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Comparing Monotheistic Religions


									                          Comparing Monotheistic Religions

        1. What does monotheistic mean?

                             ISLAM           CHRISTIANITY              JUDAISM
                             Quran              Bible                    Torah
What are the names                               Gospels                  Talmud
of the scriptures (holy
books) they use?
                              “Allah”           Jesus Christ
Who is the central
                              “Muhammad”        God
person of the
                             Star- means    A cross represents        The Star of David is the
                              knowledge and that we are still          religions. Jews were
What is the religion’s
                              light                                    forced to where the star
symbol?                                      sinners.
                             Crescent Moon-                           for recognition.
                              means progress
                             Mecca              Israel                   Israel
What are the holy

                             Mosque             church                   Synagogue
What is the name of
their “house of

                             They worship   You can worship any day   From sunset Friday to
What days do they             on Friday      you want.                 sunset Saturday
worship?                      afternoons
                                                 Christmas (the           Rosh Hashanah
                                                  birth of Jesus)           (the Jewish
                                                 Easter (when              New Year)
                                                                           Yom Kippur (a
                                                  Christians believe
                                                                            Day of
                                                  Jesus rose from           Atonement or
What are their “Holy                              the dead and              confession)
Days”?                                            ascended to              Simchat Torah
                                                  heaven)                   (celebrating
                                                 Lent, a forty-day         receiving the
                                                  holy period of            Torah on Mount
                                                  penitence and
                                                                           Chanukah (a
                                                                                    celebration of a
                                                                                    military victory)
                                                                                   Passover (a
                                                                                    remembrance of
                                                                                    the time the
                                                                                    Hebrews lived
                                                                                    in Egypt)
                             During
What is their diet            Ramadan they
like? Do they have            don’t eat for a
dietary restrictions?         whole day
                             “Allah                   Jesus                      “Rabbi”
What are their                                         God
spiritual leaders


    The three main religions are really different from each other.

            Christianity- they worship only one God, but have three in one- God the Father,
    the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The cross means and/or represents that we are sinners and
    Christ died for us. They use the Bible for our Holy book, and we celebrate on three holy
    days- Christmas, Easter, and Lent.

           Islamic- They worship only one god which is “Allah” They use a Quran as their
    holy book and pray at a mosque. There are no holy days in the religion Islam.

           Judaism- They use a Torah or a Talmud for their prayer and they pray or worship
    in synagogue. The holy days for Judaists are Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Simchat,
    Chanukah, and Passover.

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