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glossy screen protector

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					Tip on How To Apply Screen Protector?

In today's society, we all have those mobile devices that we just cannot live without. Cell
phones, GPS, MP3 players, cameras, and hand held games, and that is just mentioning
the obvious devices. Each of these has a screen, many of them touch-screens, that is a
weak point in the device and hence need to be protected from scratches and dusts. Aside
from picking the most appropriate form of cases for your devices, it is also important to
take into consideration the screen protectors for your device. They are actually thin layers
of see-through film that sticks on the front of your device. This particular screen helps
protect the delicate glass surface from scrapes.

The big question in this screen protection is how to incorporate it in your device. Here I
have listed step by step instruction on glossy screen protector on your device, which
will help you to fix the screen protector on you device.

1). The first step would be to wipe any remaining dust and murk off from the screen
using a cleaning solution and micro-chamois polishing cloth, clean your iPhone or iPod
touch completely and in particular the screen, taking time to ensure there are no
fingerprints, smudges, dust or residue. There should not be any dirt, dust, smudges, or
grime on the face of the screen when you get ready to install the protector.

2). You can see that there are stickers marked 1 and 2, indicating in which order the
films are to be removed. Carefully commence removing mask number 1. Take your
time to position it perfectly on the top of your mobile phone, iPhone or iPod touch,
lined up with the top of your screen and/or within the bevel edges. Once in position,
using some cardboard, a credit card or cork backed coaster as a scorer, smooth out the
bubbles and edges as you continue to remove the mask, working your way down the

3). Once the first mask is in its place carefully remove mask number 2, ensuring you do
not lift the screen protector whilst doing so. Carefully remove any remaining bubbles and
smooth out the edges as done in mask number 1.

4). Lastly, polish the screen and marvel at your excellent efforts in applying a tricky
sticky screen protector.

Follow these steps of “screen protector for smartphone” and enjoy fixing screen
protector by yourself for your device. As, We invest hundreds of dollars every year into
our mobile devices, from cell phones to games, and most of us do not think of how we
take care of them. Make a small investment, apply a screen protector and watch your
device last longer and look better.

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