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									        Top Class Symbian Applications for Nokia
Nokia using the Symbian operating system creates a fertile ground for mobile application
developers. The users get highly beneficial function and applications to enhance Smartphone
experience. Below are some of the best applications for your Nokia Smart phone.


                   You have making free VOIP calls. Users can use their Edge, 3G, or WI-FI
                   connections to make this happen. You will enables to access & interact with
                   your social networks on-the-go, and chat live with all your buddies on Skype,
                   MSN, Google Talk, ICQ, SIP, Twitter, Yahoo!, AIM or even The quality can be
                   downright superb using the service, and the cross-app functionality really
                   makes things simple when dealing with the multitude of accounts for which we
tend to sign up.


                       You can also search for nearby Places other GyPSii users have created, see
                       where your friends are on a map and send them Places. You can hop over to
                       the GyPSii website and see where your friends are and what they are doing.
GyPSii has many other features, such as being able to auto-publish to your Facebook or MySpace
page from the GyPSii mobile software, commenting on, rating and sharing places you have found,
and finding friends in your town or city.

                            Interactive Voice Call

                            This is one of those head-spinning apps that you attempt to describe to
                            your friends, only to first be faced with disbelief; then later get asked
                            to provide a pen, paper and the Interactive Voice Call Master download
                            URL. You have First and foremost: IVCM enables your smartphone to
                            transform into a full-featured IVR call-managing system. Essentially it
                            gives your Nokia handset the power to act as a configurable corporate
                            call manager, routing incoming calls to a recorded menu that you can
                            customize with your own voice. You have go to outside using features
                            include an in-phone answering machine, “visual” voice mail, fully
                            customizable black/white lists, private number rejection, call
                            forwarding and more definitely a well thought out and feature-rich
                            application that places it at the top of the heap, all platform


              This little app turns your 3G connection into a Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing you to easily
              connect your laptop, tablet or any other Wi-Fi-enabled device to the Internet.
              JoikuSpot exists in two flavors – Light, which is free to download and Premium. The
latter comes with few additional features, including enhanced internet security and the ability to
name your HotSpot as you like. Moreover, the Premium Edition also features full internet protocol
stack, not just the web. As a result, you will be able to use email clients, messenger services like
MSN, or connect to your corporate intranet via secured VPN tunneling.


                                      Qik is a little piece of software that enables you to stream
                                      videos directly from your phone to the Web. Use it to stream
                                      engaging videos to your friends in Facebook, Twitter, etc. or
                                      as your camcorder to capture entertaining and special
                                      moments. You will allows to share live streaming video
                                      directly from your mobile phone. It integrates seamlessly
                                      with most popular micro-blogs such as Twitter, Pownce, and
even YouTube.


                                    It's mobile web browser now available for S60 devices. Like
                                    Opera Mini and Deepfish, Skyfire renders server-side along
                                    with Flash and also packs support for Quick time. During the
                                    course of Skyfire’s development, we’ve been promised the
                                    world in the way of improved and unrestricted mobile web
                                    surfing. The web browser performed admirably despite the
                                    connectivity limitation. It was great to see flash handled
natively. Check out some of the videos of people giving it a run-through.


                                        You have get your favorite web content straight to your
                                        mobile phone. Find news and information, stay in touch with
                                        email and blogs, play games, share pictures and more.
                                        widSets uses mini-applications called widgets to push
                                        updates from your favorite sites directly to your phone. You
                                        have provides audio notification within seconds of receiving
an e-mail requires widsets to remain active and connected Other personal favorites are the near
real-time stock tickers, the Google Calendar widget providing instant updates on your phone the
minute they are posted and the various RSS news widgets. There are many widsets games as
well. Left and right real-time scrolling provides navigation between the installed widsets units.
widsets modular design allows an unlimited number of widget combinations, all dependent on your
phone’s hardware capabilities.

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