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									From Feb – June 2012
 7V7 Hanoi football championship is organized every year by HFF & This game has attracted many football teams to join. This is
   the chance for all the teams to communicate, share and exchange information
   about football. The game has become more and more professional on football
   fields in Hanoi.
 There are about 200 teams joining with 600 matches & 32 teams will come to
  final round. All the football teams are from Hanoi.
 Football fields are built up in compliance with FIFA standards & the game will be
  organized base on FAIR PLAY spirit.

Referee team:
 HFF’s Referee team
 Main referee: Mr Hai
 Linesman: Mr Thuong
Award name         : 7v7 Hanoi Football Championship
Cup name           : XXX Cup ( Gold Sponsor’s name)
Location           : Hanoi
Football ground    : Football fields – FIFA standard
Time               : from Feb 2012 to June 2012
Tournament         : Qualifying round with 200 teams through 600 matches,
=>                 select 32 teams for final round.
Game regulation    : 8 groups ABCDEFGH & final round
Limit of sponsors : 03 sponsors ( not conflux)
Communication Plan : Press – Event – Activation - Online
1. 08 prizes for the first team of each group ABCDEFGH,
   total value: 800$
2. 01 Champion, value: 1,000$
3. 01 second prize, value: 600$
4. 01 third prize, value: 300$
5. Voting “winner team”: 200$
Total awards : 2,900$
Note: The prizes can be given
in cash or gifts upon sponsor’s

Qualified team:
• Register the players from the beginning to the end of the
  game, no player- change, declare full name - ID number –
  company – team.
• All the amateur football teams nationwide are welcome.
• The registration must conform to Organizer’s Regulations.
Non-qualified team:
• Professional team
• Without logo of the game & Sponsor, a team is not
  allowed to play in the field.
• If there is any cheating discovered – making up the result
  etc,… the team will be eliminated from the game.

                                Note: See more in attached tournament details
THE QUALIFYING ROUND has 200 teams playing 600 matches

THE GROUP STAGE has 32 teams playing 40 matches



Third-place play-off


                                       Note: See tournament details later
Note: Demo only
1. Campaign 1: Process PR press release (10) before the game’s opening in
    March 2012.
    PR content: introduce the tournament & sponsor s& the awards
2. Campaign 2: Process PR press release (10) before the game comes to final
    PR content: write about all teams, the best team & Sponsor Ads
3. Campaign 3: Process last PR campaign (10) on press
    PR content: announce the winners, the best player & Sponsors Ads
4. Print ads campaign: Run print ads plan on some sport & football newspaper
    during the tournament.

* List of presses to run PR & Ads : The Thao Ngay Nay, The Thao Hang Ngay,
   The Theo 24h,,,,,, 24hthethao, bongdatv, Vnnet, dantri,
   Vnexpress,,, HN moi, laodong, tuoi tre thu do,...….
1. Opening ceremony: introduce football awards & sponsors.
2. Closing ceremony: give the prizes to winners & say thanks to Sponsors
3. All the players will stick the Championship and Sponsors’ logos on their uniforms
   during matches & make photo albums.
4. Sponsors will deliver their speeches and give the awards
5. Place big umbrellas with football game and Sponsors’ design on will be placed around
   the football field
6. Place billboards around the field: football & sponsors’ designed logos
7. Hang band-rolls on some streets & in front of football field, content: introduce
   football game & sponsors
8. Souvenir flags given to the teams with football game’s title & sponsors’ names.
9. Sponsors’ logos will be on 100 balls.
10. Board of honors with the game and sponsors’ images.
11. A speech stand with Sponsors’ logos.
1. During football matches: PG team wearing uniforms with
   Sponsors’ logos to cheer up the match (42 matches at final round)
2. PG team deliver free leaflets to audience at the field.
3. PG team deliver free leaflets to male customers at coffee
   shops/beer restaurants...
4. Insert leaflets into Newspaper s then give free to males working at
   some office buildings.
5. Give lighters as gifts to people coming to football fields.
6. Create a display space to present Sponsor’s awards.
7. Sponsors award the trophies to the winners.
8. Place 10 frames at 10 cafes in Hanoi.
A. Order banners on 10 websites, at home page to introduce
   football game & sponsors, such as:,,,,,,,,,
B. Create a Facebook fanpage & generate traffic
C. Send Newsletter to attract players
D. Spread topics by Forum seeding on Football awards &
E. Voting for one winner on
F. 5 second-panel of Sponsor’s logo will be attached in video clips
   from the tournament  Upload on YouTube and drive
   viewers’ traffic.
Vietnamese           Vietnamese people love football, 80% of the
                      population prefer football to any other
 Eat football         sports.

Sleep football       Office workers like to team up and play
                      football at football fields after work or at
Play football         weekends.
                     Football is a popular phenomenon in
                      Vietnam. The office workers now can not
                      only watch but also play football.
      They usually play some betting games for fun to win just
       some small prizes like drinks or meals.
      New form of sponsorship - cost-saving – lots of benefits –
       .high efficiency – reach your target customers.
      Football sponsorship is the easiest way to place your brand
        into target customers’ mind.
1.   About 200 teams joining with 600 matches => 32 teams to the
     group stage, divided into 8 groups.
2. About 600 matches in 8 nmonths => 600 matchers x 300
    participants/ match=> about 180,000 players + audience.
3. In Vietnamese culture, people always feel very proud whenever
    they win over some prizes, even such small things like some
 They play football at their best & fairplay on the field
 Football helps connecting people, building up relationship
1. Brand awareness: 20% HN population
 (among 6 mil. in total) from communication plan.
 Football sponsorship is the easiest way to place your Eat football
     brand into target customers’ mind.                  Sleep football
                                                          Play football
A. The Cup is named after Golden Sponsor =>
   communication plan for the game is actually promoting
   the brand for the Sponsor.
B. Golden Sponsor have their right to register their
   company’s team & invite 5 teams from their partner
C. Silver Sponsor have their right to register their
   company’s team.
Sponsor’s title: “ 7v7 HN football champion– XXX Cup 2012”

1. Logos & information of Sponsors appear in 03PR campaigns on
   Newspapers & magazines related to Sports & football:
   • The Thao Ngay Nay
   • The Thao Hang Ngay
   • Bao bongda
   • Thể thao 24h
   •,, bongdaso, bongda24h, bongdatv,
       360thethao, dantri, Vnexpress, Vnnet,,…….

2.   Print ads campaign: 30 issued advertising, size ¼ page on The Thao Hang
     Ngay or The Thao Ngay Nay
Sponsor’s title: “ 7v7 HN Football Champion –XXX Cup2012”

1. Sponsors’ logos on backdrop, main position – opening & closing
2. Sponsors can deliver their speeches in the opening & closing ceremony.
3. Sponsors’ logos on all of 100 balls
4. Publish to announce all the prizes from sponsors.
5. Sponsors’ logos appear on:
   • 10 Standees at football fields.
   • 10 Band-rolls in some streets
   • 10 Billboards inside & outside the football field
   • 01 XXX Cup + 1 speech stand with Sponsors’ logos.
   • 10 Umbrellas around the football fields
   • 100 Balls with Sponsor’s logo
   • 100 souvenir flags for the teams
   • 12 boards of honor (8+1+1+1+1)
Sponsor’s title: “ 7v7 HN Football Champion–XXXCup2012”

1.   PG team wearing uniforms with Sponsors’ logos to cheer and
         support each match.
2.   PG team deliver 1,000 free lighters to male audience at the field.
3.   Sponsors award trophies for winners.
4.   A space for Sponsors to display the awards
5.   10 frames at 10 cafés with tournament details and Sponsor’s logos.
6.   PG team deliver 4000 leaflets to:
     •   Audience at the field
     •   Male customers at cafes
     •   Insert leaflets in newspapers/magazines and give free to male workers
         at some office buildings.
Sponsor title: “ 7v7 HN Football Champion –XXX Cup2012”
A. Banners of sponsors + the game on 10 websites related sports
   & football:,,,,,,,,,
B. Forum seeding: posting topics & PR about football awards
   + Sponsors on 10 forums
C. Facebook fanpage: create “ Hanoi Football Fan” fanpage on
   facebook & generate traffic of 2,000 fans for this tournament.
D. Email: send newsletter of the tournament to 30,000 users
E. Voting the winner on
F. Shooting video and upload on YouTube & attach 5 second-
   panel of the Sponsor, drive viewer traffic of 80,000 views/8
No                   Benefit package during 8 months                        Budget
1    Press:                                                                 6,000 $
     03 PR campaigns
     01 PR campaign
2    Event: opening & closing ceremony + 10 billboards + 10 band-rolls      9,000 $
     + 4,000 posters + 100 balls + 1Cup +10 Umbrellas + flags +
     trophies + award display space + logo stickers on uniforms +
     boards of honor, speech stand with sponsor’s logo

3    Activation: PG team to support the game + distribute posters at café   5,500 $
     shops & office buildings + 1,000 complimentary lighters + 100
     uniforms for PG + 10 Frames + award display area
4    Online: Place banners on web + send newsletter +Forum seeding+         6,200 $
     Facebook fanpage + video shooting + online voting

5    Total award value for winners                                          2,900 $
                                             Total before Tax/8 months      29,600 $
                                            Sponsor budget per month        3,700$
The Cup is named after Golden Sponsor   Sponsor’s logo on player’s uniform

          Sponsor logo

    Sponsor’s logo on the ball          PG wearing Sponsor’s uniforms
Opening & closing ceremony   Award the prizes to winners

    Interview sponsors             Band-roll on street
Standees in front of football field   10 Billboards around football field

PG team distributing posters           PG team support a football match
Video clips + Sponsor’s logo panel 5sec   Flag + board of honor + trophy

            Sponsor logo

     Speech standee on the stage              Award display space
Sponsor’s umbrella around the field               Sponsor’s Logo on Cup & lighters

          Some PR articles on webs & newspapers

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