Chapter 6

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					  Chapter 6
Advancing the Cause
    6.1 - Community Service
Many athletes use their
extra time and money to
support charitable
organizations and special
events to help others.
Some athletes are
required to complete
community service as a
punishment for negative
Tournament for Charities
             Various golf
             tournaments and
             other sports
             tournaments raise
             funds for children’s
             hospitals, The
             American Lung
             Association, Special
             Olympics, cancer
             centers, scholarships
             and more.
Raising Awareness and Visibility
Sports figures increase the public’s
awareness of important causes in many
They organize special events, become
spokespersons for charities, take part in
promotional campaigns, and contribute
financial support to charitable
A foundation is an organization that is
established to maintain, assist, or finance other
institutions or programs that are of an
educational, charitable, or social nature.
     Dan Jensen Foundation
Dan Jensen, a gold
medal winner in the 1994
Winter Olympic Games in
Lillehammer, Norway
started the Dan Jensen
Foundation. The
foundation solicits funds
for charities including
Jansen decided to focus
on leukemia research
after his sister died from
the disease.
   6.1 - Assignments
Page 144 – Intermission
Page 146 – Intermission
Page 148 – Encore
         6.2 – Sports Camps
According to the National
Camp Association, there
are 10,000 summer
camps in the U.S. alone,
attended annually by over
five million youths.
Some of these camps
feature popular college or
professional athletes and
coaches who add
promotional power.
        Camp Sponsorships
To successfully engage           In general a sponsor can
such businesses in               expect:
sponsorship, the camp       1.   A positive public
executives will need a           relations campaign.
strong business plan and    2.   Specific visibility and
a detailed budget.               awareness of its
The business will need to        sponsorship.
know just what the camp     3.   The presence of
expects from its                 sponsorship banners,
sponsorship and what it          posters, and fliers that
will receive in return by        create goodwill between
way of recognition.              the company and
                            4.   Potential sales of its
                                 products at the camp.
Camp Promotion

        Radio announcements
        Local TV ads
        Press releases to
        Giveaways such as T-
        shirts, hats, etc…
        Community appearance
        by the camp’s celebrity
        Ongoing Success
The marketing does not end once a camp
is in session. A successful sports camp
will work with public relations professionals
to ensure that articles about the camp and
its campers make the local newspapers
during sessions.
   6.2 - Assignments
Page 151 – Intermission
Page 152 – Intermission
Page 153 – Encore # 1-4
   6.3 – Workshops/Clinics
Clinic sessions are more intense and
concentrated than camps, and the number
of participants must often be more limited
than in a sports camp setting.
Rather than hiring an entire staff of
coaches and counselors to run the event,
a clinic may have only one celebrity or
professional athlete in charge of the whole
group of participants.
Clinics Introduce a Sport

              Short clinics
              frequently introduce a
              sport to beginners.

              The clinic agenda
              may include several
              short sessions about
              each basic element of
              the game.
Clinics Cost Less
          One-to-two day clinics
          do not have nearly
          the amount of
          overhead costs
          associated with
          summer camps.
          For an overnight
          workshop or clinic,
          participants often
          arrange their own
          food and lodging.
Workshop/Clinic Sponsorships
Sponsorship is a major consideration for
Sponsorships can help keep participants’
fees down, enabling more to attend.
They also can add interest to the event.
In return, sponsors can promote their
products and get to know their clientele
 Top Ways to Advertise a Clinic
1. Newspapers

2. Magazines/E-zines

3. Brochures
   6.3 - Assignments
Page 156 – Intermission
Page 158 – Intermission
Page 159 – Encore # 1-4
Chapter 6 Project: Extra Innings
 Please complete the Extra
 Innings Project on Page 163. You
 may work with a partner or
 choose to work independently.
 You will present your ideas and
 work to the class.

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