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					Charlotte’s Web –Bloom’s Level of Questions
Chapter 1-3

Knowledge       How did Fern treat Wilbur like a baby ?
Comprehension   What does ‘do away with’ mean ?
Application     Have you ever wanted something badly, but when you got it didn’t like it?
Analysis        Identify the results of the bad things that the goose encouraged Wilbur to do.
Synthesis       Explain why Wilbur was not happy with his freedom.
Evaluation      What are the advantages & disadvantages of having a pet like Wilbur?

Chapter 4-6

Knowledge       How did Wilbur find his mysterious friend ?
Comprehension   Describe how Templeton spends his time ?
Application     Would you rather share a meal with Charlotte or Wilbur ? Explain.
Synthesis       Tell the good and bad qualities Wilbur discovered about Charlotte.
Evaluation      Would you trust Templeton ? Why or why not ?

Chapter 7-9

Knowledge       Who was going to save Wilbur ?
Comprehension   Why is Wilbur unable to swim ?
Application     Why didn’t Mr. Arable worry about Fern ? Do father’s and mother’s worry about
                different things ?
Analysis        Do you believe that animals talk to each other ? To humans ? How do they
                communicate ?
Synthesis       Tell what you would do to save Wilbur’s life ?
Evaluation      How did you feel when the sheep stated that Wilbur was going to die ?

Chapter 10-12

Knowledge       What words did Charlotte write in her web ?
Comprehension   Explain what caused the explosion in the barn.
Analysis        How did the miracle spider web change life for Wilbur and Zuckermans ?
Synthesis       How does Charlotte propose to save Wilbur’s life ?
Evaluation      Why does Templeton agree to save Wilbur’s life ?
Chapter 13-15

Knowledge       List the words suggested by Templeton.
Comprehension   Identify what Wilbur and Charlotte were worried about in the ‘crickets’ chapter.
Application     Why did Charlotte feel that she should not go to the fair without Wilbur ?
Synthesis       What are somethings the cause you to worry ?
Evaluation      What qualities do you look for in a friend ?

Chapter 16-18

Knowledge       What are some of the clues the author uses to tell us that Charlotte is not
                herself ?
Comprehension   Why did Fern have the best time ever at the fair ?
Synthesis       Explain why Wilbur fainted at the fair ?
Evaluation      What words do you think best describe Wilbur ?

Chapter 19-22

Knowledge       What are some of the ways that Templeton was helpful in the story ?
Comprehension   What were Charlotte’s two jobs at the fair ?
Application     Why did Wilbur get Templeton to take down Charlotte’s web sac ?
Synthesis       What is the most important thing to remember in this story ?
Evaluation      How did you feel when Charlotte died ? What important lesson did Charlotte
                teach Wilbur ?

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