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									Women and Panic Attack
Panic attack is more
common in women than the
men but the reasons are not
clear. But it can be assumed
that there may be a
connection between major
life changes like getting
married or having a child
and panic attacks.
Some research has shown the connection between
women and panic attack:

 Most of the women having panic attacks are suffering from
headaches and their panic attack is more frequent and long

 It is also common for postmenopausal women to have panic

 Those women also have panic attacks who are suffering
from depression and cardiovascular disease.

 Women who have panic attacks has more risk of having
stroke or heart attacks.
               Treatment for Panic Attack

There are different kinds of medication and therapy for
treating panic attacks, such as:

   Antidepressant

   Benzodiazepines

   Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
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