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cruise by xuyuzhu



a slow boat through      writer and photographer
                         Catharine Nicol
                                                   have	 you	 ever	               brushed	 your	 teeth	 in	
                                                   champagne?	Ordered	two	starters	and	two	main	
                                                   courses	(as	well	as	desert	and	cheese)	just	because	

South silver seas Asia
                                                   you	couldn’t	choose	between	them?	Whipped	off	
                                                   your	formal	gown	to	reveal	a	bikini	underneath,	
                                                   ready	 for	 Jacuzzi	 cocktails	 under	 the	 stars?	
                                                   Frolicked	in	the	pool	with	fit	waiters	pretending	
                                                   you	know	how	to	play	pool	volleyball?
                                                         Travelling	 by	 Silversea	 cruise	 liner	 is	 at	 once	
                                                   eye-opening	 –	 all-inclusive	 is	 a	 wild	 ride	 for	 the	
                                                   uninitiated	–	and	wonderfully,	seductively	relaxing:	

cruising the
                                                   super-fine	dining,	from	dawn	till	dusk	and	throughout	
                                                   the	night	if	you	can	possible	manage	it;	free	flow	
                                                   champagne	 (yes,	 I	 wasn’t	 joking),	 or	 any	 of	 your	
                                                   other	favourite	tipples	wherever,	whenever	you	want	
                                                   it;	 rooftop	 pool	 surrounded	 by	 lounge	 chairs	 and	
                                                   the	most	attentive	service	you’ve	ever	experienced	
                                                   while	tanning;	entertainment	that’s	travelled	fathoms	
                                                   through	history	like	cabaret	theatre	and	magicians,	
                                                   shuffleboard	 and	 line	 dancing,	 taking	 the	 air	 and	
                                                   curling	up	with	a	great	book.	It’s	everything	that’s	bad	
                                                   for	you	–	and	so,	so	good	for	you.	It’s	a	five	star	hotel	
                                                   with	all	the	trimmings,	and	the	fabulous	addition	of	
                                                   waking	up	in	a	different	location	every	day	without	
                                                   so	much	as	thinking	about	packing	or	planning.
                                                         And	of	course	–	there’s	a	spa.	
                                                         Where	 would	 you	 like	 to	 go?	 Pick	 a	 couple	
                                                   of	 places	 in	 the	 world	 and	 chances	 are	 there’s	 a	
                                                   Silversea	voyage	stringing	them	together.	Like	the	
                                                   Sydney	to	Hong	Kong	trip,	then	you	could	just	hop	
                                                   straight	on	to	the	Hong	Kong	to	Singapore	cruise.	
                                                   How	about	Singapore	to	Dubai	via	India	and	the	
                                                   Andaman	Islands,	Dubai	to	Alexandria	via	Oman,	
                                                   Egypt,	Jordan	and	the	famed	Suez	Canal?	Or	choose	
                                                   the	Caribbean,	Alaska,	South	America,	Scandinavia;	
                                                   a	historic	cruise,	a	culinary	or	wine	cruise	stopping	
                                                   in	at	Relais	&	Chateaux	properties...	You	could	book	
                                                   yourself	 on	 a	 62-day	 cruise	 from	Venice	 through	
                                                   Dubai,	Singapore	to	Sydney.	You	could	spend	weeks	
                                                   and	months	on	a	boat,	chugging	around	the	world	
                                                   –	 and	 many	 of	 Silversea’s	 guests	 do	 exactly	 that.	
                                                   Why?	Because	Silversea	is	addictive.	You’ve	never	
                                                   been	treated	so	well.

122	   AsiaSpa		2007                                                                      2007		AsiaSpa            123
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Kaffir	lime,	pineapple,	tamarind,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          lemongrass	and	pandan	leaf,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         ingredients	you’d	be	more	used	to	finding	on	a	plate,
                                                                                                                               silversea day 1                                                                                                  transform	into	heavenly	treatments.	
                                                                                                                               It’s	Monday,	and	time	to	slip	on	those	loafers	
                                                                                                                               and	 make	 haste	 to	 the	 port.	The	 Silversea	
                                                                                                                               experience	 begins	 even	 before	 you	 get	
                                                                                                                               there	 with	 a	 detailed	 questionnaire	 on	 your	
                                                                                                                               preferences,	 but	 all	 is	 anticipation	 until	 the	
                                                                                                                               moment	you	step	aboard.	                                                       silversea day 2
                                                                                                                                    A	line-up	of	staff	greets	you	English	mansion-                            Kl – thrEE culturES, oNE city                                 And	then	it’s	back	home	to	the	mothership.	Walking	up	the	gangplank	with	armfuls	of	swanky	
                                                                                                                               style,	as	you	walk	towards	the	bar	where	the	                                  When	 you	 wake	 up	 you’re	 already	 at	 Port	         shopping	bags	is	a	good	look;	lots	more	formal	wear	to	stun	your	fellow	guests	with.	Back	on	board	
                                                                                                                               first	of	oh-so-many	glasses	of	champagne	will	                                 Klang.	You	 feel	 as	 if	 you	 should	 be	 able	 to	    those	who	elected	to	stay	behind	and	guzzle	champagne	by	the	side	of	the	pool	are	looking	blissful	
                                                                                                                               be	thrust	into	your	hand.	Watching	the	other	                                  see	the	Petronas	Twin	Towers	from	your	cabin	           and	tanned	and	it’s	hard	not	to	feel	strangely	jealous	of	their	hassle-free	all-inclusive	Silversea	day.
                                                                                                                               guests	arrive	is	all	part	of	the	fun,	even	when	                               balcony,	 but	 it’s	 an	 hour	 to	 KL’s	 bustling	            There’s	 time	 to	 put	 your	 feet	 up	 in	 your	 cabin	 before	 dinner.	 Finally	 time	 to	 appreciate	 the	
                                                                                                                               the	average	age	is	over	60.	But	don’t	let	age	                                 metropolis	 of	 shopping,	 shopping	 and	 more	         surprisingly	big	living	space,	put	your	shopping	into	the	walk-in	wardrobe,	jump	in	the	bath	tub	

       legend of the golden land                                                                                               fool	you	for	even	a	second	–	the	people	you’re	
                                                                                                                               going	to	be	surrounded	with	for	the	next	ten	
                                                                                                                                                                                                              shopping.	 Check	 out	 the	Twin	Towers	 first	
                                                                                                                                                                                                              –	tickets	are	free	but	on	a	first	come	first	served	
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      for	a	soak	in	Bvlgari	(of	course)	products,	then	settle	into	the	lounge	chairs	on	the	balcony	for	that	
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      champagne	sundowner.	
       thE SilvEr whiSpEr                                                                                                      days	are	likely	more	intelligent,	sharper	and	                                 basis	–	to	act	out	your	own	Entrapment	scene	                 Tonight	it’s	dinner	at	La	Terrazza.	Delicate	breads	and	charcuterie	platters	make	their	way	to	your	
       Singapore,	Kuala	Lumpur,	Penang,	Phuket,	Yangon	Myanmar                                                                 far	 more	 competitive	 than	 you	 are,	 not	 to	                              from	the	inside	of	the	170m	high	skybridge.	            table	before	you’ve	even	managed	to	read	the	first	page	of	the	menu.	Artichokes	and	olives,	hams	
                                                                                                                               mention	richer.	And	as	they	are	pretty	much	                                   Then	 hop	 in	 a	 taxi	 for	 the	 mayhem	 of	 Little	   and	salamis	get	your	taste	buds	in	gear.	The	wines	are	delectable,	the	mains	and	deserts	perfection.	
       SiNgAporE                                                                                                               all	 couples,	 there	 is	 a	 tangible	 atmosphere	                             India,	the	markets	and	snacks	of	Chinatown,	            It’s	another	evening	of	over-indulging	because	not	eating	everything	they	put	in	front	of	you	would	
       A	manicured-clean,	efficient	city,	Singapore	has	high	rises	and	historic	shop	houses,	pounding	                         of	 long-term,	 contented	 love	 on	 board.	This	                              stunning	 Islamic	 architecture	 everywhere,	           be	a	crime.
       nightlife	and	sumptuous	spas,	some	of	the	best	shopping	in	Asia,	and	hotels	that	personify	the	                         is	essentially	a	love	boat	(with	a	difference).	                               antiques	and	souvenirs	and	Ginger	Restaurant	
       term	boutique.	Pitch	up	around	the	time	of	Chinese	New	Year	and	you	can	add	stalls	bedecked	                            But	however	happy	and	loved-up	they	all	are,	                                  in	Central	Market	–	or	the	head	for	a	spa.
       in	red,	firecrackers	and	festive	Chinese	cuisine	to	the	list.	                                                          you	only	have	to	be	crushed	during	a	game	of	
                                                                                                                               play-to-the-death	shuffleboard	to	realise	these	
       NEw MAjEStic SiNgAporE                                     whAtEvEr SiNgAporE                                           are	super-achievers	who	haven’t	slowed	down	                                   thE ritz-cArltoN, KuAlA luMpur
       Fresh	 from	 the	 plane	 from	 Hong	 Kong	 I	              ...Just	a	few	streets	away	Whatever	is	a	one-stop	           in	the	slightest.                                                              The	 Spa	Village	 is	 annexed	 off	 The	 Ritz-
       rolled	my	trailer-sized	suitcase	full	of	formal	           yoga	studio,	health	space	and	café/bookshop	run	                  The	boat	leaves	port	with	a	toot,	and	your	                               Carlton	KL,	and	is	one	of	the	city’s	best:	green	
       ball	 gowns,	 pant	 suits,	 shirtwaisters	 (what	          by	Stella	Yfantidis.	Book	a	class	and	have	lunch,	           first	 over-excited	 evening	 of	 fabulous	 food,	                             surroundings,	pools	and	peace	and	quiet	as	you	
       are	they?!)	and	loafers	as	suggested	on	the	               pick	up	a	new	Pilates	DVD	and	flip	through	a	book	           free	flow	champagne	and	fine	wines	includes	                                   enter,	and	a	menu	based	on	Nusantara	region	
       Silversea	itinerary,	into	the	New	Majestic’s	              on	energy,	or	just	hang	out	and	soak	up	the	holistic	        a	walk	home	past	the	poolside	Jacuzzi	as	the	                                  therapies	that	will	have	your	eyebrows	getting	a	
       goldfish	bowl	of	a	lobby	turned	art	gallery.	              meets	homemade	atmosphere.	You’ll	be	learning	               stars	float	by	overhead.	Say	no	more...                                        work	out.	Imagine	an	hour’s	Sensory	Experience	
       Bold	designer	chairs	on	the	stark	white	palate	            something	and	taking	your	stress	levels	down	a	                                                                                             Treatment	where	you’ll	be	chilling	with	some	
       instantly	wake	you	up.	Rooms	from	small	to	                notch	or	two,	whatever.	                                                                                                                    healing	vibrations	in	their	Sensory	Room.	Or	
                                                                                                                               This page: Traditional Singapore shophouses in Chinatown.
       spacious	feature	the	imaginations	of	some	of	                                              Opposite page: KL’s iconic Petronas Twin Towers.          CHINA                try	The	Chinese	Peranakan	treatment,	Chinese	
       Singapore’s	best-known	and	up-and-coming	                                                                               Opening pages: Silver Whisper, in all her glory.                               and	Malay	inspired,	which	includes	the	Milk	
       artists	 and	 designers	 gone	 3D:	 think	 the	            rAfflES ANd rAfflESAMritA SpA                                                                                                               Nectar	Meditation	–	being	bathed	in	milk	à	la	
       Pussy	Parlour,	Fluid	and	the	mirror	room	and	              For	 a	 spa	 experience	 that	 is	 fit	 for	 a	 Silversea	                                                                                  Cleopatra	(she	so	had	the	right	idea)	–	and	then	
       the	divine	hanging	bed	rooms.	                             veteran,	 the	 RafflesAmrita	 Spa	 at	 Raffles	 is	 for	                                                                                    a	Pearl	and	Rice	Facial	which	includes	being	
            I	was	staying	in	a	tiny	loft	room.	I	wheeled	         residents	 only.	Walking	 into	 the	 hotel	 is	 like	                                                                                       massaged	first	with	hot	hard	boiled	eggs,	then	
       my	case	in,	executed	a	swift	three-point	turn	             stepping	into	another	century:	the	atmosphere	                  Yangon
                                                                                                                                                                                  LAOS                        oval	balls	of	ice	cold	jade,	your	eyes	draped	
       and	 parked	 it,	 marvelling	 at	 the	 incredibly	         is	 one	 of	 timelessness,	 the	 polished	 tables	                                      THAILAND                                            with	mulberry	leaves...	Incredible.	
       creative	use	of	space	the	mini-mezzanine	tree	             sitting	 grandly	 under	 the	 high	 ceilings	 and	                                                                                
       house	of	a	bedroom	added.	Getting	up	there	                on	 age-old	 Persian	 rugs.	The	 suites	 are	 just	
       was	an	adventure	taking	me	back	to	my	child-               as	historic,	with	acres	of	space,	large	marble	                                                           CAMBODIA
                                                                                                                                                                                                              thE MANdAriN oriENtAl, KuAlA luMpur
       hood	and	the	bed	was	so	soft	and	comfortable	              bathrooms	and	classic	art.	                                                                                                                 A	 stone’s	 throw	 from	 the	 Petronas	Towers	
       I	briefly	considered	spending	ten	days	under	                   Stroll	around	the	grounds,	have	brunch	in	the	                                                                                         is	 the	 Mandarin	 Oriental,	 rooms	 and	 suites	
                                                                                                                                                          Gulf of Siam
       the	eaves	(or	rather	leaves	of	the	tree	mural)	            Billiards	Room,	high	tea	in	the	Tiffin	Room	and	a	            Andaman Sea                                                                   looking	out	over	the	50-acre	KLCC	Park.	The	
       instead	of	sailing	into	the	South	East	Asian	seas.	        Singapore	sling	in	the	Long	Bar	accompanied	by	                                                                                             Spa	at	the	Mandarin	Oriental	is	a	great	way	to	
       Kiehls	 goodies	 in	 the	 shower,	 quirky	 objets	         birds	diving	down	into	the	carpet	of	peanut	shells.	                                                                                        experience	some	of	the	local	cultures.	Kaffir	
       d’art,	fluffy	robes,	hi-fi/hi-wi/wi-fi	–	it’s	all	here.	   You’d	barely	know	you	were	in	the	middle	of	a	                                                                                              lime,	 pineapple,	 tamarind,	 lemongrass	 and	
       And	the	kooky	hotel’s	pool	has	three	porthole	             city,	let	alone	the	year	2007.	                                                     Penang
                                                                                                                                                                                  South China Sea             pandan	leaf,	ingredients	you’d	be	more	used	
       views	down	into	the	restaurant	for	Cantonese	                   The	RafflesAmrita	Spa	complements	the	                                                                                                 to	finding	on	a	plate,	transform	into	heavenly	
       with	a	twist.	All	this	created	on	a	super-original	        Raffles	experience	perfectly,	with	beautifully	                                          MALAYSIA                                           treatments.	Try	 a	 Sikhao	 scrub	 using	 marine	
       scale	by	lawyer-turned-hotelier	Peng	Loh.	Soon	            appointed	therapy	rooms	for	both	singles	and	                                                                                               salts	from	the	Andaman,	the	Urut	traditional	
                                                                                                                                                                   Kuala Lumpur
       to	 come	 is	 a	 spa	 addition	 in	 the	 Chinatown	        couples,	massages	and	facials,	hot	and	cold	                                                                                                massage	to	stimulate	circulation	and	rebalance	
       shophouse	next	door,	but	until	then...                     pools	and	spa	cuisine.	(If	you’re	not	staying	                                                                                              the	 body,	 or	 a	 wrap	 using	 spices	 from	 the                                   here	 the	 RafflesAmrita	 Spa	 at	 Raffles	The	                                                           Singapore
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Borneo	rainforest.	
                                                                  Plaza	next	door	is	also	gorgeous	and	open	                                                                INDONESIA
                                                                  to	non-hotel	guests.)	

124	   AsiaSpa		2007                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               2007		AsiaSpa            125

       silversea day 3                                                                                                               silversea day 4
       Today	 is	 Wednesday	 –	 it	 must	 be	 Penang!	         Beach.	The	resort’s	grounds	are	home	to	ancient	                      Phuket.	Even	if	you	know	the	island	already,	
       The	 tender	 that	 carves	 through	 the	 blue	 sea	     rain	trees,	numerous	pools	and	relaxing	corners	                      or	perhaps	especially	if	you	know	it	already,	
       towards	 land	 deposits	 you	 in	 the	 port	 area,	     looking	out	to	sea	or	back	at	the	Minangkabau	                        it’s	 impossible	 to	 resist	 jumping	 ship	 for	
       and	 already	 you	 can	 see	 the	 beauty	 of	 the	      architecture.	The	Rasa	Wing	would	be	the	place	                       stunning	 beachscapes,	 luxury	 personified	

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   silversea day 5, 6
       old	(and	in	places	crumbling)	architecture	in	          to	stay	if	you	had	time,	with	huge	rooms,	and	                        in	 her	 resorts,	 fiery	 hot	 cuisine	 and	 crazy	
       Georgetown.	The	Indians,	Portuguese,	Dutch	             alfresco	baths	on	the	long	balconies	for	soaks	                       bargaining	at	the	markets.                               over	the	hot	island	laid	out	below.	For	a	game	
       and	British	have	all	made	their	mark	here,	and	         drawn	by	your	bath	butler.	                                                                                                    of	tennis	you	could	try	challenging	the	chef,	       There’s	something	infinitely	relaxing	about	going	to	bed,	knowing	that	you	have	nearly	two	full	days	at	
       walking	around	the	small	town	uncovers	some	                 CHI,	The	Spa	at	Shangri-La	is	tucked	away	                       triSArA                                                  Jimmy	(not	Connors).                sea	coming.	Nothing	to	do	but	relax:	perhaps	chill	by	the	pool,	maybe	even	go	jogging	around	the	top	
       wonderful	history:	tour	The	Kek	Lok	Si	Temple,	         for	the	ultimate	in	peace	and	quiet;	11	spa	villas	                   Berthing	in	the	south	east	of	Phuket	you’ll	just	                                                             deck,	or	simply	scan	the	entertainment	listings	for	the	day	and	decide	to	do	a	bridge	tour	or	listen	to	a	
       Fort	Cornwallis	(pop	up	the	lighthouse	for	a	           each	with	their	own	garden,	some	with	steam	                          have	time	to	make	it	up	to	Trisara	to	sample	            NAi hArN bEAch                                       talk,	try	the	line	dancing	or	learn	shuffleboard.	Or	simply	just	wait	to	be	entertained	in	the	plush	red	
       great	 view),	 Little	 India	 and	 Chinatown.	 La	      rooms	and	indoor/outdoor	bathing.	While	the	                          famous	Australian	chef	Neil	Perry’s	Thai	and	            Or	simply	opt	for	the	beach	experience.	Nai	         velvet	furnished	theatre	in	the	evening	by	magicians,	Barbara	Streisand	tribute	nights...	Whatever	you	
       Maison	Blue’s	beautiful	Indigo-painted	walls	           major	influences	of	a	CHI	spa	are	Tibetan	and	                        modern	international	fare	(plus	the	delicious	           Harn,	home	to	the	Le	Royal	Meridien	Phuket	          end	up	doing,	you’ll	find	relaxing,	eating	and	drinking	is	still	a	full	time	job.
       hide	eclectic	Chinese	colonial	luxury	within.	A	        Himalayan	 (their	 Himalayan	 Healing	 Stone	                         Chili	 Moon	Vodkatinis),	 sitting	 on	 the	 huge	        Yacht	Club,	is	relatively	quiet	with	a	perfect	           Breakfast,	when	you	have	unlimited	time	to	spend	on	it,	is	a	feast	of	healthy	fruits	and	cereals	or	
       UNESCO	heritage	house,	it	was	built	and	lived	          Massage	 is	 phenomenal),	 here	 there	 are	 also	                    deck	 above	 the	 beach,	 looking	 through	 the	         arc	of	sand	leading	down	to	calm,	velvet	blue	       a	towering	plate	of	traditional	English	breakfast	fare,	with	the	best	crispy	bacon	on	the	seas.	A	few	
       in	by	the	Hakka	boy	turned	consul-general	of	           treatments	taken	from	local	Malay	and	Peranaka	                       trees	to	the	surf.	                                      sea.	Hire	a	sun	bed,	then	tiptoe	down	the	hot,	      pots	of	tea	later,	looking	aft	out	at	the	wake	curling	away	from	the	boat,	feeling	the	sun	streaming	
       China,	Cheong	Fatt	Tze.	You	can	sign	up	for	a	          traditions	such	as	the	Rasa	Asmaradana	which	                              At	 the	 spa,	 six	 huge	 treatment	 rooms	 with	   pale	sand	and	become	enveloped	in	dappled	           in	onto	the	deck,	the	holiday	feeling	is	alive	and	well.
       tour	or	even	stay	the	night.	                           includes	being	massaged	by	a	steamed	linen	                           outdoor	 pavilions	 are	 home	 to	 therapies	 that	      blue	 light	 and	 clear	 ocean	 where	 you	 can	          It	is	worth	mentioning	that	after	you’ve	indulged	in	everything	you	could	possibly	want	(and	more)             poultice	full	of	lemongrass	and	pandan	leaves	                        are	exquisitely	professionally	performed	–	as	is	        watch	the	fish	dart	among	the	shallows.	Float	       for	a	few	days,	the	menus	at	all	meals	and	at	all	restaurants	include	CruiseLite	Dining	as	part	of	the	
                                                               followed	by	your	therapist’s	hands	covered	with	                      everything	in	this	resort,	where	consultant	healers	     on	your	back	and	absorb	the	blemish-free	blue	       on	board	Wellness	Program.	So	if	your	ball	gown	was	feeling	a	tad	on	the	tight	side	last	night	you	can	
       thE E&o (EAStErN & oriENtAl) hotEl                      nutmeg	and	sandalwood	oils.                                           offer	reiki	and	Pilates.	After	your	indulgent	cruise	    sky.	This	is	what	thalassotherapy	is	all	about.	     make	up	for	it	with	some	delicious	dishes	that	won’t	break	the	zip.
       Yes,	you’ll	be	stepping	back	into	calm	colonial                              you	could	return	for	a	Trisara	Puriti	Purification	      Follow	this	with	a	tongue-searing	Thai	lunch,	
       times	 again	 at	 the	 E&O,	 a	 legend	 of	 a	 hotel	                                                                         Program.	 Following	 a	 check-up	 you’ll	 be	 pre-       a	spot	of	crazy	shopping	and	you’ve	had	the	         thE SpA At SilvErSEA
       established	 by	 the	 Sarkies	 bothers,	 and	               Another	night	eating	a	multi-course	meal?	                        scribed	a	personalised	diet	of	fruit	and	vegetable	      most	perfect	day	out.                                But	before	you	do	anything	else	you	must	book	         body	 age	 assessment	 measuring	 your	 body	 fat,	
       beautifully	 renovated	 since	 the	 days	 when	         Or	why	not	get	a	few	videos	from	the	Silversea	                       juices,	supplements,	massages,	scrubs	and	plenty	                                                             your	spa	treatment.	During	days	at	sea	the	spa	        cardiovascular	 health,	 strength	 and	 flexibility	 to	
       Coward,	 Kipling	 and	 Maugham	 stayed.	The	            library	 and	 order	 room	 service.	 A	 bottle	 of	                   of	calming	yoga	over	a	five	or	ten-day	program,	              Tonight,	tonight,	it’s	formal	night	tonight!	   gets	booked	up	quickly	as	it	is	the	perfect	time	      compare	 your	 body	 and	 your	 chronological	 age.	
       whitewashed	 and	 dark	 wood	 combination	              champers	and	a	fabulous	plate	of	burger,	chips	                       leaving	your	body	squeaky	clean.                         Glowing	from	a	great	day	in	Phuket,	you’ll	find	     for	some	serious	pampering.	                           And	you’ll	have	your	very	own	lifestyle	program	to	
       in	the	 beautiful	domed	lobby	is	a	cool	 dark	          and	ice	cream	to	finish,	in	front	of	Death on                                                         the	 menu	 changes	 daily	 here,	 so	 you	 could	         The	spas	on	Silversea	ships	have	just	been	       follow	up.	Wellness	Ceremonies	such	as	anti-aging	
       contrast	 to	 the	 tropical	 heat	 outside.	 If	 you	   the Nile?	Just	what	the	doctor	ordered!                                                                                        never	become	bored.	Eat	at	The	Restaurant	or	        rebranded	from	Mandara	spas	to	their	very	own,	        spa	 treatments,	 cellulite	 busters	 and	 sore	 muscles	
       were	 staying	 you’d	 take	 a	 ride	 in	 the	 hand-                                                                           Sri pANwA                                                push	the	boat	out	and	book	Le	Champagne’s	           called	The	Spa	at	Silversea.	Appropriately	enough	     massages	are	part	of	the	menu,	as	at	regular	spas,	
       operated	lift	to	your	spacious	suite	with	views	                                                                              Alternatively,	 nearer	 the	 port	 is	 Sri	 Panwa,	      private	dining.	                                     the	colour	scheme	is	white	and	silver,	making	for	a	   with	the	addition	of	specific	treatments	for	arthritis	
       over	the	pool	to	the	sea.	Afternoon	tea	is	most	                                                                              where	pool	villas	and	great	views	are	home	to	                And	the	best	way	to	digest	your	dinner?	        dazzlingly	luxurious	experience	from	the	moment	       and	poor	circulation	here.	There	are	also	facials	and	
       definitely	the	way	to	go.                                                                                   the	friendliest	staff	imaginable,	who	welcome	           Gambling	 007-style.	The	 casino	 on	 board	         you	step	inside.	Steam	rooms	and	saunas,	beauty	       barbering	services	for	men,	or	for	the	new	man	(of	
                                                                                                                                     you	as	if	you	are	long	lost	friend.	The	Sai	Spa	is	      is	bijou,	but	the	professional	croupiers	are	        and	hair	salons,	a	fitness	centre	and	yoga	studio	     any	age),	half	days	of	pampering.	
       thE ShANgri-lA’S rASA SAyANg rESort                                                                                           perched	on	top	of	a	hill	so	that	there	are	360˚	         ready	 to	 explain	 the	 basics	 of	 poker	 or	      will	keep	you	more	than	occupied.                           Facials	 come	 courtesy	 of	 Elemis,	 with	 the	
                                                               This page: La Maison Blue (Cheong Fatt Tze’s Mansion) Penang;
       & SpA, pENANg                                                                                                                 of	view,	at	least	270˚	of	that	out	to	sea.	During	       roulette.	Like	everything	else	on	this	ship,	             If	you	are	on	board	for	some	time,	you	can	       Elemis	Visible	 Brilliance	 Facial	 a	 firm	 favourite.	
                                                               the deliciously inviting sea at Nai Harn beach, Phuket. Opposite
       For	a	bit	of	beach	culture,	just	under	an	hour	away	    page: roof top dining in the middle of nowhere on board Silversea’s   a	Thai	or	herbal	massage	in	one	of	their	open-           it’s	addictive	to	watch	those	chips	pile	up...	      take	advantage	of	the	spa’s	Enrichment	Programs.	      (NB	Spa	treatments	and	programs	come	with	an	
       is	the	Shangri-La’s	Rasa	Sayang	on	Batu	Ferringhi	      Silver Whisper.                                                       air	salas	it	feels	as	if	you	have	a	bird’s	eye	view	     and	then	disappear	again.                            Personal	 consultants	 will	 take	 you	 through	 a	    additional	charge.)

126	   AsiaSpa		2007                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      2007		AsiaSpa               127

       silversea day 7
       Myanmar	is	probably	the	reason	that	many	on	this	trip	are	here,	and	it	certainly	doesn’t	disappoint.	     This page: A monk walks slowly along under his umbrella at
       Closed	for	so	long	to	tourists,	now	it’s	possible	to	visit	extensively,	marvelling	at	the	landscapes	     the Shwedagon Pagoda. Opposite page clockwise from top
                                                                                                                 left: The colonial calm of The Strand, Yangon; art detail and
       and	cityscapes	that	evoke	an	Asia	from	years	ago.	Yangon	is	under	an	hour	from	the	port,	and	
                                                                                                                 antique fan at The New Majestic, Singapore; crew in their bright
       remarkably	free	from	political	propaganda,	MacDonald’s,	Starbucks	and	tall	shiny	skyscrapers.	            whites at the pool bar of the Silver Whisper; a monk praying at
       It’s	an	absolute	pleasure	to	wander	around	the	crumbling	architecture,	along	the	banks	of	Royal	          the Shwedagon Pagoda; a sunset run along the top deck of Silver
       Lake,	 through	 temple	 complexes	 including	 the	 reclining	 Buddha	 at	 Chaukhtatkyi	 Paya.	The	        Whisper; the shophouse exterior of The New Majestic, Sinagpore;
       Shwedagon	Pagoda	is	simply	stunning	–	actually	a	collection	of	numerous	pagodas	made	of	                  novice monks smile for the camera at the Shwedagon Pagoda; the
                                                                                                                 reclining Buddha at Chaukhtatkyi Paya; the inviting pool on board
       silver,	copper,	marble	and	gold,	the	main	pagoda	tops	998m	and	is	encrusted	with	diamonds,	               the Silver Whisper.
       rubies	and	sapphires.	Home	to	eight	of	Buddha’s	hairs	it’s	a	sacred	site	that	is	believed	to	date	
       back	at	least	2,500	years.	Don’t	miss	the	shopping	for	art,	basketry,	textiles	and	antiques	at	the	
       Bogyoke	(Scott)	market,	or	popping	into	one	of	the	colonial	hotels	for	a	lunch	under	the	ceiling	
       fans,	afternoon	tea	or	a	sundowner	on	the	terraces.

       thE govErNor’S rESidENcE                            thE StrANd
       Teak	 verandahs,	 extensive	 gardens,	 a	 fan-      A	delightful	town	house	that	exudes	grandeur,	        can	 take	 it	 in	 your	 spacious	 room	 (some	
       shaped	 pool,	 the	 Governor’s	 Residence	          The	Strand	is	one	of	Asia’s	legendary	urban	          have	 views	 of	 the	Yangon	 River)	 or	 in	The	
       (a	 Pansea	 Orient-Express	 hotel	 formerly	        hotels.	Walking	into	the	lobby’s	light-filled	        Strand	Spa	Suite.	
       belonging	to	the	Kaya	State	Governor)	is	the	       room	with	palms,	sofas	and	ceiling	fans,	you
       most	indulgent	home	you	could	find	in	Yangon.	      look	up	into	an	atrium	that	opens	up	as	far	
       Dating	from	the	1920s	its	45	rooms	and	two	         as	 the	 second	 floor.	The	 Strand	 Café	 is	 all	        When	it’s	time	to	leave	the	ship,	you’ll	
       suites	have	been	painstakingly	renovated.	Eat	      teak	 framed	 windows,	 chandeliers	 sharing	         feel	as	if	you’re	being	wrenched	from	your	
       traditional	Burmese	curries	and	salads	at	the	      ceiling	space	with	the	black	fans	and	tropical	       spiritual	 home.	You’ve	 experienced	 life	 as	
       Mandalay	Restaurant,	which	you	can	learn	to	        rattan	 furniture	 sitting	 on	 the	 tiled	 floor.	   one	 of	 the	 elite,	 and	 it’s	 tough	 to	 go	 back	
       cook	yourself	during	one	of	their	courses,	have	    There’s	a	beautiful	boutique	full	of	antiques	        to	 reality.	 No	 more	 raising	 a	 hand	 for	 an	
       a	cocktail	at	the	Kipling	Bar	and	book	yourself	    and	jewelry,	and	for	a	swift	(or	prolonged)	          all-inclusive	 snack,	 glass	 of	 champagne	 or	
       a	traditional	massage.	You’ll	feel	like	you	are	    drink,	the	Strand	Bar	feels	as	if	it	could	tell	      beach	towel.	It‘s	time	to	save	up	for	that	62-
       living	a	colonial	dream,	decades	ago.               the	stories	of	generations	of	raucous	nights.	        day	trip	of	a	lifetime...                          Choose	a	massage	from	the	menu,	and	you	    

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