Digital Identity Inquiry Lesson Plan

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					                                                          Focus on Inquiry Unit Plan

     Phase           Time                         Strategies                              Resources                    Supporting Others
Reflecting on                     Please note the time allocations are for
the Process                        instruction of the lesson, but lapses between
                                   lessons and additions of supporting lessons will
                      1-2          adjust the overall length of the unit plan.
                                   Overall, this inquiry should take 2-3 weeks.
a. understanding    minute                                                                                                  Teachers:
that inquiry is a   blocks     Using the Smartboard, we will explore                      Smartboard
personal                       the Inquiry Model on the Wiki –                                                               Wiki –
learning process    (Block 1   MyDigitalIdentity. Students will be                    Wiki – Inquiry Model
                     and 2)    guided through planning an event
b. understanding               using the Inquiry Model framework to                      Parent Letter             Wiki – Metacognitive Skills
that the inquiry               demonstrate how we use the Inquiry
process is                     Model in our lives.                                    Research Notebooks      Chart paper – Brainstorming coping
transferable to                                                                                                            strategies
other learning                                                                         Student Handout –
situations                                                                             My Inquiry Project
                               The introduction will be led by AISI                                                         Students:
c. developing                  lead where needed.                                     PowerPoint – Inquiry
their                                                                                  Based Instruction                Wiki – Handouts
skills – thinking                                                                                            Poster of Inquiry Model is displayed in
about thinking                                                                                                 the classroom for easy reference
and thinking
about feeling                                                                                                               Parents:

d. developing                                                                                                Letter – to inform parents of the project
                               Ask students what strategies they use
strategies for                                                                                                              and the Wiki
monitoring and
                               when they get frustrated or stuck when
enhancing their                doing a project. Brainstorm things                                                     Research Notebooks:
thinking and                   they can do.
feelings                                                                                                         Students will create research
                                                                                                             notebooks to organize all stages of the
                                                                                                                       inquiry model in

a. building            1-2      To build background knowledge ask:               Smartboard or        Wiki - definitions
background          47 minute       1. What is identity?                          whiteboard
knowledge                           2. What is a public digital identity?         KWL Chart           Use to brainstorm the topic “digital
                    (Block 3                                                                          identity”
                     and 4)

b. establishing                 Topic: What is your public digital identity?    Research Journal      Students write for 5 minutes about
topic of interest                                                                                     what they think their digital identity is.

c. developing a                 Ask students to identify questions they        Research Journals or   Research journals – write all questions
good question                   have about digital identity.                       Chart Paper        they have in their research journals, or
                                                                                                      brainstorm as a group and post on the
                                                                                                      wall using chart paper.

d. identifying                  Brainstorm various sources for locating          Chart Paper or       Wiki – Examples of Resources
information                     information about our digital identity.           Smartboard          Record on chart paper to display in
sources                                                                                               classroom

e. identifying                  School wide project – presenting in a            Poster Template      Use or modify
audience and                    poster format and posted in the hallways
sharing format                  and classrooms.

f. establishing                 Review the rubrics you will use to assess            Rubrics          Wiki – Teacher Resources – Assessment
assessment                      this:                                                                 Use or modify
criteria for both                   - Poster Rubric
product and                         - Research Process Rubric

g. reflecting on                Students respond to reflection questions        Student Handout       Respond to the following questions and
the process                     and submit for mark.                                                  review their inquiry process:
                                                                                Chart Paper with          - Would I have chosen this
                                                                                Questions Posted             question? If so, why would you
                                                                                                             choose this question? If not,
                                                                                                             what question would you have
                                                                                                          - How will what I learn be of use
                                                                                                to me later?
                                                                                            -   What were my feelings as I
                                                                                                worked through this phase?

a. developing an    Students will identify what information        Student Handout –        Students use research journals to
information         they need and how they will get it (i.e.         Developing an       record information about the quality of
retrieval plan      phone someone to interview, internet         information Retrieval               their resources.
                    search, etc.)                                        Plan
                                                                                           During this phase, guide students in
b. locating and     Students will identify where needed            Research Books –          distinguishing between relevant
collecting          resources are located and how they will        record pertinent          (generally related) and pertinent
resources           retrieve them                                 information about         (directly related) information; self-
                                                                       retrieval                check strategies (i.e. “Is this
                                                                                          information even remotely connected
c. selecting        Students will identify which resources       Research Books –           to my questions?”); critical reading
relevant            contain information which is relevant to     working document –      skills (skimming and scanning); critical
information         their questions and topic (they actually     make anecdotal notes         thinking skills (comparing and
                    have to skim through material and contact    and eliminate             contrasting); and interviewing skills
                    possible interview persons to ensure it      resources which are        and protocols. (Alberta Education,
                    works for their topic and is available)      not good/highlight          Focus on Inquiry, Chapter 7, p. 7)
                                                                 resources which are

d. evaluating       Students will create a Pathfinder in         Handout – Pathfinder      Students will use the Pathfinder to
resources           Microsoft Word. They will focus on giving                              organize thoughts and information
                    a summary of what their research topic is                              regarding their inquiry questions.
                    about, defining search terms, and citing
                    resource information.

e. reviewing and    Teach students to gauge feelings and         Wiki – Metacognitive       Refer back to the Affective and
revising the plan   coping strategies, such as generalizing or                             Cognitive Domains – a chart in the
for inquiry         twigging, or asking for help (Focus on                               room may be helpful for easy reference
                    Inquiry, Chapter 7, p. 56)
f. reflecting on                                                            Handout – Checklist     Handout: Checklist for Reflecting on the
the process                                                                 for Reflecting on the     Process (used at each stage of the
                                                                            Process                               process)

                                                                                                    Teach students to ask:
                                                                                                       - Which resources are most
                                                                                                       - Where did I find the most useful
                                                                                                       - Will my topic focus still work?

a. establishing a   2 x 47   During this phase of the inquiry, support      Making Notes Lesson     If you need lessons, check with AISI
focus for inquiry    min.    students by reviewing/extending lessons                                lead for suggestions. There are many
                    blocks   in the following areas:                             KWL Chart          great lessons to support this phase in
b. choosing                      - Evaluating information sources                                   Comprehension and Collaboration,
pertinent                             (using a variety of sources)           Graphic Organizers     Harvey & Daniels (2009)
information                      - Evaluate Internet sites, using              for note taking
                                      specific criteria                                             Grade 5 – 8 – Placemat organizer
c. recording                     - Ask and answer questions based
information                           on illustrations, photographs,                                Grade 5 – Interview questions
                                      audio and video clips, etc.                                   Grade 6 – Activity Sheet
d. making                        - Use a variety of graphic organizers                              Grade 7 – Interview Sheet
connections and                       to take notes from the information                            Grade 8 – Interview Sheet
inferences                            sources they are using
                                 - Choose an appropriate graphic
e. locating more                      organizer given the type of
information                           information needed to explore
                                 - Connect new information with
                                      previous knowledge by talking to
                                      others and reflecting on the KWL

f. reviewing and             Students review this phase to see what          Handout – Refocus      Students will complete Refocus (first
revising the plan            worded well/didn’t work. Students look at                              section) to guide their analysis of their
for inquiry                  their original inquiry plan and decide if it                           inquiry plan and make changes if
                             is still working or if they need to make any                           necessary.
                             changes at this point.
g. reflecting on             Students answer reflection questions         Handout – Checklist     Teach students to ask questions such
the process                                                               for Reflecting on the   as:
                                                                                Process               - From which format do I most
                                                                                                         easily gather information?
                                                                                                      - How do I organize and sort my
                                                                                                      - What was most useful in
                                                                                                         helping me determine my
                                                                                                      - What skill did I learn that will
                                                                                                         be most useful to me later?
                    1 x 47
a. organizing        min     Review the presentation format, rubric for   Student handout –
information         block      assessment, and checklist for creating     Creating Checklist
b. creating a                                                                Rubric – Final
product                                                                        Product
(creating new

c. thinking about
the audience

d. revising and
(remixing and

e. reviewing and             Again, have students review their plan and
revising the plan               see if any changes need to be made.
for inquiry

f. reflecting on              Students respond to reflection questions    Handout – Checklist     Teach students to ask questions such
the process                                                               for Reflecting on the   as:
                                                                                Process               - Why am I satisfied with my
                                                                                                      - How well does my creation
                                                                                                         address my focus?
                                                                                            -   What other items can I consider
                                                                                                to include or exclude from my

a.                  You may want to have a class sharing prior     Product Rubric
communicating         to posting for the school wide project
with the

b. presenting         Checklist for Reflecting on the Process                            Teach students to ask:
new                                                                                         - What would I do differently in
understandings                                                                                  my next presentation?
                    Review how to be respectful when viewing                                - What strategies did I use to get
c. demonstrating                  others work                                                   myself ready for this
appropriate                                                                                     presentation?
audience                                                                                    - What strategies did I use to get
behaviour                                                                                       and maintain my audience’s
                                                                                                attention that I can use again?

a. evaluating the    Students will use the inquiry model, the      Process Rubric        Teach students to ask:
process                affective and cognitive domains and                                  - What was the highlight of this
                       handouts to help them reflect on the      Handout – Reflecting           assignment? Why?
b. evaluating the    inquiry process and their presentation       on the Inquiry and        - What did I learn that I can
inquiry process                                                    the Presentation             transfer to other tasks?
and inquiry plan
                                                                 Handout – Checklist
c. reviewing and                                                 for Reflecting on the
revising                                                               Process
personal inquiry

d. transferring
learning to new
beyond school

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