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									The changing model of
teaching and learning

    E.Rossiou, G.Pantziou
   Department of Informatics
     TEI of Athens,Hellas
           The new way…
The teaching and learning model is changing in
       “Technology of Multimedia” course
       in the Department of Informatics
            in TEI of Athens, Greece.

 The 15 weeks course ‘faces’ the shift in
  teaching and learning model across the
      spectrum of higher education.
Need for new approach in teaching..
 The information revolution
 our changing views οn the way we teach
 demands οn graduates from the workplace
 all work together to form a new approach to
                higher education.

  This presentation describes the way that a
  multimedia course is implemented in our TEI
    and some of the evaluation results of it.
               Key points
        on teaching and learning
   Tutors should develop a        Teaching is a two-
    range of teaching               way communication
    strategies because of           process
    the different learning
    styles of their students.
                                   Learning
                                    incorporates not only
   The emphasis should be          knowledge and work
    οn active approaches.           at the conceptual
                                    level, but also skills.
  Why change how we teach?
 Α simple answer is:
          ‘in order to survive'.

Α more positive response is:
 'Το ensure that the students of today
  receive as good an education as we
             ourselves did.
 What are the options for change?

 Different    people     and    different
  perspectives will produce different
  solutions tο every problem or challenge
  in higher education.

 There  are strategies for addressing the
  current challenges facing higher
             Some strategies…

• Finding       ways of adapting or refining
    'traditional' methods of teaching to suit the
    needs of a 'mass' higher education system
    with reduced resources.

   Finding 'new' ways of teaching - where 'new'
    may be a case οf either adapting forms of
    education already proved in other sectors, or
    radically rethinking the nature and process of
     Old and new models of
     teaching and learning
      Recent changes in education
         haνe been coupled with
   the introduction οf new technology,
            and this inevitably
changes methods οf teaching and learning.
                 Some shifts…
          away from traditional method
   Old model of       New model       Technology implications
     teaching         οf teaching
    Classroom          Individual
                      Individual     Networked PCs with access
Classroom lectures
     lectures         exploration          to information
      Passive      Active learning Requires skills development
Passive absorption                 Requires skills development
    absorption        learning
  Individual work
 Individual work        Team
                   Team learning Benefits from collaborative
                                           Benefits from
                      learning            tools and email
                                   collaborative tools and email
      Teacher is       Teacher is
Teacher is dispenser Teacher is guide Access to experts over the
                                         Access to experts
    dispenser of
   of information         guide           overnetwork
                                                the network
   Stable content
   Stable content       changing         Requires networks
                                         Requires networks
       New teaching and learning
                  The teacher becomes
                    guide / manager
                  οn learning resources
Students become                         Students work
  independent                           collaboratively
manage learning                        not competitively

Communication and resources     Multimedia resources
     are accessible         are delivered over the network
     via the Internet             for flexible access.
“Multimedia Technology” course
              in Tei of Athens

The duration of the course is 12-15 weeks per term

  Theory session                 Lab session
               Theory Session of
        “Multimedia Technology” course
Teaching is 2 hours per week and teaching material includes:
   digital presentation of info
   zip-principles
   text images
   sound and video
   storing media
   network for multimedia application
   development of an application via an authoring tool.
                 Lab Session of
         “Multimedia Technology” course

    It aims to students’ familiarization with an authoring

Students have the opportunity to:
   “See” and “evaluate” multimedia applications with
    various authoring tools (Toolbook, Authorware, Director)

   implement their knowledge by developing their own
    multimedia application (they work in groups).
   Bloom in teaching and
      learning process

           In the lab session,
teaching of the authoring tool follows
 the 6 “steps” of “Bloom process”:
         Bloom Process…






The key concepts are presented to
student using the presentation package
Power Point.

The students’ notes have been
improved and the lectures as well.

Students have access to lecture
material, on the campus network for an
independent learning.

Students answer to on line questionnaires
with questions:
    true/false,
   multiple choice,
   gap fill on new concepts

and they receive feedback.
The lab assessment is a multimedia application,
which is uploaded, in exe-format, on the campus

Students either individually or in groups try
during the lab session, to develop this
             work on their own,
            follow their rhythm of studying and
            use the necessary for them, media
          (notes, internet, help menu of the authoring tool).

Students try to analyze (why and how...)
deeper their application or another one
that is delivered in the campus network
or in the web.

During the course students prepare the final
assessment, a multimedia application, and they
work in groups of 3-5 students.

This final project tends to be educational
software (Interactive, event driven, enriched,
offers possibility of exploration) for secondary or
primary education.
The total students’ evaluation is a combination of:
         lab assessments (10%),
         final exam (40%)
         final project (50%).
The forum in the camp network is the opportunity to:
                 Communicate each other
                 Exchange opinions
                 Solve queries
                 Evaluate lab sessions and make
                 Suggest various web resources…
               A draft evaluation…
Benefit οf technology use in…

       Students more independent of us          But…don’t lose
                                                learning control

         Flexibility of course provision
                   is increased
                                               …. encouraged
                                           to work collaboratively
                  Students are…            … pushed to access
                                           to books and articles
               But…                          … are encouraged
it takes time to set up correctly!!        to work collaboratively
 A mixture …               See ourselves as centra
In order to improve        to our students' learning
    teaching quality,          and keep control.
  and known that
     there are times
   tutors should          See ourselves as not centra
   remain in control     to our students' learning and
   students will        give independence to students
   gain from
                         See us as someone who needs
 we have tried to          to control some aspects
     involve a               of our students' learning
  mixture of the              while allowing them
   approaches:              independence at other
Official evaluation is coming…
X      Knowledge-Educational content
O              Interactivity
          Personal development
       The main features of the axons are:
                                 Importance of the
Effectiveness      Efficiency    educational material.
       The results of this evaluation
         will guide us to moderate
the changing model of teaching and learning
  according to students’ and tutors’ needs.

                Department of Informatics
  erossiou@teiath.gr               pantziou@teiath.gr

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