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Toys and Games - Global Outlook

Description:    The global outlook series on Toys and Games provides a collection of statistical findings, market
                briefs, and concise summaries of research findings. An easy guide to What, Why, When, How,
                Where, and Who of an industry, the global outlook series enumerates recent developments,
                mergers, acquisitions, and other strategic industry activities. Laced with 37 supporting market data
                tables, facts, and figures, the report also provides a prelude to major markets. Major markets
                discussed in the report include North America, the US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Austria, Belgium,
                Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, The
                Netherlands, Turkey, The United Kingdom, Asia-Pacific, Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, New
                Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Latin America, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, and

                Also included is a directory listing of addresses and contact details of 650 companies worldwide.

                Please note: Reports are sold as single-site single-user licenses. Electronic versions require 24-48
                hours as each copy is customized to the client with digital controls and custom watermarks.

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Contents:       1. INDUSTRY OVERVIEW 1
                 Global Market Analytics 2
                 Table 1: World Recent Past, Current & Future Analysis for
                 Toys and Games Market by Geographic Region - The United
                 States, Canada, Europe, Asia-Pacific (including Japan), Latin
                 America, and Rest of World Markets Independently Analyzed
                 with Annual Sales Figures in US$ Million for Years 2010
                 through 2015 2

                 Table 2: World 5-Year Perspective for Toys and Games Market
                 by Geographic Region: Percentage Breakdown of Value Sales for
                 the US, Canada, Europe, Asia-Pacific (including Japan) and
                 Latin American Markets for Years 2011 & 2015 3
                 Facts in Perspective 3
                 Children More Adult-Like 3
                 Intelligent Toys - Catering to Today's Smart Generation . 4
                 Licensed Toys - An Important Growth Driver 4
                 Technology - The Critical Component 5
                 Traditional Toys - Still High on the Popularity Charts 5
                 Video Games - Paving the Path 6
                 Traditional Toys - Still There, Nevertheless Slowing Down 6
                 Greater Demand for Pre-Owned Video Game Consoles:
                 Affordability a Major Factor 6
                 Crucial Factors in Selection of Toys 6
                 Changing Perspectives in the Industry - A Brief Study 7
                 The Ultimate Toy Box - Technology Brings Radical Changes 7
                 ‘The Sims' Online Computer Game Generates Enormous Enthusiasm
                 for MMORG 8
                 Mobile Gaming Market Develops Rapidly 8
                 Corporate Advertising - An Essential Component in Success
                 Stories 9
                 Right Advertisement and Realism - A Potent Mix 9
                 Co-branding with Sports Titles 9
                 Toys & Games - Past & Present 10
                 Down the Time Lane 10
Growth of General Toys Spiraling Downward 10
Factors Influencing the Toys/Games Industry 10
Segments in the Toys & Games Industry - A Review 11
Traditional Toys and Games 11
Infant/Preschool Toys and Games 11
Dolls/Action Figures 12
Dolls 12
Action Figure Toys 12
Activity/Construction Toys 12
Girls' and Boys' Toys 12
Indoor Games 13
Games and Puzzles 13
Soft/Plush Toys 13
Vehicles/Ride Ons 13
Vehicles 13
Ride Ons 13
Other Toys and Games 13
Video Games 13
Video Games - The Craze Driving the Industry 14
How the Market Fares - An Insight 14
Table 3: Global Digital Games Platforms (2010): Percentage
Breakdown of Revenues for Console, Online, Wireless, and PC
Games 14
Technological Evolution Powers Video Gaming Industry 14
Video Gaming on Internet Boosts Market 15
Intense Competition in the Video Gaming Market 15
Wii and DS Consoles Outsell Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 15
Market Scenario 16
Table 4: World Video Games Market by Platform - Console,
Handheld, PC, Online, Wireless, Markets Independently
Analyzed with Annual Sales Figures in US$ Million for Years
2010 through 2015 16

Table 5: Global Home Consoles Market by Leading Players
(2010): Percentage Market Share Breakdown in Unit Terms for
Nintendo Wii, Sony Playstation 3, and Microsoft Xbox 360 17
Console Games - Still Going Strong 17
Table 6: World Videogame Hardware Market (2011): Sales in
Million Units for DS/DSi, Wii, Playstation3, Playstation
Portable, Xbox 360, and Playstation2 17

Peculiar Trends Driving the Industry 18
The Christmas Factor 18
Vulnerability to Changing Fashion/Tastes 18
Erratic Demand 18
Movies, Cartoons, and Toys - A Profitable Equation 18
Video Games - Recent Market Trends 19
Life-Like Interactive Toys - Capturing Fancy of All 19
Corporate Advertising Makes Rapid Inroads into Gaming World 20
Innovative Merchandising Keeps the Business Ticking 20
Video Game Products - Creating a Gaming Mania 20
Violent Video Games - Gross Abuse of Entertainment Concept 21
Rising Game Development Costs Sparks Up Industry
Consolidation Worldwide 21
Next-Generation Video Games Gain Ground 22
Winds of Change in the Toy Industry 22
Diversification of Doll Manufacturers 22
Changing Concepts for Girls' Toys 22
Expensive Toys - The New Norm 22
Mobile Games Market 23
Handheld Games: Downloads Gain Popularity over Subscription Fees 23
Table 7: World Mobile Game Users Market by Category (A
Recent Past Review) - SIM/ Embedded Games, Online Games (SMS
+ Internet), Download Games and Multi- Platform
Independently Analyzed with Annual Sales Figures in Million
for Years 2003 through 2008 23
Mobile Gaming - A Rapidly Developing Market 24
Online Gaming 24
Broadband Broadens the Online Gaming Market 24
Table 8: Online Game Subscribers by Region (2010) -
Percentage Breakdown of Cumulative Number of Online Game
Subscribers by Region 25

Table 9: World Market for Online Video Games (2010):
Percentage Share Breakdown of Dollar Sales for Top Game
Titles - World of Warcraft, RuneScape, Lineage, Lineage II,
Final Fantasy XI, Dofus and Others 25
Casual Games 25
Competitive Scenario 26

Changing Dynamics Shaping the Future 27
A Future Perspective 27
Hi-Tech Toys Drive the Market 28
Online Games Gain Popularity 28




Market Overview 87
Licensed Toys Market 87
Table 10: Licensed Toys Market in North America: Annual Sales
Figures in US$ Billion for Years 2010 through 2015 87

Moving Ahead 88
Americans Prefer Domestic Toy Products 88
Toys and Games Market - A Review 88
Table 11: US Toys and Games Market by Product
Category/Segment (2011) - Percentage Market Share Breakdown
for Traditional Toys (Games/Puzzles, Infant/Preschool,
Activity/ Construction Toys, Dolls/Action Figures,
Vehicles/Ride Ons, Soft/Plush Toys, and Other Toys and
Games), and Video Games 89

Table 12: Leading Toy Retailers in the US (2009): Percentage
Market Share for Wal-Mart, Toys R Us, Target, and Others 89
Toy Recalls Demonstrate Downward Graph 90
Table 13: Leading Toy Stores in the US (2011): Percentage
Breakdown of Hispanic Americans Accessing Toy Stores - Toys
“R” Us, Babies “R” Us, The Disney Store, KB Toys, and
Build-A-Bear 90

Table 14: Toys & Games Market in the US (2011): Percentage
Breakdown of Hispanics Purchasing Toys/Games by Category -
Video Games, Childrens Books, Infant Toys, Cars/Trucks,
Large/Baby Dolls, Board Games, Pre-School Toys, Plush
Dolls/Animals, Fashion Dolls, Play Sports Equipment,
Electronic Educational Toys, Action Figures/Robots &
Accessories, Construction Toys, Word Games, Electronic Dolls
& Animals, and Other Educational Toys 91

Table 15: US Market for Dolls, Toys, and Games (2007 - A
Historic Perspective): Market Share Breakdown of Leading
Players - Mattel Inc., Hasbro Inc, Mounte LLC, and Others 92
Electronic Games 92
Table 16: Electronic Games Market in the US: Annual Sales
Figures in Billion Units for Years 2010 through 2015 92
Video Games Market 93
Rise in 3D Gaming 93
Launch of Halo 3 Breaks Records 93
Table 17: Survey of Online Purchase of Video Games in the US
(2011): Percentage Breakdown of Caucasian Americans, African
Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Asian Americans 93

Table 18: Survey of Video Game Users in the Age Group of
8-17 yrs in the US (2011): Percentage Breakdown for All
Children, Boys, and Girls 94

Table 19: Survey of Computer and Video Game Users in the US
(2011): Percentage Breakdown by Gender - Male and Female 94

Table 20: Survey of Computer and Video Game Users in the US
(2011): Percentage Breakdown by Age Group - Under 18, 18-35,
and Over 35 95
Video Game Consoles 95
Table 21: Video Game Consoles Market in the US: Annual Sales
Figures in US$ Million for the Years 2010 through 2015 95
Trends & Issues 96
Cyclical Nature of the US Toy Industry 96
Ethnic Groups and Multicultural Toys 96
The China Factor 96
Declining Costs of Imported Products 96
“Entertoyment” 96
Traditional Toys Still Game 97
Consumer's Gifting Habits Drive Doll Sales 97
Violent Videogames Add to the Concern of Parents 97
All Old Things Become New Again 98
Games Become More Family-Oriented 98
Continued Expansion 99
Competitive Scenario 99
Table 22: Leading Players in the US Toys & Games Market (2005
- A Historic Perspective Builder): Percentage Breakdown of
Value Sales for Mattel, Hasbro, Nintendo, Sony, Ty, and
Others 99
Outlook 100

1b. CANADA 101
Overview 101
Traditional Toys and Games Market - Plummeting Down 101
Factors Affecting Demand 101
Affluence Levels 101
Child Population 102
Wal-Mart, A Dominant Retailer of Toys and Games 102

2. JAPAN 103
Overview 103
One of the Major Markets Worldwide 103
Popularity of Trading Cards & Increase in Action Figure Sales 104
Ganka Candy Toys - Expanding Market 104
Consumption Trends 104
Video Games Market 105
Table 23: Japanese Video Games Software Market by Platform
(2011 & 2015) - Console Games, Handheld Games, PC Games,
Online Games, and Wireless Games Independently Analyzed by
Annual Sales in US$ Billion 105
Consolidations Reshape Videogames Market in Japan 105
Introduction of Novel Products 105
Outlook 106
Table 24: Japanese Toys and Games Market by Product Category/
Segment (2011 & 2015)- Traditional Toys (Games/Puzzles,
Infant/ Preschool, Activity/Construction Toys, Dolls/Action
Figures, Vehicles/Ride Ons, Soft/Plush Toys, Other Toys and
and Video Games Markets Independently Analyzed with
Annual Demand Figures in US$ Million 106
Regulatory Mechanism 106
Factors Influencing the Industry 107
Levels of Affluence 107
Consumer Expenditure on Leisure and Education 107
Child Population 107

3. EUROPE 108
EU Unveils New Directive Concerning Toys 108
European Union Ensures Safety of Chinese Toys 108
Shift from Traditional Toys 108
Factors Impacting the Market 109
Socio-Economic Factors 109
Interactive Games and Toys 109
Mobile Games Market 109
Table 25: European Recent Past, Current, & Future Analysis
for Toys and Games by Geographic Region - France, Germany,
Italy, UK, Spain, Russia, Rest of European Markets
Independently Analyzed with Annual Sales Figures in US
Million for the Years 2010 to 2015 110

Table 26: European 5-Year Perspective for Toys and Games
Market by Geographic Region: Percentage Breakdown of Value
Sales for France, Germany, Italy, UK, Spain, and Rest of
European Markets for Years 2011 & 2015 111
Online Games in Western Europe 111
Table 27: Consumer Expenditure Survey on Games Purchased
Online in Western Europe (2011): Percentage Breakdown by
Select Country - Denmark, Sweden, UK, Netherlands, France,
Spain, and Italy 112

3a. AUSTRIA 113
Overview 113
Trade Structure 113
Imports 113
Table 28: Toys and Games Market in Austria (2011): Percentage
Breakdown of Value Imports by Category - Models & Trains,
Construction Sets, Plush, Outdoor, Dolls, Animals & Figures,
Games & Puzzles, Learning Toys, Mechanical Toys and Others 113
Exports 113

3b. BELGIUM 114
Overview 114
Children Prefer Modern Toys 114
Indoor Games - Showing Good Prospects 114
Video Games - Swinging High 114
Imports-Exports 115
Safety Regulations 115

3c. DENMARK 115
Overview 115
3d. FRANCE 116
Overview 116
Trends 116
Decline in Toy Consumption 117
Demographic Trends - Driving the Traditional Toys and Games 117
Competitive Scenario 117
The Retail Scenario 117
Distribution Dynamics 118

3e. GERMANY 119
Overview 119
Popular Toys 119
Competitive Landscape 119
Distribution Set Up 119
Table 29: Toys and Games Market in Germany (2011): Percentage
Breakdown of Value Sales by Distribution Channel - Specialist
Toy Stores, Department Stores, Supermarkets/ Hypermarkets,
Variety Stores, and Others 119

3f. GREECE 120
Video Games Drive Growth 120
Cheap Imports Affect Domestic Producers 120
Toy Specialists Dominate the Distribution Network 120
Mattel - Largest Supplier 120

3g. IRELAND 120
Overview 120

3h. ITALY 121
Overview 121
Consumer Lifestyle 121
Seasonality Plays a Major Role 121
Consumer Habits and Preferences 121
Distribution Landscape 121
Competitive Scenario - A Historic Perspective 122
Dolls/Figures 122
Table 30: Leading Players in the Italian Dolls/Figures
Market (2005) - A Historic Perspective: Percentage Breakdown
of Value Sales for Mattel, Giochi Preziosi, GIG, Hasbro, and
Others 122
Activity/Construction Toys 122
Table 31: Leading Players in the Italian
Activity/Construction Games Market (2005) - A Historic
Perspective: Percentage Breakdown of Value Sales for Lego,
Quercetti, Gammaplast, and Italocremona 122
Video Games Outlook 122

3i. POLAND 123
Overview 123
Local Production and Distribution 123
Imported Toys - In Greater Demand 123
Exports 124
Video Games Dominating Market 124
Supermarkets - Largest Distribution Channel 124
Major Players in the Polish Market 124
Safety Regulations 124

3j. PORTUGAL 125
Seasonality of Toys and Games 125
Rising Sales of Video Games 125
Distribution Channels 125
Competitive Landscape 125
3k. RUSSIA 126
Overview 126
Gaining Popularity of European Brands 126
Piracy 126
Growth of Toy Specialists and Big Format Stores 126
Increasing Sales of Video Games 126

3l. SPAIN 127
Overview 127
Major Issues 127
Sources of Supply 127
Legislative Issues 127
Piracy 127
Consumer Lifestyle 128
Seasonality 128
Competitive Scenario - A Perspective Builder 128
Activity/Construction Toys 128
Table 32: Leading Players in the Spanish
Activity/Construction Games Market (2005) - A Historic
Perspective: Percentage Breakdown of Sales for Popular de
Juguetes, Famosa, Lego, Hasbro Iberia, Toyland, and Others 128
Console Games 129
Table 33: Leading Players in the Spanish Console Games
Market (2005): - A Historic Perspective: Percentage
Breakdown of Value Sales for Sony, Nintendo, and Others 129
Infant/Pre-School Toys & Games 129
Table 34: Leading Players in the Spanish Infant/ Pre-School
Games Market (2005) - A Historic Perspective: Percentage
Breakdown of Value Sales for Hasbro Iberia, Mattel Espana,
Smoby Espana, Chicco Espanola, and Others 129

Overview 130
Seasonal Nature of the Toy Market 130
Toy Shops - The Leading Outlet 130
Key Players 130

3n. TURKEY 130
Economy Impacting Toys And Games Market 130
Toy Specialists Dominate Retail Sales 130

Overview 131
The Volatile Toy Market 131
UK's Top 10 Toys of 2011 131
Consumer Profile 131
Table 35: Leading Players in the UK Toys and Games Market
(2005)- A Historic Perspective Builder: Percentage Breakdown
of Sales for Hasbro UK, Nintendo, Electronic Arts, Sony,
Mattel UK, and Others 132
Distribution Channels 132
Table 36: Traditional Toys and Games Market in the UK (2011):
Percentage Breakdown of Value Sales by Distribution Channel -
Toy Specialists, Mixed Stores, Catalogue Showroom, Mail
Order, Supermarkets, and Others 132
Changing Face of the UK Toy Industry 133
Takeover of Domestic Toy Companies 133
Disposable Incomes Fuel Video Game Sales 133
Educational Games Hold Out 133
Fantasy Themes Offer Fantastic Prospects 134
Pop Stars, Music, & Video Games Combo Could Spell Success 134
Piracy: The Biggest Spoilsport 134
The Computer Games Industry 134
Distribution Logistics 135
Entertainment & Leisure Software Publishers Association:
Collective Identity 135
TIGA: Independent Games Developers Get Together 135

Overview 136
Consolidation in Mobile Gaming Market 136

Overview 137
Decline in Birth Rates 137
Piracy Problem 137
Entertainment Products Vs. Toys 137
Major Issues 137
Competition 138

4b. CHINA 139
Overview 139
Impact of New EU Rules on Chinas Toy Industry 139
Foreign Toys Preferred by Chinese 139
Major Market for Online Games 139
Video Games Market 140

4c. HONG KONG 141
Overview 141
Exports 141
Provisions Laid Down by CEPA 141
Non-Traditional Playthings Gain Popularity 142
Safety Regulations 142

4d. INDIA 143
Overview 143
Preference of Toys 143
A Few Characteristic Traits of the Indian Toy Industry 143
Imports & Exports 144
Multinational Presence 144
Table 37: Organized Retail Sector in India (2011): Percentage
Breakdown of Sales by Sector - Clothes and Fashion
and Mobiles
Food and Grocery
Home Improvement

Food Service
Books, Toys, & Gifts
and Others 144

Regional Production Activity 145
Consumer Traits 145
Video Games Market 145
Competitive Analysis 145
Marketing Opportunities 146

Overview 146
Factors Affecting the Toys and Games Market 146
Declining Birth Rate 146
Shorter Lifespan of Products 146
            Growth in Single Child Families 146

            4g. SOUTH KOREA 147
            Overview 147
            Growing Educational Products 147
            Upsurge in Video Games Software 147

            4h. TAIWAN 147
            Overview 147

            5. LATIN AMERICA 148

            5a. ARGENTINA 148
            Overview 148
            Access to Market 148
            Distribution Channels 148
            Recovery of Toys and Games Market 149
            Low Priced Toys - In Demand 149
            Outlook 149

            5b. BRAZIL 150
            Overview 150
            Consoles and Computer Games - Niche Sector 150
            Fashion Dolls Facing Tough Competition 150
            Video Games Growth Hampered by Illegitimate Trade 150
            Retail Set Up 150
            Factors Affecting the Industry 150
            Consumer Expenditure on Leisure and Education 151
            Child Population 151
            Brazilian Toy Manufacturers Association Sign Market Access
            Agreement with China 151
            A Positive Outlook on the Cards 151

            5c. CHILE 152
            Overview 152
            Video Games - Highly Popular 152
            Retail Set Up 152
            Imports Scenario 152
            Competitive Landscape 152

            5d. MEXICO 153
            Growing Sales of Video Games 153
            Asian Imports - On the Rise 153

            5e. URUGUAY 154
            Overview 154
            Imports 154
            Distribution Channels 154
            Safety Regulations 154


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