Government Encourages Increased Usage of Energy Performance Certificates

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					        Title: Government Encourages Increased Usage of Energy Performance Certificates

Homeowners who are realising their energy performance potential will be entitled to claim
thousands of pounds from the Government from January 2013. The newly created Green Deal is an
initiative that seeks to help commercial and personal property owners save money on energy bills
and decrease their negative impact upon the environment. The initiative is set to encourage
properties to attain an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

What is an EPC?

An EPC is a legal requirement sought when an individual or a group is involved in the selling, buying
or renting of a property. The certificate discloses how energy efficient the property is and where it
can be improved. By using a scale measuring the energy efficiency ranking from A-G, the property
owners can determine how much money they are wasting every year on excessive energy bills.
Established owners of properties can also benefit from obtaining an updated EPC as the energy
efficiency of their property could have dwindled during their ownership.

Benefits of the Green Deal

Homeowners had previously discovered that the initial costs that they outlay after obtaining an EPC
were more than offset by the long term savings. Considered a shrewd investment, the EPC could
save an individual or a group a great deal of money in the future. Now with the Green Deal set to be
implemented at the start of next year, the initial investment could effectively cost nothing.

The government is investing £125m into the Green Deal. From January 28 next year, homeowners
will be entitled to claim up to £1,000 cash back if they plan to make energy-saving home
improvements to their property. Improvements such as solid wall insulation, replacement windows
and loft insulation all qualify for the scheme. The more work that a property has undergone, the
more money the property owner will be entitled to. The initial cost could be completely allayed by
the scheme and the property will simply reap the rewards of lower energy bills.

The energy secretary, Edward Davey claimed: “The Green Deal will provide unprecedented choice
for consumers wanting to improve their homes and make them more energy efficient. This cash back
offer will help to get the Green Deal off to a flying start.”

A team of qualified Building Surveyors, Home Inspectors, Domestic and Commercial Energy
Assessors carry out the condition surveys to determine the energy being wasted by a property and
award the EPC. Using the latest technology such as Thermal Imaging; the skilled team can acquire an
accurate report and offer their expert advice to help property owners save significant amounts of

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Description: Government Encourages Increased Usage of Energy Performance Certificates
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