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Charity Name          Contact Name         Email Address             Number      What they do
                                                                                 Grant 'wishes' to children
                                                                                 between 3-17 with life-
                                                                                 threatening illesses. Anything
Round Table                                                          01202       from a trip to Disneyland, to
Children's Wish       Helen Jeffery            514515      watching Chelsea play football.

                                                                                 Volunteers take elderly people
                                                                                 out once a month on a Sunday
                                                                     01202       afternoon and then to tea at a
Contact the Elderly   Mrs Carolyn Dennis   424482      volunteer host's home.

                                                                                 Take in homeless dogs and
                                                                                 small animals (usually rabbits),
                                                                                 ensure they have vet checks,
                                                                                 provide ongoing medical
                                                                                 treatment if necessary, and then
Waggy Tails Rescue                                                   01202       place them in foster care until a
Ltd.               Miss Cindy Mann   875000      permanent home is found.
                                                                                 Support people with head and
                                                                                 neck cancer, providing one-to-
                                                                                 one support, and information.
                                                                                 Additionally support surgeons
The Butterfly Appeal                       ian@baldeaglecommunicatio 01202       and doctors who are training to
for About Face       Ian Catley                    733300      work in this area.
                                                                             Support girlguiding and also
                                                                             brownies. Focusing on the
                                                                             community, environment and
Girlguiding Queens                                                01202      improving the skills of younger
Park District        Karen Laird          309834     girls.

                                                                             Try to relieve the suffering and
                                                                             distress that adult survivors of
                                                                             childhood abuse have through
                                                                             one-to-one professional
                                                                             counselling, facilitating peer-led
                                                                             survivor support groups and
Dorset Action on                                                  01202      running seminars etc raising
Abuse                Ellie Fox-Kirk   489887     awareness of the issues.

                                                                             Support people in the local area
                                                                             with HIV. Provide counselling,
                                                                             advice, therapy, internet and
                                                                             back to work help and funding.
                                                                             Also work with local education
                                                                             providers to raise awareness
                                         mail@bodypositivedorset.or 01202    and educate. Train student
Body Positive Dorset Barbara Heffernan   g                          297386   police officers and nurses.
                                                                                 UK's leading baby charity. Work
                                                                                 to prevent Sudden Infant Death
                                                                                 Syndrome (SIDS), among other
                                                                                 things. Fund research, operate
                                                                                 support networks and phone
                                                                                 lines, provide information on
                                                                                 baby health and also work with
Foundation for the                                                               organisations to help improve
Study into Infant                                                     020 7222   the investigations into the
Deaths (fsid)         Holly Wilkinson   8003       babies' deaths.
                                                                                 Provide free, impartial,
                                                                                 independant and confidential
                                                                                 support for all members of the
                                                                                 community on any number of
Bournemouth                                                                      problems they may face. Can
Citizens Advice                         martin.broad@bournemouth 01202           advise them of their legal rights
Bureau                Martin Broad                314565          and responsibilities.

                                                                                 Collection of art to celebrate
                                                                                 disability artwork. They exist to
                                                                                 'empower and resource disabled
                                                                                 people and carers'. Provide
                                                                 01202           short stay accommodation and
East Holten Charity   Debbie Horan     625562          have art studios.
Lewis-Manning                                                    01202           Provide palliative care for life-
Hospice               Dawn Morrison 701000          threatening illnesses.
                                                                      Provide adventurous activities
Christchurch and                   mflexman@christchurchsco 01202     and personal opportunitiesto
District Scouts     Mark Flexman               471952    over 500 6-25 year olds.

Bournemouth Sea                                              01202    Teach young people sailing and
Cadets              Mr. Mike Fox      240272   boat skills etc.
                                                                      Help relieve suffering of the
                                                                      illnesses known as ME, Chronic
                                                                      Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and
                                                                      Post-Viral Fatigue Syndrome
                                                                      (PVFS). Create awareness and
                                                                      help educate the general public.
                                                                      Help further research into the
Dorset ME Support                                            01202    illnesses and publish these
Group               Adrian Field   892508   results.
                                                                             Training and personal
                                                                             development to people with
                                                                             mental illnesses, learning
                                                                             disabilities, head injury and
                                                                             drug/alcohol addiction who want
                                                                             to enter or return to employment
                                                                             or further education. Provide a
                                                                             finger buffet service to
                                                                             customers. Quiet and stress-
                                                                             free for trainees. Teach people
                                                                  01202      skills, e.g. baking, washing up,
The Crumbs Project   Allan Penhale       399644     cash register etc.

                                                                             Use education to create a more
                                                                             just and sustainable world. Have
                                                                             a resource library where people
                                                                             can borrow books, artefacts,
                                                                             instruments etc. Provide
                                                                             training, workshops and advice
                                                                             on many things including:
Deed Global          Louise Boston-                               01202      fairtrade; young people's rights;
Education            Mammah             739422     race equality etc.

                                                                             Pathway of support for bereaved
                                                                             children, young people and
                                                                             families. Child and family
                                                                             assessment. Therapeutic
                                         info@mosiacfamilysupport.o 01258    support, group work, residential
Mosiac               Margaret Hannibal   rg(.uk?)                   837071   support programmes etc.
                                                                          Support and rehabilitation for
                                                                          people after brain injury, families
                                                                          and carers. Provide information
                                                                01202     and rehab for families. Help
Headway Dorset        Kath Baker 682650    people regain skills after them.

                                                                          Improve outcomes for young
                                                               01305      people and families. Behaviour
                                                               261098 /   management, counselling,
NCH, the Children's                   sara.josephs-            07525      develop parental skills, family
Charity               Sara Shearman      934108     support, self-help initiatives.

                                                                          Safety education centre for
                                                                          children and special needs
                                                                          groups. Take small groups
Streetwise Safety                                              01202      around indoor village spotting
Centre                Peter Issacs   591330     dangers and how to stay safe.
                                                                            Help autistic people access
                                                                            good education, housing and
                                                                            services. Respite and seasonal
Wessex Autistic                                                 01202       care, residential and supported
Society           Millie Paterson    703597      living services.

                                                                            Practical and emotional support
                                                                            to victims and witnesses of
                                                                            crime. For example vounteers
                                                                            can help victims work through
                                                                            issues resulting from
                                                                            experiences of crime. They have
                                                                            a victim care unit in which
Victim Support               01202    victims are terlephoned to asses
Dorset            Juli Brown          .uk                          606200   if they need further 1-2-1 support

                                                                            Provide drugs/alcohol education
                                                                            to young people through drama,
                                                                01202       and aftercare to those
Vita Nova         Ignatious Harling       309999      recovering from addiction.
                                                                            Work to end domestic violence.
                                                                            Educate and campaign to
                                                                            change attitudes towards
                                                                            domestic violence. Operate a
                                                                            national network of 24 hour
                                                                 0117 915   helplines and local domestic
Womens aid          Mina King   7451       violence services.
                                                                            Operate 2 minibusses which are
                                                                            thoroughly accesible for
                                                                            wheelchairs etc. Offer shopping
                                                                            trips for 4 morinings a week for
                                                                            the elderly and frail. Offer a
                                                                            programme of outings too.
                                                                            Provide a very cheap shuttle
                                                                            service to local hospitals. They
                                                                            allow the elderly and infirm to
                                                                            maintain their independence.
Bournemouth                            bmthcommunitytransport@g 01202       Volunteers help push
Community Transport Alison Morrison            598295      wheelchairs while shopping.

Huntington's Disease                                             01425      Support people with
Association          Ann Pathmanaban                             627950     Huntington's Disease
                                                                            Provide furniture/house items for
                                                                            people with low income.
                                                                            Volunteering and training
                              01202     opportunities. Encourage the re-
Dorset Reclaim      Joanna Taylor      k                          773384    use of landfill sites.
                                       estelle.wilson@tenovus.   01202
                                       com /                     331609 /
Tenovus Cancer      Estelle Wilson /   shirleysherman@talktal    01202      Cancer research and patient
Charity             Shirley Sherman                     558099     support
                                                                 589999 /
                                       manager@disabilitywessex. 07718      Provides lots of support and
Disability Wessex   Nikki Haswell                    072871     services for disabled people.

                                                                            Work with older people and local
                                                                            communities, offering support,
                                                                            advice and services to people
                                                                            who need them. Gateway
                                                                            information service, support to
                                                                            carers, housing related support,
                    Marianne           marianne.lambourne@helpa 0845        working in communities and
Help and Care       Lambourne            4500418     gardening service.
                                                                            Help vulnerable children and
                                                                            young carers (5-12 yrs). Provide
                                                                            respite holidays and enable
                                                                            them to experience activities,
                                                                 07795      such as bike riding, swimming
                                                                 978979 /   etc. Give them structured
                                                                 02380      support and a well-deserved
Honeypot Charity    Adrienne Debrou   890002     break from it all.
                                                                        Provide therapy through music
                                                                        to children and adults who have
                                                                        learning difficulties, autism,
Nordoff-Robbins                                                         mental health problems,
Music Therapy                        nrmt.southwest@nordoff-   07779    neurological damage or those
(South West Region) Rachel Millman            663797   with serious/terminal illnesses.
What they will use the
money for                        What are they offering us
Creating more wishes; last
year they granted 101. Raise     Supportive and enthusiastic
awareness of the charity and     fundraising team and PR
think working with RAG would     team. Offices in Moordown
help.                            available for meetings.
Want the money to pay for
their Christmas lunch.
Normally, the elderly people
have to pay £5 towards it,
although this year the
volunteers may also have to

Put up a fence around a piece
of land they're renting for   Offering advertising in their
animal excercise.             shops and clinics.

Need to refurbish the building   Huge database. Ian Catley
they have acquired near Poole    is from an Event
Hospital and the new neck        Management and PR
and head cancer unit is based.   background.
Need the money to help cover
costs and help subsidise
uniform costs for the children
who struggle with them, and      Possibility of providing
additionally help to purchase    support for our fundraising
new equipment, e.g. Play         events, be that adults or
parachutes.                      guides themselves.

Need to raise funds as they
do not charge any fees to their
clients. NB: There are two BU Counsellors are happy to
staff on their management       help at fundraising events
committee.                      when possible.

Funding for the volunteer        Volunteers to talk about HIV
awareness training team, and     and the centre where
to provide free condoms.         requested.
                                Help with collection permits,
Looking for general funding,    leaflets, stickers, balloons,
but also to gain funding for a  promotional materials,
Teen Mums project.              buckets and boxes etc.
                                Advertise events in their
                                office, and encourage
General funding to help them partners to do so as well.
continue providing the service, Student volunteers with the
aid with training and           Bureau would be
recruitment as most of it is    encouraged to run and help
currently done by volunteers. with RAG events.

Funding towards new
marketing strategy to improve   Provide us with venues and
local awareness and             space, advertise our events
involvement, also general       and provide a database full
funding to help them keep       of customers, friends and
running.                        press contacts.
                                Press and publicity.
                                Anything we want.
Looking to fund a Media
Display unit van to have a
dual-purpose. To serve
refreshments etc on scouting
activities, but also so promote   Publicity, anything we ask
scouting at shows etc.            for.
Funding to help purchase a        Help out wherever possible.
new trailer as the current one    Good with health and safety
is ancient.                       issues.

Help to fund their welfare and
training officers as their
current funding expires at the
end of the year. Additionally,
any funding towards the
newsletter would be greatly
appreciated as these cost
£500 an issue.
                                Supportive staff team to
New computer package -          support our fundraising
£384.97 and Laptops -           activities. Just talk to them if
£499.99                         we need something.

Recycled tots, art materials,   Staff and volunteers to help
dual-language storybooks.       us, and resources from
Storage facilities.             around the world on loan.

Beanbags - £700, Books -
£200, Craft resources - £100,
Funding councillors - £300,
Toys - £100, Blank postcards -
 £20 and balloons at charity
events - £100.                 Posters and leaflets
                              Photocopying, email.
Fundraising for new premises. Clients willing to take part in
Furniture & resources and     press features, and
rehab equipment.              volunteers for events.

                                Dedicated support for
                                regional Dorset fundraising.
                                National support organising
Help children and families      collections and events.
improve quality of living.      Provide materials and
Services needed to help.        support.

DVD players to replace VHS
players. New heating system
(£5,500), Promotional banner
stands (£250), Volunteers
support expenses (£3000),
Printers to replace old ones
(5x £80-100), Portable
heaters (£50). Running costs
of £250,000 per year with no
funding or grants from          Not sure at the moment, but
government. Rely on             are willing to discuss what
sponsorship and donations.      they can do to help.
Playground at Portfield School
- thousands of pounds,
stimulating colours, shapes,     Marketing, fundraising,
smells for equipment. General    publicise events, lots of
school supplies - bus,           contacts/celebrities, printing
computers, interactive board     promotional materials, plan
etc. Advice line - £45,000 a     events, ideas for
year.                            fundraising.

To give people Serious Crime
Training so they can help
more people 1-2-1 who are
victims of serious crime. Other
training and recruitment too.
They had a deficit of 3,200
pounds last year so are in      Staff could support local
need of extra funding.          RAG events.

Need artistic input from
professional writers/actors,     Can provide the assistance
who have to be hired.            of 10-15 volunteers.
To pay for legal information     Can provide collection
and support, safety cards,       buckets/boxes, sponsor
andprovide advice to police      forms, T-shirts, ribbons.
and healthworkers etc. to help   Would put photos of our
them protect those most at       fundraising activities on
risk from violence at home.      their website.

Need help just to keep afloat!
Need a new photocopying
machine, and a new powered       Can send representatives to
chair.                           speak at events.

Rely on volunteers and all
volunteers need to be kitted
out with safety boots, high-     Transport aid among other
visibility jackets etc.          things.
Funding would go towards
supporting the research lab at Use of database,
Southampton General            advertisement of events
                               and prominence of RAG
Hospital that is currently at the
forefront of drug development  support given at events and
and cancer treatment.          in press releases etc.
                               Supply of leaflets and
£6000 towards travel costs for posters, speakers to talk
volunteers and wheelchair      about the charity and it's
accessible taxis.              work at events and t-shirts.
Purchasing equipment for
their gardening service
'Roots'. Helping older people
who can't maintain their       Include all our activities in
gardens. Funds to pay for      their newsletter which is
trips for older people and     distributed to around 300
volunteer expenses. To pay     organisations and also
also for catering costs and    provide PR/Press release
uniform costs.                 support.

                               Publicity materials - leaflets,
Costs £1000 to support a child flyers, collection tins and
for one year. £120 for 1 day's balloons. Advice for
holiday, £360 for a weekend    successful fundraising, and
break. Aim to support 1000     provide volunteers where
children a year.               possible.
Help to fund current projects    Promote RAG fundraising,
at Poole Hospital, but also to   help with PR and
help set up more projects to     advertising. Send a
improve the spread.              representative to events.

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