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									Sample Paternity Leave Letter
Looking for sample paternity leave letter? It is hard to predict when a new born will get up from
sleep and start crying for food or soil the clothes. At times, mothers remain awake late in the
nights rocking the child to sleep.

Inadequate rest following the strenuous labor can affect the mother physically and
psychologically. Fatigue can affect her marriage as well. The problem has become more acute
since women now have their careers to focus on and older generation may or may not be around
to help.

Mothers need help, at least during the last couple of weeks before delivering the baby, and first
couple of weeks after the baby is born. Fathers can help mothers get rest at such time. This is the
reason paid paternity leave of two weeks is mandatory in most states.

Companies may also have policies that extend such paternity leave. Sample paternity leave letter
like the one below needs to be sent to the Human Resources department specifying the period of

Paternity Leave Letter To Employer

Mark Peterson
XYZ Corporation
New York

Date: 4th January, 2012


Jack Stevenson
Human Resources Manager
XYZ Corporation
New York

Dear Mr. Stevenson,

Re: 4 weeks of paternity leave with effect from 8th January, 2012
My wife is now in the ninth month of pregnancy, more precisely the third week of her ninth
month. The baby is due anytime now. Therefore, I request you to grant me four weeks of
paternity leave starting from 8th January, 2012.

I am aware that my statutory entitlement for this is two weeks of paid leave. I am agreeable to
you treating the additional two weeks as unpaid leave.

I would have liked to give you more time to plan the staffing requirement in my absence. But
you know how unpredictable babies are. Hence, I request you to relieve me from my duties for
the specified period. I'd really appreciate your help in this regard.

Thank you.



Mark Peterson

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