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									                                       Charles Waiswa

Personal Information
Names:               Charles Waiswa                 Date of birth: 14/10/1965
Sex:                 Male                           Nationality:            Ugandan
Occupation:          Associate Professor            Profession:             Veterinarian
Mailing address:     Department of Veterinary Medicine, Makerere University
                     P.O Box 7062, Kampala, Tel: 041 540502 or 077 501274
e-mail: OR

Education Background/Key Qualifications
2003: Awarded a PhD in tsetse and trypanosomosis studies (Mak Univ 1999-2002).
       Collaborating Institutions included LIRI-Uganda & CTVM, University of Edinburgh.
1995: Master of Science in Veterinary Medicine (Mak Univ 1994-1995). Collaborating
       Institutions were, Institute for Parasitol & Trop Vetmed, FU-Berlin, Germany
1991: Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine (Mak Univ, 1991)

Postgraduate students supervision in the last 5 years
Since 2003, I have participated in the supervision of three PhD students and two have completed
while one is still on-going, six Msc students and four have completed while two are still on-going.

Employment Record and Community Service
Qualified with BVM in Sept 1991, took up employment at Makerere University as a teaching
assistant in Feb 1992 and went through the ranks, appointed Head, Dept of Veterinary Medicine
in 2006 and recently promoted to the rank of Associate Professor effective 1 July 2008

Grants Where I have been Principle Investigator

1998-2000:     WHO/TDR: Study the socio-economic factors that affect tsetse and
               trypanosomiasis control in southeastern Uganda
2002-2004:     WHO/RCS Re-entry Grants to study the reservoir role of pigs in the transmission
               of sleeping sickness
2004-2006:     International Foundation for Science (IFS) Grants to study the porcine
               trypanosomiasis and other health problems
2005-2006:     DFID Bolt-on Grant to complete research related to animal reservoir in Eastern
Selected Publications where I was lead author in the last five years

1. Waiswa et al. (2007). Prevalence of Endoparasitic Infections in pigs kept in southeastern
   Uganda. Afr. J. Anim. Biomed. Sci., 2(1):1-6.
2. Waiswa et al (2006). Glossina fuscipes fuscipes in the trypanosomiasis endemic areas of
   south eastern Uganda: apparent density, trypanosome infection rates and host feeding
   preferences. Acta Tropica, 99:23-29.
3. Waiswa, C (2005). Porcine trypanosomiasis in southeastern Uganda: prevalence and
   assessment of therapeutic effectiveness. Bulg. J. Vet. Med. 8 (1):13-22
4. Waiswa, C and E. Katunguka-Rwakishaya (2004). Bovine Trypanosomiasis in southwestern
   Uganda: packed cell volumes and prevalence of infection in cattle. Ann Trop Med Parasitol.
   98 (1):21-7
5. Waiswa C, et al (2003). Domestic animals as reservoirs for sleeping sickness in three
   endemic foci in south-eastern Uganda. Ann Trop Med Parasitol. 97(2):149-55.
6. Waiswa, C., et al (2003). Packed cell volume as a measure of porcine health and the
   implication on the control of sleeping sickness in Uganda. Bulg. J. Vet. Med., 6 (3), 187-191.
7. Waiswa, C. et al. (2003). M. lizard as a host for G.f.fuscipes in the sleeping sickness endemic
   foci of Uganda. Afr. J.Ecol., 41, 349-351
Educational Manuals witten for farmers, students and extension workers

Written farmers/students manuals in pig, dairy zero grazing, rabbits and poultry farming.

International Exposure, Scientific Conferences/Workshops Attended:
Attended more than 40 Annual International and Local Scientific Conference, Meetings and
Workshops in since 1992.

Membership of Selected Professional Bodies

Registered member of four professional bodies

Courses on Leadership and Management (Limited to past 5 years)
Attended several courses on leadership and research management

Research Collabration and Short Courses (Limited to past 5 years)
Collaborator with Institutions within and outside Uganda

XIX Languages Fluent: English, Lusoga and Luganda; Others: Kiswahili


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