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									Apopka Fl Chiropractor, Dr. Kenneth Ross, Helps Women With Fibromyalgia
Get Relief

Apopka, FL, 21-NOV-2012 - Altamonte Health and Wellness and Dr. Kenneth
Ross, Apopka FL chiropractor, are pleased to announce that local women
who suffer from the debilitating pain and related symptoms of
fibromyalgia are able to obtain relief, using chiropractic therapy.
Fibromyalgia appears at much higher rates in women than in men. There is
no clear consensus about the cause of the condition.

There is some understanding that the disease results not from a single
cause, but from a combination of stressors, both emotional and physical.
One theory which seem to fit many of the symptoms is that women who are
determined to have the disease is that hormones affect the production of
a chemical known as "substance P." Substance P amplifies pain signals. At
the same time, the body may not produce as much natural endorphin
painkillers, so the women have a lower pain threshold.

Since the philosophy of chiropractics views the body not as a set of
symptoms, but as a system which works together for optimum wellness, the
chiropractor can offer help to enhance the body in healing itself. One
primary technique is adjustment of the spinal vertebrae. This method
helps to relieve the "tender spots" that are a symptom of fibromyalgia.

Chiropractic physicians also use other natural methods to assist patients
who have the condition. Since stress may be a trigger, teaching stress
relieving methods can help improve quality of life. Patients may be
provided with nutritional counseling, posture training and lifestyle
change suggestions that improve overall health. While the condition is
not curable, certainly employing healthful living can enhance a holistic

Learn more about how chiropractic therapy can provide pain relief for
local women who suffer from fibromyalgia by visiting the web pages at
http://drkross.com today. Members of the press and others who have
questions about the content of this press release are invited to contact
Dr. Ross, Apopka FL chiropractor at the location described below.

Contact Person Name: Dr. Kenneth Ross

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Contact Telephone Number: (407) 875-2000

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