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SCHOOL               The
                        Volume V, Issue I                                                          November,
                                                                                                  October, 20112009

                     Library Now Lives Up To Its Name
                     BY ANNA GILLIKIN

                                The room with books
                     on the wall is finally turning into
                     a library.
                                 “I think [librarian]
                     Anna [Monaghan] has put a lot
                     of effort into finding resources,
                     and people as resources, to help
                     her make the library more use-
                     ful,” Science teacher Linda
                     Pence says.
                                Books that cater to
                     student interest are now availa-
                     ble for check out. “One really
Inside this issue:   awesome thing that we’ve done
                     is get a lot of fiction books that
                     people just want to read for
Girls’         4     fun,” Monaghan says.
Mentoring                       “I think we should
                     have books that teenagers             Seventh grader Simon Roennecke looks over some of the new fiction
                     would like to read, like fiction      books that are now available to check out in the library.
Unusual        5     books,” says eighth grade stu-                                               Photo by Lydia Carrigan
Names                dent Lucie Rosenthal.
                                “We’re getting more        would find particularly useful.     because they’ll have more books that
                     and more of those, and we’re                     Students, like eighth    I’ll be more interested in,” Mettes
Spooky         6
                     trying to get some graphic nov-       grader Kyra Mettes, think that      says.
Spirits              els and things like that,” Mona-      they’ll use the library more once              The library software and
                     ghan says.                            all the changes have been made.     library website are also getting
                                Monaghan has asked         “I’ll probably use it more often               cont. on page 2-
Video Game     8
                     teachers to suggest books they

                     Q & A With Interim Head of School Phil Deely
School With    8     BY LAUREL ROBINSON                    I felt welcome and more at          of humor. Does that come in handy
No Art?                                                    ease.                               being an Interim Head of School?
                                  When I walked into
                     new Interim Head of School Phil       The Roughwrighter: Do you           PD: I think it helps. The only
                     Deely’s office for our interview,     have a nickname? If so, when did    thing is that sometimes I can be
New            9     I was a little bit apprehensive.
Homeroom                                                   you get it and why?                 misunderstood. I try to use hu-
                                  The office is very                                           mor to make a serious point,
Block Change         plain, because he hasn’t been         Phil Deely: . . . I’m called        but sometimes people don’t
                     able to move all of his personal      Phil, but I was once at a           think I’m being serious. So that
                     things in yet, so the room feels      school and they called me
                                                                                               is just a warning to your readers.
                     a little bit more like a waiting      “Steely Deely” because I
                     room, than an office. In spite        was an enforcer.                               cont. on page 2 -
                     of the rather cold surroundings,
                     once I started talking with him,      R: I hear you have a great sense
Page 2

Library Updates                       — cont. from page 1
turned around. “Right now, the               It’s not only Monaghan                    There’s been talk         says.
library system that Roeper uses    who’s working on the library            around campus about getting rid                   Teachers are also in
is all combined; our school and    changes. “I’ve got a lot of students    of the quiet room in the library      favor of the recent changes. “I
the Lower School,” Monaghan        that have been helping out, and I’ve    to create space for a Middle          think the students use the
says. “. . . You go try to re-     also got a volunteer named Angela       School lounge. Many students          library a lot, but not necessari-
search, and you bring up a zil-    that comes in and helps…she’s a         hope to see the room kept quiet.      ly as a library. I’m hoping if the
lion books from the other          Library Science student,” Mona-         “I think it should be kept the        facilities are there for the use
school, and you don’t really       ghan says. “We also have a library      quiet room,” Rosenthal says. “I       of the library as a library, and
want a book for a second grad-     consultant named Alison who’s           think that this year it’s been used   we figure some other space so
er when you’re in high school,”    helping at the [Lower] school, as       really well, and every time I’ve      we have both the library and a
she says. “. . . We’re [also]      well. She’s helping out with the        been in there it’s been quiet.”       gathering place - that’s the
fixing the library website so it   long-range, big picture kind of plan-               “I think it’s a good      piece that’s missing - then the
works and you’re able to find      ning and helping us get to where        thing to have a quiet room so         library will be used more as a
it.”                               we want to go,” she adds.               that people can be quiet,” Mettes     library,” Pence says.

Interim Head - cont. from page 1
R: You’ve got some pretty cool     ber. . . . We’ll be here for some       have lots of different things         curriculum, money and fi-
shirts and ties. How important     more of the special events like the     going on at once.                     nance. Especially the library at
is fashion to you?                 auction, and Annual Fund.                                                     the Birmingham campus, be-
                                                                           R: What do you like least about       cause it’s looking a bit tired. .
PD: Gee, that’s a great ques-      R: How would you define ‘Interim        being an Interim Head?                . . and I know that the Lower
tion! . . . I enjoy color and      Head’?                                                                        School just got a whole new
pattern, but I never thought                                               PD: . . . The fact that you don’t     library, so I’d like to ‘enhance’
about it before. I used to be a                                            get to see your real contribu-        this one, too.
very preppy guy; I would al-                                               tions to the school, and that I
ways wear a white shirt, tie,                                              know that the school is a huge        R: What are you focusing on
brown shoes, jacket and                                                    community, - I wish I knew the        this year at Roeper?
slacks. The biggest change at                                              students, the parents and even
Roeper is that I don’t have to                                             the staff, better. . . . Being the    PD: Shoes! When it comes to
wear a tie every day.                                                      new Head, everything is very          shoes at Roeper, we have
                                                                           busy, and I said I like being busy,   some pretty diverse opinions.
R: Why did you have bagpipes                                               but sometimes it’s just so much.      Having the assembly a while
at the First Week Assembly?                                                                                      ago with all of the middle and
                                                                           R: How long have you been an          upper school students gave
PD: . . . Well one, I like bag-                                            Interim Head, and at how many         me a sense of who we really
pipes. I thought that they                                                 different schools have you been       are.
would be fun, and entertain-                                               an Interim?
ing, and I figured that with all                                                                                 R: Do you plan on visiting any
the people walking in and                                                  PD: I’ve been an Interim at least     special places in Michigan this
moving around, they would be       PD: The job of an Interim Head is       six times in my career. It has        year?
loud enough to be heard by         to make my successor - the new          been most active in the past 10
everyone.                          Head - as successful as possible.       years. I’ve been an Interim           PD: Currently, a lot of things
                                   The first priority is to serve the      Head in Brooklyn, New York, at        in Detroit. I would like to go
R: Your wife Hilary is involved    school of today in short time, be-      a school south of Boston, Mas-        see a lot of cultural things, like
in theatre. Will she or you get    fore someone else comes here,           sachusetts, twice in Texas and        the symphony, go to the
involved with the Roeper Thea-     and to do what things need to be        now once in Michigan.                 dance, and spend some time
tre Company? How?                  done today.                                                                   at the DIA. I like music, and
                                                                           R: What would you like to ac-         Hilary is really into theatre. I
PD: It’s in very good shape,       R: What do you like most about          complish this year at Roeper?         love Detroit Motown— it’s
coming up with Rent and other      being an Interim Head?                                                        some of my favorite. I would
productions, but we’re always                                              PD: Strategic planning. I’ll be       like to hear some music, and
here to lend a helping hand.       PD: . . . [The] pace— the fact          working on and trying to im-          visit some of the clubs that I
Hilary is currently in an art      that’s it’s intense. I like to be       prove the buildings at Roeper -       haven’t had enough time for
production and she will be         busy. I like to do lots of stuff, and   especially the Middle and Upper       yet. So I hope when the
around a lot more in Novem-        I like to get involved. I like to       School - the technology, the          school year slows down, I can
                                                                                                                 go and explore Detroit.
                                                   NEWS                                                                                  Page 3

Creative Arts Magazine Back From The Abyss
BY BIANCA BERGER                    because we were bored, and The        and has a really nice cover,”        and we’ll talk about it,” Bagchi
                                    Phoenix didn’t come out frequent-     Bagchi explains. “The Abyss is…      says.
           After two years in       ly enough to publish our work,”       rougher. We put rougher work
the abyss, the middle school        junior Connor Gillikin, one of the    into it. It’s more frequent, so                 Bagchi is “very excited”
                                    student founders of The Abyss         we don’t comb through and            about the upcoming edition of
creative arts magazine is back.
           The Abyss has been                                                                                  The Abyss. The first issue of The
out of print since early in the                                                                                Abyss is set to come out this
2009-2010 school year.
                                            “I’m glad to see something I started is                            month.
“Basically, it just kind of died
down and this year I wanted to
                                                    coming back into print.”
get it going again,” English
teacher and faculty advisor of                      - Connor Gillikin - 11th grade
The Abyss Lisa Bagchi says.
           We have The Abyss        says.                                 distinguish, whereas The Phoenix
because “we want to get stu-                   “I’m glad to see some-     is more selective,” Bagchi says.
dent work out there so others       thing that I started is coming back               When asked if anyone
can read it and not just kids in    into print,” Gillikin says.           has ever thought of combining
the class, so people can see                   Mostly writing goes        The Abyss and The Phoenix into
their work in a publication like    into The Abyss, but artwork is        an all-out creative magazine
this. Also to stir up interest in   accepted too.                         extravaganza, Bagchi says, “No,
The Phoenix and The Muse later                 The difference between     we have not because we just
in high school,” continues          The Abyss and The Phoenix is slim.    haven’t gotten that far. The
Bagchi.                             “The Phoenix is really sort of the    Abyss is so new, that nothing like
           “We made The Abyss       end-of-the-year culmination, It’s     that has come up. Maybe at
                                    formal, it is taken to a copy shop    some point that will come up,

Healthier Menu Affecting Lunch Cart Sales
BY MIKAILA SINGLETON                to increase the nutritional
         From greasy tatter         value of our food but would           “I believe that whenever you make changes,
tots, grilled cheese and            “add a few more unhealthy                it takes time for everyone to adjust -
Mountain Dew to green tea           things because it’s unrealistic
and whole wheat veggie piz-         for people to eat that way                  try new items, make adjustments
za, recent lunch cart sales         and it is healthy to have                            to the menu . . .”
show that the current               some fat in your diet.”
healthier lunch program                       However,        some
seems to be too drastic of a        students, like eighth grader                         - Business Manager Dave Fluent
change.                             Justen Martyka, feel that the
         “Yes, there has            lunch program is too healthy                   you make changes, it
been a decrease… in sales           and don’t like the new chang-         takes time for everyone to
this year,” Pete the Chart-         es. “The food no longer               adjust – try new items, make
well’s lunch cart sales man         tastes good,” he says.                adjustments to the menu,
says.                                         Seventh grader              etc.” he says.
         Last year, many            Drew Dagenais doesn’t like                     A couple weeks ago,
students and staff com-             the new lunch program. “It            the lunch cart handed out
plained about the nutritional       costs too much, and it has no         surveys that included ques-
value of the lunch cart food,       good stuff,” he says.                 tions about what kids eat for
so the school implemented a                   Business Manager            lunch and what they would
new healthier lunch program         Dave Fluent confirms that             like the lunch cart to sell.
that made a lot of changes to       sales from the lunch cart                      When asked if the
the food offered at the lunch       have been decreasing. “The            program can be reconsid-
cart.                               school implemented a health-          ered,        Fluent     says,
         Eighth grade stu-          ier menu this fall which might        “Chartwell’s is always open
dent Kyra Mettes likes the          have affected sales,” he says.        to suggestions and new ide-
fact that the school is trying      “I believe [that] whenever            as.”
Page 4

         Boys Go to Jupiter And Girls Go To . . . Mentoring?
         BY BRIELLE ASHFORD                who have little in common       think that boys don’t         ingly perfect models bother
                    A seventh grade        with her except their age,      need it, or at least not as   you? Do you think it’s a
         girl is mad at one of her         and drifts away."               much as their female          good idea for mentoring
         friends, so she begins to                   “Once she's on        classmates. “Boys are         programs to be the tradi-
         spread vicious rumors. A          the raft, she's too far away    raised by a society where,    tional “Girls Only,” or do
         seventh grade boy is having       from you and realizes her       for boys, it’s okay to be     you think that young males
         an argument with his friend       survival depends on bond-       more aggressive or asser-     need to be supported as
         and proceeds to tell him off.     ing with the other girls in     tive,” she says. “I think     well? Which gender do you
         Is there a difference be-         the raft. She's desperately     the fault lies in the way     think needs mentoring
         tween how boys and girls          afraid of being cast out.”      girls are raised, compared    more?
         handle things, and what kind                Wiseman uses this     to how boys are raised.”
         of help needs to be given?        analogy to show that girls                Currently, there
                    “Generally boys        sometimes feel forced to        are two mentoring pro-
         and girls do - I think - have     act a certain way to be         grams offered for girls at
         different problems, like so-      accepted by their peers.        Roeper. “We want our
         cial interactions with each       Sometimes that action is in     young woman to know
         other,” Middle School Di-         the form of bullying.           that they’re sturdy and
         rector Carolyn Borman                       Cliques of girls      strong and beautiful and
         says. “Boys have sudden           sometimes use swift divide      that they are the ones
         problems, and do things           and conquer methods             who define that, not me-
         before they think about it,       when dealing with each          dia,” Girls’ Mentoring
         whereas girls seem to re-         other, whereas boys…            Program Coordinator                 The Roughwriter
         volve around power in rela-       throw punches? That can’t       Carolyn Lett says.                    would love
         tionships,” she adds.             be all, but when I re-                    Some would ar-      to hear what you think.
                    Although bullying is   searched the ways boys          gue that boys need just as              Write a
         talked about a lot in middle      deal with social interactions   much encouragement.            “Letter to the Editor”
         school, problems with social      on the internet, not one        “Self-esteem and self-          and put it in the box
         interactions don’t start as       direct article came up ad-      confidence are critical in        in the Main Office
         students walk through the         dressing the issue, com-        boys,” says,         and watch for your
         doors on the first day of         pared to hundreds of arti-      a trusted parenting web-        response in the next
         middle school. I think we         cles about girls.               site. places where they
                                                                           already excel.
         can all recall instances as                  Is it that boys
         early as preschool, where         don’t need any help or that               So what do you           Only letters that
         girls and boys alike got into     they don’t want any?            think? Does that adver-               are signed
         scuffles. But bullying seems                Borman seems to       tisement with the seem-        will be responded to.
         to become much more of an
         issue during middle school.
                    In Rosalind Wise-           HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
         man’s Queen Bees and
         Wannabes - the book that
         the Mean Girls film was                              THE ROUGHWRITER STAFF
         based on - the author de-
         scribes cliques as “a life raft
         for adolescent girls.” She
         writes, “Imagine you and                  BRIELLE ASHFORD, BIANCA BERGER, LYDIA CARRIGAN,
         your daughter on a cruise                          ANNA GILLIKIN, ALEXANDRA KLEE,
         ship. Girls start telling each                    NADAV PAIS-GREENAPPLE, NICK POPP,
         other the ship is stupid and            PRESTON RIEGEL, LAUREL ROBINSON, MIKAILA SINGLETON
         boring and it's time to get                      MORGAN THREATT, BASIM WASIULLAH
         off. As you watch helplessly,
         she leaves behind everything                                       ADVISORS
         that is safe and secure, gets                             LISA BAGCHI & LINDA VERNON
         into a life raft with people
                                        FEATURES                                                             Page 5

The Name Game
BY PRESTON RIEGEL                    looked pretty. So she            “And sometimes people would
                                     dropped one of the ‘t’s and      think that I was spelling it
          “Caitlin, Emily, John,     made it ‘Ttari.’                 wrong, or that they would
Michael . . . Rishabh?” There are              Do people ever mis-    spell it differently, like ‘T-h-a-r-
a number of people at Roeper         pronounce these not common       i,’ or ‘I-t-a-r-I,” Hellmer says.
whose names are unusual.             names? Director of the           “So people would try to cor-
          When asked where her Roeper Theater Company Chi             rect the spelling. I’ve always
name comes from, sixth grader        Wright says, “Sometimes peo-     had it mispronounced, like ‘T-
Miniya Williams says, “My dad        ple have a hard time pro-        taree’ or ‘Uhtaree.’ It’s very
was just really into Egyptian cul- nouncing [my name.] Some-          rare for people to get it right
ture and he went to Africa . . .     times people will think I’m      the first time.”
he liked to explore around and       Chinese,” when asked about                   Williams can relate.
learn things that happened in the                                     “When I was younger, people
past,” Miniya says. “So my mom                                        used to call me ‘Min-eye-ah’,
said that he could name me, so                                        and I was so shy that I didn’t
[Miniya] is what he chose. Mini-                                      want to say, ‘No, that’s not
ya is also an African name and it     “I’m actually                   my name - it’ s Min-ee- ya . . .
mean, “Much is expected of                                            When I went home one day, I
you.”                                 really proud.                   said to my mom,’ I think my
          Like Williams, seventh                                      name is Min-eye-ah now’, and
grader Rishabh Iyer’s name is        That’s what my                   my mom said to me, ‘No, your
also unusual. “It’s unusual here in                                   name is Min-ee-ya, and you
America, but in India actually it is    name is.”                     have to tell people that.’
a very common name, but I like it                                                 Even though their
anyways,” Iyer says. When asked                                       name may cause a little bit of a
how he got his name Iyer says,
                                          - Miniya Williams
                                                                      problem for them, all of the
“It’s actually a musical note. . . I           6th grade              people interviewed say they
play two instruments - the flute                                      like their name and would not
and the sitar - so it kind of corre-                                  change it. ”It has a lot of mean-
sponded, but I don’t think my                                         ing, and it’s not a name that
parents knew I was going to be a how people say his first name,       lots of people would have,”
musician. [Rishabh] is the note      which he says is pronounced,     Thomas-Hagerman says. “I
related to the b flat scale.”        “Chee.”                          love the name ‘Aurora.’”
          Classmate Aurora                     Wright changed his                 Do people get teased
Thomas-Hagerman says, “The           name from John William-          about their more unusual
Aurora Borealis is a very special Barcher Wright to “Chi” be-
                                                                      name at Roeper? “[Some stu-
thing in disguise - sort of like a   cause he wanted his new name
miracle - and that’s why my mom to mean Chinese energy.               dents do tease me], but they
named me it,” when asked             When he was told he spelled      just do it in a joking way so I
where her first name comes           it wrong if this was what he     don’t really pay any attention,”
from.                                intended, he says, “But if I     Iyer says. Williams disagrees.
          Roeper Theater Compa- spelled it ‘Qi’ then people           “I’ve never been made fun of.
ny Technical Director Ttari          would probably be like,          You know this is Roeper, so
Hellmer also has an interesting      ‘What!?’ And you know tai
story about her name. “My mom chi is spelled ‘t-a-I c-h-I.’”          no one really cares what your
told me lots of different stories              Hellmer has an issue   name is,” she says. “And if they
[about where she got my name]. with how her name is pro-              did, I wouldn’t really care nec-
I think the one that’s the most      nounced as well as spelled. “A   essarily because I’m actually
true it that my mom saw the          lot of people expect me to be    really proud. That’s what my
name ‘Marylyn’ written so that it from a different country be-        name is.”
looked like three ‘T’s’, instead of cause my name is unusual.
an ‘M’ . To her, it looked like      They thought it was from a
‘tttarylyn’ and she thought it       different culture,” she says.
Page 6                                                FEATURES

         Spooky Spirits Haunt Restaurant and Roeper
         BY LYDIA CARRIGAN                     are people who are not ready to           ghosts, I always called them
                                               leave,” Liebler adds. “I don’t have       ‘spirits’,” she adds.
                   Owner of The Whit- a problem with Mr. Whitney stay-                              When asked if she
         ney Bud Leibler went into his ing here.”                                        has ever communicated with
         office on the second floor one                 Leibler has taken ad-            the spirits, Bagchi says, “They
         early morning when no one             vantage of The Whitney’s haunt-           don’t like to talk. I try to en-
         else was there but him. The           ed history. “We have had ghost-           gage them in conversation, but
         Whitney                                                hunters come to          mostly they just give me their
         is an                                                  the restaurant, and      information and leave.”
         award-                                                 [have had] some                     Bagchi, who says that
         winning                                                Halloween        par-    “the only place I have hob-
         restau-                                                ties,” Liebler says.     nobbed with the spirits is here
         rant in                                                “One movie was           in my classroom,” adds that
         Detroit                                                filmed here with         “they are kind of different
         that was                                               Miley Cyrus and          ever time.”
         originally                                             Demi Moore. The                     “I definitely can feel a
         a man-                                                 movie is called LOL      presence - that’s basically the
         sion built                                             and is probably          only way I can tell they’re
         by lum-                                                coming out soon.”        here. [I] also see a little out-
         ber bar-                                                         Besides        line of them, but never see
         on and                                                 ghosts, another          any detail.”
         million-                                               thing The Whitney
         aire Da-                                               boasts of is the
         vid Whit-                                              beauty of the
         ney, Jr. in                                            house. All the
         1894.                                                  rooms con-
                       Portrait of original Whitney owner       tain incredi-
         “I came and possible ghost - David Whitney, ble details
         back, and Jr.                Photo by Lydia Carrigan and wood-
         there                                                  working. “A
         was a little candle - the ones        lot of times when people
         that only last about an hour,” come to The Whitney or
         Liebler says. “. . . I swore it       take a tour, they seem to
         was not lit when I came in.” Is take everything for grant-
         there a ghost at the glamorous ed,” Liebler says. “They
         Whitney?                              don’t realize that every-
                    “I don’t really think      thing has been made by
         the Whitney is haunted, but I hand and that it took a lot
         have definitely felt a presence of time and effort.”
         of something,” Liebler says.                     Liebler is not the
                   “We were having             only person who has felt a
         some elevator problems a              ghostly presence. Middle
         while ago,” Liebler adds. “The School English teacher Lisa
         elevator would go between             Bagchi had a spooky expe-
         floors and open on its own.           rience about 10 years ago.
         Currently it is out of order.”                  “I started believ-
                   When asked if he is         ing in ghosts late one
         ever afraid to go into the res- night,” Bagchi says. “It was
         taurant by himself, Liebler           about 8 p.m. I was work-
         says, “No, I was never scared ing late at school, and they
         to come inside. I think the           came in through the win-
         ghost is good, not bad…”              dow.”
                                                                                        The Whitney restaurant in Detroit.
                   “I think that the ghosts              “I never called them                     Photo by Lydia Carrigan
                                      FEATURES                                                               Page 7

Rounding Up The Roughrider

          In 1898, an American calvary group called the “Rough Riders” led the
charge in the Spanish-American War, commanded by Teddy Roosevelt. One hun-
dred and thirteen years later, the Roeper Roughriders are led by our equestrian
mascot, the Roughrider. The Roughrider was chosen as Roeper’s mascot in 1969,
by school co-founder George Roeper and former Athletic Director Sid Fox, and it
has been the mascot ever since.
  At each game, some brave soul dons the heavy costume and peps up the crowd.
What is it really like being the school mascot? The Roughrider was recently cor-
ralled to find out.

What is it like being the Roughrider?
The Roughrider*: It’s a lot of fun. It’s very enjoyable to be able to assist
in school spirit.
                                                                                                 Teddy Roosevelt
How often does the person inside the Roughrider costume change?                                  (center) poses with
The Roughrider: There’s a different person every game, but some people do it more                some of the original
than others. I’m planning on doing it for basketball season, but that’s tentative.               Rough Riders.

Is the costume comfortable or uncomfortable? Why or why not?
The Roughrider: It is incredibly uncomfortable. It’s excruciatingly hot, [and] the hel-
met is terrible, but it’s worth it for school spirit.

If you could change anything about the costume, what would it be?
The Roughrider: Well, first I’d have it washed. Then I’d fix the strap, so the helmet
doesn’t fall off so easily.

What is the worst thing about wearing the costume?
The Roughrider: It’s really rather unpleasant. It’s very hot, and it hasn’t been washed.
And you can’t see anything - I once nearly ran into a Southfield Christian volleyball

How hot does it get in there?
The Roughrider: Somewhere between the [temperature of the] Sahara Desert and
the surface of the Sun.

Did you know that the Rough Riders were actually an American cavalry group during the Spanish-
American War, formed by Teddy Roosevelt?
The Roughrider: Yes, it was led by Teddy Roosevelt. They were famous for their
charge in the battle of San Juan Hill.

Does that change your point of view toward what the Roughrider is?
The Roughrider: No, I knew exactly what he was, but I still think he should get a sword
or something.

Do you think the Roughrider is a good mascot for Roeper? Why or why not?
The Roughrider: It’s a perfectly good mascot for Roeper. It’s as good as any.

*The Roughrider who was interviewed is junior Aaron Bernard
   Page 8
                                     Cyber Junkie Author Offers Advise to Gamers
                                     BY BASIM WASIULLAH                                                     free time was a major chunk of
                                                                        R: Did you notice that some of      the problem.
                                              Are you a cyber-          the kids you coach play video
                                     addict? Kevin Roberts, for-                                            R: Have you talked to students or
                                     mer addict and author of
                                                                                                            parents about your book?
                                     Cyber Junkie sat down recently     KR: Absolutely. Whenever
                                     with The Roughwriter to offer      I see that there is undera-         KR: I go to places like the De-
                                     some advice.                       chievement in school, well          troit Medical Center, the Uni-
                                                                        over 50% of the time there is       versity of Michigan, Minnesota
                                     The Roughwriter: I heard you       excessive video games, and          and other places to talk about
                                     used to teach at Roeper.           excessive use of the internet,      my book and the addiction
                                     When did you teach, and what
                                                                        phones, and Facebook.™              topic.
                                     did you teach?
                                                                        R: Is that why you decided to       R: What advice can you give to
                                     Kevin Roberts: 1994 -1998. I                                           students who are addicted to
Cyber Junkie author Kevin Roberts                                       write your book?
                                     started as a semi-permanent
at a book signing event.                                                                                    video games?
                                     substitute, and ended up           KR: No, I decided to write
                                     teaching French, Spanish, and      my book because I was a          KR: We have to be very care-
                                     Social Studies.                    cyber-addict.                    ful that we use this “cyber
                                                                                                         world” to enhance our chances
                                     R: You tutor students now. Do      R: How did you break your        for success, to fulfill our
                                     you tutor Roeper kids?             addiction?                       dreams, and to move forward
                                                                                                         with our lives. When we start
                                     KR: I do tutor some Roeper         KR: I had a lot of things I      to do these things too much, in
                                     kids, but what I do really is      wanted to do with my life. At perhaps an overly recreational
                                     coaching more than tutoring,       one point, I was disgusted       way, these offerings of the
                                     because ultimately I’m really      where I was, and I started to “cyber world” can detract
                                     motivated to help people be-       realize that sitting in front of from our chances for success.
                                     come self-sufficient.              the computer in a lot of my

A School With No Art?
BY ALEXANDRA KLEE                    don’t have to focus on a test,     Stein says all schools should        the generation of people
                                     and knowing that you won’t         have art. “It is a tragedy that      that didn’t get a chance to
           What would Roeper be      be graded on it. It helps me       some schools don’t,” she says.       express theirselves.”
like if there was no art?                                                                   “Art takes                Director of the Mid-
           Students and staff say                                                           care of your     dle School Carolyn Borman
they would be sad if there was                                                              soul. Hu-        says that art is important for
no art at Roeper. Sixth grader                                                              mans are         students. “It is very visual,
Tess Eschebach says she would                                                               naturally        and hands-on. It is good for
be disappointed if there was no                                                             creative.”       students to be active with
art at Roeper. She thinks the                                                               When asked       their hands,” she says. “They
most important thing about art                                                              how she          can [also] learn about artists
is that “it shows creativity in                                                             would feel if    and their cultural heritage.”
your own way.” Seventh grader                                                               the Head of               When asked how to
Ethan Silk agrees. ““I like art                                                             School came      explain art in three words to
because it expresses what I feel                                                            up to her        a student who had never
when I am drawing. ”                                                                        and said that    experienced art, Borman
           Another good thing                                                               there would      says, “Creative, visual and
about doing art is, as 7th grader                                Photo by Alexandra Klee
                                                                                            not be art at    hands-on. “
Sophia Bustos says, because “it                                                             Roeper any-
is an elective class, it is a less   relax, and I don’t have the        more, Stein says that she
stressful class. Eschebach           pressure of a core class.”         would be sad, not only that
agrees. “It’s a time where you                Art teacher Tessa         she lost her job, but sad “for
                                                                                                                                           Page 9
Homeroom Block Change Favors Early Birds -
Late Sleepers Beware
BY NICK POPP                             people feel about the change.        thing in the morning."
          It’s 7:30 in the morning.      If the faculty feels that this                   Math teacher Susan
You are rushing to get to school         change is important for the          Knight has mixed feelings
on time for first block. “If only it     school, we will keep it."            about the new homeroom
was last year,” you think to                       Some students, as          block time. "In some ways I
yourself, so that you would be           well as teachers, are having a       like it, in some ways I don’t. I
late for homeroom instead of             problem with this change.            like it because you know [in
first block. As of this year, the        Because eighth grader Ian            homeroom], but I don’t like it
homeroom block has been                  Saham sometimes misses               because some people are late
changed from 8:00 a.m. to 10:25          those first 10 minutes of first      for 1st block.”
a.m., resulting in significant           block, he liked the old sched-                   Seventh grader Ethan
changes to people's daily sched-         ule better, feeling that morn-       Silk complains that the new
ule at Roeper and a mixture of           ing homeroom provided a              homeroom time “ruins my
opinions about the new home-             buffer between arrival and           schedule. I have to go to the
room time.                               first block. "I feel the first 10    top floor, to the bottom, and
          “For the past couple of        minutes of first block are           back to the top, making my day
years, the faculty has been talk-        more important than home-            jumbled," he says.
ing about this change,” Middle           room,” he says.                                  “[The new homeroom
School Director Carolyn Bor-                       "The new change is         time] makes me more con-
man explains. “We were actual-           especially bad for the sixth         scious of what time I leave
ly going to institute it last year,      graders because they need            home,” eighth grader Anna
but we decided to talk to the            time to adjust and get their         Gillikin says. “And now I know
teachers one more time."                 things ready to start the            what’s going on in school be-
          "The change is perma-          day,” sixth grade Science            cause I’m not late for home-
nent for this year,” Borman              teacher Linda Pence says.            room anymore.”
adds. “We will receive feedback          “This year, they are being
at the end of the year about how         thrown into first block first

Students and Faculty See Positives
And Negatives of Smaller Class Sizes
BY MORGAN THREATT                        are smaller, and so it helps with     with a larger class it is easier,”                 “We aren’t the tradi-
           Roeper boasts small class     focusing,” eighth grader Lucie        she adds.                             tional choir, so working in the
size, but can too small of a class       Rosenthal says. “In classes like                “[A smaller class size]     collaborative atmosphere is a
makes a difference?                      Science, it affects the surveys,”     tends to allow more time to ex-       little different for them. And I
           “The middle school is         she adds.                             plore everybody’s individual ideas,   miss some of those seasoned 8th
small this year because we had a                                                                so we’re able to     graders that could help because
bigger 8th grade class last year who       “At this point, the good news is that go into more                        some of those 6th graders who
went on to 9th grade, and the in-                                                               depth than we        are a little lost,” Swanson adds.
coming class of sixth graders is          the Lower School classes are building could in a bigger                                 How many fewer kids
smaller,” Middle School Director          up in number so that they can feed us class. In a bigger                   are there exactly in the Middle
Carolyn Borman says. “In the last                                                               class, we’re         School this year? “There are
couple of years, the kids coming
                                                    more kids in the future.”                   spending more        108 students this year,” Regis-
                                                         - Middle School Director               time making sure     trar Pat Lawrence says. “Last
from the Lower School have been a                            Carolyn Borman
very small number. At this point,                                                               everyone has         year, there were 39 in sixth, 51
the good news is that the Lower                     Teachers also notice       time to explore the main ideas,”      in eighth, [and] 42 in seventh,”
School classes are building up in        some differences. “Unfortunately, Pence says.                               she explains.
number so that they can feed us          I do have one class that only has               “I think for me - as a                   The smaller number of
more kids in the future,” she adds.      five kids,” Science teacher Linda     performing arts teacher - it’s        students has also affected some
            Students have noticed a      Pence says. “. . . We don’t get       harder because I have new stu-        student’s lives outside of class. “I
difference in their classes because of   many sharing of ideas because of      dents that aren’t used to my style    don’t have much of a social life
the smaller numbers. “It’s kind of       the smaller group, so that’s hard.    of teaching,” Vocal Music teacher     because there aren’t that many
weird because most of the classes        But I also have a class of 18, so     Eric Swanson says.                    kids in my grade,” seventh grad-
                                                                                                                     er Sofia Bustos says.

                               “A lion, because I like
                                                                       “ Lady Gaga, because
                              brown and it has a tail.”
                               - Beth Schulman—6th grade             she’s my favorite singer.
                                                                     - Miriam Goldstein –7th grade

 “A three-eyed alien from
  Toy Story because Toy
  Story is a good movie”
         -David Gardner                                                                           “A witch, because
           8th grade
                                                                                                      I am one.”
                                                                                                    -Carolyn Borman
                                                                                                 Middle School Director

    Halloween Howlers                                               Halloween Word Search
             By Brielle Ashford                                              By Laurel Robinson
  Why don't witches ride their brooms when
                 they're angry?                n     y     t      p      b    o      c     p      h      c     u      r     b     v
  They're afraid of flying off the handle.
                                               u     e     m      u      t    s      o     c      t      o     b      e     r     o
   What do they teach in witching school?
                                               e     d     s      m      a    o      f     n      p      o     w      s     e     r
                                               m     o     e      p      u    s      f     m      c      b     g      l     d     b
         Where do spooks water ski?
             On Lake Erie.                     s     o     t      k      r    m      i     t      o      n     k      r     a     d
     What is a monster's favorite desert?
                                               e     l     o      i      s    o      n     c      a      c     k      l     e     h
          Ghoul Scout cookies.                 i     b     l      n      k    i      c     f      r      a     i      t     d     f
  What's the ratio of a pumpkin's circumfer-   t     r     h      a      l    l      o     w      e      e     n      g     r     f
        to its diameter? Pumpkin Pi.           t     s     o      b      b    i      s     t      n      u     e      i     a     e
  How do you mend a broken Jack-o-lantern?     c     l     o      w      n    e      g     m      a      l     g      p     y     m
         With a pumpkin patch.
                                               c     g     i      h      t    v      y     h      i      h     u      d     y     i
   What does a skeleton orders at a restau-    b     r     h      v      g    i      r     e      t      s     n      o     m     r
               Spare ribs.                     s     c     a      r      e    l      a     m      b      a     t      a     h     g
  What is a Mummie's favorite type of music?
                 Wrap!                         o     p     e      o      t    d      y     s      c      d     c      e     m     g
                                                   Halloween, blood, cackle, clown, cloak, candy, cobweb, coffin, corpse, cos-                    tume ,creepy, dark, dead, devil, evil, eyeball, fangs, fright, grim, haunted, howl,
                                                                           magic, moonlight, mummy

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