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									Case Study – Create a Rural Internet Kiosk with Healthcare Assistance

                                                         Rural Internet
                                                         Kiosk with
            Account                                      Healthcare
                                       EFTPOS            Assistance

                  3 PC’s



The Rural Internet Kiosk (RIK) is an independent self contained 100% solar powered kiosk featuring
three industrial design computer terminals a manned administrator terminal, and broadband
wireless Internet connectivity. RIK has been designed to help bridge the digital divide and
concentrates on connecting rural areas where there is high percentage of the population who have
no access to ICT infrastructure.


            Responsibility Matrix
            Kickoff Business Report
            Project Charter
            Sketch
            Proposed Hardware
            Proposed Software
Responsibility Matrix

Name       Role            Kickoff    Project   Sketch   Hardware   Software
                           Business   Charter

Angelo     Leader          x          x                  x

Fernando   Consultant                 x                  x          x

Zu         Consultant                 x                  x          x

 Raj          Consultant                  x       x                     x
                                  Kick off Business Report

Names:Angel,Fernando,ZU and Raj

Establish the business problem to be investigated including determination of system
boundaries, scope and the development methodology to be used.

Advise the business problem to be investigated:

Choose information gathering method and develop questions appropriate to business

How are you going to gather information:

What questions are you going to ask:

2.Who is going to manage the Kiosk?
3.What are the areas of use
4.In the event of not finding support,how are they going to handle the situation?
5.Do they have any people having expertise in the health care?
6.Do they need doctor’s assistance and medical suppliers?
7.what are the hardwares needed?

Develop quality assurance processes

Advise on the implementation of quality assurance processes

    1. What quality standards would apply to this project:

        a)Uninterupted internet service
        b)Qualified and skilled personal’s supervision

    2. What contingency plans could be implemented to secure operation of this facility:

       a) Budget plan
       b) Communication plan
       c) Resources required
       d) Setting up effective control and monitoring plan
       e) Implementation plan
       f) Backup strategies
      g) skynet - c band broadband shared solution-( Typical rates for a 128k uplink /
384k downlink with a shared contention ratio of 1:16 = $550 per/month)
   3. How could you recovery from a loss of patient data:

       a) Backup

       b) Offshore backp,can be done having tie up with agency who are willing to
          charge minimum($ 126/year)

Document the business problem

Analyse client requirements to determine project scope, and the problem context or
opportunity faced by the business:

Client requirements:

a)security of personal data.
b)Internet security.
c)Strong data down load.
d)continuous internet service.
e).Technical service.

How can the leader support team members in meeting expected quality performance
outcomes in this complex project

*frequent meetings
*Training and updating personals
*issues should be sorted out immediately
*Doing every thing within the project scope.
*Project to be closed and handed over to the client within the time frame.
*While fixing the satellite receiver,personal care can be provided
* having hand in the purchase of Quality products .

                                       Project Charter

                                          PO Box 2010
                                   Gotham City NSW 2200

                                    Phone: 0411 222 000


                                     ABN: 83022601939

   Project Name:                     Rural Internet Kiosk

   Client Name:

   ABN :

   Contact Person:





   Existing Hardware:

   Existing Software:

   Sketch:                           See attachment A

   Proposed Hardware:                See attachment B

   Proposed Software:                See attachment C


   Purchasing Authority:


   Concurrence       Consultant:                            Client:


   A. Sketch
Try one of the following software programs to create a sketch for the network:
        DiaCze
        PowerDraw
        Diagram Designer 1.16
      Microsoft Visio -
      ConceptDraw NetDiagrammer -
      EDraw Network Diagrammer -
      SmartDraw -

B. Proposed Hardware
Hardware Brand             Description & URL             Price


C. Proposed Software
Software    Brand          Description & URL             Price


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