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					                     Welcome to the Chapel

All College members and their guests are warmly invited to attend      5      May 20th   -
                                                                                                                             Choral Evensong
Chapel services in St Edmund Hall. The services are Anglican in                                           Preacher - Revd Canon Arthur Hawes
character but we welcome worshippers from every denomination.
                                                                                                                             “The Good Life”
                                                                                                                   Psalm 1        1 John 5:9-13
                        Service Information                                                          Anthem: This Joyful Eastertide      Wood
Week                                                                                                       Setting: The Dorian Service – Tallis
 1       April 22nd -                             Choral Evensong
                                                       the Chaplain    6      May 27th (Pentecost) -                     Holy Communion
                                                 “Run to Finish!”                                                             the Chaplain
                                               Hebrews 11:32-12.2                                                 “Filled with New Wine”
                             Anthem: Christus factus est – Bruckner               Acts 2:1-21 Psalm 104:24-34; 35b John 15:26-27; 16:4b-15
                                             Setting: Stanford in C                                   Anthem: Come, Holy Ghost – Attwood
                                                                                                                            Setting: Coates
 2       April 29th -                             Choral Evensong
                                Preacher - Revd Canon David Knight     7      June 3rd (Trinity) -                            Choral Evensong
                                                 “Valley Walking”                                              Preacher - Revd Caroline Kramer
                                                          Psalm 23                                                         “Born From Above”
                                         Anthem: Ave Maria – Biebl                                               Romans 8:12-17 John 3:1-17
                           Setting: Mag & Nunc by Geoffrey Burgon                                     Anthem: Holy, Holy, Holy – Tchaikovsky
                                                                                                      Setting: "Short" evening service – Morley
 3       May 6th -                                Choral Evensong
                         Preacher – Revd Canon Michael Bourdeaux
                                           “Beloved Let Us Love”       8      June 10th -                                  Holy Communion
                                                      I John 4:7-21                                                              the Chaplain
                                   Anthem: Sicut cervus – Palestrina                                               “We Believe, We Speak”
                                             Setting: Sumsion in G                           Psalm 130 2 Corinthians 4:13-5:1 Mark 3:20-35
                                                                                                 Anthem: O magnum mysterium         Lauridsen
 4       May13th -                                Holy Communion                                                          Setting: Darke in E
                                  Preacher - Revd Dr. Stephen Crotts
                                                   “Abide in Love”             All services are at 5:30pm unless otherwise stated
                          Psalm 98     Acts 10:44-48 John 15:9-17
                                                                       Other events including Roman Catholic masses, lectures, and other
                                Anthem: Ave verum corpus – Mozart
                                                                                services and chapel events to be announced later.
                             Setting: Missa Pape Marcelli – Leighton
                             After Chapel…
   Dinks will be served immediately after Chapel on Sunday evenings. All
               those attending the service are most welcome.

                                 The Crypt                                           St Edmund Hall
 The Crypt beneath the Chancel of St. Peter-in-the-East dates from the early
   12th century and is a sacred space which was used by St. Edmund. It is
  currently out-of-bounds to the public and to groups, but the Chaplain is
        happy to arrange a visit for you which must be accompanied.                      Chapel
                              The Chaplain
 The Chaplain, Rev B. Kris Kramer can always be contacted via the lodge,
 (2)79000 or by e-mail: His cell phone number
  is 0781-405-0452 to reach him in the evening or in case of an emergency.
   More information about the Chaplain can be found at online at his blog:

                     Organ Scholar and Choir
    The Sr. Organ Scholar is Rachel O’Malley. (

 The Jr. Organ Scholar is Priscilla Santhosham (

   If you would like to join the Chapel Choir, please speak to or e-mail
 either of our talented organ scholars. Our choir is non-auditioning and
             we are always looking for new voices to join us.

                 Visiting Preachers This Term
Revd Canon Michael Bourdeaux is a scholar, retired Priest, Templeton Prize winner,
and founder of the Keston Institute
Revd Canon Arthur Hawes is retired Archdeacon of Lincoln and Canon of Lincoln
Cathedral and a prominent voice in the areas of mental health and spirituality.

Revd Canon David Knight is an Aularian scholar (’66) in Russian and Music, past
Canon Precenter of Chelmsford Cathedral, and present chair of retired clergy in
Diocese of Oxford.

Rev. Dr. Stephen Crotts is a Presbyterian pastor, campus minister, and prominent
evangelical theologian from the USA                                                   Trinity 2012
Rev. Caroline Kramer is the Associate Vicar in All Saints Parish, Wokingham

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