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                 News Bulletin                                            Anshe Sfard
                        Chanukah 5771
                        December 2010                                                  REVERE ROAD SYNAGOGUE
                                                                                 646 North revere road
                                                                                                               .a    kroN,   ohio 44333   .   330-867-7292
                         Chanukah at the Mall
                    Bring canned goods and help construct a giant

               CAN MENORAH
                          Cans will be donated to local food pantries                         Chanukah at the Mall
                                                                                     Klezme   Wednesday, December 8, 2010
                                                                                            r Band
 Lippma oir
        Ch                                                                            Dignita 6:30 pm
 Judah th
          e                                                                           Hot LatkAt Summit Mall
M  acabbee                                                                              Dreidel
onuts &                                                                                  Man

                                                                                                                                          see back page
                    wednesday, december 8, 2010 • 6:30pm
                                 Summit Mall – Center Court
                  A project of Chabad of Akron/Canton & Anshe Sfard Synagogue
                                                                                              Community Shabbat Dinner
                                                                                          Free & open
                                                                                         to the puBliC

                                                                                              Friday, February 4, 2011
                                                                                              At Anshe Sfard

                                                                                                                              Bar Mitzvah ID Card

               Rabbi's Message
               The Hidden Code

               Last week, The New York Times had
               an article about a computer worm                                                                          Name: Daniel Dorman
               that could sabotage Iran’s nuclear                                                                        Date:     Shabbat, Dec. 11, 2010
               program.        Experts dissecting                                                                        Time:     9:00am Kiddush to follow
               the computer worm suspected                                                                               School: Old Trail
               of being aimed at Iran’s nuclear                                                                          Parents: Regina & Yuriy Dorman
               program have determined that it                          earlier this year on computers,
                                                                                                                         Grandparents: Fima Dorman
               was precisely calibrated in a way                        primarily in Iran.
                                                                                                                         & the late Paulina Reznik and Mark
               that could send nuclear centrifuges                                                                       & Irena Bororvsky
               wildly out of control.                                   The paternity of the worm is still in
                                                                        dispute, but in recent weeks officials           Mitzvah Projects: Collecting food
                                                                        from Israel have broken into wide                cans for the Chanukah CANORAH
               Their conclusion, begins to clear
               some of the fog around the Stuxnet                       smiles when asked whether Israel                 at Summit Mall. Volunteering at
               worm, a malicious program detected                       was behind the attack, or knew                   Anshe Sfard Sunday school.
                                                                        who was.                                               The Congregation is invited
                                                                                                     conti. page 2
Rabbi's Message                           the origin of most Jewish customs
Conti. from page 1                        in it, like Bar Mitzvah, Minyan &
                                                                                        New Memebers
A German expert in industrial             Shabbat Candles.      They do not
control systems who has examined          know the hidden Jewish code.
                                                                                 Jim & Madeline Berlin
the program noted in late September
that a file inside the code was named     The Jewish hidden code is to be             Anshe Sfard
“Myrtus.” That could be read as an        found in the Talmud & Kabballah,           646 North Revere Road
allusion to Esther, and he and others     where we get the genius wisdom of            Akron, Ohio 44333
speculated it was a reference to the      our sages. There, is the source for            (330) 867-7292
Book of Esther, the Bible’s tale in       all of our teachings and customs.
which the Jews pre-empt a Persian                                                    Mendy Sasonkin
plot to destroy them.                     Next time when asked “where is it               Rabbi
                                          written?” you can answer “in the        Abraham Leibtag O.B.M.
I am not an expert of computer code       Talmud”.                                    Rabbi Emeritus
but the Jewish tradition is also based                                                Kaila Sasonkin
                                          Kaila and I wish you a very happy
on a hidden code. Studying the text                                                Talmud-Torah Director
of the Torah without the code, one        Chanukah,
will never come up with the Jewish
                                                   Rabbi Mendy Sasonkin
                                                                                          Joel Stile
understanding of it. Many, who                                                            President
read the text of the Bible, cannot find                                                Reuven C. Cohen
                                                                                        Vice President
Yahrtzeit                                       Jaslow, Alan
                                                Gertz, Sybil                             Dale Schiff
The following will observe yahrtzeit            Mirman, Richard                           Treasurer
in memory of their loved ones:                  Mirman, Donald
                                           18   Stein, Harry                             Alan Jaslow
                                           20   Leff, Harvey                              Secretary
 November                                       Lewis, Sylvia
 25 Breslav, Mariya                             Taub, Arthur
     Reaven, Jerry                              Taub, Robert M. & Pamela         Dena Fish & Lisa Reaven
 26 Fortnoff, Marlene                      21   Zimmerman, Rivie                Chavurah Sisterhood Presidents
     Lewis, Sylvia
     Kanfer, Pam
                                           22   Gordon, Diane                           Keith Migdal
                                                Katz, Isadore
 27 DeSure, Ronald                              Katz, Alan & Sally                   Free Loan President
     Herzberg, Dorothy                          Zimmerman, Irving
 28 Lichten, Selma                         24   Ekus, Harvey
 30 Ackerman, Ruth                              Century, Shirley                      In Memoriam
                                                Herzberg, Dorothy                It is with sadness of heart that we
 December                                  25   Groden, Marilyn
 2    Dorman, Yuriy & Regina                                                     announce the passing of:
                                                Ekus, Dolores
      Hochhauser, Herb                                                           Art Gruber
                                           26   Ohayon, Efrat
 3    Katz, Leo                            27   Scherbakov, Maya                 loving husband of Katie
      Katz, Isadore                             Lewis, Sylvia                    Gruber and father of Debbie
      Schwartz, Rose                            Stile, Freda                     Sutter
      Mirman, Jerome                       28   Stile, Freda
 4    Katz, Leo                            28   Feldman, Robert
      Katz, Isadore                                                             10    Migdal, Ellen
                                           29   Bliman, Frank                         Miller, Harold
 8    Leff, Harvey                              Levine, Michal
 9    Levine, Larry                                                                   Reaven, Jerry
                                                Senser, Ruth                    12    Baer, Selma
 11   Oster, Lori                          31   Davidson, Renee
      DeSure, Ronald                                                            13    Hirsch, Ben
                                                Lederman, Shirley                     Portman, Irving
      Kloner, Mildred
 12 Becker, Valerie                                                                   Zelman, Randy & Debbie
                                           January                              14    Hahn, Irwin
      Ackerman, Ruth                       1     Zimmerman, Lew
 13 Marks, Lila                                                                       Hahn, Jack A.
                                                 Recht, Dave                    15    Givens, Eleanor
 14 Landau, Estabelle                      2     Levine, Janet
      Taub, Phyllis                                                                   Weinberger, Mark
                                           5     Manes, Esther                        Weinberger, Michael
 15 Dorman, Yuriy & Regina                       Stein, Herbert
      Dorman, Yuriy & Regina                                                    18    Lazbin, Howard
                                           7     Greenblatt, Erwin                    Lazbin, I. Mark
 16 Shulman, Rakhil                        8     Allison, Edward
 17 Herzberg, Dorothy                                                                 Lazbin, Maria
                                                 Cohen, Morris                        Schall, Perry

Sports Judaic Club                                Shabbatofin the whole family      Round
Many thanks to Chris Deppisch,
                                                    Bring the spirit Shabbat to the
Mordy Frankel & Elad Ohayon for
                                                            through food, prayers & discussions
coaching our Sports Judaic Program.
And to our teens; Ethan Dayan, Ethan
Post, Adam Subotin, & Eli Banayan.                             Fridays       5:30 - 7:00 pm
                                       December 3 * January 7 * March 4 * April 1 *May 16 * June 3

                                              5:30 pm-     Challah Decorating & Shabbat Dinner
                                              6:15 pm                Kids Parsha Story & Games
                                              6:40 pm             Kabbalat Shabbat Service (kids style)

                                                        Geared to families with young children
                                                     RSVP is required to

                                                   Sponsored by the Lippman Kanfer Family Foundation

                                                    Fun Stuff for kids on Martin Luther King Day

                                                       Tu B'shvaT Kids Camp
                                          Monday, January 17 10-2pM                                ages 3-12
                                                                     at    anshe sfard
                                         Games,     Activities, sports, baking, craft, planting,             hunts,
                                                     Fun entertainer , Kosher lunch & Snacks

                                                    Let us know your plans ASAP to
                                                                Suggesed Donation: $36
                                                         Led by Kaila , Mrs Kelly & Teen volunteers
Mezuzah Family
  Workshop                                                     Pizza in a Hut
  Fun for the whole Family
                                            70 People enjoyed
                                                 Salad Bar
Sunday, February 13                             Pizza pies
                                               Balloon man
      2-4 pm                                  Lulav & Etrog
         at Anshe Sfard                      Sukkot Jeopardy
                                           Edible Sukkot Craft
                                         Meeting new & old friends
   Make a Mezuzah Case
     Jewish Security                     Thanks to all our volunteers.
    Write with a Quill                 Special mention to Vikki Horowitz
                                          for all her time & expertise!

    Tour a Fire Truck
      Meet Firemen
  Fire Safety Souvenirs
$10 per person or $18 family rate
       age 5 & under free
      4            Women's Chavurah Sisterhood
        Members                                  Ines Lishnevsky
                                                  Leslie Littman
                                                                            Chanukah at Chambrel
       20010-2011                                 Wendy Macher
                                                    Mimi Markis
                                                                                     Join us and Enjoy
              Susan Alfonso                         Ellen Migdal
            Shlomit Antopolski
                 Diane Ash
                                                    Betty Minkin                Menorah Lighting
                                                 Joanne Mirman
                Kim Aronson                      Debbie Newman
                                                                               Latkes & Apple Sauce
             Sherrie Banayan                      Judy Newman                     Dreidel Games
                 Cathy Baer
                Dolly Berger
                                                   Efrat Ohayon             Lippman Day School Students
                                                     Beth Oliver
              Sandra Blevins                     Carolyn Portman
               Eileen Bleyer
               Ellen Botnick
                                                  Diana Rahkhin
                                                    Lisa Reaven
                                                                                    Friday, Dec 3
               Cheryl Carter                      Marjorie Recht
               Mazel Cohen                         Miriam Recht                            1:30 p.m.
                Trish Crane                        Debbie Reiss                      in the Activity Room
               Robyn Cutler                     Marsha Rockitter            R.S.V.P. Kim Price, Activities Director
              Debbie Fabian                      Marcella Rolnick
              Elizabeth Faron                    Robin Romisher
            Suzanne Feldman                       Lani Rothstein
                                                                             Oneg Shabbat Gatherings
                 Dena Fish                         Karen Sandel               Every 2nd Friday of the month
               Bracha Fraser                      Kaila Sasonkin             1:30 p.m. in the Community Room.
            Barbara Freedman                       Gwen Schall
              Marie Genshaft
              Rachel Gersten
                                                Maya Scherbakov
                                               Elana Schprechman
                                                                              Chanukah Gift Idea
                 Sybil Gertz                    Brenda Schwartz                Women's Chavurah Cookbooks
            Sherri Glauberman                    Rose Schwartz                   make excellent presents!
              Marilyn Groden                       Stacy Shulan                      Cookbook price $15
               Linda Groden                    Stacy Saltzer Smith
                Paula Gross
             Katherine Gruber
                                                    Faye Sobel
                                                   Cheryl Sokol
               Mary Hickcox                          Linda Stile             Your thoughtfulness is deeply
                  Vera Ida                           Freda Stile             appreciated.
                Pam Kanfer                         Judy Subotin              Thank you for the delicious meal,
                 Julie Katz                         Phyllis Taub             Fondly,
                 Sally Katz                          Pam Taub                Richard & Joanne Mirman
                Shirley Katz                       Robyn Tobias
                Teddy Kaye                     Teresa Weinberger             Thank you so much for the wonderful
              Ronnie Kramer                      Janis Weintraub             Shabbat dinner for my husband’s
                Sandi Kraus                        Magita Willen             recovery. It was greatly appreciated and
               Estie Landau                       Stephanie York             enjoyed by all for days!
            Shirley Lederman                         Penny Zell              He is healing slowly, but doing well,
                Sylvia Lewis                    Rivie Zimmerman              Thanks,
                Kathy Lipkin                   Wendy Zimmerman               Sharon & Dale Schiff & Family
               Shaine Lipton                    Laurie Zuckerman
Please support Chavurah and send your dues donation of $25 to:               Many thanks for the wonderful Shabbat
                                                                             dinner. Enclosed is a donation for the
Women's Chavurah c/o Anshe Sfard 646 N Revere Rd, Akron, Ohio 44333          Mitzvah meal program.
                                                                             Cheryl Sokol
          Book Club                                                          Thank you for the plentiful food you sent
          Led by Ellen Midgal
                                            Mitzvah Meals                    us while we are here at Windsong. The
                                                                             meals came in very handy. Thanks for
                                                                             your prayers and good wishes.
"Letting Go" by Phillip Roth                Kosher meals for families        Enclosed is a check to help with mitzvah
A brilliant fictional portrait of a grad      in their time of need.         meals.
students quest for resolution in 1950's                                      Pearl E & Ed Gelerinter
Urban Jewish Academia                                Please call
                                           Chairwomen, Shlomit Antopolski    Everything was just so wonderful and
 Tuesday, January 4, 2011                         at 330-666-3846            delicious! the kugel, the rice, matzah
         1:30pm                                                              balls and oh the chicken just fell off the
                                                                             bone. Many thanks for your kindness.
                                                                             Gruber/Sutter Family
               Kabbilates Work-Out                                        Color Me Spiritual
        Kabbalah & Pilates at the Murpheys
Stengthend our Physical & Spiritual Core on Nov 14                        A Spa for Body & Soul
                                                                       Sunday, January 23
                                                                                   at Anshe Sfard

                                                                    4:30 Salads, Soup, Smoothies
                                                                    5:15 Pannel Speakers
                                                                    6:15-8:00 Massage Rotation
                                                                        including hair, make-up, accesories

                                                                                 co sponsored with
                                                                         Naamat, Shaw JCC, Hillel @ KSU
                                                                    Commiteez; Nena Roy, Judy Newman, Teresa
                                                                       Weinberger, Carmie Stein, Ellen Migdal

                                   Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser
               Dinner Chairwomen by: Shlomit Antopolski, Dena Fish, Marsha Rockitter, & Ruth Synder
                                           Raffle Chair: Elana Schprechman
                        Many thanks to all our volunteers and to the 120 people who attended
 Please Patronize our Sponsors

 Bath Police
 Vollbracht Furriers
 Richard’s Florist
 Thera Touch Massage
 Dr. Benson
 Dr. Elliot Schprechman
 Kenmore Mattress
 Shulan Jewelers
 Chocolate Emporium
 TheraTouch Massage
 Five Below
 GoJo Instudries
 Contempo Cuisine
 Jerusalem Grill
 Freedman Chiropractor
 Unger’s Kosher Bakery
  Melissa Pidhordechky
 Shaw JCC
 Ryan Hair Studio
 Tibor’s Meats
 Patrice Leeds Richmond
 Belenky, Inc.
 City Cleaners
 Snyder Family
 Dr. Elliot & Elana Schprechman
 AMF Bowling
Women's Chavurah & Shaw JCC Warmly invite you to Refresh Your Soul

Partnering with G-d to Repair the World
          13th Annual Gathering of Jewish Mysticism
                 celebrates the 19th of Kislev

    Susan Golden..........Giving Back is a Must
 Elaine Neumann....... The Need to Help People
 Robyn Cutler..............Confidence & Self-Esteem

        Moderator: Channa Sheri Glauberman                                        Planning Committee
               Violin: Cassie Kalin                                           Sheryl Aronson, Mazal Cohen,
                                                                              Barbara Freedman, Channa Sheri
                                                                              Glauberman, Sarah Greenblatt, Vera
   Monday Nov 29,                                  6:15 pm                    Ida, Sylvia Lewis, Janet Helftgott-
                                                                              Emmer, Mimi Markis, Kaila
                    Anshe Sfard Synagogue                                     Sasonkin, Eileen Schonfeld , Teresa
                                                                               Weinberger and Laurie Zuckerman.
        Tickets: After Nov 22 - $18-girls $23– women
                                                                                  For information contact
                Your Check is your reservation payable to                       any of the above planners or
             Women’s Chavurah c/o Magita Willen                                 Mazal Cohen (330) 864-0806
           3551 McCrea Lane * Richfield Ohio 44286                      

        Hors d’oeuvres, Soup & Crackers, Dessert buffet                       Sponsored in part by the Jewish
                                                                                   Women’s Endowment Fund

 LLL Learn Live L'Chaim
Monthly Luncheon Workshops on Tuesdays 11:30-1:30
  Co sponsored with Temple Israel Sisterhood

    Next Session; December 14
            "Seeing Good"
    at the home of Susan Golden
   Laurie Zuckerman - Facilitator
        $7 per session RSVP to Dena Fish
                                              On October 20, Robyn Tobias hosted
                                                                               the first LLL workshop discussing the
                                                                               relevant meeting of the flood. Danielle
                                                                               Gurion followed with a wonderful
                                                                               interactive workshop.
                                                                         Sponsored in part by the Jewish
                                                                            Women’s Endowment Fund

                                                                     On November 9, Carmie Stein hosted the 2nd
                                                                     luncheon workshop. We discussed the power &
                                                                     energy of the month -personalizing the Rainbow
                                                                     followed by an interactive experience led by Judy
                                                           Menorah kindling blessings
How to                                Wed, Dec 1           Before kindling the lights, recite:
Celebrate Chanukah                    Light Menorah,
                                      After Nightfall,
                                      blessings 1 ,2 & 3
• Kindle the Chanukah menorah
  on each of the eight nights of                           BO-RUCH A-TOH ADO-NOI E-lO-
  Chanukah.                                                HEI-NU ME-lECH HO-OlOM A-SHER
                                      Thursday, Dec.2      KI-DE-SHO-NU BE-MITz-VO-TAV
• For the correct dates, and          Light Menorah,       VE-TzI-VO-NU lE-HAD-lIK NER
  times, see shaded box.              After Nightfall      CHA-NU-KAH.
• Use olive oil or candles, large     recite blessings
                                                           Blessed are you l-rd our G-d, king
  enough to burn until half an        1&2
                                                           of the universe, who has sanctified
  hour after nightfall, for the                            by His commandmants, and has
  lights of the menorah.                                   commanded us to kindle the lights
• Use a “shamesh” (service                                 of Chanukah.
                                      Friday, Dec. 3
  candle) to kindle the lights, and   Light Menorah,
  place it in its special place on    BEFORE Nightfall
  the menorah.                        (4:40pm)
• On the first night we recite        recite blessings
  three blessings, on the             1&2
  subsequent nights only the first                         BO-RUCH A-TOH ADO-NOI E-lO-HEI-
  two.                                Saturday, Dec. 4
                                                           NU ME-lECH HO-OlOM SHE-O-SO
                                      Light Menorah
• For the blessings, number of                             NI-SIM lA- VO-TAI-NU BA-YO-MIM
                                      After Nightfall
  lights and the order of kindling,                        HO-HEIM BI-z’MAN HA-zEH.
                                      recite blessings
  see shaded box.                     1&2                  Blessed are you l-rd our G-d, king
                                                           of the universe, who wrought mir-
• Before kindling, recite the
                                                           acles for our fathers in those days
  appropriate blessings, and
                                      Sunday, Dec.5        at this time.
  after kindling recite, “Haneirot
  Halalu” – “We kindle these          After Nightfall,
  lights...” (see bottom right)       Light Menorah
                                      recite blessings
• All members of the family           1&2
  should be present at the
  kindling of the Chanukah lights.                         BO-RUCH A-TOH ADO-NOI E-lO-HEI-
                                                           NU ME-lECH HO-OlOM SHE-HECHE-
• Students and singles, who live
                                      Monday, Dec. 6       YO-NU VE-KI-MO-NU VE-HIGI-ONU
  in a dormitory or in their own
                                      After Nightfall      lIz-MAN HA-zEH
  apartments, should kindle
                                      Light Menorah,       Blessed are you l-rd our G-d, king
  menorahs in their own rooms.
                                      recite blessings     of the universe, who has kept us
• It is customary to put the          1&2                  alive, and has preserved us, and
  Chanukah lights either in the                            enabled us to reach this season.
  front window or by a doorway.       , Dec.7              After kindling the lights recite:
                                      After Nightfall
                                      Light Menorah,       We kindle these lights (to commemorate) the
* On Friday afternoon the             recite blessings     saving acts, miracles, and wonders which
  Chanukah lights are kindled         1& 2                 You have performed for our forefathers,
  BEFORE the Shabbat candles                               in those days at this time, through Your
  are lit.                                                 holy Kohanim. Throughout the eight days
NOTE: From the time the Shabbat                            of Chanukah, these lights are sacred, and
                                      Wednesday, Dec.      we are not permitted to make use of them,
 candles are lit until Shabbat
                                                           but only to look at them, in order to offer
 ends, the Chanukah Menorah           8
                                                           thanks and praise to Your great Name for
 should not be relit, moved           Light the            Your miracles, for Your wonders, and for
 or prepared. After Shabbat           Menorah,             Your salvations.
 ends, the Chanukah lights for        recite blessings 1
 Saturday night are kindled.          &2

     Bat Mitzvah                            A Glimpse of Sunday School
    Enrichment Club
                                                 Chockful of
 Hey, 6th Grade Girls!               Holiday & Shul Experiences,
 Join us for 6-week Bat Mitzvah      Hand-on       Activities,   Music,
   Enrichment Course at Anshe        Crafts, Field Trips, Games, Prizes,
               Sfard.                Great Lunches, Prayers, Israel,
                                     Prophets, Parsha, Jewish Home,
*Spiritual Dimension of a Bat        Life Cycles, Hebrew Reading,
                                     Homebound & Nursing Visitation
* Empowerment of a Jewish Woman.
*Mother/Daughter: Challah &          Many thanks to our dedicated teachers,
Mikvah.                              parents and volunteers
*Shabbat Dinners for Club Families   Volunteer staff: .Kayla Goldstein, Rachel
           Sundays                   Stein, Benjamin Fish, Levi & Berel
                                     Sasonkin & Daniel Dorman.
      Januray 2,9,16
      February 6,13,20
           4:00-5:30 pm

             Fee: $50
        For more info, call
  Kaila Sasonkin at 330-867-6798
         Sponsored in part
     by a grant from the JWEF

                                     Our teens Eitan Dayan, Elad Ohayon,
   Teens Beautify                    Eli Banayan, Daniel Dorman and Berel

Anshe Sfard Cemetary                 Sasonkin were given the hands-on
                                     opportunity to beautify and fix fallen
                                     monumnets at Anshe Sfard Cemetary
                                     Sunday Oct 31under the watchful eye of
                                         Mr. Nioon of Summit Memorials.

                                     We are grateful to coordinator Ron
                                     DeSure, as well as Leonard Rudnick and
                                     Paul Durgin, who provided transportation,
                                     and to our mentors for cemetery
                                     beautification, Dolores and Harvey Ekus,
                                     for this opportunity to perform a true
                                     mitzvah deed. We are looking forward to     Piano with Daniel Dorman
                                     continuing this program twice a year; in
                                                 the Spring and Fall.
                                        Youth, the future is in your hands.

Sponsor a Kiddush                                                     Thank You To:
 Do you have an upcoming
                                                                     Women's Chavurah Sisterhood and
birthday, anniversary, or any                                        Men's Club for for organizing &
 other reason to celebrate?                                          cooking for the Raffle Breakfast.
Please consider sponsoring                                            We want to thank everyone
 a Kiddush for your special                                           for     their     good       wishes,
                                               to                     donations, cards and meals.
                                Joe & Pam Kanfer upon the birth       We     greatly    appreciate    you
                                of their grandson. Proud parents:     kindness      and   thoughtfulness.
                                Donny & Ketti Kanfer Zigdon.          Fondly, Richard & Joanne Mirman
                                Proud great grandparents Sylvia &
  Save theDate                  the Late Allan Lewis                       U.S. News selected as
                                                                          "BEST LAW FIRMS"
                                Irving & Carolyn Portman               Randal A. Lowry & Associates

       Purim                    upon the past Bat Mitzvah of their
                                granddaughter Devon Smith.                    Attorneys include
 Around the World               Proud parents are Brad & Alys        Randal Lowry, Mora Lowry,
                                Smith. A hearty Mazel tov upon           & Marisa Lowry
                                the upcoming Bat Mitzvah of
       Sunday                   grandaughter Hallie Portman,                Practice limited to:
                                daughter of Stuart & Janine                Divorce, Dissolution
   February 20                  Portman.                                Child Custody, Post-decree

         4:30 PM                Eileen & Alan Bleyer upon the               For more info visit
                                marriage of their son Marc to Lisa
                                                                           Office #330-929-0507

                                     56th Annual
                                   Men’s Club Raffle
                                    sold 200 tickets
                                        thanks to
                                Gruber & Sutter Families
                                     And Art Taub

                                   Samuel Axelrod                     In Memory Of
                                     Mr. & Mrs. Michael Lippman    Arthur Gruber
                                   Tilie Aronson                     Ms. Jean S. Sargon
David Kloner Family                  Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Aronson
                                                                     Baker Vehicle Systems

Fund                               Nathan & Rose Katz                Frank J., Jr. & Diana L. Martucci
                                                                     Huntington Elementary School
   For the Recovery of             Kitchen Fund                      John C. & Janet C. Leach
Cheryl Sokol                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Morton Sobel
                                      For the Recovery of
  Mr. & Mrs. David Kloner                                            Mr. and Mrs. Sutter Sutter
                                   Joanne Mirman
                                                                     Mrs. Bettie Isherwood
   In Memory Of                      Mr. & Mrs. Morton Sobel
                                                                     Mrs. Rose Ferrise
Marjorie Boyas                       Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Groden
                                   Leib Alevsky
  Mr. & Mrs. David Kloner                                          Prayer Book Fund
                                     Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Groden
Hyman M. Ekus Fund                 Stan & Sybil Gertz                 In Honor Of
                                     Mr. and Mrs. Leo Katz         Freda Stile’s 90th Birthday
   For the Recovery of             Sybil Gertz                       Mrs. Gloria Slavin
Sybil Gertz                          Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Groden
  Mrs. Judy Subotin                                                Rabbi Leibtag Education
                                      In Memory Of
   In Honor Of
                                   Agar Holtzer
Dolores Ekus’ Special Birthday       Dr. & Mrs. Dwynn Greenfield    For the Recovery of
  Mr. & Mrs. Lew Zimmerman           Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Groden      Dolores Rety
                                     Mr. and Mrs. Leo Katz           Mr. & Mrs. Morton Sobel
   In Memory Of
                                     Randy & Julie Katz            Harold B. Miller
Agar Holtzer
                                   Arthur Gruber                     Mr. & Mrs. Morton Sobel
  Mr. & Mrs. Lew Zimmerman
                                     Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Groden      Mary Ann Minster
Arthur Gruber
                                   Frances Yellon                    Mr. & Mrs. Morton Sobel
  Mr. & Mrs. Lew Zimmerman
                                     Mr. & Mrs. Morton Sobel       Sybil Gertz
Ettie Ekus
                                   Joseph Silver                     Mr. & Mrs. Morton Sobel
  Mrs. Judy Subotin
                                     Mr. and Mrs. Leo Katz
Hyman M. Ekus                                                         In Memory Of
                                   Neil Michael Katz
  Mr. Ted Century & Mrs. Shirley                                   Albert Aaron Steinberger
                                     Mr. & Mrs. Alan Katz
Jeanette Mirman                                                      Dr. & Mrs. Edward Gelerinter
  Mr. Donald Mirman                New Building Fund               Arthur Gruber
                                                                     Dr. Irvin Kamenir
Rose Glass Education                  For the Recovery of          Bella Strachan
Fund                               Marsha Rockitter                  Mr. & Mrs. Nathan Strachan
                                     Ms. Estabelle Landau          Edith Mervis
   In Memory Of
                                   Sybil Gertz                       Mr. & Mrs. Jack Lederman
Cecilia Drapkina                     Ms. Estabelle Landau          Eugene Mervis
  Yuriy & Regina Dorman                                              Mr. & Mrs. Jack Lederman
Esther Schreiber                      In Honor Of
                                                                   Sam Manes
  Curtis & Sandy Blevins           Margie Recht’s Birthday           Mrs. Esther Manes
Herb Aronson                         Mr. & Mrs. Joel Recht         Sara Allison
  Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Aronson       New Building                      Mr. & Mrs. Edward Allison
Irving Schreiber                     Dr. & Mrs. Gary Lichten
  Curtis & Sandy Blevins           Randy Lowry’s Birthday          Jack Saferstein Fund
                                     Joseph & Pam Kanfer
   In Memory Of                       Rose Shecht                               Bagiackas-Freedman

Bella Strachan                          Freda Stile                           Irving Zapiler
  Mr. & Mrs. Nathan Strachan
                                      Sandra Konner                             Mr. Thomas Bagiackas & Mrs. Barbara
                                        Joel & Linda Stile                      Bagiackas-Freedman
Lou & Freda Stile                     Yacov Banayan’s Father                  Jacob Banayan’s Father
Mitzvah Fund                            Joel & Linda Stile                      Dr. & Mrs. Gary Lichten
                                                                              Lidia Lishnevski
   For the Recovery of                Torah Fund                                Mr. and Mrs. Gerry Golub
Cheryl Sokol                                                                  Molly Israel
                                         For the Recovery of
  Joel & Linda Stile                                                            Mr. & Mrs. Robert Taub
                                      Joanne Mirman
Steve Wilson                                                                  Phillip K. Landau
                                        Mr. & Mrs. Robert Taub
  Joel & Linda Stile                                                            Ms. Estabelle Landau
                                      Mary Ann Minster
Sybil Gertz                                                                   Rhea K. Landau
                                        Mr. & Mrs. Dale Schiff
  Mrs. Maria Lazbin                                                             Ms. Estabelle Landau
                                      Richard Mirman
  Allan & Marsha Rockitter                                                    Tillie Aronson
                                        Mr. & Mrs. Robert Taub
                                                                                Brian & Giggy Aronson
   In Honor Of                        Stan Gertz
                                                                              William Bass
Freda Stile’s 90th Birthday             Mr. & Mrs. Robert Taub
                                                                                Mrs. Eleanor Givens
  Daphne Telfeyan & Ken B. Glickman   Sybil Gertz
                                                                              William S. Landau
  Mr. David Stile & Dr. Kathy Laing     Mr. & Mrs. Robert Taub
                                                                                Ms. Estabelle Landau
Freda Stile’s Special Birthday           In Honor Of                          Yizkor Memorial (Parents)
  Mrs. Molly Opas & Janet Craig
                                      Marriage of Lisa and Marc Bleyer          Mr. Arnold Stone
  Mrs. Ruth Ackerman
                                        Michael & Shlomit Antopolski
  Mrs. Miriam Recht
                                      Randal Lowry’s Birthday
  Mrs. Maria Lazbin
                                        Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Effron
  Mrs. Levey Levey
                                      Ruth Ungar’s Special Birthday             Support the Anshe Sfard
  Mr. & Mrs. Morton Sobel
                                        Mrs. Miriam Recht
  Mr. & Mrs. Herman Oliver
  Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Groden
  Joel & Linda Stile
                                         In Memory Of
                                      Agar Holtzer
                                                                                  Gift Shop
  Dr. Jerry Sude                        Arthur & Phyllis Taub
  Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Winer              Mitchell Moss
Jeffrey Winer’s New Store             Arlene R. Landau
  Jack & Alana Post                     Ms. Estabelle Landau
Margie Recht’s Birthday               Arthur Gruber
  Mrs. Miriam Recht                     Salvatore J. & Crystal J. Ferrise             We have many
Marriage of Marc & Lisa Bleyer          Sherwin & Harriet Ruben
                                                                                     new gift items for
  Freda Stile                           Mr. Charles Joel Landau
Marriage of Sharon & Dale Schiff’s
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                                        Dr. Richard M. Hofacker
Daughter, Robin                         Bonita S. Korodi
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  Joel & Linda Stile                    Mr. & Mrs. Robert Taub
                                      Ernest Richman                                         Check out our
   In Memory Of
Arthur Gruber
                                        Mr. & Mrs. Robert Taub                 exciting Chanukah selection
                                      Esther Berman
  Joel & Linda Stile                                                            Open M-F 10 am - 2 pm
                                        Mr. & Mrs. Robert Taub
  Freda Stile
                                      Florence M. Landau
Betty Rockitter
                                        Ms. Estabelle Landau                         For appointments call
  Allan & Marsha Rockitter                                                      Marilyn Groden at 330-836-2603
                                      Hannah Zapiler
Julius Sternberg
                                        Mr. Thomas Bagiackas & Mrs. Barbara
  Mrs. Esther Manes

                                 Chanukah at the Mall
                            Bring canned goods and help construct a giant

                          CAN MENORAH
                                  Cans will be donated to local food pantries

    Tournam                                                                                        Live
              n                                                                                      r Band
       Lippma oir
              Ch                                                                               Dignita
C   hildren’s                                                                                          ries
   Judah th                                                                                    Hot Lat
  Macabb                                                                                         Dreidel
        & Gelt
 Donuts                                                                                           Man

                            wednesday, december 8, 2010 • 6:30pm
                                         Summit Mall – Center Court
                                                                                                  Free & open
                          A project of Chabad of Akron/Canton & Anshe Sfard Synagogue            to the puBliC

Please drop off as many CANS as you CAN at any of the following locations: Anshe Sfard Synagogue, BethEl
                 Congregation, Shaw JCC, Pre School, The Lippman School, Hebrew High

                                                                                ADDRESS SERVICES REQUESTED

                                                                         Akron OH 44333
                                                                         646 N. Revere Rd.
          Akron Ohio
        Permit No 1419                                         Revere Road Synagogue
         U.S. Postage                                                Anshe Sfard
        Non Profit Org.

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