to live even. As
usual I looked towards my master to give me the courage to tide over the situation. I had
a visual display.
It was the China war during the year 1962 fought on the Snowy mountain terrain. I was
then on the Indian Army side, lost track and reached a small village and took shelter in a
Lama’s house (Buddhist’s). I found few more officers of different faiths stranded like me.
The love of Lama made us more courageous and generated the will to face any
eventualities that we might come across. Next moment, we were soon surrounded by the
enemy forces, but we all fought with determination and successfully driven them away.
Then there was a break. I bowed before Baba’s photograph and lo! I saw the same Lama
smiling at me.
I concluded that I should overcome the difficult periods with the help rendered by the
right- minded friends and overcome the inward forces working against me.
Temporary setbacks should not stretch to end up in more worries.
Today, before going to bed, I requested Sai to throw some light on the Worldly bonds. He
has put me on the right path with the following incident. He has shown me the past lives
of three of my old colleagues.
One person completed all his obligations towards his children after the death of his wife.
Later he got remarried only to get himself entangled more deeper into the life cycle again
at not so a proper age.
Another person totally ignored his responsibilities towards his wife and children, set up a
second family at the same time and got deeper into the daily scores of life.
The last person completed all his moral and social obligations and reached the old age.
However he is also bitten with a desire for more money and got deeper in to the process
of money making.
I was advised to complete all the responsibilities of life at the earliest and come out of the
vicious cycle.

How we live makes the quality of life.
Today my thoughts were centered on, who in life are the real life partners?
I was traveling by a train fully packed and knew none. Everybody was looking eagerly
for his or her destinations (station) to come and alight from the train. None had the
mannerism to exchange a good word before getting down even though they were all
engaged in futile talk all through. This particular thought was more painful to me. At the
corner of the coach, I Spotted an old man fully clad in Baba’s attire. May be He could
pierce through my mind and understood the thoughts reeling in my mind. He said to me –
There is nothing like co-traveler in this train. Everybody boarded the train all alone, to
mingle with the people for some time and get down once their station is reached. I have
been traveling in this train for lakhs of years. If you have faith in me, befriend me and I
shall stand by you and take you to the destination. I got awake only to find myself lying
on the bed.

We came alone to go alone.
My mind was pr-occupied with thoughts concerning wisdom, detachment from the
materialistic World etc. I prayed Baba to throw some light on this perspective.
In essence Baba said that Ups and downs in life are an outcome of our own deeds and
non-adherence to the basic principles of life. So it is essential to have good character and
control our deeds. No one else can be held responsible for our miseries except we
We can buy oranges from the fruit seller (SAI), We may also ask HIM to peal off the skin
and give us. However, It is wiser to note that it is we, who have to eat it for the benefits to
be derived.
Our life is like living in a seven- storied building. The first six levels are symbolic with
the six evils (Arishadvarghas-Kama, krodha, moha lobha, madha, mascharya)’s
associated with our lives. The seventh level i.e. Head with the seven openings is nearer to
and is gateway to the Lord. SAI is the carrier (lift) to take us to the seventh level while
the wife, children and the attachments exercising downward pull to see that we continue
swirling in the mesh of the first six floors like one up, two down. Realization and desire
to overcome this push and pulls and reach the topmost level, itself the key to wisdom
Sow good seeds to reap rich harvest.
What is Sai Thathva and how to put it into practice? Baba- please help me to know. I was
shown with a visual-
Sai appeared in the form a villager. He was walking down, singing rhymes on Sai
Thathva effortlessly. I stopped and asked him as to how he remembers them so well. He
replied- “ It is not great to memorize them, but it is essential to put them into practice in
every walk of life, on daily basis while recalling them. The water you drink must be from
the same source and preferably carry your own, wherever you go. That will help in
speeding up the process of your quest for seeking spiritual goals”. Obviously for me the
one source is Sai Satcharita Parayana.
Sai Thathva is simple to follow and layman centric.
I had been to Meerpet Sai temple and offered Rs. 101/- to Sainath. I looked towards HIM
for blessings before retiring to bed. He appeared in the form of one of our labor leader
and grabbed my handbag containing the diary of my experiences with SAI. I requested
him to return the book, but he insisted on payment of Rs. 100/-. I was not able to
understand as to why Sai is demanding another hundred rupees in spite of my having
given Rs. 101/- yesterday only. Later I recalled that on 30-08-1994, SAI appeared in the
dream as a traffic police and asked for Rs. 200/- to return my white helmet, which was
misplaced. However I acted like a miser and offered only Rs. 101/- in the temple. So, I
concluded that SAI is wanted me to part with the amount as demanded. Again I went to
Meerpet Sai temple and offered the balance of Rs. 100/-.
Sai unfailingly collects the offerings (dakshina) due to him.
I received a letter from Saibandhu Sri. Aluri Gopala Rao. I looked towards SAI’s advice
for sending a suitable reply to the letter. As usual I prayed to him. Sai appeared in the
form of an unknown person standing in front of orphanages instead of the usual temples.
He said “ I shall feel elated when orphans are sheltered and served in those temples built
for me as, I would feel that my Lord has given me an opportunity to serve His children”.
I decided to write the same words of Sai to Sri. Aluri Gopala Rao.

Service to the poor and under-privileged was of most liking to Sai.
I decided to travel in the footsteps of Sai. I have asked for HIS guidance and a word on it.
He thus advised me to get rid of the desire for other women, to sleep on the floor, to
control taste for rich food, to serve the sick and needy, to avoid befriending superiors, not
to hurt other’s feelings, and always to remember that dog as the animal associated with
Simple living associated with faith is the only the gateway to spiritual world.
I asked Sainath to give message for the Saibandhus. He advised to worship Sai all alone,
serve Sai in the company of fellow Sai devotees. While in true-life offer food to others
before you eat. Where as in spiritualism, have it first for you, assimilate and then only
engage in passing on to others.
Any amount of preaching without practice will not please Sai.
Yesterday I came to know about Sai Philosophy. I wanted to know more and requested
Sai to throw some more light on the subject. HE advised-
To take HIS helping hand, just as a baby does in holding the mother’s hand initially
before learning to balance and start walking. At every juncture, pray for God’s grace.
Treat win-loose, ups- downs, fame -defame all on equal plane to be qualified for
traversing on the path shown by Sai.

A good moral conduct is a must for spiritualism.
It was the time when the city of Surat was affected with plague. I asked Sainath to show a
way out for the people to over come the sufferings. HE said-
Whenever the evil forces succeed in suppressing the good, this type of mass casualties
and epidemics will be a routine affair. Remember only healthy ones win the race and the
sick ones bow down their heads and succumb to death. Avoid travel to the effected areas
and maintain the surroundings clean and hygienic.
It is nature’s way to strike balancing the evil forces.
I was thinking about family life and that of a saint. I prayed to Sai to educate me as to
how I can live like a saint while continuing to live in the family environment. He
presented me in series of visuals in essence as-
-To think about and complete all responsibilities
-Not to interfere in others.
-To avoid taste for food.
-Not to aspire for others wealth.
-Never to think of other women in life.
-To pray god for granting peace.
Sainthood is not open for all except few pre-destined.
How should a Saibandhu conduct himself in society?
Baba said – “Having realized that a mighty individual is forcing you on the wrong side, it
would be wiser to keep away from such people rather than falling prey to the wrong path.
Being deceitful to others is much more sinner than living in deceit”.
Established norms and guidelines are meant for observance.
Sai, please tell me about spiritual matters.
Baba said-
We set out on the spiritual path to know about the supreme God. Possibly, we may come
across with smaller achievements; feel elated and deviate from the very purpose of
entering into this arena. Thus we fall down, never to recover again. It is therefore
essential to surrender ourselves to the Guru’s care and guidance, shedding the inner ego.
Then only progress can be made.
Remember that on the spiritual path, relatives and friends do not like to accompany us. It
is only a sadhguru who can do that.

Spiritualism is not everybody’s cake.
Yesterday, I was recollecting about my enmity with one of a close relative of ours.
According to Sai philosophy, one should get rid of it in this life itself, so that it does not
get carried over further. How to do that?
Sai presented me with the following visual-
I come out of a jail after undergoing a sentence for the mistakes committed. Even though
I have completed the imprisonment, my mind was not literally free from the vengeance. I
decide to buy a weapon with the money I earned during my stay in the prison and kill the
enemy. I disclosed this intention of mine to my wife. She advised me not to resort to such
extreme step as I would be retracing back to the jail again and it would be wiser to pardon
and loosen the hard stand in view of the age and other health conditions. I realized that
carrying forward with this aptitude will be meaningless and that I should rather put an
end to this now itself.

Vengeance leads to mindless decisions.
How to live courageously with peace? I could not find an answer and I looked towards
SAI for guidance. I was shown with the visuals--
I was insulted in a meeting of seniors by my boss. I felt very much let down and upset.
Next day without loosing patience, I presented him with facts and pointed the mistake he
has committed. From there on, I observed a marked change in conducting myself before
others is only due to Sainath.
I set out on a pilgrimage accompanied by my wife. On the way, I met a Saint resembling
Sai. He said “ wife can at the most accompany you on a pilgrimage, whereas on the
spiritual journey, one has to travel by himself. It is relatively a difficult one and lot of
efforts are needed to be put in”. I woke up from my sleep.

An angry mind looses direction and purpose.
My thoughts were reeling between courage and cowardice. As usual I looked towards my
master. Baba said- both are mind dependent with their origin traced to within.
For example: Take lesson from a mother serving a plague effected child resting in her
lap, lesson from a couple living happily even though they are not blessed with children
and lastly the refugees from Tibet with small kids living against all odds without proper
I thus concluded once we are able to overcome the weak mind, the power of courage
automatically surfaces.

Life never comes to standstill even with all the obstacles.
Discharging of moral and social obligations should not the only aim in life. Try knowing
the creator and the purpose for which we are here. Never give away presentations to
anybody after incurring debts. Winning over their hearts is of less importance compared
to the troubles likely to be invited later unknowingly.

Know thyself.
Yesterday, a close family friend of mine passed away. I was mentally disturbed. I asked
Sai to tell me something about birth and death cycle in life. Baba has shown in the form
of visual-
After death, the physical body gets mixed up with the five basic elements, where as the
soul keeps wondering around for a period of ten days. After the lapse of that period, the
soul enters the womb of a pregnant woman depending upon the bondages, thus paving
the way for a new life cycle to begin. After the due confinement period is over, is reborn.
The soul distances away from the spinsters and those who cannot conceive for varied
reasons. Those of the ones who die in accidents, their souls enter the wombs of the
nearest or in to the animal wombs. Therefore there is no point in repenting over the dead.
Entering the womb of a pregnant woman is the real birthday.

Birth and death are the two fixed entities of life.
13-10-1994 (15:00 hrs)
I was having a small nap in the afternoon. Sai appeared in the form of B.N.Murthy and
said, “ I have purchased a plot for constructing a house. Please come and have a look”.
Towards the evening, I was taking a stroll in front of my house. Saibandhu Sundhara Rao
stood before me and said “ I purchased a Flat in north Kamalanagar colony and also
performed house warming ceremony in the morning. I request you to grace the occasion
and perform tonight’s Sai Aarti”. This particular incident made me to remember
Kushalcahnd’s dream event as mentioned in the 30th chapter of Sai Satcahrita. I
recollected the dream contents of dream in the afternoon and established that there is no
fixed time frame for Sai’s dream messages.
At times coming events are indicated in advance.
14-10-1994 (Vijayadasimi-11: 30 hrs).
I was of the opinion that Sai is formless. I took this as cue from what Sai has said to his
fond devotee Megha in the 28th chapter of Sai Satcharitra. The words uttered exactly go
like this. “ I have no form and I live everywhere”. I wrote the same words on a piece of
paper, got it framed and nailed to the wall just behind the Television set. I switched on
the TV set and at the very first instance Sai’s picture came with caption reading “
Saikrishna creations presents followed with a bottom line caption reading “ Sai is present
everywhere. I leave it for readers guessing to know how happy I felt at that moment.

Sincere efforts are suitably acknowledged to further one’s faith.
I was trying to list out what all is needed to be known in the spiritual field. As usual I
posted the requirement to Sai to educate me on this aspect. The gist of the visual is-
It amounts to self deceit to continue living narrow minded after having once gone through
the phase of occupying higher positions and living with high ideals. Such a life will be a
wasteful exercise and not entitled for entering the spiritual field.
Mind tuning is of greater importance in spiritualism.
I prayed Sai to remove my ignorance. Sai presented me with the following visuals.
1. It is the responsibility of parents to bring up their children in a proper manner and
equally so is the responsibility of children to take good care of their parents in old age.
2. An individual may get rid of the vrunanubandha (indebtedness) by helping others and
it can be termed as a fortunate situation. But to think that they should remember forever
for the services rendered is ignorance.
3. Offering food to the needy is an opportune event. One has to be luckier to perform
such noble tasks. One should fully utilize such rare occasions. Ultimately it is the charity
and good deeds that accompany when one leaves the World.
Service to the fellow beings also happens due to the divine grace.
Yesterday, Sai’s message was-
As long as the desire for money lasts, the desire for other woman continues because the
desire for woman is like the apparent watermark on a currency note. As a first step, get
rid of the greed for money.
Wealth is the root cause for all the evils on the earth.
Yesterday night’s, message from Sai induced more of spiritual thoughts in me. Life starts
on a happy note with the seeding of a flower plant, it’s healthy growth in a fertile land
due to copious supply of rainwater. Beautiful flowers are also blossomed. Few of them,
due to the accumulated fortune find their place at the lotus feet of the Lord while some of
them get crushed under the feet of passersby end up drying. Only the ones to find place at
the feet of the Lord are showered with the divine grace. So also is the human life as some
may make way to God with their good deeds and some are carried away by the wind.
God given life has to be nurtured properly with a purpose.
Yesterday night, I asked Sai to tell me more about the soul in the spiritual domain. Baba
Atma (soul) is formless and so also God. In other words, Atma is God. It is therefore
difficult to pray on formless Atma. That’s the reason why one often imagines God in a
form most liked by him and resorts to prayers, which is the best available option. When
Hanuman ripped open his chest, Lord Sri Rama was found in his heart. Atma, when it
leaves the physical body, has super natural powers like ability to walk across the waters
and flying in the air etc. Of course holding the hand of the GURU. Neither water adheres
to the Atma nor the Atma gets drowned in the water. The Atma then reaches the top of a
mountain, looking downwards towards the place from where it came, leaving all the
people behind. The Guru, then orders to enter the outer void space, thus giving atma a
chance to reach the God, the ultimate goal. A step taken back or looking down from there
will lead to entanglement in another cycle of birth and death.
I have fully understood the role of guru in the whole of the life cycle.
Guru is the transcendental link between the two Worlds.
Yesterday, I bowed before Sainath and asked HIM to tell me about the heart. The dream
went like this-
I began my life journey from a Railway station. By the time I reached the next station, I
got married to a woman. I reached the next station and came across many friends who
tried grabbing my money by inducing me to the luxuries in life. Then I alighted from the
train in the next station where everything is available for a price. I along with my wife got
down there and spent time together as any other commoner does. Time passed away
without our knowledge on the platform itself. In the meanwhile, our family size increased
to four. We decided to board another train, but my wife prevented me and wanted us to
stay for some more time. The statue of Potti Sriramulu (a freedom fighter and a bachelor)
was piteously laughing at me sarcastically. I got furious and my sleep got disturbed. What
did Sai want to say in this dream?
Later I realized that journey through life is like a train journey. Our heart takes the lead
role of bridging the gaps with other people. To sustain the contacts once made, heart
pushes us into the endless chain of burning desires. It is here the help of Guru is needed
to come out from the vicious circle of desires.
Samardha Sadhguru alone can pull one out of the worldly mess.
As sequel to the yesterday’s dream I continued to know more about the ways the heart
finds to fulfill the materialistic desires.
The mind is always full of unfulfilled wishes and desires, and mind is restlessly engaged
in working to satiate them. Never let the mind loose the direction while exercising
continuous control. The disciplined mind always travels in the right direction. Invite only
good thoughts in to the mind. Select the best of the good thoughts and make them as the
goals in the life to be achieved. To attain the highest ideals is to knowing thyself. Never
let anger override as the power of reasoning gets lost and pulls down, one to even greater
A stable mind thinks healthy with wisdom applied.
Sai- “How to keep the mind under control”?
The visual depicted mind as the one that is not bound by any limits and boundaries is
always filled with ever lasting and skyrocketing desires. Every time it has to be
necessarily brought down to the ground state. This realization alone will help in
keeping mind under control.
Let reality not vanish from the sight every time.
I prayed Sainath to guide me in keeping the mind away from the evil thoughts. Sai has
shown the following visual-
The mind is an Peninsula surrounded by the Thrikals- The past, present and future. The
bad thoughts gain entry through the Fourth route. Having once entered, it is extremely
difficult to exercise control or get rid of them. So the route has to be blocked and
separated like a water barrier from all the four sides.
Let there be an outer circle of protection with Sai as center to guard from the evils.
I requested Sai to let me know as to who could be called a devotee. Sai has shown me the
visual that run like this-
A person who can practice equality and remains comfortable in sharing food in the
company of all the fellow human beings without any inhibitions is my real devotee.

Look for me in all the living creatures.
I prayed Sainath to tell me about the sense of developing detachment. Sai has shown the
following visual-
Lack of sufficient wealth and comforts in life often leads to gradual detachment. To
overcome, one has to learn to lead a contented life. To come out of the path of
renunciation, one has to draw support from spiritualism.

Face the facts of life bold rather than opting to run away.
How to attain salvation in life?
Sai has shown me with the visual as –
Not wasting time, fulfillment of the life’s responsibilities, leading a peaceful life and
attributing every happening to God’s will, paves the way for salvation.
Salvation comes out of self- realization.
I asked Sai to tell me whether it is required to know about Philosophy before aiming for
salvation. Sai appeared in the form of an unknown person and said-
There is no need to know about Philosophy when a person is engrossed in doing the right
things at all times and is constantly engaged in chanting the Lord’s name.
Refuge in God is the only way for salvation.
My mind was full of thoughts about spiritualism. The question in my mind was whether it
is required to know about Shastras and engage in performing daily rituals for
appeasement of the Lord. Oh Sai! Please advise me. The visual runs like this-
I was happily watching my three-year-old son on a swing in a park, located in front of my
house. His playmates were pushing the swing. He lost the grip and was almost falling
down when I shrieked Sai’s name in a state of utter helplessness. Later to my
astonishment, I found my son flying in air and landing in front of my house. I firmly
believed this as Sai’s miracle. At the same time my wife was serving food. I rushed inside
and performed abhishek to Sai’s statue with morsels of cooked rice. A friend of mine
came to my house and observed my doings. He advised me that it was not proper to do
that way. I replied that I am not aware of what Shastras say, but I did so with a sense of
gratitude to Sai who saved my son from a certain fall.
What ever is done or offered with devotion is acceptable.
Today, my mind was pre-occupied with thoughts centered between the state of happiness
and unhappiness. I prayed Sai to show me with examples the demarcation between the
two. Sai said-
-It is equivalent to the feeling one gets after removing the obstacles on a road and
continuing the journey
-The feeling one gets in reuniting with his family members after a long gap due to forced
-The satisfaction derived in transporting a disabled person to his destination without
anticipating any return.
-Recollecting the happy days sitting in the childhood school after having grown up.
-Successfully plucking a fruit from a thorny tree, bending due to the wind.
-After having a sumptuous meal satiating the much felt hunger.
-Cycling with your son seated in front and imagining a bright future for

State of happiness and sorrow are relative to one another originating from within.
Happiness comes from within.
Yesterday, thoughts were revolving around being helpless and living in dejection. Sai
said that one faces such a situation in coming across people who are hell bent on stalling
the process of natural justice taking it’s due course. Depression surfaces when we cannot
match such people in might. It is only the wisdom that can help pulling one out of such
Wisdom alone can match the might and size.
I was thinking about the salvation to be achieved. Baba said-
Fulfillment of the responsibilities, constant thinking of the Lord, burning the
Arishadvargas in the holy fire, possession of a spotless and child like mind are the
qualities required which can pave the way for salvation. Therefore possess a clean
character, drive away the bad thoughts, and be fearless even in death. Learning to live in
peace are the best-known ways and means to attain salvation.
Ideals as shown by the great are to be practiced in true sense.
I wanted to go to Shiridi on 12-12-1994. As is well known fact that one can go to Shirirdi
only with Baba’s permission. So I prayed Baba and sought his permission. Baba has
consented in a peculiar way-
I was traveling to attend a marriage taking the groom’s side. The Bus stopped on the way
for all of us to have refreshments. We entered a wayside hotel. There I met an old friend
of mine (way back in the year1967) Shri.Shukla and his wife. They called me to their
table and offered me with sweets. I inquired from them as to what was the reason for
offering sweets. Mr.Shukla replied that they are on the family way. I got up from my
sleep and recalled the way Baba has given the permission for me to visit Shiridi. Sri.Sai
during the year 1858, for the first time traveled to Shiridi with Chand patil’s marriage
party. Instances of Childless couple blessed with children also appear in Sai Satcharita.
Thus my journey was approved with the above visuals in the dream.

Visiting holy places rejuvenates the mind and body.
Sai is bestowing everything wanted by his devotees and what is that he is expecting in
return was my query for the night. Sai promptly replied with the visuals as-
-To shun the luxuries and adopt simple living.
-Not to try imitating the living styles of the well to do class of people.
-To keep aloof from those engaged in deceit.
-Not to accept bribes.
-Avoid entering politics. Bury the past ills.
-Never collect money from friends in the name of Sai.
Life should be lived with a purpose in a befitting manner.
Some of my friends were discussing about vaastu and were of the opinion that one should
sleep with head towards south direction. Sri Sai never slept with head pointing
southwards. As stated in Sai Satcharitra, Baba, Thathya and Mahilsapathi slept in
Dwarakamayi with their heads pointing towards East, West and North directions. Why
did Baba avoid the South direction? Baba presented with the visual-
I was walking on a road and came to a junction of cross roads, leading into four
geographical directions. Only three of the roads were worthy and the fourth one in the
southern direction had a wall constructed with inscription-“ For those intending to take
the spiritual path- this road is a difficult one”. As I got up from sleep, I realized that
sleeping with head southwards, will tune our minds more towards the materialistic World
and the dreams emanating also aid accordingly. It is therefore difficult to advance
spiritually with such thoughts reeling around. Thus I understood the significance of
observing the directions in sleep.

Certain guide- lines are set by Shastras to benefit of all.
I prayed Lord Sainath to give message to HIS devotees.
Sri Sai in the form of an unknown person said that
Women, children and even dumb animals are employed in Politics and Cinema field with
a motto of personal gains. Earlier such crimes were restricted only to select people like
kings and Zamindars (elite and rich). Now-a-days even common people are found
indulging in such acts. My advice would be to distance from such activities, tarnishing
the image of humanity.

Exploitation has become the order of the day.
A day before was Thursday. Some of my friends visited my house. I briefed them about
Sai, HIS Philosophy and I felt happy for having done well. If Sai permits, I thought I
could do it for life long. I put this before Sai and the approval was granted like this. He
placed a white stone like mass in my hand asked me to drop it into the water storage tank
kept on our rooftop. The stone purified the water. He further asked me to serve the
purified water to the Sai devotees visiting my house. I was glad to get a green signal to go
ahead for spreading HIS philosophy.
Good deeds are always encouraged.
Yesterday, I was thinking more about the problems faced in leading family life often
resulting in conflicts. I prayed Lord Sai to give me a solution to this vexed problem. Sai
presented with the visuals as follows:
Imagine the family life as a pond of water with a couple of fish in the pond. It’s possible
that they may get separated due to the motion of waves set by strong winds blowing and
female fish may get separated and reach the ground. It will be the duty of the male fish to
drag the female fish back into waters, lest it may die or some one else may catch to eat it
up. It will be foolish to expect that someone will come selfless and push it back into
waters. So it is essential that in spite of the strong disturbances, the fish should never be
separated and touch the ground.
Movement of friends inside the house should be selective.
Yesterday’s prayer was to request Sai to extend a helping hand always towards me. Sai
appeared in the form of a fruit vendor and said-
“You do good bargain and give me the correct price. Why should I deceive you.”? With
this Sai conveyed that once we give HIM the coins of Shraddha and Saburi, the fruits
received would be certainly matching the devotion.

Place the trust and do the best, for rest to follow.
I prayed Lord Sai to grant me with the mindset to read Sai Satcahrita as a matter of
routine. The visual invoked a big surprise for me-
I was standing in front of the sea watching the horizon and desired to run towards the sea
till my last breath. Then an unknown person came and said that this piece of camphor
will give you the desired power to run till the end. Keep it on your head and start
running. But remember, the day the camphor totally sublimes into air, the run will come
to an end. What a wonderful way to grant permission.
Good decisions are always encouraged.

                                       Dreams -1995
I bowed down before Baba and asked HIM to give a message to Saibandhus for the year
1995.Sai presented with the following visuals.
A Guru steers you through the worldly matters and extends help in fulfilling your moral
and social obligations, whereas Sadhguru takes you across the spiritual ocean and marks
a path to reach the almighty.
In true sense, love is confined only to the kith and kin, whereas it is equal for all in
A priest in the temple accepts dakshina for making livelihood, whereas Sadhguru
demands dakshina to part it to the under privileged ones to practice equality.
Human tendency is to respect people by the presentations and the gifts they bring in,
whereas Sadhguru thinks how to address them with love, affection and to decide as to
what is to be given from HIS spiritual treasure for their benefit.

Seek the blessings of Samardha Sadhguru on the New Year.
I prayed Baba to guide me to advance spiritually. Sai has shown me the following
No one appreciate a hungry person fasting for the cause of food, whereas undue publicity
is received and sympathy is drawn, when the rich and well to do people undertake
In materialistic World, friends and relatives stand by you, whereas in spiritualism only
Samardha Sadhguru renders the support.
Bear the facts in mind to make a beginning.
Baba, please tell me about the difficulties to be faced while treading the spiritual path. Sai
has shown me in the visual form-
Love for the daughter, lust towards wife and affection towards mother are detrimental to
the spiritual progress.
Attachments are the biggest hindrance for the spiritual growth.
Yesterday night I prayed Baba to help me in climbing the first step on the spiritual ladder.
Only an individual with a mindset and thoughts centered on what he can carry along with
him when he departs from the world can alone achieve progress in the field of
Love for the physical body and sensual pleasures will put one step backward in the
spiritual path. Decide well before taking the lead.
Think twice before taking a plunge into the ocean of spiritualism.
I requested Sai to tell me about the modalities to be followed in spreading HIS
philosophy. Baba advised-
To understand and practice HIS ideals in Toto before preaching others to
follow. Overcome the ego conflicts and humbly follow the chosen path to achieve
Lot of introspection is needed to deliver the goods courageously.
Before retiring to bed, I asked Sai to give me tips to traverse on the right path. Sai
appeared in the form of an unknown person and said-
God has an umbrella for protection of his devotees, but it is the devotee himself who has
to put in the efforts to come under it.
Do not cause inconvenience to others by your life style.
Do not engage in drum beating the good deeds done by you.
Love all and do not aspire for wealth of others, especially the lower class.
Understand the difficulties of the fellow human beings.

Nothing comes in this World without putting efforts.
I prayed Baba to grant me with the energies to be on the right path always. Sai shown the
following visual:
The people imprison the goddess of the Truth and wisdom. Break the shackles and work
for their freedom with tactful intelligence.
Exercise restraint in exhibiting charity. Even wife need not be informed. Then only the
inner strength grows.
Observe selectivity in all other matters of charities except in feeding the hungry.
Be truthful and realistic in charities.
I was feeling inferior and disappointed, as I was not able to speak in better language
during Satsanghs. Sai appeared in the form of an unknown person and said-
A man dresses up well and applies all sorts of perfumes before he steps out to satiate his
sensual pleasures. Whereas devotion is mainly linked with the heart. We cannot decorate
the heart for the purpose, but the heart can be synchronized with the time and situation to
experience the underlying bliss. Devotion thus helps in bridging the gap between the soul
and the God. Here there is no language barrier involved. A hungry person needs food and
the sick one needs medicine, so also devotion needs the proper bent of mind.
Content is more important than the language.
I was pained to note that many authors are writing distorted comments on Sai Satcharita
and at times even twisting the actual facts. I prayed Baba to let me know HIS opinion on
this aspect. Sri.Sai appeared in the form of an unknown person holding a new timepiece
in his hand and said-
“The life of this time piece dates back to the year 1918. No doubt people have changed
the external features and it’s housing. Feel happy and be contended that they have not
changed the machine, it’s working and the rhythmic beat”.
Any one individual cannot change the basic underlying philosophy.
I was happy that one of my colleagues was earning good. However, I was mentally
disturbed as my mind was not free from the inherent jealousy. So I prayed Baba to rid me
of this menace. Sai has shown me with the following visuals and removed the feelings of
inner jealousy-
I have stolen the daily earnings of a blind couple and was caught by the people around. I
was beaten up badly and manhandled by the crowd. I got up with a sudden shriek and
decided once for all to refine my thinking process.
The location was our erstwhile house in Kakainada way back in the year 1965. I was
feeling jealous on my neighborhood. A fakir arrived at my house and said “ Jealousy is
like leprosy, it is not contagious, but will subject you to lot of agony and suffering. Work
to remove it from the mind”.
Ward off jealousy and hatred.
I prayed Sai to advise me as to how I should treat a guest on the spiritual plane. Sai has
shown me with the visual-
Extend hospitality to a guest, lest he might develop hatred and wait for an opportunity to
hit back at an appropriate time. Only people whom we owe something in the past step
into our house with a reason.
Never turn a visitor back without any attention.
I prayed Baba to give me a message for tomorrow’s Satsangh. Sai said “ Perform charity
after driving away the inner ego, hidden in the form of a serpent, Otherwise the charity
rendered will be a wasteful exercise”.

Inner ego is like a serpent with its hood raised, ready to bite.
Yesterday, One of my relative’s wife expired. He was sixty years old. Without
encumbrances. Why can’t he remarry for companionship? I prayed Baba and sought HIS
opinion. Sai appeared in the form of an unknown person and said-
In order to fill the void left by the departed life partner, let love be shared with the
orphans who have none to fall back and share. Never suggest anyone to remarry to
overcome the sufferings in leading the life single. It is almost like a sick person enslaved
by liquors.

Certain happenings in life are the result of the God’s will with a purpose.
I was thinking about the selfishness associated with the human beings. I asked Baba to
show me the ways to overcome it. Sai appeared in the form of an unknown person and
Extend help to others with due respect to their traditions in practices. Always try talking
to a person in his mother tongue preferably.
Do not forget that Sai loved all without any discrimination and social barriers.
Selflessness automatically comes on conducting one’s self confined to the set norms.

Be a karma yogi to reap the benefits
I expressed to Sai that I am not able to understand the essence of Sai Satcharita even
though I am going through the exercise of regular parayana. Sai presented me with a
Cultivate the habit of reading Satcharitra, assigning the role of a Sai devotee. Then only
chances are bright that one might end up as a participant in the whole process. Satcharitra
will then have the desired impact on the heart.
Imagine and experience every role of Satcharitra to understand the essence of
Sai gave the following messages for addressing HIS devotees in the Satsangh.
Share the coconuts broken in the name of God with all the fellow devotees rather than
storing them in a refrigerator for self-consumption at a later date.
It is important to Serve cold water to a guest immediately on arrival during the mid
summer day, rather than thinking in which container to serve.

Every act has to be timed properly.
I prayed Baba to give me a message.
The breeze from the ocean of Sai is of same magnitude and reach the
Rich and poor all alike.
The taste of strawberries is the same, irrespective of the person eating them.
The divine grace of SAI is uniform to all.
Yesterday, I was thinking about the type of people we come across in society. I prayed
Baba to tell me as to what I should know and do in this regard. Baba had shown me in
visuals with the examples of different people undergoing troubles and their associated
pasts while advocating following the path of righteousness.
- Children pulling on and living courageously even after loosing parents at a tender age.
- A gambler lost everything in life and wandering around like a mad person.
- A drunkard lying on the road senseless.
- A person feeding his grandson in a silver plate while hesitating to
- A miser constructing his house by digging pits in the neighbor’s land.
- A person engaged in singing melodious songs of others even though he belongs to a
different faith and thus establishing the universal divinity.
- A person having absolute faith in God, humanity and having tolerance towards all

The underlying principles are the same in all the faiths.
Considering to be born, as a human being is supreme, I prayed Baba to guide me to make
a mark for myself in life. He has shown me with the following visuals-
- Ideal friendship is very rare and only few have the privilege to enjoy
it. Maintain till the end if you come across.
- Mistakes are committed by everyone sometime or other purely due to
ego clashes. Only wiser people see to it that they do not get repeated.
Coming to realization should be everlasting.
- Spiritually marriage symbolizes the happy union of two souls. That
should not be polluted.
- Happiness comes as a result of the fruits of good faith in Guru. Do not
forget the Guru afterwards.
- Happiness comes to mind and body only when the stomach is full.
Think for those who have no food to eat and if possible share food
with others.

Self-realization leads to happiness.
Now a days, I am not able to get along well with friends and even domestic life is under
turmoil. I prayed Sai to grant me with permission to opt for renunciation. Sai appeared in
the form of an unknown person and said-
Everything happens at an appropriate time. One should be patient till then. Life is like
playing the game of football. Try your best to make a goal, which will happen only at the
pre-destined and opportune moment. One has to continue the play till it comes. I got the

Moments of distress should be faced patiently.
I asked Sai to bless all my family members so that we always follow the path of
righteousness. Sai in formless said-
Contentment and happiness will be in place once the housewife becomes a role model to
begin with.

Happiness in family life is very important.
Some people and make money by resorting to wrong practices and exploiting their
positions. At times, I too am tempted doing the same, setting aside all the moral values. I
put forward this predicament before Baba before going to bed. Sai in the form of an
unknown person said-
Real character is put to test only when one encounters upon such situations. One may
even feel and try justifying that the chosen path is only the right one under those
circumstances. However the true Sai devotee emerges successfully after going through
the stages of push and pulls.

A real Sai devotee can never go wrong.
I was thinking about the role of birth and death cycle in human life. I prayed Baba to
guide me so that I do not fear death. Sri Sai appeared in the form of a weaver. He said-
While birth is like weaving a new cloth, death is like a torn clothe to go to the dust one
day or other. God (weaver in this context) may make a cloth with cotton yarn or for that
matter even with silk yarn. But towards the end all clothes have to meet the same fate.
Why to fear then?
Life and death are destined for everybody.
Yesterday, Sai appeared in the form of an unknown person and said-
A man can earn wealth even without formal education. A good moral character can only
make him popular in society. Often money helps breeding bad habits, where individual
lacks the good moral character. Character is like an ornament to a person.
Remember that position is materialistic World is a transient event on the universal time
scale. However position in Saidarbar is permanent.
All events are in life are small in compared to the God’s grace.
Yesterday, my wife was going through her monthly cycle. I had a doubt whether Sai can
accept offerings made by her. Sri Sai appeared in the form of a Doctor and said-
A lady going through her menstrual cycle is mentally tired physically exhausted and
needs rest. “Therefore I do not expect them to serve me going through those stressful

Nature has stipulated certain customs for the benefit and well – being of all.
Yesterday, I requested Sai to tell me the meaning of the words-‘contentedness’ and
You might have shot few snaps depicting good in society while others exhibited nudity in
pictures. But the judges decided and announced prizes to the bad ones under the cover of
‘being real’ and ‘near natural’. Be contented with the fact that you submitted some good
photographs for the event. Develop a feeling that you don’t deserve the gifts. In life being
contented is more important than aspiring to deserve. I realized that whatever has to
happen will happen, but association with Sai is more important to me.
Contentment brings joy and removes many a sorrow.
Sai has shown me a peculiar visual-
It was a Sunday fair. Pearls and gems are stacked in big heaps and sold. Naturally the rich
people are seen flocking and buying them what all they could. In the meanwhile a poor
man took fancy for them and managed to steal one from them and run away. Rich ones
are chasing him and shouting slogans to catch him. He ran for safety and to save his life. I
was watching all this and vowed to Lord Venkateswara that I will come to the hill - top
and get my head shaved if the poor man is saved. Even I could not escape the wrath of
the rich people in the process. I too was attacked. I got up from sleep and started
analyzing the dream content. I could not arrive at any conclusion and I did not know
which side of the wall to jump. I only hope that one fine day, Sai will clear my doubts.
Never indulge in unnecessary activities.
Neither wealth nor kith and kin accompany us when we leave the World. I prayed Baba
to help me in overcoming the weakness for ‘my people’ and ‘mine’.
Sai has shown me with a visual-
The other woman who gave me all the worldly pleasures is now suffering from a chronic
decease and has become a skeleton, eagerly awaiting her death. I am not even daring
enough to touch her and am helplessly watching her in agony. A saint came near me and
asked me- “why are you hesitating to touch her, even though you claimed her to be your
nearest and dearest one in the past. How can she be yours now?” I then understood that
all the events in life will be bygone events and are transient. They are not going to live
forever with us.

The ageing physical body will wear wrinkles sooner or later. Why love the body so
Baba please show me a way to live peacefully was the prayer of the day. Sai has shown
me with two visuals and asked me to choose myself one of the two.
Some people dedicate their whole lifetime for making money and neglect their
responsibilities totally. They become slaves to the wine and die drinking. The second
variety fulfill their duties perfectly, get tired and die in sleep, effortless.
A hard day’s labor grants a good sleep in the night.
Yesterday, I was thinking about the past relationships brought over due to the karmic
deeds. I prayed Baba to explain me further on the subject. Baba has shown me with-
Doctors perform surgery on an eight year- old boy and take out a fetus from his lungs. Is
it not an example of some thing carried over from the previous birth?
Is it not one’s own fate, needing to work even after retirement in the old age for meeting
the family expenditure?
A person has lot of money and also an air ticket in hand for an air travel, but could not
board the plane as he reached the Airport late and had to catch a train for reaching the
destination. Can we conclude that he has no eligibility for the air travel?
Man proposes and God only disposes.
Oh! Lord Sainath, Give a message for the Saibandhus.
Sai appeared in saffron robes and indicated in the form of a scene -
As one reaches the last stage of the journey, the soul leaves the body on the platform and
starts looking to board another train i.e. to get into another physical body. I thrive to take
my devotees to the ultimate destiny and thus save them from another ordeal in making.
A commoner in confusion looks directionless.
Yesterday was our New Year day. I prayed Baba to deliver a message so that I can
communicate to Sai devotees. I have gone through a lengthy dream as mentioned below:
I was traveling by train along with my family. It was a wayside station where people
were getting down. We too got down. The station was named as ‘My mother in Hindi
language’ as told by some of them getting down. The stationmaster was an aged person in
white dress with white beard. He was holding a green colored flag in his hand. He invited
us in to his cabin that was in dilapidated condition. I inquired for his name to which he
replied ‘Benaam’ meaning ‘nameless’. He was serving curd rice to all those getting down
in the station. We had the meal and water from the nearby well. My children filled two
bottles with water drawn from the well and returned back fully satisfied. In the
meanwhile my sleep got disturbed and mind started scrolling backwards looking for the
meaning of the dream. My mother here symbolized Dwarakamayi in Shiridi. The
stationmaster was none other than Baba himself. The green flag in his hand indicated that
all those visiting Dwarakamayi would find eternal peace. He introduced himself as
Benaam as he was initially nameless when he came to Shiridi and it was Mahilsapathi
who addressed him as ‘Sai’. His serving food was fulfilling the desires of his devotees.
Having water from the well is enjoying the nectar of the Sai Leelas. Taking water back
home in bottles is carrying back the good memories along with them for continued faith
in Sai. It was a good presentation of the bonds between Dwarakamayi and his devotees. I
decided to explain the significance to Saibandhus in the day’s Satsangh.

Peace will come to those stepping into Dwarakamayi.
Yesterday Sai appeared in the form of a saint and said-
Ups and downs in life are like the mixture of the three seasons and man cannot face all of
them in open. The Saint reached a dilapidated and thatched house and continued living
there under the care and guidance of the owner. He was expressing the gratitude for the
shelter given to him all the time. Indirectly Baba has told me to take recourse to Shiridi.
Shiridi Sai shelters everyone entering his fold.
Yesterday, Sai appeared in the form of an unknown person and said-
“Keep off from those involved in fund raising activity in the name of God”.
“ I am not against rich people, as good number of my devotees come with that
background. I am against those engaged in performing gimmicks in the name of God.
Money and gimmicks should not be used as mass attraction tools.
Yesterday, Sai appeared as Hakim (Doctor) busy in grinding and preparing herbal
medicines. He said-
“Now-a-days Doctors are busy in making money and are not at all bothered about the
value of the human lives. Under these circumstances, I have no other option except to
come to their rescue myself”.
Divine prayer at times becomes a powerful weapon.
Yesterday, Sai appeared in the form of a fakir and said-
He organized celebrations of festivals of all faiths to rejuvenate the lives of HIS devotees
and to educate them to practice equality.
HE also encouraged wrestling competitions to drive home the fact that winning and
loosing are a part of the life and to take them on the same plane.

Festivities are like elixir to the lives of people.
Sai appeared in the form of an unknown person. He cautioned me not to do injustice to
poor children under the cover of offering prayers and worshiping, as it will suffocate HIS
children. Sai meant that I should not betray the poor for the sake of my personal gains.

Poor are the favorite children of Sai.
Sai gave the message in the form of an unknown person as follows:
Even the waste water diverted to the guava tree, continues to give
us the sweet fruit in return. Will it be fair to engage in plucking the fruit?
In the night hours, when it is taking rest.
There is no escape from death even though one has lot of wealth,
Wisdom and adamancy.
Everybody turn deaf ears when I say God gives us everything, but are
busy in racing after human beings for winning their personal favors.

God knows what is best to be given.
Sai in the form of an unknown person said-
Extend help to others only after ensuring their credentials to avoid future headaches. Also
offer shelter in the house only to the deserving ones, lest they might show you the way
Offer shelter to the right and deserving person.
Yesterday, I prayed Baba to indicate how I should overcome Arishadvargas. Sai appeared
in the form of a Schoolmaster and said that he would tell me one each everyday.
The first one being ‘Kama’-desires.
The life is like a Banana tree. Desires are like the multiple offshoot plants of the main
banana tree. The main trunk cannot grow well unless offshoots are plucked out.
The conquest of desires is the first step to reach the goal.
Sri Sai appeared as a Doctor and said-
Do not get angered on the Doctor and throw away the medicines in to the gutter, as you
will only be the effected lot. Anger draws one away from the peace and happiness.
Therefore remove anger from the life.

Control the anger.
Yesterday, Sai has shown me a miser in the dream. His deeds caused me
Lot of laughter even in the dream-
An unidentified person is in preparation for his daughter’s marriage. He sets out for
shopping and enters a cloth shop. The shopkeeper puts before him the handloom yellow
bridal saree and says that it is the cheapest one available. The miser gets a flash in his
mind and decides to buy all the clothes of the same variety to be gifted to all the
womenfolk on both the parties. Every one attending the marriage had a big fun and
laughed to full extent on seeing all the women dressed in the same costumes.

A miser will end up as a laughing stock.
Yesterday, Sai appeared in the form of saint and shown me with results of being lustful in
It is legitimate to eagerly wait for the monthly salary while working hard, but not in good
taste to step sideways to make more money.
It is perfectly right to look for sex in marriage but seeking sex outside marriage amounts
to sin.
Lust should be confined only to the legitimate partner.
Yesterday, Sai has shown me few personalities leading the life of arrogance and
cautioned me not to toe their lines.
-A person ill-treating the parents blinded by his position in society.
-A rich one looking low and ignoring his kith and kin.
-Bridegroom’s party subjecting the bride’s side to humiliation.
-Disrespecting the teachers.
Shun the path of arrogance.
Yesterday, Sai has shown me a leper. He was in his past life leading the life of a jealous
person as follows:
- He was rich and well to do person, but leading solitary life. On the other hand there was
a poor person, earned good name, fame and commanded respect in society. This factor
has lead to intolerance in the rich person who suffered both mentally as well as
physically. He died with that background and is reborn in the next life to lead the life of a
Leper. So avoid being jealous.
Jealousy leads to intolerance and often wrecks the mind and health.
Yesterday, Sai has given a wonderful message on the bonds of love between a husband
and wife-
It is right to opt for god’s service after fulfilling all the responsibilities in life, but avoid
being lustful after separation caused due to death of the partner. Such a life will often
lead to rebirth to fulfill those unfulfilled desires. Towards the end, engage mind and
attention in chanting the God’s name.

The principles of the four-ashrama dharmas (The four stages of life-Balyam,
koumaryam Yavvanam and vruddhapyam) are to be followed in true sense.
Sai appeared in the form of Katikapari (in-charge of the burial ground) and said-
Death does not discriminate a person dying due to cardiac problem or for that matter the
one dying due to the most known dreaded decease on the earth (AIDS). However death
embraces them equally. It is by far the human tendency that restricts to view both deaths
on an equal plane. They end up glorifying the one while engage in talking ill of the other.

Death strikes everybody equally.
Sai appeared in the form of my bitter enemy and said-
It is natural for the mother to get wild when she is not listened to. However it is the same
motherly instinct that showers her full love when her child is suffering.

Nothing on the universe can substitute mother’s love.
Today Sai visually explained the inner meanings of Comfort and happiness. Both in
reality are relative terms with bearing on the state of mind and can mean differently to
different people-
Happiness comes to parents when others shower praises on achievements of their
To some comfort is experienced after participation in a marriage, followed by a
sumptuous and tasty dinner.
Comfort is experiencing while happiness is a feeling.
Sai has shown me with a visual describing the difference between obstacles and state of
dejection. Both are again relative terms.
- Melancholy is experienced by heart when lifetime savings are looted.
- Helplessness and dejection are writ on the face on separation from the near and dear
ones, unable to have the last glimpse even, in spite of rushing fast to the graveyard.
Time is the only heal for all untoward happenings in life.
I prayed Baba to comment on the present state of match making in marriages. Baba in the
form of an unknown person said-
Never enter in to marriage alliance unless the antecedents and credentials of the groom
are fully verified, if need be through some mediators. Also never believe the middlemen
to avoid later problems. Otherwise one may have to live cursing the fate and god for all
the lapses on his part.
The human effort should be put in to the best in matters of this nature.
Sai said in the dream that difficulties are our own creations by irresponsible acts. The root
cause is the ‘desire’. Once the desire is kept under control, automatically one is above the
reach of difficulties. But difficulties to the physical body are the result of the past
misdeeds and hence there is no escape from suffering.
Fate and destiny are inescapable identities.
I was having a nap in the afternoon and had a dream. I was traveling along with my wife
and children to Vizag. As the train approached Samarlakot station, my daughter was
running fever. I got down in the station and boarded another train to reach Kakinada to
get my daughter treated by my sister Dr.Laksmi, practicing there. In the evening at
around 5:00 PM, my daughter came down to my house saying that she is suffering from
severe Migraine and wanted her to be taken to a known Doctor.

Coming events cast their shadows.
Yesterday, I requested Sai to tell me about the classification between the rich and poor.
Sai in the form of an unknown person said-
The rich one can hardly impress others by their good deeds. Entire time at his disposal is
spent in thinking about how to protect and safeguard the wealth. In that process, they end
up committing more and more mistakes and loose a part or whole. Where as a poor man
tries to share what all he has with others. He might suffer mentally, but is richer in heart.
Sharing brings in a feeling of joy and a sense of service.
I prayed Lord Sainath to educate me on the care to be taken in leading normal life. Sai
presented with a visual-
I was cycling through a road full of potholes. I got down, walked for a while holding the
bicycle and again started once the path was seen plain. Then I came across a river. I got
into a boat and had a short nap during the boat ride, situation appeared satisfactory till
then. Suddenly I found water entering into the boat. I took out my dinner plate and with
it’s help started pouring the water back into the river, thus continued journey as guided by
the wind direction.
Exit roads are there for every difficult situation.
I prayed Baba to show me a way to live peacefully in the company of my family. I was
shown with the visuals-
- I was sitting in the midst of my relatives, encircled by a revolving ring
of light. They were all whispering that my Guru presented it.
- My kith and kin are living quite far off and visiting me once in a while,
Traveling by air and talking to me on telephone occasionally.
- I was building a house with sweet honey as one of the ingredients rather
Than using only sand and cement for bonding.
- I planted good banana trees as barrier wall between we brothers so that
both the families can enjoy the fruit equally.
Think good and do good for better results.
I prayed Baba to rid me of the mental torture I am subjected to from my near and dear
ones. Sai presented me with a visual as an unknown person and said-
Avarice and jealousy amongst friends and relatives is as common as a wild growth of
vegetation in a clean pond of water. However man being a social animal, cannot live
alone by himself just as water needed for survival. Some of the associated troubles have
to be faced for living in the society.

Jealousy is a common whether expressed or unexpressed
With folded hands I prayed lord Sainath to tell me how I should conduct with my friends
from the past life. Sai has shown in the form of visuals-
The sight of the description was the Golkonda fort, a symbol of the erstwhile rulers of the
historic Hyderabad state. All were listening attentively extending their imaginations, as
the guide was describing the tourists about the past luxuries of the rulers. Towards the
end of the day, upon sunset, there was nobody was found there even to light a lamp. All
the tourists went back home with a heavy heart.
It was an old tape recorder. New and latest songs were recorded and replayed with lot of
enthusiasm. The drive motor moved slowly with drag even as the new songs were heard
as if they were recorded long time ago. I switched off the tape recorder unable to hear
Old friends and bygone days are like memories of the past glory. They are like the old
tape recorder not suitable for the present.

It may be wiser to recollect the good of the past but may not prove to be useful for
the present.
I prayed Baba to tell me something about HIS Samadhi in Shiridi.
I was shown a visual with a lady making bricks from clay with inscription ‘Faith’ and
distributing them to the children. She died in the same place, but her children are
continuing to build their future and homes with the same faith in Shiridi.
Faith is the building block in any relation.
Two days ago, four kittens came to my house and started playing near my feet. I
recollected what Baba said in the 18/19th Chapters of Sai Satcahrita-“ No one comes to
your house unless there is a previous bond. Give them food and shelter as God will be
pleased”. I gave them milk in a small container and temporarily they left the place only to
make it a routine affair. The little ones came to drink milk and after gaining little
acquaintance, they indulged playing near my feet. I asked Baba what could be my
relationship with them. Baba replied in the form of Our Ex-Railway Minister Jaffar
Sherief as below addressing by my name:
-Many times you have expressed before me that you would have served me if only you
were born prior to the year 1918. Your father passed away during the year 1974 and then
also you had similar feelings and felt bad for the denial of service to parents. Even after
knowing that feticide is a sin, you got your wife aborted on two occasions. To clear you
off the Vrunanubandha, all the four souls have gathered around in the form of the four
kittens. They shall leave your house once the due service period is over.
Getting together sometimes is a matter of past attachments and unfulfilled desires.
I prayed Baba to help me in overcoming the lure for money. Sai appeared in the form of a
vegetable vendor selling vegetables on a pushcart and said-
Your share in this High-rise apartment is only four rooms and you may have a feeling
that the whole is mine, standing in front of it. But in reality what fraction is yours
compared to the enormous wealth in the whole universe.

Universal wealth is limitless.
Yesterday, I prayed Baba to help me in shedding my inner ego.
I was well dressed in silk robes and went to my uncle’s place. He was watching cricket
match in the Television and missed noticing me arrival. In those days I had inner ego that
I was a great Sai devotee. I grew wild and entered into an argument with him. I woke up
with a disturbed sleep. Then I understood that if only I had no ego, I would have first
called on him. It is the ego clash that has not allowed me to exercise restraint and forced
me to fight with a person of my father’s stature. I concluded that I should get rid of this
Ego makes one loose balance of mind.
Yesterday was Gurupurnima day. I prayed Baba to describe its significance. Baba
appeared as a Buddhist monk and said-
On this day, worship Guru and introduce Guru to the like- minded people and
collectively worship Guru. Do not feel hurt even if some one not having belief in the
institution of Guru insults ignorantly the whole process.
Do not criticize other faiths and pay no heed to others engaged in passing loose
comments on other’s beliefs.
Traditionally, Guru is on the highest pedestal of life.
Yesterday before going to bed, I prayed Baba to show me a way in order to keep me
away from those who caused me agony. Sri Sai said in the form of visuals-
One experiences unpleasantness when materialistic benefits are aspired from others and
desires are left unfulfilled. Eliminate the root cause by eliminating wants and resorting to
self-dependence. It is a common site to see people and livestock migrating to riverbeds
when ponds in their villages go dry. Better to take recourse in Sai for getting the cool
comfort effect in the mid summer.

Wants and desires are never ending and boundless.
Yesterday, I prayed Baba to tell me something about the human bondages. Baba Said in
the form of visual-
Bonds of love are not limited only to wife and children. Many incidents in life take place
due to past links coming across in some form or other. We befriend only with a few in a
train travel, we might engage mingling free with only some out of the big lot in our work
atmosphere. All these things happen due to some invisible bonds that exist. Move
socially with all people and animals even.

Every encounter has a hidden agenda unknown to us.
Yesterday’s prayer to Sai was to give me a message on spiritualism. Baba appeared in the
form of my Schoolteacher and said-
-Read forever my Satcharita, tell my stories to others and lead a pious
-Reward given to your teacher shall reach me.
-I disapprove saints in not doing any work and engage themselves in preaching ideals. I
would rather appreciate a laborer who is indirectly educating that work is worship.
Spread the message to practice before preaching others.
I prayed Baba to tell me some thing about spiritualism. Baba has shown me with a visual-
Some people enter a garden and engage in plucking flowers, but the plant does not
understand why and for what purpose the flowers would be used.
A tree or plant grown with divine grace for a definite mission will give flowers like Sai to
the people. When its flowers are plucked, God continuously monitors to keep a watch
whether HIS purpose is met or not.
Saints are the messengers of God with a definite mission and purpose.
Before retiring to bed, I prayed Baba to give me lessons on how to advance on the
spiritual path while leading a commoner’s life. Sai has shown a visual-
In normal life, practice to offer food to others before you commence to eat, otherwise the
thought of ‘me and mine’ will eclipse the mind.
Spiritualism should be tasted first so that sense of belonging vanishes and one realizes
that everything is only God’s creation and doing. It should be digested first before
imparting to others around.

Spiritualism should be absorbed first before imparting to others.
Please bless me with God’s grace was my prayer to Sai before going to bed. Sai
presented with a peculiar scene that ran like this.
Obstacles are like dirt sticking to the linen.
I was washing a linen with word life inscribed on it .I was in the process of removing the
dirt with branded detergent named Sai. Later the cloth turned milky white. I got up from
my sleep and prayed Baba to offer God’s protection.

Maintaining a spotless character is as important as food to the physical body.
I asked Sai to tell me something about God. Sai presented a visual-
God knows about my past, present and future. He is omniscient and omnipotent and I
concluded that it is impossible to know God. I will in future not venture into such
exercise any more. But I decided to firmly believe that there is a supreme power, that
knows me in totality, will offer protection under all odds, in case genuinely addressed. I
am sure that he will take me across to my destiny safe.
Not a single leaf moves without god’s command.
Yesterday, Sai appeared in the form of an unknown person and said—
Dress and jewels supplement beauty and bring grace to the physical body. Behavior,
character and good mannerism commands respect from the society. Whereas the type of
the last rites one begets do not depend upon any of the above factors. It totally depends
upon the moral and ethical values one has followed all through his life.

The stature of an individual in society is based on the moral, social and ethical
values practiced.
Sai appeared in the form of an unknown person and said on the topic of Vrunanubandha
as –
Daughter should be married off and son should be educated to honor one’s commitment
towards the children.
Share the life with wife like a true husband.
Serve the parents in their old age and help them towards a peaceful end.
Perform good deeds and in the process your commitment towards the Guru also is

All the bondages should be well settled in order to set free from them.
Yesterday, before going to bed, I asked Sai a question that was haunting my mind for
quite some time. “ It is known that man is reborn and the cycle of birth and death
continues one after another. Then why should one perform annual ceremonies in the
name of those dead.”?
Sai in the form of an unknown person said-
Once born as a human being can at the most see three generations passing before him. A
man having seen the three generations, though physically no more, his soul continues to
be drawn and remain attached towards the family members he has left behind. He lives
under the belief that at least once in a year, his sons and grandchildren would remember
him by performing the rituals. It is the tradition that dictates to observe this practice to
fulfill the longing of the departed soul and thus receive the blessings from the elders.

Tradition demands to pay respects to the elders to whom we owe our purpose and
Sai appeared in the dream in the form of C.E.O, of our organization. He said that he
would arrive at my house for lunch, tomorrow being a Sunday. I got up from the bed and
informed my wife about the dream. She prepared the extra lunch in spite of all doubts
cast in her mind. Even at 1:00 PM in the afternoon, none was seen to turn up. I
recollected the incident of Hemadripanth in Satcharitra wherein HIS photograph arrived
exactly during the eleventh hour of their lunchtime to keep up the promise. I was some
how confident that Sai would surely arrive, as HE will not go back on HIS word. In the
meanwhile, my wife was pressurizing me to have lunch as it was already getting late. So
at around 2:00 PM, in utter disappointment, she had her lunch and forced me also to have
my lunch. I was left with no other option. I too had my lunch at around 2:30 PM.
However my mind was pre-occupied with thoughts about Sai. As I was about to finish,
the call bell gave a ring .It was one of our worker by name Sattiah who came with an
intention of making a courtesy call. I concluded that it was Sai’s way of coming in the
form of Sattiah to honor HIS commitment and felt elated to serve him with the food to
which he gladly reciprocated.

The depth of devotion of HIS devotees binds Sai.
I prayed Sainath to see that I do not have any problems in money related affairs with my
children. Sai has appeared in the form of a cricketer. He said that life is like a cricket
field. If we assume that children remain as kids forever and allow them to bat, they would
love only opt to bat till they are stabilized and scored good (in terms of earnings).
Nobody would give you a chance even to bat once, as they are not ready to take on the
bowling end of the pavilion. Finally one will be left all alone, remain tired and exhausted
without any score (penniless).
Certain amount of selfishness and foresight has to be present in everybody.
Sai presented in the form of an unknown person and said-
Ups and down inn life are like the light and dark periods. Take that path shown by the
Sadhguru as the best direction under all odd circumstances. Even an enemy will appear as
a friend. He further said that Witnesses and evidences are the boundary conditions in
materialistic life. Where as experiences and feelings are related factors in spiritualism and
are boundless. My age has no relevance, as I am God’s destined servant.

Spiritualism has neither boundaries nor barriers.
I prayed Baba to show me a way out to forget enmity. Sai presented a visual and I could
In the North- pole where it is extremely cold, people live there in small dwellings made
out of ice blocks, and dwellings called Igloos. They are lighted up inside with small
lamps. They draw the heat from the lamp to protect themselves from the cold. Enmity is
like snow, which in real sense will cease to exist the moment one looks for a friend in
him. Towards this drive, light a lamp of humanity in your heart to get rid of the enmity.
Enmity is born out of ignorance from an eclipsed mind.
I prayed Baba and asked HIM to give his permission and bless me, as I want to begin
constructing a Saidarbar in my house. Sai appeared as fakir and said-
God’s grace is always there for good works. Start the work. Welcome all classes of
people coming to darbar with the same hospitality. Perform annnadhaanam (Feeding the
poor) on the inaugural day.
There should be no delay in beginning good works.
I prayed Baba to indicate the past associations of mine with HIM. Baba presented with
the following visuals-
Television program announcer made an announcement that viewers will shortly watch
Siyaram hit parade comprising of five songs and disappeared from the screen. In the first
song a woman dies out of injustice meted out to her. In the second one an orphan boy was
employed as a domestic servant in a family. In the third song, an Indian served the British
Royal Navy. In the fourth one as a freedom fighter succumbed to the British bullets in a
war. In the fifth one, I was shown as a Sai devotee at the feet of Sai in the Saidarbar. In
this way, Baba has shown my past acquaintances with HIM.
Sai fully knows well about the past, present and future of HIS devotees.
I prayed Baba to bless me so that I can always light the two lamps of faith and patience in
Saidarbar. Sai appeared as a schoolmaster and asked me to bring the book, which I daily
read. The book will show you the answer. I took hold of Sai Satcahrita and in the mean
while got up from the sleep. I realized it as a dream and slept again. I got up in the
morning and after having bath, I took the Satcharita book, prayed on Baba to give me an
answer to the question as told. I closed my eyes and opened a page at random. The
seventeenth page opened indicated the relevant lines in script as “ Read the book
regularly for your desire to be fulfilled”.

Regular Parayana of holy books will refine a person in the long range.
I prayed Baba to present me with a spiritual message. Baba in the form of an unknown
person said-
“Preserve the brick of faith given to you by the Guru. As long as it in your possession, the
Guru in some form or other will offer protection standing by your side”.
An object of support is always needed for meditation and spiritual advancement.
I was bedridden sue to sciatica. I prayed Baba to give me relief from the suffering. Baba
appeared in the form of a Marwadi (businessman) whom I happened to meet during my
visit to Ajmer in the year 1991 and said-
“The medicine which I gave you then is not meant for storage or worshiping. Apply it to
your back and massage gently so that you can minimize dependence on others from
I got the herbal medicine and my wife helped me in application. By the next day dawn, I
was able to go for some of minor routine works by myself. I concluded that Sai was not
only aware of the future ailment well in advance but also gave me a suitable medicine to
be used later. I stood with folded hands before HIM.

Baba has at times taken the sufferings of his devotees on to self.
I have slightly improved from Sciatica, but still not in a position to attend the office. I
prayed Baba to indicate how long the suffering will continue. Sai appeared in the form of
an unknown person and made an announcement like this-
Indian Prime Minister leaves for tour abroad today. He will be back in the National
capital after eleven days. I concluded that Baba indicated in this way that my suffering
should continue for another eleven days.
PS: Exactly on 29-10-1995, I have fully recovered from the clutches of Sciatica as
indicated by Baba.
The period of suffering is also pre-destined.
I prayed Baba to give a message on the occasion of Diwali festival (The festival of
lights). Sai was standing in front of Dwarakamayi and said- “You came to me fully
engulfed in ignorance and selfishness. I shall kindle the twin lights of knowledge and
wisdom to ward off the two evils from your self”.
The lighting of lamps is to ward off the surrounding darkness from all sides.
Sai appeared in the form of an unknown person and said-
On transfer from one place to another, people opt to go for packers and transporters for
shifting their household items. This is to make their travel more safe and comfortable. In
the same way, come to me so that I can take you across the ocean of life to the final goal
Relatives often recognize individuals by the financial status and their position in society,
which are purely temporary. Engage in spiritual activities to earn the God’s grace, which
nobody else can afford to touch.
Spread the message across and help for upliftment of the downtrodden.
Nobody can steal the spiritual treasure.
I prayed Baba to help me in forgetting the bitter past and also those involved in it. Sai
surprised me by appearing in the form of my child hood friend. In fact I forgot him as it
was nearly forty years past and I felt it as a good omen. Sai said-
To forget the past, one has to live away from the place, persons and engage in diverting
the mind from the related events. Time only will heal the wounds of the heart. No point
in spoiling the future because of the past. Friendships from the past are like bees clinging
to the dustbin. One should distance from such friends, lest they might drag others too.

Brooding over the past leads nowhere.
Yesterday, Sai appeared in the dream and said-
I had two sons and to each of them, I gave a glass of milk. One of them straight away
prepared Tea and had it. The second one boiled the milk, prepared curd, churned it and
made butter out of it. He went further, made Ghee out of the butter and enjoyed the
essence of the milk. One had the essence raw where as the second one understood the
essence practically and enjoyed the taste.
Everything in this universe has a utility to be exploited rightly.
Yesterday, I aspired for someone else’s money. I realized the mistake and prayed Baba to
get me rid of this habit and show me a way out. Baba appeared in the form of a Gardner
and said-
To live on one’s own earnings is like plucking the tamrind fruit after climbing the tree,
preserving the produce and consuming it as and when needed. To aspire for others wealth
is like climbing a simachintakaya-------- tree and getting hurt due to the thorny tree
branches, pluck the colorful fruit and invite throat problems. Do not aspire for others
wealth and invite problems to the mind and body also.
Wealth begotten by wrongful means will prove disastrous.
Sai appeared in the form of an old man and said-
“ As long as you hold the materialistic possessions, people will flock to you like ants and
bees to sugar cane. As long as you are spiritually rich none will come your way. Only a
Samardha Sadhguru will stand by you to guide to reach the ultimate in spiritualism”.
Wealth is source of attraction whereas in spiritualism, there will be few takers.

Bitter guard in spite of it’s not so liked taste is good for health
Yesterday, I had a very peculiar doubt in my mind. Sai always talked to HIS devotees in
simple language in the form of riddles and stories. Does HE know Sanskrit? Sai appeared
in the form of a School Teacher and said-
The water in the rivers is sweet, helps in survival of many a fish living in it. But all the
rivers flow to join the sea ultimately. Sea water although is saline, still larger number of
fish find life in the sea. The holiness of the sea is enhanced with the entry of holy rivers
enjoining with it. All my devotees are like the fish in the sea. They cannot understand the
hard language Sanskrit. They have to be educated in simple language that could be easily
understood by a common man.

A commoner understands simple language better.
I bowed down before Sai and Said- Allow me to spend the rest of my life in your
service. Sai presented me with a visual—
Water was being drawn from a bore well located in my house. People were collecting in
their containers. One day, there was a fire from the electrical motor and the motor
stopped working abruptly. Water flow has also stopped.

I will continue in my service to Sainath till the end.
I spent the whole day in Sai smaran (Reciting Sai’s name) and prayed Baba that I should
continue to do it forever. Sai presented with a visual-
When I was going through tough periods, a fakir appeared in front of my house. He was
uttering my name. I was rather surprised and bowed down at his feet. I gave him two
Rupee coins. He blessed me and left the place.
Chanting of the God’s name or his messengers will bring solace to the soul.
I bowed before Sai and asked HIM to explain the attachment between God and his
devotee. Sri Sai presented with a visual-
A newborn child does not recognize the mother. But the moment the mother extends her
breast, the child recognizes the heartbeat of the mother and identifies it to be the same
one experienced by it, when it was inside the mother’s womb for nine months. It sleeps
peacefully with all the trust placed in the mother, embraced and fully protected. In the
same way God understand the heartbeats of a true devotee and live in their hearts forever.
Thus I concluded that God has a tendency to behave like a child and devotee should
assume the role of mother so that god remains confined to the devotee.
God and his devotee are inseparable as they are the two sides of the same coin.

                                      Dreams - 1996
I prayed Baba to shower HIS blessings on the eve of entering New Year. Baba appeared
in the form of an unknown person and advised:
1.For the sake of popularity, not to indulge in unnecessary
Acquaintances and invite law and order related problems.
2.Never to speak for others in felicitation functions, craving
For self-recognition.
3.Never to visit friend’s houses during nights.
4. Observe vegetarianism in food habits.
5.To respect mother and serve her in the old age.
6.To reduce too much attachment towards wife and children.
Public life at times is like a heap of garbage.
I prayed Baba to indicate as to how death will take place for those following HIS dictates
and exercising faith in HIM.
Sai appeared in the form of the Clerk responsible for issuing Birth and Death certificates
to the applicants and said-
1.Your wife and children may drop you in the middle of the journey, but I shall stand by
you till the end.
2.When my person dies, I shall be present at his last rights in some form or other.
3.Depending upon the necessity, I shall offer rebirth to my devotees and most likely in
the house of a Saibandhus only.

Death comes in a befitting manner to those who constantly think of me.
Yesterday, I prayed Baba to tell me the reason why one should light lamps with Ghee
made out of Cow milk and break coconuts in worshiping the God.
Sai appeared in the form a Brahmin and said-
On the spiritual plane, Cow milk is considered sacred. After undergoing a series of
intermediate physical change of states, -milk, curds, butter, and the final stage of Ghee is
obtained. The final stage comes after a series of hot and cold working.
So also the ultimate divine grace comes after going through and observing certain set
norms like Sadhana.
In the spiritual field, Cow milk is like the starting point is equivalent to our Samardha
Sadhguru Sainath.One should slowly heat up with sadhana i.e. try and try till success is
achieved (for the divine grace). Later transform into Curds. Then churn it with the tool
called Jnana. Making butter out of it is drawing attention of the Lord. On heating the
butter, outcomes the Ghee that is other form of the God. Lighting the lamps with such
Ghee as the fuel is to remove the darkness of ignorance from the mind. One can
undoubtedly find Parabramah in such a state. Obviously the beginning is with Samardha
In the materialistic world, life can be compared to a coconut tree. Every by-product from
the tree is useful to mankind in some form or other and so should be our life. Surrender
your heart and soul to the Lotus feet of the lord. Let it not be limited to performing only
the rituals. Try knowing God- the creator and the purpose. When thieves ransack the
house, complaint is lodged with the police, but when your heart is attacked, blindfolded
by love and affections, ponder where to go?
The divine grace comes only after going through stages and there is no shortcut.
Yesterday, Sai appeared in the form of a tribal and presented the following messages:
“Of all the lives, to be born as a human being is topmost. To attain salvation, a
background detail of your birth is not important. Traverse in the path shown by me and
you will certainly reach the goal. But all that should happen within the tenets of
Swadharma (own dharma), which is like sweet water from a well and all others are like
chasing a mirage and tiring one’s self.
Nothing in this world is greater than Swadharma.
Yesterday, A lady appeared in the dream and was singing a popular Telugu song which in
essence meant:
“I shall behold you lord in my eyes, behold you in my heart like a God confined to the
temple and finally want to merge in you. I do not know since how long this association is
continuing to exist, but seems will last forever”.
Later I happily slept and Sai appeared as a flower merchant. And advised –Let the
flowers of Vishnu Sahasranamas (Flowers made out of camphor) adorn your life and
present it to the Lord as a garland and engage in spreading the fragrance to the fellow
devotees. Towards the end, even if camphor sublimes, the thread is retained with the

Vishnu Sahasranamas (thousand names) should be uttered daily for drawing the
divine strength.
Yesterday night, Sai appeared in the form of an unknown person and gave a message-
To sustain in materialistic life, money is necessary, wrong ways and means adopted to
earn money is dangerous. Whereas in the field of spiritualism, devotion is needed for
progress. Quitting the wrong path for the sake of earning divine grace is commendable.
Good and bad co-exist. Wisdom should prevail to follow the right always.
Sai appeared in the form of a Saibandhu arrived from Shiridi and spoke the following
1.Entertain your guests with good words.
2.Seek blessings from those who are truly interested in your welfare.
3.Never aspire for money favors from others as often headaches are bound to accompany
such donations.
4.As a Sai devotee, never crave for fame, as it attracts lot of
Criticism too.
A true Satsanghi should be free from desires.
Sai appeared in the form of a woman and said-
It is a sin to give birth to children when you are not prepared to shoulder the total
responsibility. It is still bigger crime to give away them in adoption, unable to bring up.
Every relationship has a past history and made for settlement of certain old dues.
Yesterday, Sai appeared in the form of priest and passed on advice and suggestions for
the House warming and inaugural ceremony of Saidarbar slated to take place on 26-01-
1.To begin with, worship Lord Ganesha made out of Turmeric.
2.Have respect age-old traditions.
3.Saidarbar should be the mixture of old and new.
4.Sanctify with water from the river Ganga.
5.Store water for me to drink in a container.
6.Throughout the night, light a kerosene lamp
7.After conducting the first Saidarbar, serve food to all the
Laborers engaged for construction of Saidarbar.
8. After retirement from service, cleanse yourself from all the
Accumulated dirt in your life and opt for leading a pious
There should be a sea change in the outlook having opted for conducting Saidarbar.
Yesterday, Sai appeared in the form of an old lady and said-
You have formally inaugurated Saidarbar on 26-01-1996; better remember the duties to
be performed from now onwards.
1.For those seeking mental rest, speak a few good words of solace.
2.Show a good path for those strayed.
3.Advocate Saibandhus to get rid off the vengeances.
4.Welcome all people coming without ego.
5.Do not discriminate people entering the darbar.
6.Educate visitors on their duties and what is ultimate.
7.Always wear a white dress.

Simple living and high thinking should get reflected in every walk of life.
My mind was pre-occupied with thoughts about love for the kith and kin and excessive
attachment towards wife and children. Sai appeared in the form of an unknown person
and said-
Let TIME be the only binding factor. Fulfill all your moral and social responsibilities
well in time unmindful of all other factors. But do not get entangled with more and more
people in the process.

Time is precious and priceless.
Yesterday, I prayed Baba to indicate how I can set myself free from the love for the
physical body and the greed for money.
Sai appeared in the form of a ward boy and pointed towards a Lady doctor. Her husband
expired twenty years ago and she is about to retire in another five years. She is daily
engaged in dissecting the corpses and explaining to the medical students the parts of the
human body. At the same time she is engaged in flirting with her male colleagues. Can I
call it love for the physical body?
In another dream, Sai appeared as my bitter enemy. He has given me a bundle of
currency notes amounting to one Lakh rupees and said-“ keep it for yourself. In the next
life, you can be my slave”. Although, I was tempted to take the money, wild imaginations
regarding the life to be encountered as a slave made me wise enough to reject the offer.

Physical body is to perish and money is always to multiply owe.
Sai appeared in the form of a hermit and said-
You may exhibit pomp and show with the wealth but not devotion. Devotion should be
confined to heart and not for exhibiting in public. Wear simple clothes in the old age and
eat light food. Maintain distance from those who promise sadhgati that can come only by
Life style followed should be as per the age and should not mismatch in every sphere
of life.
Sai appeared as Schoolteacher and said-
Social cause is missing from the society, as it has become a breeding ground for the
vices- the three W’s- wine, woman wealth and craze for name and fame. Better march
towards spiritualism, where experiences are like fruit bitten and tasted by parrots. No
doubt they are tastier, but not useful for others in real sense. One should opt to climb the
tree and taste the fruit desired by him.

Spiritualism is a lone march.
Sai appeared as one of my well-wishers whom I faintly recollect to have seen earlier. He
was clad in a white kurtha and pyjama and advised:
1.I shall take you to be my follower provided you shed the
Inner ego, talk free and mix freely even with an enemy.
2.Feel satisfied and be grateful towards the God for whatever is
bestowed, while comparing with he lesser Privileged.
3.Extend a helping hand to a weak person.
4.Real service to me is when you serve food to the Needy and
5.Absorb my philosophy and write a book and I shall do the
Required publicity.
Shed the inner ego and practice equality for rest to follow.
Sai appeared as an unknown person and advocated the minimum duties to be performed
as a human being:
1.Believe in truth and be truthful
2.The institution of marriage is supreme. Observe sincerity
and be loyal.
3.Never enter into conflict with others.
4.Do not waste money. Use it for good and noble causes.
5.Avoid unnecessary travel.
6.Gradually reduce attachments.
7.Serve food to the needy and hungry.
Conduct should be such as to fulfill all moral and social obligations.
Yesterday, Sai appeared in the form of teacher who taught me cycling in my childhood
and said-
To learn cycling by one’s self is difficult, but the process gets speeded up with the help
extended by another person to draw courage. In spiritualism too, it is applicable. I shall
guide you as to how to go about in your quest for knowing the ultimate.
Leading life is like the mastering the art of balancing forces.
Yesterday night, Sai appeared as Music exponent and said-
Life is like giving performance on a Jaltarangini- a musical instrument. Ups and downs
are like the water effects contained in the porcelain containers. The resulting sounds
emanated depend upon the water movements inside.
Water adjusts to the shape of the container and so also should life.
Yesterday, I had difference of opinion with the members in the Satsangh. I prayed Baba
and asked HIM to present me with peace of mind. He appeared as an old –man and said-
1.You will get new posting and come to know many new things.
2. You will come across with puppies in golden color. Give a bath to them and observe
whether the color is genuine or artificial. Discard the ones with artificial color. Why fear
when you have the treasure book of Hemadripanth (The author of Sai Satcharita) by your
Holy books are the perennial source of information and guidance.
Sai appeared as an old man giving discourse in a Satsangh. He said-
1.Sai does not belong to any one individual. Do not discriminate people.
2.There is no gender discrimination in front of Sai. Sai can be worshiped as mother or
father even depending upon one’s feeling.
3.Do not aspire for favors from others and praises while serving Sai.
4.Even sweets purchased from outside are acceptable to Sai, provided served with
All living creatures are equal in the eyes of Sai. He is bound only by devotion.
Sai appeared in the form of an unknown person and said-
1.Why are you driving away the beggar standing with alms in front of your house fearing
him to be a devil? He has come in the form of your most reverend relative, who passed
away recently. Death is inevitable to everybody one day or other.
2.It is your weakness to flirt on seeing a woman lifting her veil. Enforce strong will in
lifting the veil of ignorance cast before your eyes, looking for the ‘real’.
3.What is the use when you are not even in a position to feel sorry for the boy who is
injured in an accident? Can you afford to react the same way when your child is

The applicability of the rulebook should be independent of individuals and
Yesterday, I got tired after hard day’s labor in the office. Back pain further aggravated
my owes. How to speak in the Satsangh on 21-03-1996 was my question. Sai has taken
me to a performance-taking place in Ravindra Bharati (An auditorium where all official
and Government functions are held). I was made to sit in the last row and instructed not
to come on to the dais. Sai disappeared in the crowd of performers. I got up from the
disturbed sleep. I realized that Sai wanted me to take the role of a participant only in the
Satsangh of the day.

Sai is well aware of the future events to take place.
Yesterday night, Sai appeared in the form of a School teacher and said that-
In the childhood, you have learnt lessons from me and now that you grown up, learn
lessons from the life and lead the life in an orderly way.
1.You do not forget expressing gratitude to the person who helped in reaching your
materialistic goals. Why not have the same feelings towards the creator who is constantly
aiding you in every aspect from behind the screen?
2.While traversing in the spiritual field, do not engage in mixing up matters (materialistic
and spiritual).
3.Keep away from all the vices (gambling, flirting and entering into arguments). It is like
getting deeper into the mud.

Be grateful to people, but not such an extent to forget the God.
Yesterday night Sai appeared as a fakir and said-
Understand Sai Philosophy properly. There is no point in talking about Sai when the
other party is not inclined towards it. It is not important in which way I am worshiped,
but follow the one within your reach and means. Never try imitating others. Everybody
on this path will be tested at an appropriate time for his or her devotion.
Rituals without devotion lead nowhere.
Sai appeared as a Saint in the dream and said-
Laborer toiled for the whole day, rests in the night and again prepares for the following
day’s work. In the same way, a person after undergoing all the troubles in the life goes
into permanent sleep to take a new birth again. I promise you to be on your side in the
lives to come. My Guru presented me with only a photograph, whereas I am presenting
you with an outer ring of wisdom as a guard and some money for satisfying the appetite.
Be happy with that. You can’t keep flying in the air forever in an aircraft, as it will crash-
land once the fuel is exhausted. You have to start descending as the fuel is nearing
However high we may fly in thoughts, we have to return to the ground reality.
Yesterday, I was thinking about the old age and prayed Baba to show me a way to live
Sai appeared as an unknown person and said-
Why do you think of motorbike when you have a bicycle to travel? Learn what it means
to be satisfied in life. To think of other women in old age is like inviting pre-matured
death. The type of funeral one received depends upon the quality of life the individual has
lead during his lifetime.

Only the results of Good deeds accompany us after death.
Yesterday night Sai appeared as an old friend of mine. He advocated:
1.There is no use in wearing white clothes until and unless your heart is free from malice
and possess a spotless character.
2. I shall in some form or other keep forewarning you of the impeding dangers.
3.Do not forget uttering my name even though pre-occupied.
4.All roads in life may be closed, but the road to me is always kept open.
5.Try absorbing the Sai leelamrit.
6.Talk to me direct, there is no need of intermediaries.
7.Let people worship me in a way they deemed it fit. Why bother?
8.Keep aloof from those talking loose of other women.
9.Do not look for anybody’s help in spiritualism. I am always there to extend a helping

Spiritualism has to be a self-effort.
Sai appeared in the form of my friend and said-
1.You lecture more and write less.
2.You will propagate that military discipline is a must.
3.In future, boys will opt to marry women elder to them.
4.Some people enjoy watching those affected by floods.
5.It is but natural for a couple to differ in money matters. It is also equally natural to put
up a show of happiness in public.
6.Do not look back and proceed in the spiritual direction chosen.

Everything appearing in this world is not real.
Yesterday, Sai appeared as an unknown person and spoke-
1.Will you prefer to buy good chocolates wrapped in an ordinary paper or ordinary
chocolates sold in costly /attractive bags.
2.Would you like to opt eating manually pound rice good for health or polished rice that
appear good with reduced nutrients.
3.When you cannot go to office due to health reasons, I shall arrange your transport.
4.Speak to Saibandhus about Sai philosophy only. Service to self should be followed
before venturing upon service to other in this field.
All that glitters is not gold. In spiritualism keep self-interest above all.
Yesterday, Sai appeared as an unknown person and said-
You are talking about Sai both inside and outside the house, but you are a little away
from the Saipath. Try reducing the gap.
2.You may not satisfy towards all the materialistic needs of the visitors to your house,
however you can attempt to enrich them spiritually.

Sai fulfills every desire of HIS devotees.
Sai appeared as a saint and presented with the message:
Today all of you are gathered to call yourselves as Saibandhus. Remember that I am all-
pervasive and knowing all your inter-relationships as I am a Vishawabandhu (universal
Everybody is under constant surveillance of Sai.
Sai appeared as an unknown person and said-
1.For spiritual feasting and enlightenment, one need not visit famous temples and Mutts.
Go to a person sincerely inviting you for a luncheon. Spiritualism automatically comes to
the fore.
2.Do not engage in co-traveling with everybody coming to you in the process of
spreading spiritualism.
The journey to spiritualism cannot take place in company.
Yesterday, I was mentally disturbed. I prayed Baba to grant me peace. Baba appeared in
the form of a Schoolteacher and said-
I am in knowledge of your past. Why crave for name and fame even while spreading my
philosophy. Adapt to life the way it comes and accept things as they happen. Sense of
dissatisfaction and unpleasantness will automatically disappear.
In the morning by 08:30 AM, I was hospitalized in CDR Hospitals suffering with chest
pain. The board of Sai Shakti medical Hall greeted me at the entrance offering temporary
relief to me.
Certain things do happen without our control.
Yesterday, I spent the day in the ICCU under the care of Specialist Doctors.Sai appeared
as a fakir and said-

I have saved you from the heart attack. Rest of the life, you have to serve me.
Gradually health will improve.
Yesterday, Sai appeared in the from of a fakir - gently smiling said-
Vengeance and discrimination are the root cause of your Heart problem which you need
to Overcome. Next day, I started analyzing my life style. I prayed Baba to rid me of the
above menace.

Breeding of dissatisfaction should be curbed.
Today is my Birthday. Yesterday, Sai appeared in the form of a saint and said-
1.You will seek blessings from the saints in service of God.
2.You have first uttered the word SAI in the year 1964 after coming across Sri. Satya Sai.
Look towards Satya Sai playing with a small hand drawn cart as a child. Look to the
thatched house where he spent his childhood and also the School going Sri Satya Sai.
And finally the present day’s Bhagwaan Satya Sai. Come to realization whether birthday
celebrations are to the physical body or to the heart.

Birthday is for the physical body but not for the soul.
Sai appeared as a saint and said-.
1. The six evils have entered your house and you are fighting them. You are attacking
them one after another, but you are not able to fight with the small child accompanying
them, who is looking towards you praying mercy. Remember, there should be no
consideration shown in fighting evils.
2.Men and women group themselves under the pretext of love. It is better they get
married without which there can be no sanctity to the word love /relationship.
There should not be any back tracking in fighting the inner evils.
29-04-1996-CDR Hospitals.
I was shifted from CDR, Secunderabad to CDR Hospitals, Hyderabad. Yesterday night,
Sai appeared in the form of a person clad in pure white attire and said-
1.I am the musical exponent to sing for your pleasure and happiness.
2.I am the person to take you to the destination and assure to be by your side always.

Sai pulls the strings need based.
Today, the Angiogram reports have arrived. Three of the arteries had 90 % blockages. It
was concluded by Dr. Srinivasa Rao that by pass surgery has to be performed for the
I have looked towards Sai’s advice whether I should undergo Bypass surgery as
suggested by the doctors or not. Yesterday night Sai appeared a gardener and said-
There is a big mound of mud in the garden of your house as a result of which rainwater is
not seeping in to the ground. Let new pipes be laid for water to flow inwards. Give up
eating non-vegetarian food henceforth. I thus got answer for my query.
Obstacles in the path have to be removed.
Yesterday night Sai appeared as a doctor and surprised me with the words-
The present preparation for the heart surgery is the sum total of the mistakes carried out
during your past life. You have at the first instance spent Rs 7/- towards drinking beer in
the year 1966. Now see for yourself how much you have to spend for the surgery.

Sai confirmed that he new all my past.
Yesterday night, Sai appeared as a fakir and said-
1.You will soon recover and play mouth organ.
2. After 15-05-1996, God’s grace will shower on you.
2.I have seen the old movie (angiogram). Let me rest for a while in your lap.
3.Eat simple food only from now on.
4.Entertain even your bitter enemy with a smile.
5.Never enter into money related conflicts, as money is not everything in life. You need
peace of mind to survive.
Eat simple and change the behavior pattern for better living.
Sai appeared as a fakir in the dream and said-
1.You will participate in Satsanghs after undergoing Bypass surgery. Practice equality in
such gatherings.
2.Gently smile when you come across your old friends and maintain distance.
3.You’re lucky to recover fast in comparison to your relative miserably bed-ridden for
sixteen long years.
4.You are imprisoned along with other prisoners in this police station (world). Plead with
the jailor and ask for separate room under the pretext of ill health.

Disassociation from the bad companionship is the only way.
Yesterday night, Sai appeared in the form of a fakir and said-
I have examined your heart, put it into the dhuni at Dwarakamayi, refined and put it back
into your body. I was able to observe the gratitude in your eyes for the gesture.
I could recollect the performance of Khandayoga by Baba as mentioned in Satcharita.

Agni (fire) symbolizes purification.
Yesterday, Sai appeared as an old Brahmin and said-
The prayers and perambulations offered by you in the childhood days in Param Shiva
temple, Kakinada (a town in Andhra Pradesh, India) are now being rewarded. Peace and
patience are very essential for quick progress, even more than the diet. Give them utmost

Every deed good or bad is accounted.
Yesterday, Sai appeared as an unknown person and said-
I was the instrumental in saving you from certain disaster during the years 1985-1986
when you were almost bent upon association with all illegal activities. From now on, it
should be an eye opener to dedicate your life in my service.
Sai has drawn an action plan long time ago for the refinement process.
Yesterday, Sai appeared in the form of a saint and said-
You will recover well after bypass surgery and seek blessings from your mother. I shall
accept alms from your wife. Big people will visit your house. Lord Dhattatreya swami
will bestow good health. You will be instrumental in carrying many on Saipath.

Sai has forecasted the outcome of my surgery.
Yesterday’s message from Sai in the form of a saint raised many thoughts in my mind.
The police cannot catch the thieves hidden in your heart during nighttime. You do not
know what is going to happen on the Tennis tabletop. A famous tennis player would bless
you with new clothes. Renowned Tennis star player Syed Modi will grace the occasion
and bless. I concluded that surgery would take place during daytime. Doctors will
perform operation on a table resembling that of table Tennis game. Famous Tennis star
shall supervise the surgery and bless me. That very thought created lot of confidence and
courage in me.

The best team was organized for the operation.
16-05-1996- Thursday-08:00 Hrs.
With Yesterday’s Sai’s words that HE will catch the thieves and assurance that
everything will go well, I was mentally prepared for the surgery. I was instructed by the
Doctor on duty to get ready for the operation scheduled to begin at 14:00 hrs. Today
happens to be Thursday, the most sought after by Sai devotees. I was hoping for the
certain success and waiting for the moment to arrive.
16-05-1996-Thursday- 21:00 Hrs
Even though, I was waiting ready from 13:00 Hrs, I was not taken to the theatre up to
17:00 Hrs. On 14-05-1996, Baba advised to go for surgery during daytime, but I was told
that surgery will begin at 18:00 Hrs and continue till midnight. I was little bit upset and
worried on the latest development. My wife, children and friends wished me for the best
and sent me into the operation theatre. I thought if there is truth Sai’s word, this operation
should be stalled for the night. I prayed Baba lying on the table. Junior Doctors were
preparing me for the operation. I was literally scared and prayed Baba to see that
operation does not take place today. It was 7:00 PM and the telephone in the theatre gave
a ring. The news was that leading surgeon Dr. Prasada Rao is not in a position to attend
the surgery and hence the operation is postponed for the next day’s morning at 10:00 Hrs.
The theatre nurse informed me of the change. I believed that Sai heard my prayers and re-
scheduled the operation, establishing HIS presence and control. I have gone through the
few words I scribbled in my diary before entering the operation theatre, which read like
“ Today, I am going to fight a battle with death. Shiridi Sai is by my side, if I come out
with life, it is purely due to Sai’s grace. I felt that Sai has saved me from most untoward
by postponing the surgery. I offered my prayers to HIM and waiting for the next day to
Sai’s words mean unfailing actions.
17-05-1996-Friday, 08:00 Hrs (Amavash- No Moon day)
My mother told me that it was Amavash.For any work to begin, today is not auspicious,
but still Sai advised me to get operated today in the morning hours. I took it, as Sai
wanted to remove darkness cast from my life. Again Sai appeared in the form of a saint
and said-
A new lease of life will come to you from now onwards. Henceforth, do not accept
money favors from anybody. Money is not the only thing in life. Slowly develop habit to
practice detachment. Travel in the path shown by me.
I was getting ready to enter the operation theatre. I took a vow that I shall again
commence writing this diary if I am able to come back after successful surgery and
reunite with all my Saibandhus. If it happens the other way, in that case this will be my
last page in the diary. --Jai Sairam.
Every moment is auspicious to make a good beginning.
Saturday-18:00 Hrs, CDR Hospitals, Hyderabad.
Everything went on well with the grace of Sai. Operation was successfully performed. I
felt as if I got a new life again and reborn. By 10:00 Am in the morning slowly, I was
able to come out of anesthesia. Dr. Brahmaji Rao, the anesthetist was standing by my
side. I could see Parabramah in him. He cheerfully greeted me. Should I call your wife?
was his question to that I replied that she should come with photograph of Sai. My wife
came in with the photograph. I offered HIM thousands of salutations. I prayed that HE
should continue to appear daily in my dreams and present with messages and guide me in
the Saipath.

I realized that I am born again and this life should be totally dedicated for the
service in service of Sai and HIS devotees.
-Jai Sairam.
I vouch upon my parents Sri. Ravada Venkata Rao and Smt. Ravada Venkata
Ramanamma and my spiritual Guru Shiridi Sai and submit the following words to Sai
Shiridi Sai in his own words declared that a Guru keeps track of his disciple and escorts
him from the past into the future. The true words spoken by him to his devotee Shyama in
Sai Satcharita read like-“ Our association is for the past seventy two lives”. Initially I
could not believe this statement, however the dream on 14-9-1995 removed my doubts
and established the veracity of the statement beyond any doubt. I concluded that Sai
certainly keeps track of his devotees in all their lives.
It is also told on a number of occasions in Satcharita that there is no difference between
Sai’s photograph and Sai himself. I fully trusted the statement and taking a cue from
Ekalavya taken a plunge into the ocean of spiritualism.
For spiritual progress of the disciple, the Guru may instruct directly or through the media
of dreams. The same was mentioned in Sai Satcharita-Eighteenth chapter as-
“ Personally given spiritual instructions by Guru or that given in a dream should be
conveyed to all, as it is good, beneficial knowledge-BABA”.
In my case Sai has adopted the media of dreams as a means of communication and
conveyed the spiritual messages. For the benefit of fellow Sai devotees, I am herewith
taking the liberty in presenting the spiritual messages as received in the form of this
It is a daily ritual for me to be in meditation and receive messages from Lord Sainath
during the Brahmi muhoorath- (04:00-06:00) hrs. I pray Lord Sainath to shower his
blessings on my wife Smt.Madhu Gopal Ravada for ensuring that I am not disturbed
during the hours of meditation, my friend Sri. Raghu Raman Satulury for his painstaking
efforts in translating the diary into English Language, and finally to Sri.SrinivasRao
Kasturi for the support services.
I hope that after going through this book, the readers will ascertain for themselves the
instructions passed on by Baba in those days while in flesh and blood, to his devotees in
dream like-‘Build a temple for me-in the thirty ninth chapter’ and the messages given by
Baba to Saibanisa in dreams are out of the same phenomena stands true even now.
Magnificently Baba is proving one of his eleven assurances that-“ My tomb shall speak
and I shall take care of my devotees from the samadhi”
Lastly the dream is only a part of my life and my life is not a dream in itself
-Jai Sairam.
In service of Lord Sainath.
Sai Banisa-Gopalarao Ravada


SaiRam Saibandhus,
I am Sai Sevak Smt. Rajeswari Kasturi wife of Sai Sevak Srinivasa Rao Kasturi. I bow
down my head at the Lotus feet of Lord Sainath of Shirdi and would like to write few
lines from my heart. It is our fortune that my self and my husband Sai Sevak Srinivasa
Rao Kasturi came into the fold of Lord Sai in the year 1995 with the inspiration given by
Saibanisa – GopalaRao Ravadaji. From that day onwards, we were in the Saidarbar and
attending regularly the Satsanghs conducted by Saibanisaji with in India.
I made a habit of recording the Saibanisa’s Satsanghs with tape recorder and listen to
them during my leisure time at my home. With Baba’s Blessings, I brought important
points in the form of a small book that is the turning point and my husband made all my
efforts to come true in to the form of a book which is now placed before you.
I wish to state that I am only an instrument to compile the knowledge on Sri Shirdi Sai,
which I collected from the Satsanghs of Saibanisaji. I feel it is the will of Lord Sainath to
bring this book for the benefit of entire Sai fraternity.
I would like to convey my heart felt thanks to my husband and also my love to my two
little children who have not disturbed me during the preparation of this book.
Last but not the least, I would like to convey my gratitude to Saibanisaji who has
permitted me to publish this book titled “From the Satsanghs of Saibanisaji”.
With best regards,
Sai Sevak Smt. Rajeswari Kasturi.

Thanks from Saibanisaji:
My Dear Rajeswari beti,
SaiRam! When your husband Sai Sevak Srinivasa Rao Kasturi forwarded this book,
“From The Satsanghs of Saibanisaji”, I was rather surprised by Baba’s ways and means. I
felt it was possible only with Blessings of Baba. As Saibanisa uncle, I would like to
appreciate you for the patience you have exhibited in recording my speeches delivered in
different Satsanghs and made efforts to bring them in the form A book for the benefit of
Sai fraternity. You are fortunate to have such a good husband who has helped you in
bringing this book. In my opinion both of you are made for each other and I wish you
should continue to serve Sai devotees in the future also.
I hope Saidevotees, after going through this book definitely will stand benefited
spiritually. I am only a servant of Sai and His devotees. I am happy to share the nectar
what I received from our Samardha Sadguru Sri Shirdi Sai. In fact I am grateful to Sai
devotees who have given me an opportunity to serve HIM through Satsanghs.
Baba’s Blessings to you, your husband, your children and all Sai devotees.
In the service of Lord Sainath and His devotees,
Uncle Saibanisa – GopalaRao Ravada

Rajeswari Kasturi, Saidarbar – Hyderabad.
From the Satsanghs of SaibanisaJi

1. While earning money, do not be lazy. Get the proper returns for the work you have rendered.

2. Be away from the people having bad habits and evil thoughts.

3. Do not aspire for the extra martial life affairs.

4. Avoid abusing others.

5. Do not aspire for the desires which are beyond your reach.

6. Avoid over ambitious in life.

7. Think always that others know better than you and you are one step below them.

8. Do not boast about you and your family members

9. Do not hurt the feelings of others.

10. Live in such a place where you will get good air, light to maintain good health.

11. The dress you ware should be suitable for climatic conditions and not for pomp and show.

12. Your expenditure should not exceed your income.

13. You should give respect to the local traditions where you live and at the same time, you
should not forget your family traditions.

14. You should avoid eating non- vegetarian food and drinking Alcohol.

15. Unnecessarily, you should not criticize the Government and at the same time you should not
shelter the anti social elements.

16. You should be faithful to your parents and you should always receive their blessings.

17. You should not hurt the feelings of others.

18. You are responsible for the good character of the persons depending on you at the same time
if you come across any bad character among them, you should try to eliminate them.

19. For the advancement in the spiritual life, you should select a good guide (Guru). If you fail
you will not achieve spiritual heights.
20. You should eat such food which will give good health and longitivity. You should know that
you are not living only for eating.

21. To lead the life on a good path, energy is needed to the physical body. One has to have his
own ways and efforts to fulfill it.

22. While traveling in the spiritual path, beware of the people who try to deviate you from your
spiritual journey.

23. To lead a peaceful life, you should maintain good relations not only with your kith and kin but
also with your neighbors.

24. You should develop a helping nature so that others will follow you to help the

25. You should live amongst your kith and kin the way the Lotus plant survives in the mud water
with out having any attachment with mud.

26. When you are doing the pooja rituals to the God, you will feel you are doing the routine job.
But if you serve the Saints, you feel that you are nearer to God.

27. You will reach your destiny safely if you avoid traveling in the wrong path / avoiding too
much dealing in monetary matters / a pomp and show.

28. You try to understand your capacities and accordingly accept the work load.

29. There is no parameter in the Spiritual life so you should lead the spiritual life till your last

30. It is your duty to analyze everyday progress and you should not have contentment in the
spiritual life.
31. At the end of the day, you should summarize your activities and conduct. Question self
whether you have behaved like an animal or a human being. You should once for all decide not to
repeat the bad again.

32. As a human being, in your day to day activities sometime or other, you are bound to get
angered, but it should be like a fire to a small piece of paper.

33. If you say that he is my man and the other one is my opponent’s man that shows your mean
mentality. Shun it.

34. When plants and animals are living in nature with the quality of sacrifice, why not human

35. You should be away from the persons who are ungrateful in nature, the murderers of children
and trouble creators in the society.

36. You should not be contended with education, penance and charities alone in society. You
should feel contended with your money, your homely food and spouse.
37. In the birth and death cycle, there is no guarantee that you will take the birth as a human being
again. To be born again as a human being which alone will give a chance to realize God, Always
chant the name of God and tread the right path.

38. If you want to maintain a contended life – you must develop an attitude to help others, use
the wisdom in your work and do not aspire for ambitions that are beyond reach.

39. Unless you avoid unnecessary disputes in the society, aspiring other’s money and women,
you can not travel in the spiritual path.

40. If you maintain a tree called BAD qualities it will give the fruits such as sorrow, unhappiness
and disease. So try to maintain a tree called GOOD qualities which you will give fruits such as
pleasure, happiness and good health.

41. The good words spoken will attract good friends, relatives and fortunes. The bad words
uttered will create enmity and lead you to suffocation. So it is always better to keep tongue under

42. You should be mentally prepared to listen and accept the good words from the children,
follow the good deeds of your enemy even.

43. The physically handicapped, ugly looking persons, uneducated persons and poor people are
all the creation of God. So do not neglect them if possible try to extend your love and moral
support to them.

44. If you walk along with the antisocial elements, the society will feel you are also a member of
that group, so try to keep away from them.

45. The blessings you receive from your parents and teacher are equal to the blessings from God.

46. Beware of the persons who talk sweet in front of you and talk bad behind you. Such persons
are even more dangerous than the poisonous snakes.

47. If you are maintaining good health, get good education, good friendship and exercise control
over senses, you are richer than richest.

48. Broad mind comes to the fore ,the day you render moral support to the person who has
committed sins and repented over his mistakes and now leading in a right way.

49. The fire burns the physical body whereas the fire called jealousy will burn the life itself.

50. The beauty what you look through your eyes may by ugly to others, so try to look the real
beauty with inner eyes.

51. You should know that the Goddess Death is not having partiality towards rich or poor, healthy
or non healthy, educated or uneducated. She treats everybody with the same coin.

52. You should know that one day after your death the body is going to become ash and mix with
the earth. Still you are taking care of the body by giving medicines to prolong the life. Similar
way after the death, the soul needs peace for that when you alive, you should chant the name of
53. Some of the beautiful flowers which give fragrance will contain harmful bacteria. In the
similar way some persons in the aristocratic families will have bad qualities. So you should
beware of such persons.

54. In the name of penance you can conquer hungry and thirst. But the day when you conquer the
desires and attachments towards your kith and kin, you will be the real yogi (saint).

55. You will water the coconut tree for first two or three years, but afterwards it will give sweet
water for it’s lifelong. In the similar way, when you receive help from the society, it is your
bound duty to reciprocate the same.

56. The greatest quality in the life is “You serve others without anticipating any returns”.

57. You look to the road side tree which receives the hot sun light and gives the shadow to the
travelers. In the similar way, you should live for others.

58. A fool will dig for water after his hut is under fire, you should not be such a person. You
should think about the God while you are in good health.

59. You should know that the society will recognize the good persons and in the similar way it
will shun the bad quality persons.

60. You know that very well if you do not do the charities in this life, you will be a beggar in your
next life. After knowing this also if you are not performing charities in this life, you should
prepare to hold the begging bowl in the next life.

61. You should know that the relationships with the relatives andfriendship with friends are like
passing clouds in the sky and likefloating logs in the river. They some times meet and some times
theydisperse. A wise person will not bother for the good and bad happeningswith friends and

62. You should know that a wise person will neither get excited for the
praises nor depressed for the criticism and he maintains equilibrium.

63. If you are interested to enter the Spiritual life, give least
importance for the money, fear not the death and lastly the attachment
towards kith and kin.

64. The way the day and night follows one after one, similarly in human
life sorrows and happiness will follow one after one. When you know
phenomenon, why do you entertain fear in the life?

65. The way you accept the medicines from the herbs available in the
forest to cure your illness, sometimes you should also be prepared to
accept the help from the persons who are unknown to you thinking that
they are God sent one.

66. You should know that your wisdom is your money, your greediness is
your enemy, your character is your beauty and your happiness is your

67. The food you offer to your guest will be digested with in no time
but the food you have offered with affection and love will be in his
memories for his life long. So always offer the food with love and

68. You should know that half your life will go in the sleeping,
remaining half will go in your child hood, youth and old age. Try to
utilize your youth for constructive work in the life so that you will
not repent in the life.

69. We should follow the traditions / standards given by the eminent personalities which will be
beneficial to society.

70. Any spiritual book reveals that helping the humanity is dearer to the God and harming the
humanity is the sin.

71. You should live in a spiritual World where truth is your mother, wisdom is your father and
righteousness’ is your brother, kindness your friend, peace as your wife and forgiveness’ is your

72. Try to talk the truth in a sweet manner, even though the truth looks bitter.

73. Do not waste your energies in the arguments and quarrel and try directing your energies for
acquiring the good will of the society.

74. Earn the money and be happy by following path of righteousness.

75. Think that the things which will bring sorrow to you will create sorrow to others also.

76. We will all know that the God is truth. So do such things where you can please God.

77. You are inviting your downfall by damaging the justice and encouraging injustice.

78. We all know that the idle man’s brain is devil’s workshop. In a similar way keeping the
physical body in lazy condition is inviting ill health.

79. While offering the charities, select the deserving, Going to their house and extending is the
best way if you can. Inviting them to your house and giving them is the good.
- Remember that giving charities to your servants is not a charity. It is only a duty.

80. If you want to be happy, do not indulge in too much praise or abuse, involve in controversial
talks or hurting other’s feelings.

81. You should not give unwanted advises to any one.

82. A person will be known as a gentle man in the society who will stickup to his duties and
never indulge in unnecessary activities.
83. You should respect the law of the land you live.

84. Faith in family traditions, friendship with good persons and eating simple food will alone give
you happiness.

85. A realized person is one who will see Atma in him and the Atma in any living being as same.

86. You should know that nobody will accompany you in your last journey (death); only good
deeds will accompany you.

87. In the society where justice is over ruled by injustice and good is dominated by bad, such
society can be called a dead society.

88. An educated who following bad path, a rich person who behaves like a miser and a strong
person who avoids to protect the weak person, are burden to the Society.

89. Past time can never be retrieved again. If you have not done any good in the past, realize and
try to do some thing good now from this moment onwards.

90. You should give respect to people after seeing their good character, irrespective of age, caste,
creed or sex.

91. You should know that the pain to the body is caused due to unjustified acts and the happiness
to the mind is caused due to justified acts.

92. The way there is no chance to revive the life after death, in the same way good or bad acts
once performed, cannot be reversed. So think twice before doing anything.

93. You behave with others the way you expect them to behave with you.

94. There is limit even for being good or kind.

95. If you give love and respect to your mother (living God) is more than worshipping God in a
temple thousand times.

96. In this world your parents are the only well wishers. Whereas all others will come and go as
per their necessities.

97. A person who is averse to extra martial life, others money, pride and jealousy is a holy man
and you should befriend him.

98. Starving the body and confining to jungles is not the real penance. Living in the society while
following the path of non violence, truth, and showing mercy towards the lesser privileged is
more than penance.

99. Chanting the name of Lord without doing your duty is not right in spirit. Doing your duty
correctly is as good as worshipping the God.

100. If a person is slave to desires, he will becomeslave to all. A person, who overcomes the
desire,will be spiritual and everybody will respect him.
101. The person who has not caused any pain tocreature or human being will never think of pain
in the hell as he has not given pain to anyone.

102. Helping undeserving people and protecting thepoisonous creatures, will definitely cause
harm to you.

103. Being truthful is thousand times better than performing rituals in the name of God.

104. It is advisable to carry out the works which are under your control rather than under other's

105. Anger is the root cause for all destructions in the life. So try to control it.

106. The Deer will be attracted towards sound.
    The Elephant will be attracted towards its
sexual desires.
     The insects will be attracted towards the
     The Butterfly will be attracted towards the
sweet smell of the flower.
     The Fish will be attracted towards the taste
of bite and inviting troubles in their lives.

Can anybody imagine the problems of human beings who
are having all the above qualities?

107. There is no meaning for a donation if it lingers in your mind all the time.

108. If a human being is living in this world only for eating, then there is no difference between
human being and animal.

109. It is advisable to live in this world with your own efforts even it is for a shorter life rather
than living at the mercy of others for a longer life.

110. Perform acts which give you a peaceful night’s sleep. Always engage in deeds that will give
you happiness in the old age.

111. Never loose temper after noticing other’s prosperity and your failures.

112. It is greater to control the desires arising in your mind rather than controlling the desires
 available in front of you.

113. If you loose all your money, still you are not a looser but if you loose your character you
have lost every thing.

114. A good person will always sacrifice his life for the sake of his country and countrymen and
he will look for divinity in every act he performs.

115. You should know that a person who is standing in front of your door for alms is indicating to
do charity to avoid sufferings like him.
116. Having decided to perform a good deed, do it immediately lest not mind might change and
good opportunity is lost.

117. After preparing a good dish, the house wife will try to enjoy it with her husband and
children. In the similar way, you should enjoy the good deeds with your fellow human beings.

118.The way you expect others not to harm, do not think of harming others.

119. While earning money, do not be lazy. Get the proper returns for the work you have rendered.

120. For fulfilling the social and moral obligations, one has to earn money. So earn money in a
way that will not defame and bring difficulties to you.

121. Whatever money you earn, you plan a proper way for spending it. Preserve money for your
old age needs only. The money you preserve for not spending is as good as money not earned.

122. Earning money is a painful process but when you earned in a proper way, will give

123. The shelter under the shade of cloud and company with a bad person will give a momentary
happiness. In the similar way, the happiness with money and youth will give you temporary

124. No doubt, you have to work hard to earn your bread and butter. But it will be great if you
work for other’s bread and butter also.

125. The way the ants save food for rainy season, you should save the money what you earned
during your youth for your old age.

126. The wise man will engage in charities for a better rebirth. A fool will avoid charities
thinking that he may become pauper in this birth

127. The rich person will always strive to be more richer and in that process he will lose all the
happiness of the life.

128. Earning too much money is like attachment to a loving daughter. But you should know that
loving daughter, will leave the house after marriage.

129. You should acquire knowledge and earn money gradually, the way you collect the droplets
of rain water in a pot kept under open sky.

130. To protect the banks of a fully filled tank, you have to release the excess water for
cultivation of paddy fields etc., in a similar way, surplus money should be utilized for charities.

131. Keeping all the mighty forces with you and not protecting the weak, keeping the excess
money with you and not helping the poor are one and the same.

132. The way the water gets accumulated in a coconut, the money accumulates in life. If you do
not drink the coconut water, it will evaporate in the coconut it self. In the same way, if you are
not utilizing the money what you have earned, it is lost.
133. You should not be lazy in earning money. Once you have earned the money, you should not
be a spendthrift in spending. You should maintain a balance between earning and spending.

134. You have to save the money to such extent which will be useful to your wife and children
for meeting the minimum needs.

135. The rivers will not drink its own water; the trees will not eat its own fruits. In the similar
way, a noble person will not spend all the money he earned for himself; he will definitely spend
towards charities.

136. The rich person is not recognized by his bank balance. He will be recognized only by the
way he spends the money for GOOD or BAD.

137. The person who earns money by way of hard work is the best. The person who survives with
his parental money is better. The person who lives on others money is the worst.

138. You should be careful with a person who steals your money in the small amounts daily
without your knowledge than a person who steals the money at a time.

139. The money you spent for self, your family member’s survival and charities is only your
money. The rest what you got is not yours. You are like a custodian for it which is in no way
useful to you.

140. Adding oil to flames will aggravate the fire; similarly without contentment enjoying the
desires will ruin the life.

141. For a happy atmosphere in the house, the understanding between the wife and husband is a

142. After marriage, ladies should lead a new and a happy life with in-laws. At the same time,
they should not forget the past life and give the due respect to their parents.

143. Ladies are soft by nature. It does not mean they should be timid in self protection and
protecting their family.

144. To maintain happiness in the family, house wife should behave at appropriate times like a
Mother, Servant and Minister.

145. A husband will get real happiness in the family only when he has a faithful wife, good
children and proper returns for the hard work.

146. Accepting or giving the dowry in the marriage is nothing but trading the children.

147. Maintaining the illegal contacts between men and women is nothing but destroying the
society with diseases.

148. You should treat your wife’s mother, brother’s wife and your teacher’s wife on par with your
own mother.
149. For a better married life of your children, before marriage check their education, health, age,
character, wealth and family traditions.

150. To control the army, a capable Chief is required. Similarly for better control of family, a
capable lady (wife or mother) is required.

151. Even though you have given a birth to a baby girl, she will not stay permanently with you as
she has to get married and leave the house.

152. The ladies should be given utmost respect in the society. If any one crosses this, they deserve
punishment from the society.

153. You should know that you will get many people around you who will go on praising. But it
is difficult to find persons who will give healthy criticism. So it is your duty to select between a
praise and healthy criticism.

154. In the society, the intellectuals should be given due respect, otherwise, society turns lawless
and will be full of unrest.

155. A wise government should collect taxes from the people in such a way as honey bee collects
honey from the flowers.

156. The way the Alum clears the dirt from the water, participation in the Satsanghs (company of
learned people) will clear all doubts in the spiritual field.

157. Self defense is your birth right. Accept the outcome in that process whatever it may be.

158. You should know that self praise is the first step of your downfall.

159. Like the night follows the day, rebirth follows the death, so it advisable not to think too
much on birth and death.

160. The person who treats the life as a battle and in that battle when he gives the equal stand for
happiness sorrow, profit, loss and marches ahead, no sin will be attached to him.

161. Naturally desires attract and unfulfilled ones will lead to anger. Once angered, wisdom is
lost and downfall starts by itself. Why invite such a situation?

162. Ravana and Duryodhana never listened to the good words of elders and engaged themselves
and implemented unilateral decisions and history has shown them their due place

163. If you want to be a successful person, avoid long sleeping hours, laziness, fear, anger and
postponement of actions.

164. People say that there is no permanent enmity and friendship in politics, but a person in the
spiritual field will feel that there are no enemies or friends. Every one is a divine soul.

165. You should know that every learned person is not your well wisher. In the similar way, your
well wisher may not be a learned person.
166. Hasty actions are the root cause for the mistakes in the life. So think twice before taking any

167. Insulting the weak and poor person in the society may give you momentary happiness. But
never forget one day that person may become a giant and swallow you.

168. It is a fact that mighty elephant can be tied with a rope made with tiny grass bundles and
small ants together can kill a poisonous snake. So understand Unity is the strength.

169. Normally a person will commit mistakes while in power, in his youth, in richness, and
having no sound mind. At a time if all these four qualities are with any one person - Imagine the
fate of that person and society!

170. To avoid the unrest in the country, a good Government with good leader is required.
Electing such leader is also a Yagna. So everybody should perform the Yagna properly.

171. The society should have fear or bhakti towards God. Then only society will prosper.

172. A minister with Ahankara (pride), rich person with Greed, and highly intellectual person
surrendered to the vices are a burden to the society.

173. A Lion is powerful in the jungle. If he sits in his cave without hunting it can’t survive. In the
same way, an intellectual person idling at home cannot survive.

174. The friendship with bad persons will be like long shadows of morning and evening which
represents your false image. But the friendship with good ones is like shadow of the noon which
represents your true image.

175. The friend in need, the bravery of warrior in the war, the wife’s role in poverty, and moral
support of relatives in troubles are time tested.

176. You should be fair and frank when you are dealing with the matters connected with money,
food, enemies, dance and music.

177. A wise person will take future steps in the life after keenly observing other’s steps.

178. Secrecy is of value so long as it remains a secret.

179. Tying a stick to dog’s tail will not lead to straightening it. Similarly good words spoken to a
bad person will not bring any change in him.

180. You may feel bad for the well wisher’s bitter words, the way a Doctor prescribes bitter
medicine for your good health.

181. If you nourish the bitter fruit plants with sweet water, it gives only bitter fruits. similarly
telling good words to crooks is of no use.

182. In this modern age, the persons with bad characters are projected as heroes of society where
as the good persons with simple living are ignored. So it is the duty of the society to recognize the
good and bad.
183. The bad person will flourish with the sweet words. Where as the good person will flourish
with the healthy criticism.

184. Following the path shown by Mahatmas (Good persons) may give hardship during the
journey but after reaching the destination, you will realize the importance of hardships.

185. You are advised to take shelter under the shade of a tree which is having fruits. Due to
unforeseen reasons, if you have not enjoyed its fruits, do not feel bad as you enjoyed its shade.

186. The minerals under the earth, the trees above the earth are utilized by the mankind but not by
the mother earth. In the similar way, the Saints knowledge will be useful to the society at large.

187. The head of the state should prepare to punish the bad, encourage the good, spend the
money in a proper way, avoid partiality among his followers and dedicate his total life for the
protection of the state.

188. With dedication, if you rub the logs, you can generate fire. If you dig the earth, you will get
water. In the similar way, a bold person with dedication proceeding towards his goal will
certainly meet success.

189. A wise man will not drink the salt water from well dug by his kith and kin. He prefers to
drink sweet water from the well dug by outsiders. In the similar way, do not keep any attachments
to sentiments and live above sentiments.

190. If you are affected with any disease, you should get it cured without wasting a single minute.
In the similar way, if you recognize some body showing enmity towards you, you should curb
him at the earliest else you may have to face both mental and physical torture.

191. An umbrella will protect you from rain, in a similar way, good will of the people in the state
will protect the rulers.

192. If the person ruling the state takes care of the people of the state, the people will come
forward voluntarily to save the life and position of the rulers.

193. The hasty decisions and actions may give temporary benefits but in the long run it will show
the bad affects. So a wise person should think about long range benefits and act.

194. A good person will always show gratitude for the small help he received from the fellow
human beings. A bad person even though he was saved by his fellow human beings, will never be
grateful to the persons, who have helped him. So it is our duty to help the good and deserving

195. The leader in the society should follow the right path so that the followers will also follow
him in that path. If this is not happened the society will be ruined.

196. If the ruler of the state is not having good advisors then it is the first sign of the deteriorating
administration in the state.

197. A person in need will search for the donors and not the greedy person with huge wealth, the
way a poor former expecting the rain water from the clouds and not from the huge oceans.
198. The leader who will not keep up his promises to his followers, one day he will be treated like
a mad dog by his own followers.

199. We should not underestimate the enemy. He may look weak and small, but he will become a
big headache to you like a tiny dust particle fallen in the eye.

200. The sheep without a proper shepherd, and people without a righteous leader are one and the

201. Everybody should do the charities, but at the same time they should not be like King Bali
who lost his kingdom due to over enthusiasm in doing charities.

202. Once you are entangled in the vices, it is difficult to come out in the way as when you are
suffering with itching which needs your continuous attention.

203. We should not befriend or enter into enmity with bad people as it is like touching the cold
charcoal will give you a black spot or the hot charcoal which burn the fingers.

204. If you can not avoid the company of bad people, try to be with them the way the bird cuckoo
mixes with crows but does not change its original voice.

205. By mistake, if you are the cause for someone’s physical injury, it can be healed with
medicines but if you hurt somebody’s feelings which can not be cured life long with any
medicine. So take proper care in dealing with others.

206. The one who obstruct you from performing bad acts, who encourages you to do good acts,
seeing good in others and who stands by your side in troubles, is a real friend.

207. A friend in need is a friend in deed is correct. But at the same time you should not reveal
some of your secrets to him as he may be tempted to reveal the same secrets to others.

208. You should be more careful with the sweet words of the bad persons as they keep poison in
their mind and at their convenient time, they spit out the poison on you.

209. Criticizing a good person is nothing but spitting towards sky which will fall back on your
face only.
210. Anger is like a fire which will hurt others the way the fire burns the wood obtained from the
trees or the coal excavated from the earth.

211. A person who was unnecessarily abused by others may feel the pain momentarily, but the
person who abused him feels the guilt life long

212. The life is equally dearer for one and all.

213. One should not be carried away by other’s words and should always think twice before
putting them into action.

214. You should know that your neighbor only will come to your rescue when you are in trouble
but not a highly elevated person who is away from you. In the same way thirst can only be
quenched by water drawn from a nearby small well but not by huge ocean.
215. You can see, once in fifteen days, the moon will reduce its size and after fifteen days, it will
grow to its full size and if you cut the branches of a tree again it will grow. In a similar way, when
you are encountering the bad days, you should not lose heart, as good days will definitely follow.

216. The tree full of fruits will always bend towards the ground and the plants without fruits will
always shoot up skywards. Similarly, a good person will observe obedience towards all others as
a bad person will behave head strong.

217. Normally every one will try to point out mistakes in a good person the way we talk about the
black spots in the moon showering the cool and pleasant light in the darkness.

218. No doubt performing charities is great, but still greater is giving an assurance of protection.

219. A bad person with money will behave like an Iron, but when he is in trouble, he is like Iron
in a molten condition.

220. For life to be happier, keep away from those doubting your integrity and avoid
inquisitiveness to listen secretively to others.

221. Quality of the Gold can be assessed by rubbing against a Goldstone. So are troubles which
are sure test for true friends, relatives and servants

222. A crow can be decorated with Gold and diamonds and still it cannot become a swan. In the
same way, a fool can be throned, but he cannot rule the kingdom

223. A bad king with good ministers and servants is far better than a good king with bad ministers
and servants.

224. You should always be alert with your staff who are not loyal.

225. Gold gets beauty when polished and not from the fact that it is embedded with pearls taken
from the ocean. So also training is essential for an intelligent student and not for those few born

226. Trying to reform a bad person is like chasing a mirage

227. Refrain from taking loans, keep away from fire, enemies and keep aloof from contagious
diseases that can take toll of the lives.

228 It cost nothing to talk good and sweet that brings in good returns

229. A selfless person is like a candle giving light to others while burning and finally loosing

230. A good person while in trouble will not shed his principles just as the way burning camphor
will not loose its aura
231. Diamond irrespective of its being placed on head or dropped into a dustbin retains its value n
comparison with an artificial diamond made out of glass.

232. Physical charm of the body is holocaust by the advancing age. One may turn popper by
lavish spending, but spending for good deeds are glorified even after death.

233. A wise person will seldom over estimate his strength, but will engage in utilizing the
energies for acts for a proper cause.

234. All battles in life are won the moment the inner enemy of laziness is conquered.

235. Wiser is the person who digs a well during summer to know the real depth of water table
than the one who attempts to drill a well in the rainy season.

236. A wise person will undertake the adventure properly judging the time and situation, but a
fool will do the same opposite.

237. A wise person will foresee the future repercussions of the present calamities whereas an
unwise person will think of the repercussions only during calamities

238. You need not hesitate to disobey the elders when they are preaching the wrong words and
you should encourage the youngsters when they are telling something good.

239. If you can appreciate and adopt the good qualities from your enemy and turn better, you are
the real winner.

240. The erupting volcano firstly destroys the plants and animals on the mountain and the flowing
lava causes further destruction. In the similar way a bad person will first spoil those around him
and then society at large

241. A secret is shared between two and any third person knowing of it , is no longer a secret

242. A crocodile in water is powerful enough to drag even an elephant into water. The moment is
out of water can be attacked even by a stray dog. Therefore a wise man should estimate and
assess his strengths and weaknesses before fighting the enemy.

243. A wise man opens the door when fortune knocks on it, rather than expecting it to make entry
without opening the door.

244. Society has certain norms. Giving money to a poor man is called charity and offering money
to a rich one is called bribe. Wisdom should be prevail while surviving in society.

245. Being good to society should give confidence to live, but should not deprive the alertness to
keep guarded from jealous people in and around.

246. Earning money is a difficult job and even more difficult is the task of protecting it. So a wise
man will earn enough to fulfill his basic necessities.
247. A minister’s wisdom will come to be known when he attempts to solve a crisis in the state.
A doctor’s knowledge will come to the fore when he rescues a patient from critical condition.
Under normal conditions, everybody will be pretend to be great people.

248. As long as you are not crippled by attacking diseases or old age, engage in discharging
moral and social obligations towards your family and society.

249. A single wheeled cart cannot move by itself. Single wheel of life cannot move by itself
unless is supported and aided by God’s grace.

250. Cows of different colors give the same milk which is of white color. Similarly pots of
various sizes and shapes are made out of the same basic material clay. So life everywhere is
divine, due to God alone.

251. You should know that the human life, the friendship with good people and the blessings of
God can be obtained only by those who are on the divine path.

252. You will get Punar janma (Re birth) as per the good deeds of present Janma and not by any
mantras that are chanted.

253. A wise man will never aspire for the things which are beyond his reach and remains
contented with the things available with him.

254. The scorpion will have poison in its tail and a Honey bee will have poison in its head, the
snake will have poison in its fangs but unfortunately a human being with a bad character will
have poison in the entire body.

255. As the age advances, you will lose your hair, teeth and functioning of eyes and ears will be
diminishing. But even at this stage also the only thing that will not be reduced is the hope for

256. You should know that growth beyond a proportion is only to break, rise will be followed by
a fall and all people uniting at one place for a cause are only to disperse, so also death follows

257. When you see an elephant toy made out of wood, you will call it as elephant toy and not
wood. In the similar way, you should see the divinity in all human beings and creatures, even
though you can not see the God in them with your eyes.

258. The dog will try to bite the stick thrown towards it but the lion will try to pounce on the
person who throws the stick against it. In the similar way, a fool will try to torch the body to
understand the God, but the wise will try to control the desires to understand the God.

259. The God will be pleased with the person who prays for others happiness rather than looking
for his own just like a mother remains grateful who helps her children in need.
260. Everybody knows that the life is diminishing like the water kept in a pot leaking, diseases
will attacking and old age will be pouncing like a tiger. Even then human beings are seen running
after materialistic world. What a pity?

261. Unless the destined time comes nobody will die. Even that time may come while taking food
and food may choke in the gullet.

262. Daily we will see so many premature deaths. But still we expect that we should live for a
hundred years. What a wonder?

263. The frog in the mouth of a snake will try to a catch a fly. Similarly, at any time we may be
about to die, but we will not be thinking of the God but still engross in thinking of the
materialistic world.

264. The skill we employ in finding faults with others if is employed in analyzing our own faults,
we can be transformed in to a wonderful society.

265. Everybody will try to praise the rich to get the benefit from them. If they do the same
towards God will bring in lot of inner peace.

266. Consumption of salt water from the ocean will increase the thirst instead of quenching the
thirst. So enjoyments in the materialistic world have no end.

267. We can perform all the acts whether they are good or bad with a smile. But when result
comes you will have to enjoy or suffer. So try to engage in such acts which will give everlasting

268. If a person claims that he is spiritual man and if he preaches that do not bother for any hard
work and God will provide everything to you, then he is not a spiritual man.

269. You can pre pone tomorrows work to perform today and today’s work to this moment. But
you can’t postpone or pre pone the death. So do not bother for death and perform your duties.

270. At times preaching intellectuals are worse than uneducated, when it comes to

271. The list of desires is never-ending. Most unfortunate lot keeps thinking of unfulfilled desires
even on the death bead instead of turning to God.

272. The way, wind is needed for the traveling of the clouds, but the same wind with higher
velocities, drive away the clouds. In the similar way, the attachments are created by your mind
and you should balance the same mind for practicing detachment also.

273. If you feed more to the body or starve the body, the body will not perform its duties well.
Similarly in the name of Spiritualism if you engage in spending disproportionate time in daily
life, one cannot achieve anything.
274. The way the river finally merges in the ocean, you have to leave the body and your Atma
should merge with Paramatma. So use the body only as a carrier to reach the Paramatma.

275. In the childhood we spend the life in playing, in the youth we spend the life in enjoyments
and in the old age we will be thinking about the all unfulfilled desires. When is it proper to think
about the God?

276. A person who entertains the Sanyasis with money, students with luxury items and protecting
the thieves is worse than sinner.

277. If you start learning the spiritualism by reading the books, definitely you will land in trouble.
Bookish knowledge will help for the materialistic life and not for the spiritual life. So search for a
Guru who can lead you in spiritual path.

278. We know that for every action there will be a reaction. In a similar way, if you do harm to
others, the same harm will pounce on you in some form or other.

279. A bad person will earn money by wrong means. If you are in the company of such a person, enjoying
the wealth earned by him then you will also get the same punishment as he is going to get.

Rajeswari Kasturi, Saidarbar – Hyderabad.
From the Satsanghs of SaibanisaJi

1. While earning money, do not be lazy. Get the proper returns for the work you have rendered.

2. Be away from the people having bad habits and evil thoughts.

3. Do not aspire for the extra martial life affairs.

4. Avoid abusing others.

5. Do not aspire for the desires which are beyond your reach.

6. Avoid over ambitious in life.

7. Think always that others know better than you and you are one step below them.

8. Do not boast about you and your family members

9. Do not hurt the feelings of others.

10. Live in such a place where you will get good air, light to maintain good health.

11. The dress you ware should be suitable for climatic conditions and not for pomp and show.

12. Your expenditure should not exceed your income.
13. You should give respect to the local traditions where you live and at the same time, you
should not forget your family traditions.

14. You should avoid eating non- vegetarian food and drinking Alcohol.

15. Unnecessarily, you should not criticize the Government and at the same time you should not
shelter the anti social elements.

16. You should be faithful to your parents and you should always receive their blessings.
17. You should not hurt the feelings of others.

18. You are responsible for the good character of the persons depending on you at the same time
if you come across any bad character among them, you should try to eliminate them.

19. For the advancement in the spiritual life, you should select a good guide (Guru). If you fail
you will not achieve spiritual heights.

20. You should eat such food which will give good health and longitivity. You should know that
you are not living only for eating.
21. To lead the life on a good path, energy is needed to the physical body. One has to have his
own ways and efforts to fulfill it.

22. While traveling in the spiritual path, beware of the people who try to deviate you from your
spiritual journey.

23. To lead a peaceful life, you should maintain good relations not only with your kith and kin
but also with your neighbors.

24. You should develop a helping nature so that others will follow you to help the

25. You should live amongst your kith and kin the way the Lotus plant survives in the mud water
with out having any attachment with mud.

26. When you are doing the pooja rituals to the God, you will feel you are doing the routine job.
But if you serve the Saints, you feel that you are nearer to God.

27. You will reach your destiny safely if you avoid traveling in the wrong path / avoiding too
much dealing in monetary matters / a pomp and show.

28. You try to understand your capacities and accordingly accept the work load.

29. There is no parameter in the Spiritual life so you should lead the spiritual life till your last

30. It is your duty to analyze everyday progress and you should not have contentment in the
spiritual life.
31. At the end of the day, you should summarize your activities and conduct. Question self
whether you have behaved like an animal or a human being. You should once for all decide not to
repeat the bad again.
32. As a human being, in your day to day activities sometime or other, you are bound to get
angered, but it should be like a fire to a small piece of paper.

33. If you say that he is my man and the other one is my opponent’s man that shows your mean
mentality. Shun it.

34. When plants and animals are living in nature with the quality of sacrifice, why not human

35. You should be away from the persons who are ungrateful in nature, the murderers of children
and trouble creators in the society.

36. You should not be contended with education, penance and charities alone in society. You
should feel contended with your money, your homely food and spouse.

37. In the birth and death cycle, there is no guarantee that you will take the birth as a human being
again. To be born again as a human being which alone will give a chance to realize God, Always
chant the name of God and tread the right path.

38. If you want to maintain a contended life – you must develop an attitude to help others, use
the wisdom in your work and do not aspire for ambitions that are beyond reach.

39. Unless you avoid unnecessary disputes in the society, aspiring other’s money and women,
you can not travel in the spiritual path.

40. If you maintain a tree called BAD qualities it will give the fruits such as sorrow, unhappiness
and disease. So try to maintain a tree called GOOD qualities which you will give fruits such as
pleasure, happiness and good health.

41. The good words spoken will attract good friends, relatives and fortunes. The bad words
uttered will create enmity and lead you to suffocation. So it is always better to keep tongue under

42. You should be mentally prepared to listen and accept the good words from the children,
follow the good deeds of your enemy even.

43. The physically handicapped, ugly looking persons, uneducated persons and poor people are
all the creation of God. So do not neglect them if possible try to extend your love and moral
support to them.

44. If you walk along with the antisocial elements, the society will feel you are also a member of
that group, so try to keep away from them.

45. The blessings you receive from your parents and teacher are equal to the blessings from God.

46. Beware of the persons who talk sweet in front of you and talk bad behind you. Such persons
are even more dangerous than the poisonous snakes.

47. If you are maintaining good health, get good education, good friendship and exercise control
over senses, you are richer than richest.
48. Broad mind comes to the fore ,the day you render moral support to the person who has
committed sins and repented over his mistakes and now leading in a right way.

49. The fire burns the physical body whereas the fire called jealousy will burn the life itself.

50. The beauty what you look through your eyes may by ugly to others, so try to look the real
beauty with inner eyes.

51. You should know that the Goddess Death is not having partiality towards rich or poor,
healthy or non healthy, educated or uneducated. She treats everybody with the same coin.

52. You should know that one day after your death the body is going to become ash and mix with
the earth. Still you are taking care of the body by giving medicines to prolong the life. Similar
way after the death, the soul needs peace for that when you alive, you should chant the name of

53. Some of the beautiful flowers which give fragrance will contain harmful bacteria. In the
similar way some persons in the aristocratic families will have bad qualities. So you should
beware of such persons.

54. In the name of penance you can conquer hungry and thirst. But the day when you conquer the
desires and attachments towards your kith and kin, you will be the real yogi (saint).

55. You will water the coconut tree for first two or three years, but afterwards it will give sweet
water for it’s lifelong. In the similar way, when you receive help from the society, it is your
bound duty to reciprocate the same.

56. The greatest quality in the life is “You serve others without anticipating any returns”.

57. You look to the road side tree which receives the hot sun light and gives the shadow to the
travelers. In the similar way, you should live for others.

58. A fool will dig for water after his hut is under fire, you should not be such a person. You
should think about the God while you are in good health.

59. You should know that the society will recognize the good persons and in the similar way it
will shun the bad quality persons.

60. You know that very well if you do not do the charities in this life, you will be a beggar in
your next life. After knowing this also if you are not performing charities in this life, you should
prepare to hold the begging bowl in the next life.

61. You should know that the relationships with the relatives and friendship with friends are like
passing clouds in the sky and like floating logs in the river. They some times meet and some
times they disperse. A wise person will not bother for the good and bad happenings
with friends and relatives.

62. You should know that a wise person will neither get excited for the
praises nor depressed for the criticism and he maintains equilibrium.

63. If you are interested to enter the Spiritual life, give least
importance for the money, fear not the death and lastly the attachment
towards kith and kin.

64. The way the day and night follows one after one, similarly in human
life sorrows and happiness will follow one after one. When you know this
phenomenon, why do you entertain fear in the life?

65. The way you accept the medicines from the herbs available in the
forest to cure your illness, sometimes you should also be prepared to
accept the help from the persons who are unknown to you thinking that
they are God sent one.

66. You should know that your wisdom is your money, your greediness is
your enemy, your character is your beauty and your happiness is your

67. The food you offer to your guest will be digested with in no time
but the food you have offered with affection and love will be in his
memories for his life long. So always offer the food with love and

68. You should know that half your life will go in the sleeping,
remaining half will go in your child hood, youth and old age. Try to
utilize your youth for constructive work in the life so that you will
not repent in the life.

69. We should follow the traditions / standards given by the eminent personalities which will be
beneficial to society.

70. Any spiritual book reveals that helping the humanity is dearer to the God and harming the
humanity is the sin.

71. You should live in a spiritual World where truth is your mother, wisdom is your father and
righteousness’ is your brother, kindness your friend, peace as your wife and forgiveness’ is your

72. Try to talk the truth in a sweet manner, even though the truth looks bitter.

73. Do not waste your energies in the arguments and quarrel and try directing your energies for
acquiring the good will of the society.

74. Earn the money and be happy by following path of righteousness.

75. Think that the things which will bring sorrow to you will create sorrow to others also.

76. We will all know that the God is truth. So do such things where you can please God.

77. You are inviting your downfall by damaging the justice and encouraging injustice.
78. We all know that the idle man’s brain is devil’s workshop. In a similar way keeping the
physical body in lazy condition is inviting ill health.

79. While offering the charities, select the deserving,
-Going to their house and extending is the best way if you can.
-Inviting them to your house and giving them is the good.
- Remember that giving charities to your servants is not a charity. It is only a duty.

80. If you want to be happy, do not indulge in too much praise or abuse, involve in controversial
talks or hurting other’s feelings.

81. You should not give unwanted advises to any one.

82. A person will be known as a gentle man in the society who will stickup to his duties and
never indulge in unnecessary activities.

83. You should respect the law of the land you live.

84. Faith in family traditions, friendship with good persons and eating simple food will alone give
you happiness.

85. A realized person is one who will see Atma in him and the Atma in any living being as same.

86. You should know that nobody will accompany you in your last journey (death); only good
deeds will accompany you.

87. In the society where justice is over ruled by injustice and good is dominated by bad, such
society can be called a dead society.

88. An educated who following bad path, a rich person who behaves like a miser and a strong
person who avoids to protect the weak person, are burden to the Society.

89. Past time can never be retrieved again. If you have not done any good in the past, realize and
try to do some thing good now from this moment onwards.

90. You should give respect to people after seeing their good character, irrespective of age, caste,
creed or sex.

91. You should know that the pain to the body is caused due to unjustified acts and the happiness
to the mind is caused due to justified acts.

92. The way there is no chance to revive the life after death, in the same way good or bad acts
once performed, cannot be reversed. So think twice before doing anything.

93. You behave with others the way you expect them to behave with you.

94. There is limit even for being good or kind.

95. If you give love and respect to your mother (living God) is more than worshipping God in a
temple thousand times.
96. In this world your parents are the only well wishers. Whereas all others will come and go as
per their necessities.

97. A person who is averse to extra martial life, others money, pride and jealousy is a holy man
and you should befriend him.

98. Starving the body and confining to jungles is not the real penance. Living in the society while
following the path of non violence, truth, and showing mercy towards the lesser privileged is
more than penance.

99. Chanting the name of Lord without doing your duty is not right in spirit. Doing your duty
correctly is as good as worshipping the God.

100. If a person is slave to desires, he will become
slave to all. A person, who overcomes the desire,
will be spiritual and everybody will respect him.

101. The person who has not caused any pain tocreature or human being will never think of pain
inthe hell as he has not given pain to anyone.

102. Helping undeserving people and protecting thepoisonous creatures, will definitely cause
harm toyou.

103. Being truthful is thousand times better than performing rituals in the name of God.

104. It is advisable to carry out the works which are under your control rather than under other's

105. Anger is the root cause for all destructions inthe life. So try to control it.

106. The Deer will be attracted towards sound.
The Elephant will be attracted towards its
sexual desires.
     The insects will be attracted towards the
     The Butterfly will be attracted towards the
sweet smell of the flower.
     The Fish will be attracted towards the taste
of bite and inviting troubles in their lives.

Can anybody imagine the problems of human beings who
are having all the above qualities?

107. There is no meaning for a donation if it lingers
in your mind all the time.

108. If a human being is living in this world only for
eating, then there is no difference between human
being and animal.
109. It is advisable to live in this world with your
own efforts even it is for a shorter life rather than
living at the mercy of others for a longer life.

110. Perform acts which give you a peaceful night’s sleep. Always engage in deeds that will give
you happiness in the old age.

111. Never loose temper after noticing other’s prosperity and your failures.

112. It is greater to control the desires arising in your mind rather than controlling the desires
 available in front of you.

113. If you loose all your money, still you are not a looser but if you loose your character you
have lost every thing.

114. A good person will always sacrifice his life for the sake of his country and countrymen and
he will look for divinity in every act he performs.

115. You should know that a person who is standing in front of your door for alms is indicating to
do charity to avoid sufferings like him.

116. Having decided to perform a good deed, do it immediately lest not mind might change and
good opportunity is lost.

117. After preparing a good dish, the house wife will try to enjoy it with her husband and
children. In the similar way, you should enjoy the good deeds with your fellow human beings.

118.The way you expect others not to harm, do not think of harming others.

119. While earning money, do not be lazy. Get the proper returns for the work you have rendered.

120. For fulfilling the social and moral obligations, one has to earn money. So earn money in a
way that will not defame and bring difficulties to you.

121. Whatever money you earn, you plan a proper way for spending it. Preserve money for your
old age needs only. The money you preserve for not spending is as good as money not earned.

122. Earning money is a painful process but when you earned in a proper way, will give

123. The shelter under the shade of cloud and company with a bad person will give a momentary
happiness. In the similar way, the happiness with money and youth will give you temporary

124. No doubt, you have to work hard to earn your bread and butter. But it will be great if you
work for other’s bread and butter also.

125. The way the ants save food for rainy season, you should save the money what you earned
during your youth for your old age.
126. The wise man will engage in charities for a better rebirth. A fool will avoid charities
thinking that he may become pauper in this birth

127. The rich person will always strive to be more richer and in that process he will lose all the
happiness of the life.

128. Earning too much money is like attachment to a loving daughter. But you should know that
loving daughter, will leave the house after marriage.

129. You should acquire knowledge and earn money gradually, the way you collect the droplets
of rain water in a pot kept under open sky.

Saibanisa's thoughts on Gruhasthasrama
Sri Shirdi Saibaba practiced celibacy through out his life. BABA advocated his devotees
to follow the traditions of family life in order to achieve social harmony. This alone will
help in building a healthy society and usher alround happiness in one's life. Baba wanted
his devotees to fulfill their moral and social obligations called for in the materialistic
World and then to work towards the ultimate i.e. reaching the God. Incidentally a major
portion of Baba's devotees are from those who follow 'Gruhasthasrama' without any
hindrance. Saibanisa Gopala Rao Ravada has read a number of Books and literature on
this particular topic by different authors and desires to put his ideas before you all. Hence
an attempt is made to high light his observations on this subject, aptly titled as '
Saibanisa's thoughts on Gruhasthasrama'. We earnestly hope that our readership will
appreciate and encourage our efforts.
1. By nature man is a social being and he is bound to offer food and clothing to his
dependents and the needy.
2. Man has to speak good words and please his wife and children by fulfilling their
worldly needs.
3. One is eligible to have his diet only after he has ensured that everyone in his family
including his aged parents had their share.
4. A father should bring up his son with love up to the age of five, with discipline upto
the age of sixteen and thereafter advise him as a friend only.
5. Never use harsh words to a son past sixteen and a daughter past twelve.
6. It is father's responsibility to make a son ready for independent living by the time he
reaches the age of Twenty.
7. A teen - aged daughter should be groomed, educated and married off to a worthy
8. A man should cerate a conducive atmosphere for the growth of a happy family and
cerate a mark for himself with good conduct.
9. Never forget to offer food to those who visit your home during dining hours- may be
sick, elderly or destitute.
10. Offer food to the hungry, water to the thirsty, and a place for the tired to rest.
11. Set apart a portion of your income towards charity for offering medical aid to the
sick, educating the poor, and feeding the needy.
12. Do good to the society and earn a good name for yourself. A housewife must aid the
husband in accomplishing the tasks.
13. There is no respect for a father who runs after debts and a mother who does not care
to put her children on the right track.
14. There is no room for a woman laden with pride for her beauty and indisciplined youth
in our society.
15. It is not wrong to desert a wife with bad character, a friend in deceit and an egoistic
16. Helping the poor, offering prayers to a God/Goddess in a dilapidated temple, and
performing last rites to an orphaned dead is worth hundred times that of performing
17. It is but natural to encounter displeasure at times even with close friends, and
problems with enemies.
18. When visiting, do not go empty handed to the following: elders, a pregnant woman,
the God, The Guru and a King. At the most carry a flower or a fruit.
19. In the materialistic world, it is the wife who shares and gives happiness and pleasures
of life.
20. A person with good faith can only make a good friend.
21. A person who always wishes for the best and good can only make a good
22. A good husband is the one who can bring up and educate his children to be worthy
23. Sky may be full of stars but the light in darkness comes only from the moon.
It is therefore worthy to have one true son than ten useless.
24. Just as a farmer takes all care to protect his crops from insects, Head of the family
should adopt his own methods and practices to eliminate the ills of the family members.
25. Culturally, It is binding on the Head of the family to ensure that his guests are well
taken care of.
26. The legacy and good traditions of family should be passed on to the younger
generations from time to time.
27. Dependence on others for leading one’s life is treacherous. Independence gives lot of
self satisfaction and pleasure.
28. Good education comes by study and hard work. Sense of sacrifice leads to honour
and following the path of truth gives riches. Good deeds emanate from a healthy mind.
29. An introvert is fragile like an earthen pot. It is easier to punish him rather than putting
him on the right track. So let us keep of from the evils of the society.
30. All the accomplices and relations are a result of vrunanubandha. And they separate
out after it’s fulfillment. Wise should not lament on those temporary relations.
31. Good character, a day full of good thoughts,good words uttered after a pause of
thinking, mawise son, well digested food do always good to society at large

Satsangh on 15-05-2005 : Grihasthasram or Baba's advice to Married couple by Sri
Sai.Ba.Ni.Sa Gopal Rao Ravada
Sri Sai Baba has said in chapter 3 of Sai Sat Charita, " If a man utters My name with
love, I shall fulfill all his wishes, increase his devotion. And if he sings earnestly My life
and My deeds, him I shall beset in front and back and on all sides. If anybody sings my
leelas I shall give them infinite joy and ever lasting contentment.". Saibanisa Sri Gopal
Rao Ravada is one of the very few fortunate devotees selected by Sri Sai Baba to spread
His message through divine discourses. Named by Shirdi Sai Baba as Sai Ba Ni Sa,
which means in telugu,'"Bhadyathalu Nirvarthinche Sanyasi".(the person who obeys the
instructions of Sai and implements it), he is the founder member of
He spreads the messages of Sai Baba through Internet through his email newsletter 'Glory
of Shirdi Sai". He came into the fold of Baba in 1989 retiring voluntarily from the post of
a scientific officer. In the year 1998,on Christmas day, Baba came in his dreams in the
form of his English Lecturer and said , " today you cut my Spiritual cake and distribute it
to the entire world". So to spread Sai Philosophy and Sai's teachings, Saibanisaji started
Sai Darbar and from then has been touring throughout the world spreading the message
of Sai through his divine discourses. All his discourses are unique and very interesting .
He has compared Sai Baba's life with the Ramayan, Bhagavatham, and Dattavatar
relating similar instances in Sai Sat Charita. Being a scientist by profession, he has also
approached the Sai Sat Charita scientifically. He can talk about Sai and His leelas for any
number of hours if the audience consist of a very few ardent Sai devotees. He answers
questions and doubts in any chapter of Sai Sat Charita to the level to which the devotee
can understand. Now he is compiling his dreams in which his Master Sai Baba has given
him many instructions and this is published in his fortnightly newsletter "Glory of Shirdi
Sai" .
The devotees of the Anna Baba Mandir Chennai are very fortunate to have had the
darshan of many Mahaans and saints who have put their holy feet in our mandir . Guruji
Kumar Baba always insists on the importance of Satsangh for spiritual advancement and
whenever a Mahaan visits the temple , he arranges a Satsangh with the Mahaan for the
benefit of the devotees of Anna Baba Mandir. We have already heard Saibanisaji's
discourses on Sai in Ramayan and Sai in Bhagavatham and these discourses have been
published in our monthly newsletter Baba Today. Sri Saibanisaji divine discourse on 15 5
05 on the topic' Grihasthasram" meaning Sai's advice to married couple and Children ,
quoting instances from Sai Sat Charita will be published this month and the next month .
In the 3rd chapter of Sai Sat Charita Baba has also said, "Listen to my stories with
respect, think and meditate on them and assimilate on them. The pride and egoism of My
devotees will vanish , the mind of the readers will be set at rest and if it has wholehearted
and complete faith , it will be one with Supreme consciousness. This is the way of
happiness and contentment". Devotees are therefore requested to read it carefully and
follow the advice of Sad guru Sri Sai Baba and attain the Grace of Sai Baba.
Guruji Sri Kumar Baba and devotees of the Anna Baba Mandir, like to convey our
heartfelt thanks to Saibanisaji for enlightening us on the Grihasthasram. Sai Ram.
Divine Discourse by Sri Sai.Ba.Ni.Sa Gopalrao Ravada.
Sri Ganeshaya Namaha, Sri Saraswathye Namaha, Samartha Sadguru Sai Nathaya
My dear Sai brothers and sisters,
Today I will salute the land of Tamilnadu which has given birth to various saints and
sages and the land which has given way for spiritual development.
I salute the Chennai City which has given birth and shelter to eminent Sai devotees like
Sri Narasimha Swamiji
In Chapter 15 of Sai Sat Charita, Baba has said, " Go where ever, over the wide world, I
am with you. My abode is in your heart and I am within you." He has also said' " I am a
servant of My devotees". When my master is your servant , I Saibanisa is also your
servant. Please accept my humble Pranams.
Today, I got an opportunity to speak and share my views on Sai Sat Charita mainly
relating to Grihasthasram, meaning Sai's advice to married couple and children. Baba
though not married, has advised through Sai Sat Charita, how a good householder should
perform his duties. Our Hindu religion has prescribed four asramas for us. Out of these ,
Grihasthasrama or the stage of the householder life is the longest and the most difficult
this is because the householder has duties towards his family, his children , parents,
country, friends and relations. Sai has never asked us to give up our worldly duties and
ties and renounce the world. He has taught us through small incidents and parables, how
to live in this world , perform our duties and reach Sai. He has laid down the fundamental
duties of husband, wife and child and said that married life can be happy if we follow His
Great rishis of yore, like Gautama Muni, Athri maharishi, , Valmiki and
Viswamithra were married and they lead a happy life with their family. They were not
sanyasis. Their life of Grihasthasrama was not a life of passion and lust only. Though
married they lead a life of Dharma and hence could easily reach the feet of the Lord
being a Grihastha. We have to keep them as our guide and tread on their path. We should
understand that married life is not a hurdle to attain Mukti. By being a Grihastha and
performing our duties we can still reach the Lord. Sri Sai Baba , though a Brahmachari
has given advice to Grihasthas on how to lead a virtuous life and attain Mukti. We shall
first look into the duties of a married woman or Wife. .
Duties of the married woman
In the very 1st Chapter of Sai Sat Charita, Baba was sitting on the masjid and grinding
wheat. Four bold women who saw Baba grinding wheat, pushed Baba aside and started
grinding the wheat. They did not know that Baba was grinding wheat to throw the flour
on the village border to prevent the Cholera epidemic spreading to Shirdi. After finishing
their job, they divided the flour into four parts and were about to leave, when Baba said,
"Ladies, are you mad? Whose father's property are you looting away? Have I borrowed
any wheat from you so that you can take away the flour?"
Baba taught by this incident, "Do not aspire for other's property"
In the 47th Chapter , when Gauri attained the marriageable age which was 16 years in
those days, Gauri's father, the priest who was very close to Baba prayed to Baba to find a
suitable match for her. Baba said that, the groom would come shortly and one day
Veerabhadrappa came. The priest liked the boy. The horoscopes matched perfectly and
Baba asked the priest to perform the marriage of Gauri on an auspicious day.
Here Baba insists that the marriage for a woman should be performed as per the parents
wish, after horoscope matching and on an auspicious day. He also indicates that the
marriage should be performed only after the girl attains the marriageable age which was
in those days 16 years. In this scientific age, we should understand that horoscope
matching means getting information about the boy and his family.
In the 45th Chapter Baba was expecting the love from his devotees, just like the chaste
women has to her husband.
Baba means here that ,a chaste woman with her sweet speech and conduct
should regulate her activities by observing the prescribed rules and vows, wait upon her
husband , derive joy in serving him, surrender her own will completely to her husband
and look upon him as her Lord .She should be completely devoted to him and she should
never think of any other man. Such a woman she is regarded as being truly righteous in
her conduct.
In chapter 47 while the temple construction was going on , God appeared in Gauri's
dream and said, 'Build the dome of the temple. I will give you hundred fold of what you
spend".Her husband who was a miser, did not agree to this. Then again God appeared in
Gauri's dream and said, " do not ask your husband for money. If you feel like, give
anything of your own". She decided to give gold ornaments given to her by her father as
Baba implies that ladies should have financial freedom and security. When a woman is
married she brings Streedhan from her parent's house. The parents give their daughter,
Streedhan as financial security for their daughter. No one including the husband has any
right over the Streedhan .
In chapter 12, when Mrs. Nimonkar was in Shirdi, her son fell ill at Belapur, which was
her parent's house. She wanted to go to Belapur and spend some time with her parents
and relatives. But, Mr. Nimonkar wanted her to come back the following day. But when
she went to take Baba's permission to leave, Baba said to her, " go quickly, Be calm, stay
comfortably in Belapur for four days. See all your relatives and then return to Shirdi" .
Baba means her that the woman should not forget her parents and relatives after
marriage. She should visit them and maintain good relationship with them.
In chapter 13 Bhimaji Patel comes to Baba to cure his Tuberculosis. Baba cured him by
two dreams. In one dream he saw himself as a boy , suffering from severe pain of
flogging , which he received for not reciting his Sawai poetry before the class master.
This Sawai poetry is not found in the English translation of the Sai Sat Charita. The verse
runs thus word by word.
" She , to whom, stepping into any other house is like stepping on a snake's head;
The words from whose mouth are as hard to obtain, as wealth from a miser's hand;
To whom, her husband's company is the highest happiness, though there be no wealth in
the house;
And, who acts calmly, with her husband's approval;
Only she is the true 'sati' amongst women."
Baba's advice to a married woman was conveyed through the dream of Bhimaji, though
this dream or poetry had no meaning with reference to Bhimaji's disease. Bhimaji was
cured of his disease but at the same time, Baba used this dream of Bhimaji to convey a
very important message to all married woman. This poetry is the very essence of
Pativrata dharma which Hindu Sastras have laid down for the married woman. Baba has
conveyed through this poetry, that a married women should be endued with self control
and should never enter another man's house which is as poisonous as stepping on a
snake's head, should speak only few words and should not argue unnecessarily, should
enjoy the company of the husband even if he happens to be poor or diseased or weak
or not able to support the family, should be able to maintain the family within the
husbands' income, should serve the husband with a cheerful heart and should be humble.
Such a woman is considered as a chaste woman and Heaven will be hers at her beck and
In chapter 33, Baba performs the Jamner Miracle. Mainatai, the daughter of Nana Sahib
Chandorkar was pregnant and was about to deliver. Her case was very serious, and she
was suffering from labour pains for the past two or three days. Nanasaheb and his wife
tried all remedies but in vain. She was in a very serious condition. They prayed to Baba
and invoked his aid. Baba who knew all this had already sent a person from Shirdi with
Udhi and an aarthi. After drinking the water mixed with Udhi, Mainatai delivered a baby
By this Baba indicated that the first delivery of a baby of a married woman should always
be under her parent's guidance in her parent's house and the baby should be delivered in a
very comfortable atmosphere with the blessings of her parents. During the first delivery,
the woman will be in the grip of fear and in a confused state of mind. The parents' who
know the character and problem of their daughter, can help her and give her support
when she needs it most.
In chapter 6 , Amir Shakkar started the Sandal Procession in Shirdi to honour the great
Muslim saints. Sandal paste is carried in thalis through the village to the accompaniment
of band and music and after returning to the masjid, it is smeared on the walls of the
masjid with hands. . Amir Shakkar organized and managed this for the first three years
till his death and afterwards his wife managed this.
Baba tells us than when a woman is leading a happy life with her husband and if by some
reason the husband leaves this world (dies) prior to his wife, then all the good charitable
works done by the husband should not be discontinued by the wife. Even after her
husband's death, she should continue to do the good religious work started by her
husband, in memory of her late husband.
In chapter 30, When Shama was seriously ill, his mother prayed to her family deity
Goddess Saptashrungi of Vani that if her son got well she would bring him and dedicate
him at Her feet, and Shama got well.
In chapter 7 , the blacksmith's wife called out to Baba when her child fell into the
furnace. Baba put his hands into the dhuni in Dwarakamayi and saved the child.
In chapter 26, Harischandra Pitale and his wife brought their son who was suffering from
epilepsy and placed him at Baba's feet. No sooner did Baba set his eyes on him, the child
fainted and on seeing her son son's condition, tears began to flow ceaselessly from the
mother's eyes. She began to wail in front of Baba, crying that her condition was like that
of a cow, fearing a tiger ran into the hands of a butcher and likewise. Baba , the
affectionate mother, comforted her saying, "mother, do not wail like this. take the boy to
your lodging and he will come to his senses within half an hour" . As Baba said, the boy
became normal. The Pitale's went to thank Baba with their son and Baba looked at the
mother and said, " have all your doubts calmed down now. God will protect one who has
faith and patience" .
In chapter 29, Babu Tendulkar was studying hard and wanted to appear for the medical
examination. But some astrologers on examining his horoscope told him that his stars
were not favourable and he should appear for the exam the following year only. Mrs.
Savitribai Tendulkar, went to Shirdi met Baba and informed about the gloomy and
morose condition of her son and sought Baba's help. Baba said, " tell your son to throw
the horoscope and predictions and ask him to write the exam. He is sure to pass this
year". True to Baba's words, the son passed the exam.
In the same chapter, when her husband, Raghunathrao Tendulkar wanted to retire, Mrs.
Tendulkar felt that the pension of Rs 75 that he would receive would not be sufficient for
them. But Baba appeared in her dream and said, " I wish Rs. 100 should be paid as
pension . Will that be sufficient. ?. She replied , "Baba why ask me . All care is yours."
Mr. Tendulkar was given a pension of Rs. 110.
Baba indicates from the above incidents that the main responsibility of caring and
protecting her children and the household rests on the married woman The women in all
the above incidents, have taken ultimate steps to care and protect her householders. They
can never tolerate their children being unhappy and they take all necessary steps to
protect their children and husband. The married woman knows the wants of her children
and husband and if she is not able to solve their problems , she prays to God on their
behalf for their welfare. Moreover , the love of a mother is extra ordinary
,unconditional and self less and it is equal to none in this world. Because a mother's love
is unconditional, her prayers are answered by the Lord.
In chapter 29, a Chennai Bajan Mela went to Shridi, with a view of performing before
Baba as they heard that Baba distributed lots of money to His bakthas. The wife was a
very devoted lady and she loved Baba. Baba who was pleased with her faith, gave her the
darshan of her Ista Devatha Sitanath. But when she narrated this to her husband, the
husband did not believe this and teased her. Though the man was not as devoted as his
wife and was greedy for money, Baba came in his dream and gave him darshan of his
Guru Ramdas.
From this incident Baba makes us understand that even if one person in the family is
devoted to Him and surrenders to Him wholeheartedly, He Baba will take care of the
whole family and protect them birth after birth.
So far , I have narrated the duties of a married woman in Grihasthasrama. Dear, Sai
Sisters, please do not feel that Sai Baba has only mentioned about the duties of married
woman. Baba has also shown us through various incidents and parables in Sai Sat
Charita, the duties of a married man. In our Hindu Dharma, it is the husband's duty to
protect and provide everything for his wife and children. The husband is the head of the
family and he is responsible for making his family materially and emotionally secure. Let
us now see the various incidents in which Baba has elucidated this..
In chapter 27, we come to know of the Khaparde family. Mr. Khaparde was a very
learned person and a very humble and modest devotee of Baba. He was proficient in
Panchadasi and also English but he never opened his mouth before Baba. He came with
his wife to Shirdi. His wife was also a faithful devotee of Baba. They stayed in Shirdi for
four months, serving Baba everyday and offering Naivaidya. After four months, Mr.
Khaparde wanted to go home. When he asked Baba for permission to leave, Baba asked
Mr. Khaparde to go home and made Mrs. Khaparde stay in Shirdi for another three
months. Pleased with Mrs. Khaparde's sincere service, Baba gave her a mantropadesa
.and asked her to chant "Rajaram" daily.
By this incident, Baba teaches us two important lessons. Firstly, the husband must love
his wife and should be affectionate. But he should not have too much attachment for his
wife and use her to only to share his physical intimacy. Enjoyment of marital pleasure is
permissible, but one should not be enslaved by it. Secondly, the husband should not
restrict his wife's progress and she should be left free to progress in her own way
spiritually within the rules of our sastras. She should also be allowed to spend time with
her parents whenever time permitted., Baba wanted both the husband and the wife to
climb the spiritual ladder. A man can share all his material wealth with his wife and
children but he cannot share his spiritual wealth. Each individual has to work on their
own to achieve their spiritual goal. Baba by this incident implies that man should treat his
wife as his co practioner of Dharma .He should allow his wife to participate in all acts of
righteousness and help her also gain spiritual progress.
In chapter 43 ,Bapusaheb Jog came to Shirdi in 1909 and served Baba. After Megha's
death he performed the aarti ceremony daily . He once asked Baba, " Baba I have served
you long single mindedly. My mind is not yet calm and composed. When will you bless
me?. Jog wanted to take sanyas . Baba said, " In due time, all your delusions created by
Maya will vanish, You will renounce all your attachments and you will conquer lust.
Then you can resort to your begging bowl".
Here Baba implies that it is the duty of every husband to protect his wife and take care of
her. So Baba did not allow Mr. Jog to take Sanyas when his wife was alive. Here Baba
makes it very clear that the husband cannot take sanyas when the wife is alive or without
her permission.
In chapter 49, when Nana Saheb Chandorkar was sitting in Dwarakamayi with Baba, a
Mohammedian gentleman came from Bijapur with his family to see Baba. On seeing the
veiled ladies , Nana Saheb wanted to go away, but Baba prevented him and made him sit
there. When one of the ladies removed her veil to salute Baba's feet, Nana Saheb who
saw her face was smitten with her indescribable beauty. He wished to see her face once
again. Baba knew Nana's restlessness of mind and after the ladies left Baba slapped Nana
on the thigh and said, ' Nana why are you getting agitated? Let the senses do the allotted
work . Think that God has created this beautiful world and it is our duty to appreciate this
beauty. Look at them with pure love and not with lust. Then your mind will get calm and
In this incident, Baba inculcated the moral : Restrain lust. Never be a slave to your sense
organs. He taught this moral through Nana Chandorkar, a very educated and respectable
man of good character. In spite of his excellent qualities of self restraint Nana Sahib lost
his mental balance because of a bad thought which lasted only for a second. Baba taught
an important lesson that a married man should look upon all other woman as his sister.
He should enjoy sensual pleasures within the limits of the moral law. If the beauty does
not belong to him, he should not aspire for it. It should be noted here that when Baba
lived in Dwarakamayi, many women came to have his darshan. There were dancers and
gazal singers among them. But Baba used to address everyone as only "Maa" and treated
everyone as His mother. He wants the married man to give up all sinful acts arising out of
lust and treat all women other than his wife as mother or sister.
One day as I was reading this chapter and thinking about it seriously, Baba told me a
parable, " Wife is sugar, Why do you want extra sugar and invite diabetes?".
In chapter 8 , it is written that Tatye Kote Patil used to sleep with Baba and Mhalsapathy
in the masjid. But when he attained the age of 16, and when his father passed away ,
Baba never allowed him to sleep in the masjid with him.
Baba has indicated that the best age for a Bhramachari to become a grihastha is 16 years.
So, when Tatya reached the age of 16, and when his father died Baba wanted him to
marry and become a grihastha and take charge of the family. In those days, men were
allowed to marry at the age of 16, but now, the best age for a Brahamachari to become a
Grihastha is 24 and not 16. Only at this age, he would have settled down in his life and
hence can raise a family.
In chapter 47, in the story of Chennabasappa and Veerabhadrappa, the rich miser did not
support his wife's wishes to build a temple. Even when she told him about the dream in
which God asked her to build the dome of the temple, he was agitating and tried to cheat
Baba here teaches us that, a married man should spend a part of his money to support his
wife's wishes, because at the time of a Hindu marriage, the husband promises the
wife that he would cherish and provide everything for the welfare and happiness of his
wife. So it is the duty of the husband to fulfill his wife's genuine wishes.
In chapter 26, Mr. Gopal Narayan Ambadekar, who was in the Akbari department, quit
his job at a very early age, during the 10th year of his service, before his children settled
in life. He did not get any other job after that and so. he spent all the money he has
earned.. He passed seven years in this condition and since he did not get a job, he came to
Shirdi to end his life. But Baba saved him . With Baba's blessings, he learned astrology
and gained proficiency in it. He was able to earn sufficient money with that and could
take care of his family.
Again Baba explains the Purusha Dharma of the married man towards his wife and
children. It is his duty to protect and provide for his wife and children .The husband must
earn money through honest means. He cannot retire or quit the job till the children are
well settled. He has to make sure that his family is materially and emotionally secure and
then only he can retire. Till then he has to earn money to the best of his ability to provide
the necessary economic resources needed for the family
In Chapter 29, there is a story about a Bajan party from Chennai which visited Shirdi in
1916. They had heard that Baba collected money from his devotees and distributed it
everyday to his bakthas. They had come with the greed for money, but the chief lady was
very devoted to Baba. So Baba gave her darshan of her beloved deity Sitanath. When she
reported this incident to her husband, her husband made fun of her and did not believe it.
Baba then gave the husband also the darshan of his Guru Ramdas and only then he
believed his wife's devotion.
Baba teaches a moral through this story that the husband should respect the sentiments of
his wife. He should not tease her or make fun of her. Spiritual communion is possible for
both only if each one respects the feelings of the other.
In chapter 34, When Shama's Sister in law was attacked by plague, Shama's brother,
Bapaji, came running to Shama at the middle of the night to invoke Baba's blessings for
curing her Plague.
Baba reminds the married couple about the oath taken during the Saptapathi ceremony
during marriage. The Hindu marriages are complete only after the Saptapathi. While
taking the seven steps and circumambulating the agni(sacrificial fire) the bride and the
groom promise to share the joys and sorrows, material prosperity and be truthful to each
other. Shama's brother Bapaji followed this purusha dharma. He could not see his wife
suffer in pain and ran at the middle of the night to Shirdi to eradicate her sorrow. Baba
teaches us by this story that the husband must be caring and it is his responsibility to take
all necessary steps to protect his wife when she is in need.
In Chapter 6 and chapter 25 of Sai Sat Charita, we come across stories of Sri Gopal Rao
Gund and Damu Anna Kasar. Since, the first wife could not bear a child they remarried .
Even then they were not blessed with a child. So they went to Shirdi to invoke Baba's
blessings for a child and finally both were blessed with children
A marriage is not complete without the birth of a child. In olden days, man used to earn
for his family and woman looked after the house. In those days gynecology was not
developed. So it was the duty of the man as Griheswara to seek the blessing of God or
Guru for the birth of a child.
In these days, gynecology is developed. So it is not necessary for a man to marry another
woman. He can seek a doctor's help for the birth of a child along with prayers to his guru
and God.
Duties of Children:
Let us now look at the duties of the children towards their parents. The parents have
given life to the child. They have given them good education. There are also sacred duties
of children towards their parents. It is the duty of every child to be a humble servant to
his parents. Baba has emphasized the duties of children towards parents in Sai Sat
Charita. He has said that the children's prosperity in this world depends on how he takes
care of his parents . Children should do only what pleases their parents and avoid doing
anything which gives them pain. A few incidents from Sai Sat Charita
In chapter 13, a gentleman from Harda by name Dattopant suffered from acute stomach
pain for about fourteen years. None of the remedies gave him relief. On hearing Baba's
fame , he went to Shirdi, fell at Baba's feet and cried, "Baba, this colic has pursued me
relentlessly for fourteen years. I have reached the limit of my patience. I have never
shown disrespect to my father and mother. Then why should I endure so much
From this incident, we know that, if the children disrespect their parents, they will suffer.
Children should not scold or abuse their parents. None of their deeds or words should
make the parents sad . Instead, they should constantly strive to keep them happy.
In chapter 4, the father of Bhagwant Rao Khirsagar was a devotee of Vithoba and he used
to make annual trips to Pandarpur. After the death the son stopped this vari, the pooja at
home and the offerings to Vittal. Even the annual rites and ceremonies for the dead
ancestors were forgotten. When Bhagwantrao came to Shirdi Baba said, " His father was
my friend. So I dragged him here. His father used to do regular pooja and make food
offerings. But after his father's death , he(the son) never performed pooja and never
offered naivedhiya and so he starved me and Vittal. I brought him here to remonstrate
and set him to worship."
In this incident, Baba explains that after the father's death, the son should continue the
good works of the father. He should not stop the family traditions. He should perform
Deva Yagna of offering oblations to Gods. Also he should never forget his dead
ancestors. He should perform Pitru Yagna , which consists of Tarpana or ablutions to
departed souls and Shraddha or annual religious rites for his parents and ancestors. Baba
wants every child to honour their parents and pay homage to them.
Baba devotees worship Baba as Sai Rama and Sai Krishna. There are lots of incidents
in Sai Sat Charita showing the similarity of Baba's leelas with Ramayan and
Bhagavatham, proving that Baba is none other that Lord Rama and Lord Krishna. I have
also given lots of similarities in my previous lectures on topics "Sai in Ramayan and Sai
in Bhagavatham". Sri Dasganu and Sri Bhishma who have written the aarthis sung in
Shirdi have addressed Baba as Panduranga and sung, "Uta Panduraga" , Krishna Datta
Sai and Shirdi Maze Pandharapura Sai Baba Ramavara"
I shall narrate one incident from Krishnavathar and one from Ramavathar to illustrate that
" Serving parents is nobler than serving the Lord."
Lord Krishna pleased by the devotion of one of His devotees, Pundalika, went to meet
him at his house at Pandarpur. When the Lord arrived, Pundalika was busily engaged in
serving his elderly parents and so asked Lord Krishna to wait. He gave a stone slab to
Krishna asked Krishna to stand on it and wait till he finished his service. The Lord waited
for him with his hands on His waist admiring Pundalika's service to his parents. Krishna
is called as Vitthala at Pandarpur meaning, " One who stands on a brick". So respecting
the parents and service to parents the foremost duty of every child.
Similarly, in Ramayan we come across the story of the ideal son Shravan Kumar.
Shravan Kumar's parents were blind. But Shravan Kumar made a kavadi ( a long stick
with two baskets suspended on both ends) for them to sit and carried his blind parents on
his shoulders to all the temples. When they reached Ayodhya, his parents felt thirsty.
Shravan Kumar went to fetch water for them from a river nearby. When he was taking
water, King Dasaratha who mistook the gurgling sound caused in the water , for a wild
animal struck an arrow from behind and killed Shravan Kumar. The last words Shravan
Kumar spoke to King Dasaratha before dying was, " please give water to my thirsty
parents " .Shravan thus died while performing his duty towards his blind parents. Even on
his death bed he was sad that he could not quench the thirst of his parents. If a child is
given a choice to choose between the opportunity to render service to God and service to
parents, he should choose to serve his parents. God will surely bless a child who
honours his parents thus. .
Our Hindu Dharma says "Maatru Devo Bhava, Pitru Devo Bhava, and then only Acharya
Devo Bhava." So it is the duty of every child to respect the mother and father who have
brought them in this world and made them useful to society.
So far we have been discussing the duties of a child. There are also duties which the
parents jointly have to perform. Their foremost duty is provide them good education,,
teach them our tradition and moral values and make them understand that education and
character are their two eyes. They also have to teach them to love and respect all human
beings and see divinity in all creations. Baba has mentioned a few of them in Sai Sat
In chapter 35 , a Kayastha Prabhu gentelman of Bandra was not able to sleep peacefully
at night. The moment he closed his eyes his deceased father would appear in his dream
and start cursing and scolding and fire at him a volley of stinging abusive words. This
happened every night and his sleep was disturbed. He developed insomnia.
Baba says that the parents should love their children and not punish them severely. There
is a proverb , " If your son reaches the height of your shoulder treat him like a friend.".
The abuses which the son received from his father when he was young had cast such a
bad scar in his heart that the son could not forget it even in his sleep. Baba does not want
the parents to be very severe. Love begets love and so the parents should not curse and
abuse their children. Instead of enumerating their bad deeds, they should reason out to
them the bad effects of their acts in a polished way and try to correct them.
In chapter 40, on the day of Holi in1917, Baba came in Sri Hemadpant's dream and said, '
Today I am coming for a meal". Hemadpant was celebrating this Holi festival in a very
grand manner. All his daughters, son, daughter in law, son in laws' and grand children
were present in his house. A grand feast was made, rangolis were drawn and everyone
wore new clothes. And true to his words Baba came in the form of a picture.
Baba describes the live of Vanaprastha here and how it should be lived. Hemadpant had
completed all his responsibilities. He had given education for his children, got them
married and also had grandchildren. For the Holi festival all his family members had
assembled in his house and he was celebrating it in a very grand manner. Baba says
that Vanaprastha does not mean going out to the forest with the wife and spending the
rest of the life in seclusion and meditation. . Instead, he advises them to spend time with
the family and also take part in divine acts. A vanaprastha can spend 50% of his earnings
for pilgrimages and charity and the remaining 50% he should spend for the family. On
important occasions devotion should be combined with socializing with the family.
Before I conclude my speech, I would like to narrate Baba's beautiful message to
devotees of Anna Baba mandir. Today morning when I was in meditation, Baba said to
me, "Anna Baba mandir is like the pomegranate tree. It will give thousands of fruits
every year. Sri Kumar Baba is the gardener. He will water this Pomegranate tree and
collect the fruits. He will peel open the fruits. Each fruit will contain thousands of seeds
inside.. He will distribute one seed to every devotee. So in years to come thousands of
devotees will throng to this Anna Baba Mandir".
You must all be aware that Sai Baba while at Shirdi used to go to Rahata and bring
with him small flowering plants. He planted them and watered them daily by
drawing water from a nearby well and carrying pitchers of water on His shoulders. A
beautiful flower garden came up due to Baba's labour. In is on this garden which was
watered by the gardener Sai Baba that the Samadhi Mandir of Baba, which gives solace
and peace to millions of Sai devotees is built. Baba is bestowing His grace and blessings
only from there.
Similarly Kumar Baba is the gardener, cooly. I do not think I am working in calling him a
cooly as Baba himself has said that He is the slave of His devotees. He is watering the
Pomegranate tree, which will be giving thousands of fruits. He will collect the fruits cut it
and distribute one seed to all of you. I will also collect one seed from him. This is Baba's
message through me to the devotees of the Anna Baba Mandir and I am very happy that
my younger brother Kumar Baba has been allotted this work. Baba allocates work for
everyone according to their capabilities. I have been assigned the work of spreading Sai's
messages through my lectures. Serving Baba devotees gives us immense satisfaction.
I thank my brother Kumar Baba and the devotees of the Anna Baba Mandir, who have
assembled here to listen to my discourse. May we all sing the glory of Lord Sai Nath
together. Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

      Sai In Ramayan: By Sri SAIBANISA Gopal Rao Ravada –Hyderabad-India
Sri Ganeshaya Namaha. Sri Saraswatye Namaha. Samartha Sadguru Sainathaye Namaha.
In Sai Sat Charitra Baba says, “ you need not go anywhere in search of Me. Barring your
name and form , there exists in you, as well as in all beings, a sense of being or
consciousness of existence. That is Myself. Knowing this you see me inside yourself as
well as in all human beings. He who sees me in all creatures is my beloved”. Baba is
there in every soul, so I convey my pranams to everybody here.
Nowadays all Sai devotees greet each other as “Sai Ram”. What is the greatness of
Sairam? Sai is indeed Ram. My object is to prove that Sai is Ram and Ram is Sai by
projecting similar incidents from Ramayan and Sai Sat charitra. You must be aware that
Ramayan contains, Bala Kandam, Ayodhya kandam, Aaranya kandam, Kishkinta
kandam, Sundara kandam and Yudha kandam, I am taking few incidents from all this to
bring out the similarity between Ram and Sai.
Hemadpant has said, “when I read Ramayan, I could see Sai in Ramayan and when I read
Bhagavatam I again could see Sai in Bhagavatam” . To test this I started reading
Bhagavatam and I also found Sai in Bhagavatam. And I found Sai in Ramayan also . That
is the reason for the discourse today. I will give you relevant examples which will help
you conclude that Sai is Ram.
One day, to the Dhulia Commission officer at Shirdi, Baba disclosed his age as lakhs of
years which means, for lakhs of years Baba was Ram. It must be true as Sai was a
realized soul and an ageless chiranjeevi like Ram. So this proves to us that Baba and Ram
are one and the same and both are beyond death and mortality.
Where Ram is there Hanuman is.
Where ever Ram is you can find Hanuman around. Ram and Hanuman are inseparable.
Hanuman will be ahead of Ram to greet Ram on his arrival. And wherever Ram nama is
heard, Hanuman is sure be around.
Similarly, at Shirdi, there is a Maruthi Mandir besides Dwarakamayi, where Shirdi Sai
Baba lived. Here also Hanuman was ahead of Baba to greet and receive His master on
His arrival to Dwarakamayi. We should feel happy that Shirdi is also Ayodhya for us as
we have Hanuman and Ram in the form of Sai.
Importance of Namasmarana:
Lord Shiva is also called as Garlakanta or Neelakanta. He is called so because, he
consumed the deadly poison and kept it in his throat without swallowing. If he spit it out
the entire universe would be in flames. It is a very difficult task but Lord Shiva could
manage this because every moment He used to utter the taraka mantra “Ram , Ram”, and
He could bear the pain and the ill-effect of poison by uttering Rama nama.
In Chapter X of Sai Sat Charita, Hemadpant says that Baba never prescribed any asanas ,
sitting between the fires, sacrifices or eight fold yoga to his sishyas. He told them to leave
all cleverness and always utter “Sai, Sai” and by uttering the name of Sai all our shackles
will be removed and we will be free. Sai Ram is the taraka mantra and in this Kaliyug, in
which Baba lived, only namasmarana can remove our fear and carry us safely across the
ocean of worldly existence.
Godliness not realized
In the Tretya Yuga, Ram is portrayed in the beginning only as a human being and not as
an incarnation of God. But the divine qualities that Ram possessed made people conclude
that Ram was an avatar Purusha - the incarnation of Lord Srihari. This happened only
towards the end of Ramayana.
Similarly, when we begin to read Sai Sat Charitra, we think of Sairam only as a human
being. Only after reading all the fifty-one chapters, we come to realize that Sai is God.
Even though Mahalsapati invited Sai, he did not allow Him to stay in the Kandoba temple
but asked Him to stay in the Dwarakamai because Sainath looked like a fakir. Sairam
took His Mahasamadhi in the year 1918, and even till 1918 many people did not realize
that He was an avatar Purusha.
Blessings for a male child
In Ramanyan, King Dasaratha had all the prosperity but he was gloomy and sad because
he had no son. He got sage Rishyasringa to perform Putrakameshti Yaaga ( a yaaga for
childbirth) and was blessed with 4 sons Ram, Lakshman, Bharatha and Satrugan
In Sai Sat Charita there is a similar incident. Ratanji Shapurji Wadia was a multi
millionaire. But with all this wealth, he was totally unhappy because he did not have a
son. When he approached Baba and gave Rs 5/ as dakshina, Baba told him that he had
already given Him Rs 3 and 14 annas and took only the balance. But at the end Baba
blessed him saying, “God will satisfy your heart’s desire”. Baba’s words were true and
Ratanji was blessed with a son.
Guru Vakya Paripalana - Ordeal of Guru Bhakti
In Ramayan in the Baalakand , Viswamitra takes Ram and Lakshman to the forest to
defeat and kill the raakshasas who were obstructing his yaaga. When Thaataka
approached fiercely to kill Ram and Lakshman and to destroy the yaaga, Viswamitra
asked Rama to kill Thaataki immediately. Though it was against Kshatriya Dharma to kill
a woman, Ram did not hesitate a minute. He said, “it is my duty to obey my Guru without
asking any question,” and so saying He strung His bow and the arrow pierced her chest
and Thaataki fell down lifeless. Ram proved here that “guru Vakya” i.e order of the guru
is very important.
Similarly in chapter XXIII of Sai Sat Charita, Sai tested his disciples. While the cholera
ordinance was in force, someone brought a goat to the Dwarakamai to be killed. Sai put
some of his closest devotees to test. He first asked Bade Baba to behead it, who flatly
refused. Then Baba asked Shama to kill the goat and he also went to fetch a knife but did
not return . Baba finally asked Kakasaheb Dixit, a pure Brahmin , who never in his life
knew killing, to behead the goat. Though quite averse to do any act of violence,
Kakasahib Dixit tightened his dhotar and raising the knife waited for Baba’s permission.
When Baba said “strike”, the knife was about to come down on the goat . But Baba said ,
“ Stop. How cruel you are. Being a Brahmin you are killing a goat”. Kakasahib Dixit
said, “Baba, Your nectar like word is law to me. I do not know whether it is right or
wrong to kill, but I know implicit and prompt compliance with Guru’s orders is my duty
and Dharma”. Here Kakasaheb Dixit has taken the words of Baba as law.
Parasthri Vyamoham:
In Ramayan, Ahalya, the wife of Gautama Muni was turned to a stone by her husband
when she yielded to the unholy desire of Indra. Ramayan teaches a lesson that Parasthri
Vyamoham i.e. yearning for another man’s woman is very bad offence.
In Sai Sat Charitam XLIX chapter, Sai also preaches that Parasthri Vyamoham is bad.
Once when Nanasaheb Chandorkar was sitting in the Dwarakamai with Baba, a
Mohammedian gentleman came with his family. When a muslim lady removed her
barkha(veil) to salute Baba, Nana was smitten by her beauty and was tempted to see her
face once again. Baba knowing Nana’s restlessness says to Nana, “Our mind is fickle by
nature, it should not be allowed to get wild. You can enjoy beauty but you cannot aspire
for it. Beauty is the subject of sight, but we should never entertain evil thoughts in our
Viswamitra comes to the ashram of Vasista with his followers and , he sees Kamadhenu
the divine cow of Heaven, which grants all the wishes and desires of Vasista. When
Viswamitra asked Vasista about the importance of Kamadhenu, Vasista praises the Holy
cow and says that She , emerged from the ocean and was created by Brahma to serve
Sai speaks about Kamadhenu in Chapter XXVII in Sai Sat Charita. Smt Lakshmi Bai
Khaparde was the wife of a very rich and famous advocate but she was very humble like
her husband. Both the Khapardes were faithful devotees of Sai. While she stayed at
Shirdi, every noon she brought naivedya for Sai, One day when she brought the
Naivedya, Baba ran to her and snatching the plate began to partake the dish zealously.
Shama asked Baba, “ Why this partiality? You throw away dishes of others, but you are
eating this lady’s food . Why is the dish of this woman so sweet?”. Baba then explained,
“ this food is really extraordinary. In her former birth(five janma’s back) she was a cow
yielding much milk. I have tasted that milk . She has come back to me after her five
janmas. I saw her after a very long time. Let me take some sweet morsels of food from
her dish.” Baba as Ram would have tasted the milk of Kamadhenu. As Baba has said, “ I
will follow my baktha birth after birth” , He still remembers her . If an animal or creature
does something good to the society, they will be born as a human being in the next birth.
This is the moral , which Sai indicates to us.
Vengeance Kills:
In Ramayan, Kekaya Maharaj suffered for a great sin committed by him for the sake of
momentary pleasure. When Kekaya Maharaj was young, he had the skill to use his bow
against unseen targets. For the pleasure of exercising this skill, he once killed a love
intoxicated male deer sporting his joy of love with a female deer. The male deer fell
down dead. The female deer seeing her husband dead ran to her mother to fetch the
sanjeevini moolika and bring her husband back to life. The mother of the female deer
begged Kekaya Maharaj to handover the body of the male deer but Kekaya Maharaj
refused. She then proclaimed in anger. “ Kekaya Maharaj, in this birth you have killed
my son in law. So in the next birth I will take revenge and I will be responsible for the
death of your son in law and show you how painful it is” .The mother in law deer was
born in the next birth as Mandhara. Mandhara’s evil counseling to Kaikeyi was the main
cause of Ram’s exile and later King Dasaratha’s death. Dasaratha had married Kaikeyi,
the daughter of Kekaya Maharaj. This is narrated in Tulsi Ramayan. If one dies with the
feeling of revenge, it will be carried to the next janma.
In chapter XLVII of Sai Sat Charita, Sai narrates this incident . Chennabasappa and
Veerabhadrappa were enemies in their previous birth. They were always quarrelling and
threatening to kill one another. They died and in the next birth, Chennabasappa was born
as a frog and Veerabhadrappa was born as a snake. Once when Sai was scrolling along a
small riverbank, He heard the croaking of a frog and soon found that a huge black snake
was holding a big frog in its mouth. Sai recognized them as Chennabasappa and
Veerabhadrappa. He addressed them, “Have you not forgotten your enmity? Though born
as a frog and snake, you still maintain enmity against each other? Be ashamed of
yourself. Give up your hatred now and be at rest”. Baba preaches that the feeling of
revenge , whether it is in human being or animal should not be carried to the next janma.
Many people like Megha and Somadev Swamiji had insulted Baba in the beginning and
refused to bow before Him because He was a fakir. But Baba pardoned them and finally
they became His ardent devotees. Grudge is a very bad vice, and people should learn to
forgive and forget instead of carrying their grudge , birth after birth.
The Lord is the humblest of all
In Ramayana, Kaikeyi told Ram that she wanted her son Baratha to be the heir to the
throne and asked Ram to go in to exile for fourteen years. Ram without the slightest sign
of disappointment or sorrow, said that He would be the happiest person to give the throne
to Bharatha and go to the forest to fulfill His father’s promise.
There was in Shirdi , a very queer person , by name Nanavalli. He once approached Baba
who was sitting in His seat in Dwarakamayi and asked Baba to get up as he wanted to
occupy the same. Baba did not show the slightest displeasure in being dictated and
ousted. He very happily got up from his seat and offered Nanavalli his seat.
Lesson on Charity
Before going to vanavas, Ram donated all his jewels to the poor and needy people. Even
when a Brahmin approached Him on the way, Ram ordered Sumantha to gift him as
many cows as he needed . Rama wore only a bark dress and carried His bow and arrow as
his belongings.
Same way Baba used to collect dakshina everyday from devotees who visited Him, which
sometimes amounted to Rs.500/- . But, He would distribute the money thus collected to
poor and needy people on the same day and the next morning He would be a fakir as
usual. Baba did this to teach His devotees the lesson of Charity and to remove their
attachment to money.
Power of Interpretation of the language of the creatures
Kekaya Maharaj had the rare power of understanding the language of animals and
creatures. He could understand the language of the ants Jumbanaka and could interpret it
to his wife.
Similarly, Baba could also understand the language of other creatures. Once when Baba
was sitting in the Dwarakamai, a lizard tick-ticked. One devotee asked Baba whether this
tick-ticking signified anything. Baba said that the lizard was overjoyed as her sister from
Aurangabad was coming to see her. Immediately a gentleman from Aurangabad came on
horseback to see Baba. He took out a big bag of grams to feed his hungry horse. A lizard
jumped out of the bag and climbed the wall and went strutting towards her sister. Baba’s
prophecy of the meeting of the two lizards proved the omniscience – the all-knowing
nature of Baba.
All are equal in the eyes of GOD
On the first day of Vanavas, Ram reached the bank of the Ganga . Guha, the chieftain of
the tribes who dwelt on the banks of Ganga welcomed Ram and offered Him lavish food.
Ram moved by Guha’s hospitality happily ate the food lovingly offered by Guha. Ram
did not discriminate Guha on the basis of His caste or creed.
Same way when Baba was wandering in the jungle in quest of His Guru, a Vanjari offers
Him food. Baba moved by the Vanjari’s extraordinary love, accepted the food offered by
Vanjari and happily ate the loaf of bread.
Kshatriya Dharma:
Ram is a Kshatriya and it is the duty of a Kshatriya to protect anyone who takes refuge in
him. He has protected Sugriva and then Vibeeshana who took refuge in Him. This is
Kshatriya Dharma. This also illustrates the doctrine that Lord accepts all who seek
absolute surrender at His feet.
Sainath also followed this dharma. He protected anyone who surrendered to Him
regardless of his or her merits or demerits. During His lifetime Baba never revealed his
caste to anyone. But Baba has indirectly told 33rd in chapter of the Sai Sat Charita in the
Jamner Miracle that He was a Hindu Kshatriya. When Mainatai , the daughter of Nana
Chandorkar was suffering from labour pain , Nana cried to Baba for help. Baba asked
Ramgirbuva, who was going to his native place, to stop at Jamner and give a packet of
Udi and Aarthi song to Nana Chandorkar. When Ramgirbuva refused to go saying he did
not have enough money, Baba said that He would take care of everything. Ramgirbuva
reached Jamner and there a tonga was waiting for him with the tongawala to take him to
Jamner. The tongawala was none other that Sai himself. On the way, the tongawala(Sai)
offered food to Ramgirbuva. Ramgirbuva suspected the tongawala to be a Muslim and
was unwilling to take the food. Here Baba(tongawala) says that He was a Hindu, a
Kshatriya of Garhwal . From this incident I personally feel that Baba is also a Kshatriya
like Ram . He has gone one more step and promised to take care of the devotees who
surrender to Him not only in this birth but also in births to come.
The best of bhaktas honored
When Ravana kidnapped Sita, Jatayu, king of eagles, attacked Ravana. In the encounter,
Ravana unsheathed his sword and cut both the wings of Jatayu. Ram saw the bleeding
Jatayu on his way and Jatayu after conveying to Ram that Ravana had taken Sita to
Lanka, died in Ram’s arms. Ram’s sorrow knew no bounds. He embraced Jatayu and
lamented loudly. Though Ram knew Jatayu only for a very short time, Jatayu won the
heart of Ram by exhibiting true love and devotion to Ram . Ram, who could not to
perform the last rites for His own father, performed the last rites for this eagle father ,
honored Jatayu and gave him Moksha.
Same is the case of Megha in Sai Sat Charita. Megha was an illiterate Brahmin ,and an
ardent devotee of Lord Shiva. He served Baba only for a very short time. When he first
came to Shirdi , he refused to bow before Baba whom he thought was a Muslim. Baba
read his thought and drove him away. But Megha who had realized Baba’s divinity, came
again and again to Baba and became one of his closest devotees. He started worshipping
Baba with bilva leaves and ganga water just as he worshipped Lord Shiva. When Megha
died, Baba was grief stricken and he wept like a close relative. He followed the funeral
procession, covered his body with flowers and served a funeral dinner on his behalf.
when He performed the last rites of Megha tears flowed from Baba’s eyes and like an
ordinary mortal. Baba showed himself overcome with grief and sorrow. Krishna
performed last rites of his disciple Astavakra. Ram performed the last rites of Jatayu and
Sairam performed the last rites of Megha.
Epitome of love and devotion:
In Ramayana, Ram on his way to Lanka , visited the ashram a tribal woman Baktha
Sabari, on the banks of Pampa. Sabari was very old and she was leading a saintly life.
She was waiting for the arrival of Ram and for the bliss of His darshan. She received
Ram and Lakshman and offered them fruits that she had collected from the forest . Out of
her great desire to give nothing but the best among her collection of fruits to Ram , Sabari
checked the ripeness of the fruits that she collected for Sri Ram by tasting each fruit and
gave only those fruits that she thought was ripe, to Sri Ram. Ram understood her true
affection and so without the slightest hesitation accepted Sabari’s offerings and ate them
Similarly , in the year 1914, on a Ram Navami day, a poor old woman came to take
darshan of Sai Ram . She brought three rotis to offer to Sairam . But there was a huge
crowd and she could not go near Sai. She was very hungry as she had traveled all through
the day by foot to meet Sai and so she started eating the rotis which she had brought to
offer for Sai. Sai knew it and he called Shama and asked him to bring the old lady from
the crowd. When the old lady came near, Sai snatched the remaining half roti that she had
in her hand and ate it. Such was the greatness of Sai. He expects only pure love and is
ready to accept anything that is offered to Him with pure love and devotion.
A lie to benefit Mankind
When Ram was going to the forest, King Dasaratha ordered minister Sumantha to bring
back Ram. Dasaratha told Sumantha that as a king Ram had to obey his orders and return
immediately to Ayodhya to ascend the throne. But to Ram no pleasure was higher than
honoring his fathers pledge(pitruvakiya paripalana). Ram also knew that He was going to
the forest to kill Ravana .So He told Sumanta to tell a lie that Ram did not hear him as the
crowd was shouting wildly. Ram told a lie for the first and last time in his life to fulfill
his father’s word and to uphold dharma.
Baba has told in Sat Charita, “ I never tell lies” but Baba has told a lie, to teach the world,
the importance of Vishnu Sahasranama. Shama was a very intimate devotee of Baba and
Baba wanted to favor him by giving him a copy of Vishnu Sahasranama. A Ramadasi had
the habit of reciting Vishnu Sahasranama at the Dwarakamayi daily. Baba once told the
Ramadasi that He was suffering from intense stomach pain and asked him to get a
particular drug for him. When the Ramdasi went out, Baba took the Vishnusahasranama,
which the Ramdasi was reading and gave it to Shama and asked him to read it. At the
same time, He convinced the Ramadasi saying that He wanted everyone to read Vishnu
Sahasranama. to save them from the miseries of worldly existence. Sai told this lie for the
benefit of His devotees. Such is the efficacy of Vishnu Sahasranam. Baba has once told
me in meditation, “ when you are traveling in the boat of Samsar on the ocean of worldly
troubles, when ever you have a problem, hoist the flag of Vishnu Sahasranam on your
boat and it will save you”.
Lord’s Paadukas
In Ramayana, Bharatha went to the forest to request Ram to return and rule Ayodhya. But
Ram refused to return. So Baratha asked for Ram’s Padukas. Baratha kept these padukas
in the throne and paid reverent homage to the Padukas. He worshipped these Padukas
with great respect.
In the 5th chapter of Sai Sat Charita there is a similar incident. Bai Krishnaji thought that
there must be some memorial of the fact of Sai Baba’s coming to Shirdi and sitting under
the neem tree. So he consulted with Upasani Maharaj and others and made the Padukas.
Baba touched the Padukas and asked them to install on Sravana poornima day at the
Gurusthan . But after installation, Baba said that the padukas were not His , but were the
feet of the Lord and asked the people to worship it as Lord’s Padukas.
Om Tat Sat
After fulfilling the duty of His avatar of killing Ravana , Ram felt it was time for him
now to leave the sorrow of earthly life and resume his celestial identity as Vishnu. As He
set forth on his final journey, the people of Ayodhya and the vanaras followed him. They
followed him as He walked out of the capital and straight to the banks of the Sarayu
River. He paused for a moment on the shore. He shone like the sun in all its radiance. A
serene smile lit his face. He descended into the water of river Sarayu, submerged himself
under the surface and instantly rose again and transformed into His eternal form as
Vishnu. Effulgent on the coils of his serpent seat, that Lord revealed himself briefly to
those left behind, then ascended to His Celestial abode.
Sai also left his mortal coil happily. In fact two years before leaving this world , Baba
gave an indication that He would attain Mahasamadhi on Vijayadasami. On the day of
His Mahasamadhi , He gave nine coins to Laxmibai Shinde as a token of her bakthi. In
order that He should not be entangled with love and affection, He ordered all His
devotees to go and have their noon meals. He never told anyone the exact time of His
departure to heaven. After accomplishing His mission of Lokasamrakshana, Baba left His
mortal coil on a Vijayadasami day peacefully.
There are many more incidents but I conclude today with this. I thank the organizers of
this function for giving me this opportunity and also to the devotees assembled here.

Jai Sai Ram
                                SAI IN BHAGAVATHAM
Sai on innumerable occasions has said that, I am not God but I am
only a humble servant of God. There are also instances of his having said
that I am the universal mother, Parabrahmah, and the Ruler of the
Universe. In parlance, these words were uttered by Lord Sri Krishna himself
On numerous occasions and practically demonstrated in different
Contexts in the most reverned Epic Maha Bhagavath.
Some of the miracles performed by Lord Sri Hari in Maha Bhagavath
were also performed by Saianth. To quote in the words of Hemadhripanth, no difference
between him and Lord Sri Hari,Sainath performed once again all the miracles that Lord
Sri Hari did in Sri Bhagavath. I,read the Holy Maha Bahgavath many a times to draw
similarities between the two great works of our times and made efforts to arrive at some
conclusions which go beyond to establish doubt that Sainath was indeed God incarnated,
to serve Humanity.
Lord Sri Hari said that Saints are the representatives of God who
come in to the World with a mission to cleanse the World and to free it from
the social evils,and to guide people when ever there is an unbalance in
the dispensation of justice and adherence to dharma is lost. Today It gives me pleasure to
stand before you to share some of my thoughts on the topic 'Sai in Bhagavatham'. When a
young Fakir arrived in Shiridi along with Chand Patil,Mahalsapathi has welcomed the
fakir,thus addressing him as - 'Aao Sai'. The word Sai is not new as we find instances
where Lord's names in Hindu mythology are followed by the word Sai (for example:
Sesha Sai,Vatapathra Sai etc). The literal definition of Sai in any standard dictionary read
as: A South American monkey,thereby indirectly indicating that the word Sai originates
from the period of the Ape man if we go by the logic of reasoning. I would now like to
narate the incidents taken from Sai Satcharitra and compare with those drawn from Maha
Bhagavatham for informationand presentation to the readers.
Satsangh by Sri Gopala Rao Ravada: Topic Sai in Bhagavatham
Sai In Bhagavatham :
Sai Ram. Sai and Krishna are one and the same. When Krishna was born, Garg muni, the
purohit of the Yadavas named him Krishna which means eternal. Sai is also eternal and
instances from Sai Sat Charitam show us that Sai has narrated events which happened in
his previous births to his devotees. Also in Brazil, Sai means monkey – the ape. This also
proves that the name Sai is one of the oldest in the world and according to Darwin’s
theory man evolved from the ape. So we conclude that Sai’s age is a lakh of years.
Whatever miracle Sri Krishna has done in Bhagavatham, Sai has repeated in his Avatar
as Sai Baba at Shirdi. A lot of incidents can be quoted and today’s topic deals with this
phenomenon. I will deal with this topic by topic so that at the end of my speech you will
be able to conclude that Sai is incarnation of Sri Krishna.
Narada and Dasganu:
Bhagavatham: Saint Narada who sings the praise of Narayana was not pious in his early
days. By the grace of Shri Narayana , He became a devout and started singing the praise
of Lord Narayana
Sai Charitham: Dasganu Maharaj was a police constable who had no faith in Baba and
Baba had to forcibly draw him. After dodging Baba several times, he finally became an
ardent devotee of Baba when Baba saved him from a calamity. Dasganu , by his kirtans
made Baba popular in the north and has written many hymns and aarthi songs which are
sung even now at Shirdi.
Worship :
Bhagavatham: In Bhagavatham, the two children Dhruva and Prahlada started
worshipping Lord Hari at a very early stage of their life and taught the elders that Bakthi
can be developed at an very early age. Lord Hari was pleased with their worship. It was
these children who taught the elders the true value of worship at that tender age and
proved that Namasmarana (repetition of the Lord’s name) was very dear to Lord Hari.
Sai Charitam: Till 1908, Baba never allowed anyone to worship him. Bapu rao a six year
old child used to offer a rose flower at the Maruthi temple everyday. One day he plucked
two rose flowers and after throwing one flower at the Maruthi temple, he put the other
flower on Baba’s head and prostrated before him. Baba accepted this happily. When
Shama questioned Baba, Baba replied, “ He has seen divinity in me. If you also see
divinity in me you also can worship me”. Worship of Sai started only after this incident.
Bhagavatham: Suka Maha Muni gave Satgati to Parikshit Maharaj.
Sat Charitam: Baba gives Satgati to Vijayanand by making him stay at Shirdi preventing
him from attending his mother’s funeral and asking him to do parayana.
Baba also gave satgati to Megha a brahmin cook and to a tiger which was brought to
Baba because it was sick . As soon as the tiger climbed the steps of the mosque , it looked
at Baba with affection and breathed its last.
Multiplication of food
Bagavatham: The pandavas were in their vanavasa in the forest. Duriyodana wanted to
trouble them. He wanted to bring disgrace to the Pandavas. During Vanavasa the
Pandavas can cook food and eat only once in a day and they should clean the vessels
immediately after cooking. Knowing this, Duriydana sent saint Durvasa to the forest
along with thousands of his disciples as guests of the Pandavas. Durvasa went to the
forest to the ashram of the Pandavas, at 12 o clock in the noon and cried out “Bavathi
Bikshan dehi”. Draupadi invited them inside and asked them to have a bath in the river
and told them that she would keep the food ready. She cried out to Krishna for help.
There was a just a grain of rice sticking to one of the vessels and Krishna turned this one
grain of rice to a sumptuous feast for Durvasa and his clanand saved Draupadi from
Sai charitam: Balaji Patel Newaskar was a great devotee of Baba. When Balaji reaped his
corn every year, he brought the whole quantity and presented it to Baba. Once on Balaji’s
death anniversary, certain number of guests were invited but at dinner time it was found
that thrice the number of people turned up. Mrs Newaskar was in a fix that the food
would not suffice all but her mother in law said, “ it is not ours, but Sai’s food. Put some
Udi , Cover all vessels with cloth and serve”. And to their surprise, not only did food
suffice all but plenty remained after serving.
Air coach – Chariot (viman) happy death:
Bhagavatham: Dhruva ruled 26000 years and when he was in tapas Vishnu Kingaras
come down to the earth and take Dhruva to heaven in a chariot.
Sai Charitam: Kaka Sahib Dixit was an ardent devotee of Baba and passed many years in
Shirdi. He built a Wada(lodge house) in Shirdi. Sai Baba had told him-“I will take him in
an air coach(Viman)”. True to Sai’s words, on 5th of July 1926, when Kakasahib Dixit
was travelling in a train with Hemadpant talking about Sai Baba, he suddenly threw his
neck on Hemadpant’s shoulder and breathed his last with no trace or pain or uneasiness.
Bhagat Mhalsapati who first welcomed Sai and who stayed with Baba and served Baba
till the end, also died peacefully on one Ekadasi day, just like Kakasahib Dixit.
Lord runs to rescue His earnest Bhakta:
Bhagavatham: Krishna ran to help – an elephant (gajendra Moksha) when he cried to
Krishna to save him from the clutches of a crocodile, by sending his chakra .
Sai Charitam: During the first world war in 1914, Capt. Jehangir Baruwala was serving in
the Indian Navy. His ship was hit and when it was sinking. Capt Jehangir, holding the
photo of Baba cried out aloud to Baba to rescue him from the sinking ship. At the same
time at Dwrakamayi, Baba was sitting in the masjid and suddenly he was fully drenched
though he was inside the temple. The devotees sitting there were surprised. Only when
Captain Jehangir came and narrated the incident and thanked Baba for saving him from
the sinking ship, the devotees knew the reason for Baba getting drenched.
Also in the year 1910, Baba was sitting near the fire and pushing firewood inside the
dhuni. A little later instead of pushing the logs of wood, Baba pushed His arm inside the
dhuni. Shama at once dragged Baba forcibly and asked “deva why have you done this?”.
Baba replied that he had done that to save the son of a blacksmith who accidentally fell
into into the furnace. In both these incidents Baba feels that it is his duty to save the
devotees who surrender to him.
Control over the elements:
Bhagavatham: When Krishna was going through the jungle with the cows and Gopikas,
the jungle suddenly caught fire. The cows and the Gopikas were frightened and they cried
to Krishna for help. Krishna immediately swallowed the fire and saved the cows and
Sai Charitam: One day the fire in the dhuni at Dwarakamayi began to burn brightly. Its
flames seem to reach the rafters above. The devotees sitting inside the masjid were afraid.
Baba realised what was happening. He took His Satka (stick) , dashed it against a pillar in
fromt saying” Get down, Be calm.” At each stroke of the satka, the flames began to slow
down, and in a few minutes the Dhuni became calm and normal.
Bhagavatham: Indira was very angry with the Yadavas because he felt that they
worshipped Krishna and ignored him. So one day he ordered Varuna the rain God to
bring down a heavy downpour. The Yadavas turned to Krishna for help and Krishna
uprooted the mountain Govardanagiri and held it as an umbrella and the whole Yadava
village was saved from the heavy rain.
Sai Charitam: One evening at Shirdi, there was a terrible storm and the village of Shirdi
was flooded with water. All the people and creatures flocked to the masjid to Baba. Baba
at once went out and ordered the rain to stop.
Blessings for the birth of child:
Bhagavatham: Saint Angireesa performs Purtakameshti Yagam for Chitrakeeth Maharaj
and a child is born to him.
Sai Charitam: Baba performed Amra leela to Damu Anna Kasar by offering mangoes to
his wife and blessed him with a child. For Aurangabadkars’s wife Baba broke coconut ate
one half and gave the other half to her promising a baby for her within twelve months.
With Baba’s blessings, Nana Sahib Dengale, Rathan chand Wadia, and Gopal Rao Gund
were also blessed with children .
Bhagavatham: Dhruva won the battle with the Yakshas by continuously uttering Lord
Hari’s name while fighting this very difficult war. This again proved that Lord is pleased
with namasmarana and runs to help such devotees who think of Him always.
Sai Charitam: Baba encouraged Namasmarana and chanting of Vishnu Sahasranama was
especially very dear to Baba. The reason is when we do mass prayer, the vibrations will
be more effective and it will remove our sorrows and pain. Baba encouraged Shama to
read Vishnusahasranama by stealing the book from the Ramdasi and giving it to Shama.
Also he encouraged Namasmarana started by Radhakrishnamayi during Ramnavami. He
also promised Kaka Sahib, Vittal darshan if he recited Lord Hari’s name continuously.
Kaka sahib got the darshan through a photograh which a hawker was selling,
which tallied exactly with the vision he saw that morning.
Lord acknowledges and reciprocates the true love of a baktha:
Bhagavatham: Kuchela was a very dear friend of Krishna. He was very poor with a lot of
children and was finding it difficult to make both ends meet. His wife asked him to seek
Krishna’s help and sent him to Krishna with a bag of beaten rice. When Krishna saw
Kuchela, He was overjoyed. The hospitality which Krishna showered on Kuchela was
enough to prove that Lord reciprocates the pure love of His devotees. Krishna took
Kuchela inside His palace, and washed His feet and made Him sit in the golden throne.
He happily took and ate small quantity of beaten rice which Kuchela had brought for Him
and in return conferred on Kuchela all the riches in the world. The Lord follows His
devotee birth after birth and promises to take care of their material and spiritual progress.
Sai Charitam: Baba did the same at Shirdi. Mrs Kaparde was faithful and devout and
loved Baba deeply. Every noon she brought food to the masjid and after offering to Baba
used to come home and eat .Baba wanted to exhibit her devotion to others. One day when
she brought food, Baba who usually waited for hours got up at once and rushed to her and
began to partake the food zealously. When Shama asked Baba why he was partial to Mrs
Kaparde, Baba replied- “ This food is extra-ordinary. In her previous birth when she was
a cow , she had given me milk and in all her previous birth when she a rich merchant’s
wife and a brahmin lady, she has fed me. So I love to take few morsels of love from her
dish. Then he asked her to chant “rajarama” continuously to attain peace.
Feeding the hungry creatures:
Bhagavatham: Ransidev just like Karna offered food and materials to the poor and needy.
Sai Charitam: Baba did the same at Shirdi. He used to collect dakshina from his devotees
and that same evening distributed the money collected to the needy people of Shirdi. Not
only money- even the food which he begged from the houses of Shirdi was kept in the
vessel at the mosque. The poor people used to take some rotis from that and even the
dogs , cats and birds had a good feast from the little which Baba begged. Baba ate only
what remained in the vessel .
There are many incidents which clearly show us that Sai is Krishna. It will take more
than a day to narrate all incidents. As time does not permit me I close with this.
Sai Ram
Gopala Rao Ravada

My dear Sai brothers and Sisters,
My humble Pranams to this gathering of elderly and learned people. Today I would like
to dwell on the subject titled “ Lord Sainath of Shirdi as the fifth incarnation of Lord
Dattatreya”. Most of you must be aware that the origin of Guruparmapara traces itself
back to Lord Dattatreya. At the outset let me offer my salutations to Lord Dattatreya and
proceed with the topic. After Lord Dattatreya, the tradition of Guru parampara continued
with Sri Sripada Srivallabha, Sri Narasimha Saraswathi, Sri ManikPrabhu, Sri
Akkalakota Maharaj and Sri Shirdi SaiBaba. It is worthwhile to ponder and understand
that the last three incarnations have happened during the Nineteenth century. Lord
Dattatreya has taken incarnations in various personalities but the main aim and objective
remained centered around to protection of HIS devotees from miseries and drive towards
Spiritualism. Today I would like to confine my deliverance to the Gurus – ‘Sri Sripada
Srivalabha, Sri Narasima Saraswathy and Sri Shirdi Sai Baba’
To dwell on the subject, I would draw my references from Guru Charitra written by Sri
Gangadhara Saraswathy compiled in the 6540 Slokas and Sri Sai Satcharitra written by
Sri Annasaheb Dhabolkar in 9000 Ovies. I would like comparing the similarities between
Sri Sripada Srivallabha Sri Narasimha Saraswathy and Sri Shirdi SaiBaba from The Guru
charitra and Sai Satcharitra. At the end of my speech, if I am able to convincingly
conclude that all the incarnations of Lord Dattatreya have taken place on this earth with
the same mission, then I shall feel that I am blessed by the Lord.
Please refer Sai Satcharitra – Baba has indicated indirectly that He is the incarnation of
Lord Dattatreya in various chapters. In the story of Goa Gentelman, He has taken Rs.15/-
from a Datta Devotee, which he owed to Lord Dattatreya. When Nanasaheb chandorkar,
a Datta devotee arrived at Shiridi along with his co- son in law, Shirdi bypassing his
normal visit to the Datta Mandir at Kopargaon, Baba warned him not to repeat such
things in future.
On a Guru Poornima day, Baba advised Dhadha Kelkar to worship the ‘Pillar’ at
Dwarakamai, indicative of telling to worship Lord Dattatreya – considered as the pillar of
Datta Parampara. At the request of all the devotees, Baba finally allowed His devotees to
worship Him. With this, Baba confirmed that He is incarnation of Lord Dattatreya.
Baba instructed Hari Vinayak Sathe to read Guru Charitra twice and Kushabhavu 108
times. With this Baba has indirectly told His devotees His origin and the connectivity
with Sri Sripada Srivallabha and Narasimha Saraswathy.
We should make a note that Baba never told that He is God. He always used to say that
He is the servant of the God. Precisely I feel that must be the reason why HE never
expressed directly that He is the incarnation of Lord Dattatreaya.
Now let us compare the incidents from Guru Charitra and Sri Sai Satcharitra:
In 5th Chapter of Guru charitra -Sripada Srivallabha has given vision and ability to walk
to his two brothers born physically handicapped. We all know that in Sai Satcharitra,
Baba has given vision to blind persons and walking power to crippled persons.
In 8th chapter Guru Charitra, due to poverty, a Brahmin lady along with her son tried to
commit suicide by jumping in to the river Krishna. Sri Narasimha Saraswathi not only
stopped them from that act of committing sin but also blessed them with wealth.
In the similar way, in 26th chapter of Sai Satcharitra, Baba averted the suicide attempt of
Gopal Narayan Ambedekar and blessed him with wealth.
When we go through the 12th chapter of Guru charitra, we can very well understand that a
great saint named Krishna Saraswathy in Kasi discloses Sri Narasimha Saraswthi’s
greatness to the World.
In the similar way, Lord Sainath’s greatness was disclosed to the World by saints like
Anandnath Maharaj and Gangaghir Maharaj.
We will come to know that in the 12th chapter of Guru Charitra, Sri Narasimha
Saraswathy accepted Sri Krishna Saraswathy as his Guru. In the similar way, in Sai
Satcharitra, Sai Baba also told that He has a Guru and HE served during HIS childhood.
Please refer Chapter 13 from Gurucharitra, we can find that Sri Narasimha Saraswathy
cured the Leprosy of a lady. In the similar way, in Sai Satcharitra, Sai Baba has cured the
Leprosy of Bhagoji Shinde.
In the 13th chapter of Guru Charitra, a Brahmin whenever he took food, he suffered from
stomach pain. To avoid this pain, he used to take food once in a while. Finally he decided
to commit suicide. Sri Narasimha Saraswathy made him to eat full meals with rich food
and thus cured him of his stomach pain once for all.
In the similar way, in Sai Satcharitra, when Govind Mukund Booty when suffering with
Cholera, Saibaba has offered him rich milk dish made out of dry fruit Badam and Akrote
and cured the disease. In Chapter 18th of Gurucharitra, Sri Narasimha Saraswathy has told
in the eyes of Parameswara, the both rich and poor are all equal. In Sai Satcharitra, Baba
has demonstrated this statement by treating the multi millionaire Sri Govind Mukund
Booty and poor devotee Mahalsapathy alike.
In the chapter 20th of Guru Charitra, Sri Narasima Saraswathy has shown the importance
of Audambara a tree which will remove the sins of his devotees.
In similar way, in Sai Satcharitra, Baba told that the Neem tree in Gurusthan would
remove the sins of His devotees.
With the above statements, these great saints told us that God is present in plants too.
In Gurucharitra 21st chapter, Sri Narasimha Saraswathy has given life to the dead son of a
Brahmin lady, after seeing the pitiable condition of the mother.
In the similar way in 1916, Sri Sai Baba has given life to the dead daughter of His
devotee Kirandekar.
In the 22nd chapter of Guru Charitra, Sri Narasimha Saraswathy has told that Holy Rivers
flows from the feet of the Guru. In Sai Sathcharitra, Lord Sainath had demonstrated to
Dasganu that Ganga, Yamuna were flowing from His feet.
In chapter 25th of Guru charitra, it was clearly mentioned that the Saints will not have any
difference in feeling between the victory and loss. In Sai Sathcharitra, it was practically
demonstrated by Baba when he lost the wrestling bout with Mohinuddin Tamboli.
In Guru charitra chapter 28th, Sri Narasimha Saraswathy has told that a person should not
Renounce without fulfilling his moral responsibilities towards his wife and children.
In Sai Satcharitra, Baba told the same in 1910 to Bapusaheb Jog, a retired P.W.D
In chapter 30th of Guru Charitra, with the blessings of Sri Narasimha Saraswathy, the
poor people became rich, the leprosy effected people were cured and childless couple
were blessed with children.
The Same incidents were performed by Baba.
In Guru Charitra, chapter 37, it was clearly mentioned by Sri Narasimha Saraswathy that
even a sinner, who has murdered his parents, comes to your house for food, you should
not refuse him.
This is demonstrated by Baba. He used to cook food in Dwarakamai and used to perform
In Guru Charitra, Chapter 38, a poor Brahmin was having a desire to perform
Annadhanam to nearly 4,000 people in that village. But he was only having one pot full
of rice in his house. With the blessings of Sri Narasimha Saraswathy, he has cooked the
food in the same pot and served to all the 4,000 people in the village.
In the similar way, in Sai Satcharitra, Baba has blessed the wife of late Balaji patel
nevaskar on the annual ceremony day, where she has prepared food for only 100 persons,
but the gathering was more than 400 persons.
It was clearly mentioned in the chapter 48 of Gurucharitra, that Sri Narasimha
Saraswathy has visited a poor farmer’s paddy field and blessed him with a rich crop. In
the similar way, in Sai Satcharitra, Baba used to allow all the people irrespective of caste,
creed or color into Dwarakamai and blessed them.
In light of the above comparisons, I am fully satisfied that Lord Sainath of Shirdi is the
fifth incarnation of Lord Dattatreya. I hope brothers and sisters in this gathering will also
join me in accepting that Lord Sainath as the incarnation of Lord Dattatreya.

Jai SaiRam
Jai Gurudatta.

Sai through Reincarnations
The thought to pen down ‘Sai in Janma Janmantar’ has come to my
mind after hearing Saibanisa explaining the subject to the
gatherings during his discourses at different places. The incidents
are compiled and placed before the Saibandhus with the intention
that these may perhaps serve as food to their spiritual hunger.
Baba in various contexts told his devotees that they were known to
him from their past many lives. Baba often talked with full
knowledge and precision about the visitor’s past and future. We
find such instances are quite often depicted as we go through Sai
Satcharitra and even in other epics where Divya and Mano - dhrusti were
Quoted from Sai Satcharitra:
Lord Sainath was eating food offered to him by Lakshmi Khaparde and
simultaneously he was speaking about her previous lives. She in her
earlier life was a cow in a businessman’s house. Afterwards she was
born in a Gardener’s family, then followed her rebirth in a family
of Kshyatrias. Baba said, “now in the present life as the daughter
of a Brahmin she is feeding me”.
The stories of two brothers who constantly fought with each other ,
after death were reborn as two goats. Dubaki, the poor lady had
mortgaged her land with a moneylender. In the next birth the same lady was
born as Chennabasappa and the moneylender as Veerabahadrappa. These
two persons Chennabasappa and Veerabhadrappa lived as enemies all
through their life and were reborn as a snake and frog,thus
continuing their mutual hatred in their next life too.
There are instances where human beings are reborn as animals to
complete the spilt over ‘Vrunanubhandha’ from their previous lives.
The tiger about to die was brought and made to stand before Baba.
The tiger lifted it’s tail, looked into the powerful eyes of Baba
and then collapsed at the lotus feet of Baba. Baba then said to the
keepers’- “ it is now relieved from the debts of the past life,
after having served you all along, is now freed from all the
Jadabharatha, a saint developed deep attachment towards a pet deer
having nurtured it from the infancy. Jadabharatha was reborn as a
deer in his next life in order to satiate his love towards the
From the Epics:
A certain reindeer (mother-in-law of one male deer) to wreak it’s
vengeance was reborn as a human being and is quoted from an
incident that took place in Ramayana.
The king of Kaikeyi kingdom killed a male deer while hunting. An
elder female deer requested the king to give the wounded deer so
that she could treat and save the wounded one from dying. The king
was adamant and refused to hand over the wounded to their kith and
kin. Instead, he prepared a dish out of it and ate it. The female
deer cursed the king with the words that she would one day become
the source of agony to the king,he would then die a similar death
weeping for his son-in-law.After death the deer was reborn as
Mandhara, the central character of the Epic Ramayana and becomes
the cause for the death of King Dasaradha, the son-in-law of the
king to the Kaikeyi kingdom.
As you are all aware, one of the princesses among Amba, Ambika, and
Ambalika was born as Shikandi to take revenge on Bhishma in
From a Magazine:
In order to clear the debts of a friend - as appeared in the
magazine -The Asian Age dtd: 22-06-1997.
A tailor was living in a village and in order to perform the
marriage of his daughter, took loan from a landlord. The tailor
could not clear the debt as he died prematurely due to illness. The
tailor, one day appeared in the dream of the landlord and told him
that, he would be reborn as a He-buffalo in another friend’s house
and that he should purchase it from him. “I shall then grow up,
work in your fields and thus clear my debts”. Initially, the
landlord hesitated but then on seeing the birth of a he-buffalo in
his friend’s house, purchased it as advised. As said it grew up
strong enough to work in the fields. He – buffalo then worked with
the landlord for four years and one day, the tailor again appeared
in the dream of the land lord and said to him “ my debt now stands
cleared, so please relieve me from the bonds of service”. The
landlord then stopped extracting work from the he – buffalo, simply
kept it tied to a tree. It was patiently waiting for it’s death and
one day it took a bucket full of water and died.
Soul is eternal where as the physical body decays.
Death, is when the soul leaves the physical body and
Re entry of the soul in to another bodily form is reincarnation.
The underlying idea to be understood is that one has to pay the
price of his karmic deeds if not in this life definitely in the
lives to come. There cannot be an escape from this hard truth of
life and
has been repeated by all great saints again and again. The sooner
it is realized the better it is."The seeds you sow, make the fruits
you reap". Probably Saibanisa was inspired to place before the
Lotus feet of Baba, the questions in his mind as he came across a
cross section of people suffering and undergoing hardships in their
present lives. The answers were in the form of visuals in dreams of
Saibanisa and are presented to the Saibandhus and bear relevance to
the title.
Life after death:
The soul after leaving the physical body crosses a rivulet. It then
reached the top most of the four minarets of a fortress, situated
on the top of a hill on the other bank of the river. All this
happens due to the grace of Guru. The soul now has to traverse
alone up in to the sky. If the thoughts and desires are
unfulfilled, the soul looks down and comes down to Earth. It
then starts searching for another bodily form to take on a new
life.Few of those who manage to take a second step in the upward
direction, again, due to the grace of Guru, reach the Lord. Some of
the incidents concerning the case of those souls that could not
take the second lead step and were reborn are reproduced below.
(1)Deeply attached to the grandson:
An aged man was deeply attached to his grandson who had just
completed his studies in Medicine. At the time of his death, the
old man desired that his grandson should spend all his wealth in
onstructing a Hospital in service of the poor. The grandson
accordingly constructed a big Hospital and forgot totally about his
grandfather. After a lapse of ten years,while the Doctor was taking
rounds in the Hospital during nights, he saw a ward boy aged about
ten years, uttering the following words in sleep: “ My grandson
should construct a Hospital and I must see it”. The Doctor recalled
that these were in fact the words of his grandfather uttered at the
time of his death. He once again remembered his grandfather. Could
the ward boy be the Doctor’s grandfather?
(2)Physical Training Instructor subjected to vengeance:
A physical Training Instructor with a gender bias never encouraged
girl students to participate in sports and other activities. The
Instructor in his next birth was a highly placed officer and the
same set of five girls was reborn to him as daughters. He died with
an unfulfilled desire to have a male issue and suffered from
Paralysis. The girls wanted to see him suffer. They got an
oppurtunity to take their revenge in their next life.
(3)A mad man lying uncared in the streets:
This person was habitual drunkard having all possible the vices. He
forced his wife to work as a laborer and forced his blind mother to
beg alms. He ultimately met his end in the streets in a fully
drunken state. He was in the next birth, a mad man roaming and
placed on the streets with out any shelter or support of the kith
and kin for his survival and food.
(4)A six year old squatting on the floor unable to sit or walk:
The above stated person, in his past life was a child lifter. He
had kidnapped children, subjected them to physical torture and
later forced them to beg on the streets. By night he used to
collect all the money from the hapless children. He was stoned to
death when people saw him breaking the hands of a child. He was
then reborn as a handicapped child to a beggar. He was abandoned in
a Railway Station and a courteous couple shifted him to an
(5)A man with unfulfilled desires:
The incident relates to the case of an ordinary simple living
person. He could not lead conjugal life as most of the time he was
away from his wife due to the professional demands. He met an early
death during the year 1974.In the life after, he was born in a rich
family and leading a life full of lust without any morals.
(6)Daughter with a vengence towards father:
A daughter unable to get the due love and care from her father, was
reborn once again as a daughter to the same father. She now takes
revenge, making the life of the father miserable even though the
father loves his daughter dearly.
(7)Handicapped for twenty five years:
Two young college going girls were roommates in the hostel. They
were living very closely like own sisters. Both of them were
unknowingly in love with the same boy. As fate decided, one of the
two got married to the boy and the other decided to lead a
spinster’s life as society forbids polygamy. As fate has it’s own
course, the young couple met with an accident and both of them
died. They were reborn and in the subsequent life too, the bonds of
marriage united them. The second girl after death was born as a
handicapped son to the same couple. He spent twenty-five years in
close company of those whom he loved and longed for. The soul’s
ambition to be in the company of the couple from the past life is
thus fulfilled.
(8)Generosity exploited:
One day, an orphan was fed with a sumptuous meal. The orphan boy
desired that he should be born as a son to the same lady and become
rich so that there would no dearth of money. Accordingly his wish
was fulfilled and he attained the age of twenty-four years and left
for USA. There he met with an accident and died. He was then reborn
in a rich American family.
These incidents are presented with an intention to fill our minds
with the thought that there exists a Supreme power that keeps on
regulating the process of life and death cycle. Perhaps that is the
reason why our elders always keep on saying, be good, think good
and do good in every sphere of life always. Constant thinking of
the Lord alone assures better future in our lives to come.


                                   Last but not the Least

Lord Sainath has once said in Dwarakamaayi to his devotees that - “Brahmah, (the
creator) is my father, Maaya (Illusion) is my mother and my age is Lakhs of years. These
words go to establish that he never disclosed anywhere as to when his life began nor
when it will come to an end in this Universe. In the 15th chapter of Sai Satcharitra, he has
however said “ I dwell in you as well as in everybody’s hearts “. Probably this statement
asserts to say when and where we started our life cycle is a big mystery unknown to us. I
have only made an attempt to increase the faith of Sai devotees, so that Sai will continue
to be with us in our endless journey, once we seek him. I was ordered by Sainath in the
form of a lady officer, way back on 31-01-2001 in a dream to publish these works so as
to spread his message across. I, as a humble servant (Saibanisa), took the courage to
honour his dictates. I would like to express my gratitude and pranaams (salutations) to all
my fellow Sai devotees who stood by me and made it possible to fulfil my commitment
to Sainath. I will sum up with a prayer to my master to grant me similar opportunities in
the forth coming lives also to serve his Lotus feet and the community of Sai devotees at
large. The endless journey continues in pursuit of knowledge about Sai and his ways.

Yours truly,
(GopalaRao Ravada)

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