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									New-age Mobile Solution for Destination Marketing Organizations,
Hoteliers, and Concierges

Cartonova launches Fingertip Concierge-a mobile solution for destination
marketing, hoteliers, and concierges that builds individually configured
mobile apps for visitors and guests in about a minute.

Wenonah, NJ, US, November 16, 2012 -- Cartonova announced the launch of
an unprecedented mobile solution for destination marketing organizations,
hoteliers, and concierges. The application—called Fingertip Concierge—is
an itinerary builder and destination-marketing tool that builds
individually configured mobile apps for visitors and guests in about a

Developer Mark Mattson describes FTC as singularly unique. “As an
alternative to building one, costly mobile app for an entire destination,
FTC builds an endless number of personal mobile apps configured to each
user’s unique preferences, activities and locations. Best of all, FTC
mobile apps are as beautiful and powerful as their $5,000 counterparts.
Moreover they are free. Each installation of Fingertip Concierge is
capable of rendering thousands of custom mobile apps instantly at any
location at any time.”

Mattson notes that most organizations have itinerary builders on their
websites. Many of these same groups have mobile apps that present all
points of interest over a region that spreads miles in all directions.
One mobile app is expected to serve thousands of people at hundreds of
locations who have highly specific preferences and geographic affinities.
To accomplish this, the intimacy of travel is sacrificed. So is the
chance to match visitors with tailored economic opportunities at the
street corner level. FTC changes all that. Using FTC, visitors can build
their own mobile apps reflecting their own affinities and locations.

Building a mobile using FTC takes about a minute. The resulting app is
rendered and edited in real time. As soon as a new point is added to a
mobile itinerary, it appears instantly on the user’s smart device.

FTC supports any media that can be found on the web. This includes
slideshows, Tripadvisor reviews, HD videos, coupons, advertisements, and
layered Google maps with point-to-point directions. Points of interest
are viewed separately or as collections of points surrounding unique

In operation, FTC runs as a branded widget on a destination website or a
fully branded application at a concierge or visitor center desktop. The
system also can be used to power a destination or hotel kiosk sending
mobile apps instantly to the kiosk user’s smart device.

Fingertip Concierge is a low cost advertising and marketing platform.
As Mattson explains, “FTC isn’t just for visitors and hotel guests. It is
also an invaluable tool for destination marketers themselves. How great
would it be if every getaway, local tour, event, convention or gathering
could have its own mobile support at no cost? Using FTC, destination
marketers make activity-specific apps in minutes and deploy them
worldwide as a URLs or QR codes in RFPs, brochures, and other collateral

As a fee-for-marketing strategy, Fingertip Concierge opens profitable
markets allowing DMOs to work with local advertisers to monetize every
event, tour, or gathering. According to Mattson, “The ROI for each
marketing campaign is astronomical since the upfront cost for each
technology deployment is nothing.”

Cartonova will be licensing FTC to destinations worldwide immediately. It
is also looking for mass adoptions by hotel corporations and strategic
marketing partners in all regions.

Contact Mark Mattson for a 15-minute demo. “Challenge me. You can make
your own mobile app in a minute during our presentation.”

Contact :
Mark Mattson
307 N Jefferson Ave
Wenonah, NJ 08090

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