Brag Sheet by xuyuzhu


									                         Chatsworth High School
                         Brag Sheet
                         Give this to your teacher or counselor who is writing a letter of recommendation for you at least 2 weeks prior to
                         when it is to be sent. Please be as detailed as possible so that your teacher/counselor can write the best
                         recommendation possible. Print clearly or provide all information on separate paper. You may also
                         complete this form online at

Last Name                                                First Name                                    M.I.
___________           _________________ Email: ___________________________________________________________
Birthday              Phone Number

Address                                                                                                                                     Zip Code

College Choice #1                                                                                                                  Application Deadline

College Choice #2                                                                                                                  Application Deadline

College Choice #3                                                                                                Application Deadline
____________________________________________                                        _____________________________________________
Possible Major(s)                                                                   Occupational Goal(s)

Teachers/Counselors who would recommend you:

1.   ___________________ 2. ______________________ 3. ____________________ 4. ______________________

GPA _____ Rank _____
SAT CR_____ SAT M _____ SAT W _____ ACT _____ SAT Subject Exams __________ _____; __________ _____
AP Exams: __________ _____; __________ _____; __________ _____; __________ _____; __________ _____

On a separate, typed sheet, please complete the following. Be sure to be as detailed as possible.
     1.  List coursework you are currently taking and plan to take for the Fall and Spring semesters of your senior year.
     2.  Special talents, interests or hobbies.
     3.  Describe your family life: parents, siblings; experiences, responsibilities or relationships to siblings, family’s goals for you
         and their influence on you, special circumstances, etc.
     4. What do you regard as the important things in life?
     5. Your academic strengths.
     6. Two weaknesses you are improving.
     7. In what specific ways do you hope to contribute to your college’s activities and campus life?
     8. List four words that describe you and why.
     9. Describe an experience that has contributed to your intellectual development since entering high school. (For example, a
         course that stimulated you, a book that influenced your thinking, an unusual trip, a meaningful activity)
     10. Are you a first generation college student (your parents did not graduate from a college in the U.S.)? Explain
     11. Which extra-curricular activities have you found to be the most meaningful? Why?
     12. Please include any information that tells more about you and/or anything that makes you unique.

Financial Aid Information
               Parents’ occupations: Father:________________ Mother:________________
               Family’s yearly gross income: _____________________________
               Number of persons dependent on this income: __________________
               Number of family members (including parents) who will be in college next year: __________________.
               Do you qualify for the free or reduced school lunch program? _________

Are you currently or ever have been in Foster Care? ________

Describe any unusual expenses or recent events that affect your financial need (i.e., illness, unemployment, catastrophe)
Extra Curricular Activities

School Activities                                           Community Service/Activities
Leadership/Class Offices      9      10      11     12      Organizations                9        10      11     12

Clubs/Offices Held            9      10      11     12      Service/Volunteer              9      10      11     12

Athletics                     9      10      11     12      Employment                     9      10      11     12

Other Activities              9      10      11     12      Political Volunteer Work       9      10      11     12

Honors/Awards/Other           9      10      11     12      Honors/Awards/Other            9      10      11     12

Helpful Hints:
        ◇ Don’t procrastinate! Request letters of recommendations at least 2 weeks prior to when you need them.
           For January and February college application deadlines, please return this form to your teacher and
           counselor no later than the first week of December (be mindful of winter break!).

       ◇ Be as detailed as possible. Your teachers and counselors know you, but they may not know some
         important details about you that may be significant to colleges and scholarship committees.

       ◇ If your teacher or counselor would like to know more about how you perform in the classroom, please give 2
         or 3 teachers a Student Information Sheet.

       ◇ Keep copies of this Brag Sheet for future use.

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