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					Hello everyone, welcome to my brand new magazine. While reading this edition you will learn many
new things that changed the 1500’s. In this edition I will be talking about how Exploration, The
Renaissance, and The Arts are changing the world in the 1500’s.

          Back in the 1500’s many people thought the world was flat and at a certain point you would just
fall of, aka The Edge of the World. With many year of exploration explorers found that the world was
actually rounded, but at the same time none of them knew the water ways. So thinking they were going
one way the explorer could be going in a completely different direction, which would make them think
that where at the right destination. Without exploration no one would be where they were intended to

        Let’s jump to the Renaissance. The period was important because people got a more scientific
view of the world. Instead of relying on superstitions or religion, people began to expand their minds
and rely more on science to explain views. Science helped create better technology and better
technology helped create new inventions such as the printing press. The printing press helped scientist
make their writings into books and show other scientists. Without the Renaissance science and
technology would have taken longer to develop and maybe wouldn’t be where it is now.

        Now let’s talk about how the Arts changed the Renaissance. Not until the Renaissance, most art
was used for the decoration of churches, then, during the Renaissance, the artists became more
independent and highly regarded. The artists began signing their works, something rarely done during
the Middle Ages. Art also had gained a new thing called perspective. With this it showed what is in the
background, but with a more three dimensional look to it. Without Renaissance art, it would have taken
longer to develop and art could still be 2 dimensional.

         That is about everything you will be excepting in this article. Please read on and enjoy the rest
of it. Have fun on your journey into the past.

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