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					     Holy Trinity
Cheerleading Handbook
                                       Holy Trinity Cheerleading

Holy Trinity Cheerleaders will:

  1.    Put school first.
  2.    Be a team member:         Learn to compromise and cooperate for the greater good
        of everyone involved. We are a team!
  3.    Be on time:    You should arrive at least 20 minutes before your assigned game or
        performance to warm-up and get ready to perform. 3 or more tardies and/or
        unexcused absences will result in being benched during an event or game.
  4.    Do your job:       No loafing, no chewing gum, no eating during practice, no cell
        phones (only during halftime of a game or after practice), and no lengthy
        conversations during a game or practice. Watch the game and know the rules! Be
        alert and full of school spirit!
  5.    Be ready:      Proper uniform on and bow in, jewelry off and put away, fingernails
        short, hair in a ponytail with bangs securely pulled back.
  6.    Look neat and clean: Take care of your personal grooming before the game
        and you won’t have to worry about it during the game.
  7.    Be proud:     You represent your school, your faith, and yourself...
        act accordingly.

  8.    Have a positive attitude:         Be respectful and polite to each other, fellow
        students, opposing team players and cheerleaders and all adults.
  9.    Be safe:    Do not do anything beyond your skill level or that hasn’t been
        performed consistently in practice. NO stunting without a coach or designated
        adult present!
  10.   Listen to your coach and HAVE FUN!

Student signed ________________________________ Date _____________

Parent signed _________________________________ Date _____________
                                        Holy Trinity Cheerleading

What to wear

      Shell
      Skirt
      Briefs
      Socks (white)
      Shoes (white)
      Bow
      Poms

Acceptable Hair

      High Ponytail
      Bow in place, facing back
      All hair off face and neck – NO WISPIES, CHUNKS, FLYAWAYS
      You can wear your hair in a “half up” if it does not fall below your shoulders

Absolute No-No’s

      Jewelry
      Gum
      Extreme Hairstyles/Colors/makeup (unless it’s planned and approved by coaches and school)
      Long, acrylic or long acrylic nails
      Bad attitude
      Disrespect

Absolutely, all the time!

      SMILE
      Energy
      Positive Attitude
      Respect for everyone
      Know your cheers
      Go with the flow
      Be proud
                                            Holy Trinity Cheerleading

Disciplinary Action

The following system of discipline will be in place for the all HT Cheer Squads:

In the case of unexcused tardy, unexcused leaving early, uncooperative attitude, inappropriate
dress, chewing gum, long nails, hair down or jewelry at game or practice:

1st Offense      Warning

2nd Offense      Warning and phone call to parent

3rd Offense      Benched from ½ of a game and phone call to parent

4th Offense      Benched from a whole game and suspension of performance participation

5th Offense      Dismissal from squad

In the case of unexcused absence from practice or a game:

1st Offense      Warning and phone call to parent

2nd Offense      Benched from ½ of a game and phone call to parent

3rd Offense      Benched from a whole game and suspension of performance participation

4th Offense      Dismissal from squad

**This handbook is a living document. If an incident should arise that is not specifically addressed here, the
coach/athletic director and/or administrator will address the incident on an individual basis. In addition, in
order to benefit the cheer program, the coach/athletic director and/or administrator reserve the right to
revise the handbook at any time.

Last Update 12/2011
                                        Holy Trinity Cheerleading

Basketball Games


      Be at games 20 minutes prior to game start; warm up, run through performance
      Set up any equipment

During Game

      2 staggered lines that switch (back to front) after half time
      Stay at least 2 feet apart from each other
      Remain in your 2 foot square “box”
      Talking to a minimum
      Keep your head in the game
      Cheers every 1-2 minutes, jumps follow every 3rd if not every cheer!
      Performance cheer at quarter breaks, 3 min before end of half time and all time outs
      Always run on and off court
      Poms at all times; when no poms – PLACE (not throw) them in front of you but not near the
       court and pick them up immediately following.


      Pom Check
      Clean up any equipment
      Clear area

Injury on the court

      Stop cheering
      Face court, hands behind backs
      Cheer player off the court
                                                             Holy Trinity Cheerleading

                                                           Cheer Motions

                All motions should be done as cleanly as possible. Be sharp and quick with your motions, but don't forget to smile!

The basic stance of all cheerleaders is to stand with "hands on hips and
                                                                          This stance, called a lunge, may be used in combination with almost any
smile on lips." Remember, to judges, everything is a motion, so keep your
arms tight!

                                                                          This is a high V. It is a classic motion that is used in almost every cheer,
You may also simply stand with your feet apart while doing motions.
                                                                          and it may also used in "prepping" for jumps.

This motion is a half high V. Do it the same way that you did a high V,
                                                                          This is a low V. It is simply the opposite of a high V.
except put one fist on your hip. It can be done with either arm up.
                                                             Holy Trinity Cheerleading

                                                                           This motion is called a "K" motion. Make sure that your wrists are kept
This is a punch motion. It is often used in cheers that require a crowd
                                                                           straight when you hit this motion. It may be done to either the right or left.
response. It is sometime called a "GO" motion.
                                                                           It is often done while standing in a lunge.

This motion is called an "L" motion. It may also be done in either
                                                                           This is a diagonal.
direction. Keep your elbows locked.

This is a "T" motion.                                                      This is a variation of the "T". It's usually called a half-T.

This is a bow and arrow. It is another variation of the "T" motion. Just
                                                                           This motion is called daggers.
bend one arm at the elbow.
                                                            Holy Trinity Cheerleading

This is a touchdown motion. Make sure to keep your wrists straight when This is a low touchdown motion. Just bring your arms straight down from
you do this motion, and keep your fists flat on the top!                a touchdown motion.


          Types of Jumps

          Spread Eagle                                                  Toe Touch
          Body is in an X with arms in a High V. Legs go out            Arms are in a T. Legs rotate and the knees point
          as far as they can without lifting the knees up to            to the sky. Eventually knees should point back,
          the sky. Knees should face forward.                           behind the jumper. While it is called a toe touch,
                                                                        do not reach for your toes. Keep a straight back
                                                                        and sit into the jump.
                                          Holy Trinity Cheerleading

Left Side Hurdler                                 Right Front Hurdler
Left leg is in toe touch position. Right leg is   Right leg is straight, in front of the face. Left leg is
bent with knee facing forward. Right Side         bent with knee pointing down. Let your leg come to
Hurdler would be the opposite of this.            you. Don't go to it. Left Front Hurdler would be the
                                                  opposite of this.

Left Herkie
Left leg is in toe touch position. Right leg is
bent with knee facing down. Right Herkie
would be the opposite of this.
                                   Holy Trinity Cheerleading

                                                                             5, 6, 7          8
How To Jump

1) Start with your feet together and arms by your side.
Count 5, 6, 7, 8. On 8 clasp your hands.

                                                                                       1, 2

2) Count 1, 2. On 1 hit a high V, on 2 hold it there.

                                                                                 3            3

3) On count 3 swing your arms around in front of you so that they cross at
your knees. At the same time bend at the knees.


4) On count 4 jump up and hit your jump.

                                                                                       5, 6

5) On count 5 whip your legs back together, landing with your knees bent
and arms by your side. Hold this position for count 6.

                                                                                 7            8

6) On count 7 stand up and on count 8 clasp your hands.
                                       Holy Trinity Cheerleading

STUNTS - beginner
Safety Tips
1.   ALWAYS have an advisor, coach or adult watching at all times.
2.   If anyone feels uncomfortable or unsure about a stunt, don't do it.
3.   Always be serious about what you are doing. If someone can't stop laughing, take a break.
4.   Spotters and bases- never take your eyes off the flyer, they are trusting you.
5.   Flyers- be sure that you have complete trust in your bases and spotters.
6.   Be sure you're on a good surface such as cheerleading mats. (Don't build on concrete, ouch!)

Thigh Stand

1. Two bases lunge in toward one another. Flyer stands behind them.
2. Flyer places her right foot on the right base's left thigh (in her pocket). Her hands should be on
base's shoulders.
3. Flyer puts her weight on right foot and jumps off of left leg. She puts her left leg on the left base's
right thigh. Flyer locks legs and puts her arms in high V.

L Stand

1. Base lunges as she would for a shoulder sit. Flyer puts her right leg in pocket and base puts arm
around flyer's leg.
2. Flyer pushes on the bases shoulders, locks her right leg and lifts her left leg to be parallel with the
ground. The back spot helps the flyer get up by holding her waist and then helps her lift her leg.
3. The base uses her left arm to hold the flyer's left leg.
Dismount: Take the flyer's leg over the front or put it down in the back.
                           Holy Trinity Cheerleading

Game Sheet

What Cheer Should We Do?

1st Quarter:


2nd Quarter:




3rd Quarter:


4th Quarter:


                2012-2013 Holy Trinity Cheerleading
                                        (7th & 8th Grades)
Name: _______________________________________________________
Birthday: __________________________Age:_______________________
City/State: Zip:_________________________________________________
Parents Names:_________________________________________________
Email Address: ________________________________________________
Alternate Email Address: ________________________________________
Phone Number: _______________________Cell#:____________________
                                          (Please provide both daytime and evening numbers)

                      I am interested/available to cheer for the following seasons:
           Girls Basketball (Oct-Dec)______ Boys Basketball (Jan-Mar)_______ Both_______

I hereby approve for my child’s participation in this athletic program and certify that my child is
in good health and able to participate in the program activities. I authorize the staff to act for me
according to their best judgment requiring medical attention.

Parent Signature:__________________________________ Date:______________

Grade Level: 7th 8th 
(Please check one)

I am willing to act as a: Coach or Assistant Coach
(Please check one if you are able to assist)

First and Last Name:_________________________________________________

Return your registration form, medical forms and payment to Holy Trinity by October 10th, 2012.

   Attached is the link to the Athletics Page on the HT website where you will find the
required forms to be included with this registration form:
             Any questions, please contact Holy Trinity Athletic Director Peter Dean at: Cell: 321-3481 or

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        Physical _____ Concussion_____ Authorization to Give Consent _____ Paid ____ Check#__________

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