chanukah social by xuyuzhu


									                           Chanukah Social
                          Pinner and Radlett

   To educate the chanichim of the Chanukah story and how its
   relevant to today
   To raise money
   Have a fun and make it a memorable experience

Time Plan
Time             Activity
6:00             Exec Arrive and Set up
7:00-7:30        Chanichim arrive and socialize
7:30-7:45        Settle down + Introduction
7:45-8.05        Rotation 1a                       Rotation 1b
8:05-8:25        Rotation 2a                       Rotation 2b
8:25- 8:45       Rotation 3a                       Rotation 3b
8:45 – 8:55      Everyone comes together
8:55-9:00        Conclusion
9:00-9:15        Hatikvah, Announcements
9:15-9:30        Socialize

The same programme is run simultaneously so that there are 6 smaller
more manageable groups and the chanichim move around less so it is
less disruptive. Rotation 1a is the same as rotation 1b, just in another
room. People in rotation 1a move to rotation 2a and so on.

Rotation 1a- Alex and Amy
Rotation 2a- Kezia and Emily
Rotation 1b- Debra and Jess
Rotation 2b- Smiler and Sam
Rotation 1c- Elliya and Gaby
Rotation 2c- Anna and Lucy

Equipment list
  Doughnuts x80 (Provided by Lucy)
  Stickers for Rotation 3 x 60 (Provided by Sam)
  Torches (each exec member must provide their own)
  Blind folds for Rotation 1 x 20 (each exec member has to bring in 2
  Chocolate Money x 6 (provided by Emily)
  Outline of the Chanukah story (provided by Samantha)
  Boxes of Miniature Heroes for Rotation 2 x 3 (provided by Anna)
  5 bars of chocolates (the really big ones for the chocolate game)
  for Rotation 3 (provided by Amy)
   Knife and folk for rotation 3 x 2 (provided by Smiler)
   Scarf, hat and gloves and coat x 2 (provided by jess)

Alex: hey guys, only a few days until Christmas…I cant wait!
Lucy: yeh…it’s going to be so cool, I’m getting an I-pod, some
aftershave, a football and a new bike….
Gaby: …nice, I’m not sure what I’m getting yet, its going to be a
Debra: anyway, Emily what are you up to this Christmas?
Emily: well actually, I’m Jewish. So I celebrate Chanukah
Jess: wow your Jewish, cool, don’t you get 20 presents or something?
Emily: no, not that many just the 8
Kez: wow, how come….I wish I was Jewish
Elliya: is that the only reason that you want to be Jewish…because you
want presents!?
Sam: moving on…so what this Chanukah thing all about, do you have
a Chanukah bush with latkas instead of ball balls
Anna: do you put it up a month before Chanukah like Christians do?
Smiler: I heard that Jews eat lots of chocolate coins
Amy: well, I can tell a think or two…


Huggy bears 6... number the chanichim 1-6
Each pair stand at different sides of the room and Emily number the
chanichim and make sure they go exactly where they are meant to go
so we have even numbers for each group.
1s go with Alex and Amy
2s go with Kezia and Emily
3s go with Debra and jess
4s go with Smiler and Sam
5s go with Elliya and Gaby
6s go with Anna and Lucy

Ice breakers: each member says their name and their favourite thing
about Chanukah and why
E.g. my name is Ingrid and my favourite thing about Chanukah is
singing moatzor because I no all the words 

Rotation 1:
   The chanichim have to get in pairs, while one holds the string the
   other has to eat the doughnut.
   Say: The aim is to eat the doughnut the quickest and the reward is
   the satisfaction of winning  -
   Keep in the same pairs as you were for the doughnuts and blind fold
   your partner and you have to guide them around the obstacle
   The obstacle course should be being set up while they are doing
   the doughnut eating. The winner has to go through the obstacle
   course in the shortest time. The prize is Chanukah gelt
   While chanichim are waiting for their turn to go around the obstacle
   course sit them in a circle and talk about what they did this
   Chanukah and why they like Chanukah
   This signifies team work as the Maccabees did while fighting.

Conclude rotation by saying: Even though the Maccabees were a
really small army it was such a miracle how they beat an army that was
a lot larger than theirs. Anything is possible if you try and work together.

Rotation 2:
   This room should be dark and the chanichim should arrange
   themselves into height order.
   Put yourselves in order of size feet
   This illustrates the struggles that the Maccabees overcame (trying to
   do the task with a disadvantage, of no light) and also the lack of oil
   in the temple which they thought would run out and didn’t (the
   Jews thought there wouldn’t be enough oil to last eight days until
   more was found and without oil in the lamps, it would be dark).
   Read this out Judah Maccabee is best known as the hero of the
   Hanukkah story. In the second century B.C.E., Judah Maccabee,
   also known as Yehuda HaMaccabee and Judas Maccabeus, led
   the Jewish revolt against the Greek-Syrians. The success of the revolt
   is celebrated today by the Hanukkah festival.
            1. Who is your hero and why?
            2. What would you consider and a hero?
            3. What qualities do you think a hero should have?
            4. What is the difference between a hero and a leader?
            5. Do you think the Maccabees would’ve triumphed without
            6. What other morals are there in the Chanukah story?
                    Stand up for what you believe in
                    Don’t give up faith in G-d

If time: get the chanichim to make up a song to the tune of ‘moatzor’
but with words to do with Chanukah.
The first line could be….
Chanukah’s in December, it’s a time when you remember ….

Conclude rotation by saying:
Heroism can be what ever you make it but we should always do our
best to achieve our potential and inspire others.
Rotation 3:
   split the group into two and each group will be given a piece of
   paper giving a really brief outline of the Chanukah story
   Skit – the chanichim act out the Chanukah story.
   Each exec member running the rotation for about 5 minutes go
   over and help a group. Then they perform it.
   Group 1 have to include these words:
    1. 25th Kislev
    2. oil
    3. Chunukiah
    4. 8 days

   Group 2 have to include these words:
   1. Temple
   2. miracle
   3. lights
   4. Maccabees

If time:
Play our made up dreidel game.
It’s like the chocolate game but instead of getting a 6 you have to get

a gimmel       . You have to put on the hat, scarf, gloves and coat.
Then you have to cut the chocolate, with the knife and folk until
someone else gets a gimmel.

Conclude rotation by saying: what the Maccabees achieved was so
great and could have been seen as impossible. But with Hashem on
their side they managed to achieve it and beat the huge Greek army.
Sometimes you may feel as if saying ‘I cant do it’ but if a small army like
the maccabees can beat a really large army like the Greeks then
maths homework seems like nothing.

Amy: I told you I knew a thing or two about Chanukah
Alex: …that was pretty impressive stuff
Lucy: yeh even I didn’t know some of that
Debra: yeh it sounds like good fun
Sam: well I really have learnt a lot
Smiler: wow I want to celebrate both Chanukah and Christmas!
Jess: only because you want double the presents
Amy: but I have learnt the real meaning behind this story of many
Anna: yeh, what she said
Gaby: well, Merry Christmas guys
Emily: oh, well I better say Happy Belated Chanukah to you
Elliya: yeh, happy belated Chanukah
Kezia: Happy belated Chanukah

   Convention 07

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