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					                                Classroom Clip Chart
I use a Clip Chart in my classroom. Students begin the day in the middle of the chart on
“Ready to Learn” and move their clip up and down during the day depending on their
choices. Here is a model of the Clip Chart and what each space means.

                                   If students move their clip to red, they receive
          Red                      applause from the class and they receive a special
   Outstanding Choice!             note to take home.

                                   Students move their clip to orange for making good
                                   choices. The class congratulates the student.
       Great Choice!
                                   Students move their clip to yellow for making good
                                   choices. The teacher congratulates the student.
       Good Choice!
                                   All students begin each day on green. Students
          Green                    move their clips up or down during the day
      Ready to Learn               depending on the choices they make.

                                   Students move their clips to blue as a reminder that
                                   they need to follow the class rules. They also fill
                                   out a Stop and Think About it to reflect on their
      Think About It               behavior.

                                   When students move to purple, they take a break
          Purple                   from the group or other option to be decided until
      Teacher Choice               they are ready to follow the class rules.

                                   Students who move their clip to pink either write a
                                   behavior reflection or call their parents. If a
                                   behavior reflection is written, it is sent home to be
      Parent Contact               signed.

If students continue to make great choices after moving to red, the teacher will wear the student’s
clothespin on her badge and the student gets to choose a special activity card for the following day.
If great choices continue to be made after the teacher is wearing a student’s clothespin, the
student will take his/her clothespin to the office for an administrator to wear!

                      “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes.

                    You can steer yourself any direction you choose!” ---Dr. Seuss

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