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                                                                                      Volume 58, Issue 3
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                    Queens Jewish Center & Talmud Torah
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                                                                                      December 2007-March 2008

                                                                                                      66-05 108th Street

                             The Bulletin                                                            Forest Hills, NY 11375
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                             The Latest andand Beyond...
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                                                                                                  RABBI BEN GEIGER
                                                                                RABBI JOSEPH GRUNBLATT            Rabbi Emeritus
                                                                                           ARYEH RENDEL                    Cantor
                                                                                   ABRAHAM SCHWERD ‫ז”ל‬            Cantor Emeritus
                                                                                 RABBI YOSSI MENDELSON             Ritual Director
                                                                                       JACK R. NUSSBAUM                  President
                                                                                       DAVID FERSTENDIG Chairman Board of Trustees

                                   On the Eighth Day of Chanukah
There are many approaches to the question of why Channukah is eight days long. The Beis Yosef points out the
difficulty in this length. “Since there was sufficient oil for one day, the miracle only happened on seven days.
Why, then, were eight days of Chanukah instituted to recall the miracle, when seven should be enough?” The Beis
Yosef himself proposes three answers, and an entire book called Ner L’Meah is devoted to other resolutions.
However, the Orech Hashulchan offers an intriguing answer. He points out that the Jewish people had been unable
to celebrate Sukkos that year, as the Greeks had had control of the Temple and had defiled it. In an effort to
compensate for their loss, the Chashmonaim and the Sages celebrated an eight day chanukas habayis, dedication
of the Temple. One day for each they had lost. It is puzzling that, according to this solution, that the Chashmonaim
seemed to be less concerned with Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. In fact, we see no effort to find days to fill in
for these holidays. The focal point of the celebration revolves around Sukkos and Shmini Atzeres alone. This
implies a connection between the essence of Chanukah and these latter holidays.
Sukkos is the holiday of trust in Hashem. It is the holiday in which we make an effort to internalize the fact that
this world is by definition fleeting and limited and that true existence, life and reality are only achieved in the
“shade of Hashem’s wings,” the shad of the s’cahch. Shmini Atzeres, in finality, is the loving embrace of two
entities. Hashem says good-bye to His children as they return to the natural lives He has ordained as His children,
the Jewish people, grasp for remaining seconds in the presence of this miraculous existence.
With his understanding, we can begin to look at Chanukah. Everything in the physical world is by definition finite;
that is, it can be defined and limited by dimensions. There are six sides to every physical entity – north, south,
east, west, up and down – and the seventh is its form or center. This, of course, is represented in the seven days of
Creation. The entire universe can be summated in the number seven. The number eight, however, is the departure
from the limitations of this world and a metaphysical connection to the Divine.
Chanukah is, like Sukkos and Shmini Atzeres, our embrace of Hashem. It is not sufficient to celebrate for seven
days. The world as a whole benefits directly from the rededication of the Temple, just as it benefits from the 70
sacrifices brought on their behalf on Sukkos. However, the miraculous burning of oil, beyond its physical
properties and dimensions, was hidden in the Temple from their sight. It was a special embrace from Hashem; a
message of approval and love from our Father in Heaven that we should stay fro one more day.
Therefore, it is not surprising that Chanukah is the holiday of Torah study; a holiday where we encourage our
children to study by rewarding their divrey Torah. A time when we sing the praises of Hashem as we would any
being we truly love with all our being. It is a time, in the dark and cold of winter, when remind ourselves how
much Hashem truly loves us and how much we should love Him.

Ben Geiger
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QJC Office               718-459-8432
QJC Fax                  718-459-8495
                                                   Aufruf of Gershon Ferstendig
QJC Website                 Friday, December 28
QJC e-mail                   Candle Lighting            4:17 P.M.
Rabbi Ben Geiger Email              Mincha                     4:25 P.M.
Rabbi Ben Geiger         718-263-0565
Rabbi Yossie Mendelson   718-897-6578              Saturday, December 29
QJC Chevra Kadisha       718-459-1468                  Hashkomo Service           7:45 A.M.
Queens Chevra Kaddisha   718-849-9700
Hatzoloh                 718-387-1750
                                                       Shacharis Main Synagogue   8:30 A.M.
Eruv                     718-544-6898                  Shacharis Bais Hamedrash   8:30 A.M.
                                                       Mincha                     4:15 P.M.
 Schedule of Services                                  Shabbos Ends               5:27 P.M.

 MIKETZ - Fifth Day of Chanukah                    VAEIRAH
 Mevorchim Tevet                                   Mevorchim Shvat
 Light Chanukah candles before Shabbos candles     Friday, January 4
 Friday, December 7                                    Candle Lighting            4:23 P.M.
   Shabbos Candle Lighting             4:10 P.M.       Mincha                     4:30 P.M.
   Mincha                              4:20 P.M.   Saturday, January 5
 Saturday, December 8                                  Hashkomo Service           7:45 A.M.
    Hashkomo Service                  7:45 A.M.        Shacharis Main Synagogue   8:30 A.M.
    Shacharis Main Synagogue          8:30 A.M.        Shacharis Bais Hamedrash   8:30 A.M.
    Shacharis Bais Hamedrash          8:30 A.M.        Mincha                     4:20 P.M.
    Mincha                             4:05 P.M.       Shabbos Ends               5:33 P.M.
    Shabbos Ends                       5:19 P.M.
 VAYIGASH                                          BO
 Friday, December 14                               Friday, January 11
    Candle Lighting                    4:10 P.M.       Candle Lighting            4:30 P.M.
    Mincha                             4:20 P.M.       Mincha                     4:40 P.M.
 Saturday, December 15                             Saturday, January 12
    Hashkomo Service                  7:45 A.M.        Hashkomo Service           7:45 A.M.
    Shacharis Main Synagogue          8:30 A.M.        Shacharis Main Synagogue   8:30 A.M.
    Shacharis Bais Hamedrash          8:30 A.M.        Shacharis Bais Hamedrash   8:30 A.M.
    Mincha                            4:05 P.M.        Mincha                     4:25 P.M.
    Shabbos Ends                      5:20 P.M.        Shabbos Ends               5:40 P.M.
 Wednesday, December 19
    Fast Begins                        5:46 A.M.
                                                   Shabbos Shira
    Shacharis                   7:15 & 8:15 A.M.   Friday, January 18
    Mincha                             3:50 P.M.       Candle Lighting            4:37 P.M.
    Maariv                             4:50 P.M.       Mincha                     4:45 P.M.
    Fast Ends                          5:07 P.M.   Saturday, January 19
 VAYECHI                                               Hashkomo Service           7:45 A.M.
 Friday, December 21                                   Shacharis Main Synagogue   8:30 A.M.
    Candle Lighting                   4:13 P.M.        Shacharis Bais Hamedrash   8:30 A.M.
    Mincha                            4:20 P.M.        Mincha                     4:35 P.M.
 Saturday, December 22                                 Shabbos Ends               5:47 P.M.
    Hashkomo Service                  7:45 A.M.
    Shacharis Main Synagogue          8:30 A.M.
    Shacharis Bais Hamedrash          8:30 A.M.
    Mincha                             4:10 P.M.
    Shabbos Ends                      5:22 P.M.

                             Queens Jewish Center ~ Chanukah Bulletin
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YISRO                                              KI TISA
Friday, January 25                                 Friday, February 22
  Candle Lighting                   4:46 P.M.        Candle Lighting                    5:20 P.M.
  Mincha                            4:55 P.M.        Mincha                             5:30 P.M.
Saturday, January 26                               Saturday, February 23
  Hashkomo Service                  7:45 A.M.        Hashkomo Service                   7:45 A.M.
  Shacharis Main Synagogue          8:30 A.M.        Shacharis Main Synagogue           8:30 A.M.
  Shacharis Bais Hamedrash          8:30 A.M.
                                                     Bais Hamedrash Shacharis           8:30 A.M.
  Mincha                            4:40 P.M.            Mincha                         5:15 P.M.
  Shabbos Ends                      5:56 P.M.
                                                         Shabbos Ends                   6:30 P.M.
Mevorchim Adar I                                   VAYAKHEL
Friday, February 1                                 MEVORCHIM ADAR II
 Candle lighting                    4:54 P.M.      Friday, February 29
 Mincha                             5:05 P.M.        Candle Lighting                    5:28 P.M.
Saturday, February 2                                 Mincha                             5:35 P.M.
  Hashkomo Service                  7:45 A.M.
                                                   Saturday, March 1
  Shacharis Main Synagogue          8:30 A.M.
  Shacharis Bais Hamedrash          8:30 A.M.
                                                      Hashkomo Service                  7:45 A.M.
                                                      Shacharis Main Synagogue          8:30 A.M.
  Mincha                            4:40 P.M.         Bais Hamedrash Shacharis          8:30 A.M.
  Shabbos Ends                      6:04 P.M.
                                                         Mincha                         5:25 P.M.
TERUMAH                                                  Shabbos Ends                   6:38 P.M.
Friday, February 8
  Candle Lighting                   5:03 P.M.
                                                   SHABBAT SHEKALIM
  Mincha                            5:10 P.M.
                                                   ROSH CHODESH ADAR II
Saturday, February 9                               Friday, March 7
  Hashkomo Service                  7:45 A.M.        Candle Lighting                    5:35 P.M.
  Shacharis Main Synagogue          8:30 A.M.        Mincha                             5:45 P.M.
  Bais Hamedrash Shacharis          8:30 A.M.
                                                   Saturday, March 8
  Mincha                            5:00 P.M.        Hashkomo Service                   7:45 A.M.
  Shabbos Ends                      6:13 P.M.        Shacharis Main Synagogue           8:30 A.M.
                                                     Bais Hamedrash Shacharis           8:30 A.M.
Friday, February 15                                      Mincha                         5:30 P.M.
  Candle Lighting                   5:11 P.M.            Shabbos Ends                   6:46 P.M
  Mincha                            5:20 P.M.
                                                                Move clock forward one hour
Saturday, February 16
  Hashkomo Service                  7:45 A.M.
  Shacharis Main Synagogue          8:30 A.M.
  Bais Hamedrash Shacharis          8:30 A.M.               To place an ad in the QJC Bulletin,
  Mincha                            5:05 P.M.                   please call (718) 459-8432
  Shabbos Ends                      6:21 P.M.             or send an email to

                             Queens Jewish Center ~ Chanukah Bulletin
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                                            SHABBOS CLASSES
 Talmud Class                  R’ Shmuel Gold
            After Kabbolas Shabbos
 Mishnah Brurah Hashkomo       Mr. Aaron Etra                             Talmud Class              R’ Ben Geiger
                               7:30 AM                                    Daf Yomi Talmud (Yiddish) R’ Shmuel Gold
 Mishnah Brurah Bais Hamedrash Mr. Shmuel Karper                          Women’s Chumash Class R’ Chaim Wagner
                               8:00 AM                                    Basic Chumash Class      Mr. Mendel Weiss
 Talmud Class              R’ Chemia J. Kleinman                          The above classes meet Shabbos afternoons as follows:
                               9:30 AM
 Talmud Class                  R’ Bezalel Ostrow                         December 8             3:05 PM       January 26            3:40 PM
                               10:30 AM                                  December 15            3:05 PM       February 2            3:40 PM
                                                                         December 22            3:10 PM       February 9            4:00 PM
 Mussar Class                  Bais Hamedrash                            December 29            3:15 PM       February 16           4:05 PM
            After Seudah Shlishis                                        January 5              3:20 PM       February 23           4:15 PM
 Shabbos Groups ages 5 – 12 H. M. Praeger                                January 12             3:25 PM       March 1               4:25 PM
                               9:45 AM                                   January 19             3:35 PM       March 8               4:30 PM
 Oneg Shabbos grades 2 & up H. M. Praeger
            One hour before Mincha

                                                WEEKDAY CLASSES
Sundays                                           Tuesdays                                               Thursdays
Mesilas Yesharim             9:00 AM              Talmud (Brachos)                        7:15 PM        Inyonim B’Halocho                7:15 PM
Rabbi Ben Geiger                                  Rabbi Mair Wolofsky                                    Rabbi Mair Wolofsky
Parshas Hashavua             7:45 PM              Mishlei (Shoftim)- Women Shiur 8:00 PM                 Inyonim B’ Parshas Hashavua 8:15 PM
Rabbi Ben Geiger                                  Dr. Michelle Levine                                    Rabbi Bezalel Ostrow

DAILY SERVICES                                                               Mincha and Maariv
                                                                             December 9 – December 13                     4:20 P.M.
                                                                             December 16– December 20                     4:20 P.M.
Sunday                          7:15 AM & 8:15 AM
                                                                             December 23– December 27                     4:25 P.M
Monday & Thursday               6:20 AM & 7:30 AM
                                                                             December 30 - January 3                      4:30 P.M.
Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 6:30 AM & 7:30 AM
                                                                             January 6– January 10                        4:35 P.M.
Additional on Major & Legal Holidays      8:30 AM
                                                                             January 13– January 17                       4:40 P.M.
                                                                             January 20– January 24                       4:50 P.M.
       *Maariv is about 18 – 20 minutes after sunset.                        January 27– January 31                       5:00 P.M.
            There is a late Minyan for Maariv                                February 3– February 7                       5:05 P.M.
          Monday through Thursday at 7:30 P.M.,                              February 10– February 14                     5:15 P.M.
              except most Legal Holidays.                                    February 17– February 21                     5:25 P.M.
                                                                             February 24– February 28                     5:35 P.M.
                                                                             March 2– March 6                             5:40 P.M.
                                                                             March 9– March 13                            5:45 P.M.

                   Shacharis,               Tallis and T'fillin – not earlier than*        Krias Sh'mah - not later than
                   Dec. 9 —Dec. 14                      5:57 A.M.                              9:28 A.M.
                   Dec. 16—Dec. 21                      6:02 A.M.                              9:32 A.M.
                   Dec. 23—Dec. 28                      6:06 A.M.                              9:36 A.M.
                   Dec. 30—Jan. 4                       6:08 A.M.                              9:39 A.M.
                   Jan. 6 —Jan. 11                      6:08 A.M.                              9:40 A.M.
                   Jan. 13—Jan. 18                      6:06 A.M.                              9:41 A.M.
                   Jan. 20—Jan. 25                      6:03 A.M.                              9:40 A.M.
                   Jan. 27—Feb. 1                       5:58 A.M.                              9:39 A.M.
                   Feb. 3—Feb. 8                        5:51 A.M.                              9:35 A.M.
                   Feb. 10—Feb. 15                      5:43 A.M.                              9:31 A.M.
                   Feb. 17—Feb. 22                      5:34 A.M.                              9:27 A.M.
                   Feb. 24—Feb. 29                      5:24 A.M.                              9:21 A.M.
                   Mar. 2—Mar. 7                        5:14 A.M.                              9:15 A.M.
                   Mar. 9—Mar. 14                      6:03 A.M.                              10:10 A.M.
                   *under urgent circumstances tallis and t’fillin can be put on as early as dawn (10 minutes earlier than stated time)

                                       Queens Jewish Center ~ Chanukah Bulletin
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                                         HAPPY CHANUKAH
                                 Laws and Customs of Chanukah
It is preferable to use olive oil because the miracle in the Temple occurred with olive oil, but other
pure, clean oils or candles may be used.
It is preferable to light the Menorah near a window that faces the street.
On the first night, one candle is lit on the extreme right end of the Menorah. Every subsequent night,
one candle is added towards the left. The newest candle added that evening, on the left is kindled
first, moving to the right!
The time for lighting candles is immediately upon nightfall (time of Sabbath end). One is not permit-
ted to do anything other than recite the Maariv prayer before lighting the Menorah. If one is acciden-
tally prevented from lighting candles at that time, one can still do so as long as the household is awake.
Beyond that, one can no longer recite the blessings.
On the eve of the Sabbath, Chanukah candles are kindled prior to the Shabbos candles but care should
be taken to have sufficient oil or candles large enough to burn a half hour past nightfall. Saturday
night at home the candles are lit immediately after Havdalah.

 Did You Know?
 In the miracle of Chanukah even though there was sufficient oil to last for one full day, Chanukah is celebrated for
 eight days and not just seven days.
    Here are some of the reasons for celebrating the first day as well, gleaned from the commentaries:
 1. The oil found in the cruse was divided into eight parts. Hence the miracle took place eight full days.
 2. Although the oil had burned all night the cups of the Menorah were found still full every morning including the
 3. Even after the Priests had poured the oil from the cruse into the cups of the Menorah, the cruse remained full.
 4. The first day of Chanukah commemorates the miracle of the military victory of the Hasmoneans over the
      enemies of Israel.
 5. The very discovery of the cruse of pure oil was not considered a miracle for were it not found, there would have
      been no miracle of Chanukah.
    Hallel is recited in its entirety on each of the eight days of Chanukah even though we do not recite the “whole”
 Hallel every day of the Pesach holiday. Because each day of Chanukah is considered in the Talmud as the festival in
 its own right, as the miracle of the cruse of oil recurred on each of the eight days of Chanukah; hence all the days of
 Chanukah are alike for the recital of Hallel.
   And again, each day of Chanukah is distinct from the other days by virtue of the changing number of sacrifices
 offered on each day.
   On the other hand there is no Mussaf Service on Chanukah. The Mussaf Service was instituted only for those days
 which were marked by “additional” festival offerings in the Temple in Jerusalem. After the fall of the Temple, the
 sacrifices were replaced with the Mussaf Service in accordance with the words of Hosea (14:3): “we will render for
 bullocks the offering of our lips.” Since Chanukah was instituted in the post-biblical era, its observance was never
 marked by any sacrifices, and hence does not call for a Mussaf Service.

                               Queens Jewish Center ~ Chanukah Bulletin
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                 Honey Berger, President
Past Events
Our annual book review in honor of Jewish Book month took place on Wednesday, November 14, in the
Bais Hamedrash. Shulamis Goldstein reviewed Real Jews: Secular Versus Ultra Orthodox: The
Struggle for Jewish Identity in Israel by Noah Efron. Our thanks go to the reviewer whose
presentation was enjoyed by all. We must also acknowledge Harriet Wishik and Ruth Burstein for their
help in setting up the delicious refreshments.
Coming Events
Dr. Michelle Levine’s weekly shiur will resume on Tuesday evening’s at 8:00 PM at the QJC, starting on
December 11, 2007. The topic is: Shoftim (Judges). This is a new topic and all women are invited to
On Shabbos, January 19, 2008 we will have a Kiddush in observance of Tu BeShvat, the holiday of trees.
Suitable refreshments will be served at the Kiddush.
The QJC Sisterhood wishes a Happy Chanukah to all members and worshipers!

The QJC Sisterhood would like to acknowledge the following people for their generous donations:
                   Simcha Fund                                                    Sunshine Fund
                 In Honor of Birth                                              A speedy recovery to
 Great grandson to Rabbi & Mrs. Joseph Grunblatt
          Lillian Shapiro-Michael     Daisy Stark
                                                                                    Jessican Schnall
                                                               Toni & Nick Gordon    Honey & David Berger          Daisy Stark
    Granddaughter to Mr. & Mrs. Baruch Sendic
                        Daisy Stark                                               Erna Jankelovitz
                                                                         Honey & David Berger        Daisy Stark
               In Honor of Bar Mitzvah
  Mr. & Mrs. Shoel Popovich’s grandson, Efrim Popovitz                           Norbert Steinmetz
                        Daisy Stark                                             Honey & David Berger
                 In Honor of Birthday                                            Leonard Deutsch
     Special Birthday of Rabbi Joseph Grunblatt                                 Honey & David Berger
Lillian Shapiro-Michael Honey & David Berger     Daisy Stark
                                                                                    Betty Schonhaut
                  Memorial Fund                                                 Honey & David Berger
                   In memory of                                                  Larry Raubvogel
      Armin Meizlik, husband of Regina Meizlik                                         Daisy Stark
                        Daisy Stark
 Melvin Rubenstein, husband of Helene Rubenstein                                Samuel Brandwein
                        Daisy Stark                                                    Daisy Stark

                 To order our special Simcha, Condolence or                 Margy Cohen
                   Get Well cards, or to obtain a Pushka,              62-41 Yellowstone Blvd.
                     please contact Sisterhood member:                  Forest Hills, NY 11375

                             Queens Jewish Center ~ Chanukah Bulletin
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                             Within Our Family
                   Mazal Tov upon the Birth of a
                               Son to Rabbi & Mrs. Chaim Wagner
                     Great grandson to Rabbi & Rebbetzin Joseph Grunblatt
                       Great granddaughter to Mr. & Mrs. Israel Cappell
                          Granddaughter to Mr. & Mrs. Baruch Sendic

               Mazal Tov upon the Bar Mitzvah of
                     Mr. & Mrs. Shoel Popovich’s grandson, Efrim Popovitz
                  Bonnie Kassman and Daniel Dudovitz’s son, Dovid Dudovitz

                 Mazal Tov upon the Marriage of
                 Rabbi Yossi Mendelson’s brother, Schneur to Chana Samuels
              Mrs. Mushky Mendelson’s brother, Mordechai to Nechama Losachak

                                 Condolences to
                Regina Meizlik upon the loss of her husband, Armin Meizlik ‫ע”ה‬
          Helene Rubenstein upon the loss of her husband, Rabbi Melvin Rubenstein ‫ע”ה‬

If you have an event to be added to our Within Our Family page, please contact the QJC
             office at 718.459.8432 or by email at

   If you would like to sponsor one or more of these programs below,
                       please call the Shul office.

SEFORIM DEDICATIONS                                                  TREE OF LIFE
Siddur: $28                                                          Stones: $360
Chumash: $50                                                         Leaf: $118

                               WINE & CAKE KIDDUSH
                               Exclusive Sponsorship: $250
                               Co-Sponsorship: $54

                          Queens Jewish Center ~ Chanukah Bulletin
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                                         QJC EVENTS REVIEW
   The Queens Jewish Center has had some exciting and successful events take place in the past month
   or so. Rabbi Yissocher Frand’s lecture “When Winning isn’t Everything” filled the Main shul resulting in an
   overflow group in our auditorium who watched on our giant projection screen via our wireless video
   hookup. We should all thank Rabbi Ben Geiger for his efforts in bringing this lecture to our shul. A special
   Yasher Koach to Jonathan Herz and Michoel Rendel on their tireless work to make sure everything ran
   smoothly and to all the dedicated volunteers.
   The Morris Grossman memorial Scholar in Residence weekend with Dr. David Luchins was well
   received. Shabbos dinner brought in record numbers. The stimulating topics and entertaining political
   insights Dr. Luchin’s presented kept everyone intrigued.
   More great events are coming up. Stay tuned for flyers and visit our QJC Special Events page of our
   website for a calendar of upcoming scheduled QJC events.

Visit the QJC PIX page of our website for more pictures from QJC events.

 Youth Department News
 Herschel Meir Praeger, Youth Director
 By: Tania Materman
 Shabbos group for grades 2 to Bar Mitzvah have restarted. Groups meet Shabbos morning at 10:30 am for
 davening learning and treats. The boys come up to the main shul at the end of davening and sing their hearts
 out at the Bimah with Adon Olam.
 Groups meet again Shabbos afternoon one hour before mincha, where the children play baseball, soccer,
 weather permitting or indoor games.
 Our Motzei Shabbos Family Learning program resumed December 1, 2007 with a nice, big crowd. The kids
 were dazzled with the raffle prizes and enjoyed the pizza dinner. There was a special treat with jelly
 doughnuts in honor of the upcoming Chanukah holiday. We look forward to
 having a full crowd at our next session. This exciting program will continue
 on a monthly basis till the clock “spring forward.”
 The youth department is planning to expand their groups to include the little ones.
 More information will follow in the next bulletin.

                                     Queens Jewish Center ~ Chanukah Bulletin
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                    Queens Jewish Center Event
                         66-05 108 Street
                         Forest Hills, NY

                               Saturday Night December 15th @ 8PM
              Need holiday gifts for friends and co-workers?
                                              Want more end of the year tax write-offs?
              Looking for items for your Florida apartment?
                               Want some extra gifts for young couples or grandkids?

            Join us for a night of FUN where both you and the QJC benefit

                         $10 ADMISSION (includes 2 FREE tickets)
                                                                                  SPLIT THE POT
                                                                                      1 Chance: $10
                              $100 gives you admission + 100 tickets                  3 Chances: $25
                                                                                      10 Chances: $50

                                                                                The winner and the QJC
                                                                                  Spilt the Pot of this
                                                                                  exciting cash raffle
              Discount ticket packages will be available at the door

          Only Cash or Checks will be accepted on the night of the event
Proceeds from this event will be used for beautification of the Queens Jewish Center
  Even if you are unable to attend the Auction you may purchase prize tickets in advance by phone, fax or email.
                        QJC OFFICE Phone: 718.459.8432 | Email:
                     Visit the QUEENS JEWISH CENTER online at
                           My Friends | My Family | My Community | My QJC

                                      Queens Jewish Center ~ Chanukah Bulletin
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                                      The Meet the Rabbi sessions are currently underway.

                                            Each member will receive an invitation in the mail informing
                                                   them of the evening and location of the gathering.
                                          It will take time to get through the entire membership and your
                                                            patience is greatly appreciated.

                                                  Rabbi Geiger looks forward to getting to know
                                                            each one of you better.

             Shabbos Kitchen with Rabbi Geiger
             ►Learn the halacha of Shabbos food preperation
             ►Discover the proper ways to warm food on Shabbos
             ►Determine whether certain procedures are allowed
             ►See how easy it is to follow Halachic guidelines
             Tuesday Dec. 25 @ 10AM only at the QJC
THE   QJC              Available in QJC HD* (Where Available)
                                          *Halachic Dilemmas

               Queens Jewish Center ~ Chanukah Bulletin
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 Shall We Talk?
 Remembering that the Queens Jewish Center is like our second home should remind us:
 ►to say “Gut Shabbos” to our neighbors in shul
 ►to greet strangers in our midst
 ►to make newcomers feel welcome
 ►to telephone someone you’ve missed seeing in shul recently
 ►to treat the Siddurim, Chumashim, Machzorim, Taleysim, the window blinds, - in fact, every facet
   of the shul– like the treasures they are and should be
 ►our shul will be a little more “haymish”
 Your warmth towards one another will make someone’s day a little happier, including your own!

                                               Installation Dinner for Rabbi Ben Geiger
                                                     Location: Shaare Tova, Kew Gardens

           Queens Jewish Center
                                                         Community Service Awardees:
            Anniversary Dinner
                                                           Alan & Elaine Slomowitz
              March 30, 2008
                                                               Invitation to follow

A defibrillator ( An AED ) has been donated to the QJC by a philanthropic individual,
named Frank Morgenstern (from Hewlett, LI ).
Almost anyone can be trained quite easily and quickly through a 2 hour training session,
which Hatzaloh is providing to us free of charge. Most importantly, we'll have to recruit
some volunteers to be trained. Please contact the QJC office for more information on
receiving training.
Special thank you to Gladys Baruch and Miriam Blustein who made the contact for us,
to make this important donation possible.

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                                   Queens Jewish Center ~ Chanukah Bulletin
                                       Page 12

Kislev                    December               Tevet                       December
22                        2                      4                           13
Mrs. Sidney Kwestel       mother                 Mr. Jack R. Nussbaum        father*
                                                 Mrs. Naomi Nussbaum-Antis   father*
23                        3                      Mr. Shoel Popovich          wife*
Mrs. Helene Rubenstein    mother                 5                           14
                                                 Mrs. Irwin Lieberman        mother
24                        4
Dr. Henry Dicker          mother                 6                           15
Mr. Richard Grossman      father                 Rabbi Hyam Reichel          mother*
Mrs. Gloria Grossman      husband                Mrs. Shirley Rosenbaum      mother
Mrs. Gisella Herman       brother                7                           16
Mrs. Gustave Jacobs       mother                 Mrs. Sylvia Gewirtz         father
Mrs. Betty Schonhaut      father
                                                 8                           17
25                        5                      Mrs. Jacob Mosak            sister
Mrs. Rita Cwern           father*                Mrs. Helen Saltz            mother*
Mrs. Roslyn Goldofsky     father*                Mrs. Jack Shalhon           father*
Mr. & Mrs. Carl Hamada    daughter*
                                                 9                           18
Mrs. Henry Hanski         father
                                                 Mr. Walter Kahn             brother
Mrs. Brunia Sztul         father*
                                                 10                          19
26                        6                      Mr. Thomas Berger           mother
Mr. George Faber          mother
                                                 Mrs. Daisy Berman           husband*
Mr. Stephen Helfgott      father
                                                 Rabbi Julius Berman         father
Mr. Herbert Jablon        mother
                                                 Mr. & Mrs. Israel Goldman   son*
Mrs. Phyllis Schoffman    brother
                                                 Mrs. Ruth Hamburger         parents
                                                 Dr. Arthur Rand             parents
27                        7                      Mr. Emanuel Shaps           mother
Mr. Henry Hanski          loved one
                                                 11                          20
28                        8                      Mr. Samuel Friedman         father
Rabbi Joseph Grunblatt    sister
                                                 Mr. Ray Kestenbaum          cousin
Mr. Ray Kestenbaum        mother
Mrs. Rose Reizbaum        husband                12                          21
                                                 Mr. Thomas Berger           father
29                        9                      Mrs. Diane Cohn             husband
Mr. Bruno Levi            father                 Mrs. Svetlana Shimunova     grandmother
Mrs. Benjamin Heller      father                 13                          22
Mr. Michael Maryasin      father*                Mrs. Annette Browdy         father
Mr. Shoel Popovich        loved one*             Mrs. Richard Etra           father*
Mrs. Livia Turkel         husband                Mrs. Samuel Frank           father*
                                                 Mr. Michael Mariyasin       mother*
Tevet                                            Mr. Shoel Popovich          sister*
1                         10                     Mrs. Gerald Posner          father*
Mr. Leo Drillman          father                 Mrs. Barry Rosenbloom       father
Mrs. Emma Mark            brother                Mrs. Betty Schonhaut        husband
Mrs. Helene Rubenstein    father                 Mr. Herbert Schonhaut       father
2                         11                     14                          23
Dr. Herbert Blustein      mother                 Mr. Rudy Hertz              mother*
3                         12                     15                          24
Mrs. David Dynkin         mother*                Mr. Leo Drillman            wife
Mr. Herbert Schonhaut     uncle
                                                 16                          25
Mrs. Irene Weissenstein   husband
                                                 Mrs. Emma Mark              brother
                                         Page 13

Yahrzeits - continued
Tevet                     December           Shvat                        January
17                        26                 2                            9
Mrs. Leonard Greenberg    father             Mrs. Seymour Brandler        father
Mrs. Judith Warshawski    father             Mrs. Irwin Lieberman         father
Mr. Julius Wishik         mother
                                             3                            10
18                        27                 Mrs. Sigmund Liker           mother*
Mrs. Claire Koffler       father             4                            11
Mrs. Sabina Landau        daughter           Mrs. Julius Berman           mother
Mrs. Helen Saltz          brother            Dr. Herbert Blustein         loved one
Mrs. Esther Weinstock     mother             Mr. Bernard Easton           mother*
19                         28                Mrs. Serina Salamon          husband*
Mr. Shmuel Karper         father
                                             5                            12
20                        29                 Mr. Gustave Jacobs           mother
Mrs. Samuel Friedman      father
Mrs. Eleanor Kaplan       mother             6                            13
                                             Mrs. David Berger            brothers*
22                        31                 Mrs. Joseph Hoch             mother
Mr. Douglas Aronin        wife               Mrs. Marcelle Lowell         sister
                                             Mrs. Chana Naparstek         son*
                          January 2008       7                            14
23                        1                  Mr. Jules Halpern            mother
Mr. Harold Goldberg       father             Mr. Julius Wishik            father
Mr. Martin Wagner         father             8                            15
24                        2                  Mrs. Fred Frenkel            grandmother*
Mrs. Robert Materman      father*            Mrs. Elsie Goldstein-Klein   husband
25                        3                  9                            16
Mr. Jack Ecker            mother             Mrs. Shirley Rosenbaum       father
Mr. Gerald Gissinger      mother             Mr. Bernard Schrenzel        father
Mr. Rudy Hertz            loved one          Rabbi Chaim Wagner           father
Mrs. Benjamin Lopata      father             10                           17
Mr. William Wealcatch     mother             Rabbi Shmuel Gold            mother
                                             Mrs. Nicholas Gordon         mother
26                        4                  Mrs. Herbert Jablon          father*
Mrs. Margy Cohen          father             Mr. Irving Tannenbaum        brother*
Mrs. Gustave Jacobs       father
Dr. Nathan H. Wadler      mother             11                           18
                                             Mrs. Raymond Feinberg        father
27                        5                  Mr. Rudy Hertz               wife*
Mrs. Fredrick Gottesman   sister             Rabbi Hyam Reichel           father*
Mrs. Anna Gyenes          husband*
Mr. J. Peter Hans         father             12                           19
                                             Dr. Samuel Goldring          sister*
28                        6                  Mrs. Herbert Jablon          grandfather
Mrs. Gita Baigelman       loved one*         Mrs. Helen Stechler          father
Mrs. Herbert Jablon       loved one
                                             14                           21
29                        7                  Mrs. David Fink              grandfather
Mrs. Gladys Baruch        father*            Mrs. Joachim Freudenberger   father
Mr. Gerald Gissinger      sister
Mrs. Anna Gyenes          father
                                             15                           22
Mr. Joseph Orbach         father
                                             Mrs. Lea Flachs              father
Mr. Jack Shalhon          father
                                             Mrs. Israel Schwechter       brother
1                         8                  16                           23
Mrs. Piri Klein           sister             Mrs. Rose Spielman           son*
                                             Page 14

Yahrzeits - continued
Shevat                         January          Adar I                    February
17                             24               1                         7
Mr. Ronny Y. Aizenfratz        grandfather      Mrs. Benny Hanauer        mother
Mrs. Daniel Goldberg           grandmother      2                         8
Mr. Herbert Schonhaut          uncle            Mrs. Phyllis Schoffman    daughter*
18                             25               Mr. Bernard Schrenzel     sister
Mrs. Gisella Herman            brother          3                         9
Mr. Carl Hamada                brother          Mr. Ronny Y. Aizenfratz   grandmother
Mrs. Herbert Jablon            grandmother      Dr. Henry Dicker          father
19                             26               Mrs. Joseph Samuels       sister*
Mrs. Samuel Frank              mother*          Mrs. Israel Schwechter    brother
Mrs. Helen Stechler            mother
                                                4                         10
20                             27               Mrs. Bracha Braunstein    mother
Mr. Nathan Braun               grandfather      Mr. Jacob Kaylyakov       father
Mrs. David Fink                loved one        Mr. Shoel Popovich        loved one*
Mrs. Raymond Feinberg          mother           Mrs. Miriam Popovich      mother*
Mrs. Elsie Goldstein-Klein     brother
Mrs. Henry Hanski              father           5                         11
Mrs. Miriam Leifer             mother           Mrs. Ruth Burstein        husband
Dr. Nathan Wadler              father           Mrs. Margy Cohen          mother
21                             28               Mrs. Sigmund Liker        father*
Mrs. Henry Hanski              mother
                                                7                         13
22                             29               Mrs. Elaine Kraut         mother
Mrs. Ida Okun                  sister           Mr. Nodari Palagi         mother
Mrs. Mina Salvit               husband*         Dr. Robert Rothstein      father
24                             30
Mrs. Svetlana Shimunova        father           8                         14
                               February         Mr. Nathan Braun          grandmother
25                             1                Mrs. Margy Cohen          husband
Rabbi Sheldon Borgen           mother           Mrs. Rose Spielman        father*
Mrs. Ivette Grajower           husband
Mrs. Esther Katz               husband          9                         15
Mr. David Shamilzadeh          father           Mr. Carl Hamada           sister
Mr. Shimon Shamilzadeh         father
Mrs. Shoshana Shamilzadeh      husband          10                        16
Mr. David Spiegel              mother           Mrs. Esther Dyckman       father
                                                Mrs. Eleanor Kaplan       father
26                             2
Mrs. Gita Baigelman            father           11                        17
27                             3                Mrs. Herbert Blustein     brother
Mrs. Ariel Meisel              father           Mrs. Sylvia Gewirtz       husband
Mr. Gerald Posner              mother*          Rabbi Aaron Gewirtz       brother
                                                Mr. Arthur Seidl          mother
28                             4
Mr. Ronny Y. Aizenfratz        sister           12                        18
Mrs. Livia Turkel              mother*          Rabbi Daniel Goldberg     mother
29                             5                14                        20
Mr. Fred Frenkel               sister           Mrs. Helen Saltz          husband*
Mr. Jay Morrow                 father
                                                15                        21
30                             6                Mrs. Stephen Helfgott     father
Mrs. Vivian Friedman -Newman   mother*          Mrs. Marcelle Lowell      brother
                                                Mr. Shoel Popovich        father*
                                                Page 15

Yahrzeits - continued
Adar I                      February                Adar II                                      March
16                          22                      2                                            9
Mr. Bernard Easton         father*                  Mrs. Phyllis Schoffman                       daughter
Mrs. Jacob Feder           sister
Mrs. Betty Schonhaut       brother                  4                                            11
Mr. Herbert Schonhaut      cousin                   Mr. Jacob Kaylyakov                          father
17                         23
Mrs. Emma Mark              mother                  5                                            12
                                                    Mrs. Margy Cohen                             mother
19                         25                       Mrs. Sigmund Liker                           father
Mrs. Aaron Gewirtz         mother
Mrs. Sadie Klavan          husband*                 6                                            13
Mrs. Phyllis Schoffman     loved one                Rabbi Shmuel Gold                            father
                                                    Mrs. Nicholas Gordon                         father
20                          26
                                                    Mrs. Edith Reinstein                         husband
Mr. Harry Epstein          father
Mrs. Leonard Greenberg     mother
                                                    7                                            14
Mr. Jack Jucker            mother*
                                                    Mrs. Betty Schonhaut                         sister
Mrs. Svetlana Shimunova    grandmother
                                                    Mr. Herbert Schonhaut                        aunt
21                          27
Mrs. Diane Cohn            mother*
Mrs. Esther Musman         loved one
Mrs. Mina Salvit            mother*
Mrs. Helen Saltz            father*                 * indicates kindling of the memorial plaque in the Main Synagogue
Mr. Bernard Schrenzel       daughter

22                         28
Mrs. Alex Fischer          father & brothers*
Mrs. Emanuel Shaps         father
23                         29
Mr. David Berger           sister*
Mrs. Herbert Jablon        grandmother*
Mrs. Sabina Landau         brother
24                           1
Mr. Robert Burger          father
Mrs. Robert Burger         father
Mrs. Esther Musman         loved one
25                         2
Mr. Benjamin Fishoff       parents
Mrs. Rose Henenberg        parents
Mrs. Rose Reizbaum         brother
Mrs. Lea Flachs            husband
26                          3
Mrs. Shmuel Gold            mother
27                          4
Mrs. Ruth Burstein          father
28                          5
Rabbi Chemia J. Kleinman    uncle
29                         6
Mrs. Sidney Rabinovich     father
Mrs. Irwin Lieberman       father
Page 16

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