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                             [By Jeff]
                             The effect of law blogs on legal culture is being felt throughout the world. A post from Between Lawyers claims that some
                             attorneys are even using their blogs to make court appearances. Rather than driving down to the courthouse, attorneys in
                             South Korea have begun telecommuting, submitting legal documents to the court via blog. Every week, we take a look at
                             what’s going down on the legal blogs and chat boards. In this installment, we will discuss the week’s most pressing issues
                             from the law blogosphere.

Taking a cue from a New York Law Journal             Another post from MyShingle dealt with the            about as subtle as Ming the Merciless from
article on the importance of small practices         sensitive issue of lawyers getting too old to         Flash Gordon. Come on, Zack. We get it. You’re
in the legal marketplace, Carolyn Elefant            practice law. Not long ago, a debate raged            evil. You had us at “Death to the Infidel.”
mentioned on MyShingle that an overwhelming          about senior citizens behind the wheel of
majority of the nation’s law firms are small         automobiles. The new concern is attorneys             The Wall Street Journal Law Blog offered an
practices with fewer than 0 attorneys               practicing after senility sets in. Even               interesting analysis of the recent boom in
employed. According to an ABA survey, most           broaching the subject can lead to claims of           the number of blogging attorneys. Why are
law students are more interested in working          age discrimination. With the nation’s baby            there so many? According to the WSJ, some
with a small practice than in joining a major        boomers reaching retirement age, however,             attorneys are just plain bored. Well-educated
law firm. While BigLaw life has its undeniable       the issue has become a hot topic. Attorneys           attorneys are often stuck with menial tasks,
pitfalls, small firms and solo practitioners have    at the greatest risk are solo or small-firm           and blogs offer attorneys an opportunity to
a different set of problems. Chief among them        practitioners. Large law firms usually have           explore their untapped potential. In the old
are a lack of formal training, financial risk, and   retirement plans in place, while smaller firms        days of the 990s, attorney novelists were hot
the isolation of practicing alone. Elefant claims    do not. The majority of state bars don’t even         commodities. Now, with the expansion of the
that despite this, small-firm practice is its own    have formal policies for dealing with this            blogosphere, law blogs present attorneys with
reward. Often, small firms provide access to         specific type of impairment.                          the chance to vent their frustration, utilize
the judicial system for clients who wouldn’t                                                               their superior academic training, and maybe
                                                     Addressing one of the week’s hottest                  even become a genuine Internet celebrity. With
ordinarily retain the services of a big law firm.
                                                     controversies, dear old Professor Bainbridge          the value of real celebrities plummeting (Tom
                                                     discusses the death penalty and Zacarias              Cruise, Paris Hilton, R. Kelly) our nation is
Adam Smith Esq. highlighted an excellent
                                                     Moussaoui. Perhaps the issue isn’t really             depending on its Internet celebrities. From top
article about the difficulties of effectively
                                                     all that controversial. A predominance of             law bloggers like David Lat and Melissa Lafsky
managing a private practice. David Maister’s
                                                     bloggers seem resolute in their conviction            to the Star Wars kid, Internet stars have proven
Are Law Firms Manageable? states that law
                                                     that Moussaoui should get the death penalty.          to be more reliable and entertaining than their
firms are unlike most businesses in that they
                                                     Bainbridge isn’t so sure, though he attests that      real-life counterparts.
cultivate an atmosphere of mistrust, lack a
                                                     Moussaoui is certifiably evil. His assessment
singular ideology, and encourage professional
                                                     of the matter is enlightening, but short on a         Finally, we would like to wish a happy first
detachment. With big businesses consolidating
                                                     definitive opinion. Bainbridge gets medieval          anniversary to our friends at f/k/a… Next week,
their use of outside counsel, more and more
                                                     on the Judeo-Christian and legal ethics of the        we will be cooking up a fresh batch of law blog
major clients are demanding that firms adopt
                                                     death penalty. He wonders if Moussaoui isn’t          gumbo. Until then, happy trials, LawCrossers.
a corporate management style. The solution,
                                                     just taking the fall for the hijackers who didn’t
according to Maister, is for every firm to take
                                                     live to stand trial. Ethics aside, the fact remains   Jeff is a writer from Los Angeles, CA.
a long, hard look at the issues of trust, values,
                                                     that Moussaoui may be more dangerous to the           Currently, he is the moderator of the
and emotional involvement.
                                                     U.S. as a martyr than a prisoner. Moussaoui’s         message boards at, the largest
                                                     braggadocio is also a bit of a turnoff. He’s          insider source of law firm information.


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