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Organisation                                                           Website
NHS Direct                                                   
Alere Connected Health Limited                                &
Acute Technology Ltd                                         
Air Products plc                                             
The Stroke Association                                       
Cassidian Ltd.                                               
Canterbury Christ Church University                          
Consard Limited                                              
Decision Engineering Centre - Cranfield University           
Building Research Establishment                              
Abies Ltd                                                    
Alloy Ltd                                                    
RTC North Limited (on behalf of Health Innovation Education Cluster North East)
S3 Group                                                     
SMART LLP                                                    
University of the West of England                            
Public Health Agency (PHA) – European Centre for Connected Health (ECCH)
Tighean Innse Gall Ltd                                       
CarelineUK Ltd                                                / www.cirrusco
Adherent Health LLC                                          
Simply Digital Consulting Ltd                                
Red Embedded Systems Ltd.                                    
Evalan BV                                                    
New Level Health Ltd                                         
AppShare Ltd.                                                
Kelvin Connect Ltd                                           
Satherley Design                                          
Health Design & Technology Institute                      
Health Design & Technology Institute                      
HfTrust Ltd                                               
Telefonica UK Limited (using the O2 brand name in the UK) 
SQUIDBID, LLC                                             
Ringtrack Ltd                                             
Oxford Computer Consultants Ltd                           
InterAction of Bath Ltd                                   
Ocean Blue Software Ltd.                                  
Argyll & the Islands Telecom Ltd                          
Intermediate Care Development Manager (Integrated post across Bridgend County Borough Council and Aber Bro Morganwwg Un
Intel GE Care Innovations (UK) Ltd                        
Disabled Living Foundation (DLF)                          
Affective Media Ltd                                       
Frazer-Nash Consultancy Limited                           
Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services (IRISS)
Kingkraft Ltd                                             
Partnerships for Wellbeing                                
POSITION SYSTEMS LIMITED                                  
Experior Micro Technologies Ltd                           
Hull Churches Home from Hospital Services                 
The Application Home Initiative Limited (TAHI)            
Bath Institute of Medical Engineering                     
Docobo Ltd                                                
SEHTA (South East Health Technologies Alliance)           
SIMUL8 Corporation                                        
Stoke-on-Trent City Council (Telecare and Lifeline Service)
Touzie Tyke                                               
UKCRC Centre of Excellence for Public Health Northern Ireland
Greenpark Productions Ltd                                 
The YOU Trust                                              (main site-
University of Kent                                        
Integrated Vehicle Health Management Centre               
Kidney Research UK                                        
Solcom Limited                                             /
Telecare Services Association                             
Phrisk Ltd                                                
RFI Global a UL Company                                   
Taylor Lock Company Ltd                                   
Numera Healthcare Ltd                                     
Rigney Dolphin                                            
BT British Telecom plc                                    
The National Spinal Injuries Centre                       
Hull Churches Home from Hospital Services                 
Airedale NHS Foundation Trust                             
Blackwood Foundation                                      
InMezzo Mobile Security Ltd                               
Ohmedics Ltd                              
OmniQare UK Limited                       
PA Consulting Services Ltd                
IBM UK Ltd.                               
Wessex Health Innovation and Education Cluster
i-Spy Digital Limited                     
City Health Care Partnership CiC          
East Riding of Yorkshire Council          
SEWIC Project Manager
Solutions4Health Ltd                      
Wessex Health Innovation and Education Cluster
TruSim, a division of Blitz Games Studios Limited
Community Connections 3                   
Element8 Limited                          
Griffiths Associates Ltd                  
Just Checking Ltd                         
Virtual College                           
Goodwin Development Trust                 
Mydex Data Services CIC                   
Orion Health Limited                      
CSC Computer Sciences Ltd                 
University of Stirling                    
CareCalls LTD                             
University of Hull                         or
Vodafone Limited                          
WELLPOINT GROUP LIMITED                   
City of Westminster Council / Westminster PCT
YTKO Limited                               -
nable you to search for a business within one of 7 different sectors; Acadmic, Telecommunications, Te
betically (by organisation or individual)

             Size        Main Business Activity                                     Business Sector
             Large>250 Telephony Healthcare                                         Healthcare
                         Telehealth Managed Services provider and Products supplier
             11-50 Employees                                                        Healthcare
             SME         Machine-to-machine (M2M) in energy and health              Telecommunications
             1000+       Homecare                                                   Healthcare
             Large > 250Services, campaigning, education and research               Healthcare
                         Secure an item.
             Large > 250Choosecommunications networks and services                  TelecommunicationsChoose an item.
             2000 employees Education and Research                                  Academic
             Micro: < 10 eHealth and Telecare Advisory and Programme services Technology & Services
                     40 Education and Research                                      Academic
                                                                                    Technology & Services
             600 people Research, consultancy and certification in the built environment
                         Computer services
             Choose an item.                                                        Choose an item.
             11-50 Employees & Innovation Consultancy                               Technology & Services
             15 EmployeesEnterprise Social Networking for Healthcare                Healthcare
                         Technology transfer
             Small (<50 employees) Established >10 years                            Technology & Services
                         Professional Services
             250>Employees                                                          Healthcare
             Micro <10 employees Innovation, Incubation, At Scale                   Healthcare
             250>Employees Education                                                Academic
             Large >250 (PHA) and Social care                                       Healthcare
             30 EmployeesHousing Development and Improving Housing Conditions 3rd Sector
                         Installation, maintenance and monitoring of Telecare and Telehealth services
             200 employees                                                          Technology & Services
                          an item.                                                  and Desktop Platform APPS
             SMEChooseAdherence and Improved Patient Self Care through Mobile Healthcare Choose an item.
             Micro:< 10 employees led change: Applications and services             Technology & Services
             Small (<50) Service delivery                                           Technology & Services
             SME         IT/Innovation focus on Healthcare                          Technology & Services
             SME         Consultancy and solution provider                          Technology & Services
                         Provision of
             Micro: <10 employees scalable collaboration systems                    Technology & Services
                         Systems and
             Small < 50 Employees Software development                              Technology & Services
                     10+          New Product Development                                      Technology & Services
                                  Supporting independent living developments                   Other
                                  Supporting independent living developments                   Other
                     250>Employees for people with learning disabilities                       3rd Sector
                     250>EmployeesTelecommunications                                           Technology & Services
                     10 employees Marketplace software                                         Technology & Services
                     <10 Employees tracking and wireless device developement                   Technology & Services
                     51-250 Employees design, development and support                          Technology & Services
                                  Ergonomics, Human
                     Micro-companyChoose an item. Factors and safety consultancy               Technology - Hardware, Software and ServicesChoose an ite
                                  Software development for TV’s and set-top boxes
                     15-20 employees                                                           Technology & Services
                     <50 employees use of GSM and IP technologies to manage risk               Telecommunications
                                  Local government                                             Other
                     The population served by the Council is approximately 140,000. Bridgend is also aligned with West Wales and South East Wales in
                                  Assistive Technology Manufacturer
                     Medium <250 employees                                                     Technology & Services
                                  Information provision
                     Small, less than 40 employees                                             Healthcare
                     1-5 person software                                                       Media
                     Large > 250Systems Engineering                                            Other
                     17 FTE       Learning and innovation                                      3rd Sector
                     30 people Manufacture of bathroom equipment for Assisted Living Technology & Services
                     6 Employees roject Coordination and Development                           3rd Sector
                     Micro companyHealthcare Technology                                        Technology & Services
                     Micro CompanyWireless Systems, Software, Networks and Data Dissemination  Telecommunications
                     Small        Health and Social Care                                       Healthcare
                     Micro: < 10 Delivering Interoperability for the Smart Home                Other
                               15 Technology Development                                       3rd Sector
                     SME          Telehealth and Assisted Living System Provider               Healthcare
                     Small                                                                     Healthcare
                                  Membership organisation supporting companies and service providers in health & social care and the health technolog
                               20 Simulation                                                   Healthcare
                     Large >250Telecare and community alarm provider                           Technology & Services
                                  Motion Graphics, Animation & Software Development
                     Micro: <10 Employees                                                      Media
                                  Public Health
                     Small: <50 employees Promotion and Knowledge Exchange                     Academic
                     SME          Film Archive/Image bank for digital content creation         Media
                     <10          Telecare                                                     Technology & Services
                     400 staff Care, support and assistive technology                          3rd Sector
                     Approx 2,200, with 900 academic staff                                     Academic            Applied and Blue Sky Research                                Technology & Services
                                  Preventing, treating and curing kidney disease
                     Medium <250 employers                                                     Healthcare
                                  Software services, automation and control systems
                     Small: < 50 employees                                                     Technology & Services
                     <10                                                                       Other
                                  Representing the telecare and telehealth industry and standards development for telecare and telehealth
                     Micro <10 employees and product development in ehealth                    Healthcare
                     Over 8000 Product Safety and Global Approval                              Technology & Services
                     < 10 employees design and manufacture                                     Technology & Services
                     50+          Telehealth Monitoring                                        Telecommunications
                                  Business Process Outsourcer - Call Centre Specialists in the Outsourcing/OffshoringChoose an item.
                     1100+Choose an item.                                                      areas of telehealth and telecare
                     Large        Networked ICT Services                                       Telecommunications
                     Large>250 Health                                                          Healthcare
                     Small        Health and Social Care                                       Technology & Services
                            2500 Healthcare Provider                                           Healthcare
                                  Supporting independent living, design, parent organisation.Technology
                     1 full time staff but a range of support provides by innovation, R&D, engagement. & Services
                     sme          Research Consultancy                                         Technology & Services
                     <10 staff Development of telecare/telemedicine applications               Telecommunications
SME         Wound diagnostic sensors for home use                    Academic
            of 8 plus contract staff                                 Technology independent living markets
Work force Transactional Software System Development & Consultancy Services –& Services
2,500 employees Sector Management Consulting/Technology Consulting   Technology & Services
            Technology Services
>20,000 employees in UK                                              Technology & Services
             250 staff
Larger than Academia and research                                    Academic
            ‘Care Messenger’ - digital media communications software Technology & Services
Micro < 10 employees
Large>250 Community Health                                           Healthcare
Large > 250Local Authority – Provider of public services             Other
            Local government
Authority members have combined population over 1 million            Other
            Health Care Services
Medium: <250 Employees                                               Healthcare
             250 staff
Larger than Academia and research                                    Academic
SME         Videogames design and development                        Media
<10 employees and Social Care Service Provision and Research         3rd Sector
<50 People Software                                                  Technology & Services
3 persons IT Consultancy / Apps                                      Technology & Services
SME         Activity monitoring                                      Telecommunications
80 employees                                                         Other
            Social Enterprise volunteers),
Approximately 300 staff (100Community Development Charitable Trust3rd Sector
            Personal Data Stores and Services
<10 Employees                                                        Technology & Services
450+        Provision and support of clinical eHealth solutions      Telecommunications
Large       IT services company/Systems Integrator                   Technology & Services
1000+ employees Education and Research                               Academic
SME         Reminder and reassurance calls                           Telecommunications
            Research and (1000 academic), 20000 students
Approximately 2500 staff education                                   Academic
Large >250 Total Communications Provider                             Telecommunications
Less than 10 employees& Services                                     Other
Large >250 Local government / Public Health                          Other
< 250       Business consultancy                                     Other
ors; Acadmic, Telecommunications, Technology & Services, Healthcare, Media, 3rd Sector &

             Expertise in a nutshell     Title       First Name             Last Name
                                         Mr          Simon
             Remote healthcare delivered via the telephone                  Jones
                                         Mr          Peter                  Range
             A Telehealth and Telemedicine managed services provider, delivering technology (most suitable to the person's need), installation
                                          hardware and software to connect devices simply and securely to help make a ubiquitous and extensibl
             Acute Technology suppliesManaging Director                     Palmer
                                         MR          Shawn                  Lainchbury
             Air Products has the experience and ability to provide end-to-end chronic patient homecare, including product and service develop
                                         Mrs          on stroke, we are experts in stroke as the leading cause of disability, the impact it has on su
             As the leading UK charity taking actionClaire                  Vincent
                                         Dr.         Alistair               Munro
             Interoperability from the enterprise level to physical connectivity of communications technologies inside and outside the home to
                                         Prof.       Jan                    Dewing
             Participatory forms of research, interviewing people living with dementia, practice development and development and testing of w
                                         health and Andrew services, enabled by technology
             Creation of more effective Mr           social care            Ruck
                                         Dr          Ashutosh
             System- and service-level analysis of telecare.                Tiwari
                                         Dr          Ranjit                 Bassi
             Integration of assistive technologies into buildings, consortium building and brokering, project management
                                         Mr          Tim                     management
             Health interoperability, terminology, outcomes and consent Benson
                                         Mr          Geoff                  McCormick
             We are experts in translating human insights into behavioural specifications for organisations to improve user experiences
                                         Mr          Robert                 Murgatroyd
             Development of a cloud-based, secure, social networking platform to facilitate communications and collaboration between health
                                         Dr          Philip                 Nichols
             RTC North Limited is a leading technology transfer organisation that hosts the Health Innovation Education Cluster North East (HIEC
                                         Dr          Malachy                Rice
             TeleHealth Service and Solution Design and Operations Consultancy
                                         Mr          Rob                    Dyke
             Thirty years public/private/third sector experience working in informatics and technology development and delivery, recently lead
                                         Professor Pam                      Moule
             Developing complex sensing systems, distributed systems and data management, research statistical support, user experience des
                                          both       Eddie                  Ritson
             Working with stakeholdersMr within and outside of the Northern Ireland health & social care system to improve the health & we
                                         Mrs         Donna
             Delivering the Local Authorities Scheme of Assistance.         Smith
                                         Mr          Paul                   Allis
             Careline UK is the largest Telecare/Telehealth Monitoring Centre in the UK dedicated to deploying a comprehensive range of telec
                                         Mr          Andy                   Jerram
             SIMPLIFY patient educationAMPLIFY health Mobile Health Library simply, powerfully and instantly extends existing patient educatio
                                         Mr          Robert                 Blackwell
             Innovative thinking and management skills for the delivery of internet and communications services to TV sets to more effectively
                                         Dr.         Adam                   Hoare
             Service innovation in the use of technology to deliver care remotely, specialists in video.
                                         services related to improving adherence to medication, such as reminder services for patients, and build
             Evalan provides a range of Dr.          Hendrik                Schwietert
             A holistic understanding ofMr           Andy                   Morley
                                          health management , the voluntary sector, user centric technology and standards to achieve interoper
                                         the         only enterprise-ready, affordable, efficient and truly scalable collaboration system.
             AppShare have developed Mr world's Stephen                     Behan
                                         Mr          Neil                   Campbell
             We specialise in mobile data systems for Healthcare and Law enforcement allowing people to have the right information at the po
                            Mr          Richard
Usability, Product Design, Design for Manufacture              Satherley
                            Mr          Simon                  Fielden
Assistive Technologies design, development, education, training, and research
                            Mr          Simon                  Fielden
Assistive Technologies design, development, education, training, and research
                            Mr          Steve                  Barnard
Hft have developed the concept and implementation strategy for the use of personalised technology as a means to improve the qu
                            Mrs         NHS both               Smith
I have over 10 years experience in the Jennifer clinically and in management. I joined O2 Health 18 months ago to develop techno
                            CEO         Marcus                 Crockett
Efficient cost saving B2B platforms launched in a micro-market environment to leverage community size/purchasing power toward
                            Mr          Ashley
Remote Monitoring and location of assets and people            Coles
                            Dr          Reynold                Greenlaw
IT for commissioning care as well as developing our own telemedicine infrastructure.
                            Dr          David                  Usher
We provide advice and guidance on usability, in order to improve the uptake and value of new equipment and systems by ensuring
                             Provider with a particular interest in assistive technology
Digital Television SoftwareMiss         Amy                    Lowe
                            Mr          Tom                      Internet
Supply of location aware software & services using GSM andMorton Protocol technologies via scalable & shared Internet services
                            Mrs         Sheila                 Stoner
Development and provision of social care and partnership working.
                            Mr          Tom                    Owen
Delivery of high quality assistive technology solutions to address the unmet needs for disease management, independent living an
                            Mr          Ed                       living
DLF is the national provider of impartial information on dailyMylles equipment and assistive technology for the public and health pr
                             that       Ray                    Ward
We have created softwareMr analysis a person emotions by speech, not understanding a persons words, but how words are exp
                            Mrs         Alexandra              Knight
Systems Engineering and Programme Management - A highly capable Systems Engineer with a broad range of experience, includin
                            Ms          Sarah                  Cockburn
Improving outcomes for the people that access support through innovation and the use of technology based on the evidence of wh
                            Mr          Nigel                  Harrison
We design beautiful bathroom products to promote inclusive living
                            Mr          Andrew                  range of
Project coordination and development in partnership with a MacLean voluntary sector agencies, local authorities and NHS Highland
                            Mr.         DICK                   in Systems Engineering and Healthcare Technology
General and Project Management, with a particular interest WALLIS
                            Dr          James                  Thorpe
Experior Micro Technologies Ltd specialise in the provision of bespoke high-performance wireless smart sensing, remote control an
We deal with all aspects ofMr           James                  Casey
                             tele/telehealth care, within the community of Hull using local volunteers, enabling patients discharged
                            Mr.         Stephen                Pattenden
TAHI has as its Mission to ensure the advance of smart home systems for people at home and we have prepared standards in inter
                            Dr          Nigel                  Harris
Development of assistive technology to support those with disabilities and health care needs.
                            Mr          Stephen                Hope
Docobo develop and deploy Telehealth and Assisted Living Community Products, Services and Solutions
Supporting the sustainableMrs           Katy                   and service
                             growth of innovative companies Lethbridge providers in health & social care and the health technologi
                            Ms          Claire                 Cordeaux
Development and application of simulation software in health and social care.
                            Mr          Peter                  Ball
We are a local authority Telecare and community alarm service, providing support to nearly 4000 clients through:Call handlingInsta
                             animator Ewan                     Watson
Motion graphics artist and Partner who has twenty years experience working as a healthcare professional
Expert in Public Health andProf.         Exchange              Kee
                            Mr          Brian                  Norris
A digital media publisher with a focus on the creation and publishing of archive based digital content for niche audiences, particula
                            Mr          Thomas
The application of technology in the provision of care.        Byrne
                            Mr          Mike                   Chambers
Developing assistive technology service model accessible to private and social care markets, across range of client groups, strong
                            Professor assisted living areas across the social sciences, sciences and humanities; liaison currently tak
Academic research in a broad range ofPeter                     Jeffries
                            Mr           management of complex systems with an aim to feed back and control the operation or the
Condition monitoring, prognostics andJames                     Angus
                            Project Manager ENABLE
                                        the lives              Jain
Developing programmes to transform Neerja of people with kidney disease by empowering them through care, prevention and d
                            CEO         Keith
Information Technology applied to remote health/care           Chessell
                            Mr          Trevor                   and telehealth industry and the development and implementation of
Delivering the national representational role for the telecareSingle
                            Dr          Paul                   Nelson
Delivering new media technology solutions to populations at scale: solving health/wellbeing problems, through clinical and academ
                            Technology Richelieu & SAR TCBQuoi
                                         Consultant               security,
Our principle areas of expertise are wireless, interoperability,Reviewer EMC and product safety testing, including standard develop
                            Mr          Mansel                 Williams
High-security door locks that operate wirelessly using ZigBee or Z-Wave communications and can be incorporated into DALLAS com
                            Mr          Stewart                Maxwell
We are a leading telehealth monitoring and social networking healthcare company
                            Mr          Conor                  O'Byrne
Delivering high quality patient and customer contact management to organisations
                            Mrs         Angela                 Single
BT is a global leader of innovative technology solutions, securely managed networked services for communities, business and gove
                            CONSULTANT PHYSICIAN
                                        ALLISON                GRAHAM
The NSIC's expertise is in providing comprehensive spinal cord injury management for life by consistently exploring new ways to tr
We deal with all aspects ofMr           James                  Casey
                             tele/telehealth care, within the community of Hull using local volunteers, enabling patients discharged
                            Dr          Richard                Pope
                            Mr          David                  Jarrold
Engaging end users in design and technology in order to stimulate innovation in independent living.
                            Miss        Joanna                 Rae
                            Mr          Tim                    Craig
Designing, building, and operation of complex on-line services addressing remote care needs of end users and the large scale oper
                            Professor Patricia                  Connolly
We have easy to use disposable, sterile sensors that can be placed in any wound dressing to allow moisture (and the need to chang
                            Mrs          Eve                    Hatton
Creation and implementation of next generation transactional software designed to offer personalised solutions for all parts of the
                            Managing Consultant
                                         Ivan                   McConnell
PA Consulting is a global consulting firm with regional offices across the UK including London, Edinburgh, Manchester and Birmingh
Adopting technology as anMr.             Angus                  Campbell
                             enabler of healthcare service integration and transformation
                            Ms           Katherine              Barbour
Supporting organisations to implement telehealth and telecare solutions to address the challenges of caring for ever increasing nu
                            Mr           Paul                   Slaughter
We operate a digital information delivery platform called ‘Care Messenger’ integrating third party solutions/data sources into a co
As an Executive Director ofMrs           Lynda                  Whincup
                              a Social Enterprise organisation, designing, developing and delivering integrated healthcare pathways t
                            Ms           Lauraine               Walker
Due our demographics and the prevalance/projected increase of dementia in the ER, we would like to use a range of innovate tech
                            Mr           David
Provision of social care and partnership working.               Williams
                            Mr           Kishore                Sankla
As an established UK health care services provider we continue to innovate & deliver the best & most flexible, cost-effective health
                            Ms           Katherine              Barbour
Supporting organisations to implement telehealth and telecare solutions to address the challenges of caring for ever increasing nu
Creating games that make Mrs             Mary
                             a difference to people’s lives     Matthews
We use an evidence basedDr               Nundita                Reetoo
                             approach to facilitate service provision for people with long term conditions whilst ensuring equality in
                            Mr            software fabric that enables people to share common information and adopt common proc
Providing a collaborative and cohesivePeter                     Doughty
                            Mr           until                  Griffiths
Wales' ICT Specialist in Assisted Living John Jan 11 and now operational partner for Mobile devices for Bournemouth Borough Coun
Remote activity monitoring of people Simon                      Price
                             e-learning resources.
Developing and rolling out Miss          Georgina               Earle
                            Mrs          Anna                   Heddle
Provision of Health and Wellbeing Services to support independent living including the promotion and provision of AT for older or
Our Mission is to empower individualsAlex                       more effectively through convenient, trustworthy access and control o
                                          to manage their lives Stobart
                            Dr           John                   Heavens
Health systems integration, provision of a single view of a patient’s record across all care settings for both care professionals, patie
                            Mrs          Gerry                  Clark
CSC is a leading global IT services company which provides technology-enabled business solutions and services.
                            Prof.        Kenneth                Turner
Research, development and evaluation of technologies for assisted living.
                            Mr            calls                 Cole
We provide reassurance and reminderJamieto people to maintain their independence and promote self care
                            Mr           Jonathan               Thorpe
We provide education, service evaluation and research expertise to partners from the public and private sector
                            Ms           Lesley                 Richards
Designing and delivering Total Communications Solutions including applications, flexible working and remote monitoring services t
                            Mr           Chris                  Dawson
Supporting Wellbeing Programmes in Occupational Health and Public Health
Providing excellent qualityMs             care                  Bradshaw
                              health andKarenservices to vulnerable people across all sectors of society
                            Mr           Tim                    Bryant
The Partner to Succeed programme works with businesses from Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly to promote and support sustainable
ices, Healthcare, Media, 3rd Sector &

Full entry link - Dallas Partnership Pool Final -NHS Direct.doc - dallas_partnership_pool_-_rev_11 - Final.docx 10 2011.doc[1].docx DALLAS Partnership Pool Form.doc Partnershp Dallas Final Version.doc Ltd Scotland dallas partnership pool.doc[1].docx Partnership Pool - DocCom.docx NE_RTC North.docx Group.docx[1][1]ecch.docx partnership pool - rev 10 for Simply Digital.docx Embedded.docx partnership pool - Evalan - 20110829.docx[1].docx partnership pool - kelvin connect.docx Partnership pool - Satherley Design.docx University HDTI v2.docx University HDTI v3.docx (InterAction of Bath).docx partnership pool - argyleandislandstelecoms.doc partnership pool - Bridgend.doc partnership pool - care-innovations.doc partnership pool - DLF.doc partnership pool - effectivemedia.doc partnership pool - FNC_1_1.doc partnership pool - IRISS - Aug 2011.doc partnership pool - kingcraft.doc partnership pool - partnershipsforwellbeing.doc partnership pool - positionsystems.doc partnership pool - rev 10 - Experior.doc partnership pool - rev 10 Casey.doc partnership pool - rev 10-TAHI-v 2.doc partnership pool - rev 10v2BIME.doc partnership pool - rev 10_Docobo.doc partnership pool - SEHTA.doc partnership pool - SIMUL8 Corporation.doc partnership pool - Stoke-on-Trent.doc partnership pool - touzie.doc partnership pool - ukcrc.doc partnership pool -greenpark.doc partnership pool -healthcomms.doc partnership pool -theyoutrust.doc Partnership Pool ApplicationKentUni.doc partnership pool Cranfield IVHM Centre.doc Partnership Pool Kidney Research UK.doc partnership pool solcomltd.doc partnership pool tsa.doc partnership pool _phrisk.doc partnership poolrfi.doc partnership pool_300811taylorlock.doc rigneydolphin.doc finalBT.doc[1].doc[1].doc - IBM application 201011.doc Babour.doc i-Spy Digital.doc[1].doc[1]_-_eastridingyorkscouncil.doc[SEWIC][1].doc[1].doc DALLAS partnership pool asdVC.doc Development Trust Partnership Pool1 (2) (2).docx CIC Feb 2012 dallas_partnership_pool_-mydexdata.doc dallas_partnership_pool_-_rev_10 (21 10 11).docx Pool CSV.doc Technology - Dallas Partnership Pool.doc Application - DALLAS partnership pool - Vodaphane.doc Application dallas partnership pool - rev 10.docx dallas_partnership_pool_-_rev_101.doc

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