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									Aurora CO Property Management Company Provides Top Rated Management

Aurora, CO, 21-NOV-2012 - Property Alliance Inc Aurora and Scott Sharkey,
co-founder and broker, are pleased to announce details about client-
centered service in property management located in a number of major
metropolitan areas, including Aurora, Colorado. Just because an investor
chooses real estate as a vehicle for expanding income doesn't mean that
he or she must take part in the day-to-day operation of the property.
Property Alliance is a top ranked property management Aurora Colorado
firm that is available to investors locally

There are several types of properties that the firm has the expertise to
operate. These include apartment complexes, single family homes,
condominiums and townhouses among others. The level of service can be
customized to fit the needs of the owner, the tenants and the type of
facility. For example, tenant screening, property analysis and monthly
accounting records are provided competently and efficiently.

Scott Sharkey, broker and co-founder of Property Alliance Inc. Spoke
recently to an interviewer, "Each of our associates has expertise in real
estate, holding state licenses in the field. In addition, associates are
experienced in property management responsibilities. We ensure that
regulations of the community, state and federal jurisdictions are known
and observed. We help tenants to feel safe and happy with the operation
of the facility."

The property management Aurora Colorado firm focuses on prompt response
to client and tenant issues around the clock. The goal is to limit
vacancies and to minimize turnovers, since they are known to reduce
operating income. This provides a favorable experience for investors and
owners of the facilities and tenants also have a positive experience
while residing in the units.

Learn more about the benefits of hiring a property management firm with a
top ranked reputation by visiting the home pages at today. Members of the press and others who
have additional questions about the press release should use the contact
information provided below.

Contact Person Name: Scott Sharkey

Company Name: Property Alliance Inc Aurora, CO

Address: 8030 South Blackstone Parkway Aurora, CO 80016

Contact Phone Number: (303) 910-5455

Contact Fax Number: (888) 343-2953



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