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									                                  HANAH A. CHAPMAN
                                  Department of Psychology
                                  The Ohio State University
                             1835 Neil Ave, Columbus OH 43210

2011           PhD Psychology, University of Toronto, Canada
               Supervisor: Adam K. Anderson
               University nominee for the CGS/UMI Dissertation Award in Social Sciences
2007           Master of Arts, Psychology, University of Toronto, Canada
               Supervisor: Adam K. Anderson
2004           Bachelor of Science, Neuroscience, Dalhousie University, Canada
               First Class Honours with Minor in Biology
               University Medal in Neuroscience

Professional Positions

2012-          Postdoctoral Fellow, The Ohio State University
               Supervisor: William Cunningham

Research Interests and Methods

I study human emotion and social cognition, with a focus on disgust, morality, and their
intersection. To investigate these topics, I use behavioural methods from social, affective and
cognitive psychology, extending my research to the body and brain using psychophysiology
and fMRI.

Awards & Research Funding

2011           NSERC Postdoctoral Fellowship – $40,000 x 2 years
2011           J. Davidson Ketchum Graduate Award in Psychology – $3,000
2010           Ontario Mental Health Foundation Scholarship – $16,000
2008           NSERC Canada Graduate Scholarship – Doctoral, $35,000 x 2 years
2005           NSERC Canada Graduate Scholarship – Master’s, $17,500 x 2 years
2003           Dalhousie University Psychiatry Research Foundation Award – $5,000
2003           Dalhousie University In-Course Scholarship – $2,000
2003           NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award – $5,600
2003           Dharma Master Chuk Mor Scholarship, Dalhousie University – $2,000
2003           Warr Undergraduate Student Research Award, Dalhousie University – $6,000
2001           Sony Canada Science Scholarship – $3,000
2001           NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award – $6,000
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2012            University of Toronto sole nominee for the Council of Graduate Studies/UMI
                Dissertation Award in the Social Sciences
2012            University of Toronto Department of Psychology nominee for the Governor
                General’s Academic Gold Medal
2004            University Medal in Neuroscience, Dalhousie University
2003            Neuroscience Institute Prize, Dalhousie University
2001            Dr. W. K. Honig Prize in Psychology, Dalhousie University


Chapman, H.A., Johannes, K., Poppenk, J.L., Moscovitch, M. & Anderson, A.K. (In press).
     Evidence for the differential salience of disgust and fear in episodic memory. Journal
     of Experimental Psychology: General.
Chapman, H.A. & Anderson, A.K. (In press). Things rank and gross in nature: A review and
     synthesis of moral disgust. Psychological Bulletin.
Chapman, H.A & Anderson, A.K. (2012). Understanding disgust. Annals of the New York
     Academy of Sciences: The Year in Cognitive Neuroscience, 1251, 62-76. Invited
Chapman, H.A. & Anderson, A.K. (2011). Varieties of moral emotional experience. Emotion
     Review, 3, 255-257.
Chapman, H.A. & Anderson, A.K. (2011). Response to commentary by Royzman and
     Kurzban. Emotion Review, 3, 272-273.
Chapman, H.A., Woltering, S., Lamm, C. & Lewis, M. (2010). Hearts and minds:
     Coordination of neurocognitive and cardiovascular regulation in children and
     adolescents. Biological Psychology, 84, 296-303.
Chapman, H.A., Bernier, D. & Rusak, B. (2010). MRI-related anxiety levels change within
     and between repeated scanning sessions. Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging, 182,
Chapman, H.A., Kim, D.A. Susskind, J.M. & Anderson, A.K. (2009). In bad taste: Evidence
     for the oral origins of moral disgust. Science, 323, 1222-6.

Manuscripts In Preparation

Hirsh, J.B., Xu, X., Robinson, J., Chapman, H.A. Anderson, A.K., & Peterson, J.B.
        Preferences for order, moral judgment, and disgust sensitivity: Political conservatism
        as social immune system. In preparation.
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Invited Talks

2012   “Emotional and cognitive contributions to human morality”. UCLA Center for
       Behavior, Evolution and Culture Speaker Series.
2010   “From oral to moral”. University of Toronto Interdisciplinary Symposium on the
2009   “Disgust discussed”. Department of Psychology Cognition Group Seminar Series.


Chapman, H.A., Lee, D.L., Susskind, J.M. & Bartlett, M.S. & Anderson, A.K. (2012) The
     face of distaste. Poster presented at The Evolution of Disgust workshop, Bielefeld,
Chapman, H.A., Georgescu, T., Ravindran, A., Rector, N., Richter, N. & Anderson, A.K.
     (2009) Neurobehavioral correlates of moral hypersensitivity in obsessive-compulsive
     disorder. Poster presented at the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience,
     Chicago, USA.
Chapman, H.A., Kim, D.A., Susskind, J.M. & Anderson, A.K. (2009) In bad taste: Evidence
     for the oral origins of moral disgust. Poster presented at the annual meeting of the
     Society for Personality and Social Psychology, Tampa, USA.
Chapman, H.A., Johannes, K. & Anderson, A.K. (2008) Fear and disgust have different
     effects on attention and memory. Poster presented at the annual meeting of the
     Cognitive Neuroscience Society, San Francisco, USA.
Chapman, H.A., Sutrisno, M. & Anderson, A.K. (2007) A bitter pill to swallow: Origins of
     disgust in the oral rejection of bitter tastes. Poster presented at the annual meeting of
     the Cognitive Neuroscience Society, New York, USA.
Chapman, H.A., Bernier, D., Sokolenko, M. & Rusak, B. (2004) MRI-related anxiety and the
     reproducibility of MR spectroscopy results. Poster presented at the annual meeting of
     the Canadian Society for Brain, Behaviour and Cognitive Science, St. John’s, Canada.

Teaching Positions

2006-2008       Teaching Assistant, Department of Psychology, University of Toronto
                • Introductory Psychology, Learning and Memory, Sensation and Perception,
                   Cognitive Neuroscience, Social Psychology, Abnormal Psychology.
2003            Teaching Assistant, Biology Department, Dalhousie University
                   • Cellular and Molecular Biology; awarded the department’s prize for
                   “Best Teaching Assistant”.

Selected Media Coverage

CBC Radio, National Science Column and Quirks and Quarks; The Globe and Mail; Toronto
Star; CTV, Canada AM; Chicago Tribune; The Australian; The Times of London; US News;
New Scientist; MIT Technology Review (German edition)
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Other Professional Activities and Outreach

Ad-hoc reviewer for Neuroimage, Cognitive Affective and Behavioral Neuroscience, Journal
   of Experimental Psychology: General, Social Psychological and Personality Science,
   Emotion, Cognition and Emotion, Emotion Review, International Journal of
Co-chair of the organizing committee for the 2010 Walter Gordon Massey Symposium on
   Public Policy: “Private emotions, public policy: The role of emotion in determining

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