Advantages of Senior Assisted Living by DougWilkins1


									                               Advantages of Senior Assisted Living

In life, everybody tends to get old at one point or another, that is if you live long enough. As we know,
grow older has its disadvantage the most notable ones getting failing health and incapacitated
physical movement. As such, senior citizens need a lot of proper care and around the clock
monitoring, this is where assisted living comes in.

Senior assisted living usually involves the provision of personal care services to a elderly person by
highly trained staff in assisted living facilities. These facilities offer assistance or supervision for the
aging seniors when performing daily activities and also health care. There are lots of primary
advantages of senior assisted living, such as:


Safety can be considered as the most notable primary advantages of assisted living for elderly people.
A majority of senior citizens are weak and have slightly impaired body function such as poor vision and
loss of hearing. This makes performance of daily tasks such as washing and walking very difficult and
they stand a risky of having injured when performing theses responsibilities.

In senior assisted living facilities, trained employees are usually available to assist the elderly perform
these work. These facilities also include special support structures that the aging seniors use when
doing day to day activities to prevent falling and other related incidents. Some of these structures
include furniture with padded sides and support railings which are usually added to corridors and


As we age, we're bound to lose one or more of our friends. Elderly people tend to lack companionship
since the only persons they can relate to are family members and individuals within their age group.
The majority of family members tend to be busy each day making the senior citizen have no
companionship most of the time. Assisted living facilities usually bring together elderly people within
the same age group. New friendships can be struck up between members and the members can take
pleasure in social activities such as board games with one another.


The diet of an seniors citizen greatly is different from that of a healthy young person. Elderly persons
usually need a strict dietary plan to replenish certain nutrients inside their body and also strengthen
their immunity. Providing such a diet can be quite cumbersome in a domestic environment since the
normal family diet greatly differs from this type of diet. Senior living facilities have special diet plans
created specifically to meet the nutritional requirements of the aging seniors.

Medical Care

As a rule, almost all assisted living facilities have expertly trained healthcare employees on hand in
case of any urgent situation. The healthcare personnel also provide regular check-ups for the elderly
and give personalized recommendations for every senior citizens.


Exercising is extremely important in relation to the normal functioning of the body. The elderly are not
cut out for the normal regular exercise routines and usually perform light specialized physical exercise
to improved blood circulation and keep fit. Senior assisted living facilities have suitable facilities and
qualified staff for this type of exercises. In view of the above explained factors, the use of senior
assisted living facilities is highly recommended.

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