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					                                Stay Safe From Phishing Attacks

With the increased amount of Phishing attacks it has become essential to understand what exactly a
phishing email is. Any internet user can come across a phishing mail that at the first glance might seem
to be an authentic mail. Phishing emails come from unauthentic sources and claim to from banking,
financial, online auction and lottery websites. They send users compelling content that in terms of huge
prize money, international products and discounted price and aim to rob an individual of his or her
personal data.

The mode of inquiry is very thrifty and often the users are not able to grasp dangerous phishing attacks
targeted at them. Though you might hear less about Phishing mails as compared to virus, spyware or
malware attacks, they all are equally hazardous.

The Way Phishing Attacks Operate?

The most common way in which hackers and third party intruders make a phishing attacks work is
through the mails. There are situations when they take the names of reputed brands. For example, the
MSN or Yahoo lottery mails that people receive as mobile messages or mails, with huge amounts as
winning prize money are all phishing mails. These mails ask you give away your email passwords and
bank details and end up hacking your email, accounts and even corrupting your computer system.

Hence, phishing mails generally operate on human emotions and play on individual unpreparedness and
vulnerability. Today phishers have devised sophisticated attacks that are difficult to decide. Most of the
time these mails will have no contact details. Hence protection from phishing is a necessity today. This
is especially applicable for eminent brands that have employees unaware of such attacks.

Advanced Anti-Phishing Solutions

Today leading solution providers have introduced anti-phishing software that assists organizations
to evaluate whether their employees have the required knowledge of social engineering and its side
effects. The software helps in the following ways:-
    ●   Helps enterprises in estimating the probable hazards associated with phishing
    ● Offers elastic reporting and incorporate them back into the company’s chief performance-
        indicator framework
    ● Offers a “road map" solution concentrating on security awareness and training within an
    ●   Helps to recognize weakness within people, method and technology links
    ●   Helps in prioritizing remediation attempts through useful benchmarking and maturity analysis
    ●   Helps in increasing employee awareness and expertise to safeguard crucial information

Only investing in antivirus or antispyware protection is not sufficient today. In order to stay secured
from hazardous phishing attacks anti-phishing solutions offered by eminent service providers are useful.

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Description: Phishing emails come from unauthentic sources and claim to from banking, financial, online auction and lottery websites.