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Engaging the Customer. . .

                                           . . . Get In The Game!

                       Miami, Florida
                    December 13-16, 2005
Table of Contents
      Welcome Letter . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 4
      Conference At A Glance. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 5
      Conference Agenda . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 6
      Sponsors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 18
      Exhibit Hall Layout . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 20
      Exhibitors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 21
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                                                                         800-432-5879 or 404-237-9099
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          Enjoy your tim

                         lin, President
           Philip I. Dunk
           Chartwell, Inc

Conference At A Glance
Tuesday, December 13
7:30am   –8:30am      Registration and Continental Breakfast
8:30am   – 3:00pm     Pre-conference Customer Service Workshop       The Science and the Art of Customer Value Management
8:30am   – 3:00pm     Pre-conference Marketing Workshop              New Tools and New Strategies to Build Active Customer Relationships
3:00pm   – 4:30pm     EMACS PowerRounds (Utilities Only)
4:30pm   – 6:30pm     Opening Cocktail Reception in Exhibit Hall     Sponsor: PAR3 Communications

Wednesday, December 14
7:30am – 8:30am       Registration and Continental Breakfast
8:30am – 10:30am      Opening General Session                   G1   Keynote Address: Penni McLean-Conner, NSTAR Electric and Gas
                                                                G2   Keynote Address: Ray Kordupleski, CVM, Inc.
10:30am – 12:00pm     Networking in Exhibit Hall
12:00pm – 1:30pm      Lunch in Exhibit Hall
1:30pm – 3:00pm       Customer Service Session                  1A   Improve Satisfaction with Billing and Payment Programs
                      Marketing Session                         1B   Achieve Results through Effective Customer Communications
                      Technology Session                        1C   Apply Technology to Reduce Energy Demand
3:00pm – 3:30pm       Refreshment Break
3:30pm – 5:00pm       Customer Service Session                  2A   Self-Service can Boost Internal Efficiency, External Satisfaction
                      Marketing Session                         2B   Boost Customer Satisfaction and Participation Through Marketing Initiatives
                      Technology Session                        2C   Make the IVR Work for You
5:30pm – 7:30pm       It’s a Splash: Casino Night by the Pool        Sponsors: Alliance Data Systems, Syntellect, Utility Service Partners

Thursday, December 15
7:30am – 8:30am       Continental Breakfast
8:30am – 10:00am      General Session                           G3   Panel Discussion - Crisis Communications
10:00am – 10:30am     Refreshment Break
10:30am – 12:00pm     Customer Service Session                  3A   Panel Discussion – Use the Web to Connect with Customers
                      Marketing Session                         3B   Launch Products to Support Core Business and Boost Revenue
12:00pm – 1:30pm      Seated Luncheon                                EL&P – Chartwell Customer Service and Marketing Awards Presentations
1:30pm – 3:00pm       Customer Service Session                  4A   Let’s Talk! Customer Service Roundtable Discussions
                      Marketing Session                         4B   Improve Customer Satisfaction: Listen to Your Customers
3:00pm – 3:30pm       Refreshment Break
3:30pm – 5:00pm       Customer Service Session                  5A   Transform the Contact Center into a Powerful Strategic Asset
                      Marketing Session                         5B   Let’s Talk! Marketing and Customer Communications
                                                                     Roundtable Discussions
5:30pm                South Beach Dine-Around

Friday, December 16
8:00am – 9:00am       Continental Breakfast
9:00am – 11:00am      General Session                           G4   Reach Out to Growing Hispanic Customer Base
                                                                G5   How to Tackle Tough Customer Communication Challenges
9:00am – 1:00pm       Call Center Tour                               Tour of PRC Miami Customer Contact Center (Utilities Only)

                                                                                      800-432-5879 or 404-237-9099
Pre-Conference Workshops
Tuesday, December 13 - 7:30-8:30
Registration and Continental Breakfast
Room: Lobby Lounge

Tuesday, December 13 - 8:30-3:00                                               Workshop Leader: Ray Kordupleski,
Pre-conference Workshop 1                                                                        President, CVM, Inc.
The Science and the Art of                                    Ray Kordupleski has spoken about Customer Value Management to over 65,000
Customer Value Management                                        individuals around the world. He has made presentations to executive teams,
                                                                     delivered keynotes to expert associations and run interactive learning and
Room: Cypress                                                   motivational workshops on the subject. Ray is one of the pioneers of CVM and
                                                                   has initiated many CVM techniques, now being used worldwide. Ray is the
This workshop will help utility executives and
                                                                                 author of the book “Mastering Customer Value Management.”
managers capture and use customer data with the
same level of understanding, discipline and passion as           His interactive learning workshops always emphasize the practical, focusing on what works, doesn’t work
financial data to create alignment, increase customer         and why. People who attend them learn both the “science and the art” of using Customer Value Management
focus and improve business results. There are seven                                                                              to improve their business’ performance.
basic topics that form the core of the workshop:
Winning in Three Markets (Customer, Employment, Financial)                     Customer Value Management in Context
• What “customer value added” (CVA) is, why it’s important and                 • How customer value management relates to other business
  how you measure it                                                             improvement approaches such as customer satisfaction,
• How CVA relates to “employee value” (PVA) and “shareholder                     customer relationship management, six sigma, Total Quality
  value” (EVA)                                                                   Management, and the balanced scorecard

Customer Value Measurement and Analysis                                        What It Takes to Achieve Word-Class Levels of Customer Loyalty
• Effective approaches for obtaining actionable information from               • How to measure, attain and sustain world-class levels of loyalty
  your customers and your competitors’ customers                               • Findings from a variety of industries on what it takes to protect
• Relating the data to your business processes                                   marketshare

The Role of the Change Agent                                                   Using Customer Value Data for Business Planning
• Characteristics of the successful change agent, how a change                 • The tools of customer value management
  agent works with senior leaders to create change                             • How to use the tools to choose, deliver and communicate a
                                                                                 superior value proposition to increase loyalty and gain
Creating a Customer-Focused Culture                                              competitive advantage
• How customer-focused companies use customer data, internal
  measurements and rewards to create a culture, that delivers
  sustained business success

Tuesday, December 13 - 8:30-3:00                                                          Workshop Leader: Craig Boice,
Pre-conference Workshop 2                                                                  President, Boice Dunham Group
New Tools and New Strategies to                                Your workshop leader, Craig Boice, is president of the Boice Dunham Group, a
Build Active Customer Relationships:                           management consultancy specialized in business development for leaders in the
                                                              energy, information and financial services industries. Since 1983, he has helped
The State of the Art                                          utilities, their vendors and their investors create marketing strategies, design and
Room: Oak                                                                                    introduce new products and listen to their customers.

Residential customers are choosing energy efficiency
                                                                   He is also a regular participant in the American Marketing Association Advanced Research Techniques
and renewable power programs, billing arrangements               Forum, and an advisor to leading marketers in the pharmaceutical, information, and consumer packaged
and maybe even suppliers. Commercial, industrial and                                                                                                   goods industries.
institutional customers are under pressure to manage
energy costs as fuel prices rise. Regulators are setting
higher standards for customer satisfaction and reliability.
These market pressures mean a utility’s relationship with its customers are challenged like never before. How can a utility activate its customer
relationships? Fortunately, new tools and new strategies to build customer relationships are now available to the utility industry. Revolutions in
computing power, marketing analytics and customer insight are paying off in other industries. These new tools and strategies are simpler,
smaller and more powerful than ever before. We have selected several of the best to feature in this workshop:

New Tools                    New Strategies                        The workshop features current examples of innovation from industry leaders at
• Blogs                      • New Directions in Media and         the forefront of marketing, along with examples of utilities moving in the same
• Online Market Research       Message Design                      direction and specific recommendations you can put to work right away.
• CRM Applications           • New-Wave Segmentation
• Agent-Based Marketing      • Estimating Demand and               For marketing veterans, it’s a map of how to move beyond billing and service
                               Willingess-to-Pay                   systems to customer motivation. For those new to marketing, it’s a way to
                                                                   bypass obsolete models and move straight to leading-edge thinking.
Conference Agenda
TUESDAY – 3:00pm – 4:30pm
EMACS PowerRounds
Room: Mango

The highlight for many EMACS attendees are the PowerRounds.
You won’t get this kind of interaction at any other energy conference. These utility-only roundtable discussions enable
attendees to jump-start their EMACS experience by meeting other utility professionals in a relaxed environment where they
can discuss mutual issues they are all experiencing. Many attendees have made important contacts with peers and found
answers to key questions.

TUESDAY – 4:30am – 6:30am                                         • Create an aligned, motivated team;
                                                                  • Offer services and products to meet your customers’
Opening Cocktail Reception                                          needs; and
Room: Grand Ballroom                                              • Map, measure and benchmark your key customer
Sponsored by PAR 3                                                  service processes.

                                                                                In her role as vice president at NSTAR, Penni McLean-
                                                                                Conner is responsible for overseeing the Customer Care
                                                                                organization. She’s responsible for all customer services
WEDNESDAY – 7:30am – 8:30am                                                     including customer inquiries, billing, metering, credit and
                                                                                collections, energy efficiency and energy services. Since
                                                                                she joined NSTAR in 2002, the Customer Care team has
Registration                                                                    improved service through initiatives around automated
                                                                                meter reading, customer relationship management and
Room: Lobby Lounge                                                              customer self-service.

7:30am – 8:30am                                                 G2 Keynote Presentation
                                                                Ray Kordupleski, President, CVM, Inc.
Continental Breakfast
Room: Lobby Lounge                                              Ray Kordupleski is a noted expert on customer satisfaction and
                                                                author of the book, Mastering Customer Value Management:
8:30am – 10:30am                                                The Art and Science of Creating Competitive Advantage. Ray
                                                                will reveal how to engage customers by understanding what
Opening General Session                                         customers value from their utility, how to deliver that value,
Room: Doral D                                                   measure success and effectively communicate those efforts to
                                                                customers and other stakeholders.
Doug Campbell, Product Manager, Southern California Edison &                    In his work at CVM, Inc., Ray Kordupleski has helped
Sean Vanslyke, Supervisor, Business Administration and                          companies understand and implement customer value
                                                                                management (CVM) programs for more than 17 years.
Customer Service, AmerenIP                                                      Prior to forming CVM Inc., Ray had 29 years of experience
Welcome:                                                                        in the telecommunications industry, including customer-
                                                                                related positions with Bell Atlantic and AT&T, where he was
Philip I. Dunklin, President, Chartwell Inc.                                    Customer Satisfaction Director for the corporation.

G1 Keynote Presentation
Penni McLean-Conner, Vice President, Customer Care,             10:30am – 12:00pm
NSTAR Electric and Gas
                                                                Networking in Exhibit Hall
Some companies make taking care of customers look               Room: Grand Ballroom
simple, while others struggle tremendously. Successful
utilities have a customer-focused culture in which they         12:00pm – 1:30pm
integrate people, processes and technology to consistently
deliver high quality service. Customer service leaders          Buffet Lunch
attending this keynote session will hear proven techniques      Room: Grand Ballroom
for creating a customer-focused culture, including how to:
  • Implement technology to deliver service more effectively;
                                                                              800-432-5879 or 404-237-9099
Conference Agenda
1:30pm – 3:00pm                                                              Peter Matino, Senior Sales Director, Merchant Relations,
                                                                             Visa USA
Session 1A:
Improve Satisfaction with Billing and                                        Consumers are increasingly demanding more payment
Payment Programs                                                             choices as part of the customer services they expect. As a
Room: Doral B & C                                                            result, utilities are faced with issues surrounding card
                                                                             acceptance, electronic billing and other payment services.
Bill Grist, Director, Sales & Marketing, Chartwell Inc.                      In this session learn how payment card acceptance can:
                                                                               • Improve Customer Service;
Bill Irwin, Senior Marketing Analyst, SRP                                      • Increase enrollment of E-Billing; and
Max Gonzales, Senior Planning Analyst, SRP                                     • Drive down delinquencies and collections.

A national leader in customer satisfaction, SRP was ranked                                   Peter Matino, senior sales director of Merchant Relations
                                                                                             for Visa U.S.A., is responsible for the sales and marketing
highest in the West and the nation, according to the 2005                                    of Visa products and services to new and emerging
Electric Utility Residential Customer Satisfaction Study                                     markets in various recurring payment industries, including
                                                                                             utilities. Prior to joining Visa in 2000, Mr. Matino spent
conducted by J.D. Power and Associates. This marks the                                       18 years in the credit card industry in sales, sales
fifth time in six years SRP has scored highest in residential                                management, sales training, finance and marketing with
                                                                                             American Express, MasterCard International, Rocky
customer satisfaction in the West. SRP offers customers a                                    Mountain Bankcard Systems and others.
menu of billing and payment options and has also been
progressive in promoting these services, using innovative                    Session 1B:
market segmentation and corresponding segment value                          Achieve Results through Effective Customer
benefit positioning.                                                         Communications
                                                                             Room: Doral D
Learn how SRP has repeatedly maintained excellent
customer service satisfaction through:                                       Moderator:
  • Aligning billing and payment options with identified                     Jim Norton, Group Vice President, Exstream Software
    segment needs;
  • Overcome challenges of promoting a mature product;                       Rocky Smith, Product Services Coordinator
  • Benefits communicated to motivate customer enrollment;                   Sacramento Municipal Utility District
  • Billing and payment solutions to improve overall
    customer satisfaction;                                                   In 2003, SMUD introduced HomePower, a subscription in-
  • Post campaign analysis; and                                              home electrical repair service. Among the ambitious goals
  • Creating targeted communications to the Spanish                          of the HomePower program were to attain broad market
    speaking market.                                                         penetration rates and become revenue neutral by year five.
                                                                             The program was recognized in 2004 for its success in
                William (Bill) Irwin is a Senior Marketing Strategist with   attracting customers as an EL&P-Chartwell Project of the
                SRP, where he is responsible for developing and              Year. In this session attendees will learn how the launch of
                executing marketing strategies for billing and payment
                programs to meet SRP’s aggressive customer relationship      HomePower incorporated multiple initiatives built around a
                management metrics. Mr. Irwin is recognized for his          consistent design and message platform. Everyday objects
                segmentation methodology, which utilizes market
                research to identify distinct customer groups based upon
                                                                             (switches, fuses, outlets) were used as the centerpiece of
                their values, beliefs, and opinions.                         that platform. Dramatic photography with intense color
                                                                             contamination gave striking interest to those objects, which
                Max Gonzales manages the development and execution
                of marketing strategies for SRP’s growing and dynamic        worked together with wordplays on the object names to
                Hispanic customer segment. Mr. Gonzales is recognized        attract customer buy-in and surpass expectations.
                for his understanding of the cultural implications and the
                evolution of language as it pertains to the Arizona
                                                                                             Rocky Smith has been with the Sacramento Municipal
                Hispanic market. He has applied his expertise to
                                                                                             Utility District (SMUD) since 1988. He has spent his 17
                develop successful programs and communications, which
                                                                                             years with SMUD conducting energy audits and later
                have resulted in significant improvements in customer
                                                                                             program management.
                relationship management and customer satisfaction.

Conference Agenda
Phil Riley, President & CEO, Utility Service Partners                               Phil Davis, Senior Vice President and COO
                                                                                    Allied Utility Network
Target Marketing – What works and what doesn’t. Beyond
managed accounts, utilities face challenges in reaching the                         Phil Davis is Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the allied
                                                                                    Utility Network and its demand side oriented subsidiary, RETX Energy Services.
right group of customers with the right message and                                 Phil has worked in the demand side areas with utilities since the National Energy
through the right channels. Whether it is advertising a                             Conservation and Policy Act of 1978 and managed organizations that have
product offering for mid-size business or promoting an                              performed energy audits on over 1 million homes and businesses. Since then his
                                                                                    company has been a leader in new energy technologies, environmental
interactive Web-based service aimed at the residential                              strategies, and demand response programs. Today, Allied's RETX subsidiary
market, using the appropriate marketing channel can be                              provides demand response expertise in 12 countries.
all the difference in success and failure. This presentation
will offer tips from the lessons-learned file.
                                                                                    3:00pm – 3:30pm
Phil Riley is the President and CEO of Utility Service Partners, Inc. a marketer
of warranty products for utility related service lines for residential consumers.
Prior to joining USP, Phil spent his career with Consolidated Natural Gas and
                                                                                    Refreshment Break
its successor company, Dominion Resources.                                          Room: Grand Ballroom

Session 1C:                                                                         3:30pm – 5:00pm
Apply Technology to Reduce Energy Demand
Room: Mimosa                                                                        Session 2A:
                                                                                    Self-Service Can Boost Internal Efficiency,
Moderator:                                                                          External Satisfaction
Rob Gilpen, Director, Commercial Services, Televox                                  Room: Palms North

Mark S. Martinez, Manager of Demand Response Program                                Moderator:
Development Tariff and Customer Programs Group,                                     Juli Collins, Director, Business Development,
Southern California Edison                                                          IEI Financial Services

The EnergySmart Thermostat Program at SCE is a three-                               Darren Brady, Vice President, Customer Care,
year, Internet-based interactive demand-response pilot that                         Puget Sound Energy
tests new technology for controlling air temperature and                            Harvey Michaels, CEO, Nexus Energy Software
reducing energy costs. Small business and nonprofit
customers can save money on electric bills and earn up to                           Learn how applying strong service channels across different
$300 annually for each air conditioner they have in the                             platforms – live agents, VRU, field activity, and the Web –
program. Learn how these customers have helped reduce                               can put your utility in a strong position to effectively
energy demand and what steps SCE took to increase                                   manage customers in the ways they want to be managed
participation in the project.                                                       as well as provide timely and relevant information to
                                                                                    customers going forward. In the spring of 2005, Puget
                      Mark Martinez is the Manager of Demand Response               Sound Energy added the customer “dashboard” to its Web
                      Program Development for Southern California Edison
                      (SCE). His current responsibilities include strategic         site in an effort to provide online intelligent bill history
                      oversight, program design, implementation, and                presentment to its residential customers and improve
                      evaluation of SCE's demand response and direct load
                      control programs. He is the program manager for the           service. Our presenters will explain how PSE, through its
                      SCE Energy$mart ThermostatSM program and for SCE's            use of an online dashboard, has worked to:
                      portion of the California Statewide Pricing Pilot.
                                                                                       • Reduce calls to the contact center;
                                                                                       • Increase the use of self-service; and
                                                                                       • Increase customer satisfaction.
                                                                                    Discussion will center on the implementation and actual
                                                                                    performance of the dashboard project to date.

                                                                                                       800-432-5879 or 404-237-9099
Conference Agenda
                      Darren Brady’s background includes more than 16 years         Session 2B:
                      of financial and operational experience, with eight years
                      working in or as a provider of services to the utility        Boost Customer Satisfaction and Participation
                      industry. Prior to joining PSE, Mr. Brady was Executive       through Marketing Initiatives
                      Vice President and CFO at Orcom Solutions, a provider
                      of customer care and billing services for the utility
                                                                                    Room: Doral D
                      industry. Mr. Brady also worked at PacifiCorp, where he
                      was a Director of Business Development for non-               Moderator:
                      regulated businesses.
                                                                                    Steve Brown, Editor, Electric Light & Power
                      In 1995, Harvey Michaels founded Nexus Energy Group,
                      which consulted on strategy regarding deregulation and        Patricia Lawrence, Manager of Residential Energy
                      efficiency. This led to Michaels’ co-founding of Nexus
                      Energy Software in 1997, where he continues to serve as       Efficiency Programs, PG&E
                      Chairman and CEO. His background includes 17 years at
                      XENERGY, where he developed its software and utility          Discover how Pacific Gas & Electric Co. improved its
                      consulting divisions, served 7 years as COO, followed by
                      2 years as President following XENERGY’s sale to Energy
                                                                                    customer satisfaction while presenting 17 separate energy
                      East in 1994.                                                 efficiency programs to its customers. Required by
                                                                                    regulators to reduce energy demand, PG&E was able to
Larry Chalupsky, Director, Energy Technologies,                                     present a consolidated marketing image to its customers
Crow Wing Power                                                                     while achieving its energy saving goals and improving
                                                                                    customer satisfaction. PG&E learned to leverage its limited
Susan Gilbert, President & Co-Founder, Apogee                                       marketing dollars with enhancements to the Web site, use
                                                                                    the company’s advertising program, expand its community
The largest source of customer satisfaction comes from                              outreach programs and targeted marketing with retailers,
holding the line on the customer’s electric bill. To help keep                      manufacturers and water districts.
a lid on rates, Crow Wing Power partnered with several
vendors and affiliates to develop an online application that                                        Patricia Lawrence is the Manager of Residential Energy
                                                                                                    Efficiency Programs, along with the two low-income
enhanced its Web-based energy audit tool by incorporating                                           programs Energy Partners and CARE. Patricia has
billing and daily usage data to illustrate energy usage                                             worked for PG&E for 22 years in the IT department,
patterns and billing comparisons for both customers and                                             Customer Research and residential energy efficiency. She
                                                                                                    received an Energy Star Award in 2001 for the PG&E-
CSRs. Learn how the application integrates AMR data, daily                                          sponsored advertising campaign.
weather reports, monthly billing information, load control
dates, times and durations and a number of variables from
the customer premise to improve first-call resolution by                            Kyle Spurgeon, Vice President, Business Development,
better equipping CSRs. The tool also enhances customer                              Jackson (TN) Energy Authority
service by putting more information and convenience in the                          Ted Austin, Supervisor, Customer Accounts/Direct Sales,
hands of the customer. The system recently received the                             Jackson (TN) Energy Authority
NRECA Connect Innovations award.
Larry Chalupsky has been in the utility industry for more than 15 years             Jackson Energy Authority (JEA) located in Jackson, Tenn.,
working primarily with Energy based application development and is currently        puts its money behind its service. The service guarantee
the Director of Energy Technology for Crow Wing Power and its application
hosting service SummitEIS. Mr. Chalupsky’s prime responsibility is for the
                                                                                    campaign began in early January 2003 with a special
design, development, and deployment of applications that utilize Automated          promotion and ended with a promotional giveaway to a
Metering Infrastructure AMI to enhance customer satisfaction, improve               JEA customer. Learn how JEA tapped employees,
operational efficiencies, and enable network asset optimizations for Crow
Wing Power and the 40 other utilities that SummitEIS serves.                        promotional efforts, and an aggressive and widespread
                                                                                    marketing and advertising campaign to not only promote
                      Susan Gilbert is President and co-founder of Apogee           the service guarantee but to reinforce the public’s trust and
                      Interactive Inc., a leading provider of online applications
                      to energy companies. Translating her two decades of
                                                                                    build community enthusiasm for the utility. This presentation
                      energy efficiency and training experience into software       will reveal how the utility coordinated its efforts, motivated
                      applications, Susan is the primary architect behind many      employees and launched the sustained advertising
                      of Apogee’s product lines including the
                      HomeEnergyCalculator™, BillingInsight™, Internet              campaign to reach its entire customer base.
                      content libraries and online learning
                      During her career, she has conducted onsite training or
provided online courses to virtually every investor owned utility in the US, and
most of the leading cooperatives and municipals including the industry
associations: Edison Electric Institute, American Public Power Association,
National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, and EPRI.

Conference Agenda
                      Kyle Spurgeon’s responsibilities include industrial           • Learn for which customer applications speech-enabled
                      prospect development, incentive negotiation, and
                      marketing the company’s utility services. He has also           self-service is best suited;
                      served as Marketing Director for the Tennessee                • Explore the value of speech in self-service and the
                      Department of Economic and Community Development
                      and as Director of Economic Development for the
                                                                                      tipping point for making the investment
                      Jackson, TN Chamber of Commerce.                              • Identify areas of opportunity for speech recognition
                                                                                      based on real world experiences in the utilities industry

Ted Austin is Supervisor of Customer Accounts/Direct Sales for Jackson Energy     Mike Galpin joined Syntellect's UK office in May 1997. Since then he has
Authority. His main duties include supervision of both the Call Center and        been involved in Syntellect deployments with customers on four continents as a
Customer Service Center. Account support of Electric, Natural Gas, Water,         project manager or system architect. He moved to the US in 2000 to join the
Waste Water, Propane, Cable, Phone and Internet.                                  Product Management team. Prior to joining Syntellect, Mike was an IT Manager
                                                                                  at a data processing bureau specializing in address management.

Session 2C:
                                                                                  5:30pm – 7:30pm
Make the IVR Work for You
Room: Mimosa
                                                                                  It’s a Splash! Casino Night by the Pool
                                                                                  Sponsored by Alliance Data Systems,
Janet Mushrush, Director, Utility Services,
                                                                                  Utility Service Partners, & Syntellect
Twenty First Century Communications

Mark Sessler, General Manager, Customer Contact Services,
Duke Energy
                                                                                  THURSDAY – 7:30am – 8:30am
Duke Power won the 2004 EL&P-Chartwell Customer Service
Award for its industry-leading interactive voice response unit.
                                                                                  Continental Breakfast
Learn how Duke has increasingly used IVR over the past
                                                                                  Room: Doral D
decade to help serve its customers faster, more efficiently and
more economically, while at the same time balancing the
                                                                                  8:30am – 10:00am
knowledge that customers can perceive the technology to be
impersonal and a barrier. Through IVR enhancements and a
well thought-out script, Duke has created a user-friendly IVR
                                                                                  Panel Discussion – Crisis Communications
that serves the customer needs yet offers an easy “out
                                                                                  Room: Doral D
option” if the customer prefers. The utility also improved its
automated payment process, outage reporting and service to
                                                                                  The best utilities understand that engaging customers starts
Spanish-speaking customers as part of the initiative.
                                                                                  with keeping customers and other stakeholders in the know
                      Mark Sessler is General Manager for Duke Power              during times of crisis. Beyond public safety and government,
                      Company, and is responsible for Service and Sales           no other industry is more in the spotlight than utilities when
                      through Duke's Contact Centers. Mr. Sessler's roles at
                      Duke Power include power delivery engineering, field        storms hit, earthquakes strike, fires ravage or other natural
                      marketing experience with large industrial customers,       disasters cripple a community. Our panel discussion will
                      and general office staff. Other experience includes field
                      marketing management both at the local and region
                                                                                  feature representatives from utility organizations that have
                      levels, program development management, and a short         experienced hurricanes, fires and other crises in recent years
                      human resource assignment.                                  and emerged with their image intact. The discussion will
                                                                                  focus on how these organizations through a sound internal
Mike Galpin, Director, Client Development, Syntellect                             communication strategy and various tools including the
                                                                                  Web, IVRs, employees and the media effectively
Speech recognition’s ability to improve customer satisfaction                     communicated a clear and concise message to customers.
across a variety of industries is widely acknowledged. While
more and more utilities seek to upgrade their IVR systems                         Discussion Leader: Meg Matt, Principal, The Matt Group
with speech recognition, each utility market has unique
requirements based on its location and customer
demographics. A one-size-fits-all approach is the exception
and not the rule.
                                                                                                    800-432-5879 or 404-237-9099
Conference Agenda
Panelist 1:                                                                         Panelist 1:
Damon Gross, Corporate Spokesperson,                                                Randy Vance, Supervisor, eServices,
Arizona Public Service                                                              Kansas City Power & Light (Regulated operating unit
                                                                                    of Great Plains Energy)
                      Damon Gross has been a corporate spokesperson for
                      APS since 1999, and during the summer of 2004 served
                                                                                    Randy Vance is responsible for electronic products and services including the
                      as the company's lead spokesperson during the crisis that
                                                                                    company's customer Web portals and billing and payment options. He has
                      ensued after the July 4 fire at the Westwing Substation.
                                                                                    worked for KCP&L for 15 years, at roles including Product Management,
                                                                                    Market Assessment, and Load Forecasting.

                                                                                    Panelist 2:
                                                                                    Anthony Yeo, Corporate Communications Web Manager,
Panelist 2:                                                                         Southern California Edison's
Allan Colaço , Sr. Business and Technology Consultant
                                                                                    Anthony's leadership as a Web strategist and Web manager make him Southern
                                                                                    California Edison's Web Go-To guy. Anthony has served as chief strategist for
Allan Colaço is a Sr. Business and Technology Consultant specializing in Utility,   multi-million dollar technology initiatives, including the complete redesigns of
Insurance and Financial industry verticals. Colaço started his career in the        Southern California Edison's customer site, Edison International's corporate site
Technology industry specializing in the Financial and Insurance Industries and      and numerous affiliate sites. In addition, Anthony has specific experience in
more recently as a senior technology executive for such companies as Orlando        Business-to-Business, Digital Commerce and Rich Media by managing creative
Utilities Commission, J.H. Harland, GE Capital Services/FFS, Dolphin Capital        design solutions for the following websites -,,
Management and Strategic Data Systems. Colaço started his technology career, and Prior to
as a Developer but in recent years has primarily been engaged as a CIO, CTO,        being an interactive guru, Anthony was a professional circus clown with the
VP/Director of Technologies, Sr. Strategic Consultant and Sr. Project Manager.      Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus. He was born and raised in New
Colaço’s experience in the technology sector has also involved his architecture     Zealand and is proud to be a Kiwi.
several acquisitions, IPOs and LBOs of technology service providers.

                                                                                    Panelist 3:
Panelist 3: TBA                                                                     Cathy Lee-Auxenfans, Marketing Program Manager,
                                                                                    Exelon Corp. - ComEd
10:00am – 10:30am
                                                                                                          Cathy Lee-Auxenfans is the marketing program manager
                                                                                                          with Exelon Corp. - ComEd. She manages several
Refreshment Break                                                                                         residential programs that serve 3.4 million customers in
Room: Lobby Lounge                                                                                        the Chicago market. The programs include the ComEd
                                                                                                          Online Convenience Center, Move Center and Payment
                                                                                                          Options (e-Bill, AutoPay, e-check, credit card).
10:30am – 12:00pm

Session 3A:
Panel Discussion -- Use the Web to Connect                                          Session 3B:
with Customers                                                                      Launch Products to Support Core Business and
Room: Doral A - C                                                                   Boost Revenue
                                                                                    Room: Mimosa
Discussion Leader: Dennis Smith, Vice President, Research
& Delivery, Chartwell Inc.                                                          Moderator:
                                                                                    Danny Gillam, Business Analyst, Credit & Collections,
Using the Internet to offer interactive Web-based customer                          Aquila
services is now an essential requirement for utility companies.                     Greg Toth, Director, Consumer Products,
But customer usage can depend on site design, user-                                 FirstEnergy
friendliness and promotions. This panel will feature three
leading utilities in various stages of offering Web-based                           The industry has refocused its efforts on core energy
customer services. Hear how these industry leaders have                             delivery, customer satisfaction and efficiency. And there are
moved customers to the Web, which online services they chose                        new products and services that can compliment that strategy.
to offer and why, and how your utility can delight customers                        FirstEnergy’s Line Protection program, which helps
with an interactive, user-friendly menu of Web-based services.                      homeowners avoid the expense and hassle of repairing
                                                                                    interior electrical systems, water and gas lines, is one such
                                                                                    initiative. Discover how FirstEnergy rolled out Line Protection,

Conference Agenda
minimized risks associated with program delivery and                                  1:30pm – 3:00pm
designates contractors to handle repairs. Learn how, through
a true partnership, the service provider and utility share                            Session 4A:
responsibilities for the program’s ultimate success.                                  Let’s Talk! Customer Service Roundtable Discussions
                                                                                      Room: Doral A - C
                      In the past year, FirstEnergy's Consumer Products Group
                      tripled its forecasted dollars for operating revenue and
                      introduced several new products to thousands of the             This dynamic networking opportunity is interactive, fast-paced
                      company's residential customers in three states. Greg Toth,     and allows participants to get a handle on some of the hottest
                      who joined the company in 2002, led this successful sales       topics facing utility customer service executives and managers
                      effort. Prior to joining FirstEnergy, Greg was Vice President
                      of Brite House Electricians, a multimillion-dollar regional     today. The roundtable will cover subjects such as:
                      electrical, HVAC and warranty provider business based in          • Motivating Your CSRs – What Works and What Doesn’t
                      Pittsburgh. He also held sales and management positions
at ADT Security Systems and Rollins Protective Services, both in Pittsburgh.
                                                                                           Discussion Leader: Kimberly King, President, InterWeave
                                                                                        • The Voice of the Customer – Using Customer Feedback
                                                                                           to Create Service Strategy
Marty Poulin, Director of Retail Services,
                                                                                           Discussion Leader: Tom Van Paris, NRECA
Bay State Gas Company
                                                                                        • Open Discussion – This ‘Wildcard’ table allows you the
                                                                                           opportunity to inquire of your peers about issues facing
With 45,000 customers and a high retention rate, Guardian                                  your utility but not discussed at other tables or sessions
Care Repair Service is Bay State Gas Co.'s most successful                                 Discussion Leader: Sean Vanslyke, AmerenIP
products and services initiative. Learn how this comprehensive
service plan, which covers residential heating systems, water                         Session 4B:
heaters and interior gas lines, has gone from a service                               Improve Customer Satisfaction: Listen to
program to a profit generator. This presentation will focus on                        Your Customers
how Bay State's program management and marketing efforts                              Room: Mimosa
have increased the value that Guardian Care delivers to
customers, the Company and its employees.                                             Moderator:
                                                                                      Jay Johnson, Vice President, Business Development,
Marty Poulin is the Director of Retail Services for Bay State Gas Company, a
Massachusetts based subsidiary of NiSource, Inc. Bay State’s Retail Services          IRMC/First Contact
business has doubled its earnings in five years and is a significant contributor to
Bay State’s total earnings. In addition to being responsible for Retail Services,     Kristy Beverly, Residential Market Manager, LG&E Energy
Marty directs the Company’s throughput sales effort. Marty has been with Bay
State Gas for 21 years.                                                               Marty Federowicz, Project Director and Director of Analytics,
                                                                                      Schmidt Consulting Services
12:00pm – 1:30pm
                                                                                      LG&E Energy, an E.ON AG company, is a top-tier
Seated Luncheon: EL&P-Chartwell Customer                                              performer in customer satisfaction year after year. Learn
Service and Marketing Awards Presentations                                            how this Louisville, Ky.-based utility listens to its customers
Room: Grand B & C                                                                     and acts on that valuable information to maintain industry-
                                                                                      leading customer satisfaction scores. Together with Schmidt
Dennis Smith, Editorial Director, Chartwell Inc.                                      Consulting, LG&E Energy collects actionable customer survey
Steven Brown, Editor, EL&P                                                            data and communicates that data to integral parts of the
                                                                                      energy delivery organization to make sure customers have
The winners of this year’s EL&P-Chartwell Customer Service and                        the best possible experience when contacting their utility.
Marketing Awards are recognized. Learn why these utilities’                                            Kristy Beverley, Residential Market Manager at LG&E
programs were chosen and hear about some of the best practices                                         Energy, has over 20 years experience in marketing and
                                                                                                       customer service. Having supported, managed and
and other aspects of the projects.                                                                     developed a wide variety of marketing projects for LG&E
                                                                                                       Energy and its subsidiaries, she understands the
                                                                                                       importance of having solid data to support the
                                                                                                       company’s marketing strategies.

                                                                                                    800-432-5879 or 404-237-9099
Conference Agenda
                      For the past seven years, Marty Federowicz has directed
                      custom research projects for Schmidt CS, a full-service                            With 19 years experience as a hands-on organizational
                      market research firm based in Pittsburgh. Her areas of                             development consultant, Barbara Burke is credited with
                      focus include customer satisfaction and loyalty, market                            helping utilities increase revenue, improve productivity
                      segmentation, and new product/new market assessment.                               and enhance customer satisfaction.

Sheryl S. Duffey (Sheri), Manager, Call Center Operations,                         Anne Ivey, Contact Center Practice Director,
Tampa Electric                                                                     Omega Performance
                                                                                   Andy Phillips, Manager - Training & Development,
Tampa Electric Co., a subsidiary of TECO Energy, showed                            Georgia Power Co.
drastic improvement in a well-known national customer
satisfaction survey of business customers. The utility in one                      A leading customer satisfaction firm says there is a direct
year shot from the bottom of its region to one of the top                          and measurable impact on overall satisfaction scores in the
performers in 2005. Learn how this utility has focused on                          utility industry when a customer has a poor experience with
customer service enhancements for its business customers                           a contact center rep. And 63 percent of consumers will stop
and how it works to satisfy this valuable customer segment.                        using a company’s products or services based on a negative
                                                                                   contact center experience. Facts like these make improving
Sheri Duffey manages the TECO call center operations which includes three
locations and residential and commercial customers. Before joining TECO in April
                                                                                   contact center performance a critical factor in any
2005, she was with Capital One in call center management for over eight years.     organization’s business strategy. In this presentation, you will
                                                                                   learn how the right training and mentoring can help your
3:00pm – 3:30pm                                                                    contact center create a strategic advantage in the
                                                                                   marketplace; identify the critical pieces of a results-driven
Refreshment Break                                                                  performance improvement plan; and hear a case study from
Room: Lobby Lounge                                                                 Georgia Power in training and mentoring best practices.

                                                                                   Anne Ivey is a consultant to the contact center industry. She has directed senior
3:30pm – 5:00pm                                                                    level executives in the development of their corporate strategies and contact
                                                                                   center initiatives, and has extensive background in developing business plans,
Session 5A:                                                                        diagnosing operational gaps, and implementing results-oriented sales culture
                                                                                   initiatives in contact centers of all sizes. Anne has worked extensively in the
Transform the Contact Center into a Powerful                                       financial services industry with banks, insurance companies, card services
Strategic Asset                                                                    groups, telecommunications and utilities in the United States and abroad.

Room: Palms North                                                                  Andy Phillips leads a team responsible for supporting the learning needs of over
                                                                                   800 sales & customer service employees. He has worked for Georgia Power for
                                                                                   13 years in a variety of roles within sales, marketing, and customer service.
Casey Dunigan, Regional Sales Manager, EPOS Corporation
                                                                                   Session 5B:
                                                                                   Let’s Talk! Marketing and Customer
Barbara Burke, Principal,
Barbara Burke & Associates, Inc.                                                   Communications Roundtable Discussions
                                                                                   Room: Doral A - C
Today's utilities are challenged to reduce costs and
                                                                                   This dynamic networking opportunity is interactive, fast-
increase revenue while at the same time raise customer
                                                                                   paced and allows participants to get a handle on some of
satisfaction ratings. While the importance of generating
                                                                                   the hottest topics facing utility marketing executives and
revenue is obvious, the pressure to improve customer
                                                                                   managers today. The roundtable will cover subjects such as:
satisfaction ratings continues to increase. Utilities can face
                                                                                     • Migrating Customers to Self-Service and Billing Alternatives
real financial penalties if they miss certain metrics, from
                                                                                        Discussion Leader: Doug Campbell,
regulatory fines to unsuccessful rate cases. Using case
                                                                                        Southern California Edison
study examples, this presentation will reveal how utilities
                                                                                     • Improving Customer Satisfaction Scores through
can achieve best-in-class customer satisfaction ratings
                                                                                        Effective Communications
while improving customer contact center operations and
                                                                                        Discussion Leader: Jennifer Mattes, We Energies
increasing revenues.

Conference Agenda
  • Open Discussion – This ‘Wildcard’ table allows you the                       Session G5:
    opportunity to ask your peers about issues facing                            How to Tackle Tough Customer
    your utility but not discussed at other tables or sessions                   Communication Challenges
    Discussion Leader: Steve Foss, Dakota Electric
                                                                                 Hear from leading utilities that successfully took a marketing
Thursday – 5:30pm                                                                campaign from start to finish, communicating a clear
                                                                                 message to their customers and reaping results. From rate
South Beach Dine-around                                                          increases to CIS conversions to tree trimming, utilities often
                                                                                 must make difficult choices and undertake certain business
The buses will begin loading at the hotel lobby at 5:15pm                        initiatives that have the potential to upset customers and
and will depart at 5:30pm. The buses will return to the hotel                    regulators, as well as generate unfriendly headlines. A
at 9:30pm and 11:00pm.                                                           successful marketing and communications strategy can help
                                                                                 proactively communicate the reasons behind a rate increase
FRIDAY – 8:00am – 9:00am                                                         or a billing delay and can significantly minimize the impact to
                                                                                 customer satisfaction and head off surprises to both customers
Continental Breakfast                                                            and regulators. This session will include representatives of
Room: Palms North                                                                utilities that have undertaken such an effort.

9:00am – 11:00am                                                                 Discussion Leader: Allison Herdic, Editor, Chartwell’s
                                                                                 Customer Care Research Series, Chartwell Inc.
Session G4:
Reach Out to the Growing Hispanic Customer Base                                  Jennifer Mattes, Client Relationship Manager, We Energies
Room: Palms North
                                                                                                         Jennifer Mattes is a Client Relationship Manager for We
                                                                                                         Energies in Milwaukee, WI. Ms. Mattes has more than 13
Moderator:                                                                                               years of experience in the energy industry, including new
Allison Herdic, Editor, Chartwell’s Customer Care Research                                               product and service development within the utility. Her
                                                                                                         role in the Customer Solutions department focuses on
Series, Chartwell Inc.                                                                                   customer satisfaction and enhancing the customer
Mike Valdes-Fauli, Group Director, The Jeffrey Group                                                     experience with the company. Her main concentration has
                                                                                                         been improving customer satisfaction by tackling the price
                                                                                                         perception issue and finding ways to communicate the
The utility industry, constantly striving to improve customer                    value of the electric and natural gas service We Energies provides to over 1.1
satisfaction, must engage a variety of customer segments                         million customers.

and communicate effectively with each of those. The
Hispanic community, for many North American utilities, is                        Joe Padgett, Marketing and Energy Services
the fastest-growing of these customer groups, but it is a                        LCEC (Lee County Electric Cooperative)
complex segment made up of different demographic
                                                                                                      Joe Padgett, heads up the Marketing and Energy service
characteristics which offer a wide array of marketing                                                 group at LCEC (Lee County Electric Cooperative Inc.). He
challenges. This session will show you from the perspective                                           has over 20 years of experience in senior executive
                                                                                                      positions in the Utility, Energy Services, Medical and
of other industries how to best analyze, understand and                                               High technology markets. Joe’s global experiences
communicate with your Hispanic customers. Knowing this                                                include working for Fortune 100 companies such as
                                                                                                      Motorola, British Petroleum and Nortel Networks. Joe’s
important group of customers can not only improve the take                                            experiences and successes allow him to specialize in
rate for products such as online bill pay or energy efficiency                                        building, planning and growing new markets, services
solutions, but help boost customer satisfaction.                                 and teams all over the world. Joe has an MBA in Marketing and is currently
                                                                                 working towards his Doctorate in Organization Leadership. As the head of
                                                                                 LCEC’s Marketing and Energy Services team, Joe is responsible for driving
                     Mike, a Miami native, joined TJG from Conexión PR           value-added products and services as well as educating LCEC’s member base
                     where he worked originally in the agency’s Los Angeles      on new energy efficiency services.
                     office and later helped to open the agency’s Miami
                     office. There he spearheaded national efforts for such
                     clients as Ford, GE, Payless and TJ Maxx. Before that
                     Mike was a publicist at Universal Pictures in Los Angeles
                     and also worked for Strategic Communications Group
                     and Fleishman-Hillard in Washington DC. He has a
                     degree in political science and communications from
Tulane University.

                                                                                                    800-432-5879 or 404-237-9099
Conference Agenda
9:00am – 1:00pm

Customer Contact Center Tour
                                                          Special Thanks to the
PRC’s Miami Customer Contact Center
                                                        EMACS Planning Committee
                             The buses will begin
                             loading at 8:15am from
                             the hotel lobby and will                 Jack Bachman
                             depart at 8:30am.                         BC Hydro

                                                                      Steven Brown
                                                                Electric Light & Power

                                                                    Doug Campbell
                                                              Southern California Edison

                                                                     Philip Dunklin
                                                                    Chartwell Inc.

                                                                      Steven Foss
                                                                    Dakota Electric

                                                                       Bill Grist
                                                                    Chartwell Inc.

                                                                      Paul Lau
                                                          Sacramento Municipal Utility District

                                                                       Meg Matt
                                                                   The Matt Group

                                                                     Jennifer Mattes
                                                                     We Energies

                                                                     Dennis Smith
                                                                    Chartwell Inc.

                                                                      Sean Vanslyke

                                                                      Tom Van Paris

                                                                      Lewis Walton

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management platforms to utilities and their trade associations.        comprehensive call center solutions to the energy industry.With
                                                                       over 152 sales professionals representing respected industry
                                                                       leaders nationwide, CustomerLink is a suitable partner for all
                                                                       your call center needs. CustomerLink is also known as being the
                                                                       most experienced energy call center in the country.
                     Booth #1
Array Services Group’s three brands offer a broad spectrum of          •   Electricity Sales
customer contact solutions tailored to fit nearly any situation from   •   Natural Gas Sales
outbound customer service and retention calls to third-party debt      •   Renewable Energy Sales
collections. Programs can be developed to meet local, regional,        •   Home Maintenance and Repair Programs Sales
national and even international needs. ASG’s three companies,          •   Lead Generation
J. C. Christensen & Associates, CareCall and ProSource share a         •   Surge Protection Sales
foundation rooted in customer contact to achieve desired results       •   Energy Conservation and Energy Management Programs
for our clients.                                                       •   Weather-Hedging Products Sales
                                                                       •   HVAC and Lighting Retrofits Sales
                                                                       •   New and Renewal Subscription Services

                                                                                       800-432-5879 or 404-237-9099
The company’s core service offerings include:
• Outbound Direct Sales B2B and B2C
• Outbound Lead Generation
• Soft Collection Calls
• Inbound Sales B2B and B2C
                                                                                           Booth #18
• Inbound Customer Care
                                                                       DST Output is the leading provider of integrated print and electronic
                                                                       billing statements and other customer communications documents.
CustomerLink helps your company to connect with your
                                                                       We help utilities reduce billing and support costs, improve cash flow
customers, and leave a positive imprint, while maximizing every
                                                                       and deliver high quality statements that truly leverage the monthly
one-on-one opportunity to fully bond them to your company.
                                                                       appointment they have with their customers. As the largest third-
                                                                       party First Class mailer in the country with more than 30 years
                                                                       experience, DST Output's solutions allow even the largest utilities to
                                                                       communicate cost efficiently with their customers.

                          Booth #39
Since 1993, Metrics has collected over 5-million real-time
surveys for contact centers. Research Scientists recognize real-
time surveying as the most bullet-proof method to collecting your
customers’ evaluation of service experiences. By being the only
                                                                                        Booth #34
real-time surveying company that conducts a data cleansing
                                                                       The Voice and Systems Automation practice (formerly EPOS
process, our clients are able to ethically, legally, and fairly use
                                                                       Corporation) of Tier Technologies, Inc. is a provider of voice-
the survey results for agent performance evaluations.
                                                                       enabled self-service solutions that facilitate communications via
                                                                       phone, Internet and kiosk. Primary solutions include voice-
With our CATs® (Completely Automated Telephone surveys) you
                                                                       enabled IVR and call center automation. Tier solutions support
will be able to collect both, scores and actual customer comments
                                                                       natural language speech recognition, touch-tone input, text-to-
that are transcribed and delivered on each Agent’s Report Card.
                                                                       speech, fax, agent screen pops, hosted payment services for
You will also have access to real-time results via an online secure
                                                                       credit/debit and ACH transactions, integration with data sources,
web portal. You will also receive real-time alerts from
                                                                       etc. Tier call center solutions focus on automating routine tasks
dissatisfied customers and first contact resolution failures via our
                                                                       via voice-enabled IVR systems and enhancing agent productivity
CATs® Alerts to prevent bad word of mouth.
                                                                       and performance through call logging and monitoring. Tier
                                                                       delivers state-of-the-art solutions for utilities, call centers, state and
                                                                       local government agencies, and institutions of higher education.

                                           Booth #26
Hundreds of companies, including many of the Fortune 500, rely
on us for the most efficient way to manage their critical billing
data, then print and distribute their documents by mail or via the
                                                                                         Booth #10
Internet….and for good reason:
                                                                       Exstream Software helps leading utilities providers of all sizes
We Lead the Industry in Technology and Innovations
                                                                       connect with their customers through higher quality, fully
As new and more advanced data management and
                                                                       personalized communications. Our market-leading Dialogue
communication methods are available, Diversified Data &
                                                                       enterprise personalization software provides a comprehensive
Communications has kept pace. Our Return Mail Management
                                                                       platform for creating, personalizing, and delivering high-volume
service, Diversecure archiving service, and Electronic Bill
                                                                       and web-based batch, real-time, and interactive customer
Presentment and Payment service are testaments to the premier
                                                                       communications. A single software solution that helps utility
position we hold in our industry.
                                                                       companies connect legacy systems and processes across the
                                                                       entire enterprise, Dialogue provides a new standard for
We Offer Greater Value Through Outsourcing
                                                                       efficiently producing and distributing fully compliant, customer-
Outsourcing through Diversified Data & Communications will
                                                                       focused communications. Our customers have reported up to 85
reduce start-up and operation costs, protect you from technology
                                                                       percent faster time to market and a reduction in document
obsolescence, and deliver immeasurable flexibility in managing
                                                                       development costs of up to 80 percent.
and distributing your critical data.

                           Booth #28
No one offers you a more flexible, seamless, integrated approach
to electronic payments processing than Fort Knox National                                  Booth #15
Company. TruePay™, our single-source solution, offers multiple        IEI Financial Services provides business process outsourcing in
channels including Speech Recognition IVR, CSR, and Web;              the discipline of customer management. We focus solely on the
supports ACH and card-based payments; and proven end-to-end           public utilities and energy services market space allowing us to
processing and settlement through Fort Knox National Bank.            concentrate our knowledge, efforts and talents on services
                                                                      unique to this industry and their customers. Furthermore, we
                                                                      believe this approach allows us to create manageable and
                                                                      sustained growth while providing appropriate financial returns to
                                                                      our investors and partners.

               Booth #24                                              We offer full in-bound and out-bound customer contact
GC Services is a national outsource provider specializing in          management services. Depending on client needs, we can provide
accounts receivable management, customer service and quality          24 x 7 x 365 service with five 9's technical infrastructure reliability.
monitoring initiatives. We serve a variety of clients in the public
utility, banking, financial services, retail, telecommunications,     In our A/R offerings, we provide analysis of customer
healthcare and other industries. Our clients include some of the      management functions, such as: account initialization, fraud
nation’s largest and most respected businesses and institutions,      detection, credit scoring, billing, remittance processing,
including many Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies. With            automated delinquent payment reminders, and collections.
nearly half a century of success, we attribute our strong client
relationships to our progressive and resourceful corporate culture,   We also work with energy companies to develop accounts
coupled with the flexibility and creativity we institute in meeting   receivable bad debt sales strategies that will meet their needs.
our clients’ new and unique challenges. Specifically, our utility     We offer competitive pricing and provide immediate funding,
experience ranges from customer care call centers to first and        while we insure that the timing of a bad debt sale favorably
third party collections for major utility clients nationwide.         impacts the client’s net income.

                                                                                             Booth #36
                        Booth #30                                     Internet Transaction Solutions, Inc. specializes in providing Total
Group 1 Software, a subsidiary of Pitney Bowes, develops              ePayment SolutionsSM that are integrated with the client’s critical
software that provides an integrated Customer Communication           business processes and systems. The company is a leading
Management (CCM) solution, which maximizes the value of               provider in many markets, including: collections, utilities, financial
customer data and improves the effectiveness and efficiency of        services, retail, health & fitness.
customer communications. Group 1’s solutions are an essential
component of enterprise applications, serving to consolidate,         ITS processes all payment methods (electronic check, credit card
cleanse and enrich corporate data, and generate personalized          and debit card including new applications like PIN-less debit)
business documents for multi-channel delivery, customer care and      utilizing all payment channels - Customer self-service payments
efficient business processing. The company’s solutions are utilized   through automated phone systems and web sites. Phone
by over 3,500 organizations worldwide in the utilities, financial     authorizations to live call center representatives and collectors.
services/banking, GIS/mapping, retail, telecommunications,            Recurring payments and other payment authorizations sent by batch
insurance and other industries, including Entergy, L.L. Bean,         file or real-time XML communication; and electronic processing of
MapQuest, QVC, Siemens, Wal-Mart and Wells Fargo. Please              paper checks received by our clients. ITS integrates these services
visit us at booth #30 or to learn more.                    with the systems used by the client to manage their business and
                                                                      automate posting, returns management and reconciliation.

                                                                      ITS clients benefit in three main areas: cash management
                                                                      optimization, cost elimination or reduction, and customer service
                                                                      enhancement. WE GET PAID WHEN YOU GET PAID! SM
                                                                                       800-432-5879 or 404-237-9099
                                                                      increased enrollment in e-billing, reduced payment related
                                                                      customer service calls and increased customer retention. To learn
                                                                      how to begin accepting MasterCard for payment or for more
                                                                      information about SIIP email
                  Booth #20
When you listen to your phone calls in your call center, do you say
“WOW”? Through a wide range of products and performance
based consulting services, InterWeave assists your organization in                     Booth #14
creating WOW customer experiences. Turn to InterWeave for             Metrix Matrix is the leader in multi-channel satisfaction
strategic mentoring processes, performance based training,            monitoring, measuring and reporting.
behavioral based quality assurance programs and purposeful
morale boosting programs that will drive higher performance           With our Customizable Online Reporting Engine (CORE) Reports
results for your organization. The InterWeave strategies and          we provide our clients with continuous qualitative and
processes will improve your call center’s efficiency, reduce costs,   quantitative feedback on the services they are providing. Clients
raise employee morale and drive higher customer loyalty. Begin        have found our reports essential to reinforce favorable behaviors
your Journey to WOW today! Call InterWeave at 877-96-WEAVE,           as well as preventing poor performance before they become a
review our products and services at or          much bigger problem. Whether you are a CEO or a front line
visit us at the conference at booth number 20.                        service supervisor we have a CORE Report to suit your needs.

                                                                      Our key driver analysis reports become integral to your action
                                                                      plans and budgets moving forward.
                      Booth #27
IRMC/First Contact, Inc. – Utility division provides proven
business process outsourcing solutions for customer contact to the
utilities industry. From customer acquisition, customer care, to                               Booth #23
outage management, we provide inbound call center services at         NCO is the industry leader in providing clients with successful
touch points throughout the lifecycle of a utility customer. In       business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions. Our outsourcing
addition, First Contact provides effective accounts receivable        portfolio includes accounts receivable management, customer
management services through a suite of pre- and post charge-off       management services, and back office services. Our best-in-
recovery services. Our experience, as well as our results over        class, results-driven reputation, strong financial track record, and
the last 12 years has earned the respect of investor owned utility    proven business model makes NCO the choice for BPO solutions.
partners. We provide industry best technologies including Cisco
telephony solutions, Aspect (TCS) workforce management, and
Witness quality assurance platforms. IRMC/First Contact
provides solutions to enhance your customer relationships while
improving your financial performance.
                                                                                          Booth #19
                                                                      N.E.W. Customer Service Companies, Inc. (NEW)
                                                                      ( ) is the nation's leading provider of extended
                                                                      service plans, buyer protection services and product support for
                                                                      businesses and consumers. With more than 20 years experience,
                        Booth #32                                     NEW provides exceptional post-sale consumer care for many of the
MasterCard International is a global payments company with one        nation's largest retailers, manufacturers, utilities and financial
of the most recognized and respected brands in the world. We          services firms, providing coverage last year to more than 100
manage a full range of payment programs and services,                 million consumers. Through its commitment to customer care, NEW
including MasterCard® credit and debit cards, Maestro® debit          delivers ongoing revenue, unrivaled customer support, seamless
and online debit cards, Cirrus® ATM cash access, and related          service administration and the competitive edge needed to succeed
programs. The MasterCard Service Industries Incentive Program         in a rapidly changing marketplace. NEW is headquartered in
provides participating utilities with a reduced interchange rate on   Dulles, VA, and operates six communication centers located in
consumer credit and debit recurring payment transactions.             Montana, Florida, Virginia, Kansas and Oregon. For more
Utilities that offer recurring payments to customers may enjoy        information, please visit NEW at booth # 19 or


                       Booth #35
Nexus’ proven analytics-based software solutions provide energy                                        Booth #37
companies with greater customer insight and more effective               SunGard Output Solutions (SOS) is a leading provider of output
customer interactions across all customer channels, while enhancing      solutions specializing in first class financial documents such as
key back-office enterprise functions. Nexus’ browser-based               bills, statements and invoices for the Utility industry.
product lines work together to transform both energy company and
customer views of energy, in order to reduce costs of business           SunGard provides full data processing, postal optimization,
services, optimize assets, and reduce natural resources required to      inventory management, laser printing and mail processing, as
meet demand, while becoming more responsive to customer needs.           well as related support services in the rendering of statements,
Nexus’ solutions, in use by more than 75 energy companies                disconnect notices, and inserts. SunGard’s document distribution
worldwide, can be viewed on-line at:                output channels include: hardcopy, electronic (ePresent), optical
                                                                         and/or magnetic media and (intelliSTOR) an enterprise report-
                                                                         management solution that empowers employees, customers, and
                                                                         suppliers with assess to valuable information in real time. We
                                                                         are a U.S. Postal Service Detached Mail Unit (DMU) . SOS is a
                  Booth #11                                              division of SunGard Data Systems a $4 billion dollar global
PAR3 Communications’ customer communications solution enables            leader in software and processing solutions for over 25,000
many leading utilities, including DTE Energy, Aquila, Vectren and        customers in 50 countries.
Exelon, drive operational efficiency, improve revenue recovery,
and provide outstanding customer service. The solution leverages
existing customer data to proactively and personally interact with
customers, creating dynamic conversations with them while                                          Booth #8
simultaneously reducing inbound calls.                                   Syntellect’s Continuum‰ offers a comprehensive array of self-
                                                                         service and live-assistance solutions, from packaged, off-the-shelf
A powerful complement to existing communications and collections         products to modular tools and custom capabilities, focused on
processes, PAR3 blends sophisticated multi-channel applications          increasing customer satisfaction and decreasing customer service
and best practices to authenticate the customer’s identity, deliver      costs for inbound and outbound voice, web, and e-mail
account-specific information, and provide automated self-service         communications. Our open-standard, next-generation
payment and agent transfer options. As a result, utilities reduce        technologies provide total flexibility to meet the diverse needs of
account write-offs, improve cash flow, and provide a more                today's enterprises – and tomorrow’s.
consistent, higher level of service to customers. Some applications
across the customer lifecycle include notifications about collections,
service disruption, curtailment, appointment scheduling, service
disruption/restoration and satisfaction surveys.                                                     Booth #7
                                                                         TeleVox Software, Inc. provides automated messaging solutions
                                                                         that enable utilities to enhance their customer service efforts.
                                                                         With HouseCalls™, utilities can deliver outage and restoration
                              Booth #31                                  notifications, service call reminders, disconnect notices, collection
Questline“ is a communication and business-development service           calls, customer satisfaction surveys and more. TeleVox also
used by energy company’s account-management teams in                     offers SmartAppend™ data append service to keep utility
combination with their commercial and industrial customers. The          customer records up-to-date.
service combines:
• An information-rich and account-manager focused
• A one-to-one “Ask An Expert” Hotline; and
• A utility-tailored Energy Library and Resource.
Our clients employ Questline to improve customer satisfaction,
identify lead-generating opportunities and to maximize account-
manager/company exposure.

                                                                                         800-432-5879 or 404-237-9099
                                                                     Worldwide, cardholders in over 150 countries carry more than 1
                                                                     billion Visa-branded cards, accounting for more than $3 trillion
                                                                     in annual transaction volume.
                                  Booth #21
Since 1989, utilities have found TFCC’s High Volume Call             Visa offers a trusted, reliable and convenient way to access and
Answering (HVCA) system for outage reporting allows them to          mobilize financial resources - anytime, anywhere, anyway.
deploy best in class customer service, regardless of staffing
levels. “Field Connect”, TFCC’s new field operations suite of
services, completes the outage reporting cycle. We have HVCA
for the reporting side and we now will have services that use
Advanced Speech Recognition to assist the field crews in
managing their work. “Field Connect” can be used in both                              Booth #22
outage and daily projects and it uses technology to answer calls     Fixed Bill Support Services
instead of your valuable resources. Plus, in large outage            WeatherWise specializes in integrated solutions for fixed bill
situations, foreign crews can use the system with no training.       energy programs. WeatherWise provides enabling technology,
TFCC give utilities first-call resolution from the customer’s call   program engineering, and development resources to remove
through job close out and inventory update.                          risks and assure program profitability. Over 25 program years,
                                                                     WeatherWise models have predicted consumption on its fixed
                                                                     bill programs within 0.1% on $250 million worth of actual
                                                                     energy delivered to customers. WeatherWise’s approach
                                   Booth #29                         eliminates selection and temperature biases and minimizes risks
Viecore is a leading systems integration firm specializing in        from energy hedging and purchasing that are inherent with
enterprise-level customer care solutions. Since 1989, Viecore has    other approaches. WeatherWise’s technology eliminates the
provided the world’s largest corporations with comprehensive         need for risk adders, adjustments to consumption, or other
solutions, integrating advanced communication technologies with      hidden charges, while assuring program profitability.
the power of speech, transforming traditional call centers into      WeatherWise is the only supplier of fixed bill services willing to
efficient customer care centers. Our deployment of the industry’s    assume risks associated with a fixed bill program. Put our
largest VoiceXML systems has enabled our customers to leverage       experts to work for you!
existing infrastructure while expanding services, increasing
efficiencies, and optimizing information access. The most trusted
and respected name in systems integration.

                                                                                                               Booth #13

                                                                     Western Union® Payment Services offers an extensive line of
                                                                     payment services including both electronic and cash payment
                      Booth #38
                                                                     options. The Western Union® Speedpay® service allows
Visa USA is the nation's leading payment brand and largest
                                                                     companies to accept electronic payments by phone, Internet or
payment system, enabling banks to provide their consumers and
                                                                     call center representative using ACH, check, debit/ATM and
business customers with a wide variety of payment alternatives
                                                                     credit card payment types. The Western Union® Quick Collect®
tailored to meet their evolving needs. Visa USA is committed to
                                                                     service allows consumers to send cash payments through a
increasing the choice, convenience, acceptance, and security of
                                                                     network of nearly 50,000 Agent locations throughout the United
Visa payments for all stakeholders in the payment system -
                                                                     States and Canada. With Western Union, billers and consumers
Members, cardholders and merchants. Through its 14,000
                                                                     have the confidence of doing business with a company that has
Member financial institutions, more than 482 million Visa-
                                                                     a 150-year tradition of technology, innovation and leadership.
branded cards have been issued to cardholders in the United
States. Last year, U.S.-based financial institutions relied on
Visa's processing system, VisaNet, to facilitate $1.3 trillion in
transactions with unparalleled reliability.

Special Events
Golf Outing
Tuesday, December 13 - Tee times: 9:30am
                          Join us for golf at the legendary Doral Golf Course. Play on the prestigious
                          148-acre Great White Course designed by PGA superstar Greg Norman. This
                          innovative, desert-style course uses beautiful coquina sand instead of a traditional rough
                          and features water as a factor on no less than 14 of its holes.

                                  Golf fee: $191.00 includes greens fee, cart fee, and scoring. Space is limited.

                                                                                             Sponsored By:
Opening Cocktail Reception
Tuesday, December 13 - 4:30pm – 6:30pm
Don’t miss the opportunity to broaden your network of contacts at the Opening Cocktail
Reception at EMACS. Take the time to meet and talk to your peers and the leading utility
vendors and consultants about emerging products and technologies.

Sponsored By:                     It’s a Splash! Casino Night by the Pool
                                  Wednesday, December 14 - 5:30pm – 7:30pm
                                  Grab your sunglasses and put on your poker face. . . EMACS attendees are networking by
                                  the pool. Don’t miss this opportunity to meet and greet your new and old friends. Enjoy a
                                  fun-filled evening of Black Jack, Roulette, Craps, Wheel of Fortune, Texas Hold ‘em and Live
                                  Crab Races. YES! Live Crab Races! Join us as we “network the night away” while enjoying
                                  hors d’oeuvres, cocktails and casino games.

South Beach Dine-Around
Thursday, December 15 - 5:30pm
Enjoy the Miami night life with old and new EMACS friends. EMACS will provide
transportation from the hotel to South Beach, where you may dine and enjoy the sights
and sounds of Miami Beach.

Stop by the EMACS registration desk and sign up for reservations at one of the several
wonderful restaurants at South Beach. Dinner is to the individual. So get a group together
and enjoy a taste of Miami!

Buses will depart the hotel at 5:30 and return at 9:30 and 11:00.

                                  Customer Contact Center Tour (Utilities Only)
                                  Friday, December 16 - 9:00am – 1:00pm
                                  Please join us for a tour of PRC's Miami customer contact center, which handles service
                                  inquiries for a number of worldwide businesses and member services organizations,
                                  including some of the most recognized names in travel, shipping and retail. PRC manages
                                  customer relationships for many of America’s leading brands, helping them acquire, grow,
                                  and retain customers on an outsourced basis. With locations around the globe, PRC
                                  delivers services from domestic, offshore, and near shore locations backed by over 24
                                  years of experience and best practices.

                                                                               800-432-5879 or 404-237-9099
            Knowledge Exchange
            Utility Professionals
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