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					                                           “Charles” by Shirley Jackson
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Genre:                             Realistic Fiction/Short Story
Setting (time and place):          Laurie’s Kindergarten year/Laurie’s home and school/ England

Climax:                            Laurie’s mom realizes that there is no Charles

Denouement:                        Teacher reveals that there is no Charles in the class

Protagonist (static or dynamic):   Laurie’s Mom
Antagonist (static or dynamic):    Laurie/Charles
Characterization                   “… tot replaced by a long-trousered swaggering character…”
 identify and describe two
                                    (p. 194) Method of characterization: looks and dresses
   examples from the story
                                 “… he kicked the teacher’s friend.” (p. 196) Method of
                                   characterization: actions
                                This shows that
                                   1. Laurie doesn’t like to do exercises
                                   2. Laurie is sassy, bold, rude, disrespectful, trouble-maker
Conflict                         Person vs. Person/ Laurie vs. Dad/external- (P. 195) “Gee, you’re
 give two examples and            dumb.”
   identify each as internal
                                 Person vs. Self/Laurie’s Mom vs. herself/ internal- she figures out
   (person vs. self) or
   external (person vs. person,    that Laurie is actually Charles and she has to come to terms with
   person vs. nature, person       her son’s behavior
   vs. society)
Point of View:                     First Person
Figurative Language                Metaphor- “… the baby was being a Charles when she cried all
     Identify one example         afternoon; Laurie did a Charles when he filled his wagon full of mud
        and its type
                                   and pulled it through the kitchen…” (p. 196)
     Provide a quote from
        the story
Irony                                     Situational Irony: There is no Charles
     Identify one example                Dramatic Irony: The reader realizes that there is no Charles
        and its type
                                           before Laurie’s mom does.

Mood:                              Humor; astonished; slight suspense; interesting (?)
Tone:                              Funny; humor; joking; jesting
Symbol:                            Charles symbolizes Laurie’s bad behavior; Charles symbolizes Laurie’s
                                   Mom ability to stereotype; Charles symbolizes Laurie’s need for
                                   attention from his parents.
Flashback:                         “The teacher’s friend told Charles to touch his toes like I just did
                                   and Charles kicked him.” (page 196)
                                   “On Friday of that week things were back to normal. “You know what
                                   Charles did today?” “He told a little girl to say a word and she said
                                     “Charles” by Shirley Jackson
                               and the teacher washed her mouth out with soap and Charles
                               laughed.” (Page 197)
Foreshadowing                  “On Monday Laurie came home late, full of news.” This tells us that
    Identify one example      Charles had to stay after school. (page 196)
    Provide a quote from
       the story and explain
Theme:                         Be careful who you judge; you may become them. Don’t stereotype.

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