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									                         Oseh Shalom Religious School
Curricular Materials by Grade
Lower School (Grades PreK – Seven)

PreK Family Experience Programs (Programs four times per year)
       Year A                                                     Year B
       Shabbat                                                    Fall Holidays
       Chanukah                                                   Chanukah
       Tu B’Shevat                                                Purim
       Pesach                                                     Yom Ha’Atzmaut
                                 (See program description doc for each)

                Year A                                               Year B
Sacred Text     Creation (See Sacred Texts Curric. doc)              Creation (See Sacred Texts Curric. doc)
                A Child’s Garden of Torah (Torah Aura)               Let’s Discover the Bible (Behrman House)
Spirituality    Let’s Discover the Synagogue (Behrman House)         Let’s Discover God (Behrman House)
Holidays        Let’s Discover the Holidays (Behrman House)          BJL Beginnings (Torah Aura)
Hebrew:         Let’s Discover the Alef Bet (Behrman House)          Preprimer Alef to Tav (Torah Aura)

2nd Grade

Sacred Text:    Noah (See Sacred Texts Curriculum document)
Holidays:       Let’s Celebrate the Holidays (Behrman House)
Values:         BJL Mitzvot (Torah Aura)
Hebrew:         Marilyn Price – Alef to Tav (Torah Aura)

3rd Grade

Sacred Text:    Lekh L’kha (See Sacred Texts document)
Holidays:       Rosh Hashanah (See Holiday Curriculum document)
                Yom Kippur (see Holiday Curriculum document)
Spirituality:   I Have Some Questions about God (Torah Aura)
Israel:         The Great Israel Scavenger Hunt (Behrman House)
Hebrew:         Shalom Uvrachah (Behrman House)
Prayer Goals:   Basic familiarity with alef-bet; concepts presented through the use of key words

4th Grade

Sacred Text:    Joseph and His Family (See Sacred Texts Curriculum document)
Holidays:       Chanukah (See Holiday Curriculum document)
                Purim (See Holiday Curriculum document)
Spirituality:   Partners with God (Behrman House)
Klal Israel:    Out of Spain
Hebrew:         Hineini 1 (Behrman House)
Prayer Goals:   Barchu, Ma’ariv aravim, Yotzer Or, Sh’ma, V’ahavta, Mi chamocha, B’rachot (food), Brachot
                shel mitzvot; Brachot shel Shabbat; Brachot shel yom tov; Kiddush

5th Grade

Sacred Text:      Exodus (See Sacred Texts Curriculum document)
Holidays:         Sukkot (See Holiday Curriculum document)
                  Pesach (will use materials incorporated in Exodus unit, above)
                  Yom Ha’Atzmaut (participate in community-wide Yom Ha’Atzmaut 5th grade program)
Spirituality:     Living as Partners with God (Behrman House)
Life Cycle:       Journey of a Lifetime (Behrman House)
Hebrew:           Hineini 2 (Behrman House)
Prayer Goals:     Avot v’imahot; G’vurot; K’dushah; Hoda’ah; Shalom Rav; Sim shalom; Oseh Shalom; L’cha
                  dodi; V’shamru; Shalom Aleichem

6th Grade

Sacred Text:      Our Sacred Texts (URJ)
Holidays:         Simchat Torah (See Holiday Curriculum document)
                  Yom HaShoah (being rewritten, as of 7/1/05)
                  Yom Ha’Atzmaut (participate in community-wide Yom Ha’Atzmaut 5th grade program)
History :         American: Participate in community-wide US Immigration Program
                  Intro to Holocaust (being rewritten as of 7/1/05)
Hebrew:           Hineini 3 (Behrman House)
Prayer Goals:     Ein chamocha; Av harachamin; Ki mitziyon; Lecha adonai; Birchot haTorah; Birchot haftarah;
                  V’zot hatorah; Etz chayim hi; Al sh’losha d’varim; Aleinu; Kaddish; Ein keloheinu; Hashkiveinu;
                  Sh’ma; Modeh ani

7th Grade

Sacred Texts:     Weekly parshah study
Holidays:         Rediscovering the Jewish Holidays (Behrman House)
Current Events: Babaganewz
Israel:           Current Events (teacher-designed course)
Hebrew, Tefillah: Study Shabbat Morning Service with Rabbi Fink
Tefillah:         SiddurQuest (based on TorahQuest) (See SiddurQuest lesson plan document).

Midweek Program (Grades 3 – 6)
The Oseh Shalom Midweek Program for students in grades 3-6 consists of two components: the Hebrew Component
and the Chuggim (Clubs) Component.

The Hebrew Component consists of two sections: The grade-level Hebrew sessions are linked to the Sunday
language program. The Learner’s Service allows students to practice their tefillah skills in a service setting. Both
sections last for ½ hour each week.

The Chuggim component is a cross-curricular program organized along the following parameters:
1. The program is a values-based program, which teaches different values each year.
2. Students all study the same topics, but are divided into mixed age groupings (3 rd & 4th; 5th & 6th)
3. Rotations are six weeks in length:
       a. Week 1: text study (Torah, Talmud or guests who speak to the topic)
       b. Weeks 2 – 5: students grapple with the topic through the chug (club) they are assigned to
       c. Week 6: “Show & Share” allows students to demonstrate what they’ve learned.
4. The Chuggim (clubs) are art, cooking, creative writing, drama and music/movement.
5. The Chuggim Component lasts for 1 hour each week.

In 2004-05/5765 the values were as follows: Ohev zeh et zeh/Mechaboyd zeh et zeh (Loving and Honoring One
Another); Shomrei adamah (Guarding the Earth); Din v’rachamim (Justice and Mercy); Ometz Lev (Courage of the
Heart); Israel: One Land, Many People.

In 2005-06/5766, the following values will be studied: Kibud zekenim (Honoring the Elderly); Hoda’ah
(Thankfulness); Shmirat Lashon (Guarding your tongue); Someaych noflim v’rofay cholim (Supporting and
Healing); Israel – the Land (Geography)

Our HomeSchool      Program, for students unable to participate in our Midweek Program, parallels the on-site
Midweek Program.

Upper School (Grades 8 – 12)
8th Grade:       History Through Themes (outline attached)

9th Grade:       Jewish Values through Making a Difference (Behrman House)

10th Grade:      Rabbi’s Seminar: Reconstructionist Judaism; Comparative Religions; Anti-Semitism;
                 Confirmation as a Life Cycle Event

11th/12th Grades: Hot Topics (ARE Publishing) (Student-designed course)

Our program also includes 4 week, mixed-age electives. In 2004-05/5765 these were the offering:
    Everything You Wanted to Know about Judaism, But Never Asked * Cooking * Improv Theatre * Tikkun Olam
    – Oseh-Style * Sex and Violence in the Bible * Beginning Crocheting * New York Trip Planning * You Be the
    Judge: Ethical Decisions in Everyday Life * Jewish Ideas and Beliefs through Art * Tikkun Olam in Theory and
    Practice * Modern Jewish Heroes * Jewish Art: Making a Bima Table * Clothes, Unions and Human Dignity *
    Disabilities, Gender and Racial Stereotypes: How Prevalent Are They? * Storytelling *Fundraising Oseh
    Shalom-style * “Family Guy” and Jewish Values * Travels with Shuli * Jewish Jeopardy.

In 2005-06, these are some of the electives we are hoping to offer:
Madrichim Training * Storytelling * Everything You Wanted to Know about Judaism… * Kabbalah * Jewish
Values in Deciding Where to Donate Tzedakah Funds * Israeli Dancing * Sephardic Cooking * Learning to lead a
Prayer Service * Jewish Values in Protest Songs * Advocacy * Jewish Values in Science Fiction * Jewish Short
Stories … and much, much more!


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