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                      PUBLISHED QUARTERLY
             (February,   May~ August & November)
              By Mary and G. K. Alford, Jr.

       1403 Kingsford Driv.           Florissant, HQ 63031

               NUlber I     f12.00 PER YEAR  August I, lq83


            CO""ENIS FRO" YOUR EDITOR. • • • • • • • . • • • . • 2

             800K REY/EN••••••••.•••••••••••• 3

             CHAP"AN EXCHANGE . • • • • • • • • • • • . . • • • • 4

             NILLIA" CHAP"AN (16571 FA"ILY •.•••••••••• 8


             EDNARD CHAP"AN fCAI6401 FA"ILY ••••••••••• 16
             CONNECTING CHAP"AN COUSINS ••.••.••••••• 18

             CHAP"AN DATA BANK, A-F1 LE. • • • . • • • • • • • • .20

             CHAP"AN INYENTORY, 1850••••••••.•••••• 24

             CO"PUTING CO""ENTS ••.•••••.•••••••• 26
            WELCOME                              TO           CHAPMAN                         CHATTER

                                Comments                  from        your      editors

    Ch ap man is the fourth surnalE on Mhich Me have undertaken        extensive   data   colle'tion and
inlor.,tion e,change .,th people such as you allover the nation. It represents our third ne.sletter
endeavor. We are learning early In our program that the Chap.ans drastIcally outnu.ber the
Newk irks Al fords and Newsoms on .hich .e are also .orking.
    HavIng established t.o ,ay co••unicat,on, .,th over 150 01 you, it beca.e apparent that there .as a
very   defirllte   need for   3 IIlJans   of   COlIll.lnlCatlQn   beheen all of you   Mho   are interested in Ch apman.
We expect you to conslder this your publIcation. ~e need you to tell us "hat you like and Mhat you don t             l

like.     We need e,en .ore lor you to 'end u, lnlor.ation that you .ant to ,hare .ith others .ho have that
[Ol~on Chapllan Interest.
    There ~re a feM thjngs that Me need to get on record in thIS first issue.       First, Me are not
gene31ogists.     We became lnterested in our ancestors Iud too late in life, and began just last year.
Second, Me are not journalists Dr publ1shers. Until we hecate involved Mith our falily neMsletters, the
closest experience Me had Mas Morking on the hIgh 5~hool paper over forty years ago. Third, Me are not
Infallible. So.e 'Ight even say .e are error prone. We .ill do our ut.ost to keep errors In the
neMsletters to a 11nilul. Dealing Mlth such a volule of proper nales and dates, lakes proof-reading very
dilli,ult. We have no .ay 01 authenticating the inlor.atlon ,ent by you and your asso,iates.       II you
indicate that so.ething is not proven or is q'Jestlonable, .e .ill try to qualily it in publication .ith
G??. If you find that we. or our contributors, have lade an error, please let us knoM so that Me can
publish a correction in a later issue. Fourth,.e are not independently .ealthy nor are .e .orking as
part 01 a lunded loundatlon. When.e started our ne..letters last year, they .ere short and our reade"
'ere Ie., therelore they .ere 'irculated Iree. The page" and the readers increased, and the costs
increased drastically. We could not afford to continue on our retlre.ent inco.e, thus the subscriptlon
charge.     Fifth,.e need all the inlor.ation you can send us. We .ould ask that il you send
inlor.ation that i' copyright prote,ted that you tell us so that the copyright .ill not be violated. The
ne..letters are not copyrighted and you .ay use the .aterial or oake copies. We .ould appreciate credit
.here appropriate. If others .i,h to have ,opies, .e can provide originals lor just about your costs in
.aking ,opies. We .ill try to .aintain a lile 01 back-issue, lor those occasions .hen you or others .ant
an e, tra copy.
    We need a na.e lor all 01 you colle,tively. lou .ill see on pages 10 to 15 that .ost 01 you are not
Chap.ans per se.       It .ould not be lair to call you and it gets to be a proble. calling you
contacts or correspondents. We have chosen the na.e Chapp i e as a na'e lor those .ho are involved
.ith us in this effort. If you have a better na.e that is short, descriptive, and all enco.passing .e
.ould like to hear fro. you.
    The ne.,letter .ill contain inlor.ation Iro. and about .any Chappies Mho are not subscriber ••
Subscribers .ill be given priority and prelerence in ne.sletter coverage. Our percentage 01 subscribers
vs contacts is .uch les' .ith than .ith our other lines. Unless.e have a signilicant in,rease in
this first year, it is possible that .e .ill not try to continue into the second year. If you kno. 01
others .ho .ight be interested, and il you think the publication is .orth.hile, please tell th.. about us.
We are e,tending the UO introductory offer until our advertise.ent is published in TNf 6EHEALO.leAL
    The E"hange on pages 4 to 7 .,11 run lour pages or .ore until .e can catch up .ith the
backlog that .as a,cu.ulated before.e started publi,ation. As you read the inquiries on the.e pages,
don't overlook our ,o••ents at the top 01 page 4.
    The lineage table on pages 10 to 15 is a one-ti.e leature. It per.its you to see the direct
ancestry 01 al.ost all 01 the current Chappies. As ne. Chappies are added to our nu.ber .e .ill give
their lineage in the e>change. The 01 the lineage table beginning on page 10 is sell-e,planatory,
but if you have trouble, find your na.e or that 01 your spouse in the left colu.n. Notice the headings
a,ro.s the top identilying the ancestral relationship. On your line .ill be sho.n the lirst na.e 01 your an,estor and belo. their na.e, the year and place 01 birth, il kno.n. Once you understand your
line, the others are si.ilar.

    At hast ho fa.i Iy lines .i II be featured in each i..ue. See pages 8 • 9 and 16 • 17.
Because of the fa.ily size, and the Ii.ited space available, these .ill be run in series and continued
over several or .any issues, The charts on the left page and the fa.ily group records or genealogies on
the right page .ill usually not cover the sa.e seg.ents of the fa.ily in the sa.e issue, The coverage in
the charts on the left are governed by techincal charting considerations, The fa.ily group records .ill
run in sequence by generation, Huch of the infor.ation in these pages fro. very old records
100 years old in these particular cases), If you have correcting or supple.entary infor.ation .e .ould
appreciate your sending it in so that it can be shared .ith others,
     In addition to infor.ation about our Chapoan ancestors, .e .ould like to include interesting current
Chapoan infor.ation.      One such ite••ould deal .ith Chapoan fa.ily reunions. Me .ould like to print
announce.ents in advance of the reunion, and then .ith the help of one or .ore of the participants,
publish reports of the reunions.         Me know about t.o reunions that .ere held recently. The
descendants of Wi 11 i am W. Chapman .et June 25 at Ephesus Pri.itive Church in Worth
County, GA,      There .as another reunion Julv 24th at Three Forks Baptist Church in Alexander (previously
Wilkes) County. North Carolina. ThIS group is probably identified as the dlScendants of John
Chapman of that county. ~on't you tell us about your current events so.e can pa.. the. on
to others.
   You .ay e,pect so.e delayed reaction on any of your co••ents in the ne.sletter.      Copies are .ade
available to the Library of Congress, other libraries, and genealogical socities. As these copies go into
their reference collection. they .ay be read years in the future by so.eone .ho .ill contact you. If you
have a library or society to .hich you .ould reco••end .e send co.pli.entary copies, give us their na.e
and address, and tell us .hy you think .e should .ake such a contribution.
    Me .ill try to .ail the ne.sletter to subscribers during the first .eek of February, Hay,
August and Nove.ber. There .ill be occasions .here events beyond our control cause so.e delay, but you
can expect they .ill al.ays be .ailed so.eti.e during the .onth .entioned.
    Give particular attention to the inventory described on page 24. This progra. which .ill
cul.inate in a co.puter fIle (and printouts) of every in the 1850 census is likely to be one of
the oost useful tools you and future generation researchers have available. It .ill succeed only
to the extent that you help us. Motice that .e have data on only 15 of the possible 40 states invol.ed
and already have 1796 fa.ilies identified. If.e can expect the per state ratio to
continue .e can project the total IB50 fa.ilies to be about 4777. Me are probably looking at so.ething
over 30,000 Chap.ans .ho .ere living in IB50. If.e live long enough, and get enough of your help, .e
.ill eventually have the. all on our consolidated record.

                           THOMAS POWE OF CHERAW, SOUTH CAROLINA
                                             RELATED FAHILIES
                                               Co.piled by
                                Elsie       Chapman            Edmonds
                                              Published 1971
                                      (R    BOOK      REfJIEtO
     This .ell docu.ented account of one of our distinguished lines begins .ith John .ho
died in Spotsylvania County, Virginia in Deceober 1775. It continues through se.eral branches of the
fa.ily do.n to the current period. Host of the book is devoted to the descendants of Thrashley
 (Streshleyl, Hrs. Ed.onds ancestor, and a son of John by his second .ife, Hary Allen.
     The book contains .uch source .aterial and is not li.ited to just the vital statistics 01 the .any
fa.ilies listed.      There are nu.erous photographs. The fa.ilies are arranged by fa.ily, rather than by
generation, using a nu.bering syste••ith arabic nu.bers denoting the generations and the la.ilies .ithin
the generation, and case arabic nu.bers to denote the issue of each fa.ily.
     There are 389 pages of text, and an extensive list 01 sources. The index, .ith about 6000 entries
runs for 30 pages and has three pages of Chap.ans .ith about 800 The 6 x 9 x I inch book is
bound in a beautilul red hard back and is printed on the linest slick paper that Elsie could lind. It is
available for SI7 fro. Hrs. N. N. Ed.onds, 4060 North East Drive, Jackson, HS 39211.

                                CHAPMAN                     EXCHANGE

    Each l5sue oj the ne.sletter .111 cont'ln the EXCHANGE. It .111 be the section in .hich inqUIrIes ,re
usually print~d. In ~uture !S5U~5 It Mill aJ~o be used to describe the dIrect lineage of those
Chapples .ho have re,entl, Joined our qroup. These line'ges .il1 supple.ent the ch.rts printed on P'ges
10 to 15.

    14 YOU can help an.·~· (If these persons, you may contact the. direct or send us the inforlation. If you
deal with the person directly, III!:! Mould appreCIate copies of any neM inforlation generated. We
need It to update Our files. In a few cases Me have inforlation to help, which we have sl!nt. but are
printIng their    inQuir~   anyway so as not to deprive you of the thrill of helping so.eone else.

1-1             Mrs. Ralph R.               (Cheryl) Young 26325 sE 158th Street,             Iss.qu.h
WA 98027, MARY CHAPMAN born circ' 1828 in Ohio I.rried Robert Jackson 6lLLAND, .nd loved to
W.pello County, 10•• circa 1845. Children John P.; Charles P.; Louis.; Josephine! Franklin P.; laur ai
K.rry; TOI; .nd n,nerv,. n,ry eVIdently de.d by 1880 census.

1-2            Mrs. Marshel W.                 ( B i l l i e Dixon) Hardy             2911 Kirc.ldy
Court, Arlington, Tl 16015: Would like to conlact .ny descend.nts of WILL I AM CHAPMAN,
JR born n.y 1819 in Kentucky, .."ied Eliza Mary OWENS .nd died prob.bly in 51. County,
nissouri. Also need l.rri'ge pl.ce .nd d.te of his d.ughter M.ry Ann to J.les H.rris.

1-3               Bi 11 i e Hardy Isee .bovel: Would like to cont.ct .nyone oith inforl.tion on
DAN I EL         CHAPMAN, JR. born before 1875 in Virginia .nd .ho larried (ll Jenny WINsCOTT .nd
(2) R,chel BLACK.    Where and .hen did he die' Were there children by R.chel'

1-4             Mrs. G. C. (Dorothy Chapman) Cornwel I Ill-A sh.dy,
Box B8 C.C.M., Eustis, FL 32726, GEORGE CHAPMAN born J.nuary 12 1804 Colulbi.n. County,
Ohio (I,ter St.rk Countyl. died 4 1884 in Ple.s.nt Toonship, Allen County, Indi.n •• n.rried
Joh.nn. (H.nn.h) ABER June ~ 1825 in Stark Count y, Ohi o. Need gi ven n.le of hi 5 father .nd lathe" her
I.iden n••e ",y have been WOODS. His parents li9rated fro. Me. Jersey. Need to know .hen .nd n.le of
County. H.d 12 chi ldren, 11 born in Harrison To,",ship, Stark County, Ohio.         nigrated to Ple.sant
Toonship, Allen County, Indi.n ••bout 1843. Also need to knoo n••es of .ny brothers .nd sisters.

1-5             Mrs. James H.                (Thelma Moon) Goodlet 951 East 37 Street,
Hi.le.h, FL 33013: Seeking inloro.!ion on EBBA (EBB IE) LOU CHAPMAN .ho .arried
John D.niel nOOM on Movelber 29 1888 In AUlau9' County, AI.b•••• Parents are said to be ELBERT
UNDERWOOD CHAPMAN and nargaret STUCKEY.                    Elbert's .other I.rried Itrst.n Under.ood,
and second THOMAS            CHAPMAN .ho gave his n.le to the Unde..ood children - so far no leg.1
record has been found on this transaction. Ebb. Lou Ch,pI.n died in, or E110re County, Al.b.I'
bet.een IB98-1900 le.vin9 four sons, four step-d.ughters, .nd husb.nd John O.niel noon. Expenses incurred
in laking inforl.tion oill be rei.bursed.

1-6             Mrs. Harlan W.               (Linda Morehouse) Kepler 1808WestF
Street, Marth Platte, NE 69101: ASAHEL "ASA" CHAPMAN born 1804 in Me. York or Neo
H,"pshire I.rried fir.t .ho' n.rried second in M.ncy Sophia HASER. Ke re.ided in Ne. York,
Ohio, Wisconsin, Illinois,, 100••nd died in Ott ••• , l.s.lle County, Illinois July 27 1893, Who
.ere his parents?? Could his father have been ANSEL CHAPMAN born East H.ddal Connecticut,
prob.bly died in County, Me. York'

1-7             Wi 11 i am G. Luce 2B17 W. 17th Avenue, stilh.ter, OK 74074:              .eeks
infor•• tion on ELL I S CHAPMAN born October 24 1798, I.rried Septe.ber 14 1820 Nancy SOUTHARD,
dIed Septe.ber I 1867 in Ohio County, Kentucky.

1-6             Walter R. WinansRoutel,Bo,123,Ca"sYille,YA23315,"y problel is
locating the parents of Iy great-grandfather, I RA            CHAPMAN, supposedly born at Sltaron,
Connecticut October 22 1827, larried Urania BARTRA" at Sharon August 13 1849, and died at Pittsfield,
Massachusetts February 25 1913. I haye the cOlplete "e,ican and Ciyil War records, but cannot lind the
record of his birth. "y lother's aunt inDo deceased) researched the lineage, and says his father oas
GEORGE PRENT I S CHAPMAN of Neo London, and a Ian in Utah told Ie the saoe. Hooeyer,
the Prentis Genealogy says that George Prentis died single, and neither of the aboYe persons kneo the nale
of George Prentis's oife. This is ohere I need help badly. His death certificate, prepared by his
daughter's husband, says hIS father's nale oas GEORGE; oother's nale ·unknoon.'

 1-9            Mrs. Diane (Butler) Gunderson 12521 Crestline Ayenue N. Eo,
Albuquerque, N" 87112: Looking for parents of ANN CHAPMAN born January 29 1790 near KnoXYille,
Kno' County, Tennessee. Harried John HODGINS on August 21 IB06 in Kno' County, Tennessee. He ooned or
.anaged a large plantation in that area until 1820's. Knoon chUdren are: "arcus O. Hodgins born
Septelber 10 1811 near Kno'Yille, Tennessee; Allira SUlleryille Hodgins born Decelber 24 1819 near
Kno'Yille, Tennessee; Elily A. Hodgins born July 22 1822 near Kno'Yille, Tennessee and Abner Frank Hodgins
born "ay 1825/26 near Kno'Yille, Tennessee; and Nary Hodgins birth date unknoon. The 1830 census shoos
th. falily liYing in Sangalon County, Illinois and they settled in Galena, Jo Oayiess County, Illinois by
1835. Any inforlation appreciated.

I - 1 0 M iss Ber n i e Dean Wol f e 305 Eo Park, Jefferson, looa 50129: Wish
inforlation of the Chaplan falily- MINERVA CHAPMAN born AprU 191830 Chautauqua County,
Neo York, died "arch 31 1912 in Rushville, Illinois. LiYed in Gallia County, Ohio. Harried Allen MURPHY
January 15 1850 in Vinton County, Ohio. Father is belieYed to be DAV I D CHAPMAN. Brother of
"inerYa is GEORGE CHAPMAN oho droye a circus oagon in the Barnul and 8ailey Circus. Visited
the St. Louis Missouri area in early 1900's.

1-11             Mrs. Terry N. (Susan Fiscus) McArthur Route I, Bo,
22-C, Oakdale, WA 99158: Need parents of EDWARD CHAPMAN born Belfast Ireland. Wife's nale?
Also .."iage record for Eliajah SWEET born April 7 1820, died "arch 26 1899 and JANE CHAPMAN
born January 16 1823 and died February 18 1908. Both born sOleohere in Canada, probably Ontario proYince.
80th died in Sa uk County, Wisconsin.

1-12           Mrs. Lyle (Mary Chapman) Watson P. O. Bo' 22, Westphalia,
IN 47596, Wish infor ..tion on NICHOLAS CHAPMAN, born 175B in 8altilore or Carrol County,
"aryland. BelieYe parents to be ROBERT CHAPMAN and Elizabeth TAYLOR. No dates for thel.
Children of Nicholas: GEORGE        CHAPMAN,  JAMES         CHAPMAN, ROBERT
CHAPMAN, born 1782 in North Carolina, JOSHUA CHAPMAN, JOHN CHAPMAN and
MARY CHAPMAN .."ied Hoil.

1-13           Frederick J. Henderson 1402 Francis Ayenue, Upland, CA 91781.:
Seeking inforlation on OT I S  ASHLEY          CHAPMAN believed to be the son of LYMAN
CHAPMAN Mho oas born January 2 180B in Neo London, Connecticut.  Ly..n the son of IRA
CHAPMAN. Otis born AprU 12 1839 in "edina County, Ohio, and .."ied Jerusha HARYEY.'

1-14            Al thea Eg Ie 29306 Jefferson, St. Clair Shores, "I 4B081: Seeking inforlation
on great grandfather WILLIAM CHAPMAN born Nay 71787 died October 10 IB21. near Old Toon,
"aryl and, Harried Elizabeth "CLAUGHLIN February 16 lB12. Especially interested in his parents oho lay
haye been in "aryl and, PennsylYania or West Virginia.

1-1 S           Leona Hei t sch 307 Arbor Lane, Webster GroYes,"O 1.3119: is looking for
infor..tion on the parents of JESSE CHAPMAN born 1800 sOleplace in Yeroont. She suspects he
is of Connecticut stock. Jesse larried Catherine CAR"AN and oent through upstate Weo York. Jesse finally
settled in Waterford, Oalland County, Michigan.

1-16            Mrs. Walter D.                  (Mary          Elizabeth               Chapman)
Bag .. ell 221B Hesse Road, Red Bluff, CA 9bOBO: Needs inforlation on JOHN CHAPMAN and his
parents.    John .as born January 23 lB40, possIbly In Ne. York. He died February IB 1907 in Lo.ell,
Hashington. He larrled Hannah "arle VAN HORN "arch 2 IBbb or b7 (Courthouse and records burned In
"acoob, "ichigan.    John .as in the Civil War.         Of the six children, it is knoMn that the fourth
TIMOTHY RANDALL born in Genesse County, "ichigan in lB79.

1-17           Rev. Wallace WillisI13HestfieldRoad,Leesburg, BA 317b3: seeks
inforlation on falil', of HENRY CHAPMAN .hose .ill .as filed in IB22 at Oarlington, South
C"ollOa. First ALLEN; second Sarah BEE. Sons WILLIAM, ABNER,
and AMBROSE ca•• to Georgia and settled in "anon County prior to IB30. Postage and cost glady

1-18            Mrs. Patrick Wm. (Esther Jean Wells)                                   Beckham
5122A Goethe, st. Louis, "0 b3109: seeks inforlation on JOHN CHAPMAN born 1775 and died lB39.
He larried Elizabeth JONES October 19 179b in Orange County, North Carolina. JtRN IS RHRRt OF TNt

1-19            Mrs. Jean Beckham (see abovel: Her husband also has a Chaplan ancestor.
All they kno. about hlO is fro. a book by J. Bilbert Lay: 'BOONE CHAPMAN larried Anna RAINEY.
Children: JONES;           DABNEY larried "ary FREE"AN; JOHN and WILLIAM unlarried.
EARL .arried Florence HA""ONSj and DOE CHAPMAN oarried 6race HA""ON.'

1-20          Lena E. S .. eet 4559 Oarbey Road, R 2, Saranac, "I 4BB91: needs inforlation on
father of PETER CHAPMAN. We kno. he .as JOHN R. CHAPMAN born about 1797 in
Ne. York.   His lothers first nale .as Charlotte. Peter, .ho lived and died in Ne. York, larried Oinah

1-21            MS. Roberta M. Chapman 495 Yeagy Road, Breen.ood, IN 4b142:                        is
looking for inforlation on the too sisters of her great grandfather ROBERT COVERLE I GH
CHAPMAN .ho .as born January 15 \B48 in Blasco., Scotland. He larried "ary B. PHILLIPPI January 4
19B3 in Piqua, Ohio, and he resided in "arion, Indiana. His father .as CHARLES CHAPMAN
born about IBll or 12 in 6lasco., Scotland, he died January IB IB59 in East Hartford, Connecticut. He
la'ried Alison LAING .ho also .as born in Blasco.. The sisters about .hol inforlation is sought are
Connecticut and Pennsylvania in the 1990's.

1-22,           Mrs, Si dney S. (Moll yl ou Ball) Stoddard 22915 75th
Ave. H., Edlonds, HA 99020: needs inforlation on CL I NTON CHAPMAN and his parents. Clinton
.as born IB20 in Ne. York. He larried Felicia S. HARD in Indiana, probably about 1947. Clinton's son
BURT HARD CHAPMAN (Iaybe Alburtus), loved .est, larrying in Utah and residing in Idaho.

1-23            Dr. Er v inN. Ch apman 3bOl Oavis Street NW, Washington, DC 20007
desires inforlation on GEORGE WASH I NGTON CHAPMAN born Septelber 29 1903 in Bill,
Halpshire, "assachusetts. He died Decelber 23 1983 in "ilford To.nship, Defiance, Ohio. He larried
Narcissa HOPKINS Oecelber 31 IB22.

1-24            Mrs. George A. (Betty Jeane Jones) Snell Route I,
Box 4744, Wheatland HY 32201: needs help .ith MARTHA CHAPMAN born Oecelber 12 1779 and died
January IS IBbl in Ne. CUlberland, Nest Virginia. She larried John YAN SHEARIN6EN. Her father lay have
been GEORGE           CHAPMAN .ho ..rried Johanna LEMASTERS. Any inforlation on "artha and
her failly .ould be appreciated.


1-25            M.. s. Ha .. old G.           (Da .. la D. Vogel) Davis 1 Marbler Lane,
Hilton Head Plantation, Hilton Head Island, SC 2992B: lould like inforoation on the parents of JOHN
C. CHAPMAN born April lB20 in Tennessee and died Nove.ber 13 1902 in North County, Nissour;, He
.arried ORPHA RIGGS CHAPMAN August 20 lB43.

1-26           David L. Skinne .. 376N Central                    Avenue, Oviedo, FL 32765 desires
infor.ation on DANIEL           CHAPMAN born "ay 3 IB25          probably in Ver.ont. Dave thinks he died
about lB60. He .arried Lydia BLACK June lB lB4B. Dave believes   Lydia, after Daniel's death, .arried
Thooas MADE of Cha.paign County, Ohio.        It is possible     that Daniel las the son of SIMON
CHAPMAN Iho .arried a Nary.

1-27            M.. s. Ha .... y N. (GI adys Al ta Chapman)                Deyo BOB
Church Street, Ply.outh, "I 4B170: needs infor.ation on JOHN CHAPMAN born about 1750 Iho
.arried Nargaret T. John had a son RANDALL CHAPMAN born 17BB in Ontario County, Nel York
and died in Oakland County, Nichigan.

1-28            Ralph H. Ping .. ee 1037 N. Ja.estoln Road, Apt B, Decatur, GA 30033: seeks
infor.ation on HANNAH CHAPMAN died Septeober 2 1776 in ROlley, Nassachusetts. She .arried
Thooas PINGREE Dece.ber 13 1766. She .ay have been the sister of MARY CHAPMAN Iho .arried
Aaron PINGREE Narch 14 1767.

1-29          Dav i d A . Po .. t wood 1104 Ousley Place, Nacon GA                   31210: NOuld like
infor.ation on ELI ZABETH CHAPMAN Iho .arried John HILL.                     She las born August 16
IB16 in Marren County, Georgia, died April 29 190B in Narren County, and .arried Hill there January 14

1-30      Ea .. 1 L. Duvall 2345 Fay Drive, Atlater, CA 95301: lants to knol .ore about
WILL I AM G. CHAPMAN born Oece.ber 13 lB29 in that part of Virginia that later beca.e Mest
Virginia. He died in June 1903 and is buried in Bible Grove "issouri. He .arried Nary Jane JOHNSON April
20 IB52 in "ason County, Mest Virginia.

1-31            M.. s. Jay G.            (Ma .. y Jacobsen) Mi I te .. 4012 Holly Hill Road,
Lake Charles, LA 70605 desires infor.ation on JOHN CHAPMAN born IBOO in Kentucky. He .arried
Helene NARNACK February 17 IBI9 in Knoxville, Tennessee. He las residing in Lafayette Parish, Loui.iana
at ti.e of IB50 census.

1-32        M.. s. A .. thu..            O.        (Ma .. y        Kathleen            Je .... ue)
Ph i l l ips 623B Lupton, Dallas,        TX 75225: need. inforoation on THOMAS        CHAPMAN born
Nove.ber 3 IB03 in Orange County, North Carolina. He died Narch 20 IB72 in Narion County, Illinois. He
.arried Rachel GARRISON. Their son, JOHN W. CHAPMAN las born October 23 IB37 in Robertson
County, Tennessee.

1-33            Delo .. es McDonald 5975B Harrell PI, Ft. Polk, LA 71459, lould like
inloroation on WI LEY CHAPMAN and his father JOHN CHAPMAN. Miley las born about
1795 in South Carolina. He died Oece.ber IB34 in Rankin County, Nississippi. He .arried Elizabaeth
NILLIANS Nove.ber 27 IBIS in St. Ta••any Parish, Louisiana.

1-34            M.. s. Leona .. d A <Dolo .. es Sullivan) Gano 413 Cross
Hill Road,   Nazareth, PA lB064 says: 'I could not put in the date or place 01 birth of our S I LAS
P. CHAPMAN, but did put it in lith question larks, as ""at I have I a' not sure of. Also I have
not been able to find his date or place 01 death, but it see.. to have been in Clayton County, lOla. I do
hope so.eone lill have inlor.ation on hIS life, Naria Antoinette SHOENAKER, oritten as
Antoinette Naria, and her date and place 01 birth,' She thinks Silas las born in Nel York. He .arried
Antoinette Narch 13 IB49 in Nedina County, Ohio. She las probably born August I IB3B in Pennsylvania and
died August 14 1906, buried in Arlington, IDOl.           She shols the father of 5i las to be LUMAN


                                                                                                                                                                        NILl!AII CHAP"AN
                                                                                                                                                                        lbS7 1 - nee	 18 1699
                                                                                                 v                          v                              v                          v                                 v                               v                         y
                                                                                    JmlN CHAP"AN               SARAH CHAP"AN             REBECCAH CHAP"AN               NILLIA" CHAPIl,,", JR.       SAlWEL CHAPIlAN                   JOSEPH CHAPIIAII              JERE"IAH CHAPIIAN
                                                                                    cl&53­                                                                                                                     -Nov 2 1758             1667- Jun 10 172~             1&70­
                                                                                    SARAH                                                                               HA!lllAH LESTER              BETIlIAH                          IIAR~Y                        HANNAII
                                                                                                y                                                                                                                                                   -Jun 3 1725
                                                                                                 y                                                                      lurned ta 1&90)
                                                                                                 y                                                                                    'I         Con't on Chart NX-AC     Con't on Chart N1-AC     Con't on Chilrt NX-AE
                                                                                                 y                                                                                   y
                    y-----------------------y------­ ----------------V------­ ----------------V-----­ -----------------V--------­ --------------V                                    V-----------------------V--------­ --------------V---------­ -------------V
                    V                       Y                         V                          V                      V                        V                                   V                        V                        V                         V
     JDHN CHAPIII>N             'TLlIA" CHAP"AlI         DBADIAH CHAP"A"          SAllIIEL CHAP"AN         DA.IEL CHAPlUlN           ICHABDD CHAP"AN                    N1LllAII CHAPIIAIl       JONATHAN ~IlAPIlAN       SCLOIION CHAPIIMI        "ARY CHAPIIAN
                                                              -11b1                                                                                                     1691­
     SARAH CARYER                                                                                          CATHARINE .ENT.DIUH       ABIGAIL CLOTHER                    "ERCV STODDARD

     (ur'"1!d Sell 7 17071                                                                                     (umed lIiIF 22 17131       lurried Jul      ~   172'3)   (urrielf lim
                 Y                                       Con't on Chart Nl-iC       Con't on Chart NJ.-BC      Con't on Chart NX-iD       Con't on C,",i1rt NX-BE       Con't on Chart NX-Bf                                           Con't on Chart NX-BH
00               Y
                  Y                        V                       Y                      Y                       Ij                      Y                        V                      V                       Y
     JANE CHAP"A'            SARAH CHAP"A'           JD.. CHAP"AIl           JASDN CHAP"AN           JAI1[S CHAF"AN           ABNER CHAP"AN           HPPDRAH CHRP"RN         GIDEON CHAP"AN          DHl6HT CHAP"AN
     Oct 15 1708-             Apr '5 1710-            Jan 10 1714115          Dec 7 171&-             Jan 31 1719/29          "ar 5 1722-             Apr 22 172~-           Jul 16 172&-            Oct 16 1728­
                                                         BETHIAH CHAP"AII                                                                 DtNA~ BUTL£~                                               LUCRETIA CHAftlAN
                                                                                                                                                      -Dec. 10 1780
                                                         {Iarried Apr 10 1740i                                                            (IiIrri,d liar 10 11m
                                                                     V	                                                                   Can't on Chart       W~-CF                                 Con't on Chilrt        N~-CH
                 Ij-----------------------V-----------------------y-----------------------Y----------------------V----------- ------------V                                                Wr L L I A P1 CHAP P1A N                     (1 b 5 7)           F AM I L Y
                 V                        Y                       Y                       Y                      V                        V                                    Early Settler of                              New London Connecticut
     BETHIAII CHAPMN          SARAH CHAPIIAN             JOHII CHAP"1Ul             TNOIIAS CNAP"AN (bin)      JASON CHAP",," it,inl      ROSNELL CHAP"AN
     Feb 27 1744-             ft.i1V 1'3 1745-           Apr & 1147-                F'b 20 17~9-               Feb 20 1749-               "a'l' 27 1751-                                                          Chart WX-AA

     THE BDOK ENDS THIS BRANCH (JOHN   ~   B£THIAH'Si NITH TilTS 6EMERATJOM.    CAN YDU ADD TO AMY OF THE IVIlE "EIIBERS OF THIS LAST 6ENERAT1l1tt'l?'l'l	                                                                  AllQll!it 1983

                                                                                                                                                                                                     Pleas!! s!!nd ~orrl!c.tions and i1ddltiofl\ to:
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Gilbert K. Alford, Jr.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  14~3 Klng!iford Drlvl!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  F:onssanl, liD 63~:1

                                                                                                                                                                                                       ~at~   'er thIS chart lias fdracted trol:

                                                                                                                                                                                            TH[   ·~NRP,'/IH FtI~.~~:   )' the      ~tsalldi~i,s ~f R,be~t     CilaUdn

                                                                                                                                                                                                              Bv Rev. F. N.         Cha~un.     185'

                                                                                                               Second Generation

                                                                                                     i.           John Chaplan, born Ilovtlber 165'3, lirried Sarah ----,
                                                                                          5ix sonsi
                                                                                               '3    ii.          Willial Chaplin Jr .. (If uti"te blrtll to be J65')1
                     Genealogical                 Notes
                                                                                          larried Hanl'lah Lester aboot 16~(l, four childrtnl
                                                                                               4     iii.        Saluel Chaplan, born i655, died Noveaber 2 1758 agH 93,
                          WILLIAM CHAPMAN
                                                                                          larried ~et~iah           • eight children;
                                                                                               5     H.          Joseph, born 1667, died Junl! IQ 1125. larried
             One of the Early Settlers
                                                                                          "arey         JUlie 10 1725, I!lght children;
                                                                                               6     v.          Jt'l'fliah Chaplan, born 1670, died Se,tflbtr      1755,
                                                                                          larried Hannah        ~, eight children;
               New London,                   Connecti~ut
                                                                                                     VI.         Sarah Chiiplanl
                                                                                                     vi i.       Rebeccah Chaplan.
                                   Deri ved frail

                                                                                                It is not knolln tht Sarah and Reb.ccah Chaplin lere tarried. "John
       Fr~,·m (UP.~M F~.ILY,        CU· 1854. BY Rev F• •• Ch.,un.       ~ •••

                                                                                          Lellis and Sarah ChAplan IIl!re presented to the court in 1670, for sitting
              rv~lt.tld   11tll d.ta subJlt(ed b, firiolH   (~."it$

                                                                                          together on the lord's day, IInder the apple tree in 600daan Ctlaplan's
                                                                                          orchard. "
 1~           Ai. the cOllenctl.nt of these researches it lias supposed tha~
IlIliial Cllapun, of Nell london, light be a near relativ. of Robert Chaplan
of Say-Brook, but on further investigation, no evidence has been found that
                                                                                                                 Third Generation
they lIere I'lnSlen. It IS not k.nolln frol whenu ~iHull cale. He apptars
                                                                                                                     JOHN CHAPMAN
first \In the Nell London records, in 1657.
                                                                                          2~        John, o;on of lIilli .. Chaplan, the settler, .ao; born Novl!lber 165'3
        In th. book o~ tOln grants, apptars the Illolling: "Willial Chapun hath
                                                                                          and lie died after lIay 1748. He larrled a lady IIhot;l! Chno;tian nile us
qiven hil thirty ukers of upland bounded tOllards the sOl!th 11th IIr.
                                                                                          Sarah. It!! reloved to Colcheo;ter, probablv In the year 1706.       Ke deeded
Douglas hIS land, and lOllards the east IIlth the slall broot. that leads to
                                                                                          property, April J5 1106 in the tOlln of Colchester to his broth!r llilHal of
Jordan River, and tOilards the north IIlth Arkaubuhe lIeadol, and tOllards the
Ift'st lIith a ledge of roell's alld a tree urked on lour SIdes."        The abovr
                                                                                          Hell London. »e lIao; liVing at Colchester in lIay 174~ Ihen it      II.,obwrved
                                                                                          that he 1I0uid be 95 years old nnt Novelber. Of course, he lias born in
grant lias ude at a leeting In IH3.
                                                                                          1I0veiber 165'3. There are deeds of lands on Colchester records to si. 50110;,
        At a tOlln-leetinq, August 15, 1691, It las "Voated that IIhereas ~illial
                                                                                          and IIhether he had daughters, does not appear.
Chapun had torlerlv allo"ed hll by the tOlln three pounds for his S1!.ton's
                                                                                               7    1.         John Chaplan l larried Sarah Carver 5eptettler         1707,
place by the yeare, they no" add forty shillings lore and order hi. five
                                                                                          nine children;
pounds per year for sweelling the leeting IIouse and galleries and ringing
                                                                                                    11.        Willi .. Chaplin;
the bell."
                                                                                               8    iii.       Obadiah Chaptan, died 1161, four childrenl
        He died the 18th of Decelber, 1699.
                                                                                               9    IV.        Sallle1 Chapun, tllree childrenj
        The follolinq IS a copy of his llill presentl!d in the court of probate
                                                                                               10 v.           Daniel Chaplin, urried Ilentworth "arch 22
500n after his decease. It furnlsheds the only tlue to the nailS 01 hIS
                                                                                          11('3\ helve childrl!flj
children, as they are not recorded In the tOlln recordo;:
        "The last Will and Teo;talent o~ Willi .. Chaplin, o~ N,1I London.                     II VI.          Ichabod Chaplan, lirried Abigail Clother July          112'3,
                                                                                          si. childrl!f\.
        "I lIillial Chaplan of Nell London o;enior, being sic~ and lIeak of bodY,
 but thrttl the goodness of God, In perfect lelory and 1I00d understanding, do
uke this Iy last ~Ill ind 1I!stalent revoking and lahng void all others:
                                                                                                                 WILLIAI1 CHAPI1AN
                                                                                          :5.       Willial Jr, son of lIillial Chaptan, the settler, liS born ;about
first I rnine up Iy sale to Sod IIho gave it and Iy body to the ground to
                                                                                          1654, probably in MtII London, Connecticut. He lirried Hannah Lester about
be buried decently and handsolely, and IIhat of the thingo; of this 1I0rld 60d
                                                                                          1690. Hannah .as the daughter of Daniel Lester.         ~illiat   itnd Hannith
hath grasassly given Ie I dupose of as lolilleth, first J 1I111 that all IV
                                                                                          suppoo;edly settled in 6rotDn, Connecticut. Thl!ir children lIere:
just debts be honestly dio;charged and payd, and as to Iy ~uneral charl~e5 I
                                                                                              12 i.           llillial Chaplan, horn lIarch 1691, ..rried "ercy Stoddard
IIi II that they be discharged ne~t.
                                                                                          In 1717, ten childrenj
        "!tel, I give unto Iy eldest san John Chap lan, a double portion of Iy
                                                                                              1'3 ii.         Jonathan Chapun, reloyed to COlchester, and is SliPPOSed
                                                                                          had a talilV of children, but no record of thel bas btln found. Hl' appears
        "!te., I give unto IY son Wllliaa hIS equal proportioll Ilith his
                                                                                          in a deed to Ichabod Chaptan, Septl!lber 29 116'3;
brothers alloling John his double portion as afore of IV estate,
                                                                                                    iii.      Sololon Chapun, urried itnd had a falilV o~ tllehe
        "rtel, r give unto Iy son Saauel his equal proportion of IV estate lith
his brothers allo.iog his eldest brother John as aboveo;ud.
                                                                                                    iv,       "ary Chaplan, .hrther she litrritd or not i. uncertain.
        "ltel, I gi~e to Iy son Jerellah Chaplan hiS equal proportion of .y
estate lIith his brothers allolling John as abovesaid.
        "!tel, I giv. to Iy son Joseph Chaplan an equal proporl1on of Iy estate
                                                                                                                   SAI1UEL CHAPI1AN
                                                                                          4.         SaIllel, son of ..illial Chaplan, the settler, .as born 1655 and he
IIlth his brothl!ro; his eldest brother as aboyeuid.
        "!tel, I give unlo Iy ho daughters, Sarah and Rebl'ccah, itll the
                                                                                          died Noyelber 2 1758 at th!! age of     n.    He lirried a lady lIhose CIIrlltian
                                                                                          nale .Ias 8ethia~. He resided in whal is called the Cohantic District, and
utensils and loyeable household sluff, lithin or that belongs to ye house,
                                                                                          preYlous to hIS decease, conveyed his 1I0.estead to his his son NathitnitL
lD be equally divided beheen thel; ne~t I .ill that Iy son Jereliah, if he
                                                                                          He and Bethiah had the follo.inQ children:
 please l have Iy house and hale lot, paying oot to his brothers the ieyeral
                                                                                                 14 i.          Salue1 Chapun, born JUI\I! 27 IbB9, urried Dina Kitch
legasys I have given thrt bv this IV last ~ill and Testa.ent. I appoint IY
                                                                                          f1,)rch 8 1122, eleven childrenj
o;on Jere.iah Chaplin to be the ~~!Cutor of this Iy last ~ill and Testalent,
                                                                                                15 ii.          Robert Chaplin, born October 2k 1691, lirried Lucretia
in .itness .hereof r have here set to IV hand and seal this first day of                   ______ , ho childrenl
Apri I 1669.
                                                                                                     iii.       Joseph Chaplan, born June 20 1694;

                                                                                                     iy.        Joanna Chapun, born July 4 16911
                                                                '111llAII W CKAP"AII

                                                                                                 16 Y.          Peter Chaptan, born lIay 1'3 1700, eshte .as settled July

                                                                                          31749. ho rhildrtlll
    IIi tneius,
                                                                                                17 vi.          Thain Chaplin, born JlIne I 1702, died 1789, larri!d
John Plllttl
                                                                                          IIISS Steadlitn about 1728, tight children;
Sreene PIUlb,"
                                                                                                     vii.       Rebecca Chall"n, born Decelber 161704;
        Frol the records of lhe court of probate, it appearl that he Ii y~ oyer
                                                                                                     yill.      Bethiah Chaplin, born April 6 171l.
 thirty years alter liking his Iill, The inventory of his estate 'Us
exhibited in court, (the appraisal bearing date January 2, 1669-70,)
                                                                                                                To be continued in ,) laler issue.
atounting to L2U O~. 6d.
       According to the lill, he had seven children.


    i                                                                                                                                               -
- >l'                                                                                                                                               :~
                                                                                                                              .o                    ·

    i                                                                                                                         +'
                                                                                                                         .. .

"   ~                                                                                                                    0­
                                                                                                                              • ..
                                                                                                                              u    +'


                                                                                                                         . -
                                                                                                                              .. •
                                                                                                                                   u                .'
    m                                                                                                                         <
    ~                                                                                                                                               0
                                                                        .                                                                           .!'

    i                                ~
                                                                                                                    .                                          j
                                     •                                                                                                                    .. E'
    m                                ~

                                     ~                                                                   .
                                     · -
                                         :§                                                                                                   g                ~

                                                                                                         •         t;
    I                                                                             o
                                                                                       .....             i.

    1::                                l                                          ~

                                                                                              ... o;­
                                                                                                                                        .iii 5

                                     0   ~

                 .                   "   0

    I            ~
                                         ~                              ~
                                                                                                                                              i:<              ijl

                                       ·                                ~ ~
    ~                                ~
                                     · ·

                                                                        ~~ ~
                                                                        ~ ~!:
                                                                                                         .~ ~ ~ ~
                                                                                                         . . -co:­

                                         i                                  j

                     .                                                      .
    II     .Ii

           .                                                                                                                            ·
    i            ~-

                           "'                 l;l      l<    ! I!!                                l<
                     ;l;   ;             " i§
                                         ~    -
                                                             :. .
                                                             .Ii   ~


                     . :;; ~ ;
                                                    .. .
                                                                                                                          = • -
                                                                                                                         .­ .­ .
                     ~                              :l< ;,   =     ;,                                    ~~.I~;~._.:D


      6£II£RATlOMS 8AC~)}) I                           1                      3                      ,                      5                   6                    7                       B                      ~                        10                       11

      R08ERTA II. CHAPIIAM       Robtrt C"arlu        C"arln Robert Robtrt Coytrlei,h'              Charlts
      25                         IIl07       1M       1884           llH
                                                                     1848        Scotland           \811112        Scotland
      THOMS C. CHAPIWt           Charln IIcDoMlI      Rufus         lundtr                          Holta                   Joshll'            Micheln             Th!lIlIS
      26                         1896        CA       181111         HC
                                                                     1840        Me                 1820           Me       IB02       IIC     \7'58cI
      THOIIAS R. CHAPMN          lIilliai Erntst      Itill i a. n i Hard
                                                                     Itillial Welch                 IIi II i II Henry       Austin BI!
      27                         1930        11'1     190\            (A
                                                                     1869                           1831
      ItILllAII CHAPIIAII, JR.   Itillm R.            John Iryin     John Itiliial
      28                                              1867                       En,lud
                                               "                   " Ella Juli.                     Eliiall Gtorge
                                                                     1860        III                1827        NY
      LTC YIClOR E. CLARK Noh: Not sure about tht ljtneration or the                                Sophia                 John                Elij.h              Giles                    Gi Jes
                               rtlationlllip.                                                       1839        Al                     AI.     1779       se

      DOROTHV CORII¥£LL                               lIilliu Syhester       Geor,e
                                                                                                                           IBI3                                    IHB
                                                                                                                                                                                  "         1702        El\qla"d

                                 llarion L.
                                 1876                 1834        011        1804        011
      RAlIIONO F. CRA88E
                                               "      Richard Jolin
                                                      1873        Enljland
                                                                             Richard (John)
                                                                                         En,1 and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               LINEAGE TABLE

      OARLA YOGEL DAYIS          "ary Frances "       John Ptrry             lindsey POI!           John C.                                                                                                        Chapman Direct Ancestors
                                 1912                                        1849                   1820
                                            I'        186'
                                                                   "                      "                     "                                                  htherint                 lIalph "                                     Chart 2
                                                                                                                                                                                            Ib'57"   IIA
      " DENNEY
      IIDRENE                                                                "-the layada           G. J.                                                                                                                                Au~u~t lqe~

      35                                                                     1874      11           185P        SA
      SLADYS DEYlI               Floyd IJllllIII      Aaron R.               Randall                John
      3b                         18'59
                                               "      1815
                                                                   "         1788
                                                                                           "        1750

      IIILlIS II. DIIIIlICI:                                                                                               Jtrusba             ltyi                l!yi                     Joseph                 John                    Robtrt
      37                                                                                                                   1790        CT      1740      CT        "08            CT        1673        CT         1644        CT          1616        Enlliand
      CARRIE OOl)LEY                                                                                Rebecca                Ptter               ThoIas ?'
                                                                                                    1824                   IBOI
      EARL L. DUYAll                                  hrtha Rob~t            lIillia.6.                         "
                                                                  IIl1       1829
      II                                              186'
      INEZ ERTlJII               Charles F.           John Orr               Cahin II.
                                               IIl1   I~          IlO
      " [OmS
      ELSIE                      Clarenct             Jalts EII•.,dl         Eliltird Edllarlls     Thruhley               John
                                 1878                 1850                   1812          SC       1712
      AlTHEA E6t.E
                                               '5                  '5
                                                                             Ilillill                           "
      liAS. Y. C. ELliS                                                                                                                                            Nott:      Not C!rtalll about the rl.'latlDPship or generation.         Ayis
       43                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Ibl~        Eng! and


      ItERlE E. FOX
                                                                                                    lalldock (ladal

                                                                                                    John                   ,"'.                R!ub!n
                                                                             IB30          DH       I~'                                 CT'    1133       CT
      (FOI HAS litO CHAPIIAII LIMES)                                                                Richtl
                                                                                                                "          John

      IlARGAREl FREUIl£JtIIERG                                                                                             ",ry                JDhn
                                                                                                                           17B4                1750 (beforel YA
      " A. 6ItMO
      LEOIlllRD                                                              Ellen A.               Siln P.                Lunn        "
      IJ                                                                     18'54         DH                   NY ?
      IIARSHALL K. 6ARD11ER                                                                                                                                                                                                                Allce
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           1'511ca     EnolaM
       6EMERATHIMS BACK }}} I                          1                     l                       •                     5                     !                         7                   B                   9                        1~                          11

       ROBERT SOODDIIIG                                                     Joannl!                 HUQh                   GI!IlI"QI!            Willial

                                                                            1821                                           1747
                                                                                                                           Julia      "           t124
                                                                                                                                                 lIo~ert                  RO~l!rt             O~eiliatl           John                     Ihlhu

                                                      Ebba Lou
                                                      t8U            Al
                                                                            Elbl!rt IildtrllODd t
                                                                                                                                      "           1757
                                                                                                    tlorn an Undl!nlOOd l rhanqed nail! to Chaplift.
                                                                                                                                                                Cl        1734                                    Ib53

       LYLE GOV1S                                                                                                                               Pel"lelia                 Saluel
       52                                                                                                                                       1777                      1741
       ALICE GRADY                                                                                                                                                                       "                        Edllard
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  16H         Englanll
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Notl!: Not surl! about relatlonSlIl1!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  or ql!nl!ratlon
       GUS 6RA¥
                                                      Lillian IIyrUe
                                                      1887        AA
                                                                                                    1822        1M
                                                                                                                          Enoch ??

       DOROTHY GRANSEE                                                                                                    IIary                 1I0h: Not sure about generatIon or relationstllp.
       55                                                                                                                             RI
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      LINEAGE TABLE
       CLARICE 6R166S          John l.                Lenard                Thain                       A.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Chapman Direct Ancestors
       56                      "81         "0         1837           IA     1795[1         PA?      1775u
       DIANE GUNDERSOII                                                                                                   Ann                   Thotas     ~?
       57                                                                                                                 1790        1M
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Chart 3
       DIAN GUSTAFSOII         IIelvin 6eorqe         Ash!r     ~.ilthltl   Orville M.              Cyrus                 Reuben                Jonatllan                 Ihllial 11          ih lila. I
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Atl~lJs\ llj'~~
       59                      1914        llilberh   1987            IA    1846       MI           1788                                        1722            Cl        Ib82       MA                    MA
       PHYLLIS GUTOIISKI                                                                            ROlu         "
       LLOYD HAll                                                           Sarilh linn             IIosl!s Rush          john                  hrOl1, Jr.                Aaron               Josl'ph             SU\JI!I                  Robert                   EtI...rtl
                                                                            1847        PA          1821         PA       1194                                                                Ib8~         Cl                              1624             CT                     England

       BILLIE HARDY                                                         IIary Alln              lIil1 i II, Jr.       IIi 11111
                                                                                                                                      PO        1145

                                                                                                                                                 Danil!l, Jr.
                                                                                                                                                                "         1718           CT                       1654        CT
       !I                                                                   1844         IIIJ       1819                  1793        kY
                                                      Wie Cordl!lia
                                                                            IIi II ii, 8ntns
                                                                            1840         IIIJ
                                                                                                    ~ohn Ghenan
                                                                                                                 "        Ih IIi II

       BESSIE C. HARRINGTON J"'.5 C.                  Edllin                lIi1lili Mashin9ton     John?
       !3                       1850                  1821                  1782!J
       JAcgUElINf. KARRllil6TON                                                                                                                 Plary                     JOflilthal'l        Jonatllan           Joseph          John               ~obert
       !I                                                                                                                                       1782                      1147                                    1673r~                                            Hlbel
       liAR 1011 C. HAYES                                                                           lutv                  Uriah                 Uriah
       !5                                                                                           1800                  1758
                                                                                                                                      C1        1731
                                                                      "I                   '1

       FRED HENDERSOII                                                      Plali Ida               Oh!l Ashley           Lilian
       !7                                                                   18!2           IA       18J9        OM
       SUSMI JEN5EI                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Rl'brrca
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    lbt7      Enlliantl
       JOYCE JlJI\II
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Al i re !IGRT GPARElll   Tho,a~     12 SSP
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Altundfr 13 6SP

       PlARY JOHIlSDII                                                                              Dl!nilha              Benjllin ')?
       70                                                                                           1806         VA       178Gea       VA
       GENEVIEVE JONES                                                      Eleilnor S.             Jonph                 Giln                   Gil.t!>
       71                                                                   180b           SC       I77b         SC       1748         VA        1102           England
       C81111 C. KELLEY                                                                                                   Anna                   'osl!ph                  IhUi ••             iii IlIal:          Ihllill
       72                                                                                                                 1757         CT        1731           Cl        WI!            CT   1~54E        CT
    5[1I(1I11T101S II1U») 1
                                               GRAlD PHIIT
                                                                    t BIlT BIlAlDPiUlEIJ
                                                                                           2 GRT &aMDPAROl
                                                                                                                    3 BIl r 611A1DPAREIIT
                                                                                                                                              • SRT GflMDPHIiT
                                                                                                                                                                     5 6RT GRAIIDPAIIEIIT
                                                                                                                                                                                               b Gill 6IIAIIOPARENT        1
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            •611T 511Al10PAIIEIIT       "
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     e 6RT   6JiAliOPMEIIT    "
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             , &Ill 611ANIlPflIIEJH

    LIIIINI lHPER                                                   Elil II.,              Ir. A.
                                                                    1951         III       1104           III
    "AIISIlREl •• KlISH                                                                    lIottl    lot tlln IbOllt th. Itlltrltloo Dr th, r.hllonllip.             Sarah
                                                                                                                                                                                               172t}ca          VA '.

    .I1R8111111 KRnl:Kl                                                                    IIlry [lIlru)

    8EJlEVil KUHII           Chlrles S.
                             1818       lllI
                                               IBl<!         lllI
                                                                    61or" D.
                                                                    IBOlu         ..                       "
                                                                                                           "        Leyi L
    BEA lOHlilAS             Btl               lillil.

    " G. LUCE
                             18ft        III   Ill"
                                                             "      IIlry Eliu             Ellil
                                                                    IBU        KY          1198            KY
                                                                                                                    Ed•• rd
    PAT IICCOV                                                                             ClI"n,)1I
    B1                                                                                     IB521
    IIiEl IICCUlLOR          Joseph Bruton     Stlnn                JI.I                   JoshUI                   Ell Jill                  Joltph                 Glln, Jr.                 511"
    Bl                                                              1832          M.
    BErn .:1I01Al0
                             1194       U      186'
                                                             "      Sophia Ell
                                                                                           Ill"                                                                                                                 Enqhnll

                                                                    184'        IIII~

w   DELOR£S I:IlOIII1LO                                                                                             l.llhl                    !lil.y
    85                                                                                                              1810                      1T~<:i.     SC
    BETTY ':5l1li1.                                                                                                 Hlnill"       "'
                                               511'111 EI i nb.t~
                                                                    JIN, EI.llndtr         JIIn BirtH
                                                                                                                    Fnn~                      Sttph.n
                                                                                                                                              171~I~.fDr.IEn,lllld                                                              LINEAGE TABLE
    LOU Il£SSI"i             6rlr,                           "
                                               EHard AI.lllld.r
                                                                    I1jlllnd"     "                        "                       "
                             18'.        "     '857
                                                             "      1821
                                                                                  "        lI.,y IlIlrllh) Ann      Johll
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Chapman Direct Ancestors

    B'                                                                                     18401:1       IJl                                                                                                                            Ch ar t         4
    11011"" "ILLEII                                                                                                 PhtH                      Chid"                  ttllrln                   ChlrtlS
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          AUQust Iq8J
    PAIlEUI IIILL£1l.                          En P,.r!             Rllfn C.               Charltl                  Jolin II.
                                                                                                                                                          "                        En911iid

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Plus. send COff'CtlOOS ind Iddllions to:
                                                                                                                                              John 11

                                                             "      IBBB           T'
                                                                    LIII,eth Vir91nu       ,...
                                                                                           IB48            T.       IB21cI         T'                                                                                            6db'ft L Allard, Jr.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    \40J. linqslord Drne
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Floruunl, "0 bWII
    • I1BELLE PER51CtfTTY                      Lei II Bell
                                               ISSI        CT
                                                                    lIilli •• Hlllry

                                                                                           1IIIIi ••
                                               John I.
                                                                                                                                                                                              D.ta for   thl~   chlrt wn obtlJnld Ifoa        Inlo,a~lIo~   suhltleQ hy tht Pf'"SOM llst.d.

    FLURENCE C1WtWI Plk£ Jun Alnllldlr   "     Jlln lurl'5DlI"      ""
                                                                    Frlnci,lIariot         IIll1i •• "1

    RALPH N. Plll6JlEE
                                                                    1119        0:
                                                                                                d. I11b II•
  ~                                                                  -
  z                                          •
                                             '­                      :;
  I                                          0

                                             "         -             ~
  i                                          •
                                       "'    u
                                                       .." - •:;;
                                                       -    ,.       i
                                                    . .e . ..
                                       ..J   <
                                       "     " "                     ~

                                             " " "'
                                                '­      -
                                             • .< I ! ! ~
  I                                             •          ~

                                                    eu; !!: ~        i
  ,.                                   "'
                                       z     Q    U

                                              •        !
                                              •                      .
                                              <        J             ,
  I.,                                                                t

                                                                     -                                 •

  Ii                                                                 !                                 ;;



  5              g

  Ii                                                                                               - .­

  i         :I

 I l.., ~

~!      ;S~

  I                   .                                                                 .:
  !i                                                                ]~
                       =5 i -
                      .... - .... i:
  i                                                                   i!i
                                                                               '"                            :;    i!i
                      --- ­
  I                                                                                     ...;
  Ii                  a;J~
                          .­                                        :::i
                                                                    .a= ..              .'"

                                                                                     ;; -~                   ll;          :;
                                                                                       :               •

                                                                                  ui   :
                                                                            ........ $ = ....



              ..                                               t:

              •                            -

              •                            ~

                                           •" " '.,

              ., .,                ~        2 "
           .. ..
           • •                                                 ~
                                   ,       3
        '" ·
        d               .0         !       ~"~ ~               ;
        z     Q         U
                                           e~ ~ •
 '"     ~

                                           ;;                  •
 i            '"
                                           0:                  "

                                                               .e               "l'
                                                                            j-                               . ;;;


                                                                                                             i:O~                i

                   •.                                                                             . '.
                                                                                              j ~ . j;
                   -~                                                                               ~

 ~                                                                                                           r                             o·
         '"        >;                                    Ii                                    l<            j   Ii!                                     Ii!

                                                                                                             .~ lC
                             ..;                                                                                                                o·

 ii    jj",



                                                                                                                                                l    =~

                                                                                                                 '"                                  .t-

 I                                                                   Ii

                                                                                                    .~ ~


                                                                                                        ='                  to       1Ii

                                                      _              ....
                                                                                                    .                  I
                                                                                                                       i         •

                                                      .=!!!:         !!!:
                                                                                                    .1;-               j~        i~

                                                                     Ii!                                w
                                                                                                                       .~   '"
                                       . .

-i                                     ... - .... -             i~

                                        ii:ii                                                       JI'"               ,:;


                                                                     [IIIIAR\l CHAPMIl
                                                                               -"'r 18 !ll78
                                                                     II IlARY SYOIIIi
                                                                               -dun 10 lUi
                                                                     (urritd 111421
                                                                     21 DOROHIY .111
                         'I                            'I                          'I                          'I                        'I
      lil"ON tSVIIONUSJ CltAPIIN MATIVilJEl CIIAPMII                 MAy QVlPMII               SMIIEl CMAPIIAII           dOIlll CHAPMIl                                                                                                   EDWARD CHAP~AN (CA1640) FA"ILY
       a4Hutj 2~ ms                        -Jill 2 1~91                                        a~Hlft U 1122                     -1671                                                                                                        Of IPSM1Ch, "assachusetts
      "MY BRllfl                 II.Y IIIlBIIR.                      JH BARRY                  RU'N 11I6AL.5              REIECCA 511fTlt
          ~231124                                                                                           -~nl~                                                                                                                                               Chart ES-AD
                                      Iltlrried DIe 30 16m           {ur"td Jill 24 16161      Ililrritd lliy 20 16181    Clilrrild SIp 30 !ll7SI
                                                                                                             y                                                                                                                                                        fUJi;vd 1983
      Cont'li   IlII   Cllart ES-AA                                                                          y            to"t'd on l;IIart EHE
                                                                                                             y                                                                                                                                      Plus!    ~I!nd (orrl!(tltln~ lnd addltJOnl to:
                         y-----------------------V-----------------------v-----------------------'1-----------------------'1-----------               ------------y---------~-------------y-----------------------'1                                            GIlbert r. Alford. Jr.
                         'I                             V                          'I                          'I                   'I                      'I                       Y                                        y                                  141'}1 rlllqsford DrlYI!
      SAl'IIIEl CIlAPMIl, JR, JOHN CIIAPfWI            JOSEPH CIlAPMII                         RUTH CWIIM                 E_O CHAPflI'lA       IIARY CHAPMiN .        JOB CIlAPIlAlt                            EUIIUItD CttAPIIAN                               Fltlrl!im\l., 110   b30~1
      htl 121m,., 21 1742                 -(kt 17 1105 "'r 6 1685-II.r 1150                    Jan 10   1~1-                      -lid 17 Ib88 J,n 'l "'I-Nlf 13 1740 [16'3-1165                                [lt1H-hb 201m
      PHEB£ BALCH             DORann CIl6SE            IIfturritd                                           EAT.                               IJumied                II "AllY CHASE
                                                                                                                                                                      c16'3-Apr 5 1m                                                                 htd ttlr tillS   ~~.~t .1.$ ll'~trl(hd   IrDil
      Illfrlld "ar 11 1702)           llarried III' 16 1105)                                                                                                                                                                                    mm       CmUM, 0' IPSIU.t, uss.musms. 1M 1641
                         ,            COfit'd on £6-18
                                                                                                                                                                                     2) AAtIlEl 60SS                                             By A'~_. Jacob Clupun a~d Dr. II, 8, llpllll, 1878

                                                                                                                                                                                     lurn~d      I1VI

                                                                                                                                                                                     Cont'd on Ch.lrl £S-86
                         'I                             V                          Y                           'I                         'I                            V                           Y                         Y                          y                           Y
      P+I£B£ CKAPIWI                  PAUL tMAPMIl           SMUl ctIAPMII                     MAIHA CltAP9lAI            PE.UEl CMI\PMiIi            lOSEPH CHAPIIAII               B£IIJAIIIII CHAPMII         JONATHAN CKAPIIAN        RUm (HAPPIAN                ABIGAIL CHAPII""
      tK 29 1702-                     .., 4 1704~Oct IB 1154 DIe 7 110l-cm6                    II.y 28 1111               Jlln 10 1113-               Bo1jl 1713                     hp 1m                       B.lp 171~                Blp 1m                      1121-0tt 13 1754
      ROBERT Hl.SOII                  liMY ilEUS             II ~     YIIII                    Unlilrrild                 SAUl! LEIBEl                                                                           liMY
                  -17""{                         -tl762                 'I

                                                                                   Y                                      lurri.d 174JI

                                      COlIt'd   D/I   Chart Es--tB
                                                                                   •                                                                  Coot'd   lItI   Cllirt ES-CB                              Coot'd on ES-CB

      CMll• • It flm IIlfE:
                         y-------~--------------V----------------------y----------------------v-----------------------y-----------------------'1-------------                          ...   -------'1------------------.----y--------------_··------y-----------------------tJ·--------~----.--------y
                         V                              '#                         'I                          'I                        V                              V                           'I                        V                          V                           y                        '#
      JOIIl l'JIAPlIM                 MAY CHAPIWI                    51'11RJEl CMAPIAII     B£fl,JMI. C1IAPMIl            PllEll CHAPIlltN           [DIIUIlD CHAP.AII               IIOAH CHAPIIAII         ELlliUETH CHAPIIAII    IIARTHA CHM'PlAN                  H tPHAl CHAPIIAN           DAVID CHAPIIAII
      Jill 51730"                     IIlr B Im­           ' 1734-"'r' ISO' lin 41131­                     JUII 10 171'-ftay 14 115(1 hb 18 1141­                     II.Ir 24 114J-Au9 8175' hn 14 I14S-lhy 30 UbI) Au, II lm­                        "u 7 17':ill-JiI'I 20 1814 lilt 7 1752­
                                                                     !WIY IARBER                      SRtltlET                                                                                                                                                        1J                         Ell Z~£TH CLARk
                                                                     Fib 4 1729-DIe 30 1816
                                                                      Curritd ~, 4 1154)                                                                                                                                                                              2) HAIIMtl JAC!.IIA.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Jul 'I' l15J-D.c 15 IBn
                                                                     tont'. on Ch.lrt E'i-DC   ClIllt'd an !).a,t £S-DO                                                                                                                                               ~llrrJ.d A>l.q 12 1172J

      CHilD BY SEC(MD 11111::                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         COllt'd 00 Chut [S-DJ      COllt'd on ClI.lrI   E5-D~.
                        HAMWt OIAPIIM

                                                                                               <jlscontent. lake trouble ~bout this 1'1' Ilill, thitt thrn thrv sh~ll forfeltt
                                                                                               ano:! loose IIhat I have herein bequeath~d unto thel or hll, unto thel that
                                                                                               ~t.all be so lolested by thel.      [1'1 Iitneu that tJ~ 151'1 last        lid I ~nd
                                                                                               ~estalent,      ! IIHe hear'! unto put Iy han~ itnd seale, t~l~ 9th of Aprl1,
                                                                                                                                               EDtjARO CIlAP~AN,    urI:. and seale.
                                                              Sv~'!d and sealed alld publlShl!d b~ EdwlIrd Chapun, to be his last lilli,

                     A Gralltee of IIlSllIlCh, 115 .. III IbU.
                                III prE-sell(f' ~f us,
\DerIvl!d frol the 1878 bool by Re. Jacob Chaplill ~ Dr W. 8. laphal l
                                                                                       ~05'S Plngry, Sen'r,
                                                                                                                                                                Robert lord, Stn'r.
                        F1rst         Generation                                                    Proved Aprtl W. 1678.

                          EDWARD CHAPMAN                                                       1"         Edllard anO' ~ary (SYlond5~ Chapun. of Ip511Hh, Ill. [n hll lut
           Edllard C~,jpr1all, liller, of [1l51l1Ch, IS said to have COle frol tht             days, Edurd Chapl<ln had sOle trouble lIith hiS son, Natltanl~1. "ark
Ilorthel!st of Ellgland, /lot far IrOI lIull, III Yorkshlrl!. The probability of               SVIOIlllS, hiS father-In-Iall, hid left lIith hll, in trust, urtaln lands,
 thIs tradition I~ s~pported bv the facts tlla!. others frol the sale nClnlty                  Ihah It~t to bl! gIven to Ilu children Ilhen the" bee ale of aQe. fn Stilt.,
of the nile. rh~Ptan, ar" rl!corded, n reeollended by their parISh prIests                     1677, aUH he had given John sOle reat estate. Nathaniel sued hIS father
to be Il!lbers et: th! Episcopal Ct\t'~Ch, and 50 lIere perlltted by '.he                      for hiS share of th, Ittacy left by his grandfather 5Ylonds. 9~ lulu~l
authOrities to lphe the country, Edllard Chaplin and the P~rltans of that                      consent, 'Dea, "05es PIllgry and Sylon Stacy of IpSIlICh,         and Erekltl\
perIod could not e~pl!et such peral5Slon.                                                      Northeand, of ROIII'!y,' lIere chosen to dl~lde that land Into five tqual
           Ht 15 said to h,lYe landed In Boston. In 1042 he urntd fIrst.                       parts, nd lIathanlel liaS to choose "his share, accordlll~ to his birth.'
l1arl', daughter IJf ""r~ SYlonds, the lot her Of his tHI! chlUren. 5he died                   SOle of the other children left th!.'lr sharts In poStsllon of tllelr father
JUIl 1(1, 1658, and hI! larrled second, Dorothy, daughter of Aahard Slain,                     ttll hu deat~. IIhen he lade his 1111, April 9, 107B, he gave NathanIel
and III do. of Thola~ Abhott of R!!lllev, lIlho survIved hll. He died April 18,                another equal sharr, and alldtd, ""I' lIil) is that all 1'1 clllldren be
1676. He sel!ls to have been an IndustriOUS, energetlc, chrlstun un, Ilhtl                     satlshed 11th that [ have done for tht•. And if any of thel 5hall,
acciJlulated 50ae property, and preferred to keep It in hl~ olin hands till                    t~rough discontent, like trDublt .bout tllis, IY 1111 15 that they 5hall
he sail hOIl his children 1I0uid ta~e care 0; thl!Jr olin earnings.        lie lias            forfeit and lose Ilhat I have htuin btqllllthed to hll or thel." They had:
cautious, flrl olnd deCided In hIS opInIons.                                                        2     I.          Sllon (or 5ylondsl Ch,plan t born Ib43, died AUQ 25 1735,
                                                                                               aarried l1ary BrueTj
          WILL OF EDWARD CHAPMAN,                                SEN~                                     01.         Natllinlel Chaplan, larrud Decelbrr 30 1674 liar '1
                                   Fr.   ~ecofdJof Deed' Ioc •. EHI!I Co" laB •• )             Wilborn. called thl! dall9hter of Andre. Pettfs. Mathanal laS a carpenter,
                                             Ip.llllc~ Series. c. 4, p. 169          )         and is said to han di'd Jul" 2 1691;
      In the nale 0; God, Ann, [t Edlurd Chapaan of Ip5l1ich, In the county                               Ill.'       lIity Chaplan, lartled January 24 1676 John Barrv;
of Essel, beIng .eake 01 liDdy, but through the leTCy of 60d, InlOying 1'1                       G        IV,         SUllel Chaplin, born 1654, died January 26 1722, urried
understanding and lIelory, do like and ordain this 1'1            last lIill      and          "ay ·16 161B Ruth !n,a1s1
testuenL                                                                                            4     v.          John Chaplan, died 1677, IitrlM Septtlbtr 30 1675
      Ilpril15. I call1tt 1'1 soule Into the hands of         Jnu! Chrlst.         II'         Rebecca 51Hrr.
ble5!i1!d SavjOllr and Redult!r, in hope of a joyful resurrtrhon IInta life,
at tilt last dil, IY body to deunt buriall. And for 1'1 OIlt.,r!! Ktate, God                                         Second Generation
Ilath graciously ll!nt unto Ie, I dispose as follolleth; viz.           III' brlovrd
lill!, there bl!lng a covenant and contract beheen us, upon larriaql!, Iy                                                 SIMON CHAPMAN
11111 15 that it bl! hlthfully fUlfilled, henty pOUllds of that contllned in                   2"       Sllon (or SYloods), son of EdllTd .nd "an ISYlondsl Chaplan, Ilat
the covenant, to tlr In such hou5ehold goods as she shall dui". jllsa 1'1'                     born 1641.      He lias a carp,nttr and IIrrird lIary, daughter of John Bruer,
IIlll 15 that IV beloved Ilife Dorothy Chaplin shall have the uSt of thr                       Sen., of IpSIlHh, and had tllO children naled Ihl!n her father lade hls lill
parlour end of the hause, both upper and 10ller roolt!s, .\th the little                       in 16B4, She died February 23 1724; he dil!d AIIgu5t 25 1735, aged over 93;
cellar that hath lo~~ and key to it, lllth free liberty of the ovtn, alld                      the oldnt "tOlin-born child Ihtn lit ditd.' Thrir Childrenl
lIell of Ilater, Ilith ten good bearing frilit tren near that end of thl! hOllse                   5    I,    .....- £dllard Chaplin, born lIay II 1669 in 1I011ey, tarried liar I'
Mch. 5he 15 to like use of, to havl! thr fruit off thel, aho the garden
plot fenet in h"loll the orchard, and onl! guarter of the barne, at thl!                                 il.      Suon Chaplan, born and ditd July 2 1674;
farther end frol the ltou5e, also to h"vr tile ljoelng of one COil In the                                Iii,     John Chaplinj
pasture, and all during tht tilt! 5he doth Ttlilne 1'1 IIlddoll. [Dorot~v                                IV.	     liar '1 Chaplin, born March 12 1617

Chaplin J. Jj Nev •• 1678, flrchelaIJ5 loedun Di Nl'Ilbar,l                                                                    Born in IpSllich:

      Ittl. III' son SYlon, havlnq alreadye don, for hil beyond IV other                           6    'I.  .    Salue) Chaplan, born October 28 1680. IIrried Februaty 2
Children, II' 11111 is that ht shall have thirty pounds payed hi I, by 1'1                     1701-4 Estrr Hirrlsj
executor, as follolflth, vi!., to bt p.ld five pound a year, to begin the                               VI.    •  Joseph Chaplin, born "arch 16B2, IiHled Frbruarv ~ 1707
first fivr pounds three years after II' dec ene, and five every yeare, nnt                     ______ Winlorth of ROllley;
~ftrr. aM this to be his full portion. And for four             'OIlllds that      IS                   VII.      Stephen Chaplin, born Octoller 10 16B~.
cOleing to hll of hIS 6randhther SylQnd5' gift, Ihleh is yet behynd, IV
lill i5 th~t It shall be payed unto hil, out of that Sil aue lott lrelng                  ,	                            SAMUEL CHAPMAN
at Mattells neck, weh. lias his grandfather's, as It sh.H br prurd by                     A;             Saluel, 50n 01 Edurd and liar I' ISYlondsi Chaplan, ..~ born 1654
Indifferent len.                                                                               and lias a llhHhriQht and h,.tf. He larned lIay 20 1678 RlIth, daughttr of
     Itu. 1 giye and bequeath unto 1'1 son Mathanlel Cllaplan,                thirty           Saluel Inoals.      On the death of his father, Apnl IB, 167B, he liS
poond5, to be payed unto hia by 1'1 e.ecutor, by h ve pOllnd a year, the                       appointed, by thl! lill, "solr rueuttl' of the 1I111."         He took the
first five pounds to be Piled three years after II' d,cease, and the relt by                   hOlestead, and us allOlled thrrt yrars to settle the estate, and then sil
fIve pound a year, the ne~t follolling years; and that to bt hIS full                          years to pay the other hl!irs, in si_ innllil instaillents. lie then beeile
portion,                                                                                       residuary legatee.
      Itel. I give and beglluth to Ir dallQllttf, l1arv, the IIlfe of John                               SalueI las a Ian of pittv and InBu,nce In the cOllunity,      flis
Barry, the SUI at thirty pounds, to be payed unto her, by five pounds a                        lIife, Rllth, dud in IP5llich, June 22 1700, and he soon reloved Illth his
year, the first five pOllnds to be payed three years after II' dKease,           ~nd           children to North Mill in Halllton, and 5I!ttled on a place called Brulble
50 every year aHer, five pOllllds a year, unhll Jt be all payed. All the                       Mill, on the north side of the road to Strathal, Ihere he dled January 26
afofeuyd Legacies to be payed In current coon try Pil, unto sd. children.                      1722.
Also I give unto II' saVd daughter liarI', one coverlett that IS black and
yell c.I.                                                                                                                    Continued on page 19
      Itel. I appo~nt IV 50n, Salu,l. to be II' sale elKutor, of thIS IV
 last Iii I and ttstutnt, and do qlve unto hll all II' house and lands jnd
chattels, he paying and ;Jerforllng .;.)1 II' lilli, unto 1'1 IltTe. and btlrthefs
 and suter d above uprest, and ~15o all 1'1 debts and tuneral (lIar~es, I
S~y \ qive 'Jnto hU, I~ son Salu,,1 Chaplan. all the rest oi IV estate, both
reall and pe~~onall, 11'111111 further IS that all IV (hlldr"r, slult rest
satish"d IIlth Ilhat 1 !'Ia'!e done for thel, and" anv nl t~~1 shall throuQh


          CONNECTZN8                               CHAPMAN                    COUSZNS

    With yDur cDDperatiDn, Ie hope tD have thiS feature In each Issoe Df the nelshtter. It is here that
Ie ta,e pieces frD' several Chapples and/ar fro. Dther sDorces and prepare a co.posite sketch Dr"sDn Df infDrution. In .any ,nstances there Illl prDbably be SD.e dilleronces. We dD nDt intend
to Cf!ate any controversy, and Me .JII norlally gi~e no opinion as to the acclrat, version.

     Inforution fDr the fDIIDling sketch fro. three Chapples. If you can add tD Dr CDrrect any
errDneous infDr.ation let us hear fro. vou. Likelise if you knD. of a published account Df this
line, please send us the reference, or better yet, let us borrow the publication if yDo have a CDPY. The
three contributors to this shtch are:
    Di an Gustaf son, .635 9uchngha. DrIVe, GladstDne OR 97027
    Dixie Riley, 1308 West A, Joplin, ~004801
    Mar j or i e Russell, 1445 Queen So••it Drive, West CDvina, CA 91790

las bDrn 1761 in AshfDrd, CDnnecticut and he died 1845 in Lcdi, OhiD. He .arried RhDda Pecl. TID Df
their children .ere:
         A. LEV I CHAPMAN bDrn 1784 in AshfDrd, Connecticut and died in Ohio.                He .arried
Lucinda TURNER;
         B. CYRUS CHAPMAN born Decuber 15 1788 in, Mindsor, Ver'Dnt.                  He died
October 3 18.5 and is buried in West UniDn, Fayette, lOla. He .arried Jerusha Denison HOSNER October I
1819 in Seville, "edina, Ohio. She las the daughter of Willia. HOS~ER and Elizabeth BARKER and las born
Narch 8 1801 in South.ick, Ha.pden, ~assachusetts. TlO of their children lere:
              I. DEWITT CLINTON CHAPMAN born Febroary 12 1826 in Harrisville,
"edina, Ohio, died ~arch 12 1912 in Ottertail County, ~innesota, buried Prj.ghar, lOla. ~arried Elilabeth
~ary KENNEDY January 1 1852 in Winslol, Stephenson CDunty, lllinDis.
              2. ORVILLE W. CHAPMAN born August 10184. in Sharon, WahDrth, Misconsin,
died February 16 1890 at Lake     , lOla. He .arried Nargaret Ann SlftlNGTON August 1 1880;

    lnfor.ation for the co.parisDn on the facing page ca.e fro. too Chappies and tID pUblished   sources.
The tlO Chapples lere:
    Jean Snow BD' 507, Port Jellerson, NY 11777
    Juani ta Hall Rural Route," Colu.bia City, IN 46725

    The tlO published sources lere:
    IB! DESCENDANIS Of ROBERI 'NAPIAI OR II! "APIA. IAIIlY written by Rev. F. M. and published in
    EIIARI CIAPIA', Of IPS.I", 'ASSACIUSEIIS, I' 1.44 Iritten by Rev. Jacob and Dr. N. B. lapha.
and published in 1878.

    The Dnly probable Callan ancestor in all four accounts is JOSEPH CHAPMAN, ~ut study the.
closely and you lill see several contradictions. He lould like your opiniDn as tD the cDrrect version,
.ell docu.ented or course.

                      YOUR      CHAPMAN COUSINS NEED                          HELP
                           IF YOU HAVE   CHAP~AN   DATA YOU HAVE NOT SENT TO US,
                      PLEASE,            SEND      YOUR       DATA      AT    ONCE


           JEAN SNON ACCOUNT                     THE NElklRK FANILY lOOK 1854               JUANITA HALL ACCOUNT            EOHARO CHAPNAN, ETC BOOk 1878
                       WV                                        WV                                  WV                                     WV
                                                                                       R08ERT CHAPNAN                       EDHARD ,HAPNAN
                                                                                       Ocl 1.24­
                                                                                                                        \I NARY   SYNONDS
                                                                                        (Iarried Apr 29 1642\               (urried 1&42)
                                                                                                        V                                    V
  lILLIAN CHAPNAN                                m U AN ,HAPNAN                        SANUEL CHAPNAN                       SANUEL ,HAPNAN
                  -~"       18 II"                         -D!t tS 1699                Nov 1.54­                            115Han 2. 1722
                                                                                       RUTH [NBALLS                         RUTH INBALS
                                                                                       lurried "ar 20 1678)                 l.arried "ay 20 1678)
                       ~                                          'J                                V                                        V
  JOSEPH CHAPNAN                                 JOSE" CHAPNAN                         JOSEPH CHAPNAN                       JOSEPH CHAPNAN
  16&7-JIJr) I'l 172S                            Ib67- Jun 10 17:5                     Apr I 1'8~-Jun 10    I72~            Apr 1185­
  NERCY                                          NAm                                   NARV llNEIffiR1H                     Died unlarned
  llarrled   Cd    17(16)                                                              'Iarried Feb 2   17~71
                     V                                           V                                      V
  AARON   ,~APNAN                                AARON CHAPNAN                         AARON CHAPNAN, SR.
  Jul 12 li18­                                   JuI 12 1718­                          JuI 12 1718­
  KEZIAH ROAO                                    KEZIAH ROOO                           KE2IAH ROOO
  (urrled Jul 24 17391                           (urrled Jul 24 1139)                  (iarried Jul 24 17Jql                Connecting
   Ocl 2. 174I-Au9 27 1821
                                            I.   ElEK IEL
                                                 Ocl 21 1741­
                                                                                       AARON CHAPNAN. JR.
                                                                                       Apr II 1745
                                                                                                                     O         Chapman
                                                                                                                            See prevIOUS paQe
   JERUSHA LEE                                    (no lore on hil)                     SUSANNAH RUSH
   iurrled Det 14 17681
2. AARON CHAPNAN. JR.                       2. AARON CHAPftAN
   Apr 11 I745­                                Apr II 1745­

                                       Continued,                      EDWARD CHAPMAN FAMILY

                                                           Second Generation

                                                  SAMUEL CHAPMAN,                      Continued.

                     In "ay 1719 he presented to the [oun~il of Me. Hllpshire, ! petition fro. the North Hill people
           for a leetlng-house, ett" In tneir part of the to-no The select.en of Ha.pton Mere present to oppos'
           hili but the petition was granted. Owing, however, to so.e difficulties, the separate organization was
           not cOlpleted till their .eetlng-house was built, and a church for.ed, on the 17th of Move.ber 173B, 50
           he did not live to see hIS hopes acco.pli5hed. The ston, ov,r his grave says, ·Sa.uel, died
           Jan.20,1 122, in ye bBth year of his age."
                     The town of Nort~ Ha.pton was incorporated Mobe.ber 2b 1742. The pastor settled over thiS colony
           was Rev, Nathaniel Gookin, son of the forler pastor of the old church in Hupton. They had:
              ~) i,            Sa.uel ChapIan Jr, born February 12 1679 Ipswich, .arried "arch 11 1702 Phebe Balch,
           died April 21 1742;
               B ii.           John, born in Ip~wich, .arried "arch 10 1705 Dorothy, dauqbt,r of and
           Elisabeth Chase, died October t7 1705;
                     iii       Joseph, born IpsMich April 6 1685 died un.arried in HalPton "arch 1750, He left
           lands, etc" and his brother Job ad'10l5tered on the estate;
                     iv,       Ruth, born Ipswich January 10 loB7, .arried        Eaton, and in 1750 receivld
           her share of her brother Joseph's estate;
                     v,        Edward, born in Ipuich died there October 17 1688:
                     vi,       l"Iary, born lpsMich January 2 1691 dIed "arch 13 1740 in HalPton un.arried at
           the age of 49;
               9 vii.          Job Chaplin, born Ipswich about 1093 ..rried (11 ftary Chne and (21 Rachel Soss, dud
                    viii.       Ed.und Chaplan born Ipswiell about IbcH, He was a farler, in co.pany Mith his brother
           Joseph, [I have a deed of .arsh land sold the. in 1725, bv Christopher Page, It was inherited by Job,
           their nephew, __ J.C,l He died un.arried in Ha.pton, Februarv 20 1739, aqed 41,

                                                                       JOHN CHAPMAN
           4"        John, son of Edwalld and l"Iary 15y.onds), larried 5eph.ber 30 Ib7~. Rebecca S'Ith and died
           Ib77, Septelber 1 1671, hIS father gave hi. a house and lands, as h, said, lin        consideration of his
           dutifulness to It and living with It to the day of date," &c" "dureing the terll of his naturall lift,
           ~nd to his son John, after hi •• if he liveth to the age of 21 years," Two .onths after thiS      his
           son John died, and th~ property fell. by the de,d. into th, hands of the MidoM, Rebecca, till the child
           beeafle of age. TheIr son was~

                  10        I.       Jo~n, borD       Jul~   7 Ib76 • • arrled October 1B 1702 Elizabeth Davis.

                                                        To be contInued· In a later Issue.

                         CHAPMAN                     DATA             BANK
    In each Issue oe oill publIsh one or lore pages frol our Chaplan data bank. Since oe are continually
adding to, and uking changes in, the dah bank, it oill never be cOlplete. We oill publish the file in
it's cOlposition as of the til. o. are preparing for publication.

     In the listing that begins on the facing pa,e, oe have loaded lost of the pedigree sheets and falily
group sheets that you have sent us. N. have loaded SOl. of the additional data you sent but have loaded
f.o of the larger falily ltnes In total. We have not loaded, into this file, the oealth of inforlation
furnIshed available in the sev.ral books oe noo have,

    The Inforlatlon just is not 100% accurate. Although oe have tried to k.ep our portion error free, Of
are bound to lake'listakes oith this luch data ohich is very difficult to proof-read. We knoo that sOle
of your source dah oas questionabl. and ohere it OaS obvious oe have tried to shoo it oith a "', If you
d.sire IDre inforlatlon Dn anv of the .ntries, or you oould like to knoo our source, just drop us a line
or give us a call.

     This current listing is our 'A-file' and oe need to explain the colulns, Keep this handy for future
 issues for oe oill not repeat this •• planation in subsequent issues,
          CHAPP1AN NAP1E: This is the first and liddle nal! and/or initials of the principal
person ohose last nale is aloays CHAP"AM, The list is sequenced first by this coluln going alphabetical
bythefirst five characters or spaces. "iddle nal!S or initials have no
real bearing on the sequence. Mictoales and ilternative spellings are shoon in (I, If titles such as
REV or DR oere furnished, and if space perlitted they oere included.
          BORN YP1D, P1ARD YP1D " DIED YP1D: These date colulns are essentially
the sale shooing dates of birth, larriag. and death. All are e.pressed by year then lonth and then day,
 In a feo instances a Born date lay be a date of baptisl, but there is no oay to distinguish these. If you
provided a circa or about date then it is shoon oith a CA. If a date ..s expressed as 'before' it is
shoon oith a '(' follooin, the date and if it 0. . 'alter' a date it is follooed by a ')', Dates of birth
are essential to our processing so ohen one oaS not provided, oe estilated the date of birth using other
data avaihble, so use these oith extre.. caution, They are follooed by an 'P. Within each nale the
list is sequenced on the year and lonth of birth so that oe Can keep the entries in appro.ilate
chronological order for cOlparison and analysis,
           WHERE BORN, WHERE P1ARR I ED ll< CITY ICNTY are all colulns
shooing places, All are shoon oith the state first follooed by the county or the city. Abbreviations and
shortened spelling oere used. The first too need no e.planation, but the CitylCnty does as it is uled to
identify a nUlber of places, These entries are aloays follooed by a caled letter ohich is a code to
indicate the event, They should be clear, but let us knoo if you need help. They generally are b=buried
 Iborn is in the other coluon) d=died, o=oill, r=resided, c=census, etc,
          SPOUSE: This n.eds little e.phnation, you Can I.e that they are I..t na.. fiflt.              If
there oas lore than one spouse the nUlber of the larriage foiloos the spouse's nale and they are arranged
in order,
          PARENTS: It doesn't say so, but it should be obvious that these Me ahays Chaplans, Th.
father's nale and laybe liddle initial ar. shoon first follooed by the lother, and to the e.tent possible,
her laiden nal!, In uny oe sacrificed her first nale and used an initial in order for you to see
her falily nale. Ablank in this coluln strongly suggests that the per.on on the I.ft il the dead-end of
sOleone'. Chaplan line, and they need your help.

                   GIVE      US    ADDITIONS            AND    CORRECTIONS

    The listing is published to inforl you and to give you an opportunity to inforl us, and   through   u.
anyone else seeking Chaplan inforlation.

                    BORN YND NHERE BORN         SPOUSE

AB                  1878E                       TRAlAN. ANNIE H.     18980116   NS   HINDS
AJ                  1857E                       NElSH. NARY          18770205   NS   HINDS
A0                  1875E                       HARDY, J. N.         18951221   NS   NENTON
ABPI!EUA            1845E                       E8NNANBER, d8SEPII   18651114   NE   PAS9Y8TAK   s'E.
A.   ~.             1864E                       CONAN, N. E.         18840310   NS   PIKE
A•• DR.             1804     NH                 HAGER, NANCY                    NT               18930727
AARON               17180712                    ROAD, KEZIAH         17390724                                        JOSEPH. NERCY
AARON               17180712 CT     NORNICH     ROOD, KEZIAH         17390724                                        JOSEPH ~ NARCY
AARON JR.           17450411 CT     NORNICH     RUSH, SUSANNAH                                                       AARON ~ KEZIAH                  ROOD
AARON R.            18150623 NY     ONTARIO     SNlTH, JANE G.       18421124                    18861030 NI OAKLAND RANDAll. ORll                   RICE
AARON               1839     NY     NED INA                                                      18621130 NO HAGTONd JOHN C• lYDIA                   CROSBY
ABEL                1791E                                                                                            ANOS • ABIGAIL                  BURDICK
ABIGAIL             17b6E    NA     ??          ENERSON, JOHN        178b1119
ABIGAil S.          1809E                       AOANS, OAYIO         18291013   IN ORAN
ABIGAil S.          18220713                    HENRY T. TREYETT     18410110                    19060411                 PETER. HANNAH STOEll
ABNER               1781E                       CHAPNAN, ELIZABETH   18010803   KY NARREN
ABNER               1785E                       THONPSON,ElIZABETH   18010803   KY NARREN                                 THONAS          ~   REBECCA TODD
ABNER               17m                         lUNPKIN, lUCY        18170925   GA JASPER
ABNER               1801CA SC                   _______ , EllEN I                                18m        GA NARI       HENRY. ELIZABETH AllEN
ABNER               180lCA SC                   SNlTH, lUCINDA 2     18641001 GA NARION          18m        GA NARI       HENRY ~ ELIZABETH AllEN
ABNER               1805E                       BARRETT, ELIZABETH   18250209 SA PIKE
A8NER               1824[1                      HOLIDAY, NARTHA      18441213 GA UPSON
ABNER T.            18420624 GA                                                                                           A8NER       ~       EllEN
ABSOlON             18330624 KY     OHIO        BRONN, NARY A. I     18571109                    19170109                 EllIS       ~       NANCY SOUTHARD
RBSOlON             18330624   ~Y   OHIO        ______ , JUDY 2      19170109                                             EllIS       ~       NANCY SOUTHARD
ACHAZA              1791E                       BETTIS, SANUEl       18111012 TN NilSON
ACHSAH              1838E                       FORO, GEORGE N.      18581215 Al CLARK
ADA ORillA          1858                        BUTTON, CHARLES                                                           AARON R• JANE GSNITH
ADA                 1876E                       COTTREll, T. T.      18960115 NS HINDS
ADA                 1889E                                                                                            STEYEN • JULIA BINNS
ADALINE             18360315 OH STAR                                                             18510825 IN AllEN d GEORGE • JOHANNA A8ER
ADAN                1792                                                                                             ANOS • ABIGAIL BURDICK
ADDIE               1875E                       PERRY, RAY
ADELINE                      0-1                                                                                      __ J. t..                          '1
                    1830 ~EOINA
                                                                                                                                  I                  -

ADELIA                                          CROSBY, EXEURY       1849                        19050114   ~/         '··.JOHN C. ~ lYDIA CROSBY
ADELIA N.           18391008                    HAGEDORN, CHANCY                                                            PETER • HANNAH STOEll
ADELINE, N. NRS.    1847EI                      lEA, JOSEPH N.       IB67022B NS JEFFERSON
AGNES J tTl         1839     KY BARREN                                                                                    NIlllAN JR • EllZ B.
AlBERRY             18m                         GOBER, NARTHA        18531225   GA KE KAlB
AlBERTIE BRADFORD   18690125                    NCClOUO,IYY NYRTlE   18961219                    19430609                  NilllAN B• SUSAN 81SBEE
ALBERT              18b9E                       GOLDEN, lOUYENIA     18891010   NS YAZOO
ALBERTA             18m                         ROSENAN, JERRY       18930219   NS lEFLORE
ALBERT              1880E                       HARDNAN, NARY        19000817   NS YAZOO
ALBERT lEROY        18881031                    CARNTNE, AUDREY      19101030                                              ROSCO G• AI. THA NETCAlF
ALBERTA             1910E                       FISK, CLARENCE       19300305   NS CALHOUN
Al8URTUS                                        (SEE 8URT HARD)
ALEX                I893E                       KEYS, AlNEDA         19131012 NS JASPER
ALEXANDAR           1590E      ENSlAND     ??
ALEXANDER           1785E                       CARSON, NANCY      18050930     KY   LOGAN
ALEXANDER O.        1807E                       NADDlE, NARTHA     18270924     NC   GATES
ALEXANDER           1821CA     PA BUCKS         HANKINS, NARGARET 18450928      NY   NE~RK       18701113 NJ NENKARb
ALEXANDER           1821E                       CLARKE, JANE A.    18410204     AL   CLARKE
ALEXANDER           I857E                       OTTINGER, NOlliE C 18770412     TN   KNOX


                     BORN   Y~O   NHERE BORN   SPOUSE

ALFRED J.           16660729 TI HOPKINS        CA~PBELL.  FLORENCE 16910129               19350124              ISAAC N• NARTHA BARCLAY
ALFRED SAUNDERS      IB720406 CN QUEBEC        TREGILLUS,BEATRICE 16960615 ENG 610lFORO   19591211              CHARLES • NARY KNILL
ALICE               1630E     ENGLAND??        BRONN, THO~AS                                                   THO~AS
ALICE SUSAN          IB530103 IN ~ADI          LONE, JANES LOGAN                          19220730 NO ADAI b	 JACOB • ENNA POTTER
ALI CE J.           1655E                      HALL. JOHN          16751026 ry CASEY
ALICE                IB5B0923 NO ~ARCEL!N      BENTLEY, GEORGE K.                         19221029             JOHN • BETTIE DODGE
ALICE B.            16641106                   Die~   young                               16650602             NILLIAN B• SUSAN BISBEE
ALICE                IB65E                     CRANFORD, NILLIAM 16651231 TN KNOI
ALICE               1873E                      NARD, HUGH C.     18931217 NS HINDS
ALICE BEATRICE       18860114 TI HOPKINS       DAVIS. NERVIN     19050606                 197410                JA~ES ELIAS • E~NA VADEN
ALICE ROllNA{l!NAJ  18870506                   unurried                                   19561126              ROSCO G• ALTHA ~ETCALF
ALICE               19021229                   SADLER, ELNIN                                                    JOHN • ALFRETTA H.
ALLAN HORD          18510330                                                              1921>      IA LISBON, JOHN S • HARRIET ONEN
ALLEN                IBI3E                     SHIP, ELIZA          18320316 NS RANKIN
AL~A NAY            19061129 or CONETA         DAVIS. ROY THO~AS    19220603              19800110 CA S ROSAd	 LILBERN N• THURSA LONG
AL~EDA               IB27E                     REED, JOHN           18470122 AL NARSHALL
ALTA CORDILLA       19041127 OK CONETA         STRAUGHAN, N. L.I    19200717                                    LILBERN N• THURSA LONG
ALTA CORDILLA       19041127 OK CONETA         LONMAN, ROBERT 2                                                 LILBERN N&. THURSA LONG
ALTER CLYDE         18981130                   OVERSTREET, AL~A                           19710531	             ALFRED J • FLORENCE C.
ALTHA               19000223                   COOLEY, EONARD                                                   JOHN. ALFRETTA H.
ALVIN, DR           1876E                                                                                       NILLIAN 0 • NILLIE SINS
ANANDA              1827E                                                                                       JOSHUA. ELIZABETH DANIEL
A~ANDA C.           1638E                      FLETCHER, L. R.      18580404 MS HINDS
ANANDA              1841E                      DENNY, ANDREN        18410127 AL CLARKE
ANANDA              1848E                      HILL. JANES          18680322 GA FLOYD
ANANDA J.           1865E                      ONENS, N. E.         18850203 NS LANRENCE
ANANOA              1866EI                     JONES. NILLIA~       16660110 AL CULLMAN
ANANDA              1898E                      BRONN, NILLIE H.JR   19161225 MS NILK1NSON
ANASA L.            16571208                                                                                    JOSIAH F • HARRIET HAlTON
AN BROSE            1766E                      STONE, ELIZABETH     16060113 GA UPSON
ANBROSE             1793E                      ANDRENS, ELIZABETH   IBI30527 GA BALDNIN
ANBROSE             lBOOE     SC?              GRIGGS, ELIZABETH                                                HENRY &. ELIZABETH ALLEN
ANBROSE             1622EI                     CLEVELAND. GRACE     18421206 GA TALBOT
ANBROSE             1833EI                     SEYNOUR, ~ARTHA A.   IB530717 GA BIBB
MELIA B.            lB20E                      PUGH. ELIJAH S.      16400122 At CLARKE
ANELIA              1661E                      SPEARS. JEFFERSON    IB611216 MS AMITE
ANERICA A.          lB74      TI HOPKINS                                                                        NILLIS N• HARRIET SNITH
ANOS                17630907                   BURDICK, ABIGAIL     17631120                                    ANDREN. HANNAH SNITH
MOS                 16090612                   TERREL. NARY                                                     JOHN. ELIZABETH JONES
ANOS SNAN           1B20E                                                                                       JOHN • PHEOBE CSNAN
ANOS S.             16510514 CT PLAtNFLD       BARGER, SUSAN        16770715                                    JOSIAH F • HARRIET HAlTON
ANOS T.             IB56E                      DEITRICK, IDA        16760430 lL NHlTES1DE
ANOS, JR.           1764E                                                                                       ANOS • ABIGAIL BURDICK
ANY BEATRICE        IBB30614                   POLLARD, E. NALKER   19070612                                    ROSCO G• ALTHA NETCALF
ANDERSON            1602E                      BERNARD, NANCY       IB220309 KY GALLATIN
ANDERSON            1610EI                     PULLIAN, NARY        16300113 KY GALLATIN
ANDREN              16760424 CT NENL           Died YDung                                 16830516              JOHN. ELIZABETH BEANONT
ANDREN 12NDl        16661001 CT NENL           Died YDung                                 16870623              JOHN. ELIZABETH BEANONT
ANDREN              17160,19                   SMITH, HANNAH        17460,47                                    JOHN • SARAH BROMN
ANDREN, JR.         1749E                                                                                       ANOREM • HANNAHS"ITH
ANDREN              1603      KY BARREN        BRONN, SUSAN         16260305 KY BARREN    1866      KY BARRENd	 MILL IAN SR • NARY ANN B.
ANDREN J.           1606E                      MCCLURE, NARTHA      18280217 KY LANRENtE
ANDREN JACKSON      18141007 TN DAVI           BARTON, NARIE E.     16340909              18710~06 RAYNOND b	 JOHN. ELIZABETH JONES
ANDREN JACKSON      16m                        CHAPNAN, NARY S.     16540110 LA EFEL
ANDREN J.           1846EI                     FRANCES, DELILA      16681004 KY PIKE
ANDREN JACKSON   JR 16510306                   NELCH. NARY          16770205 NS HIND      19170304          ..	 ANDREN JACKSON. NARIA B.
ANDREN NG           1662E                      ROBERTSON. NRS. V.   1882     LA TANG
ANDREN HUGH         16690326 TI HOPKINS        BERTRAN, SUSAN A.    18981120 TI HOPKINS 1940        DK ADA d	 ISAAC. NARTHA BARCLAY

ANGIE L.          1000E                 PRISORK, JOHN       19001014 TN KNOX
ANITA OEATRICE    10900000               NATSON, HAROLD                                                   AlOERT 0 ~ IYY NNCLEOD
ANN               1759E                 PHELPS,JANES[JOS.J 17790217 NC TYRRELL
ANN               1765E                  HIGGIN, AARON      17050602 KY LINCOLN
ANN               17900129 TN KNOXYILLE HODGINS. JOHN       10060021 TN KNOX      10760223   IL 6AlENAb THONAS'
ANN R.            179bE                  EOWARDS, CUPHOERTH 10160117 KY GREEN
ANN               1025E                 STRAOER, JERENIAH 10450130 NC CASWELL
ANN ELIZA         1030E                  WILLIANS, THONAS R 10501015 NC CUNOERLNO
ANN E.            1045E                 WATKINS, JOHN       10651011 TN KNOX
ANNA              16100912               Died young                               16490900              ROBERT      ~       ANN OLISS
                  1B\1\E C H

                  17570213 CT NGROTON OENTLEY, EZEKIEL 17700115
                                         ODON, AORAHAN~Il2~0215 GA JONES
                  1038 ....-J« NEDINA JIIUlLEerr,- SANUEL
                                         NOORE, HENRY       18730919 NS PANOLA
                                                                                  10531025   CT       d JOSEPH     ~        ANNA KENDRICK

                                                                                                          JOHN C ~ LYDIA CROSOY

ANNA LAURA        18720915 NO SCOTLAND HUNPHREY, OESS       10950930 AR CARROLL 19491110     IA YANBURb WILLIAN         ~    NARY JOHNSON
ANNA              1876E                  OELL, J. D.        18960206 NS CHOCTAW
ANNE              16041105 CT NEWL      SELDEN. JOSEPH      17061219                                    JOHN ~ ELIZABETH OEANONT
ANNETTA           1852      NI.                                                   1902                  JOHN ~ OETTIE DOOGE
ANNIE OPHELIA     1846                  CONNANOER, DR.J JR 18651114 NC ~A~Q~""l003           NC ELIZCTd LEONARD AND NARGARET
ANNIE             1862E                  OATES, WILLIAN     18020416 NS ANITE
ANNIE ELIZA       1865EI .                                                        1920                    WILLIAN       ~    ELIZA JANE OWEN
ANNIE             10781114              LUTZ, CHARLES                             19730516                RICHARO       ~    ANNE NITCHELL
ANNIE             1880E                 GOTTSCHALK, HERNAN                        19341020                WILLIAN       ~    SARAH BRITTON
ANNIE             1880E                 WEAYER, LEANDER     19001226 TN KNOX
ANNIE             1890E                                                                                   STEYEN   ~        JULIA BINNS
ANNIE JANE        1903E                 JOHNSTON, NILL      19230206 NS JASPER
ANNY              1784E                 OUTLER. JOHN        10040717 KY OARREN
ANTHONY           1806E                 HINES, ANN S.       18260421 GA OALOWIN
ANTHONY           18m                   REEYES, NALINDA     10331205 GA PUTNAN
ARCH [ASAOELI     1779E                 HART, NATTIE        17990919 TN KNOX
ARCHIOALD         1803E                 NCGUIRE, POLLY               10230315     TN SUHNE
ARCHIE            18m                   TOLIYER, ANNIE      10930210 TN KNOX
ARGENT            1703E                 ADANS, OA~l D       10031014 NC CRAYEN
ARLENITIA         1830E                 RILEY, DAYID T.     10501023 KY FULTON
ARRIA OELLE       10730927 NO           STEPHENS, DANIEL                          19400700   NO SHANONd JESSIE     ~        NINERYA ASOERRY
ARTHUR A.         18030427 TX KAUfNAN LIGGON, AROELLA B. 19010900 TX SONERYELL 19651201
ARTHUR ORUCE      18870927 NI?          _____ , NARY                              19690517                EYANDER ~ ANY LONGSTAFF
ARTHUR            18921221 NI CAPAC     NH 1TE, GRACE F.    19170502 NI NONROE    19750522                JANES ~ ANNIE NCNICHOL
ARTHUR O.         189312 TX HOPKINS                                                                       HENRY NILLIS ~ IDA N,
ASA               1759E     cn                                                                            URIAH ~ SYOIL
ASA               1778E NY?                                                                               URIAH JR ~ REBECCA
ASA               1707E                 LOCKETT, CYNTHIA 10070407 GA UPSON
ASA O.            1808E                 JOHNSTON, AGNES C. 18280501 KY ADAIR
ASAHIL P.         1020E                 HOOD, NARGARET Eo 10401203 TN KNOX
ASENA             1808E                 WARNACK, HENRY D. 18200930 TN KWOX
~SHER JONATHAN    10070117 IA PALO ALTO OAYEY,ADELIA EFFIE 19080214               19371010                ORYILLE N~ NARGARET S
ASSINNOA I.       1851/3 NO                                                                               NILLIAN ~ ELIZA ONENS
AUSTIN OENJINAN   1811E                 FRISOY, LAURA
AYIS              1616     ENGLAND      REED, WILLIAN                ENGLANO                 NA NEYN, d


               CHAPMAN                     I: NVENTORV ..                        18:50

    On. of our oost us.ful tools 15 the federal census records. These billions and bIllions of r.cords
are at th.,r best in fraglents. Usually.e .ork .ith a state lnde' for a given year, but it never gives
all tho Inforutlon .e need. The inforlation on the vanous falilv lelbers luSt cOle frol the detailed
schodules propared bv countv and by state. Raroly do you find a source that has all of these available at
tho salo place and at the sale tile.

    Tho purpose of our IB~O inventory of Chaplans, 15 to bring all of this data together into one record.
Although luch of the .ork '5 going to be done by us, .e need your h.lp. We .ill n••d copies or e,tracts
fro. census data you have available 1n your personal files, and In sOle cases, lay need sale of you to do
research In sources near you SlOe! Me do not have the resources locally in the St. Louis area.

    Tho b.ginning of our project is the natIonal suolary by stato sho.,ng tho nUlb.r of Chaplan falilles
in oach stato in 1850, as It is refl.ctod in the lany inde'es availablo. Th. first version of that list
is on the facing page. Tho various colulns are probably s.lf o,planatory. Mh.r. tho NO"s ar. sho.n in
tho n•• t to last coluon .0 nood your help .lth a copy of the Chaplan portion frol an inde' of that state.
We need all tho inforlation sho.n ,n the inde' such as nal., county, to.nship, and pag. nuober. This .ill
be tho first part cOlpleted and should shoo us hOM lany Chaplan falilies .er. in tho United Stat.s,
according to the c.nsus, in 1850. It .ill shoo tho nuob.r by state and as a national total.

    Th. ne.t part of the project .ill sho., by state. hOM lany Chaplan falilies .ere in oach county, and
it .ill     keep an account of hOM lany of thel on .hich •• have the detailed falily data. The first
version, the data frol the states on .hich .e have an index .111 be In the ne,t issue.     As.e
obtain ne. inforlation on each state .e .ill include it in CrAPIR. C'ATTIA, but .e .111 not repeat a state
for the purpose of keeping up .ith our detailed data.

     Mhen all the state are In the record .e .ill prepare a national inde' listing ev.ry Chaplan
falily Ihead of falilyl in the 1850 census his state and to.nship and the page of the census on
.hich his detail lay be found.

    Our inventory .ill eventually contain the falily breakout of every falily tabulated in the
aforelentioned products. We .ill not publish all of this in CHAPIA. CHATTEA. This record .ill sho., by
falily, each lelb.r .ith their age, year of birth Ical, se. and place of birth and county of census. For
the head of the falily it .ill shoo profession and property inforoation.

    Finally .e .ill prepare a laster list of every Chaplan contained in the 1850 census.   It .ill be
alphabetical irrespective of falily state etc, but .ill shoo nale, age, year of birth !cal, se., place of
birth and rounty and state of census.                        .

    We .ill publish portions of this in C'APIR. C'ATTIA, but space .ill not perlit   us to publish the
entire product in one or even several issues. Those .ho have lade a significant      contribution of data to
our collection effort (about 5, of the input or lorel .ill receive a cOlplilentary   copy of the cOlplete
bOOklet. Other subscribers .ill be able to purchase a copy for cost. Anyone else     lay have a copy lor the
price .hich .ill be deterlined at the cOlpletion of the project.

    Let us kno. if you .ant to actively partiCIpate In the collection of data, and give us a general idea
as to the resources available to you.

           Your Help Needed With The 1850 Inventory!

                        CHAPMAN    INVENTORY 1850

                                   YEAR        1850           DO WE CHAPMAN
       STATI~                     ESTABLISHED INDX            HAVE FAMILIES
                                  TERR. STATE PUB.            INDEX""
       Alabama                    lE117  1819 Yes             Yes       88
       Al ask"                    1912   1959 No              NAP

       Ar-izona                   1136:; 1912 No              NAP
                        .    ,
       Ca.l i.fnrnia
                                  1819   1836 Yes /:',
                                           1850   ¥f!!t l .
                                                                                       t; '-
                                                                                         ~ ..
       ColOl"ado                  1861   1876 Yes    NO'                                 ,..--/'

       CDnnecticut                       1788 Yes    NO!

       Delaware                          1787 Yes    NO!

       District of Columbia       1790   IBOO*Yes    NO'

       Florida                    1822   1845 Yes    NO!

       Georqia                           1788 Yes
                                  1900 1959 No


       Idaho                      186,:; 1890 ¥~,PNO!'7\lA;..:

       Illinois                   1809* 1818 Yes   "1ItEJ"~,::> ~,

       Indi                 180(1  1816 Yes    Yes'            213

       Iowa                       11338  1846 Yes    Yes              39

       Kansas                     1854   1861 1855 Yes                  6


       Kentucky                          1792 Yes    blQ!
       Louisiana                  IB05   181.2 Yes   Yes
       Maine                             1820 Yes    NO!

       Mar'vl and                        1788 Yes    Yes              52

       Massachusetts                     1788 Yes    Yes            :348_

       Michigan                   1805   1837 Yes    Yes             133

       Minnesota                  1849   1858 Yes    NO!

                                         1817 Yes
                                         1821 Yes

                                                                "'        161
       Montana                    1864   1889 No     NAP

       Nebraska                   1854   1867 1854 NO!

       Nevada                     1861   1864 No     NAP

       New                    1788 Yes  -1IT6 !            \~~

       New Jersey                        1787 Yes    Yes              59

       New Me",ico                1850   1912 Yes    NO!

       New York                          1788 Yes  ~lt').-"     "    9f4­
       North Carolina                    1789 Yes    Yes              64

       Nort.h Dakota              1861   1889 No     NAP

       Oklahoma                   1890
                                         1799 Yes
                                         1907 No
                                                   .J'Iff'! ?'~


       Oregon                     1848   1859 Yes    NO!

       Pennsylvania                      1787 Yes   .NO'            ZU+

       Rhode Island                      1790 Yes    NO !­
       South Carolina                    1788 Yes    Yes               B5

       South Dakota               1861   1889 No     NAP

       Tennessee                         1796 Yes   ~                     «'4'

       Te,·,as                           1845 Yes    Yes               19

       Utah                       1850   1896 Yes    NO!


       Vermont                           1791 Yes
       Virginia                          1788 Yes    Yes
                                         1889 No
                                         1848 Yes
                                                    JJJIf'/f        IQ );
       Wyoming                    1868   1890 No     NAP

                                                         ~ . "':)< I i

* Di st,' i ct of Columbia established as Seat of Government in 1800.

* IllineJis was part of Amer-ican Territorv established in 1787.
  NAP = Not Applicable

                                   COMPUTING COMMENTS

    At the ,ugge,tlon of ,everal reader' of our other nel,letter, Ie have been publl,hing thIs page about
cOlputers and genealogy.      You can e,pect to 'ee a 'ililar page in each issue. age lith cOllent, about

    The s,ngle 10,t ilportant ,ugge,tion I can gIve to anyone considering genealogy 11th cOlputer, i' one
 I have lade to lany of you personally. The ,ugge,tion is very ilportant to those Iho have not purchased
the" hardlare and 'of hare ,y,tel. It is probably equally ilporlant to those Iho have oade the"
purchase.    The ,uqqe,t,on is thot vou subscribe ; ••edlately to 6EHERL06JeRL eOHPUTIH6. That i' a
pUblication that i' likely to save you .uch lore than you lill ever pay for the subscription.      Buy and
study the back Issues as their content IS important and as pertinent today as ~hen the various issues ~ere
publIShed.    In fact. if you lust cho'e beheen year I. and the current year, get year I. Their
subSCription price las Il~ a yeor for 51' ,,,ue,, but it lent up effective July I 1983 to 120. I recently
sent In • ho-vear renelal. 6EHERL06ICM eOHPUT1H. i' publiShed by Data Tran,fer Associates, Ind.. 51Q2
POII~rov Dr., Fairfax, VA 22032.        I have no personal interest or in'lolvelent .ith this publicatIon or
the" edItors and have never been in contact 11th thel except to subscribe and to renel.

     In a recent issue of the publIcation they had their 1963 Reader Survey Report. "ost of the relainder
of this page cOles frol that report. The editors oake an ilportant point on the front page. When you are
conSIdering bUyIng a cOlputer sy,tel, don't run out and buy the one that is currently the lOSt popular one
in use, Although it is not obsolete there is a later lodel available. The tiD lost popular cOlputers in
use in genealogy Iby 6C's readers I is the Apple II folloled by the TRS-8Q "odell Ifolloled closely by
"odel Ill). The state of the art cOlpulers to buy frol these too fali lies today lould be the Apple lie or
the TRS-60 "odel ~. As you read, lany of you Mill londer Ihat systel Ie are using. It is an Atari BOO
lith a single dIsk drive and an Epson "X-BOFtT graphics printer. Not of of the 'biggies.' NOl lets go
ahead and look at Ihat the 6C readers have.

     The Apple II IS the 10,t popular lith 13B reader, reportIng having one. There are 10 Apple lle's and
7 Apple Ill's. Arecent hOle cOlputer cOlparison in IHfOHORLD sholed the basic price of the Apple lie to
be 11395 Ii th blk RA". Basi c pr ices noroall y do not 1 ncl ude the cost of lany i tels of per i pheral
equiplent Ihich lill be required to oake a cOlplete systel. In 6C's reader survey the average Apple lie
systel in use cost the user 12933, lith the high beIng 15000 and the 101 12000. By COlparison, the Apple
 II, the lOSt popular systel, had an average user cost of 13542 lith a high of 17000 and a 101 of 1700 Ihe
lUSt have lade 'ole kind of deall. SOle of the costs of the necessary accesories are: floppy di.I drive,
 139~i 12-inch green lonitor lTV Screen}, 1249; Dot-Iatri, printer (that is Ihat I use for the nelSletterl,
$695; Letter-qualilY printer, 12195. There i' probably lore softoare available for the Apple than for any
other systel.      Each ISsue of 6C contains a table of genealogical progral' available by cOlputer systel.
There are ,i' for the Apple II. There are no systels lith lore than ,i,. In the readers survey Ie are
asled to ,indicate our e,perince level as genealogists and cOlputerlsts by Novice, E,p.rienced or
Professional. In the largesls group' reporting, ninety-too or 591 of the Apple users said they lere
e,perlenced genealogl,ts and 7~ or 471 said they lere novice co.puterists.

    Let, take a cOlparable look at the TRS BO cOlputers. If you are not just a little bit cOlputer slart,
then you lay not Inol that this is the cOlputer lade and distrIbuted by the Radio Shack stores. There are
currently five BO lodels in use: I, 11, Ill, 16 and the color cOlputer. The nUlbers reported by 6C
readers are 71, 29, 69, 7 and 16 respectively. IHfOMORLD also gave basic pric.s for tiD of these. The
"odel 111 is $Q99 lith 16K of RA" e'pandable to ~8K for 1299 per 16K. The color cOlputer is $399.95 lith
e,pansion sililar a, the "odel III. If you don't knol about the K's of RA", get slart becau.e it lay turn
out to be your single lOSt significant con,train!. It is line. The lodel III has a built in IOnitor.
The color cOlputer depends on your color TV as a lonitor,. Although disl drives are 'built-in', they are
priced, 1649 for the "odel III. According to the 6C', reader survey the average systel cost
for the "odel III las $3355 with a high of $6500 and 101 of $1000. For tho color cOlputer the average las
$1262 with a high of $2QOO and 101 of $300. 6C's table of genealogIcal progral' available show si. for
the lode1 III and too for the color cooputer.             The largest group reporting on their genealogical
e,perience lere tho,e Iho considered thelselves to be e,perienced and there ..r. 123 or 641 of those
reporting. As [Olputerlsts, the largest grDup lere the nov;ce lith 73 or 381 of tho.e reporting.


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