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              Queens Jewish Center & Talmud Torah                                                    CHANUKAH 5770
                                                                                   DECEMBER 2009 - FEBRUARY 2010
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                                                     Of Lights and Brothers
                                                                                                                        Rabbi Ben Geiger
                          It is always remarkable to see that Chanukah has remained amongst the three most widely
                  celebrated dates on the Jewish calendar. Yom Kippur, specifically, Kol Nidre and Ne’ila, Pesach Seder and
                  lighting the menorah have remained constants in many homes devoid of all other Jewish tradition and
                  meaning. On the surface, a cynical analysis may lead someone to protest that Chanukah is a reaction of the
                  not-yet fully assimilated to the “Holiday Season” that always coincides with this beautiful holiday. While this
                  may be true, there is a beautiful lesson to be learned about the national soul’s yearning for meaning and
                  connection to all parts of Torah.
Rabbi’s Message

                          While Pesach is the story of the birth of our nation and defines us as uniquely related to the Creator,
                  it must remain paramount in our connection to being Jewish. Yom Kippur, the day of Atonement, brings fear
                  and relief to every Jew. The idea of rectifying the past is extraordinarily liberating. It, furthermore, leaves the
                  door open for a future return to the fold.
                          Chanukah, however, seems out of place in this impressive list of days. However, the essence of this
                  holiday that celebrates Torah and its primacy in our attempt to live spiritually elevated and enlightened lives
                  while engaged with the rest of the world is so fundamental to our daily lives that its message must remain in
                  the Jewish subconscious if we are to hope to avoid assimilating into oblivion. Chanukah is associated with
                  two concepts that bear this out.
                          First, Chanukah is a holiday completely predicated on Oral Torah. The Megillas Chashmonaim is not
                  part of Tanach. Even the miracle of the oil itself happened in a place that requires trusting in the sources of
                  the Oral Torah for its veracity. Mesorah is the essential ingredient in connecting ourselves to Pesach. One
                  who believes in an Exodus story and even a Revelation story, but without Oral Torah, is not linked back to
                  that experience and loses the crucial manner of transference of Torah that God insisted on when giving us
                  this wonderful gift.
                          Second, Chanukah always occurs at the time of year when we read the story of Yosef in the parshas
                  hashavua. In fact, the Megale Amukos (Ofen 252) points out that the numerical value of the name Yosef is
                  equal to both Antiochus and Melech Yavan (King of Greece). Why is Yosef so linked to Chanukah? Perhaps
                  we could argue it is because he represents the dangers and potential success of engaging the world with
                  Torah as our guide. While Yehudah would go to Goshen and “circle the wagons” by building a yeshiva and
                  living separately from the Egyptians, Yosef lived as viceroy. Yosef was in constant danger of the temptations
                  of a world engrossed in hedonistic pleasure (even though he lived well before the advent of Hedonism), and
                  moral relativism. Yosef stood against the tide of the societal pressures we face in galus constantly.
                          Furthermore, Yosef is the quintessential tzaddik. He is tested, wavers in his commitment, but
                  ultimately prevails (specifically in his challenges with Potifar’s wife). Yosef is the enduring link to teshuva and
                  kapara (repentance and atonement) even while living in the darkness of exile.
                          Thus, Yosef is the link that brings together the story of Pesach and the loving embrace of Yom Kippur
                  in the warmth and glow of the Chanukah menorah. The Jewish soul, that yearns for closeness to Hashem,
                  even when we have tried to stifle it with our over stimulated lives and fully acculturated lifestyles, moves us
                  to be connected with those holidays that represent her inner most desire. As we prepare for Chanukah, let
                  us remember these essential messages of Yosef, but not without reaching out to our brothers (as Yosef did
                  as well) who have not yet fully grasped the deep beauty of their mesora!
                                                                                                Chag      Urim Same’ach !
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 DAIL                                  Rosh Chodesh .................... 6:10 am & 7:30 am                          * under urgent

                                                                                                                                             Daily Services | Schedule of Classes
                                       Chanukah (Dec. 13-18) ................... 6:15 am & 7:30 am               circumstances tallis
                                                                                                                 and t’fillin can be put
                                       Additional on Major Legal Holidays ........... 8:30 am                    on as early as dawn
                                 *Tallis &T'fillin   Sh'mah                                            *Tallis &T'fillin      Sh'mah
   Shacharis                      not earlier than not later than       Shacharis                       not earlier than    not later than
December 13-18 (Chanukah) . 6:12 am ........9:30 am                 January 24 - 29                        6:15 am ........9:39 am
December 20-25 ...................... 6:16 am ........9:34 am       January 31-February 5......... 6:10 am ........9:37 am
Dec. 27 (10 Teves) -Jan. 1 ..... 6:19 am ........9:37 am            February 7 - 12 ...................... 6:04 am ........9:34 am
January 3 - 8 .......................... 6:21 am ........9:39 am    February 14 - 19 .................... 5:56 am ........9:30 am
January 10 - 15 ...................... 6:21 am ........9:41 am      February 21 - 26 .................... 5:47 am ........9:25 am
January 17 - 22 ...................... 6:19 am ........9:41 am      Feb. 28 (Purim) - March 5..... 5:38 am ........9:19 am

                                         MINCHA & MAARIV*
   December 13-17 (Chanukah)) ...........4:15 pm                      January 31 - February 4 ....................5:00 pm
   December 20-24 .................................4:20 pm            February 7-11 .....................................5:10 pm
   December 27 (Asarah B’Teves) ..............4:10 pm                 February 14-18 ...................................5:20 pm
   December 28-31 .................................4:25 pm            February 21-24 ...................................5:25 pm
   January 3 -7 ......................................4:30 pm         February 25 (Taanis Esther) ........................5:10 pm
   January 10-14 ....................................4:35 pm          February 28 - Purim .........................see p. 4
   January 17-21 ....................................4:45 pm          March 1 - 4..........................................5:35 pm
   January 24-28 ....................................4:50 pm        *Additional Maariv at 7:30 PM: Monday - Thursday
                           *Begin to recite “Tal U’Matar” in Maariv, Sat., December 5

                                               SHABBOS CLASSES
              After Kaballas Shabbos
  Bais Hamedrash                                                                      One hour before Mincha
    Talmud Class ............. R’ Shmuel Gold                        Bais Hamedrash
                  Shabbos Morning                                      Talmud Class ........................R’ Benjamin Geiger
  7:30 AM - Hashkoma                                                   Daf Yomi Talmud (Yiddish) ...R’ Shmuel Gold
     Mishnah Brurah.......... R’ Leonard Levy                          Women’s Chumash Class ....R’ Chaim Wagner
  8:00 AM - Bais Hamedrash
                                                                     Main Synagogue
     Mishnah Brurah.......... Mr. Shmuel Karper                        Basic Chumash Class ..........Mr. Mendel Weiss
  9:30 AM - Hashkomo
     Talmud Class ............. Post Hashkoma Learning                                  After Seudah Shlishis
  10:30 AM - Bais Hamedrash                                          Bais Hamedrash
     Talmud Class ............R’ Bezalel Ostrow                        Mussar Class .......................R’ Shmuel Gold

                                               WEEKDAY CLASSES
      Sundays                                            Wednesdays
                                                                     Parshas Kedoshim - Susan Lieberman -Women’s class
  Mesilas Yesharim - Rabbi Benjamin Geiger ...8:50 AM                   Every other week (Dec. 16, 30) ...........................8:00 PM
      Mondays                                                        The Beauty of Hashem’s Mitzvos (Sefer HaChinuch)
  Parshas Hashavua - Rabbi Benjamin Geiger 7:45 PM                      Rabbi Benjamin Geiger ...(at Geiger home) ........... 9:00 PM
      Tuesdays                                                           Thursdays
  Jewish History - Rabbi Benjamin Geiger ..... 10:00 AM              Inyonim B’Halacha - Rabbi Mair Wolofsky........... 7:15 PM
           Twice a month                                                                     Weekdays
  Talmud (Brachos) - Rabbi Mair Wolofsky ..... 7:15 PM
                                                                     Between Mincha & Maariv - Kitzur Shulchan Aruch - Rabbi Geiger
                                                    Queens Jewish Center ~ Chanukah Bulletin
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                       VAYESHEV - Shabbos Chanukah                                                   SHEMOS - Mevorchim Shevat
                          Mevorchim Teves - Scholar in Residence                                                       Scholar in Residence
                       Friday, December 11                                                           Friday, January 8
                         Candle Lighting ................................. 4:10 pm                     Candle Lighting              4:27 pm
                         Mincha .............................................. 4:15 pm                 Mincha                       4:35 pm
                         Dinner (By prior RSVP) .................... 5:30 pm                         Saturday, January 9
                       Saturday, December 12                                                          Hashkomo Service                        7:45 am
                         Hashkomo Service ............................. 7:45 am                        Shacharis - Main Synagogue             8:30 am
                         Shacharis - Main Synagogue ............. 8:30 am                              Shacharis - Bais Hamedrash             8:30 am
                         Shacharis - Bais Hamedrash ............. 8:30 am                              Mincha                                 3:55 pm
                         Mincha ............................................... 3:35 pm              Major Seudah Shlishis
                                                                                                        Shabbos Ends                          5:35 pm
Schedule of Services

                       Major Seudah Shlishis - Siyum Mishnayos Taharos
                          Shabbos Ends ..................................... 5:19 pm
                                                                                                     VA’ERAH - Rosh Chodesh Shevat
                       MIKETZ - Shabbos Chanukah                                                     Friday, January 15
                       Friday, December 18                                                             Candle Lighting         4:34 pm
                         Candle Lighting ................................. 4:12 pm                     Mincha                  4:40 pm
                         Mincha .............................................. 4:20 pm               Saturday, January 16
                       Saturday, December 19                                                          Hashkomo Service                        7:45 am
                         Hashkomo Service ............................. 7:45 am                        Shacharis - Main Synagogue             8:30 am
                         Shacharis - Main Synagogue ............. 8:30 am                              Shacharis - Bais Hamedrash             8:30 am
                         Shacharis - Bais Hamedrash ............. 8:30 am                              Mincha                                 4:20 pm
                         Mincha ............................................... 4:00 pm                Shabbos Ends                           5:42 pm
                         Shabbos Ends ..................................... 5:21 pm                  BO
                       VAYIGASH                                                                      Friday, January 22
                       Friday, December 25                                                             Candle Lighting                        4:42 pm
                                                                                                       Mincha                                 4:50 pm
                         Candle Lighting                                    4:15 pm
                         Mincha                                             4:20 pm                  Saturday, January 23
                                                                                                       Hashkomo Service                       7:45 am
                       Saturday, December 26                                                           Shacharis - Main Synagogue             8:30 am
                        Hashkomo Service                                    7:45 am                    Shacharis - Bais Hamedrash             8:30 am
                         Shacharis - Main Synagogue                         8:30 am                    Mincha                                 4:30 pm
                         Shacharis - Bais Hamedrash                         8:30 am                    Shabbos Ends                           5:50 pm
                        Mincha                                              4:05 pm
                         Shabbos Ends                                       5:23 pm                  BESHALACH - Shabbos Shira - Tu B’Shevat
                                                                                                     Friday, January 29
                       ASARAH B’TEIVES - Tuesday, December 27                                          Candle Lighting            4:51 pm
                        Fast Begins                   6:06 am                                          Mincha                     4:55 pm
                        Shacharis              6:20 & 7:30 am                                        Saturday, January 30
                        Mincha                        4:10 pm                                          Hashkomo Service           7:45 am
                        Maariv                        4:55 pm                                          Shacharis - Main Synagogue 8:30 am
                        Fast Ends                     5:21 pm                                          Shacharis - Bais Hamedrash 8:30 am
                       VAYECHI                                                                         Mincha                     4:40 pm
                       Friday, January 1                                                               Shabbos Ends               5:59 pm
                         Candle Lighting                                4:20 pm
                         Mincha                                         4:25 pm                                     Weekly Shabbos
                                                                                                                    SHUL SCHOOL
                       Saturday, January 2                                                                               9:30 am
                        Hashkomo Service                                7:45 am
                         Shacharis - Main Synagogue                     8:30 am                    ages 2 - 5 ......Playroom (3rd Floor)
                         Shacharis - Bais Hamedrash                     8:30 am                                    R’ Karen Geiger & assistants
                        Mincha                                          4:10 pm                       6 - 10 ......... Hershel Meir Praeger
                         Shabbos Ends                                   5:28 pm
                                                                      Queens Jewish Center ~ Chanukah Bulletin
                                                 Page 5
YISRO                                                TAANIS ESTHER - Thursday, February 25
Friday, February 5                                   Fast begins                  5:23 am
  Candle Lighting              5:00 pm               Shacharis          6:20 am & 7:30 am

                                                                                                   Schedule Of Services
  Mincha                       5:05 pm               Mincha                       5:10 pm
Saturday, February 6                                 Maariv                       6:00 pm
 Hashkomo Service              7:45 am               Fast Ends                    6:23 pm
  Shacharis - Main Synagogue   8:30 am
  Shacharis - Bais Hamedrash   8:30 am               TETZAVEH - Shabbos Zachor
  Mincha                       4:50 pm               Friday, February 26
  Shabbos Ends                 6:08 pm                 Candle Lighting         5:25 pm
                                                       Mincha                  5:30 pm
MISHPATIM - Shekalim - Mevorchim Adar                Saturday, February 27 - Erev Purim
Friday, February 12
                                                       Hashkomo Service            7:45 am
  Candle lighting            5:08 pm
                                                       Shacharis - Main Synagogue  8:30 am
  Mincha                     5:15 pm
                                                       Shacharis - Bais Hamedrash  8:30 am
Saturday, February 13
 Hashkomo Service              7:45 am                  Mincha                         5:15 pm
  Shacharis - Main Synagogue   8:30 am                  Shabbos ends &                 6:33 pm
  Shacharis - Bais Hamedrash   8:30 am                    Maariv followed by Megillah Reading
 Mincha                        4:55 pm                  Late Megilla Reading           8:30 pm
  Shabbos Ends                 6:16 pm
                                                     PURIM DAY- Sunday, February 28
TERUMAH                                                   Shacharis - 1st Minyan (BH)    7:15 am
Friday, February 19                                          1st Megilla Reading         7:45 am
  Candle Lighting              5:17 pm                    Shacharis - 2nd Minyan (MS)    8:15 am
  Mincha                       5:25 pm                       2nd Megilla Reading         8:45 am
Saturday, February 20                                        3rd Megilla Reading (MS) 11:00 am
  Hashkomo Service             7:45 am                    Mincha                         4:15 pm
  Shacharis - Main Synagogue   8:30 am                    QJC Purim Seudah               4:40 pm
  Shacharis - Bais Hamedrash   8:30 am                    Maariv               6:30 pm & 8:00 pm

  Mincha                       5:05 pm
  Shabbos Ends                 6:25 pm

                                                                                                   Special Davening
                                                       Prayer              &   Song
      Queens Jewish Center – The Place for the Ultimate Shabbos Experience!
                                January 16, 2009
                               ~~ TWICE THE SOUL ~~
         - Join us for a Carlebach Style Kabbalas Shabbos - at the QJC
         - Join Rabbi & Rebbetzin Geiger for Shabbos Oneg - at their home:
                                                          69-65 112th Street, Forest Hills

                               Friday, January 22
   Carlebach Davening: Mincha 4:50 pm                     Friday Night Tisch: 8:30 pm

                               Friday, February 19
    Carlebach Davening: Mincha 5:25 pm                     Friday Night Tisch: 8:30 pm
                                    Queens Jewish Center ~ Chanukah Bulletin
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Did You Know… Chanukah

                                                Laws and Customs of Chanukah
                         It is preferable to use olive oil because the miracle in the Temple occurred with olive oil, but
                         other pure, clean oils or candles may be used.
                         It is preferable to light the Menorah near a window that faces the street.
                         On the first night, one candle is lit on the extreme right end of the Menorah. Every
                         subsequent night, one candle is added towards the left. The newest candle added that
                         evening, on the left is kindled first, moving to the right!
                         The time for lighting candles is immediately upon nightfall (time of Sabbath end). One is not
                         permitted to do anything other than recite the Maariv prayer before lighting the Menorah. If
                         one is accidentally prevented from lighting candles at that time, one can still do so as long as
                         the household is awake. Beyond that, one can no longer recite the blessings.
                         On the eve of the Sabbath, Chanukah candles are kindled prior to the Shabbos candles but
                         care should be taken to have sufficient oil or candles large enough to burn a half hour past
                         nightfall. Saturday night at home the candles are lit immediately after Havdalah.

                                                              Did You Know?
                         In the miracle of Chanukah, even though there was sufficient oil to last for one full day,
                         Chanukah is celebrated for eight days and not just seven days. Here are some of the
                         reasons for celebrating the first day as well, gleaned from the commentaries:
                         1. The oil found in the cruse was divided into 8 parts. Hence the miracle took place 8
                         2. Although the oil burned all night, the Menorah was full every morning, including the first.
                         3. Even after the Kohanim had poured the oil into the cups of the Menorah, the cruse
                            remained full.
                         4. The first day of Chanukah commemorates the miracle of the military victory of the
                            Hasmoneans over the enemies of Israel.
                         5. The very discovery of the cruse of pure oil was considered a miracle, for were it not
                            found, there would have been no miracle of Chanukah.
                         Hallel is recited in its entirety each of the eight days of Chanukah, though we do not recite
                         the “whole” Hallel every day of Pesach. Firstly, the Talmud considers each day of
                         Chanukah a festival in its own right, since the miracle recurred each day; hence each
                         Chanukah day is alike for saying Hallel. Secondly, each day of Chanukah is distinct from
                         the other by virtue of the changing number of sacrifices offered on each day.
                         On the other hand there is no Mussaf on Chanukah. The Mussaf Service was instituted
                         only for occasions which were marked by “additional” festival offerings in the Bais
                         Hamikdash, later to be replaced by the Mussaf Service in accordance with the words of
                         Hosea (14:3): “we will render for bullocks the offering of our lips.” Since the Festival of
                         Chanukah was instituted in the post-biblical era, its observance was never marked by any
                         sacrifices, and hence does not call for a Mussaf Service.

                                                        Queens Jewish Center ~ Chanukah Bulletin
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                                                                                            December 27, 2009
                                                                                              Fast of Teves
                                THE TENTH OF TEVES - Asarah                   B’Teves

                                                                                                                                  Asarah B’Teves Teves Fast - Tu B’Shvat
       The Tenth of Tevet marks the onset of the siege of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar, the King of Babylonia, and the
beginning of the battle that ultimately destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple of Solomon, and sent the Jews into the 70-year
Babylonian Exile. The date of the Tenth of Tevet is recorded for us by the prophet Yechezkel, who himself was already in
Babylonia as part of the first group of Jews exiled there by Nebuchadnezzar, 11 years earlier than the actual destruction of
the Temple in Jerusalem itself. The Tenth of Tevet is viewed as such a severe and important fast day that it is observed even
if it falls on a Friday (erev Shabbat), while our other fast days are so arranged by calendar adjustments as to never fall on a
Friday, so as not to interfere with Shabbat preparations.
                                               GREEK TRANSLATION
    However, there are other commemorative days that fall immediately before the Tenth of Tevet and their memory has
been silently incorporated in the fast day of the Tenth of Tevet as well. On the eighth of Tevet, King Ptolemy of Egypt forced
70 Jewish scholars to gather and translate the Hebrew Bible into Greek. Even though the Talmud relates to us that this
project was blessed with a miracle -- the 70 scholars were all placed in separate cubicles and yet they all came up with the
same translation -- the general view of the rabbis of the time towards this project was decidedly negative. The Talmud
records that when this translation became public "darkness descended on the world."
    This translation -- the Septuagint -- eventually became the basis for the Old Testament section of the Christian bible a
few centuries later. The Greek translation of the Bible also further aided the advance of the agenda of the Hellenist Jews to
bring Greek culture into Jewish life, and to attempt to reform Judaism in the image of Greek values and lifestyle. The
"koshering" of the Greek language by its use in translating the Hebrew Bible had wide ramifications in Jewish society and
undermined some of the efforts of the rabbis in combating the allure of Greece in Israel of then.
                                         DEATH OF EZRA THE SCRIBE
     The ninth day of Tevet is held to be the day of the death of Ezra the Scribe. This great Jew is comparable even to Moses
in the eyes of the Talmud. "If the Torah had not been granted through Moses, it could have been granted to Israel through
Ezra." Ezra led the return of the Jews to Jerusalem from their Babylonian exile. It was under his direction and inspiration,
together with the help of the court Jew, Nechemiah, that the Second Temple was built, albeit originally in a much more
modest scale and style than the grandeur of Solomon's Temple.
     Ezra also renewed the covenant of Moses between Israel and God, staunched the flow of intermarriage that afflicted the
Jews returning to Jerusalem, strengthened public and private Sabbath observance, and created the necessary schools and
intellectual tools for the furtherance of the knowledge and development of the Oral Law of Sinai within the Jewish people.
     A man of incorruptible character, great compassion, deep vision and erudition and inspirational charisma, Ezra the
Scribe is responsible for the survival of Judaism and the Jews till this very day. It is no wonder therefore that Jews marked
the day of his death as a sad day on the Jewish calendar. Since fasting on the eighth, ninth and 10th days of Tevet
consecutively would be unreasonable, the events of the eighth and ninth were subsumed into the fast day of the Tenth of
                                                  COMBINING DAYS
      The rabbinic policy has been to attach other sad commemorations onto the established fast days, so as not to fill the
calendar with so many days of sad remembrances. Thus the memorial for the destruction of the Jewish communities of
Worms, Speyers and Mainz by the Crusaders in 1096 is marked on the fast day of Tisha B'Av, even though that destruction
actually took place in other months.
      This policy of minimizing the number of days of commemoration of sad events became accepted practice throughout the
Jewish world until the Holocaust. However, the enormity of the tragedy of the Holocaust subsumed everything that preceded
it in the story of the Jewish people in the Diaspora. Hence, it is understandable why the Knesset would look to designate a
specific day alone for Holocaust remembrance. Nevertheless, the rabbinic policy of minimizing days of tragic remembrances
played a role in assigning the Holocaust remembrance to the Tenth of Tevet for a large section of the Israeli population.

      2010                           The 15th day of the month of Shevat
                             marks the beginning of the "new year" for trees.
           Tu B'Shvat is the new year for the purpose of calculating the age of trees for
         tithing. The Torah states that fruit from trees which were grown in the land of Israel
  may not be eaten during the first three years; the fourth year's fruit is for G-d, and after that,
  the fruit can be eaten. Each tree is considered to have aged one year as of Tu B'Shvat, no
  matter when in the year it was planted. It is customary to plant trees and partake of the fruits
  of the land of Israel to mark the occasion.
                                                Queens Jewish Center ~ Chanukah Bulletin
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                                                          Honey Berger, President
                                                             Toni Gordon, Membership Vice President
                                                                Tania Materman, Programming Vice President
             PAST EVENT…
             The November ‘09 Book Review
             Mrs. Tova Well reviewed the book: THE GIRL FROM FOREIGN: A Search for Shipwrecked
             Ancestors, Forgotten Histories, and a Sense of Home, by: Sadia Shepard.
             The presentation was superb and very informative. Mrs. Well conveyed her extensive knowledge
             about Sadia Shepard, brought up Muslim & Christian, who finds out her grandmother was

             actually Jewish, of the Bene Israel community. Tova Well’s rendition left many in the audience
             interested to continue reading about that fascinating Jewish community - quite possibly a lost tribe
             of Israel. There was a large attendance and everyone enjoyed the refreshments.
             FUTURE EVENT...
             On Shabbos, January 30, 2010 The Sisterhood will sponsor a Special Kiddush in observance of
             Tu B’Shvat, the "new year" for trees, which falls on that Shabbos. Special refreshments will be served .

              The QJC Sisterhood wishes a Happy Chanukah to all QJC members and worshippers.

                                                     The QJC Sisterhood
                            would like to acknowledge the following people for their donations:

                           Simcha Fund                                                    Sunshine Fund
                      In Honor of Birth                                              Get Well Wishes

                 Tammi & Nathan Braun’ grandson                                      Rabbi Aaron Gewirtz
                           Herbert Schonhaut                                               Herbert Schonhaut

                  In Honor of Retirement                                               Memorial Fund
                  David Berger upon his retirement                                    In Memory of
                           Herbert Schonhaut                         Mrs. Claire Glowitz, sister of Mr. Sigmund Liker
                                                                                 Seymour Kaplan       Esther Katz

                     For Simcha, Condolences or Get Well cards, or for a Pushka, please contact :
                    Margy Cohen, 62-41 Yellowstone Blvd., Forest Hills, NY ~~ Ph.: 718-271-2331

                                   Susan Lieberman                      Every other Wednesday
                                  PARSHAT KEDOSHIM:                                8:00 pm
                                     HOW TO BE HOLY
                                    IN TODAY’S SOCIETY
                                                                          December 16 & 30
                                                     Bais Hamedrash

                                               Queens Jewish Center ~ Chanukah Bulletin
                                                           Page 9

                               In Our QJC Family

       Mazal Tov upon the Birth of
A great-granddaughter to Pearl & Emanuel Shaps
A great-granddaughter to Pearl & Nathan Wadler                           A Warm
                                                                            Beruch C Welcome
                                                                                    im Hab
  Mazal Tov upon the Engagement of                                       To Our
                                                                                N ew
     Pearl & Emanuel Shaps’ grandson, Yoey                          Aryeh          QJC M
              to Sora Minna Yachnes                                        & E st e             :
                                                                    Daniel         e S c hne
                                                                           & Jenn            id
    Mazal Tov upon the Marriage of                                                  ifer Go er
 Aliza Kramer, granddaughter of Pearl & Lenny
          Greenberg, to Yoel Gabay

                                                                                                               In Our Family

 Single—$280                                  Reduced rates for catered meals
 Family—$495 (1st year—$280)                  Reduced rates to Lectures & Speakers
 Discounted High Holiday seat rates           Services of the Chessed Committee
 Reduced rates for auditorium rental          Having Within our Family events listed on our
 Reduced rates on Shul rental for your simcha  announcements & newsletters
                                              and much more… Tell your Friends.

                                       SUPPORT OUR SHUL
               You can now participate in a variety of sponsorships and funds
             in which you can memorialize your loved one in a meaningful way:
                             · Sponsor or co-sponsor a Kiddush
                           · Sponsor a Shabbos Seudah Shlishis
             · Co-sponsor a QJC Shabbos Lunch Seudah or Scholar in Residence
                      · Contribute to the Harriet Wishik Kiddush Fund
                              · Contribute to the Shiva Fund

Mr. Herbert Jablon, at Sephardic Nursing & Rehab Ctr., 2286 Cropsey Ave., Brooklyn
              at Emmons Ave. (Bay Pkwy. Exit off Belt). His cell phone: 347-210-7718.
Mrs. Ann Jablon: at Palm Beach, 2900 Bragg St., B’klyn. (Knapp St. Exit off Belt)
             Please call her attendant, Ophelia before visiting - 917-498-0772 (not far from Sephardic Ctr.)
Mrs. Emma Mark , at Margaret Tietz Nursing and Rehab. Ctr., 164-11 Chapin Pkwy., Jamaica Estates.
                  Tel: 718-298-7800. Please call ahead.
Mr. Rudy Hertz in Chicago, would like to be called. Tel: 773-262-6812
   If you know of any other members in need of bikur cholim, please contact the QJC office. Tizku LeMitzvos.

                                             Queens Jewish Center ~ Chanukah Bulletin
                                                                                                  Page 10

                                                                             QJC Events Summary
                                1. Shabbos, Dec. 11-12 - Rabbi Grunblatt - Scholar in Residence - The Miracle of Jewish Endurance: (see below)
                                3. Shabbos, Dec. 12, Special Seudah Shlishis- Siyum Mishnayos Taharos - Baal Hadran: Rabbi Yehuda Oppenheimer
                                4. Fridays, Dec. 25 & Jan. 1(2010) - 9:30-11:30 am - Rabbi Geiger: The Jewish Kitchen Parts V & VI (p. 11)
                                5. Shabbos Jan. 8-9, Scholar-in-Residence Rabbi Y.Y. Rubinstein, Friday Dinner - 5:30 pm - (p. 12)
Scholar in Residence - Events

                                6 & 7. Carlebach Davening - Fridays: Jan. 22 & Feb. 19 (Following Mincha) / Tisch at the Geigers - 8:30 pm (p.5)
                                8. Learn Torah with your Kids - Sat., Feb. 13 - 7:30-8:30 pm (Bais Hamedrash) Pizza & Games - (p. 11)
                                9. Sunday, Feb. 14 - The Annual Salvit Memorial Lecture (details to follow) -(p. 13)

                                   Join us for a wonderful Shabbos filled with great food, community spirit and Torah wisdom.

                                  Rabbi Joseph Grunblatt, our beloved Rabbi Emeritus, was rabbi of the QJC for 4 decades, & adj. professor of Jewish Studies at Touro
                                  College, past president of the RCA, Quebec Region and co-founder of Yeshiva Gedola in Montreal. Rabbi Grunblatt served on the Joint OU &
                                  RCA Kashruth Committee. He chairs RCA’s Vaad Hakavod & is past president of the VHQ. Author of the book, Exile and Redemption-
                                  Meditations on Jewish History, Rabbi Grunblatt published many articles and was a frequent guest on local radio “Taste of Torah”. Rabbi Grunblatt
                                  studied at Musmach Yeshiva & Mesivta Torah Vodaath, B’klyn. He completed Advanced Rabbinic Studies at Beth Midrash Elyon, NY & McGill
                                  University, Canada.
                                                    This Shabbos Scholar in Residence is sponsored by Gloria Grossman
                                                               in loving memory of her husband, Morris, ‫ע”ה‬

                                                                         You are invited to
                                                    The Queens Jewish Center ~ Mishnayos Home Study Program
                                Siyum on Seder Taharos - Shabbos Chanukah, December 12                                                                               (Vayeshev)

                                                 Special Seudah Shlishis                                   -       Following 3:35 pm Mincha
                                            Baal Hadran: Rabbi Yehuda Oppenheimer                                                (Young Israel of Forest Hills)

                                                Mesayem U’Maschil: David Turk                                         Chairman: Rabbi Shmuel Gold
                                                                                                  Sponsored by:
                                                     Mr. & Mrs. Carl Hamada, in loving memory of their daughter
                                                                                Felice Hamada Schonberg, ‫ע”ה‬

                                                                                  Queens Jewish Center ~ Chanukah Bulletin
                                                           Page 11

                                                                     Rabbi Benjamin Geiger

                                                                                                                    Upcoming Events - Classes
                                                                                                        V & VI
                                                                                Kneading and more…
                                                                                But I really like my instant tea!

                                                                         Fridays           9:30 AM - 11:30 AM

                                                 bo l
                                               ab ia
                                             Sh pec

                                                                     December 25, 2009 (Hashkomo Area)

                                                                     January 1, 2010 (Bais Hamedrash)

Following a very successful November event, Torah
bonding for you and your child continues on                 Motzaei Shabbos February 13, 2010
                                                             7:30 - 8:30 pm ~ Bais Hamedrash
                                                               Learning, Stories, Raffles, Pizza!
                                                               Staffed by Rabbi and Rebbetzin Geiger
                                                           The QJC will be open for you to come and
                                                            study with your child! Work with your
                                                          children on their schoolwork or use material
                                                                 that will be provided for you.

                                                   M o n d a y s a t 7 :4 5 P M
                                                   E a c h w e e k is a n e w to p ic !!
                                                   Q u e e n s J e w is h C e n te r
                                               Embark on your own personal journey into the study of Mussar
                                                           Jewish Wisdom to Guide the Soul.
   Join Rabbi Ben Geiger for the Weekly Torah Portion, sharing insights from an ancient source of wisdom.

        THE MITZVOS                                              The     A well-deserved break
 SEFER HACHINUCH systematically discusses
                                                                          in your hectic day !
    the 613 commandments of the Torah.                           Adult JEWISH HISTORY SERIES
    Join Rabbi Geiger for an hour of                             Learning Every other Tuesday
  learning & refreshments in his home
                                                                 Club     10:00 am ~ Rabbi Geiger
     WEDNESDAYS - 9:00 PM

                                              Queens Jewish Center ~ Chanukah Bulletin
                                                            Page 12


            Rabbi YY Rubinstein is probably the most sought after Jewish speaker in the U.K. He regularly speaks in
            the U.S, Gibraltar, S. Africa, Israel & Belgium. He is a regular broadcaster on BBC National TV & Radio.
            He writes for “HaModia” and the “Jewish Tribune.” In addition, he lectures for the UK’s Project SEED and
            is a Senior Lecturer for the Gateways organization in the US. His main position is Campus Rabbi for the
            North West of England, serving over 2,000 Jewish students.

                                                                      Forest Hills

              This Shabbos Scholar in Residence is sponsored by Mark & Tzippy Hirsch, Walter & Grace Kahn,
                     Robert & Tania Materman, Aryeh & Shirley Rendel and Franklyn & Rosalyn Snitow

                                               Queens Jewish Center ~ Chanukah Bulletin
                                                      Page 13

                   Asara B'Teves - Yom HaKaddish Haklali Program
       Motzei Shabbos, December 26, 2009, 8 PM at the Young Israel of Kew Gardens Hills.

                                                                                                             Upcoming Events - In the Community
     Guest speakers: Rabbi Moshe Meir Weiss & Rabbi Shlomo Hochberg (YI of Jamaica Estates)
The QJC is one of the sponsoring shuls                                   For information call 718-263-0908

                      SUNDAY, JANUARY 3, 2010 - 9:00 AM
               A Breakfast for Torah Vodaath will take place at the QJC
            In Memory of our beloved member, Mr. Samuel Kunstler, ‫ה”ע‬
   Speaker: Rabbi Fishel Schachter                                  Chairman: Mr. Carl Hamada

                                SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 2010
        Featuring an exciting and thought provoking lecturer.
                Further details will be forthcoming ….

                                       Following last year’s successful
                                        run, a private film screening
                                     of an exciting movie is in planning
                                               for the QJCinema.

  IN THE COMMUNITY               …

                                                  QUEENS HATZOLAH responds to approximately
                                                  5,800 calls for help every year. (almost 17 a day).
                                                  It maintains a fleet of 8 operational ambulances
   To make a donation to Hatzolah,                including 6 of the most advanced ambulances in the
      please send your check to:                  country as well as 2 four-wheel drive ambulances for
                                                  all weather emergencies.
    83-26 Brevoort Street                         Queens Hatzolah is an entirely volunteer
  Kew Gardens, NY 11415                           organization, composed of your neighbors, with
                                                  neither employees nor an office. 100% of your
718-441-5859 (non-emergency)                          donation goes towards our operating budget.

                                   The Vaad Harabonim of Queens (VHQ) Welcomes:
       O P B OM E                           Pizza Palace Cafe
   ST ELC KID I !         63-60 108th St, Forest Hills, NY 11375               (718) 997-7492
      W EW OCK
   &      N L         (located between TD Bank and R&M Glatt Supermarket - 5 blocks north of the QJC)
       E     B
    TH UR          Bread, bagels, pastries, pizza, sushi, pasta, soup, shakes, salad bar & much more…
     N O                             Delivery and catering of events also available.
             Sun-Thu: 6AM-10PM ~ Fri: 6AM-2.5 hours before Shabbos ~ Sat night: 1.5 after Shabbos
                                         Queens Jewish Center ~ Chanukah Bulletin
                                                            Page 14
            KISLEV                   DECEMBER                         TEVES                    DECEMBER
            24                           11                           12                          29
            Dr. Henry Dicker             mother                       Mr. Thomas Berger           father
            Mr. Richard Grossman         father                       Mrs. Diane Cohn             husband
            Mrs. Gloria Grossman         husband                      13                          30          * Lights will be
            Mrs. Gisella Herman          brother                      Ms. Annette Browdy          father       kindled in the
            Mr. Herbert Schonhaut        grandfather                  Mrs. Richard Etra           father*        Main Shul
            25                            12                          Mrs. Froma Posner           father*
            Mrs. Roslyn Goldofsky         father*                     Mr. Herbert Schonhaut       father
            Mr. & Mrs. Carl Hamada        daughter*                   14                          31
            Mrs. Brunia Sztul             father*                     Mr. Rudy Hertz              mother
            26                            13                                                   JANUARY
            Mr. George Faber              mother                      15                          1
            Mr. Herbert Jablon            mother                      Mrs. Herbert Blustein       grandmother
            28                            15                          16                          2
            Rabbi Joseph Grunblatt        sister                      Mrs. Emma Mark              brother
            Mr. Ray Kestenbaum            mother
            Mrs. Rose Reizbaum            husband                     17                          3
                                                                      Mrs. Pearl Greenberg        father
            29                            16                          Mrs. Judith Warshawski      father
            Mr. Bruno Levi                father                      Mr. Julius Wishik           mother
            Mr. Shoel Popovich            loved one*
                                                                      18                          4

            Mrs. Livia Turkel             husband
                                                                      Mrs. Sabina Landau          daughter
            30                            17                          Mrs. Esther Weinstock       mother
            Mrs. Helene Rubenstein        father
                                                                      19                          5
            TEVES                                                     Mr. Shmuel Karper           father
            1                             18                          20                          6
            Emma Mark                     Brother                     Mrs. Eleanor Kaplan         mother
            2                             19                          Mrs. Lillian Friedman       father
            Dr. Herbert Blustein          Mother                      Mr. Al Geiger               mother
            3                             20                          22                          8
            Mr. Herbert Schonhaut         uncle                       Mr. Douglas Aronin          wife
            Mrs. Irene Weissenstein       husband
                                                                      23                          9
            4                             21                          Mr. Martin Wagner           father
            Mr. Jack R. Nussbaum          father*
                                                                      24                          10
            Mrs. Naomi Nussbaum-Antis     father*
                                                                      Mrs. Tania Materman         father*
            5                             22
            Mrs. Susan Lieberman          mother                      25                          11
                                                                      Mr. Jack Ecker              mother
            6                             23                          Mr. Rudy Hertz              loved one
            Rabbi Hyam I. Reichel         mother*                     Mrs. Betsy Lopata           father
            Mrs. Shirley Rosenbaum        mother                      Mr. William Wealcatch       mother
            8                             25                          26                          12
            Mrs. Pearl Mosak              sister
                                                                      Mrs. Margy Cohen            father
            Mrs. Susan Shalhon            father*                     Dr. Nathan H. Wadler        mother
            9                             26                          27                          13
            Mr. Walter Kahn               brother                     Mrs. Anna Gyenes            husband*
            10                            27                          Mr. J. Peter Hans           father
            Mr. Thomas Berger             mother                      Mrs. Edith Gottesman        sister
            Mrs. Daisy Berman             husband*                    28                          14
            Rabbi Julius Berman           father                      Mrs. Ann Jablon             loved one
            Mr. & Mrs. Israel Goldman     son*
                                                                      29                          15
            Dr. Arthur Rand               parents
                                                                      Mrs. Gladys Baruch          father*
            Mr. Emanuel Shaps             mother
                                                                      Mrs. Anna Gyenes            father
            11                            28                          Mr. Jack Shalhon            father
            Mr. Ray Kestenbaum            cousin                      Mr. Joseph Orbach           father
            Mr. Samuel Friedman           father
                                               Queens Jewish Center ~ Chanukah Bulletin
                                                   Page 15
SHEVAT                     JANUARY                           SHEVAT                    FEBRUARY
2                             17                             24                          8
Mrs. Beverly Brandler         father                         Mrs. Lana Shimunova         father
Mrs. Susan Lieberman          father                         25                          9
Mrs. Rosalyn Goldofsky        sister                         Rabbi Sheldon Borgen        mother
Brunia Sztul                  sisterr                        Mrs. Esther Katz            husband
Rebbetzin Bella Grunblatt     brother                        Mrs. Shoshana Shamilzadeh   husband
3                             18                             27                          11
Mrs. Malka Liker              mother*                        Dr. Gerald Posner           mother*
4                             19                             28                          12
Mrs. Dorothy Berman           mother                         Mrs. Livia Turkel           mother*
Dr. Herbert Blustein          loved one                      29                          13
Mrs. Serina Salamon           husband*                       Mr. Fred Frenkel            sister
5                             20                             Mr. Jay Morrow              father
Mr. Gustave Jacobs            mother                         ADAR
6                             21                             1                           15
Mrs. David Berger             brothers*                      Mrs. Kerry Newman           grandfather
Mrs. Aviva Hoch               mother                         2                           16
Mrs. Chana Naparstek          son*                           Mrs. Fay Brandwein          husband
7                             22                             3                           17
Mr. Julius Wishik             father                         Mrs. Rachel Schwechter      brother
Mr. Jules Halpern             mother                         Dr. Henry Dicker            father

8                             23                             Mrs. Sophie Samuels         sister*
Mrs. Fred Frenkel             grandmother*                   Mrs. Judith Fagin           father
                                                             Mrs. Toby Snitow            sister
9                             24
Mrs. Shirley Rosenbaum        father                         4                           18
                                                             Mr. Jacob Kaylyakov         father
10                            25
Rabbi Shmuel Gold             mother                         5                           19
Mrs. Nick Gordon              mother                         Mrs. Margy Cohen            mother
Mrs. Ann Jablon               father*                        Mrs. Ruth Burstein          husband
                                                             Mrs. Malka Liker            father *
11                            26
Mrs. Jean Feinberg            father                         6                           20
Mr. Rudy Hertz                wife*                          Rabbi Shmuel Gold           father
Rabbi Hyam Reichel            father*                        Mrs. Toni Gordon            father
                                                             Mrs. Edith Reinstein        husband
12                            27
Mrs. Ann Jablon               grandfather                    7                           21
                                                             Mrs. Elaine Kraut           mother
14                            29                             Mr. Nodari Palagi           mother
Mrs. Shirley Freudenberger    father                         Mr. Herbert Schonhaut       aunt
15                          30                               8                           22
Mrs. Rachel Schwechter      brother                          Mr. Nathan Braun            grandmother
16                          31                               Mrs. Rose Spielman          father*
Mrs. Rose Spielman          son*                             Mrs. Margy Cohen            husband
                         FEBRUARY                            9                           23
17                          1                                Mr. Carl Hamada             sister
Mr. Herbert Schonhaut       uncle                            Mr. Ray Kestenbaum          father
                                                             10                          24
18                           2
                                                             Mrs. Eleanor Kaplan         father
Mr. Carl A. Hamada           brother
                                                             Mr. Naftali Rendel          wife
Mrs. Ann Jablon              grandmother
                                                             Cantor Aryeh Rendel         mother
Mrs. Gisella Herman          brother
                                                             11                          25
20                           4                               Mr. Arthur Seidl            mother
Mr. Nathan Braun             grandfather                     Rabbi Aaron Gewirtz         brother
Mrs. Jean Feinberg           mother                          Mrs. Miriam Blustein        brother
Dr. Nathan H. Wadler         father
                                                             14                          28
22                           6
                                                             Mrs. Nana Geiger            father
Mrs. Ida Okun                sister
                                                             Mr. William Wealcatch       father
Mrs. Mina Salvit             husband*
                                      Queens Jewish Center ~ Chanukah Bulletin

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