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									Since 1988, PerksCard
 Offers Merchants the
  Ability to Increase
    Customer Base
PerksCard is a scam free discount network that
helps business owners promote their business and
increase sales. PerksCard works with large
organizations that have more than 1,000 employees
and staff members. The PerksCard, a discount
card, is provided to the employees at these
PerksCard is one of the largest and most beneficial
companies,       offering  local   merchants      the
opportunity to rapidly increase their sales and their
customer base. The staff at the call center is
knowledgeable and provides quality service to both
the members and merchants. The PerksCard staff
screens all of their merchants to be sure that the
services provided to their members are of the
highest quality.
Since 1988, PerksCard has been a pioneer in the
discount and reward program world. Members
consider the discounts easy to obtain and they have
no complaints about the variety of services
PerksCard helps both local merchants and
registered members by providing them a range of
ways to save money. The PerksCard network
allows the member to save money on the things
they use every day. The incentives and discounts
offered are legitimate local discounts and not a ‘bait
and switch‘ advertising scam.
PerksCard provides a wide variety of voluntary
benefits, rewards, insurances, special promotions
and entertainment discounts. The PerksCard
network is one of the most beneficial money saving
programs in existence because it allows the user to
save on the things they use every day. PerksCard
helps both local merchants and registered members
by providing them a variety of ways to save money.
PerksCard offers merchants a way to promote their
business discounts on the web to keep members
current on what services and discounts their
business has to offer. There are new merchants
added to the PerksCard Network every week, which
means more and more opportunities to save money
in the areas where you live and work.
Emails are sent to all the registered members
keeping them current on the offers in their
community. PerksCard offers savings on auto
repair services, dry cleaning, going out to eat,
joining your local gym, movie tickets and much
more. In addition, the company offers free, time-
saving management tools to help the merchants
run their respective businesses more effectively
and to save themselves money in the process.
For more information about the PerksCard Network,
 visit or call (888) 836-7686.

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