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									     November 21, 2012 [BLOG POST]

           How Google analytics helps SEO?
SEO, which is commonly known as Search Engine Optimization refers to that particular
practice the aim of which is to improve the visibility of your website and at the same
time push up the traffic on the same. On the other hand, Google Analytics refers to one
such first-rate platform by Google that allows you to keep a track of your sales as well as
conversions. Moreover, this particular platform is known to provide you in-depth
information regarding your website visitors such as how they managed to reach your
website and so also the pattern that they follow when they use your website. Now that
we have understood both these platforms in their individual capacities, let us now try
and acquaint ourselves with the relation that exists between SEO and Google Analytics.

SEO with analytics happens to be one of the most commonly heard phrases of late. The
main reason behind the same is because of the central role that Google Analytics
happens to play with respect to Search Engine Optimization. There are a number of
different ways that Analytics makes use of in order to keep a close eye on your SEO
efforts. First and foremost, Analytics help you to carry out a comparative study between
the traffic levels that are enjoyed by your website at different points of time. Similarly,
Analytics is also known to assist you in determining the new visits as well as repeat visits
on your website. Most importantly, Analytics also help you to get a peek-a-boo into the
visiting trends on your website. A quick look through the above points will help us
conclude that Google Analytics tend to help SEO in many many ways.

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